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2005-10-01 04:59:32 UTC
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Is Enron Behind The War In Afghanistan?

Look, American soldier..

You now should know, bush and rumsfeld murdered
Americans in New York City, and as consequence, have no
interest in acknowledging as pursued the criminal
investigations. CNN holds no responsibility, as we
witness repeatedly, to American soldiers, but to harbor
those who pirate our rights to openly steal real lives.
If bush makes no mention of himself stealing 50 billion
dollars, murdering American police officers, sabotaging
the weapons inspections process, funding israeli
atrocities against the God loving, and warring our world
as the anti-Christ by running death squads against the
innocent, well, CNN, the american success, sure ain't
gonna be speaking out for your stolen freedoms dying
comrads. For what benefit in market share would there
be to work for your living, dirt bagged? CNN is so
colorfully excited about selling the glossy bush war to
kill the poor stupid people, but for what american
fascist weak binded bushmobbed soldier without
principles? Again, how stupidly dunce does a poor
cowardly american soldier have to be to not believe?
Nobody but a cult corporatized illiterate fascist nazi
vermin parasite, just like Jew hater ariel sharon would
support the murder of American soldiers for a criminal
conflict that doesn't serve to protect. But if it, as
bush nazi evil does with little struggle over the masses
complaining, and america marches off to criminally war
the third world as the bad guys, our World, indeed this
Universe will then know the absolute true cowardice of
american soldiers, as premised upon the weakness of
america's army to not uphold America's own rule of Law
for freedom as themselves included. It only takes One
Soldier to turn this tide to destroy bush Jr., and that
Soldier is where in America partner? Who American
soldier, do you think bush as traitor does steal from as
the duped General public as corporately represented to
be unawares? Do american soldiers have to convince
themselves their families are not worth fighting for,
and instead, lay their lives down in sacrifice to the
bush demon who would also steal from their graves as the
lifeless to speak out for themselves ever? Ever? Did
you know American Soldier, the Pentagon, after receiving
complaints from surviving soldier families, (some of
like the over a thousand documented American troops
slaughtered in Afghanistan) that taps wasn't being
played because of so little real talent present in
american military affairs, and that now, when a cowardly
American nazi soldier dies for the bushmob, the mock
national guard will hold a horn to his lips and act out
the part to your grieving as stolen from family, while
secretly pressing a hidden button, that will play a
cheaper recording? But shhhh...

The fact that you don't see this post, or others nearly
like it at american military internet sites, exemplifies
their fear and weakness to stand as a force worth
reconing with. (Look, we destroy bush and rumsfeld,
stop funding the drug trade and sharon, and begin the
public trials, all in three simple steps.) No, to be an
american soldier in bush's america today, you have to
hide from your cowardice like the 9/11 evidence, and be
something corporate news america is not. Involved.
Just go ahead and die for nothing american soldier, but
for to be unaccounted as hidden without value, while the
bushmob robs from your grand parents as unprotected.
Tis' true it does further seem, american soldiers, on
general terms, are super dumb ass nazi scums, who hold
little of no conviction to protect the America I
remember. Why? Because the unelected war criminal,
American traitor, mass murderer, cop killer bush is
still spewing his blind hatred for the progress of our
civilizations, instilled through law as a function to
gain justice for people. People who are suffering and
dying for bush's contempt for the American dream.

Destroy traitor bush and rumsfeld for escaping to
recommit murder today, and be actually caring for your
world tomorrow, or not, and deem yourself unworthy by
your own admission to play fair as the eternal standing
proud, strong, and free.

Free to be living justly for yourself
truly as caring to know this as everything.


Now, how about the Koran?

Johnny Wizard

Christ I'm Actually Rising!

Destroy the traitors to our humanity, the unelected
lawless dictator Mr. bush, and rotten rumsfeld the
sadistic savage now American Patriot Soldiers. Stand up
for your country, and live for your family. The
corporate TV news professionals show you, as an American
Soldier a concern for your life as unworthy of
discussion, actively censoring the political reality on
bush's america, while encouraging soldiers to commit
crimes against our being, by keeping us all uninformed
as the sacrificial sheeple. The bushmob have actively
worked to not arrest themselves for 9/11, and in so
doing, are purposefully ignoring the public evidence
that is freely available. Mr. Tenant and Mueller would
have you believe the officers of America, who have
completed the criminal investigations outlining the cop
killer bush, are unworthy as American Patriots serving
the cause for freedom and liberty to not be publicly
acknowledged, while blaming Laden for every terrorist
crime that happens before an police investigation even
begins! See? Evil deceived. What do you think? Is
not a list of all supporters of the bushmob in Congress,
who voted to dismantle the Constitution, and wage a
criminal war, as without just cause to murder Soldier
families for stolen Human values, a good list to be
broadcast? Or shall we sit in doubt while these
talentless demon monsters murder millions of US as
innocent cowards? Who isn't a freedom fighting al-Qaida
member according to the evil tommy franks dum fuk's
conclusion? How stupid can an American Soldier be, to
be asked by rumsfeld and CNN, to destroy their own
principles, and to sacrifice their lives for such
cowardice in whoreship to the evil dictates of the
anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr.? And, to the still
groggy, without the payoffs of corporate america's holy
Larry King even!, or the anti-semitic fascist Saturday
Night Live troop to boot your stupid carcass to the
front line as entertainment? BA HA HA HA (like SNL's
new, it's all so hillarious audience, paid for likely
because the degrading intolerant bigoted news crew, have
so little real talent performing to the robbed and dying
to be devalued and murdered by their inaction to even
joke about it. Why? No money in contributing to the
poor stupid people without TV contracts, or TVs,
electicity, or running water now that the clouds are
being privatized.) $155,000 is the base pay of bush's
now anti-American criminal congressmen, and that's
before corporate bribes, oops, I mean corporate BRIBES
to urge YOUR "willed" sacrifice in corporate america's
"democracy", now that bush's america is convinced
evidence is no longer a requirement to convince US, who
is truly an evil doer, or who actually wins elections on
behalf of the People. You ask yourself, again, who are
you dying for American Patriot Soldier? Know that this
paper, like all the rest, will reach the CNN and Coast
to Coast network staff under one name or another, and
yet, they'll continue to turn against the interests of
American soldiers by not addressing our present top
priority concerns regarding the facts on your schedule
for departure. Only broadcasting the popular, bush
contempt for all American lives as too much trouble, as
unworthy the free time to openly discuss things before
"they" die, all those nasty evil powerless People. I
dare you American, to be a Soldier and email this to
your brothers and sisters, to convince them with tough
Love, how you wouldn't want to see them die unjustly for
Mr. bush Jr., Art Bell, or even me as the Wizard. Or
spew instead, how you would as a traitor to yourself,
your family, your country, and God too, sacrifice your
worthless self as unfactored, but for to be a pitiful
coward, falling to die by your own sword on stupid evil
bush's corporate command over your rights to be
represented fairly. Be your own Saviour!

Big G is cool, or not. You decide Holy.

The truly most as the living god King of all as Creator,
your servant and trying to be friend, a wizard and Thor,
the Secret Flower and Odin, Allah, Omega, Adam, Alpha,
Krishna, Shiva, Mithra, Mahdi, Anu and Yahweh. And even
a blade of grass, a snake and a elephant, a lion, rat,
monkey, giraffe, spider, shark, wolf, and bat, Lucifer
Morningstar, Jesus Christ, Oberon, an all mighty nobody
kinda even all ready.

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Get your free copy now, before they're all gone to the
slave owners who truly have know power anyway...

Johnny Wizard



My Divine Right

Destroy bush and rumsfeld now American Patriot soldiers,
fire fighters, and NRA members. We all notice CNN and
CBC management refuse to allow open discussions on the
documented facts outlining the cop killers, bush and
rumsfeld treasonous behavior against the great American
people, deliberately forestalling their criminal arrests
for the mass murders of US as innocent in America. (Or
even the recent broken elections in Florida.) Again, I
repeat, I've spoken to corporate cult Americans, Leon
Harris, Bill Hemmer, Daryn Kagan, Sid Beddington, and
Walter Issacson, just to name a few at CNN. All
forementioned cowards, who would watch Americans be
robbed and murdered, and do nothing to protect
ourselves, are personally aware the bushmob was warned
of the terrorist plot specifically, the fact that Laden
investigations were blocked by the WhiteHouse, while the
bushmob in Enron interests, developed a war plan with
General Ahmad to invade Afghanistan, for an oil pipe line
on a premise of blaming Laden for whatever without
evidence as US innocent, a documented truth that existed
also just prior to 9/11, a strategy confessed to fully
implemented, demanding the bushmob not follow the
criminal leads, that point to themselves as traitors.
Like the bad bush act on 9/11. (emperors-clothes.com) No
arguments are given against what I have spoken on, nor
am I even being adressed by our corporate standards as
inter-nationally responsible. Why? Largely, because, we
are adressing what is as documented to be true,
irrespective of ourselves as opinion, Justice infinite
as indivisable, like the stars in the sky, while the
corporate news machine is refusing to be our own as
legit. Mr. bush, the anti-Christ, and rumsfeld did
9/11 to kill ourselves to steal Constitutional American
values, with their silence only further implicating
themselves to the doubters. Neat eh? (I'm also playing
the Creator, who just wants to be at peace with
ourselves as equals.) As for Iraq, it was the American
administration that removed the inspectors from doing
their, going very successful job, not Saddam, while the
corporate media continues to allow cheney, the evil nazi
fascist bassturd, to keep intentionally lying to American
soldiers regarding the facts, like US Air Force
Response, so the bush regime can throw away their lives
as worthless, without meaning. (Agreed, on general
terms, American soldiers are deeply ignorant and
cowardly as cheney continually attests, but they are
still preparing for death, and I understand many can
read human, and haven't been hiding in a undisclosed
location without a television, or newspaper these last
few months.) The Senate Committee on Banking, Housing
and Urban Affairs, found corporate America sold Iraq
anthrax, VX nerve gas, West Nile fever germs and
botulism, right up until March 1992, on hopes
apparently, to risk further American soldier
causalities, who were at that present time engaged in
battle with poisoning themselves mostly. 250,000 troops
are planned to criminally invade YOUR humanity, against
now near SIXTY countries, representing around
2,083,093,468 people and counting, (that also includes
freedom fighters, bikers, the Mob, and Jack), US,
clearly aware of bush and tommy franks nazi plans, like
in Afghanistan. To kill indiscriminately, while running
death squads murdering innocent families, including your
children. As for Saddam gassing the two guerilla groups
called Kurds, who were fighting to murder in a war on
behalf of Iran in 1988, labeled by American murdering
nazi savage bush, Saddam's "own people", here is what
the most definitive document on the issue states. It's
a 1990 Pentagon report, published just prior to the
invasion of Kuwait. Its authors are Stephen C.
Pelletiere, Douglas V. Johnson II, and Leif R.
Rosenberger, of the Strategic Studies Institute of the
U.S. War College at Carlisle, Pennsylvania.


Iraqi Power and U.S. Security in the Middle East

Excerpt, Chapter 5


Having looked at all of the evidence that was available to us, we
find it impossible to confirm the State Department's claim that gas
was used in this instance. To begin with there were never any victims
produced. International relief organizations who examined the Kurds
-- in Turkey where they had gone for asylum -- failed to discover
any. Nor were there ever any found inside Iraq. The claim rests
solely on testimony of the Kurds who had crossed the border into
Turkey, where they were interviewed by staffers of the Senate Foreign
Relations Committee.

We would have expected, in a matter as serious as this, that the
Congress would have exercised some care. However, passage of the
sanctions measure through the Congress was unusually swift -- at
least in the Senate where a unanimous vote was secured within 24
hours. Further, the proposed sanctions were quite draconian (and will
be discussed in detail below). Fortunately for the future of
Iraqi-U.S. ties, the sanctions measure failed to pass on a
bureaucratic technicality (it was attached as a rider to a bill that
died before adjournment).

It appears that in seeking to punish Iraq, the Congress was
influenced by another incident that occurred five months earlier in
another Iraqi-Kurdish city, Halabjah. In March 1988, the Kurds at
Halabjah were bombarded with chemical weapons, producing a great many
deaths. Photographs of the Kurdish victims were widely disseminated
in the international media. Iraq was blamed for the Halabjah attack,
even though it was subsequently brought out that Iran too had used
chemicals in this operation, and it seemed likely that it was the
Iranian bombardment that had actually killed the Kurds.

From another American government report:

"Blood agents [i.e., cyanogen chloride] were allegedly
responsible for the most infamous use of chemicals in
the war--the killing of Kurds at Halabjah. Since the
Iraqis have no history of using these two agents--and
the Iranians do--we conclude that the Iranians
perpetrated this attack."


The New York Times reported on corporate America's war
project SHAD, where during the Vietnam war, 4000 U.S.
sailors were gassed deliberately by Republicans with
gruesome biological toxins, including sarin.

As for proving that something is not secretly hidden by
a nation as millions.. practically impossible! You
can't ever conclusively prove that something isn't
secretly hidden from perception by variables
admittingly, unknowable. (For whom would be there to
secretly watch the watchers?) When, and under what
madness of bush tyranny as enslavement of our human
species, would anyone be able to try standing up in Iraq
or elsewheres and state, there is no Anthrax anywhere
hidden secretly to kill bush, the false deity super evil
anti-Christ with? Never I declare as the Son of Man,
will evil bush escape the wrath of our fury as this
Universe is, however, it is the supporters of bush's
irrationality with our poltical will unchallenged by
corporate standards, as these nazi monster, lawless
American cop killers wish to use to terrorize 60 nations
of almost 2 billion innocents without any evidence with.
With an intent to use a paultry 250,000 criminal nazi
soldiers mindlessly stupid on drugs probably, while
corporate America won't give anyone two minutes
nationally to speak on the clear strong factual evidence
implicating bush and rumsfeld for murdering over 3,000
AMERICAN flag wavers in Yew York City? Destroy American
traitor bush now!!! The sanctions against the poorest
of poor in Iraq are also irrational. The Republicans
state the innocent people of Iraq must be denied food
and medicine to starve and die because, they are
practically politically powerless to change their state
to be attacked as the unrepresented, while stating
Saddam, if he could, wouldn't help them survive as a
nation as the Republican justification to terrorize
millions, while cheney skirts U.N. sanctions to sell
Saddam whatever supplies privately in secret? So the
suffering of Iraqis, is rightly attributed on American
terrorist activity by all Iraqis, as the direct cause,
working directly against the Republicans publicly stated
purpose to commit such criminal intent. Example: If a
well spoken father who may not like the policies of
Saddam should go to the hospital with his child, he is
told the bush clan wish his family death and suffering
by American will for being born to our world in Iraq as
human. The oil for food program however, is
intelligently based, but it's purpose is defeated with
the Republican atrocities to blindly murder US with.
The demands for the betterment of the Iraq people
through national oil sales, would make sense, if they
weren't directly suffering under assault by the same
terrorist network cancer cell that denies themselves
inalienable rights to life as our own. Like
pathetically weak as unrepresented American cowardly
soldiers, who were provided no evidence to back up the
evil bushmob's criminal allegations, then went murdering
tens of thousands of innocent people in Afghanistan on
the brink of starvation, instead of killing the
documented child killer, heroin pusher, tommy franks, or
bush and rumsfeld for 9/11 in America. Just on bush's
behavior on the day in question, being left unreported
by CNN dictates, should say much to everyone.

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Richard Myers
told reporters at the National Press Club about Iraq's
enormous unknown stockpiles of !secret! corporate
american warfare weapons, "It does not take a lot of
space for some of this work to go on. It can be done in
a very, very small location," he said. "The fact that
you can put it on wheels makes it a lot easier to hide
from people who might be looking for it. So, yes we
have evidence." Evidence of what? Nations with trucks
should be nuked? Richard Myers is a nazi warmongering
irrational fukhead, who wishes the murder of countless
thousands, if not millions in AMERICA, who should be
fired today. You see the nazi bassturd, you fire him, do
you hear me People? AMERICA? Johnny...? Mr. Myers, your


While we now learn from public disclosures on Connie
Chung, apparently, George Tenant, had only 3 CIA officers
investigating Laden just prior to 9/11. While I
remember last year it was alledged on PBS, the CIA had
taxed the American public nearly 10 billion on those
investigations regarding Laden over the previous year,
but, hmmm, bush forbade police agencies, the pursuit of
such investigations with his secret W199i directive.
Guardian Wednesday 7, 2001 - "FBI claims bin Laden
inquiry was frustrated"

George Tenant must be questioned on these matters, and
his relationship to General Ahmad, then arrested
regarding his inaction on the insider stock traders for
9/11. If neither happen in a timely fashion, he too,
will be destroyed by US American Patriots for treason.


Excerpt From:

NY Newsday
U.S. Hypocritical on Human-Rights Abuses
by Marie Cocco

America's new business partner, Uzbekistan's president
is brutal, and very bad.

The State Department human rights report says the former
Soviet republic now "is an authoritarian state with
limited civil rights ... Both police and the
National Security Services routinely tortured, beat and
otherwise mistreated detainees to obtain confessions ...
Police also used suffocation, electric shock, rape
and other sexual abuse. Neither the severity nor
frequency of torture appeared to have decreased during
the year."

What increased was American aid. It tripled to $160
million, the payoff for allowing U.S. military staging
areas for the war in neighboring Afghanistan. President
Islam Karimov was welcomed to the White House. In July,
Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill traveled to Tashkent and
praised Karimov's "efficient leadership."

Bush has singled out one despot for removal.

He says he has many reasons for invading Iraq. Without
a look at some secret new evidence the administration
may or may not have about Saddam Hussein's arsenal, it
is not possible to find truth. That is how the White
House wants it.
From a smart thinking, great commenting archive
sifting site somewhere titled,

Print Think

Bush planned Iraq 'regime change' before becoming President
By Neil Mackay, Sunday Herald

A SECRET blueprint for US global domination reveals that President
Bush and
his cabinet were planning a premeditated attack on Iraq to secure
change' even before he took power in January 2001.

The blueprint, uncovered by the Sunday Herald, for the creation of a
Pax Americana' was drawn up for Dick Cheney (now vice- president),
Rumsfeld (defence secretary), Paul Wolfowitz (Rumsfeld's deputy),
George W
Bush's younger brother Jeb and Lewis Libby (Cheney's chief of staff).
document, entitled Rebuilding America's Defences: Strategies, Forces
Resources For A New Century, was written in September 2000 by the
neo-conservative think-tank Project for the New American Century

The plan shows Bush's cabinet intended to take military control of the
region whether or not Saddam Hussein was in power.


The PNAC report also:


- hints that, despite threatening war against Iraq for developing
weapons of
mass destruction, the US may consider developing biological weapons --
the nation has banned -- in decades to come. It says: 'New methods of
-- electronic, 'non-lethal', biological -- will be more widely
available ...
combat likely will take place in new dimensions, in space, cyberspace,
perhaps the world of microbes ... advanced forms of biological warfare
can 'target' specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from
realm of terror to a politically useful tool'


Now, as for the corporate world telling US, we believe
Laden is guity without evidence: A reasonable person
doesn't have the justification to believe the
unsubstantiated verdict. This is why the fascists at
CNN propagandized, TERRORIZED, the American public by
falsely alledging that Laden threatened to nuke America,
or that he stated to murder any or all Americans like a
bush would. Laden, like Saddam, or Arafat never was
actually quoted to be that ignorantly stupid as a leader
trying to communicate to the People, but for by CNN, and the
sharon types regarding "Palestinians", as a lie to
themselves to excuse their responsibility to ourselves
as the humans. But EVEN IF TRUE, wouldn't make Laden
responsible for every wrong doings the bushmob was
actually responsible for, like robbing all Americans of
their livelyhoods, unreported by CNN of course, to leave
ourselves to fall victim by the bush regime as shysters
pirating America, by shredding the Holy Constitution.
However, Laden has skated near with the label "Jew", to
be of the criminal, intolerant, offensive, fascist,
bigoted jewish Israeli government, that imprisons or
murders real Jews for being JUST that. Rabbi Hillel
would be jailed by sharon in the israel of today. Wise
Muhammad teachings cover this dumb Jew Christian thing
well, as us all suffering by the illiterate evil
dumbfuks who ignore ourselves, to steal our established
values, while CNN, like Art Bell, forbids debate on
their irrational falsehoods, refusing to protect the
FBI, or the American flag through practicing censorship,
while advocating murder, as Art Bell, the traitor, does
almost daily, while hanging up every human caller.
Next, CNN will be blaming ALL the poor and starving in
the third world, for secret Pentagon frauds through
the removal of the False Claims Act. As, the American nation
contributes the least to the world in aid, in relation
to the GNP. (The give and take.) 5 billion a month to
not feed, but murder innocent people in Afghanistan?
Destroy bush now, and be loved by all as God.

Public rebutals regarding my supreme stupidity are found
in alt.sercurity.terrorism.

Thanks friend,

Johnny Wizard

Man, Mr. bush Jr. sure is wicked evil eh?

Look, Americans... You, as a individual, to escape the
wrath of hell, must find strength within yourselves to
protect America from Mr. bush's further criminal acts,
otherwise bush will easily have you all wiped out
really, as unworthy to join the Universal Nations peace
process. Murdering those understood to be innocent
without reason but for to rob from is just wrong, and
abdicating your rights as a living American to not
demand Justice for your own self as the nation, will
surely have all Americans pay the consequences for truly
being so. God, who is kidding who? You, as an
American, must find the will to preserve your own nation
from further bushmob atrocities, and not standing up
like corporate america portrays continually, while bush
tells us he is going to pirate American rights to
further rob and murder for the likes of Enron or
rumsfeld for decades, should to a real American, find
them looking for the quickest way to Washington. CNN is
not reporting on the reality of bush's crime wave, nor
is showing little responsibility to represent soldiers
lives as being risked for as worthless for the
anti-Christ. Again, the public evidence freely
available for 9/11 demands bush and rumsfeld be
immediately executed for escaping public trial, as the
prime suspects for the WTC terrorist act, and guilty as
war criminals completely for blaming Afghanistan without
evidence to substantiate their accusation. The Taliban
rule of Justice for Freedom, was, and is, the American
ideal. They though had some bad laws, that they were
communicative regarding, and had brought much needed as
good stability to the People, who would have told you,
like the State Department, but CNN's Walter Isaccson
forbids the truth to be broadcast. Destroy bush today
American Patriot Soldier, and be loved by your commrads
bush would see fall dead for dummy cowardice.


White House 'exaggerating Iraqi threat'

Bush's televised address attacked by US intelligence

Julian Borger in Washington
Wednesday October 9, 2002
The Guardian

President Bush's case against Saddam Hussein, outlined
in a televised address to the nation on Monday night,
relied on a slanted and sometimes entirely false reading
of the available US intelligence, government officials
and analysts claimed yesterday.

Officials in the CIA, FBI and energy department are
being put under intense pressure to produce reports
which back the administration's line, the Guardian has
learned. In response, some are complying, some are
resisting and some are choosing to remain silent.

"Basically, cooked information is working its way into
high-level pronouncements and there's a lot of
unhappiness about it in intelligence, especially among
analysts at the CIA," said Vincent Cannistraro, the
CIA's former head of counter-intelligence.

In his address, the president reassured Americans that
military action was not "imminent or unavoidable", but
he made the most detailed case to date for the use of
force, should it become necessary.

But some of the key allegations against the Iraqi regime
were not supported by intelligence currently available
to the administration. Mr Bush repeated a claim already
made by senior members of his administration that Iraq
has attempted to import hardened aluminium tubes "for
gas centrifuges, which are used to enrich uranium for
nuclear weapons". The tubes were also mentioned by Tony
Blair in his dossier of evidence presented to parliament
last month.

However, US government experts on nuclear weapons and
centrifuges have suggested that they were more likely to
be used for making conventional weapons.

"I would just say there is not much support for that
[nuclear] theory around here," said a department of
energy specialist.

David Albright, a physicist and former UN weapons
inspector who was consulted on the purpose of the
aluminium tubes, said it was far from clear that the
tubes were intended for a uranium centrifuge.

Mr Albright, who heads the Institute for Science and
International Security, a Washington thinktank, said:
"There's a catfight going on about this right now. On
one side you have most of the experts on gas
centrifuges. On the other you have one guy sitting in
the CIA."

Mr Albright said sceptics at the energy department's
Lawrence Livermore national laboratory in California had
been ordered to keep their doubts to themselves. He
quoted a colleague at the laboratory as saying: "The
administration can say what it wants and we are expected
to remain silent."

There is already considerable scepticism among US
intelligence officials about Mr Bush's claims of links
between Iraq and al-Qaida. In his speech on Monday, Mr
Bush referred to a "very senior al-Qaida leader who
received medical treatment in Baghdad this year".

An intelligence source said the man the president was
referring to was Abu Musab Zarqawi, who was arrested in
Jordan in 2001 for his part in the "millennium plot" to
bomb tourist sites there. He was subsequently released
and eventually made his way to Iraq in search of
treatment. However, intercepted telephone calls did not
mention any cooperation with the Iraqi government.

There is also profound scepticism among US intelligence
experts about the president's claim that "Iraq has
trained al-Qaida members in bomb-making and poisons and
deadly gases".

Bob Baer, a former CIA agent who tracked al-Qaida's
rise, said that there were contacts between Osama bin
Laden and the Iraqi government in Sudan in the early
1990s and in 1998: "But there is no evidence that a
strategic partnership came out of it. I'm unaware of
any evidence of Saddam pursuing terrorism against the
United States."

A source familiar with the September 11 investigation
said: "The FBI has been pounded on to make this link."

In making his case on Monday, Mr Bush made a startling
claim that the Iraqi regime was developing drones, or
unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which "could be used to
disperse chemical or biological weapons across broad

"We're concerned that Iraq is exploring ways of using
these UAVs for missions targeting the United States," he

US military experts confirmed that Iraq had been
converting eastern European trainer jets, known as
L-29s, into drones, but said that with a maximum range
of a few hundred miles they were no threat to targets in
the US.

"It doesn't make any sense to me if he meant United
States territory," said Stephen Baker, a retired US navy
rear admiral who assesses Iraqi military capabilities at
the Washington-based Centre for Defence Information.

Mr Cannistraro said the flow of intelligence to the top
levels of the administration had been deliberately
skewed by hawks at the Pentagon.

"CIA assessments are being put aside by the defence
department in favour of intelligence they are getting
from various Iraqi exiles," he said. "Machiavelli
warned princes against listening to exiles. Well, that
is what is happening now."


Johnny Is Marching Home

So, you know cop killer bush has no evidence to back up
his allegations against Iraq, while Saddam repeatedly
offers Americans to come look anywhere, and nazi bush
refuses the offer, instead lies to all Americans through
corporate control as US being worthless without meaning,
without soul as himself, lacking purpose but for
destruction of our Humanity as unworthy to hear from.
Mr. bush tells US secretly, he wishes to sacrifice at
minimum, hundreds of thousands of American soldiers in a
criminal war against our dying Planet, 60 countries,
without following evidence to substantiate his claimed
to be therefor super evil allegations, nor, will he
practice legal due process as a terrorist in Our names
by flying the American flag as a true Patriot would.
Destroy nazi bush and rumsfeld the traitors today, and
be loved by every American principle of Freedom, as
Justice for US all. Or be a lifeless coward to watch
the bushmob steal not only from our dumb dorky soldiers
to be wasted as sadistic murdering tommy frank savages,
to be not defenders of the faith or the hopes for a
better future, but also from our murdered sons and
daughters, who could have, at one day, understood the
principles of Freedom and Justice, present in the
forgotten American Constitution as worth fighting for to
be protected as ourselves always. Mr. bush the demon,
is not my false deity, as he is irrationally insisted by
the American corporate cult product schedule to be so.
CBC and CNN we all witness as Humanity daily, refuse to
ever cover the corporately mandated bushmob atrocities,
as documented facts that steal real lives. Our Mr.
bush Jr. has shown little of no concern for the living
people in Afghanistan left alone without an American
commitment to protect our lives, or feed their families,
now prepared to waste hundreds of billions against the
starving in Iraq over something planned close to thirty
years by criminal occupation. Their strategy, like in
Afghanistan, is to put worthless nazi slave soldiers on
the front oil pipe lines only, while murdering students
and teachers who would have suggested clean hydrogen is
practically free nazi dum fuk scums. You think if
Saddam was murdered, the rest of our Humanity the whole
world over, would allow like a cowardly corporate
american slave whore, Mr. bush, rumsfeld, and tommy
franks, to give all of the Iraqi resources, to the
murderous criminal thieving intolerant evil fascist
israeli government of nazi bigot human haters, without
objections from G of all beings? Holy Jewish Jihad
Jesus! We notice the corporate news agenda to rob from
US all, our commitment to human rights, is to never
inform our communities as publicly aware, that nazi
amerika, blocks food and medicine from ALL the Iraqi
people, but yet will afford our time to propagandize our
community with bushmob lies, left uncorrected. Has
Ramsey Clark ever been offered as a legitimate voice of
opposition, to clarify our positions? Does Ramsey Clark
speak untruths, like bush does to kill and plunder the
American People? You'd imagine, if CNN was truly
American, they would tell Americans importantly, bush
has no evidence to conclude OUR position, and murdered
thousands in New York City, while Saddam offers the
World to witness the falsehoods of the bushmob to come
see for ourselves, or just simply give some attention to
bush's true evilness he spouts as his own. The bushmob
is tirelessly working to undermine the UN peace effort,
by trying to suggest, if the World community should get
the weapon inspectors in before mindless nazi forces get
there to blindly murder and terrorize further, untold
thousands in Iraq, slave boy Powell wants inspectors to
include armed nazi soldiers, planes ready to bomb
civilian targets, and openly, secret spies to be
criminals! Something any legitimate inspector would
appose as a ridiculous proposal, undermining of the
peace initiative to be a Just cause, and the UN as an
INTERNATIONAL BODY. And, as so should, motivate wimp
ass Kofi to vocally detest on behalf of US people he
claims to represent as a living person. Europe reports
as human, while CNN as traitors to all of Humanity
refuse to offer the facts. CNN sees no responsibility
to protect America, or our soldiers as worthy the effort
to address their real concerns regarding Our... Godly
is Justice Freedom thing, or this all powerful Mr.
Wizard person even. LOOK, THINK... I'm telling people
around the world, Mr. bush and rumsfeld are documented
to have murdered Americans at 9/11 to thwart Enron's
impending CRIMINAL bankruptcy, while, I've repeatedly
demanded their immediate arrest or execution by the
lovers of Humanity, and don't you think that would make
for a legitimate National news story? ("The Dabhol
Working Group", cheney's secret energy meetings with
Enron, public threats against God as Justice through the
Taliban, BND, September 9 war plan, Ahmad and Ahmed,
and, AMERICAN FBI and CIA investigations.) Why not?
Because I am relying on the evidence like a Police
Officer does, as it is related to Justice indivisible as
ourselves, THE ACTUAL FACTS JACK, and CNN doesn't truly
want American soldiers to know who's dying for who.
Myself, as the dreamy Saviour, am open for dialog,
discussions with what we can measure and what we can
not, debate to put to shame any even on the Nature of
truth and deception, God, and this Universe, something
CNN refuses to all American Patriots as worthy of
deliberation. Like with economics, or basic high school
maths. I've personally contacted the CEOs of both, CBC,
and CNN, who have decided with intent to ignore Our
concerns. Look, one of the first things bush did when
he stole the Presidency, was steal fifty billion
American tax dollars from our grandmothers, and don't
you think that would make for your National news
interest?, as a soldier worth giving your life away to
bush for? You know, Mr. bush, the super evil, false
deity, anti-Christ of biblical folklore? So
unbelievably vile and putrid, the Son of Man as God's
only true born Son, has to come down here to defend
myself as all of Creation exists for this day. Mr.
bush's american whores would work to decimate the
Constitution and sacrifice humanity as Jesus on the
cross, and ask US why?, without listening? CNN won't
allow amerika to be America, but for to be
misrepresented as slaves to die by corporate command,
through the evil practices of the unholy and criminal
dictates of Our Mr. bush Jr., traitor to US all. The
Messiah asks the American people to stand up for
themselves as a nation of individuals, to demand equal
access to our rights for freedom, by reaching out to our
neighbors as soldiers and police officers, to break
through Our international media controls at CNN
headquarters, that silence our concerns as the living to
be justly represented. We demand the immediate firing
of Water Issacson, and Sid Beddington, and Johnny wants
Our voices heard now on our Public airwaves! A word of
wisdom: I wouldn't tick off our King like this for much
longer bushmobsters, you don't want to see the Family,
US, losing our patience by getting really wrangled up
with little corporate america's false deity of hatred
towards the makeitwithart living John man. Johnny'd
rather have American men find courage somewhere to stand
up for themselves against being robbed of their
generosity, but Jesus Christ all mighty, if there is no
real Manly men in corporate america, we'll just have to
come down daring to make all doze men look like the weak
twerpy cowards they are to be deprived so sleepy, as too
afraid of their own little shadows to protect the once
great American dream for Humanity. I thought I knew
America, my father thought he knew America, and bush,
the treasonous unelected fascist nazi mass murdering
savage criminal, he don't know the America we believed
we are of once.

Again, I can not stress enough to the truly proud and
strong American People in the NRA, bush's criminal evil,
and those who support him factually against Justice and
Freedom in Congress and the Senate through the prepared
before hand, unread Patriot Act, and for approving an
unrepresentative blatant criminal war as clearly the
evil doers, is really happening. CNN refuses to report
in American survival interests, while we now know, bush
and rumsfeld hold little reservation murdering American
citizens or soldiers, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, if
it then means they can steal further our life's purpose,
and pursuit of happiness by fair play as Justice
instills for all. Mr. bush openly lies as a demon to
our world deliberately while smirking, counting on CNN
at the National level, not correcting his treason
against the entire human race, leaving US isolated as
individuals, with potential doubt always ever present.
But, we can indeed measure, and verify irrespective of
bias or ideology. A fence that is seven feet tall, is a
fence seven feet tall. And, when demon bush advocates
the murder of innocent people to steal our life savings
while destroying the living economy, people do actually
suffer and die. Forget about my fanciful dreams to be a
party King, and think about your own future and family
as we exist in reality, dying unjustly at the hands of
the anti-Christ through corporate cult america that
sacrifices themselves even included as unworthly to
what? They glorify dumminess, as an attribute for
success, sacrificing our dying freedoms to be heard as
the still barely living with concerns. Gee, and you
wonder why they take half of life's investment to
bankers as sacrifice for nothing...

I beg you, to forward this paper to all you know who
should consider this for themselves.

The war criminals, Mr. bush, rumsfeld, and tommy
franks, must be arrested or executed by True American
Patriots immediately. The three traitors to humanity,
that not only have advocated in your name, the murder of
US as innocent people, but have also perpetrated the
criminal acts. Leaving US to judge themselves, as they
have judged, to be treated as they wish to continue
treating Ourselves, or Just you alone, with Rights
granted by living as freedom to be so. God or no God.
Mr. bush, rumsfeld, and tommy franks will immediately
be arrested, or executed by True American Patriots to
stop further bloodshed of our Humanity, as their real
destruction of the American Dream for all as evidenced
to be criminals under the Constitution, is found to be
evidenced by all who understand so.

Glory be to God in the highest order, and if I should
die tomorrow, I'll know I fought to the best of my love
for living in a world where accidents do happen. If my
life should grow unable to win our wager, and I lose all
my fortune to the anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr., my
wanting for a better world will have never diminished.
I'll know that I accepted to do what I could to the best
of my giving. I can only hope these words, were enough
thought as worthy of sharing to others, who believe in
themselves to read this far in agreement with me.. I
make a pretty damn good King eh?

Without risk, we would have nothing to be thankful for.
Do not be afraid of living for freedom my friends, for
most FBI officers support freedom for America, and so
too do soldiers. Those who don't are generally weak,
stupid, incompetent, and very very slow without Love in
their hearts, or the will to be brave. Mr. bush and
rumsfeld don't want to arrest the true culprits by
following the available criminal leads for 9/11, and it
doesn't take much figuring to understand why. We are
all angered by Mr. bush Jr., and the contempt he and
rumsfeld has shown for all those fallen murdered in
America and Afghanistan.

And, just recently in Indonesia, a claim that al-Qaeda
would attack a civilian target like the bushmob does
advocate as practiced, and Laden repeatedly condemns, is
again, with not even a thread of evidence offered on CBC
to conclude such a statement that was made officially,
shows a contempt for the rules of Justice to be
practiced rightly by the ruler, and likely, staging the
criminal investigation to go nowhere. Or, conversely,
this sniper killing civilians in America, being a
reflection of the Nation's true american bushmobster
will to innocent good people going unreported
elsewheres. The sniper is only a small taste my friends
of bush's america as God is my witness. Mr. bush,
america's false deity that corporate america puts all of
every America's blind faith into as slaves without
rights through Justice, had no interest in arresting
himself and rumsfeld for 9/11, instead, with corporate
america backing bush's further criminal intentions,
dropped over 4000 bombs on Afghanistan, including a 14
ton bomb on Kabal. (The brave Taliban, we remember,
were supporting the arrest of the actual culprits
responsible. A no no to the bushmob circle.) Or like
tommy's death squads against Afghan children for Enron,
Afghans, who bush and rumsfeld murdered close to


without CNN daily coverage, as blamed for 9/11 without
following the evidence and closing investigations,
practicing a war planned terrorist strategy existing at
the WhiteHouse it did, two days prior without able
excuse anywhere to be found. A junta dictatorship of
pure evilness. How stupid and cowardly does an American
soldier have to be, before they stand up as one in
defense for their own family? Like the Taliban would

Look at the American military usenet groups to read for
yourself regarding Our Mr. bush Jr., little of no
disagreement is found with what I have written so far.
Sure, corporate america will continue to try, by
illusion, to have US all believe we are the minority to
stand with conviction to protect ourselves as Humanity.
However, the free communications that our internet
provides, clearly indicate our truer positions as not
entirely devoted to self destruction by ignorance, and
criminal behavior against ourselves by dictatorship
under the anti-Christ. Help destroy bush, and be loved
by all as yourself to be cared for as heard from. As
King, I am so much looking forward to retiring as soon
as humanly possible, counting on yourself eventually to
believe also, for a real better future by only simply
trying to win the day for everyone.

Can somebody please help ourselves for living's sake?

Johnny Wizard


Bonus Track

Did you know, factually, no bull, the national debt
accrued through the dilution as willed from Currency, is
what is owed to the Nation, not the bankers? The
creation of government debt is done by the willed
devaluation of your earnings. See, it is a loan made in
our names to the banker for ourselves. The public loan
is actually made, when the banker is granted as doing so
privately. It is not the magician banker who we must
pay for nothing, it is the banker who owes the nation as
the loan was to begin with to be legitimized by any
national policy. Wealth taken as not earned, comes from
those who work honestly getting jipped. So, I propose a
private banker swindle tax, to cover the administrative
costs of running openly public funded gambling
enterprises, with 100% cash payouts to actually thwart
our falling economies, then, maybe the corporate news
industry will see a responsibility to measure how much a
lottery official pays themselves secretly with our
banked interests accruing. Our governments should be
providing what services we want, and are willing to pay
for. Stealing from the desperately poor to pay even
more as servitude to our further ineptness, is not only
firmly established as illegal, but also makes no sense
to most anyone I'd bet. Example: VLT's payout 96% as
advertized, well not truly, the math as counted says 30%
before expenses, but who of the general corporate TV
intellect, has our time to figure it honestly? See, it
is easy to understand a criminal offence is taking
place, but because the corporate mandate is to keep the
public more ignorant than Our Mr. bush Jr. on
everything as a monetarily rewarding experience, (Larry
King is a millionaire) the corporate cult products
refuse to practice the interests of Justice for our
values to protect our living standards. Accordingly,
bush murdered all those New Yorkers for whatever ill
reason (who really cares) as the anti-Christ, and
corporations refuse to follow the story as evidenced
impartially. Too much work for no pay, but the expense
is risked by the loss of investment in Humanity to be
defended. This is why CNN won't even defend their
fellow corporate cult members who lost their human lives
at the World Trade Center. Who really cares?, for the
value of innocent life?, Your Mr. bush Jr.???

Johnny Wizard


Up to You

Look, american service personnel aren't even American
enough to publicly defend their treasonous behavior
against the good old red, white, and blue. Why?
Cowards. We all know the bushmob has tirelessly worked
to steal American service personnel's pensions, savings,
and lives as worthless of protection, while counting on
every American Soldier as Police officer, to not arrest
the bushmob ourselves for 9/11 in New York, and the war
crimes committed against the innocent in Afghanistan.
Mr. tommy franks, the heroin pusher, tells dumfuk
soldiers to kill innocent humans, and American soldiers
aren't there anywhere to protect themselves? Sadistic
nazi war criminal rumsfeld tells us all openly, he
wishes to persecute those he knows to be innocent as a
true nazi did. With all the blessings of sharon
naturally. Why do American soldiers not protect
America? Or know the Constitution as Holy? Too weak,
stupid and cowardly I told you Johnny. They sit
terrified, unwilling to stand for their country, while
demon bush and rumsfeld decimate my economy with a
regressive tax swindle, and in addition, criminal thefts
through the Pentagon and Social Security, while publicly
planning to war two billion people of


for no good reason but for sacrifice to corporate
america's false deity, the anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush
Jr.. While we now all also know, to not only rob, but
murder thousands of Americans too, as fair play by the
bush backed terrorist protocol, exposes Our Mr. bush
Jr. as the most heinously evil demon humanity has ever
witnessed factually. All evidenced and everything. So,
will Americans live up to protecting their dying rights,
or will bush, the anti-Christ, succeed to further steal
our God sworn, Patriotic duty to protect our own
humanity? Will bush succeed in destroying civilization,
or will we succeed in destroying pathetic criminal
pirate nazi traitor bush, by the will of our own
survival to continue as the People?

The godless corporations refuse me to speak publicly in
our defence naturally, and people generally, seem to
concur as stupidity, to sacrifice their own families
purposefully for the banker buildings, while putting
their religious faith into corporate dictates for
slavery. I am not myself to be G in all worlds, nor, am
I all dreams to be so undesirably. I am just a super
human being as space time continuum, day tripping all
alone, wondering about prospects for a world in which I
can live with. I love life, and our ailing planet, but
maybe, I did get this story line wrong somewhere, and
got taken away too far in fantasy. Maybe, bush's
humanity as it exists here in reality, is a nightmare
not worth saving for yourself being.. CNN and CBC do
work against our communities, documented everyday, by
their continual refusal to cover our top priority
issues. Corporate radio programs primarily, but not
always, insist on only hiring semi-literate ignorant
bigot whores as fascist degenerates, who insist on
disallowing open communications, or learning to learn
with the community, while advocating the murders of
American service personnel and innocent civilians, as a
patriotic duty to not live up to our personal
responsibilities as a member of society. It is all up
to ourselves to fight for peace, or be slaughtered on
Coast to Coast's alter of apathy to not care so for
living justly. We are not at war with ourselves, or a
third of humanity as cheney and bush repeatedly claim,
but with the warmongers, who wish US all harm, to steal
our human values of love and understanding, good will,
and compassion. With evil bush, cheney and rumsfeld
figuring, there is no way for US all to stand up for
yourself, under the banner of Justice as freedom for
all. Well, I say, nuts. If God can do it, and I can do
it, so can you true! Help yourself up please won't you
do it as us living already? Or, maybe for beer?

Please do not allow the bushmob to murder millions. The
fears to stand proud as Americans, are the fears to
stand proud with Love as ourselves being the Universe.
Boo! That wasn't so scary, was it? Again, traitors
bush and rumsfeld must be immediately arrested for 9/11,
and tommy franks, for war crimes in Afghanistan. Like

Always forever, the one and only,

Johnny Wizard


All at Once

Nobody would want our lives or freedom stolen, by simply
living to not deprive those same rights from any other.

So, Mr. bush Jr. tells you, we're either with us, or
with the terrorists. Hmmm. As a member of the general
public, bush, as himself, has no more rights to speak
openly as the person I am, and therefor, I will except
his proposal on equal grounds to communicate freely.
So, I'm either with yourself as a would be, could be
anyone is, or your factually documented as an
unbelievably super evil, anti-American mass murdering
fascist dictator, war criminal terrorist recruiter, as
the, golly gee, actual, must be for real, warmongering
anti-Christ from this Book by John then eh?... No?
You, what do you figure Mr. bush Jr.? Can you hear
humanity calling you out to publicly explain your vast
stupidity? Politics has it as our mutual understanding,
loyalty to life through law as living is civilization.
Law, as is the only true measurement of freedom for
ourselves to know so. Are you alone on this too? Ha,
er... um, anyway..

Nobody would want our lives or freedom stolen, simply by
living to not deprive those same rights from others. So
we form Governments, and have loyal police officers to
practice our will as ruled out to the best of our

We need a new national news format to make for this
information age approaching, that sets a high priority
on ourselves as concerned about where we are going. The
Constitution is not just a jumble of tossed blurbs,
telling of a day when people didn't care for living as
America in spirit also, the Constitutional rights of
Justice stand strong through good reason, and are easily
defended up at the national news desk, we're sure to say
eventually, if we only had the show for something.
While we wait, corporate america prepares to never have
Chomsky aired, or legitimate critics as the voices for
freedom by representation, to gain ourselves progress as
we would normally on Watt's happinin for real man. You
know, the awesome power of communication, and Chomsky,
being a best seller over and over like that, or Ron Paul
being a Republican citizen, committed to working for
Americans as a true Patriot would under the flag? The
Constitutional rights of Justice stand strong through
good reason. Ashcroft is truly incompetent. His
failure to grasp why a democracy would choose to treat
all people fairly, as duly protected with a system of
laws practiced to find governing with, leaves us instead
as, the ancient bushmob vision of injustice against
ourselves that he fails to confess as us innocent until
understood otherwise. The crusades were a lesson we
never want to be learning over, with Our Mr. bush Jr.
at our wills demanding a crashed course we've done and
learned from already. I think Ashcroft's personal turn
to criminality for America, has to do with sabotaging
that FBI investigation, and the fair play consequence of
us People arriving to communicate him to justice on
behalf of the Nations with questions that need immediate
answers. Sabotaging the FBI was not due from
insufficient funding, or failure to connect the dots
ever as investigators.

Nobody would want our lives or freedom stolen, by simply
living to not deprive those same rights from any other.
Right? Save America for your own sake Americans! The
strength is within ourselves to make this a better world
for living.

As you are,

Johnny Wizard.


No Telling

Destroy bush and rumsfeld now! Look, the terrorist
network runs out of CNN and CBC, both willingly advocate
criminal intentions against our community interests, by
censorship and dissin' information. (Video Lottery
Terminals eat at our souls, and destroy our economy.
100% payouts must be demanded, anything less, is a
perpetration that does not stand up to sound fiscal
management.) The management of the networks, Walter
Issacson and Sid Beddington of CNN, Israel Cinman,
Robert Habinovitch, and David Cochten of CBC, are all our
humanity's enemy, as the true harborers of terrorist
activity, evil scum to US all. These monsters refuse to
allow reporters open public discussions on the true
current political state of OUR affairs, protecting their
false deity, the anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr. from
immediate arrest or execution, for perpetrating 9/11,
now getting away with open deceit as unchallenged with
OUR facts, perverting America's democracy into in junta
dictatorship. CBC and CNN play our nations as unworthy
of deliberation, while censoring OUR ELECTED officials.
Like the recent Florida election. Or those in the
American government, responsible for managing to barely
protect Social Security, that bush has now illegally had
removed from their jurisdiction, while silently telling
all Americans, he'll manage to rob from us in secret
without telling anyone. Arron Brown, like Larry King,
feels the Social Security of our soldiers is unimportant
as newsworthy, nor their lives as worth protecting. Or
how about when bush stole 50 billion tax dollars from
American families, and stated, he wasn't accountable to
the people as a legitimate leader? No fukin kidding!
Unaccountable to no one evil nazi murderer bush thinks
America will not stand up for ourselves without godless
national news coverage, nor will American men be brave
enough to stand strong to protect their own bereaving
families. Again, the bushmob not only threatened
directly the Taliban with war in July 2001, for not
siding for Enron's interests, but was also caught with
the 9/11 war strategy fully developed two days prior to
the event in question. Why would Laden, or the Taliban
give bush a justification to follow through on his evil
nazi threat? How could the irrational, illogical,
lawless criminal dumfuk bush, have attacked the students
of Afghanistan, then let tommy franks run death squads
to murder defenseless children, without 9/11 I ask you?
Gee, the Taliban sided for the better pipe line contract
for the interest of their nation, and turned down bribes
to sell out their brethren, therefor, the bushmob as
Enron can steal and murder anyone they want to because,
Americans refuse to uphold their own Constitution, of
which, true American Patriot Soldiers it was rumored at
one time, used to actually give pledge to with their
lives if necessary in protection, while crying through a
salute to the flag, that bush and ashcroft now spit on
deliberately, challenging US to come down there
ourselves personally, because Americans, are so
unbelievably cowardly! Again, the pension money stolen
from American families through Enron is sitting in the
Cayman Islands, and the biggest crook of them all is
Thomas White, bush's Secretary of the Army. (Thomas, as
Secretary, does the financial paper work for the US Army,
in case you didn't know.)

As for evil dumfuk rumsfeld's statement to justify our
unjustified incriminations, "The absence of evidence is
not evidence of absence.", no it's not, nor is it
impossible that every real man alive will destroy
rumsfeld ourselves, before he continues to murder us all
irrationally for possiblilities we could maybe might do.
Mr. rumsfeld tells us he would without reason to claim
so, steal and murder from ourselves as established
innocent, of which he himself, would even contend as the
criminal! To have rotten rumsfeld tell us he has a
belief in our names to persecute innocent people,
because he can't substantiate any evidence factually,
gives himself no honest justification to hold such a
position against our better interests. So goes to show,
rumsfeld, the nazi, is a war criminal! Then, of course, there
was the statements rotten rumsfeld made, that enrages
every loyal member of the NRA when communicated clearly,
where rotten rumsfeld stated, that of the Taliban
prisoners held illegally at Guantanamo Bay, that even if
they were honestly tried, and found innocent in an
American court of Law as judged by our peers publicly,
rumsfeld would still fight our humanity as a terrorist,
and refuse their release as farmers with beards, or
protectors of our communities. Or like ashcroft said
about terrorists not deserving the same Constitutional
Justice protections as everyone else, like facing their
accusation in a public court of law to defend themselves
against alegations made in our names. What is it then
nazi bassturds, is ashcroft saying people in other
nations should be terrorized, or is he saying american
criminals are getting away unaprehended?

Destroy rumsfeld now American Patriots!


To persecute our humanity for no other reason, but for
rumsfeld's paranoia with what is possible, or fear of
reprisals for 9/11 by real American Patriot Soldiers,
would mark himself openly as a terrorist to everyone,
threatening US all with murder for crimes he says he has
no evidence to back up as alleged. Mr. rumsfeld, like
ashcroft and bush, is a traitor to the Constitution of
America, and every living soul in this Universe! While
WE know, he didn't go to the NMCC on 9/11, where he
knew, and was reminded, he was supposed to be. While WE
know, there was no public evidence linking Laden or
the Taliban secretly either according to the British
Parliment, at the time he ordered the blanket killing of
Afghans, (who as a Nation, like "Omar the Just" were in
support of following the criminal leads to arrest the
true evil doers, (true American Justice!)), as the
reason offered to stop all investigations by hiding most
of all the evidence that would jeopardize his, and
bush's security as demons of pure nazi filth, traitors
to US all as the living to be humans. Like the eight
black boxes, cockpit recordings, testimony from the ATC,
FAA, NORAD, the Air Force, Building Seven, the FBI
(Rowley and General Ahmad) and the CIA (Insider trading
on the airline companies testified to not be connected
to Laden). Or like flight manifests, with the alleged
high-jackers who boarded without tickets, using stolen
names of people either still alive, or mostly from Saudi
Arabia. Gee, why would, would be terrorists steal
passports they didn't need, of American trained Saudi
national pilots, if they didn't want to be discovered as
American trained Saudi national pilots? Why plan to
high-jack planes from faraway Boston? Why did the
Ladens fly out of America at bush's request right after
9/11 from Boston too? Hmmmm. How is it possible for a
terrorist to board a commercial plane without purchasing
a ticket? AND, how would the two fbi officers (James
Woods), and three cia officers responsible for 9/11
investigations, be able to conclude the false names
of the suspects, if they weren't on the manifest?
Destroy bush now and be loved by all as God!

Yours truly,

Johnny Wizard



All Wrapped Up

CBC as managed has deliberately with intent, worked to
misinform and propagandize our community on what is as,
documented provable fact, regarding Mr. bush's
complicity to the murder of US as the innocent in New
York City. CBC has refused to live up to our
responsibility to protect our democracy, and in silence,
has pirated our names to murder those understood to be
innocent of the accused offence. CBC has refused to
allow ourselves as the public to understand, Mr. bush
forbade the FBI from pursuing bin Laden investigations,
just prior to 9/11 with secret Presidential directive
W199I (199I WF213589), which had John O'Neil, the
anti-terrorism head for the FBI publicly protest by
resigning over. This W199I directive was put into place
after the administration had been warned by the BND, and
several other legitimate intelligence agencies, of an
impending terrorist plot involving the high-jacking of
American airplanes to be used as weapons and flown into
land marks. In addition to these unreported top
priority political issues that stand to be true as
documented factually, the bush administration had also
secretly put together a sinister war strategy, that was
revealed to ourselves as the public, by Canada's own Jim
Miklaszewski at MSNBC, to have existed without any doubt
as Presidential Directive documents, two days prior to
9/11 at the WhiteHouse. A planned strategy to invade
specifically Afghanistan, by blaming bin Laden for a
crime, but providing no evidence to back up the
allegations. That's right. The super evil criminal
bush dictatorship had a plan in place to not follow the
actual evidence to arrest the true culprits for a crime
that hadn't even yet taken place, but that they were
prepared for to close investigations on, as an
opportunity to invade specifically Afghanistan, propping
up the Northern Alliance who still practice the
barbarity of sharia law, with the bush bonuses of
selling heroin to our world, and most importantly,
building a liquefied natural gas pipe line for bush and
his Enron friends, to rob even more further from us all.
Legitimate FBI officers unrepresented by Mueller claim
General Amad was the principle terrorist funder of
Muhammad Atta, responsible for a wire transfer of
$100,000, who, incidentally was in unusual meetings, the
General was, with the bush administration a week prior
to 9/11, who also not only participated in meetings with
several top officials in the Senate Intelligence
Committee, but also, was reported to participate in
building the war strategy of invading Afghanistan, as
the reported desperate excuse offered for the General
being there just prior to 9/11, and also, was personally
responsible for negotiating the non-surrender of bin
Laden, of which the ISI claimed, the General advised the
Taliban not to do so because, no evidence would be
offered, nor public trial for an offence bin claimed he
played no part of.

We are all in agreement, in truth we rise, evil is just
the deceived disguised. Boo!

The case is wrapped up, and bush and rumsfeld need to be
immediately arrested for 9/11, for murdering countless
thousands for stolen gain, at the losses to our
humanity, that show through every putrid utterance of
scum bucket bush, as contempt for our living as humanity
through Law. Where a person accused of a criminal
offence without any evidence is clearly innocent. For
why I ask you reader, would any unjustified leader of US
people blame someone for a crime who wasn't linked to
the offense, while working to close investigations, and
not follow through with the ample clues to capture the
true evil doers? Just how cowardly stupid can soldier
families be taken without conviction as themselves worth
fighting for?

Justice for all, and glory be to godly.

Johnny Wizard


Rumor Mill News Reading Room Forum


Posted By: Rosalinda
Date: Tuesday, 10 September 2002, 11:50 a.m.

[source: CNN, Sept. 9]

OTHER LEAKY EXCUSES. In an interview iwth CNN today, former UN
Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter ridiculed the latest concoctions
of the Mega crowd to justify an attack on Iraq. Excerpts follow:

PAULA ZAHN (CNN): I want to have, hear your reaction to the
whole range of Bush Administration officials yesterday who said
.. that Saddam Hussein has been trying to obtain materials to
build nuclear weapons, particularly trying to buy thousands of
aluminum pipes that could be used in the manufacture of a
centrifuge and ultimately used to manufacture weapons.
What do you make of that?

RITTER: What an absurd statement. Thousands of aluminum
pipes, and we're going to go to war over thousands of aluminum
pipes? Even the IISS report that you cite says that if Iraq was
to have trying to do uranium enrichment, it would take them many
years before they could do it. This is patently ridiculous. These
are aluminum pipes coming in for civilian use. They are not being
transferred to a covert nuclear processing plant or any covert
nuclear activity whatsoever.

But the best way to figure this out is to send the weapons
inspectors in. If they, if the United States has this evidence
that Iraq has these pipes, why not, heck, give me the data. I'll
come to Iraq, hunt it down and we'll bring it to a close. That
would save us going to war, killing thousands of people and
destroying our reputation in the international community.
We cannot go to war because Vice President Cheney's worried
about some aluminum pipes. This is ridiculous....

ZAHN: Let's talk more about what some say is the only
independent voice in this whole argument, and that is the
International Institute for Strategic Studies.... In this report,
it suggests ... that Iraq could make a nuclear weapon in months
if it had foreign help.

Let me read to you what the conclusion was, that, "War
sanctions and inspections have reversed and retarded but not
eliminated Iraq's nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and
long range missile capabilities, nor removed Baghdad's enduring
interest in developing these capabilities."

RITTER: Paula, what do we have here? Rhetoric? Where's the
facts? "Enduring interest" in weapons capability? What does that
mean? What evidence do they cite for this "enduring interest"?
You know, ballistic missiles. They say he has 12. What, did they
grow? Where are they? They didn't have 12 when I was a weapons

Chemical weapons? Biological weapons? They talk about bulk
agent in terms of Iraq's biological weapons program. What bulk
agent? Where did they make it? A bulk agent has a three-year
lifetime in terms of storage in ideal conditions. The last time
Iraq was known to have produced bulk agent was in 1990. That
stuff, even if they held onto it, is no longer viable. So to have
bulk agent today, Iraq would have had to reconstitute a
manufacturing base in biological weapons. Where is it?

This report is absurd. It has zero factual basis. It's all
rhetoric. It's all speculative and, frankly speaking, it's
meaningless without, you know, with the sad exception that hawks
in the Bush administration are going to point to this as
justification for war....

ZAHN: What makes you think that if UN weapons inspectors
went in now, after not being on the ground for four years, it
would be any different than the last time around, when Richard
Butler, who was the chief UN weapon inspector, said the Iraqis
often moved stuff when they knew you guys were going to be on the

RITTER: I had been there since 1991 working under Ralph
Ekeus, when the vast majority of the actual disarmament took
place. By the time Richard Butler came, we had already destroyed
Iraq's weapons programs. We were hunting down for, you know,
missing items, you know, a piece of metal here, some documents

And, yes, Iraq could have moved them, but this does not
constitute a weapons program. It's illegal, and this is what
inspectors need to do, come back here, finish the job so that
Iraq can get on with rebuilding its economy, etc. But, you know,
Richard Butler knows for darned sure that the Iraqis were not
moving weapons from his weapons inspectors.

The weapons inspectors were trying to get into some of the
most sensitive facilities in Iraq that dealt with presidential
security. I was the guy leading these inspections and Richard
knows that he allowed the United States to use my inspections to
spy on Iraq, which is why they don't trust the inspection

So let's not bring up Richard Butler. Frankly speaking, he
has no credibility on this issue.

ZAHN: I still don't understand why you think the inspections
will be any different this time around. The administration seems
convinced that if Iraq had nothing to hide, they wouldn't have
broken all these UN regulations and they would have allowed
inspectors in over the last four years.

RITTER: Come on, Paula, let's be fair. The administration
knows that the Central Intelligence Agency used the weapons
inspection program as a Trojan horse to insert intelligence
collection capabilities to go after Saddam Hussein....

You know, I know that inspections did work. We achieved a 90
to 95 percent level of verified, absolutely certain
accountability for Iraq's weapons program, including all the
factories and associated production equipment. This is why I'm
just amazed when I hear reports coming from the IISS that Iraq
suddenly has the capability. Where did it come from? Did they
suddenly grow factories? ...

... Let's get the inspectors back in, let's get them to
find out what the ultimate disposition of these weapons programs
are and if Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction program, thank
goodness, we just diffused a war. And I think that's a good thing
worth trying to do.


From the well recomended document:

US Intelligence and the Terrorists: Pre-9-11

... June 6, 2001. German intelligence warned CIA.

(A) The German intelligence agency, the BND, warned both
the CIA and Israel that Middle Eastern terrorists were
``planning to hijack commercial aircraft to use as
weapons to attack important symbols of American and
Israeli culture.'' This intelligence reportedly came
from Echelon, a high-tech electronic surveillance system
used by the intelligence agencies of several nations to
glean through electronic communications for certain
keywords. It was first reported by the German daily
newspaper, Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung on September
13. Its sources were reportedly from the BND itself.
(Gembeimdienste 6-6-2001; Stafford 9-13-2001; Ruppert
11-2-2001; Ruppert 11-27-2001; Ruppert 4-22-2002; Martin
1-5-2002; Martin 1-16-2002; Thomas 5-21-2002)

According to Gordon Thomas (5-21-2002) of Global -
Intel, the original source of information actually came
from Israeli Mossad agents operating in the U.S. who
had infiltrated al Qaeda. According to his account the
Mossad also informed British and Russian intelligence
about the attacks, who then in turn notified the CIA.
Thomas's sources are allegedly informants within the
Mossad itself.

As of April 22, 2002, no challenges to this information
has been reported. ...


Also, it has also been alledged that the German
embassador Ischinger, On Monday 6, August, 2001, had met
bush personally, and during that meeting, the Bundesamt
fur Verfassungsschutz [German domestic secret service]
and BND [Bundesnachreichtendienst, German foreign secret
service] finding was once again reiterated in person.


! ! ! ! N E W S F L A S H ! ! ! !

September 12, 2002 NewsNight with Arron Brown
Mr. Butler, did not refute, with his repeated
opportunity, Ritter's documented as fact, with the paper
work to prove it, allegations of american corruption
succeeding, in fact, repeatedly, Butler refused to
answer the direct question, on wether, he, Mr. Butler,
abdicated his responsibility to our world community, and
sided instead to bow as a fascist coward to CRIMINAL
american sabotage regarding the U.N. resolution
inspection's process.

Gee, no wonder Saddam has concerns for his people...

A worthwhile note also, is during CNN new briefs on
Saddam's recent comments, never once was it said, that
Saddam alleges to our world, bush murdered New Yorkers
for financial gain, as he did factually claim, and I do
too, as the evidence is unmistakable. Mr. bush, the
super evil anti-Christ, and too, Mr. rumsfeld, the
sadistic nazi dumbfuk, must be immediately arrested, or
executed by Patriot American Believers, so we may begin
to get this PUBLIC court case regarding the facts on the
mass murder of AMERICANS under way. I wanna lead the
prosecutor's team!!! (I am now officially excepting
book offers.)


Here To Tell It Like We Is

So, the bush regime knows that Saddam has no nukes, but
as any person could, maybe at sometime in the future
would target general populations, of which Saddam has
stated to be rationally stupid, immoral and evil. A
tactic that bush, as america, says without pause to
reflect, would do so in our stolen names is plausible
with him in power as a degenerate. The bush regime also
thinks Saddam does indeed have biological weapons, and
has so for decades but never used them, as the only
affordable balance to the militarization of the region.
Namely, to counter the Israeli government's corrupt
political position of American funded bigotry and
lawless behavior, on claims God gave them a right as
criminals apparently, to deprive Christians a right to
live justly, to own property, or use public roads even,
and that most of Iraq should too, be stolen by force
like hitler did, as hitler did measure also, all Jews,
by the same level of intolerance, ignorance and
barbarity sharon does of US as Palestinians, you know,
Catholics, Muslims, Jews and Atheists, absent love for
ourselves as understanding, godly, and principally
innocent until proven otherwise. Mr. sharon is not
Jewish, nor is anyone else allowed to practice as such
in the Likud party. But anyway, Saddam is no Saint,
however, no evidence exists that Saddam has ever used
bio warfare weapons on his own people, while Our Mr.
bush Jr., is documented factually, as a murdering demon
of evilness clearly paraded before ourselves by
corporate command, as a supposed representation of OUR
civilization's true will. As Our Mr. bush Jr. works
diligently to destroy our lives through fraudulent
means, counting on US not trying to save Ourselves by
following the truth to set US free. A Republican who
without laughing, demanded law enforcement agencies not
follow the ample criminal evidence to arrest the true
perpetrators of 9/11, but instead, urged the closing of
investigations, while top secretly, implicated bin Laden
without evidence he couldn't divulge, of which the
British government ended up doing so for the love of our
selves, comprising of only, general maybe if's, of which
only could, can, and does, jeopardize bush, cheney and
rumsfeld by taking such a secret, now public position
against our interests to kill us as the innocent with.
Which is truly why bush rumsfeld and cheney are
warmongering as despicable savages. 5 billion dollars
in humanitarian aid is being blocked by the bush regime
to enter Iraq, like food and medicine. The bush regime
demands children be starved and not receive treatments
for ailments, such as aspirin for headaches, or as
cancer from the devastation the families of Iraq are
still suffering through, since the last time a bush's
american criminal military force dumped tons of
radioactive waste in the region, while murdering
indiscriminately ourselves as anyone, because
principally, toxic American soldiers, like the American
people, hold the title of the highest illiteracy levels
of the developing world, which brings them as
consequence, the worst health care providers to
themselves as discounted, corporately mandated as
unworthy to understand their own behaviors, so they can
be even further rooked as shysters. Over two million
people have died directly because of American aggression
against the practically defenseless in Iraq, who the
bush regime even claims, have little of no power to
change the political landscape, based in loose tribal
ethics as protections, that has been as such, for
approximately 4000 years. And as American traitor war
criminal rumsfeld proclaimed, since american aggression
has continued against Iraq over the last twelve years,
so too, has their economy been devastated, and as
consequence, the attraction to keep the more literate as
wealth driven from remaining, has waned. But what can
bush offer Iraq, indeed to our world my friends? Just
murder US people for stolen cash profit, is clearly his
only motivation, as a tyrant dictator far worse than
Saddam has ever been. Mr. bush indicates he knows
nothing of economics, or the important function of law
to protect our societies, so what if he should kill
Saddam, and maybe a million Iraqi people, then what? He
hasn't thought that far, and clearly, due to his
evilness we witness daily, couldn't care less. CNN and
other corporate professionals refuse to tell the blood
sucking, carcinogenic, corporate American real fast news
blips, of causes they as a nation in total celebrated
televised ignorance, have committed against the Iraqi
struggling to survive People, and indeed around our
world likewise. As was the bush regime's unreported
support of the overthrow of democratically elected
Chavez in Venezuela, who incidentally, as one of the
very few, holds a perfect human rights record, unlike
America, who is the only nation, the World Court has
convicted by factual documented evidence, to be a
terrorist state. There is no record of Saddam murdering
millions of Iraqis, while targeting innocent children,
but there is to the illegitimate bush family, and nazi
soldier tommy franks intentions, the most despicable
savage to ever don an American uniform, who would now
have us all believe, such a evil strategy of criminal
wrong doing, is the only option, to better the lives of
those who barely survive from American oppression in
Iraq as it is. What form of governance would bush be
suggesting? Would it be like bush squandering almost 7
trillion dollars in bad business decisions for our
futures as he has set forth for America already? Or
maybe something like the new criminal heroin pushers in
Afghanistan as foreigners? Costing the American nation,
who holds the title of highest rates of human
depravation in the industialized world, and highest
percentage of imprisoned per populace in all recorded
history, 5 billion dollars every month to prop up sales
in narcotics, and terrorist handbooks? Where political
opponents who criticize the Karazi regime are murdered,
for factually claiming the political aims of Karazi are
not representing US people as the children? Or as evil
bush, who would boldly lie to the face of God, that
there were no girl schools in Afghanistan under the
Taliban, while secretly thanking sadistic scum bag
American traitor, mass murdering savage, wimp ass drug
dealing coward tommy franks, for specifically targeting
those very schools, women reporters, Mosques, red cross
units, literate tribal leaders, men with beards, and
children, while labelling all of Our humanity who would
fight against injustice his enemy? Or that bush would
dare still attempt to get away undamaged by the real men
of this world, to spout his venom hatred for humanity to
what must be drugged out to be so cowardly American
soldiers, by lying to US as the demon of pure evilness
we all witnessed, that heroin cultivation wasn't
factually outlawed by the Taliban officially following
Allah, leaving no position as God's will to back track
politically on later? American military analysts,
including the CIA and former secretary of Defense,
William Cohen, claim Iraq is no threat to it's
neighbors, as so too, does no nation in the region
support bush's warmongering. In Congressional hearings
last week, former UN arms inspector Scott Ritter
courageously stated what many Americans believe, but
rarely if never mentioned by corporate news standards as
the will of the people, "A handful of ideologues have
hijacked the national security policy of the United
States for their own ambitions." Ritter insisted Iraq
was no threat to the U.S. or the Mideast, and later
offered that cheney be forced by Americans on mass, to
offer evidence to his bogus, make believe accusations,
that he wishes to use to actually murder thousands, if
not millions of US REAL PEOPLE. Our axis of evil, bush
rumsfeld and cheney, do not want renewed inspections of
Iraq, they only want war to murder ourselves, and to
create instability in our world through fear to prevent
their rightful capture for 9/11, while we all are
expected to sit back as corporate standard fascist
cowards, to pretend bush was actually elected as
President in America, because actual poll counts were
forbidden to be publicized, therefor, he may have won
our approval to use nukes against anyone for whatever.
With CNN, the Commie Nazi Network, telling us we as the
civilized are also convicted to poll, that evidence is
no longer a requirement to convince US who is criminally
insane, in this nightmare of criminal bush family
evilness, hell bent on destroying your world, and
everything WE, as The People, have struggled so hard to
protect. It would seem any world threat of terrorism,
would be surely from a nation like bush's America. A
cowardly nation that demands we as humanity, be deprived
the guiding principles of Justice like they in weakness
had abdicated as no longer their own as unfairly
represented, leaving as slaves the bush regime to rob us
all of our Freedoms, as a rule of Law instills such as
in the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights,
and the American Constitution. All now trashed by
Ashcroft, as clear criminal intent to obstruct Justice
as the American dream for everyone.

E-mail this to somebody for Christ states,

yours truly,

Johnny Wizard


From below:

"Mr. bush you nazi vermin, you attack my America, you
attack US all. American soldiers will not sit back as
cowards entirely, and watch you sacrifice our lives as
worthless without meaning."
I think I love you too much

Wow, your amazing! So, what your saying is bush the
nazi tyrant, the unelected mass murdering fascist
dictator, has no interest following the ample criminal
leads, because they lead to him, rumsfeld, and cheney
likely too, right? And, when that evil monster told us
instead he would rely on secret evidence, but couldn't
tell us why, as too the FBI or CIA, it turned out to be
nothing but another wicked evil deception against the
great American people, Tony Blair, bin Laden, and law
enforcement officers everywhere, to even further give
him cause to close investigations into 9/11 as Reuters
told us, and rob directly from American soldier
families, their lives, pensions, life savings, and blind
faith, in bush, the false diety, super evil anti-Christ.

Johnny Wizard is my Hero.


Weak Pathetic Coward Nazi bassturds

American soldiers are weak pathetic coward nazi
bassturds. The recorded evidence stands before all of
our humanity, while CNN silently pleads ignorance on
what is clearly established as documented fact,
regarding Mr. bush and rumsfelds' complicity to
murdering thousands of American citizens, stealing from
all Americans the principles of which the American flag
once represented, now unprotected by corporate dictates.
Encouraging American soldiers to further sacrifice their
dying rights, to murder potentially hundreds of
thousands more for bushs' nazi conquests against
ourselves further unprotected by nazi traitors at
blitzer's war room. ("War Room" is the term used by
nazi CNN nosearch big pay do squat staff who routinely
work to keep America uninformed with their secret from
no one, refusals to protect Americans for the bush
regime, like in the case of "The False Claims Act", or
evidence requirement to convince US who is evil.) You do
five minutes research on the Anthrax suspect, and you
come up with Dr. Phillip Zack, but what does CNN do to
protect the American people? Nothing but mention
Hatfill, not even still a suspect according to REAL FBI
sources, who, you'll notice, Mueller or Ashcroft never
if ever mentions, like point number six of Coleen Rowley
in Time regarding treason at the highest level. Mr.
tommy franks, the nazi traitor heroin pusher, runs death
squads in Afghanistan, executing countless children as
our own, but what does CNN say on behalf of our


Nothing, but to refuse a voice to those they know
murdrered in their names as nazi facists, refusing to
allow open honest discussions on the true political
state of the Union. Publicly advocating to be
accessories to the murder of ourselves, refusing to make
any attempt to stop bush from continuing to murder their
our own families, and stealing from our nations the
concept of Justice for ourselves, (Never mind America's
own life savings STILL sitting in the Cayman Islands.
(Thomas White.)) while advocating even more murders and
thefts against the innocent, because soldiers are too
weak as colateral damaged disfunctional illiterates, to
stand up proud for the American people as equals. Under
the Bill of Rights, as justice for US all, truly brave
and strong, as the saviours of ourselves to be free as
individuals, humanity, WE will never surrender as slaves
to the false diety, anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr.. The
lawless nazi facists mass murdering tyrants, Mr. bush,
bogus cheney, and rumsfeld, are the ememies of America
as the free world, who as WE, will no longer except
lying down to the continuing corporate silence of
surrender, to take us as dead and forgotten, as not
worth our time of day, to stand for yourself, as a
living breathing human.

Johnny has spoken to several hundred at CBC and CNN
including the CEO's of both, regarding the evidence that
no one has yet, suggested they find any contention with.
Destroy bush and rumsfeld American Patriot Soldiers, and
be loved by all as family.

Destroying the evil doers


What do you know?

Hi everyone, so, what do we know? Mr. bush made plans
to attack Afghanistan just prior to 9/11, for not
signing a contract with CentGas, which would have given
Enron access to LNG. For without, they as members of
the bushmob, would face their impending criminal
bankruptcy, revealing they were stealing from any as all
Americans, their life savings. Without the illegal war
against the struggling to be better Taliban, the bushmob
would have been exposed without fear by America, and
soon, we would have all faced a bright new day
understanding further, the importance of Justice for
humanity as ourselves deserving not to be robbed from.

None of the evidence indicated Afghanistan, and by bush
running without judgement with his plan made prior,
showed a willingness to not apprehend the true culprits,
while warmongering a fury in bigoted corporate America,
to attack our humanity without thinking, or
understanding the reasons why the American Constitution
holds still respect, for it's wisdom granting
protections to the people as we are, individuals with
rights to be represented as equals under the law, in
defence against the evils of humanity, of which, our Mr.
bush willingly as a demon, works to destroy US as the
too weak and cowardly as terrified to know better to
speak up for themselves rightly.

Americans, like our corporate news
services in Canada also, are expected to not report the
murder of ourselves in Afghanistan, excusing their
contempt for themselves as God, to name ourselves,
demonized willingly trying to take you to sacifice your
rights as censored for bush to steal from our families
escaping prosecution. I call news agencies, who as
individuals, see no responsibility to ourselves as
community. I recieve only refusals as excuses to deny
ourselves equal access. Why? They, like deer caught in
the headlights, or swimming in the, it feels so good to
be taken banker advertising, leave us to only death to
others they see not as themselves, be it thousands or
millions, than allow me to enter as simply a concerned
man named John to speak factually as documented, calling
for the immediate arrest of bush and rumsfeld the
murderers, to escape further bloodshed. Or, I'm
baselessly insulted without argument, ouch, or dismissed
as alarmist for screaming for the stopping of the murder
of US as really dying, while my, how am I going to
survive job prospects go vanishing, because of my
excellent research abilities on behalf of the humans.

CBC in Washington just refuses to report as Canadians.


How do American soldiers feel
about sacrificing their lives to sell heroin, and steal
oil, to likely pollute the region as Dutch shell would
as they do murder civilian protestors with Tony in
Britian harboring them? Killing for the World Bank who
will pocket the paid expenses while indebting the
impoverished nation? As death squads against freedom as
cowards? You'd think if they were going to kill anyone
in Afghanistan, it would be the terrorist leader, heroin
pusher, tommy franks and his northern alliance business
partner mercenaries, like the brave Taliban would have
to protect us innocent all over the world, no? The
truth is in while the cowards pretend. You know Dad,
I'm beginning to suspect american nazis on our planet,
don't actually know us too well as the humans yet...

Wide Open

All American people, police officers and soldiers hear
this out please. Mr. Mueller has shown no commitment
to represent the FBI. He has made no responsible public
mention of the investigations regarding General Ahmed,
and his connection to Mr. Atta, nor Odigo's two hour
warning. He has not mentioned the investigations
regarding the Israeli spy ring done by the FBI, and it
has been only FOX News, the DEA, and their spokesperson
Rogenc Waite, who have been able to get around Mr.
Mueller's contemptuous silence for America, while
bushmobster Susan Dryden, states we are all an urban
myth. The FAA, NORAD (Canada's arm), Mike Vreeland, the
CIA even, and several responsible military and civilian
air traffic controllers, and a great many others
disagree with CNN's refusal to mention our public
statements against bush and rumsfeld's contentions.
Never mind Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik who was
handed Atta's passport by someone not named yet, of
which Kerik stated "Apparently, it must have fallen into
the air just as the crash occurred, surviving the almost
1000 degree heat of the fire, then came across a strong
wind to blow it several blocks away." With loose papers
between the pages of the passport even surviving the
gusts. Now we witness the corporate cultists, desperate
to contain us with the magic bullet theorists, we're
expected to believe 2000 degrees actually is the only
way possible, as impossible to prove scientifically.
Also remember, the buildings weight were bore by
interconnecting columns of steel through a central core
design named "tube within a tube", not like a simple
toothpick project laid out by fancy computer grapics,
that neglect the actual blue print designs, as thought
through since before the Roman Empire. If still so
though, how then can the desperate doubters explain
building Seven, or maybe Six, not struck by planes, but
fell just the same without melted bricks?, of glass? As
also reported, Atta actually taking the time to pack,
yes that's right, pack his suicide letter is too stupid
for even the average American intellect. Nevermind the
sneaky suspected terrorists arguing over a parking space
restricted at the airport yelling. Or, Mr. Mueller's
ATM picture of a 'highjacker' who was already dead while
the picture was supposedly taken. Hmmm... dead men as
the terrorists named Mohammad or something like that..
Jesus! Then finding out according to James Woods, the
double agent actor, bush's Mueller had secretly, only
two officers responsible for following more than 30,000
selective as important leads over a crime of such
magnitude. Bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing
bing bing bing bing bing.. Hey... Did you hear that?
We see the weakness of the many stuck as bushmobsters,
like possibly completely innocent Myers, and his
inability as cowardice to speak out regarding his
political position as responsible to America, likewise
as so many others, showing no concern for the nation as
US people. Typical of a usual ignorant fascist right
winger sellout like bush has been his entire career to
his barely living self of evilness never before
witnessed. And, I could go on for twenty more pages on
the motives, Enron, and the proven to be criminals at
the Pentagon, with the official corporate news story
failing the simplest of scrutinies.

Reminder: first tower was struck at 8:45, second, 9:03.

Airports were closed at 9:17, but the soon to be shot
down flight 93 calls in at 9:50 apparently according to
rumsfeld, asking for permission to do a u-turn, fly east
an hour and a half, to land in WASHINGTON? (two planes
don't seem to have highjackers on them, and I guess the
plan got messed with the remotes somehow.) While the Bin
Laden family is preparing to leave America at bush's
request, to escape any questioning, regarding the soon
to be blamed Holy man Bin Laden, without evidence by the
Washington Post in the late edition of Sept. 11th, by
the surprisingly thoughtful monster henry kissinger,
while CNN reports a story unbiasedly in the forth party
apparently, (heard it from a friend who heard it from a
friend...) of a call just received to their private
newsroom from somebody somewhere to whomever, about
friendly, er.. no mean Muslims on board, pre-activating
pay phone services without doing so, or so we can only
guess, a falsehood truly painful to relay completely.
Mr. bush and rumsfeld killed those good Americans in
New York, and must not under any circumstances be
allowed to continue as escaped leaving the scene, to
repeat offend against ourselves, who under these
circumstances, must not be taken as granted by Chris at
MSNBC. I have repeatedly offered my position of
responsible debate with any corporate cultists, that
refuse to represent our democracies being toppled into
lawless dictatorship. Why does corporate America refuse
to report on elected Congressman Kucinich? Again, Mr.
bush and rumsfeld need to be immediately arrested or
executed as traitors by the brave and true, strong and
righteous. We need to seize all available evidence that
Mr. Mueller has stolen, like airport video tapes, as
well as recordings done from within the airliners. Or
provide me, Mr. death, to testify to the recorded
gruesomeness as unbearable. Anyone in the bushmob who
stands in our way to do so, must as will be also found
guilty of treason by all the loyal American people. I
call on all police agencies, ball clubs, loggers, swank
hotel clerks and the PTA, to pull together under this
banner, and make the world something better for
everyone, before getting back to wrestling amongst
ourselves over what have you. Mr. bush's evil is very
real, in this time I, as a strange voice from the
wilderness, who does not make your decisions to do the
right things for yourself, plead for you to do so as you
should. Get off your ass. I mean, who and for what are
our soldiers still killing people for in Afghanistan?
The heroin dealing puppet government of foreigners with
the World Bank are in place losers, and do I understand
they have already spent near a 100 million dollars of
ours on things like 3 million school text books for
practical terrorism from the eighties, while leaving so
called heroin addict alliance forces happy to oblige
without 'official' pay checks. CBC in Canada shamed the
world by running a propaganda piece on school funding,
but neglected to mention the 'new' books, just like the
'old' books came from the bushmobsters again, also with
CBC 'pretending' to not know that the Taliban had begun
girl schools in Afghanistan, a story that had already
been almost correctly covered by the Washington Post,
amazingly about a month ago, albeit, without the girl
schools element, but Jeeze, the truth seems to be
finding it's way, despite the tommy franks grouped with
the northern alliance targeting youths who can read as
the enemy Taliban right? Mr. bush displays a hatred
expressed against our entire human race as himself, to
kill us all truly as his position, that he in self
contempt, refuses to acknowledge, while we further fall
dying unjustly, for who I ask you? Mr. bush has
actually publicly positioned himself to state he does
not support effective treatments for cancer. Why?
Because there is no money or ours as tax payers to steal
from. Deception is an element of all living truth, and
evil secretly is just being openly stupid like bush is,
(you can't pretend insight as wisdom truly), leaving the
biggest secret being, here is but only one, you too, as
we all share nothing as no secret in silence as a
reflection of all living dreams. GOD IS AMAZING. There
is no spoken answer to the question of a mystery asking
as forever endlessly, as life could be unbelievably
fantastic at a level of real world sustainability, but
you know what my friends? Nobody at corporate mind
control seems to care, but only to say how wrong we all
are on everything, by people who do not know any better
for trying to do nothing. Do not know any better. No
argument, no science, no reason, just almost as robots
working for the death machines in cowardice and self
loathing against ourselves not represented. I, as the
make believe Creator, attempting to represent freedom of
will eternal, can't help hate and despise bush, your
false deity as much as any real man would, I'm sorry.
News corporations refuse me a voice as the publics, and
have so for years to also our acclaimed scientists,
political writers, mathematicians and historians, while
Mr. bush as the super dumb anti-Christ of evil
incarnate, demands openly in OUR public arena, I not be
allowed to live my life in unity, as an individual god
seeking a potential Heaven for myself singularly, doing
my own thing naturally. Mr. bush demands by threat of
murder, I relinquish my equal rights, to become his
willing slave. Mr. bush demands I not be permitted to
protect myself in a true democracy as Justice for all.
(Mr. bush, you either understand us as fairly to be
equals with justice as anyone, or your threatening our
freedoms as a criminal terrorist without room for
argument.) Mr. bush demands I fear his murder rampages
against the innocent, as would be myself, still living
to say, NEVER! Never would I lie to myself like a
cowardly American soldier to bomb innocent villagers to
waste billions, before killing tommy franks for ordering
me to do so. Never would I lie to myself like a
cowardly American soldier to bomb innocent people in
Bagdad to kill people, before killing tommy franks,
cheney, bush, rumsfeld, or even Mr. Powell if need be.
Don't like Saddam? Well, talk to him openly about
freedom for ourselves then. Talk to the people of Iraq,
and on what we together, can do to make life better.
What is it about the functioning government in Cuba,
that could be made better as measured? Why not?
Because then it would be understood, bush is a savage
criminal, and incompetent as wrong and seriously evil to
all of US. As he clearly knows nothing about Justice
and freedom, or economics as he currently is destroying
the economy of America, while cashing in our real lives
creating hardship, as only ideology. I mean, removing
the cash from our streets, while stealing billions for
himself as a degenerate man! (Our wealth is not
infinite, nor do the hungry, have magically, meals
mysteriously appear in front of them.) He wasn't
elected, falling short by more than 600,000 votes before
demanding the halt to counting, and is a nazi murdering
traitor who speaks only of his stupidity, while robbing
America as our world, of Justice to be free and living


Thank you for everything,

Johnny wizard

It's Nothing - Mr. bush and rumsfeld are traitors to
every American, as they are both guilty of war crimes
against humanity. Where are the American soldiers to
arrest or kill them both as murderers trying to escape
the wrath of the American Constitution's protection of
the masses under Justice, that they are attempting to
destroy as ignored against the interests of mankind?
Again, bush had no evidence against Bin, for a crime he
demands we not know the perpetrator of, by attempting to
stop, or not address the criminal investigations
completed already. With the corporated cultists cashing
out hard working American tax payers by labeling us all,
as not caring to be biased. Telling our soldiers to
attack without thinking, the third world Taliban
government for asking about evidence as a true American,
Allah, Christ, or Buddha would, ending the heroin trade,
and attempting with communications, something better for
the people of Afghanistan. Mr. Mueller has informed
us, as one more informed than any other who meets with
George Tenet every day, the only evidence we have
implicates bush and rumsfeld for 9/11, and soldiers have
yet to stand for America to destroy bush and rumsfeld,
the murdering bassturds desecrating our judicial process.
Why? Nazi cowards, not willing to protect the American
flag, while watching their own families be robbed of
their life savings and pensions through Enron, and open
Pentagon frauds, while bush, the anti-Christ, hopes
soldiers will learn from the bankruptcy, for next time,
while we, as humanity, watch the Republican Congress
today, allow the thieves to escape, with, MAYBE, a fine,
while walking away with billions stashed away secretly
in the Cayman Islands, or left responsible for secret
Army financing, like Thomas White, as their two timing
Secretary. It's too bad we can't separate American
soldiers, by who wish to uphold the American
Constitution as Justice for all, and those sadistic
savages like rumsfeld who enjoy murdering innocent
people while stealing from everyone our humanity, then
we would have a real war of good as powerful, against
the extremely weak and pathetic illiterate nazi cult
scum, eh? I mean, if you actually knew who the soldiers
were as responsible for bombing villages in Afghanistan,
and red cross units, literate tribal leaders, or having
40,000 surrendered given to be murdered, wouldn't you as
a real American Patriot Soldier, just kill tommy franks,
bush and rumsfeld the nazis without thinking twice? I
mean, to be humane or godly? See my friends? We will
see again, no traitor to America offer an actual public
argument to their position of ourselves to not
communicate freely with our facts, but will without
reason, demand we not be able to truly, like CNN, MSNBC,
CBS, Art Bell, Reston.com and the like, while attacking
ourselves personally for demanding we no longer be
murdered for the evil bushmob, who ignore our concerns
as legitimate under universal law actually existing, as
not heard from really dying, deprived equal say as the
Bill of Rights still demands. See? American illiterate
evil nazi scum, think the all mighty as this Creation
will be made only to suffer and die as murdered by the
weak, dispossessed and cowardly, so sharon the bigot
racist parasite can rob and murder innocent persons as
Catholics, Muslims, Atheists and Jews forever and ever,
financed by corporated nazi cult Americans left in the
dark until their bitter enlightenment, about who lives
the airwave as true to be ourselves. Justice infinite
as indivisible shall prevail as a Heaven or Hell, you
decide. I am calling for the immediate imprisonment or
death sentence, to the proven to be world terrorists
without given argument against, who admittingly have
committed the deliberate mass murders of US as innocent,
sharon, bush, rumsfeld, and tommy franks. Forty dollars
for bush and rumsfeld, ten for tommy franks, and the
Jews of God's creation will wake I'm sure, to deal with
the nazi bigot ariel sharon, without further going
payment. They advocate as demons, enemies of US all,
the murder of innocent people, of which we must no
longer allow. I'm available for debate or interview, of
which news corporations refuse to grant. Just as they
do on every other serious life affirming issues. Our
nations greatest, most popular scientific and political
writers are barely, if never even acknowledged. Many
have read my words, yet next to none argue in
disagreement, but for insult lacking reason. Why?
Because some people are just stupid, and as in open
polite discourse are exposed to be carbon copy right
wingers suffering under suggestion to do nothing to help
themselves. Like, how does someone argue burned jet
fuel smoldering, could reach a temperature of 2000
degrees Celsius, in an area of standard building
construction not melting before steel would? Or,
because someone commits a crime in New York, or did
years ago because they were beaten down as deprived
human rights and had all their property stolen, sharon
can then excuse himself to murder anybody else he
wishes, maybe hundreds or thousands more to steal their
lives and prosperity? How does Mr. bush Jr., the
anti-Christ, get away saying we're all against him
discarding the rule of law to find ourselves not to be
equals under God with his tyranny of injustice and
slavery, that he expects every nation to suffer under in
fear while he attempts to plunder and murder everyone as
evil incarnate? Digesting fluoride for no other known
or unknown reason to science kills us, and nobody else
says different, so why must CNN insist we keep doing it
by not covering the facts documented for decades? I
say, who cares why right wingers want to destroy our
eternal Universe as themselves unworthy, let's just stop
doing it today okay? because it makes us look really
really stupid to the other civilizations of our Universe
that don't practice censorship of our advancements in
science as know how. What an embarrassment. Why as so
does CNN refuse all the other crimes committed by
Republicans to go unheeded as recognized? Like the
denial of equal rights to non-jews in Palestine? I
don't know, let us just work to make our world a better
place for all. I want my own show. Why does the
American Coast to Coast radio network forbid all
intelligent discussions to protect American values, as
repeatedly offering no comment allowed to understand
this dying bit? Scared of the Lord really getting
In It for US

Your either with US as equals under a rule of law as
Universal Justice, or your a mindless slave whore
sacrificing your soul for bush, the anti-Christ, who
will as he continues, stealing and murdering from our
families without any good reason, or provocations as
evil incarnate he is to US all. A murdering nazi demon
of evilness never before known. As he as shown, he
would steal from every American, Justice, Freedom, and
Liberty, while only saying, no he's not, as who knows
how many are illegally arrested as disappeared, and he
funnels billions of real American worker tax dollars
into criminal thefts through the Pentagon. The False
Claims Act. Like he has polluted ourselves in Texas, as
he directly supported the murder of tens of thousands in
Afghanistan without evidence, stolen tens of billions
from Americans for himself, and fought against smart and
healthy universal heath care as educated, and continues
to support the legal inaction against Enron, who fleeced
any American pensions they could get a hold on, of which
the biggest criminal in the Enron debacle, outside of
Ken Lay is Thomas White, who he has made no indications
of arresting, or even firing, as the Secretary of the
Army. Mr. bush gave his buddy Krongard the right to
murder any law abiding American citizen as soldier, and
escape criminal conviction, a traitor to America is our
Mr. bush jr., Constitutionally, plain and simple. A
nazi warmonger, who wishes to murder millions with
nuclear weapons, a savage, a monster. A demon who has
placed in his secret administration, those responsible
for the death squads of Nicaragua, and the shipments of
cocaine into America, to increase crime against every
community, while his supporters support the school of
the Americas, by removing free speech from those who
wish to point to those Republicans ultimately
responsible for harbouring real terrorism, (Mr. bush
Sr.) according to Sergant Chuck Couglin of the Milwaukee
Sheriff's Department. He has also said he wishes no
interest in stopping his increase in the heroin trade.
He, as pure evil, who holds practically no deception to
ourselves if you'd only listen, has destabilized the
world in his commitment to the destruction of our legal
due process, by suggesting his entourage, can not be
found guilty of any crimes against our humanity, of
which they spout like rumsfeld in silence to torture,
and murder those known by all to have committed no
offense, through now military dictatorship, of which,
true Americans will not allow him to take US further, I
will not stand for it, nor should you as a Patriot
soldier protecting the flag. I demand again, the
immediate arrest of bush and rumsfeld for crimes against
humanity, in New York City and Afghanistan, or their
rightful execution by all free thinkers in America who
own firearms, and can read of our stories not present by
the corporate establishment. Mr. bush and rumsfeld
expect every single human on our planet to relinquish
our rights as living human beings. Mr. bush had no
qualms about doing business with the Taliban in August,
if they would only, by bribe, collectively sacrifice
their interests in serving for their country, as bush
has done to America for his entire career degenerating.
Mr. rumsfeld asked our living World for the murder of
"Omar the Just", for the only reason of requesting
evidence. Bin Laden, as we all remember, offered his
arrest to authorities upon the showing of any evidence,
for a crime he stated was no part of, including all the
other baseless claims made by the Clinton
administration, who too, could not arrest Bin Laden then
either, when he sat in jail for 47 days uncharged
waiting. Which is how we know again, Mr. bush is
directly involved in NYC, as would too, as have to be,
rumsfeld to let the towers fall, but too stupid evil
they both are, to not know the wise intentions of
America's founding fathers, or myself as the Messiah,
Johnny Wizard. For as we knew, all the planted evidence
and otherwise, that was publicly available, pointed only
to bush and rumsfeld for not seeking who was
responsible, only to leave blame quickly as not
possible, on a Nation accused without evidence, that had
a month prior been planned to rob and murder from for
Enron was desperate to hide their crimes against every
American dollar. All documented. Kill bush and
rumsfeld on site American soldier, and be loved by all
as Saviour.
A Better Way


Mr. Mueller, the head of the FBI, who meets everyday
with George Tenet, the head of the CIA, stated recently
after reviewing his quoted statements stated, actually
they as officers of our laws have no evidence whatsoever
connecting anyone but the bushmob to the terrorist acts
in New York City, testifiable through the public
information given by ourselves, the DEA, the CIA, and
the FBI in our fields, of which Mr. Mueller seems
completely absent minded of publicly speaking anyway.
Look see for yourself.

''In our investigation, we have not uncovered a single
piece of paper -- either here in the United States or in
the treasure trove of information that has turned up in
Afghanistan and elsewhere -- that mentioned any aspect
of the Sept. 11 plot,''


The Messiah vs. sharon, bush, and rumsfeld


Mr. bush you nazi vermin, you attack my America, you
attack US all. American soldiers will not sit back as
cowards entirely, and watch you sacrifice our lives as
worthless without meaning. I have spoken to the Secret
Service in person, and all who read this can be assured,
so has mr bush scumball jr. by the date this is posted,
and as he continues to pretend to not have, only further
shows his contempt for your life and Justice for our
communities. For bush's contempt for the American
constitution as Justice and freedom is ungodly to every
proud American police officer and citizen the world
over. Mr. bush must be arrested for his terrorist
crimes in New York City immediately, for the evidence of
his and rumsfeld's criminal behavior is overwhelmingly
censored by CNN and the other corporate cult cogs, who
refuse to protect Americans as ourselves, the dying
community falling unheard from. The patriot act will be
rescinded, unless anyone can actually provide a counter
argument as to it's purpose other than to destroy our
freedoms, while the bushmob continues to rifle our
pocket books.


Who is Who?


Freedom is only garnered through Justice for all equally.

"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel" wrote
Samuel Johnson, and he wasn't just mixing words.
Patriotism is not about mindlessly as cult slaves
obeying bush the unellected nazi fascist criminal
dictator, it is about protecting freedom for all as
democracy demands by law. Ours. Mr. bush has said
that if we, as Nations, don't agree with himself as
world dictator, removing the guiding principles of
constitutional Justice as freedom for all instills,
while actively destroying America and murdering innocent
people for no crimes who struggle now only to survive
from his criminal tirades, advocating torture while
declaring wars against anyone poor and unrepresented,
with a complete disrespect for all human life, and our
courts of Law, has clearly stuck himself to be our enemy
everywhere, as being evil personified, which
inextricably demands his immediate incarceration for the
crimes he is committing against ourselves as a true
terrorist without question, no? The bushmob desecrate
the ideals of freedom, Justice and democracy garnered by
truth as our own being to be individuals, and is exalted
by CNN claiming to be representing ourselves while
watching us be robbed and murdered as stolen from
openly. Mr. Turner, you have terribly disappointed our
world in this great time of need for ourselves as

Again, all relevant evidence, circumstantial and
otherwise, regarding the WTC terrorist act, points to
the bushmob, and rumsfeld especially. (snpd) Flight 11,
all ticket sales are accounted. How did terrorists
board without purchasing tickets? No, the airline
industry did not take the names off the lists on Sept.
11, as too on the 12th they confirmed so with a small
correction, but if they had, how then would, or could,
the desperate doubter explain strange flight 77 from the
same company, which does leave room for terrorists to be
on board with the given total. Oh... I think I know.
Two flights had duped terrorists hired by the bush
wrecked state department, explaining the State
Department connected money transfer discovered by the
good FBI to the head terrorist, Germany's Mr. Atta,
unreported by the Commi Nazi Network of course, showing
a belief on Atta's part, that he would not die with the
top secret arrangement he had made with the bushmob
privately, explaining why the bushmob had his passport
in their possession secretly, and why Atta couldn't have
checked in with baggage. (Ya right, he's gonna pack a
jet fuel consumption calculator and a video titled, "How
to fly a jumbo jet airliner in twenty minutes for
dummies" left behind of all places in baggage,
explaining the secret bushmob audio tape still to be
never released where Atta is heard mumbling, "Jeeze,
where's my lucky shirt?" and, "Does anybody here know
who's flying this thing?") The $100,000 didn't go far,
and Atta clearly wasn't a devote Muslim, as in the bar
he drank vodkas and flashed a huge wad of hundreds and
fifties to the manager, and everyone else in yelling
distance, bragging how much the bushmob had paid him
stupidly to do so, for a flight he couldn't possibly
have boarded as a viable pilot or passenger. Also, why
need carry his passport loosely as needing to remain
unnoticed, if he didn't buy a ticket, nor planned to
travel anywheres, if he somehow magically just appeared
on the plane in mid-flight after an all night bender
with hookers? Also, none of the four flights easily
indicated that they had been highjacked, while the
transponders were all turned off by code from inside the
locked cockpits, at roughly the same time as if by
automation, with flights not changing their flight
course for as long as fifteen minutes, like no passenger
ticketed terrorists aboard flight 11, ("Hey Atta! check
out the view!", or "You left the manual where?", or
"Gee, thank God you have the final draft, suicide letter
still with you for when we burst into a fireball."), as
too, the 200 mile precisely aligned trajectories,
without HUD, do attest something not quite normal,
according to experts in the Air Force with thousands of
hours flight experience and some chaos theorized war
gameroom background, and elsewhere, who know of bowling
a perfect game while blindfolded, using a checker.
Flight 77. The planted terrorists failed to highjack
due to the fact, the plane was returned to control of
the real pilot who managed to use communications after a
fifteen minute fight for something. Conversations that
the bushmob confiscated. For after 77 changed course in
the dramatic after some struggle for the controls, it
then returned to it's original flight path, and okayed,
but, not for long, for now they knew inside information.
"No, I wanna fly this plane according to procedure while
you guys fight a fair three round fight." or "You say
planes have actually flown into the WTC towers?" or
"Let's just pretend we're the real pilots, and maybe no
one will notice?" But shut off transponder only then?
was it on again, or had it never been off before? If
the terrorists were subdued, or gave up by showing their
red bomb boxes only contained confetti, how do they so
quickly take the pilots place, (who had just been last
near for calls after returning to normal), to push the
codes? This is why the bushmob took the tape. CNN
tells us rumsfeld says the FAA didn't contact NORAD
until 9:25, while at the same time, CNN also tells us
controllers who handled 77, knew it had been highjacked
at 8:46. Also, explaining the now no longer strangeness
of why bush desperately ran to confiscate those airline
videotapes of the passengers boarding flight, not
thinking to know we now know who they all were. (Maybe
things didn't go exactly according to his evil nazi
plan?) Truly brave American soldiers would arrest bush
and rumsfeld by the end of a loaded ready to fire rifle,
and any other who stand to stop us from viewing our
evidence available. Why, that's called obstructing
Johnny Wizard. Also, consider this, the thought to
necessitate the order of the terrorists to force
passengers to use cell phones as secretly planned, two
flights, (Time magazine Sept. 24 - Flight 93 "We've
been highjacked. They're being nice.") but make no
declarations on behalf of themselves leaving no point
for departure? With a communication plan not controlled
from the air perchance? Ah, but not on flight 11 or 175
where terrorists weren't present, as again, every
passenger accounted, but no calls? Only one not talked
about, because it doesn't fit with the bushmob lies.
Flight attendant Sweeny was reported as the only one I
am aware of to make a cell phone call over the entire
hour on flight 11, or 175, to the ATC at Boston, giving
seat numbers to highjackers that were not on board as
registered ticket holders, (so how did she?) nor even
sitting where Meuller lies, who in so doing, disputes
she made the call to know factually. Makes no sense to
me also, and CNN, we can be sure, will do nothing for
the Americans who lost their lives over the senseless
ignorance of their corporate cult status, that
perpetrates this form of dim-wittedness without helping
you by interviewing anybody involved in the
investigations, to rather let the bushmob continue
dictating unchallenged to murder more of us, for staying
unawares of our silent screaming. hmm... Any unboarded
tickets? Apparently so, for it was reported all
purchased tickets were used but one. Another koinkydink
regarding the hooting and hollaring, drinking and
carousing in the strip bar the night before of the
bushmob barkers, is that nobody would PURPOSEFULLY give
their lives in a collective criminal operation for CASH
payments through the State Department as to go gone dead
broke next day, against living life's costly riches
freely would they? Did Atta from Germany even attempt
to give the 100k to his wife and children for safe
keeping? Bingo. Also it has recently been revealed by
India's officials, and Pakistan's Foreign Secretary,
Niaz Naik, that the bushmob had contacted their
governments in AUGUST as himself typically idiotic, as
privately to public representatives in a unreported
meeting in Berlin to state, he, as the anti-Christ,
would slaughter the innocent people of Afghanistan's
government, who had ended the heroin trade and were
protecting the country while progressing towards equal
rights for women,( We will sue CNN for every dollar
Turner has.) making illegal, slaves and murder, by
forming national laws that five years previous didn't
exist, also making it safe to travel, and started
opening schools for girls while being starved for doing
so good for everyone. Why would bush the demon attempt
to do so? To shore up corporate banker support for
Enron, who had placed a 3 billion dollar investment in
Dhabol Power Company, and needed liquefied natural gas
in a big hurry, what with Qatar drying up, and the
tripling in price of naphtha. Stuck no longer able to
garner partnership with the present pipe deal contract
offer for Afghanistan agreed to as well by tribal
leaders who Tommy murdered, as too, India's insistence
in not being ripped off any longer, by a company the
entire nation learned easily to hate over the past
decade, and the laundered employee pension money
unretractable in the Cayman Islands proved to be of
little use apparently, and of course most importantly,
also the secretly known to fellow shyster cheney,
impending criminal bankruptcy, and we must also not
forget bush had excepted 2 million dollars in bribes
from Ken Lay, who had his own late night office suite at
the White House for their private encounters, so it has
been kinda reported, but difficult to believe bush
manages to whore so much, but understandable, what with
the way he walks so funny. See, the Taliban had
excepted a deal from Bridas, a pipeline offer to help
rebuild the nation, while the bushmob just threatened to
murder all their families for Enron's conspiracy tied to
the Republican nazi regime. Enron could never obtain
investors desperately needed, to attempt with capital,
to hide their crimes against all the American people,
without a binding contract, investors such as from the
multi-billionaires in the post WWII charity
organization, World Bank, of which as unocal, being
typical Republican, only offered bribes to officials
from Afghanistan to hurt their nation they, as the
Taliban, truly believed in working for. As a another
example where these nazi vermin relate their uselessness
against us all from, Mr. phil gramm lobbied for slave
labour at 10 cents an hour for America, while sneaking
in a bill for California to have their electricity price
quadrupled, for his relatively paultry personal check of
one hundred thousand, while California citizens payed
billions and billions as stolen from without police
protection, as companies fell going bankrupt due to
gramm's assault, leaving many out of work to get
swindled even further by Republican corruptions that run
rampant through the entire state in other places,
without me there to bask on the beaches to give an
occasional cameo appearance, while flexing my muscles to
the tune of some free beer, a place to crash, and maybe
pretzels, hint hint. Achem. On the morning of the fast
paced Sept 11th, bush was aware of something special in
NYC that he would comment on as asked SPECIFICALLY he
stated while leaving his hotel room, on his way
unswavered directly to hear about goats from school
children by nine, as it was reported his comment to be
so nationally, on ABC News with Peter Jennings reporting
on the terrorist highjackings. While we now know
according to the FAA's official report, that at 8:20,
officials were made aware of the unprecedented emergency
while channelling through authorities, (the bushmob as
rotten rumsfeld through CNN speaks nothing about it
saying, all the FAA employees are lying, and don't keep
watch professionally) and according to the criminal
indictment against the bushmob filed by Ilarion Bykov
and Jared Israel available at www.emperors-clothes.com,
the Secret Service are kept more informed than anyone
concerned with bush's safety, so, you'd figure, would
have made bush aware of all four flights, since he was
already familiar with one important thing going on in
NYC, that he would talk to the media about directly
later as massed for it, right? (Perhaps someone should
ask Andy?) Bush was also reported to receive a call in
his motorcade about the horrific event, with him also
confirming to witness the tragedy of flailing bodies
from the epicenter of disaster, you know, the WTC
towers, commercial airlines thing?, school television
sets we presume existed that he left only a moment to
thought, as he then quickly entered smiling
nonchalantly, a different world stage, the class room
unshaken, without thought to think he may have been
confused earlier to then attempt seeking clarity, no, he
sat for 25 minutes unalarmed, chit chatting like nothing
was happening, just as we rehearse, and as disturbingly
deceived evil as ever to be believed, as anti-Christ he
is it would seem to be. He later after tinking tried as
dumb as he is, to deflect his gruesome macabre conduct,
by suggesting he had learned only of the doom just prior
to entering the classroom, where he immediately without
thought, quickly attributed the disasters to pilot error
while making a funny, while completely dismissing his
concern as not even present for the loss of innocent
American lives, bankers even, (then, before, and now
he'd even tell you unblinking, "What?"), just like the
tens of thousands as children in Afghanistan, and the
terrorist crimes he advocates in Palestine, as he then
pressed on to more urgent matters regarding his press op
cover up. Did you see his media reaction in front of
the classroom, when he heard the news for the forth time
officially that morning, as again, he even admitted to
actually visually witnessing some of the devastation
before that moment, and that only then, had it become a
serious matter to change, or not change his demeanor?
Stuck he was then, with no mind to ruse, er.. time to
snooze, Arg! What was the cue? Errrch... If he moves
with priority interest as concerned openly honest public
figure, as he knows a legitimate President would have
been to first learn of such carnage, THE MONTH BEFORE IN
AUGUST, why not previous before he left his Hotel room
with a television? Outside the Hotel? In the
motorcade? With school staff as you'd figure would have
been present too laughing, no? Instead he stayed as he
had been to give no orders publicly, nor attempt to make
public inqiries, but to listen with such unbelievable
absolute devotion, equating a beautiful child's story,
as if it were Jesus from the heavens himself, speaking
directly on the living Nature of our Universe... Okay,
maybe we won't be able to convict him on that, but, if
that isn't worth enough salt to be considered
newsworthy, how about when bush said he didn't hear of
the towers until he was at the school building, nixing
the recorded comment reported on by John Cochrane of ABC
News with Peter Jennings, that bush made a noise saying
that he was importantly aware of something in NYC to
speak directly on later? Or how about at the memorial,
when he publicly stated it would take two whole hours to
read the names of those he would without thinking,
murder as innocent for Enron he told India and Pakistan
in August similarly, so he would just read the titles of
companies to say Grace, then would press on to more
urgent matters.

"Crime is terribly revealing. Try and vary your methods
as you will, your tastes, your habits, your attitude of
mind, and your soul is revealed by your actions." -

Agatha Christie
March 11, 2002 Too many loose ends... By Barrie Zwicker

... Yet at 6:30 the evening of September 11th NBC
Nightly News, along with many outlets, reported: "It
was after the attack on the Pentagon that the Air Force
then decided to scramble F-16s out of the DC National
Guard Andrews Air Force Base to fly ... a protective
cover over Washington, D.C." ...
quote from U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark in a
public letter to Kofi and company

September 20, 2002

"A military attack on Iraq is obviously criminal;
completely inconsistent with urgent needs of the Peoples
of the United Nations; unjustifiable on any legal or
moral ground; irrational in light of the known facts;
out of proportion to other existing threats of war and
violence; and a dangerous adventure risking continuing
conflict throughout the region and far beyond for years
to come. The most careful analysis must be made as to
why the world is subjected to such threats of violence
by its only superpower, which could so safely and
importantly lead us on the road to peace, and how the UN
can avoid the human tragedy of yet another major assault
on Iraq and the powerful stimulus for retaliatory
terrorism it would create."


(BIG snp)

Get the full text! Amaze your friends! Or find "The
Trial and Conviction of Our Mr. bush Jr." or any of the
other 70 or so papers I've created for free consumption!


Johnny Wizard

HERO - A bushite killer speaks candidly


/ / That is a high act of treason. And it's not,
"oh well, but maybe it's not true.." No, we have
the two documents of question. We have the
positions that were offered to the bush administration
on behalf of American intelligence. [the N.I.E.] That
was their position, the bush administration censored
that, re-wrote CRITICAL sentences. Fixed the intel. \ \

/ / Shouldn't a person have a right to face
their accuser in a court of law, if it's in "our"
name as a community that we're going to collectively
get together and deprive another their rights? their
freedoms? their liberties? \ \

A bushite killer speaks freely


Guilty of Innocence (the antichrist song)




The Final Straw


/ / Someone was asking me, why is that the godly people
of Creation, take such enjoyment out of killing the bushite
enemies? And, I'll tell you what it is... \ \

/ / They have no concern for the neighbor's children,
who have sacrificed their lives in a needless war.,
that only serves the interests of the neocon God haters. \ \

/ / Look at that. You can't even get a single American man,
out of the entire country, to phone Art Bell and have Art
Bell hang up on them. \ \

(Quotes from http://radio.indymedia.org/uploads/true_fight.mp3)

/ / Sattler, as a result of ignoring reason and understanding,
went out and sacrificed all these marines that are now dead. \ \

/ / I see really great things in store, if we can find it within
ourselves to defend the innocent, despite the lies of the bush
cabal. Killing innocent people is wrong. There is no
justification for bombing Iraq, there just isn't. \ \

/ / Demon bush says he's against torture, and the Oregon Military
soldiers tell us, hey, they're torturing children, the bushite
forces in Iraq are. \ \

/ / If you knew your neighbor did that crime, and the police said
that they couldn't arrest him because he was a disciple of the
antichrist, so therefor, WE can't hold him to account as WE do to
the regular civilians... what would you think? \ \


It's the simplest idea. All you gotta do, is get a couple large
buoys, that let's say take maybe a twenty foot square space, maybe
a foot or two thick, and they contain air, made of some strong
plastics. You just take that, anchor it stationary to the ocean
floor, and have it situated on a gear system where, even though the
buoy moves up and down slightly, there is such a tremendous amount
of force on it, through the rising of the tides, that through gear
ratios, you could easily get some turbines going for a thousand
bucks or something. Not a big investment to give you free energy

/ / Do not put any effort into thinking out your own opinions.
Create doubt on anything any true liberator, would try to convey to
you as important for your life. Never mind. Watch your son or
daughter be sacrificed, and just lie to yourself, and tell us all
how your so proud of your dead son or daughter, "because they were
fighting for liberty." And we just got to just keep bullshiting you
because you're an enemy to God. An enemy to true freedom, when you
demand truth not be spoken for the innocent being persecuted, as
Christ was. Where is Christianity in America? Call your Church
now! \ \

Canadian radio broadcast interview with the Wizard




commentary from Johnny


Forbidden Knowledge



The most powerful broadcast ever recorded in the history of Humanity.

American loving George W. Bush HATER
2006-10-04 17:59:19 UTC
Raw Message

"If not for me, do it for Yourself."



/ / According to U.S. intelligence sources, at the end of
June 2001, the FBI intercepted two phone calls from Grossman
in which he told the called parties to "stay away from
Brewster Jennings . [Plame's TP SCRT Cover to nab REAL
terrorist WMD proliferators by using GOOD policing freedom
skills - with logical arguments, warrants, and everything!] .
. they're the government . . . they're nothing but a
cover." One of the calls was to a Pakistani Inter Services
Intelligence (ISI) top agent in Washington. \ \

So, the ISI was warned by the White House clandestinely, in
June 2001, 'some do gooder cops are on the prowl defending our
interests, looking for REAL terrorists who jeopardize
Freedom's cause, so, you'd better watch out for America's will
power, US might get US, and boy, then we'd be in for one big
hell of a surprise!,. eh?. Are you still with me? Hello?
Is someone else on this line? ... Yyyou'll never catch me.'

Marc "Johnny America" Grossman "Any country that doesn't go
along with US will be paying a very heavy price."


Well, my friends, the pro-bush enemy faction seems to be
losing more of US to their demonic con game. America's ENEMY,
George W. Bush has still escaped public condemnation, for
fear America would see itself apparently. Unholy is the
heinous war criminal, America's George W. Bush. PERSONALLY,
responsible personally for 9/11 [Ahmad], Iraq [UNrestrictED
access BEFORE a god's child was needlessly murdered by
mindless bushite cancers for curious George’s (["'secret
Intelligence failures.'"]- unRESTRICTed..!), or, how about,
give'em weapons to kill whomever "dat's what a Jew would do"
Israel, interspersed with officially sanctioning lawless
kidnapping and torture while just saying it's not feeling
anything, denying Humanity, HUMANITY!, a RIGHT.! to a fair
hearing of 'public' condemnation in our Courts of Thee. THEE
!#!# UFk$! DO NOT LET 'them' DO THIS T-O Y-O-U-! When the
demon bush tells US he supports treating all Humanity unfairly
to defend "democracy" by 'trumping' Our troublesome Magna
Charta, or wordy worthless Constitutions, while claiming to be
a believer in Evil while he 'grabs' for absolute power, YOU'D
BETTER Believe you have something more than idle concern, for
REAL. As Life, I am committing to hunt the 'lawless' bushite
terrorists down to teach US all about a real freedom in the
silently dying Universe we share. Suffering unjustly, all
yous EQUALLY dying. I take mostly pity in the DYING JUSTLY
falling bushite, too cowardly to kill IT'S commanders [like
from in the now mostly brain dead Tenth Mountain Division of
Afghanistan, or Saudi Wahabbi Buford Blount's, Third Infantry
of Iraq, or Elvis desecrator AEGIS' godless TRAITORS] who
order it to murder the INNOCENT to thieve from instead as our
enemy. To Forsake god, and freedom for America, by supporting
the escape of the demon antiChrist George W. Bush by it's
cowardly betrayal of speaking no defense for those who
continue becoming more bushite victims. Blind stupid, and
intolerable are the cowardly muttering self destroying
'lawless' bushite murdering rapists and torturers. Enemies of
America, enemies of God and Johnny, and enemies to themselves.
For real. Arrest for Public Trial, George W. Bush AND CO.,
the demonic, thieving enemies of America. And then maybe, we
can move on to something greater with a much needed rest from
all this death and suffering wrought on by YOUR, your personal

Your Forsaken King,

Johnny Wizard

P.S. Please, a child to God begs, phone Winnipeg's CJOB and
ask them if they shall allow US in Manitoba to honestly speak
the facts on why Canadian kids continue to die for their
deliberate treasonous lies as a willful betrayal to our dying
communities. ASK THEM. No? Too much trouble to phone a
1-800 number? Fuck you too then.



/ /Sure we can be counted lucky that only so few Canadians
have died thus far, but when will the sacrifice of Americans,
Afghanis, Iraqis, and soon to be Iranians with the Syrians,
along with more than fifty other countries officially marked
for death by the lawlessly irrational bushite terrorists, be
more than YOUR willing to bare? \ \


/ / The Crown's interpretations of my possessions are not my


The Judge through this whole thing out for the defense without
any consideration offered to OUR COURT!


Since I am representing myself on these particular criminal
matters, Legal Aid is not required to lend assistance on the
grounds that I'm not co-operating with the system as it
operates through professional Barred representations. [I am
eligible for walk in consultations but nothing of the sort of
assistance I am requesting] Considering the complexity of my
judicial matter, I would request legal assistance from the
Court in these following areas. \ \





/ / On the same day that President Bush lectured the United
Nations on democracy and threatened Iran and other countries,
[..] White House and congressional leaders continued their
negotiations over the exact language of new legislation to
legalize torture by the CIA \ \THE SAME DAY!!!

The demon enemy of Creation, Our Mr. bush Jnr., the FOR REAL
antichrist ENEMY of GOD and Johnny, also mentioned with HIS
OWN treasonous WORDs, such action AS HIS would work to destroy
America's soul. And that he'd never do what he did that VERY
SAME DAY.. . under cover! Evil is the deceived disguised.
Support our suffering God, or go to 'paradise' in bushville,
where lawless bushite illiterates will decide your meaning of
dying for it's sadistic pleasures and stolen comforts.

Please, help me gain some recognition man oh man, for, I got a
good plan to get ourselves out of this mess, but, do YOU want
to hear such needed considerations?


/ / So yes, George, Your Highness, please, take your torture
and go. It isn't working. While you're at it, take your
signing statements and all the cute titles for programs that
mean the opposite of what you name them, and give us back our
Constitution and our country. \ \


/ / He said Rumsfeld at one point threatened to fire the next
person who mentioned the need for a postwar plan in Iraq. \ \

/ / The Army's budget this year is $98.2 billion, making
Schoomaker's request a 41% increase over current levels. \ \

Not possible therefore, right? Unless there is some huge
increase in evil bushite lawless impropriety thieving sillily.

/ / This whole idea of putting our hopes and energies into
"leaders" who tell us to seek common ground with fascists and
religious fanatics is proving every day to be a disaster, and
actually serves to demobilize people. \ \



'The applause for Hugo went on and on, so much so, that US,
The People, had to be quieted down..' For fears, pretty soon,
The People would be seen arising against the un-elected war
mongering tyrant.



/ / PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH, 'the DEVIL': We do not condone
torture. I have never ordered torture. I will never order
torture. The values of this country are such that torture is
not a part of our soul and our being. \ \

/ / we can already hear [the antichrist liar demon bush
regime] saying that in order to defeat the terrorists and end
the turmoil, he may again have to [continue to] resort to
death squads, torture, and covert operations. \ \

Aegis is found completely responsible, according to the
Pentagon [see Nick Roberts at CNN with video tapes available
where they proudly DESECRATE ELVIS] for murdering innocent
PEOPLE for 'free' cash from bush's 'America'

Hugo Chaves "What happened in Iraq?, in Lebanon?, in
Palestine? [..] What a capacity to lie!, the empire and
Israel firing on The People! [..] You can wonder if those
People were granted the right to speak what they would say, if
they were given a microphone"

The Demon witch 'no cease fire against the INNOCENT' Condi,
speaking of Hero Hugo addressing Our World,

"The address was not becoming a head of State."


"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in

American soldiers are being terribly mislead by the Bush
administration to undermine freedom for Americans, by
suggesting an effective war strategy is to ignore all the 911
evidence, and go off instead to blindly blame bad Afghans or
badder Iraqis, is an insult to all honorable police services.


/ / The decision to go to war was taken without a indictment
by the US Justice department and corroborating statements by
the FBI to the effect that Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda was
behind the attacks. It was taken without an indictment issued
by the Justice Department.

At eleven o'clock, on the morning of September 11, the Bush
administration had already announced that Al Qaeda was
responsible for the attacks on the World Trade Center (WTC)
and the Pentagon.\ \ While according to Senator Dashle, the
demon bush and chainy were PERSONALLY working to CLOSE
outstanding criminal investigations. DIRECTLY ACCOUNTABLE FOR
OBSTRUCTING Justice. (Not puppets without free will as some
detractors would allege.)



/ / With those personally responsible for making those easily
verifiable faulting surmises with the evidence the Crown holds,
in all likelihood, still blabbering corporately un-accosted, the
completely blind support of indiscriminate mass murder, in
thoughtless praise for war criminal traitor George Bush Jr., their
supreme no nothing about squat leader. \ \


And they say Johnny is crazy..

/ / George Bush needs to be removed from office for being
medically and psychiatrically unfit for office under the 25th
amendment. Then he needs to be tried for war crimes. Only
the profoundly irrational can fail to understand that we as a
culture are now normalizing torture. What a sick and scary
world he has created, and he needs to be removed from office.
NOW. \ \


Latest Johnny Jesus pronouncement against the Cult forces
of the real evil demon antiChrist, Your Mr. bush Jnr.,
don't miss it!



"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in


"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in

American soldiers are being terribly mislead by the Bush
administration to undermine freedom for Americans, by
suggesting an effective war strategy is to ignore all the 911
evidence, and go off instead to blindly blame bad Afghans or
badder Iraqis, is an insult to all honorable police services.


Bush Goes Retro to Avoid Prosecution

/ / Under the Nuremberg standard, Bush is definitely a war
criminal. The US Supreme Court also exposed Bush to war
crime charges under both the US War Crimes Act of 1996
and the Geneva Conventions [...] The fact that retroactive
law is prohibited by the US Constitution adds to Bush's shame.\ \


/ / Even worse than impermissible, any retroactive law
(technically known as ex post facto law) is in direct
violation of the Constitution, Article I, Section 9, and
Paragraph 3 and is illegal.\ \


UNCOVERED: The War On Iraq

This movie is exceptional in respect to what the bushited
forces are blindly doing in Iraq absent true leadership.


Know Thy Enemy - Christs Comedy of Error - Truly amazing audio




http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/761781.html [HAARETZ!]

/ / "What we did was insane and monstrous, we covered entire
towns in cluster bombs," the head of an IDF rocket unit in
Lebanon said regarding the use of cluster bombs and
phosphorous shells during the war.

/ / Quoting his battalion commander, the rocket unit head stated
that the IDF fired around 1,800 cluster bombs, containing over
1.2 million cluster bomblets. \ \

In addition, soldiers in IDF artillery units testified that
the army used phosphorous shells during the war, widely
forbidden by international law. According to their claims,
the vast majority of said explosive ordinance was fired in the
final 10 days of the war. \ \

These crimes demand war crimes trials leading to public executions
of those directly responsible. (Condi, Bush, Rumsfeld, Perez the
Devil, ect.. Remember these children they continue to MURDER, are
innocent, and loved by God and me. Death to the bushite, death to
Our enemies.)


28-Year Career CIA Official Says 9/11 An Inside Job
Highlights missing Pentagon trillions as potential motive


"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in

American soldiers are being terribly mislead by the Bush
administration to undermine freedom for Americans, by
suggesting an effective war strategy is to ignore all the 911
evidence, and go off instead to blindly blame bad Afghans or
badder Iraqis, as an insult to all honorable police services.

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in

Bush undermines freedom for America by not supporting US
following the crimes scene leads at the real 911 murder scene.
Instead, blinded soldiers are being led to undermine the
apprehension of the actual terrorists, by suggesting the
Taliban's demand to bring forward evidence to form Mr. Bush's
conclusions on who is good or evil, is a freedom stand they
don't have the real courage or strength to uphold. So, they
lie to God as enemies of Man; unholy are, the bushite enemy.

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in

Blind soldiers are being made to believe evidence is no longer
a requirement to form someone's guilt for something, a
conclusion on whether someone's good or evil.

Johnny Jesus, "Can't have freedom without justice, sorry."


/ / BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (Sept. 7) - The owner of DataUSA Inc.,
a company that conducted political polls for the campaigns of
President Bush, Sen. Joe Lieberman and other candidates,
pleaded guilty to fraud for making up survey and poll results. \ \

/ / "We challenge this official conspiracy theory and, by God,
we're going to get to the bottom of this." \ \

/ / [...} "one official who called for Israel to respond to
Hezbollah rockets strikes against the strategic port city of
Haifa during the 34-day war by "getting rid of a village in
Lebanon". \ \

/ / "But the United States does not torture. It's against our
laws and it's against our values. I have not authorised it
and I will not authorise it." \ \

This is a terrorist act, no? It says later, 'but dishonorable
CIA 'officers' can forgo all American law as dedicated
disciples of the ungodly REAL ANTICHRIST.

/ / At the NSC meeting held on February 1, 2001, Rumsfeld
disputed Secretary of State Colin Powell's advocacy of
"targeted sanctions." "Sanctions are fine," Rumsfeld said.
"But what we really want to think about is going after
Saddam." \ \

No interest from day one to follow the crimes scene leads to
defend American "freedom".

/ / Should we Americans fail to disassociate ourselves from
the racist, genocidal, warmongering nation of Israel, the
world will be forced to subvert our economy, attack our people
and pray for our demise. We gain nothing from helping Israel
to attack humanity. \ \

/ / Moreover, there were 79,691 ballots cast on Election Day
and, according to the minutes of the Board of Elections, the
unofficial results were certified at 12:40 AM, only 5 hours
and 10 minutes after the polls closed. The “mentally retarded
man” would have had to examine, and clean as needed, four or
five ballots per second, which calls the whole story into
question." \ \

Voids the verdict it does. But what importance does corporate
America hold evidence as a requirement that the
disenfranchised are being denied fair representation?



Coast to Coast



I challenge the Coast to Coast radio network staff on behalf
of America, demanding free open line communications on these,
life and death issues of Americans held in contemptible
silence. Art Bell and George Norry are enemies of American
dying soldiers as a matter of FACT. Art and George are
America's ENEMY. They want to get killed American kids for
the liar neocon, I say f-ck you zionist nazi whores. America,
take back America.


Op-Ed: Rumsfeld Declares War on Us

/ / The "who" Rumsfeld is talking about is himself.

Rumsfeld is the "who" that is right, and everyone who disagrees
is not only wrong, but a danger to freedom. \ \


Blanket Immunity from War Crimes
When Criticism of Cluster Bombs is "Anti-Semitic"

What is a war crime among ungodly nazi enemies anyway right?


- Statement by the Patriarch and Local Heads of Churches In Jerusalem


/ / "What does the Lord require of you, to act justly, to love
mercy, and to walk humbly with your God." (Micah 6:8)

This is where we take our stand. We stand for justice. We
can do no other. Justice alone guarantees a peace that will
lead to reconciliation with a life of security and prosperity
for all the peoples of our Land. By standing on the side of
justice, we open ourselves to the work of peace - and working
for peace makes us children of God. \ \

See?, they got some Lord fellowed in the Book too. Violets
are blue.



/ / Supreme Jurisprudent Khamenei's pledge of no first strike
against any country by Iran with any kind of weapon, and his
condemnation of nuclear bombs as un-Islamic and impossible for
Iran to possess or use, was completely ignored by the Western
press and is never referred to. \ \

See?, forces for the bushite necon peenackers, don't want
Justice for Peace because as the cowardly treasonous, they
mindlessly pronounce the assisting in the escape of the
bushmob for the crimes of 911 - by war mongering our Humanity
for irrational sacrifice. Unholy are the bushite enemy.

/ / Stars and Stripes reported that as Ford's tank left the
area, US Army Captain Michael Bajema "ordered another three
rounds fired from his own tank, gutting the structure".

"There's a psychological effect of going into an area the
enemy owns [residential buildings] and causing so much damage.
I think that will pay dividends", Bajema was quoted as saying. \ \

Yeah, kill a bushite, to save the lives and property of our
innocent selves. This Bajema guy seriously needs to be
arrested, tried, and executed for treason. It confesses that
murdering innocent people in residential communities will pay
dividends in more dead Marines. Who really cares right? EVIL
is Dumber than dumb.


Israel Condemns Israel


Millions of land mine cluster duds ungodly Israel has thrown
into 170 towns of Lebanon to murder innocent children with for
decades. Along with radio-active toxic waste that will suffer
G-d's Humanity indiscriminately for untold generations.
Terrorist Crimes the Israeli State with corporate bushite News
america claimed repeatedly, are worth targeted execution of
themselves for.

Where are the free to love Humans stole to I ask you to join
me in demanding the execution of the bushite zionists
responsible for releasing millions of American made land mine
cluster duds that will murder as TERRORISTS do,
indiscriminately for decades. Perez, the DEVIL, along with
corporate news zionists, hold those crimes deserve immediate
executions with targeted strikes against the purveyors of true
EVILNESS. Please I beg, give G-D mercy. Don't forsake
ourselves. Hunt the zionists by sacrificing a few moments of
your busy day to call Coast to Coast radio hosts for respect
of dying American soldiers lives, and every time those zionist
enemy traitors hang up on YOU for TRUTH TELLING, will be yet
another call for ALL able bodied Americans to rise up against
the murderous enemy traitors for crimes against GOD in
Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, and elsewhere.


Demon bush has funded the rape, torture, and enslavement of
millions of innocent people. Please the Son to God begs,
don't let those responsible escape Freedom's demand, we're all
the good guys from The Book don't you know.

I am angry with American cowardice to face down these bushite
terrorist enemies on our
magic TVs. I am angered with American refusals to support the
protections of our Human species by denying war criminals
further weapons to kill our children with. I am angered with
American corporate news professionals who forbid the support
of Justice's FBI, and their conclusions on who masterminded 911.

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in


/ / "If Hizballah fires Katyushas, we have to deliver a severe
blow to Lebanon's infrastructure, black out Beirut, cut off
electricity, turn off the water, destroy bridges, halt
industry and flatten entire villages. If there is horrible
damage in Lebanon, they will say, 'The Jews are crazy,'"
Yishai explains. \ \

This is EXACTLY what I've been writing on. The zionist god
haters, want Humanity to blame the unrepresented Jew for their
treasons against God, their betrayal to Life.



/ / Would not allegations of murder substantiated without
evidence, be false? And would not therefore, the slaughter of
innocents, blamed for terrorism without a shred of evidence
being known universally, be acts of mass murder committed
against US interests? Or for the true believers, terrorism
inflicted against G-d? (And, is this not why defining
"Terrorism" was forbidden in the recent "Terrorism" conference
in Saudi Arabia?) \ \


/ / The bushites are sorrily, simply not qualified under the
dire circumstances they've assaulted ourselves into for mugger
war profitizing, as leading US to be dying undefended while
failing miserably on my behalf to demand Justice as freedom is
truly. \ \


/ / Many Palestinians are arrested arbitrarily. For example,
from February to March 2002, approximately 8,500 Palestinians
were arrested arbitrarily. In many cities, all Palestinian
males from the ages of 15 to 45 were rounded up and detained
or imprisoned. Palestinians were blindfolded, handcuffed
tightly with plastic handcuffs and forced to squat, sit or
kneel for prolonged periods of time. Mass arrests and
detention of this type have been condemned by Amnesty
International as a breach of human rights. \ \

/ / What can the bushites do now in Iraq, that they couldn't
do before the needless murder of untold thousands upon
thousands of innocent people with loving families? Before
dumping thousands of tons of radio-active toxic waste as
enemies of God's children? Only to rob, maim, and destroy
God's great work through Love. We had complete unrestricted
access throughout Iraq, and Saddam was offering the national
media for bush to pontificate, while not refusing dialog for
any suggestions. \ \




ATTENTION: All American Patriot Warriors


/ / Nazi zionists don't provide evidence, because we all know
they're thieves and liars as the primary function of their
illegitimate existence. \ \


/ / "It would be ... accurate to say Israel has never been
required to repay a U.S. government loan. The truth of the

matter is complex, and designed to be so by those who seek to
conceal it from the U.S. taxpayer," writes Richard H.
Curtiss, [...] But the so-called Cranston Amendment, which has
been attached by Congress to every foreign aid appropriation
since 1983, provides that economic aid to Israel will never
dip below the amount Israel is required to pay on its
outstanding loans. In short, whether U.S. aid is extended as
grants or loans to Israel, it never returns to the Treasury." \ \

Did you know that many people in Israel, live in abject squalor?
I've seen people needing to live in what could only be described
as a garbage dump because the BILLIONIARE Zionist American welfare
takers, don't think they should be provided help. And 'giving'
Jews in Israel, are extremely hard to come by. For who would
willing intend to suffer others as an enemy to life and G-d?
WEll, the tyrannies of zionist Israel would without apology.
And so, where are the voices of Jews in Israel demanding
fair treatment of the innocent?, the ungodly 'State' steals
from? We are all Jewish victims then therefor.


ATTENTION: All admirable soldiers and police officers

The demon antichrist enemy of GOD rushed illegal wmds to
Israel to bomb cars and apartment buildings among other war
crimes. KNOWINGLY. Now, today, the demon has determined that
American tax payers will dole out the tax money to rebuild
what was destroyed only weeks ago. Hundreds of millions
of dollars given to the likes of a Halliburton? So, why do
Americans let this demon war criminal get away with murdering
so many innocents like themselves left forsaken? Support US
TODAY you idiots.

Again, I will remind all admirable soldiers and police
officers: CNN, CBC, and FOXNews has forbidden our truths to
be broadcast in support of Justice for ourselves. WTC7.
Zionist corporate medias are deliberately working to mislead
our kids to have them willingly sacrifice their lives in
further blind support of the real terrorists that committed
the crimes of 911. As according to the FBI.

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in


Israeli Soldiers "Shoot to Kill" at Israeli Anti-war Demonstrators

This "bilin.wmv" video from Mishtara.org depicts true nazi
grunts, enemies of the Jew, indiscriminately shooting our
family in the town of Bil’in. We need American Jews to assist
Johnny in hunting each and every IDF soldier visible, so to be
brought to Justice for war crimes against our Humanity, then,
gloriously executed for the love of God. The routine inhuman
callousness expressed by the IDF, witnessed for the World of a
complete void in human empathy for the innocent they victimize
like the nazi SS did, expresses these ungodly Israeli goon
enemies truly worth gassing. Enemies of the Human race.
Enemies of all religious faiths. Enemies to the King of Jew.
When the world learns of the criminality of theiver Israel,
will be the day, that soldiers of the world together will
demand, a freedom for all Peoples found through just causes,
not dying victim for the liar, nazi zionist enemy forces who
claim we, the Public, don't deserve evidence to form their
ungodly criminal conclusions. What would an atheist "Jew" be
doing living in Israel, but to openly except itself, as a
criminal betrayer to all alike?

America's national radio program, "Coast to Coast", had yet
another, atheist, pro-bush guest to spew their hatred for the
human species on recently, and the neocon zionist said that he
was an atheist, pro-Israeli who supports stealing Christian
land unjustly as a thief to , all because he was born with
Jewish features. [The nose he told was a dead give away.]
Again, zionists are not Jews, but enemies to all of life
itself, enemies of a freedom they can't comprehend for their
contempt of our Humanity is rightly their unjust condemnations
against we, YOU god means. False accusers. NOT JEWS. NOT
JESUS. They, Nazi WAr Criming Israelis state, 'we were all
secretly vying to destroy the criminality of nazi Israeli
occupation', therefore 'they're' justified in indiscriminately
murdering anyone. The censoring corporate news zionist nazi
is an ENEMY of freedom to be America, and fighting it, is to
love yourself as worth something.

All you got to insist is in having our measured thoughts
heard, but realize, CNN, CBC, and FOXNews won't acknowledge
that we're listening for our betterments. They refuse to read
our emails, take our calls, or acknowledge what is widely

Example 1:

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in

Example 2:

Nazi Israel, as per-usual, dishonorably failed to live up to
their word in respect for our lives. Alleging Hezbollah’s
violation of the agreement on cease-fire, that they broke, was
someone else's fault. While, TYPICALLY not providing one
shred of evidence for their baseless allegation. Which does
not prove their claim outright false, it just leaves US
unsubstantiated as worthy of convictions in our beliefs on
fairness for all parties. But the corporate media refuses to
hold our rights in respect. Against war crime behaviors like

in Qana, or when the bush regime war crime party sent more
American paid for weapons to kill innocent people with. Mass
murder these nazi enemies are responsible for don't you know
who you are my friend? Where is the evidence Nazi Israeli
enemies pronounce against YOU as the innocent victim censored
then over and over? Christ wishes to defend US by killing you
un-arrested MURDERING zionist nazi demon liars.

How can a "High Court" conclude in Israel to absolve itself of
all responsibility to do the right thing?, the just thing? It
should be realized this following article is printed in
Israel's largest national newspaper, and the writer sees no
reason to respect yourself enough to query further with the
demanding questions. Why? Because real Jews know the actions
of a zionist thief are criminal, it's just the Humans don't
get easy ready access to the, they'll fire anywho, national
zionist media reducers. (I'm the Son of Man and I!, can't
even get a fair shake.)

/ / At Tuesday's High Court debate, the state said it had no
objection to extending the construction ban, but said it was
opposed to razing the illegal structures that had already been
completed or were near completion. The state also said it saw
no cause to evict individuals who had already moved into their
apartments. \ \

/ / the council's legal advisor warns the council engineer that
entrepreneurs are constructing "entire buildings without permits,
with your full knowledge and in total disregard for planning
process and the law." \ \

This building was done on stolen grounds, admitted even by the
Nazi State's own legal council. A lawyer claimed, the mayor
of Bil'in, sold him 60% of the town, so he's perfectly within
his rights to rip off as many jews as possible. [hundreds of
millions in total it is said the pro-bush zionist scored from
the stupider '"Jews"'] Never considered in judgment that the
mayor never did such a thing, or could, for land is managed
collectively owned by the communities, so nothing short of
widely deliberated - publicly - with an honest paper ballot
voting process would be the least first step to make such
things really happen with community consultations. But not
from the EVIL foreign land of Nazi Israel with their UNGODLY
zionist judges. No, the "Judge" has let the American welfare
recipient land squatters, take up possession until America
pays them, a 100 or two thousand dollars to re-vacate to
someplace else’s, while the "Judge" works it out for sometime
later by sending in IDF nazi grunts now to fight back the
unarmed godly freedom believers with real bullets from Satan.
Enemies to God, enemies to Humanity. Let's put Ourselves in
Power, then send the real Marines in there to take these
lawless UNGODLY bushite nazi savages OUT!~.

I challenge the Coast to Coast radio network staff on behalf
of America, demanding free open line communications on these,
life and death issues of Americans held in contemptible
silence. Art Bell and George Norry are enemies of American
dying soldiers matter of FACTLY. Art and George are
America's ENEMY. They want to get killed American kids, I say
fuck you zionist nazi whores. America, take back America.


/ / Since then, the idea that any of the victims were
insurgents has been challenged, both by Iraqi survivors and by
some American military officials familiar with the case,
noting that the victims included 10 women and children and an
elderly man in a wheelchair. \ \

Bush bitch enemy forces, child killing women haters, are still
mouthing off to humanity about their complete guilt regarding
the war crime accusation that is firmly established by their
own ungodly confessions, and yet, somehow, not yet PROUDLY
executed by an American Patriot law giver. Get to it brother.
To kill a 'lawless' bushite, is to save the lives of innocent
people they openly target for murder as Our enemies. Death to
the bushite, death to America's TREASONOUS enemies who war
America to assist in the escape of the bushmob for 911.

/ / Riyad Awad, director of the Gaza-based Health Information
Centre, the killings of Palestinians is becoming a "macabre
daily routine". "Not a day passes without the Israeli army
killing an average of five or six Palestinians, mostly
children and women and other innocent civilians. Israel feels
the world is giving it a mandate to kill and maim at will," he
said. \ \

But, but, but.. CNN, CBC, and FOXNews never said so though.

/ / Yet a secret list compiled by the Lebanese authorities, and
leaked to the Lebanese newspaper al-Safir, has revealed the
names of 67 men known to have been kidnapped by Israel and its
allies during 18 years of occupation. Thousands of others are
missing. \ \ Along with more than ten thousand innocent Palestinians.

But, but, but.. CNN, CBC, and FOXNews never said so though.

/ / How South African hit men, Serbian paramilitaries, and other
human rights violators became guns for hire for military
contractors \ \

But, but, but.. CNN, CBC, and FOXNews never said so though.




"Don't turn you back and look the other way. Shoot a wolf in the
chicken coop today!"


Losing its morals and marbles: Israel's fight in Lebanon - Losing


The De-Zionization of the American Mind

/ / One is that God gave that land to the Jews, and the other is the
The first one is deeply insulting to people who are profoundly
religious, \ \





/ / Israeli activists with International Solidarity Movement (ISM)
have uploaded a video of the shooting of Lymor and the initial
violence of the Israeli military in Bil'in on Friday, August
11th \ \

These demon zionist nazis are not Human! To think zionists
would proclaim these American made monsters were god loving
Jews! Let US, as the Humans, hunt each and every zionist
visible in this video down for prosecution. Do it for Christ,
do it for Love, do it for God and Family. Death to the bushite,
death to the enemies of our Humanity.


/ / Think: Any real man would kill an enemy bushite to save
the lives of the innocent they admittingly target for plunder
to please the neo-con God haters. \ \

/ / 11.00 - an hour before Dan Halutz decides to sell his stocks,
an IDF tank drives over a large explosive. Two hours after
the start of the event, a second major tragic event is taking
place. A Merkava II tank with its crew of four drives over a
very powerful explosive just 70 meters north of the border.
The lethal explosive is estimated around 200-300 kg. The four
soldiers are declared missing in action. 12.00 - the IDF
Chief of Staff, sells his stocks. \ \

Halutz is not Jewish! Would a Jew kill a Jew for financial
gains? A neocon zionist, sure, a bushite American cop killer,
well of course, but not a REAL Jew. No-way.


/ / (Beirut, August 16, 2006) - Massive amounts of unexploded
ordnance (UXO) resulting from 33 days of heavy fighting in
Lebanon threaten civilian life and limb, Human Rights Watch
said today \ \

What is a war crime?, and is it possible that a war crime
could be committed by an American funded nazi zionist neocon
God hater right in front of everyone as some kind of ungodly
dare - that Americans are too weak to defend themselves from
lawless tyranny? Oh really.?


/ / Ramon added, "In order to prevent casualties among Israeli
soldiers battling Hezbollah militants in southern Lebanon,
villages[/ers] should be flattened by the Israeli air force before
ground troops move in." \ \

Demon Ramon MUST by executed by the Jews as a nazi war criminal.



/ / In addition to antiquities, the Israelis went so far as to
"steal fertile Lebanese soil and transport it to settlements
in northern Israel," a brazen act investigated by UNIFIL's
leadership. "Israel has admitted the removing of Lebanese
fertile soil from some areas inside the occupied border strip
of South Lebanon to settlements in the occupied Galilee," \ \




/ / Islamabad neglected to blacklist Jamaat-Ud-Dawa (JUD) or
freeze its assets, allowing the al-Qaida front to continue to
operate legally inside Pakistan's borders. Authorities have
traced money for the British sky terror operation back to the
JUD charity.

Sources say Scotland Yard is furious that terror-war partner
Islamabad failed to dismantle the Pakistan-based terror
infrastructure that supported the London bombings. \ \


Israel comes to America: ADL-TRAINED LOCAL POLICE

/ / "I was harassed, beaten, and shocked with a Tazer-like gun
in my front yard before my wife and children, and then abused
for 6 hours by the ADL-trained local police," explains
American Free Press journalist and Republic Broadcast Network
talk show host Christopher Bollyn on the RBN website. \ \

This is what America will further go to, if YOU, PERSONALLY,
make no effort to defend ourselves from zionist tyranny. Justice
for God, Justice for Johnny, Justice for America - SoldieRS:
let's now get the bushmob for 911 - please. Or, die as cowards,
we'll decide.


/ / It would be great disservice to millions of those who raised
their voices against the war to punish Ehren. He symbolizes
the conscience of majority of our humanity. A guilty verdict
would be immoral and unnecessary. No justice would be served
by sacrificing one more innocent human being at the altar of
War Party. \ \

Do not let the bushite enemy forces deny such a brave patriot
warrior his cherished freedom and beliefs in a great America.

/ / Carter: I don't think that Israel has any legal or moral
justification for their massive bombing of the entire nation
of Lebanon. What happened is that Israel is holding
almost 10,000 prisoners, so when the militants in Lebanon
or in Gaza take one or two soldiers, Israel looks upon this
as a justification for an attack on the civilian population of
Lebanon and Gaza. I do not think that's justified, no. \ \


Bombed Ambulance driver miraculously survives to tell humanity
about the secret aims of the nazi imperialists.

/ / Shaulan, who has worked with the Red Cross for 13 years,
is also training manager at the headquarters. He said that
minutes after his ambulance was bombed, another ambulance
nearby that was collecting injured people was
also bombed. \ \

/ / The articles goes on to describe how Israel, as part of this
agreement, initiated a series of low-key attacks in Gaza and
Lebanon to provoke reactions from Hezbollah and Hamas. \ \

/ / Israel's assault on Lebanon was planned before Hezbollah
attacked and was aimed at driving a wedge between the
different faiths in the country, a delegation from the World
Council of Churches says. \ \

/ /when Bin Laden was in Sudan, and the government there wanted
to turn him over to the US, Madeleine Albright argued that the
US could not take him, since there was no criminal indictment
against him. \ \ No evidence for anything she meant.


/ / First of all, not all terrorists are muslim. Second, Islam is
a religion, not a race. Anyone of any race can choose to
follow Islam and to commit Islamic Jihad. Let's not make the
situation worse by pointing fingers at the color of someone's
skin. \ \







Church body condemns Israel

/ / "We came back from Lebanon sharing the impression that this
destruction was planned. And if the action by Hezbollah was
the trigger, this was a planned operation all ready to go,"\ \


A Real One of All Things


/ / The corporate news media is force feeding the notion that
Pakistan's ISI helped prevent the terrorist bombings of U.S.
aircraft. In fact, as our sources have confirmed, ISI
supported the very groups that are said to be behind the
plot[...] \ \

Others too have come out with this, 'it looks like this last
big terrorism bust, was actually a real one of all things’.
It's too sloppy with the blatant ISI-Qaeda-ISI hanging all
over it. The bushmob might actually go down on this one, if
more evidence should arise linking the let escape ISI from 911
to carry on, with yet another attempt at murdering undefended
Americans left dying forsaken.

Give finally, Justice for Johnny and the nine-eleven victims


/ / Here's our proposed "new normal": [...] 3. An
International Criminal Court trial in The Hague with indicted
George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and
all their neo-con advisers and facilitators in the docket. \ \

We also need a massive overhaul in Our news channel
prioritizing, including to add censorship free, open line
public communications. Done to gain value in learning from
the art of conversations. We need still to appreciate the
values of a free society where Justice is above all, the
measure of our success to communicate openly. It's like we,
the TV'ed People, aren't even alive enough to care we're
treating ourselves unjustly; by the rich TV peepals having no
reflecting concern, about what you or me with the poor dead
soldiers truly think about further dying victims enslaved by
the intellect of the demon antichrist, Our Mr. bush Jr.. I
demand CNN, CBC, and FOXNews explain themselves on why they
have forbidden America's Sons and Daughters to learn from the
FBI: Ahmad funded 911's Atta. Why do they not care for US
soldiers suffering losses to life I ask you seriously? People
are actually really dying for the bushmob’s lies. While we’re
told we’re doubtful on forming any conclusive conclusion about
definitely supporting evidence to form our decisions about
something so serious as waging war on the backs of the who
cares dying poor. Bastards. Ozzy rules.


Fatal Strikes:
Israel’s Indiscriminate Attacks Against Civilians in Lebanon



I'd like to nominate DemocracyNow.org for some kind of award
regarding this news broadcast. Only one of many others, that
provide us a dedicated production to values in respect for
ourselves, the interested party.

Democracy Now


Human Rights Watch has fully documented crimes against Christ
by Nazi Israel. IDF Nazi commanders must be arrested, tried,
then executed for their war crimes against our Humanity.

They, the Zionist pirates of Israel, the nazi antiJew enemies
of God's Creation, have targeted the innocent Peoples of
Lebanon with willful indiscriminate attacks using land mine
cluster duds, and hundreds of tons of radio-active toxic waste
that will suffer our Humanity with cancers in the region for
millions of years. Please, I beg, I plead you to support my
calls for Justice regarding the antiJew bushite losers. The
criminal actions of the Pentagon's re-arming of the zionist
neocons, are crimes against us, the Peoples of the Jew, and I
demand a voice for our grievances. Now.

A Just cause can be achieved where it is practiced. Join me
in joining others to this masquerade of wonders, and then
let's get the work that needs to be done to make ourselves
better. We need a coast to coast radio broadcast where we can
talk directly on what needs to be done to end the stupid man
wars, and also, assist in the direction of making the arrests
of those responsible for the terrorist crime cover ups of 911,
and other things outstanding. Just do it.


ISRAELI Labor MK: Stop fighting at once


/ / "I don't want to get into it," he said. "Don't drag me
into the political battlefield. There were pressures applied
via the media. Writers, and I don't know who sent them or who
gave them the moral authority to push the fighting, said that
Hizbullah must be defeated. First of all, Hizbullah won't be
defeated, and second, it can't be done in three days," said
Yatom, who served as head of the Mossad in the past. \ \




Largest US Church says Bush behind 9/11


A Just God

Again, it's the most wicked evil I've ever heard of. "These
kind of situations are completely untrue." And yet, no they're
not. They just say that, and expect YOU to fall into doubt.

A Real One of All Things - Terrorism by the Bush Administration




Again, I will remind all admirable soldiers and police officers:
CNN, CBC, and FOXNews has forbidden our truths to be broadcast
in support of Justice for ourselves. WTC7. Zionist corporate medias
are deliberately working to mislead our kids to have them willingly
sacrifice their lives in further support of the real terrorists
that committed the crimes of 911.


IDF Nazi general: Troops lacking food can steal from Lebanese stores





/ / This has led to fiery rhetoric on the part of Hezbollah and
its supporters, which has been exploited by Israel and the
United States to paint Hezbollah as an organization dedicated
to the destruction of Israel. Nothing could be further from
the truth. Hezbollah has stated that its goals are the
removal of all Israeli forces from Lebanon, the Golan Heights
and the return of Palestinian refugees to Palestine.
Hezbollah also continues to demand the release of Lebanese and
Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails, some of whom have
been imprisoned for nearly 20 years. It was the prisoner
issue that led to the most recent outbreak of violence between
Israel and Hezbollah. \ \


/ / Events since escalated into a mass conflagration when
Hezbollah resistance fighters captured (again, not
"kidnapped") two IDF soldiers who apparently illegally crossed
the UN-monitored "blue line" into Lebanon as they've routinely
done almost daily after withdrawing from the country in May,
2000. \ \


/ / But the whole of Isaiah 58 is a reminder that God requires
charitability and respect for all people, especially the less
fortunate. It is clear that the State of Israel is not the
same as the spiritual Kingdom of Israel promised to believers
regardless of their ethnic background. \ \

Four short clips of things Americans never see on TV

/ / It wasn't and someone with courage ran it on TV - in Israel.
Then, thanks to Canada, it was aired in North America. You
will never see it on a US network \ \

/ / Shortly after 9/11, Odigo was taken over by Comverse
Technology, another Israeli company. Within a year, five
executives from Comverse were reported to have profited by
more than $267 million from "insider trading." \ \

Shelters for Jews, None for Israel's Arab Citizens

/ / ..the well-known Israeli historian Benny Morris acknowledged in
a 2004 interview with the Israeli daily Haaretz, "A Jewish
state would not have come into being without the uprooting of
700,000 Palestinians. Therefore, it was necessary to uproot
them. There was no choice but to expel that population. It
was necessary to cleanse the hinterland and cleanse the border
areas and cleanse the main roads." \ \

Cleanse Humanity of our Humanity for the ungodly zionist
anti-Jew Love hater.

/ / obtained by The Nation, reveals that Blackwater included
profit in its overhead and its total costs, which would result
"not only in a duplication of profit but a pyramiding of
profit since in effect Blackwater is applying profit to
profit." The audit also found that the company tried to
inflate its profits by representing different Blackwater
divisions as wholly separate companies. \ \

/ / Cluster bombs, incidentally, are only illegal when used
against civilians, not against military targets. And since
Israel has declared that there are no civilians in southern
Lebanon anymore, the problem is solved. \ \


911 war criminal Condoleezza Rice 'no cease-fire against the innocent'

Reason to rid Condoleezza Rice for our decision making process.

/ / "We are very afraid from all the bombings," said Ramadan,
a 12-year-old boy in the park. "I hope they stop. This is all we
want now." \ \

/ / "We left our house because they are bombing everything in
the civilian neighborhoods," she told IPS. "They are killing
all our children. What human would ever do this kind of
thing?" \ \

911 war criminal Condoleezza Rice 'no cease-fire against the innocent'


George Galloway Blasts Sky News as a Pro Zionist Media Outlet.


/ / Al-Mash'hadani accused the American forces of standing behind
terrorist attacks in Iraq, saying: "The occupation is the first
and last cause of the problem, it has overthrown the [former]
regime without a plan, it has suppressed the state with no
reason, it has led to the resistance and it has infiltrated
it, it has brought Al-Qaeda to Iraq..." After approving the
statement that "American occupation troops stand behind some
of the terrorist attacks," he described today's Iraq as
"Americastan." \ \


Bush said. "Millions of Lebanese civilians have been caught in
the [indiscriminate] crossfire of military operations because of
the unprovoked attack and kidnappings by Hezbollah."

It is Israel who instigated this war with lawlessness, and keeps
it going by refusing cease-fire, to murder the godly and innocent
as enemies of God's Creation.


Israeli children sending gifts of hatred

I beg armed American men, to hunt religiously ungodly zionist
bushite nazi vermins to save the lives of our precious loved ones.


They go, "Yah, but we were elected.", yah, but you didn't tell
us you were going to be a traitor when you took office.


/ / ``Defense officials told the Post last week that they were
receiving indications from the US that [bushite] America would
be interested in seeing [Nazi] Israel attack [Syria] Syria,''
the newspaper reported. [for some whatever never tried
negotiation 'unattainable'.] \ \




Hizbullah “is not anti-Jewish. I repeat, they are not anti-Jewish.”



On The Zionist Israeli Nazi Liar

No democracy or religion is going to vote in rights inferior
to the supreme nazi zionist enemy. A "Jewish State" is a
State where all GODLY people are treated equally with respect
and honor. As according to Hillel. That is not the practiced
tyrannies of the zionist Israeli liar, therefore Israel is not
a Jewish State. John has spoken in our own image, while
Israel continues to victimize the innocent unjustly.

Enemy of the Jew Israel, demon liars who kidnapped innocent
people prior to beginning these most recent ISRAELI war crimes
against Humanity in Lebanon, has repeatedly committed UNGODLY
acts of first degree murder by TERRORISM. In Qana, we say,
they have footage, shot from GROUND LEVEL at about 356 yards
from the event, that someone unknown shot from that sovereign
area somewhere a rocket at sometime, nowhere near where they
admit deliberately hitting our children with bombs. So?
Demon enemy zionists say, Hezbollah is present in Lebanon as a
proven liberating force that brought about true democracy,
while opening schools and hospitals that served everyone
equally. So? Death to the zionist nazi Jew haters for
killing OUR God's LOVED children with their blatant DEMON
LIES. The twenty plus Syrian farmers that zionists say were
top secretly weapons dealers worthy of first degree murder, we
say, G-d says, zionist LIARS are enemies to Freedom and
America. Now, antiGod Israel is bombing dense residential
districts without even bothering to warn anyone, while
barbarically, trumpeting unchallenged on CNN, CBC, and FOXnews
on how despicable their terrorists acts are of indiscriminate
warfare AGAINST HUMANITY. CHALLENGE to ANY corporate amerikan
zionist nazi celeb, who states those crimes don't deserve war
crime trials followed by the RIGHTFUL public executions of OUR
ungodly enemies. Death to the bushite, death to the enemies
of Jewery. FOXNews is clearly to all, an enemy of America.
FOXNews looks to deceive "Marines" who don't have the
intellect to defend America from 911's bushmob. Ask the
"lawless" demon enemies of Creation what is a crime anyway?
Targeting cars?, apartment buildings?, power plants? ASK
THEM! Look, what good are U.N. forces if they're not
prepared to defend the innocent of Lebanon? Nazi zionists
don't provide evidence, because we all know they're thieves
and liars as the primary function of their illegitimate
existence. When the multinational forces come in, are they
going to hunt down the ungodly purveyors of injustice and
lawlessness? We can only hope the King of the Jews, Johnny
Wizard rules - forever and always, Right?

Trial for Treason to Sean Hannity for alleging HIS lie again,
that Iran states the Holocaust never happened.

FOXNews "We read all your email."
(realize this con.)


/ / But who talks of the Israeli abduction of a Palestinian
doctor and his brother from Gaza that led to the eventual
capture of these soldiers? Who even bothers to mention the
fact that 10,000 Palestinian prisoners languish in Israeli
jails? \ \

The UN resolution doesn't contain wording to include the
kidnapped innocent People ungodly Israel holds captive, for
Bolton's UN, doesn't want to the truth to come out that
Israel's attack against God was/is completely unjustified.
This didn't start with the capturing of criminal IDF
antiJews on lebanon soil, it started when Israel victimized
the innocent to steal or torture from US as the ungodly.
A free democacy doesn't vote to victimize themselves as the
enemy. Zionist nazi holocaust deniers do though as enemies of
the Jewish State of Israel To-day.


/ / Look, CNN, CBC, and FOXNews KNOWS the bushmob did 911,
[VIDEO of WTC7 is forbidden on all OUR corporate news
broadcasts] and will smile to us ALL while lying to American
Soldiers who die cowardly as teenage dumfuks for the satanic
neocon LIAR enemies of God. \ \

American Commanding General Casey has pronounced that American
Marines are now on the hunt for those who run death squads in
Iraq. Aegis. P2OG. Aegis is remember, a rumsfeld favorite
to, down and around through destabilizing the region, death
squad American Marines too for huge financial profit at their
made purposefully costly failures, paid for by Foxnewzed
American citizens who rightly, just don't know any better
about the murderous war profiteering tactic of truly demonic
enemy savages. Hoar-yah. Death to the bushite, death to our


/ / So do some others: Iraq is slipping towards a civil war
which could see the division of the country, Britain's
outgoing ambassador in Baghdad has warned the government. \ \

Poppycock. The terrorist attacks are almost always done
indiscriminately in support of the enemy bushmob continuing.
Killing Marines. Oh well, who really cares anyway, right?
They killed more of US, than they of them.

/ / Trust me please. CNN, CBC, and FOXNews corporate
managements know, bush and the neocons did 911, but as the
contemptibly ungodly, it's only YOUR LIFE they are willing to
sadistically sacrifice for more criminal ill gotten gains as
the TRULY Satanic. \ \


911 Bush "We must bring Justice to those who would attack US."

/ / “Everyone in southern Lebanon is a terrorist and is
connected to Hezbollah,” roared Israeli Justice Minister Haim
Ramon on July 27. \ \

No, Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon is a nazi war
criminal, who will be tried for execution publicly by US, the
Kings and Queens of Jewishness. Makes you think what other
crimes against G-D zionist nazi Haim Ramon is a part of in the
UNJUST cover ups eh?

No democracy or religion is going to vote in rights inferior
to the supreme nazi zionist enemy. A "Jewish State" is a
State where all GODLY people are treated equally with respect
and honor. As according to Hillel. That is not the practiced
tyrannies of the zionist Israeli liar, therefore Israel is not
a Jewish State. John has spoken in our own image, while
Israel continues to victimize the innocent unjustly.


A enemy bushite terrorist threatens to kill a waking American Patriot

/ / One of them, a Sgt. Raymond Girouard, has been accused by
Private First Class Bradley Mason of threatening him before he
testified about the May 9 incident: "If you say anything,
I'll kill you." \ \

Easily kill the ENEMY bushite instead my brave American
Patriot Brothers. Do it for America, God and Christ as Love
is worth defending. Rapists and torturers will not be
classified "lawless" by the ungodly bush regime of rapists and



/ / "There were no questions posed to him about communication
problems between police and firefighters in the towers, or why
New York City had its emergency response command center in
World Trade Center 7 after the complex had been the target of
the 1993 terrorist attack," they wrote. \ \

The Emergency Response Command Center in WTC7? Don't let
these enemies of America escape the wrath of the American
Patriot MEDIA Warrior, the TRUE, the JUST, AND THE FREE. How
can not someone there then, be made aware that explosives are
being set throughout the bushite building of emergent
questions on commanding, could be secretly coming, terrorist
response times? blink.. blink. How much longer must we
wait, while rumsfeld sends more Americans out to die further
running Johnny's America from 911 as cowards? I am braver
than brave, and stronger than strong. I've been called allot
of things, but cowardly like bushite amerka goes, is a path I
will not tread willingly into bushite slavedum. It is Justice
I lay claim to defend, my rights to not be denied Freedom for
this shared world, as a gift worth everything I am as a living
righteous human being. Corporate America might go willingly
to except no Justice for themselves regarding 911, but I won't
ever. For, that wouldn't be just cowardly treasonous, as
ungodly behavior, but what could also be, dead to themselves
for not loving Creation as freedom is our Humanity. You can
hate me, but to hate working for Justice in a dying world, is
a dead end road leading further into a lawless tyranny of
losers losing. Being cheated further down to watching for
corporate news America to die again some 'other' unknown
unjustly, not spoken for as a real person who was truly cared
for. Then it's over.

Be a winner! Talk to Winnipeg!! Bravo!!!

The 911 terrorists must be arrested to save ourselves from
misery. American pleads for Justice fall on deaf ears
censored by our fascistic national media channels because
'they', 20 or 30 guys, claim we're not at all listening to
what they haven't officially allowed considerable for our
important life and death decision broadcasts - involving US
surviving with their refusals to live up to Our expectations.

Freedom is Justice.


/ / Gillerman, at a pro-Israel rally in New York, thundered,
“To those countries who claim that we are using
disproportionate force, I have only this to say: You’re damn
right we are.” \ \

God, my friends, please support our calls for justice against
the true 911 perpetrators.

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in

David Katz on ENEMY FOXNews "" - fk, what kind of America is
this expert proclaiming? He states Hezbollah deals heroin and
Ollie North's cocaine, then the next breath states, they make
flawless counterfeit Ameummrican currency also! While never
to tell, P2OG Rumsfeld OPENLY funds fundamentalist northern
alliance heroin pushing women haters, who arm the illiterates
without apology, real terrorist groups like Aegis who work to
get KILLED AMERICAN MARINES, so rumsfeld's peenacker forces
can continue to pocket near ten billion dollars a month
zionist "free", STOLEN from undefended American tax payers
who, without thought, sacrifice their own lives to the glories
of antichrist liar, George 'we don't need any evidence' Bush,
their un-elected commander of thieves in disguise, robbing
them blind, and stupider than the true Fates will allow
without counter charges in kind. G.W., were'a coming for yah,
you shouldn'a done what you did back there on 911 with your
partner, General Ahmad.


The Case for Boycotting Israel
Boycott Now!


/ / All those notions and prejudices, long confounding
international action, must now be set aside. The raw logic of
Israel's distorted self-image and racist doctrines is
expressed beyond confusion by the now-stark reality: the
moonscape rubble of once-lovely Lebanese villages; a million
desperate people trying to survive Israeli aerial attacks as
they carry children and wheel disabled grandparents down
cratered roads; the limp bodies of children pulled from the
dusty basements of crushed buildings. This is the reality of
Israel's national doctrine, the direct outcome of its racist
worldview. It is endangering everyone, and it must stop. \ \


/ / All those others who had foolishly heeded Israeli warnings
to evacuate and then were deliberately murdered as they fled?
Perhaps they should have been more considerate and departed in
an ambulance so that the big red cross on top would have made
it easier for the Israeli fighter pilots to spot and hit? \ \


/ / Israel often acknowledges -- with "regret" -- the high
civilian tolls of its war; sometimes it goes as far as
apologising for such unintended "mistakes." The Israeli
government however is adamant that it will continue to carry
out such attacks; that it's those who "hide among the civilian
population" which deserve the blame, not Israel \ \

They use zero evidence to alledge what they do as WAR CRIMINALS.

Cease Fire Now!

The True Messiah

Demon enemies of God's Creation in zionist Israel have been
bombing residential districts on the allegation that odds are,
people in that World live in support of personal independence
by elected democratic representation. A People that demand by
Law, that ungodly Israeli zionist enemies of Life shouldn't be
allowed to kidnap or torture the innocent, or steal our homes
and possessions in corporate news America's bushite name.
Zionists are the true Nazis, and that is why they constantly
lie to dumfuk American Marines, termed in totality, too weak
to defend America's FBI regarding freedom's official
determination that bush's private business partner, General
Ahmad, funded 911's Atta. Or, that clearly, by video tape
recording, WTC7 was brought down by explosives set not
personally, by cave dweller, Mr. bin Laden.

The Beirut scene where Zionist Israel states they have
evidence that it was really Hezbollah hiding among our women
and children, and that's why they were 'justified' in
murdering God's love, is typical zionist, enemy of God
conduct, for the evidence doesn’t indicate anything of the
sort. Especially Qana. Zionist anti-Jews don't like Truth
telling speakers of Humanity's real Sons do they?

For, it is now indicated by all evidence, that the
indiscriminate bombings are nothing but acts of intolerable
barbaric nazi aggression. But my friends, does CNN care for
what is substantiated by video tape?, and voiced testimony of
the actual twisteD EVIL Mr. Peres and company? Or, the real
few Jews in Israel suffering from neglect to malnutrition?
It's only Your poor dead family the zionists are thieving
from, right?

It was reported that zionist nazi pigs masquerading as "Jews"
on stolen ground in Gaza, were granted easy access on national
talk radio in Israel stating, that no matter how many teen
nazi soldiers die, they would never give back their stolen
homes on stolen land taken from innocent honorable God loving
Christians as corporate America's welfare recipients. Pure
Nazis - and that is why corporate America will never allow
Americans to know that. Why? Because if they did, bushite
enemies that thieve, rape or torture, along with those who
aided and abetted the terrorist crimes of 911 would be hunted
down by REAL American Patriot Warriors - and in defense of
God’s America, we, as Humanity, would finally justly triumph
over the ignorant evils of the bushite zionist's nazi liar
tyrannies. By reason through wiser communications, we will
learn by example, that a person accused of a criminal offense
without any evidence is innocent, and to do as the bushite
sow, is to ignore the crimes scene leads at the real crime
scene. Unjust as they are ungodly, bushites are our enemies.

Demon liar Gillerman, enemy of the godly Jew doing Hitler
proud, was quoted on Anderson Cooper’s program stating "This
war is not just about the Safety of [criminal] Israel or the
freedom [denied] of Lebanon, it is about preserving
civilization as we know it. [.[CNN producers edited the audio
here by cutting something out].] In London, and in Brussels,
and in Paris, and you see that most the demonstrators in
Trafalgar square, and in the other cities are MUSLIMS, I would
advise these European countries to look very carefully at what
is happening in Beirut today. Because, to a very great
extent, what they’re seeing in Beirut, what they are seeing
happening in Lebanon, is really just a preview, of what they
may expect if they don’t take care of that problem. As they
say in this country, soon to be seen in theaters everywhere."

Gillarman, the bigot nazi, admits he, as demon enemy, wants to
war Our World of, everywhere People think they have rights to
be treated equally for freedom from tyranny. Zionist Israel
is nazi criminal plain and simple.

"Anyone who's mobile, moving in the zone, even if it's a
three-year-old, needs to be killed."

They'll report whatever it was as zionist Israel has termed,
but forbid you to have naturally consider, where in the
evidence shown, are such allegations of 'justified', proven
correct? The innocent people they deliberately murdered with
cluster munitions, were no threat to anyone, but to zionist
Israel's fears that the Humans might rise in demands for equal
rights. They, as the zionists, want US to blame the Jews,
where instead, we should blame the Zionist enemies of
Creation, with the bushmob, headed up by the for real demon
antichrist as their financial American blood sucker. Bush
banks on American cowardice to truly not defend themselves
through corporate media news control. While, CNN, CBC, and
FOXNews crews know that the bushmob did 911, and willingly
work to deny ourselves the facts to let US decide for
ourselves. All to send your kids out to die sacrificed for
the treasons of Rumsfeld.


Johnny Wizard



/ / Now, almost exactly four years after 9/11, the facts
appear to have been turned upside down. We now learn that
Atta was also connected to a top secret operation of the
Pentagon's Special Operations Command (SOCOM) in the US.
According to Army reserve Lieutenant-Colonel Anthony Shaffer \ \

/ / Israel's statehood is based on an unjust ideology which
causes indignity and suffering for those who are classified as
non-Jewish by either a religious or ethnic test. To hide this

primordial immorality, Israel fosters an image of victimhood.
Provoking violence, consciously or unconsciously, against
which one must defend oneself is a key feature of the
victim-mentality. \ \


(one of now gotta be hundreds of reports absent CNN, CBC, and FOXNews)
(what's mass murder between nazis anyway?)


God vs. Nazi Israel

Zionist Israel is attempting to demonize Jews just like the
Nazis did. Attempting by bogus poll to suggest near 90% of
"Jews" support indiscriminate murder of families fleeing in
cars, the elderly hunkered in apartment buildings, the
stealing of our properties, including desperately needed food
and water, and the needless destruction of a democratic
nation's infrastructure. Condi, demon witch of 911, has
suggested that we all should donate our wealths to rebuild,
after her child Israel has completed their mission to murder
anyone who supports freedom from clear to all but the
completely blind or intentionally EVIL, Israel's 'official'
ungodly injustice against Life. Hezbollah doesn't have much
for laser guided munitions, while Israel does, and uses the
American sweat as labor to indiscriminately murder innocent
people to teach US this lesson. Again, and again until YOU
personally, take some real action in support of these rights
we all share equally as the self aware.

I would suggest WE, Humanity, learn from our mistakes by
tracking down every last Nazi military commander responsible
for their indiscriminate attacks as enemies to God, kill it
gloriously through public judicial trials, while working to
seize all war profiteering Zionist enemy monies, to repay US
for their criminal support of these war crimes against Your
Great God's dying Creation. I beg again, support my calls for
Winnipeg to know what is going on publicly in their name with
my calls for Justice. Do not forsake yourself man.

Newspapers suck. Why? Well, why is it that our most
respected political writers rarely have the respect we give
them present on front page columns? And what about WTC7? We
all know that there is video available of the building coming
down with explosives, and, that G.W. Bush's secret business
partner, Ahmad, funded 911's mastermind ringleader. Do they
care for our dying soldiers?, that they trumpet the continuing
sacrifice for antichrist bush to? Really I mean.

Your children don't have to die for the bushmob!

As for the great Gibson stating the "Jew" questions have been
involved in most big wars, he would be correct.. No? [I
certainly don't want to disagree with Gibson, on pretty much
anything he wants to say or do, but honestly, I'm confused
about his comments on my foolishness.] We all need to learn from
groups like Jews against Zionism, and what is actually written
in biblical texts about treating all equitably. But,
remember, Zionists don't want to 'learn', they want to rape
and pillage by government edict AS CRIMINALS.

One example of literally countless others:

/ / Mossad Agents Arrested In Attempt To Bomb Mexican Congress \ \

Fact: Ariel Sharon was caught directly implicated in the
attempted bombing of Mexico's Congress. A fact that CNN, CBC,
and FOXNews deliberately forbade US to know the truth of, to
allow US to decide for ourselves on what is relevant regarding
their, finding the root causes of war on terrorism, to kill
our kids with lies for big cash rewards thing. [While, I, am
seriously short on monetary funds presently, so much so, I
fear I might not be able to afford Justice for myself at the
Court of Queen's Bench.]

Zionists are nazis plain and simple. Documented as Hitler's
partners throughout WWII. Just ask them to speak for
themselves by listening to a "Jewish" settler, or pick up any
of perhaps 1000 books on the well documented subject. Their
racist bigot enemies of God unapologetically. Ignorant,
stupid, and dumb every Zionist treats a Jew matter of factly
without religious representation. And, here i am. The Living
Word. I'm like the real Johnny Wizard. Coool!

Man, support Your Humanity, support ME, Your dying for nothing
forsaken king

The Son of Man, the guy who's 'friends' left him to die as the
bad guys, but he, strangely stills loves everyone, for despite
corporate news America,

God is Greater than most everybody realize!

Lonely boy reaper, Johnny Wizard - creator


/ / A world where the ruling classes live off the stolen
resources and labour of those they contemptuously deem 'lesser
human beings' in a system of institutionalized apartheid. A
world where the forces of the militarized State can routinely
shoot anybody, even entire populations and call them
'terrorists' with complete impunity. \ \

/ / Incredibly, Israel yesterday denied safe passage to a UN
World Food Programme aid convoy en route to the south, a
six-truck mission that should have taken relief supplies to
the south-eastern town of Marjayoun. \ \

Re: Israeli settlers stone human rights workers in Hebron

/ / If they'd been Palestinian children I'm sure a stun grenade
and a bullet or two would have been in order. Laws for jews and
laws (or lack thereof) for Palestinians. \ \

/ / Her brother Taisir, who was 46, had been killed. So had
her sister Najla. So had her little niece Zeinab, who was
just six. "We were in the basement hiding when the bomb
exploded at one o'clock in the morning,'' she said. "What in
the name of God have we done to deserve this? So many of the
dead are children, the old, women. Some of the children were
still awake and playing. Why does the world do this to us?" \ \

/ / The Israeli army justified the action, saying the leader
believed to have been in the car was a threat to Israel.
Instead, the car was carrying a Lebanese army officer and
soldiers. “They were, of course, not the targets and we
regret the incident,” the army said. \ \

Regular fair, in their demon lair. Don't let them do this to
ourselves my friend, please, don't let them do this. If
someone committed murder, would we just simply except the
apology? Time and time again repeatedly?


Nazi Israel


"It might have been Hezbollah." Olmert, the anti-Jew spew.

They'll say, "Well.. it could have been a Hezbollah hide-out.
We know they'll put themselves among civilians, they're so
terrible. Willing to kill innocent Lebanese people." And
then, they'll bomb bomb shelters, or apartment buildings.
They won't warn anybody, but just say they did and corporate
news America will refuse to confirm or deny the made routinely
baseless allegations THROUGH their/OUR "unbiased", we don't
need any evidence, bin Laden did it, broadcasts.

Firstly, most of the 'towns' in Israel are military bases.
That is why your never shown who these people are. Second,
you have to already acknowledge, as a person who lives in
Israel being a so named "Jewish" person, that your victimizing
innocent persons with bigoted retarded ungodly intent. You are
stealing an innocent person's home, as a political function of
your criminal body. That's accepted by everyone, all Jews
concur, even the nazi jews say, "Well, we deserve it, cause
G-D says we could steal an in-ocent per-on's hom- and make
'them' suf-er by pu-ting 'them' in a concentrati-n camp,
depriv-ng 'them' their food and water. We're the goo- guys
from 'The Book' don't you know" Then, when you look at The
Book, The Book says, God comes down and chastises those who
steal the Jewish name, by victimizing the innocent to steal
Our values, to steal Our worths. Israel won't speak reason,
right? They can't negotiate honorably across an open table,
because they are thieving an innocent person's property. They
put people in prison without trial, without EVIDENCE. Then
we'll ask, "What's the guy's crime?" and they'll say "He's a
Lebanese guy, or Afghan, or Iraqi, or, he's a Palestinian
Christian who tried to eek out a living in this world
honorably, and we just kidnap 'them' and put 'them' in prison,
and no, he doesn't get a lawyer, don't be silly, heavens, we
might even torture his children if they should throw a rock at
an invading nazi tank bulldozing 'their' once happy Home."
That is why they can't negotiate an honorable settlement,
THEY'RE CRIMINALS. Victimizing our G-D, victimizing
Ourselves, by pirating Your authority. Where is the Messiah
when we need him on CNN, CBC, FOXNews, and the Coast to Coast
radio network?

Look, CNN, CBC, and FOXNews KNOWS the bushmob did 911, [VIDEO
of WTC7 is forbidden on all OUR corporate news broadcasts] and
will smile to us ALL while lying to American Soldiers who die
cowardly as teenage dumfuks for the satanic neocon LIAR
enemies of God.


/ / Did the American people see on CNN the child whose face
was burnt by Israeli phosphorous bombs in Lebanon? Did they
hear him screaming in pain at Sidon Hospital, with his mother
falling to pieces in agony beside him because of the injury he
sustained from the terrible bombs? How can the American
people accept their elected President George W. Bush's
rejection of a ceasefire? \ \

Dan Gillerman, enemy of the Jew, tells US, the demon
antichrist forces warned the dirt poor citizens of Qana to
leave the town somehow, but at the same time, nazi Israeli
forces would target us people in trucks, buses, cars and red
cross ambulances fleeing the town. Two, the demon enemy of
Christ, Dan Gillerman on Meet the Press, has officially
admitted, they, the liar zionist enemies of Creation, true
terrorists, have NO EVIDENCE, that any missiles had come from
anywhere near the vicinity, where the enemies murdered almost
entirely, more than fifty innocent children of God. Yet, the
demon enemy of Humanity Gillerman has suggested boldly, that
it was all just Hezbollah's fault anyway, for letting these
People get in the way of their ten's of thousands of
indiscriminate bombing campaigns they've waged against God.
War crimes trials must be demanded, and the rightful execution
of those responsible for such indiscriminate targeting must
meet their fate as the other similar nazis did during
Nuremberg. As so does, Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice, Cheney, Sattler,
Blount, Russell, Mattis, and Bering like, torturing enemies of
the soon to be freed, United States of America, my land of Thee.

Peres the DEVIL: 'why do they shoot at us?, and please, no wisdoms of
(the Hezbollah missiles were only sent after the Israeli attack was
well under way).


/ / The captured Israeli soldiers were captured inside Lebanon
(summarized here; see also here and here and here). That
means the self-defense pretext is a lie, and the concept that
Israel has a right to defend itself, spouted by all its
apologists, is irrelevant (the Hezbollah missiles were only
sent after the Israeli attack was well under way). In fact,
Hezbollah only poses a military threat inside Lebanon
defending it from Israel, and is absolutely no military
'existential' threat to Israel itself, meaning that all the
discussions by the disgusting apologists for war crimes, fine
considerations of when you can murder citizens under the
pretext of 'self-defense', is immoral bullshit. \ \


Colmes "Ambassador Ginsberg, I keep hearing about 1559, why
don't I hear as often about 242, which deals with 1967
borders, which is also is in contention here. I don't hear
the same people talking about that particular violated U.N.
resolution." [One of almost every other that's been violated
as routinely criminal by nature, ungodly Israel.]

Ginsberg "Oh Alan, come on now. Alan.. Alan look.. you know,
If you want. to start that game.." Hah!

Colmes, you don't have to play in the zionists ungodly world
of trying desperately to mislead Americans into killing their
undefended kids for cash. I feel, you put too much faith into
the bushite's honesty on being trusting fair gamers. They
there at FOXNews want to cheat America as the disenfranchised.
Why? On a level playing field, with open line communications,
we would win as the virtuous. Colmes you talk a mean game,
but the bushite cheat. Venture out on your own, like millions
of others do, and though it may seem so, truly you wont be
alone in your concerns. Example: 'Hannity, did you know that
the FBI contend that General Ahmad funded 911's Atta?'



/ / They use the anti-Semitic slur whenever any criticism
surfaces, even though they are not Semitic, they are
ashka-Nazis. They are warlike Khazars with absolutely no
connection to ancient Israel. \ \

If we HAVE to delineate a race of people to the Jewish
faith, they'd be all black guys from Ethiopia. Zionists are
openly, knowingly evil to our poorer, more intellectually
challenged. They leverage the intellect of the sacrificing
bushite grunt, the coward, the traitor. The bushite wants to
believe in treachery for America, because IT knows it doesn't
have the courage, honor or virtue to for example, arrest ANY
Aegis employee for murder. Who as all do openly operate,
taxing by America's expense, (as a wise pro-bush business
investment tool,) to get killed just ANY AMERICAN teen
soldier/dumfuk whore for the pleasure of taking further more
in Rumsfeld favors - of still leaving Freedom as Justice TRULY



They say of Saddam, he might be executed because he okayed a
judicial judgment be enforced to put down a criminal group
fighting for sole control of oil, a group that were trying to
overthrow Iraq's entire government, to leave everyone else
without. And when innocent people's lives were jeopardized,
Saddam called a halt to firing. ('Kurds' war 'Kurds' because
both sides tell each other their fighting for the same
Homeland, when in truth, it's just war mongers trying to grab
up more oil for themselves privately with mercenary forces.
While children die in Iraq, they to this day, drown in money
horded.) While America and Israel Generals are committing the
worst war crimes known of in History, against the Innocent as
ourselves unfairly represented. Like bushite Sattler ordering
the murder of more than 250,000 innocent people in Fallujah as
just one example of many.


/ / IOF chief of staff Dan Halutz "has given the order to the
air force to destroy 10 multi-storey buildings in the Dahaya
district (of Beirut) in response to every rocket fired on
Haifa," reports Khaleej Times, citing IOF radio. \ \

Look, whoever you are, a policeman perhaps or a janitor, maybe
a truck driver, JUSTLY kill with pleasure this war criminal of
OUR Humanity, the ungodly mass murdering nazi TERRORIST Dan
Halutz. After confiming this allegation as verified correct.


The Bohemian Grove antichrist death Cult is a REAL top secret
Morningstar scheme captured on video tape for all the World to

George Walker Bush, proud card carrying member of the
"secret", lets kill American kids for cash cult, would quote
the Grove's motto thus: "weaving spiders come not here" and I
would respond "Err.. okay, I'll ask them know you said so if
they should spell tomorrow, (however, I really don't believe
they'll listen, for flies alone can be trying somedays), but,
why I ask pray tell?, and speak better, for I'm hard of
hearing you coherently." Like, tell US again, what's with the
Cult's lodge-room 322, and the silly little pentagram on the
wall you mock life's prayers to? Or, what is the curious
story line function of the player who gets dressed up as the,
heads or tails Reaper deceiver to pretend you bad guys get it
all back in the end? I was just wondering what the hell you
people think your really doing over there worshipping oh..
nothing in particular, while openly stealing America's blood
and treasure from freedom fighting liberators - The unjustly
dying "Army of One" fellows?

/ / In other words, the Israeli generals sent their young
conscripts over the Lebanese border with the intention that
they be captured or die, all in order to create the excuse for
the pre-planned attack on Lebanon. I'm sure the relatives of
the soldiers are proud of them, on the assumption that their
sacrifice was made to protect [anti-Jew Zionist] Israel. \ \

/ / We're told another soldier was kidnapped by Hamas and that
the kidnappers dug a tunnel 650 meters under sand in order to
accomplish this. This is bullshit. \ \

/ / And on-going spiteful acts of destruction are reported.
"Most commonly, Israeli tanks are driving over and flattening
cars whether on the streets or parked on pavements in front of
residences. Personal property inside houses is being
destroyed in house-to-house searches." \ \

/ / Israel is a big military base established on stolen land,
any "right" the world has given it to exist is in violation
of, not in compliance with, universal standards of justice.\ \


What is a war crime good for anyway?

/ / The kidnapping of the Israeli corporal is a well known
fact. This "news" has been around the world more times than a
keyhole satellite. It was used as a pretext for Israeli
troops and equipment to move back into Gaza. What most DON'T
know is the very day before, the Israelis kidnapped a
physician and another member of his family. Their whereabouts
and status remain unknown. \ \

It has been widely suggested by the available evidence, that
the Zionists originally sent the anti-Semitic soldiers on a
suicide mission into Lebanon, to lie American Christians into
giving even more to them to victimize further US. Zionists
would kill confused stupid Jews for the easy cash too, see?


Nobody puts me up on a cross without a fight to your finish.

Condi, demon witch, NEVER ELECTED, demands Israel be allowed
to continue indiscriminately MURDER US. Has she not seen ANY
footage recently of the bombing in Beirut? Or the targeting
of the Red Cross? Schools? Of course she has. DEMONIC
ISRAEL states they, as Humanity's enemy, would never target
the UN, but will indiscriminately murder whomever should live
in this region of ours as the godly and innocent BETRAYED.

They suggested that Hezzbollah was secretly near there, solely
on the testimony discovered after the event, from a guy that
is now dead. Additionally, this group of observers would be
likely, truly counting terrorist strikes from their vantage
point impartially, if they hadn't been murdered deliberately.

Start acting honorably with the hunting to arrest or kill
escaping zionist neocon terrorist enemies, my American Patriot
warring to die for Idiots:

Giving Birth to Monster


/ / The Palestinians are not my enemies, nor are the Lebanese.
You, have become my enemy. \ \


Condi's position to forbid any cease-fire, is to say Peace is
NEVER possible with HER in charge. See, a stop to
hostilities, is no way to end a war against You as the
INNOCENT EVER. Death after trial to Condi for 911.

Israel, the Nazi State

Look, Israel states that because they kidnap innocent persons,
while thieving as demon enemies to Christ, Hitler was right in
gassing the Jews. Why? Because they bomb Lebanon to punish
US, the godly as innocent, stating that would be the correct
thing to do by god. But they are wrong. Why? Being Jewish
is antithetical to the demonic zionist CRIMINAL cause. Israel
is not a "Jewish" state, but that of an ungodly regime that
treats ALL People as G-d unfairly. See?, Israel states
Lebanon has two democratically elected Hezbollah members, "The
Liberators", therefore all the other millions or so people are
up for murder as freedom fighters under their Zionist war
criminal nazi dictate, doing Hitler's banker proud. What is
the crime in wanting to liberate your nation from a bunch of
thieves that plan to treat all others as second class
citizens? With no rights to scream for war crime trials
against the true Nazis? One more time: Okay - so Israel is
saying killing Jews would be the thing to do, because Israel
tells US, all religious Hezbollah relationships deserve
executions, while all “Jews”, support blindly without room for
question, the "Jewish" State’s FUNDAMENATALIST dictate always.
So, since the “Jewish” State supports firing rockets, or
dropping bombs on the innocent in hospitals, schools,
churches, and cars, therefore, like Israel says, all religious
Jews in relationship should be found executed without trial,
like Israel has determined for the determinate value of the
Human population in Lebanon. See, Israel would say, - all
People who fight for fairness through freedom by Justice, are
just guilty because they’re not blindly “Jewish” - UNEQUAL in
Rights -, and as such, would fight back for fairness as the
innocent being robbed if Israel didn’t try to murder more of
them as WE keep coming. See?, Zionist Israel would say for
all of US, all Jews hate all of God, therefore we’re all
worthy of indiscriminate bombing, for what if WE, all people
being of Love, stood up for our rights, as the Human
bloodline? US all, the godly innocent by scriptures, will
defeat the criminal values of the Zionist. A zionist LIAR
profiting off our God as the Innocent suffering, must not be
allowed to remain victimizing. Where is the care for the
murder victims that Israeli soldiers have caused? The
zionists being ungodly war criminals who congratulate such
wicked viciousness against the innocent families in Lebanon or
Gaza?, I thought we left these Nazis defeated after WWII, but
look as Zionist Israel expressing itself reminiscently of the
uncaring deeds Hitler’s regime did, with concentration campers
victimized for theft. Israel is being pure nazi EVIL as enemy
of the Jew, the TRUE Jew. Zionism isn’t tenable. Jews don’t
murder Jews just because they’re Jews, for, that would be
suicide. (Did I tell you Peres is the actually for real,
genuine Devil dealer playing US all wrong super duper stupidly
now?) Why should Lebanon’s democracy be punished by those who
call such ungodly criminal action as justified? Peres, the
DEVIL, just says Israeli terrorist actions are 'justified',
with no need to explain to un-biased zionist newscasters not
interested in defending ourselves from indiscriminate
carnage. No, the bushmob gives them more bombs to assist in
further war crimes. See? the antichrist and Donald "Sexy
cluster dud dropper" Rumsfeld get killed undefended American
kids for the easy cash. And let me tell you, it is easy!
These so called American Patriot Soldiers are total dumfuks,
dying for nothing but their personal cowardice and betrayal.
Just look at what corporate America is doing in support of
democracy in Mexico, or Haiti, or Uzbekistan. Do you think
FOXNews disregard for their freedoms, aren't attitudes they
would have with them when they forbid to report the demon
antichrist, the American Cop killer George Walker Bush wasn't
even verifiably elected in Johnny's America?

America: Death to the bushites, death to Our enemies. Or,
more innocent people will fall dead as murder victims because
of Your apparent confusion on this freedom from bushite enemy
tyranny, they murder US issue. These bushite zionists are
LYING to your American child through our magic tvs, while the
zionist company, Aegis is OFFICIALLY getting the MARINES
killed FOR SURE, in your Name, for a fast bushite buck. Now,
WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT??! Jesus would suggest talk
radio, or perhaps is it as true American, you can't be
bothered to try Yourself either. Whatever, later.

Your Freedom Loving Bushite Jailer,

Johnny Wizard - The Son of Man, King to Jews



/ / Those messages say: "from the children of Israel to the
children of Lebanon". Can any one explain this... What is
this madness? \ \

The zionist enemy tries to steal the soul of Jewish children,
but WE ain't buying. All children are God's children, and
zionists, we see, would kill not only Our children, but even
their 'own' for a fast bushite buck. Well, and, sadly, I
suppose, many Americans would do so also. [you probably
missed the video of bushite soldier families cheering at the
prospect of never ending war to sacrifice their kids for.. [on
hopes of course they'll get that big fat life insurance
pay check. [That never comes. [.]]]]

The Son of God HATES evil soulless enemy bushite vermins.

/ / Israel orders the people in the south to evacuate their
villages: when the people try to leave their villages Israel
targets them with Apache helicopters and kills them \ \

/ / Was it wrong for Hezbollah to defend their country and
chase Israel from Lebanese soil? Is that terrorism? \ \

Nazi Israel bans reporting of use of "unique" weapons in Lebanon


While enemy FOXNews compLIES.


Death to Our Enemies

Again, soldiers everywhere, my friends, CBC, CNN, and FOXNews
Zionist demon liar broadcasters KNOW the bushmob did 911, but
forbid US to communicate freely for Justice. Instead, they
wish US to war against each other for their demonic pleasures.
Instead of US needlessly slaughtering ignorant ungodly bushite
dumfuks, let's support the FBI's conclusion, on who TRULY
funded the terrorist operations of 911 to nab the REAL EVIL
doers. Or, suffer more from the tyrannies of YOUR cowardice
to stand up for yourself as worth something. With FOXNews
broadcasting about the terrible evils of tin can rockets,
while forbidding US to witness the TERRORIST carnage in
Lebanon, is an insult to every Child loving Human Being.

FOXNews enemy David Hunt 'Do as many Hezbollah like killing as you
Nazi Israel 'Lebanese Christians and Jews are indistinguishable from
The actual DEVIL! (Peres) 'no civilians or infrastructure is being

Justice for God

"Demon enemies to God are committing acts of terrorism, hunt
to kill the zionist enemy liars of the Jew" - King of the Jews


War criminals need to be found executed as enemies to Humanity.

911 war criminal Condoleezza Rice 'no cease-fire against the innocent'

911 war criminal antichrist bush snickering 'it's Syria's fault we're
giving nazis more bombs'

Peres the !DEVIL! 'no civilians or infrastructure is targeted'

Enemy FOXNews hannity 'ALL civilians are legitimate targets for
MURDER because they might be hiding weapons in their basements'

Remember: Hezbollah liberated Lebanon from nazi thieving savages.
Lebanon, a nation who then, after becoming liberated, became a

Nazi Israel, enemy of God and the Jew, has nazi soldiers
targeting all truck drivers in Lebanon for murder, apartment
buildings and Public infrastructure, and therefore, MY
Humanity, God’s Humanity, will not stop until every last nazi
Israeli responsible for such terrorist targeting will be
executed as REAL war criminals. Those who support the
continuing censorship of the clearly documented, ungodly
criminality of the thieving Zionist will be hunted down by US
all, and pay with their Satanic lives instead of our innocent
own held forsaken in God’s name. Death to the bushite, death
to our enemies.

FBI: Zionist antichrist Bush's buddy, General Ahmad funded
911's hijacker Atta. And bush had immediately closed, all
outstanding criminal investigations regarding the terrorist
event of 911. A TRAITOR to ALL American 'dumfuk' Soldiers.

Nazi Israel, the thieving enemies to God, has thousands in
prison as the kidnapped, and regularly, as Zionist enemy of
the Christians, shoots indiscriminately into Palestine for
their TRUE demonic pleasure. Where is their love for any God
when they murder as they have done in Lebanon? Where is their
love for any God when they steal as they have done in Gaza?

From Iran's Ahmadinejad:

/ / "Can one be a follower of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him)
the great Messenger of God . . . and at the same time have
countries attacked? The lives, reputations and possessions of
people destroyed and on the slight chance of the presence of a
few criminals in a village, city or convoy, for example, the
entire village, city or convoy set ablaze?" he writes.
Indeed, I've been wondering the same thing myself. \ \


/ / It is time America understood Hezbollah for what it really
is, not what the Israelis and their Zionist friends say it is.
Unfortunately, our President, Bush, and Conde Rice,
misunderstand, or prefer to remain ignorant of, the truth
about Hezbollah. \ \

Kevin Barrett responds to Bill O'Reilly's Nazi-like attack:

/ / 9/11 was an act of high treason and mass murder, and media
figures complicit in the cover-up will be viewed, a few years
hence, the way we now view Dr. Goebbels. The last time a
bunch of empire-builders tried to trample on our rights, we
had a little uprising called the American Revolution. It’s
time for another one. Let’s kick it off with another Boston
Tea Party—a little red-white-and-blue version of
V-for-Vendetta—and throw the whole Fox News crew[...] \ \


/ / July 20, 2006 -- WMR reported that the Israeli military
was using poison gas on villages in south Lebanon. According
to a former U.S. weapons expert who served in Iraq, the
artillery shell in a photo taken in Lebanon (below) is a
chemical weapon delivery device. \ \

An American nation without a disciplined belief in Justice or
God, is a nation that will fall to terror under it’s own will

What Israel is doing in Lebanon is what bushite term "Terrorism".



/ / But where are the Christians? Why is Pope Benedict
virtually alone among Christian leaders to have spoken out
against what is being done to Lebanese Christians and Muslims?
When [pro-bush] al-Qaida captured two U.S. soldiers and
barbarically butchered them, the U.S. Army did not smash power
plants across the Sunni Triangle. Why then is Bush not only
silent but openly supportive when Israelis do this? \ \

Why? Because as the most heinous criminal enemy of Humanity
in history, personally responsible for the escape of himself
with the 911 terrorists, he gets off on having innocent people
murdered for our stolen values. [Did you see the enemy
grinning like a filthy pig with Blair while the bombs were
dropping EVERYWHERE in Lebanon?] An enemy of Christ and
America, he counts that the corporate professional news
sleuthers will refuse to support Justice for ourselves, or the
God of any religion. All for the war mongering neocon
zionists to sacrifice America to HIS brainwashed soulless nazi
bush bitch punks as further glorious satanic bounties by
LYING. For there is no true God, nor true Son who begs
America to support ourselves. Support Justice, support
Humanity, support the trial and execution of FOXNews
propagandists for stating Iran is continuing with it's nuclear
bomb program, the Holocaust never happened, or stating a great
number of other deliberate LIES, as REAL TREASON punishable by
LAW never absent Here. If only you could believe -

1. Pakistani ISI Director General Ahmad funded 911's hijacker Atta.
2. Laden didn't put explosives into WTC building seven, so who did?

Please, I beg, hunt down pro-bush war criming rapists and
torturers in America's name to the ends of this earth to save
Yourselves from the dying hells of tyranny:

Aegis, who self confessed commits terrorist offences as a
profitable zionist corporation, documented by video to murder
PRO-IRAQI People is an ENEMY who gets American Marines killed
indiscriminately. KILL IT PROUDLY. TODAY. NOW. Thanks.
Then, if need be, me and you will fight together later.


/ /.... Why is a US defense contractor hosting a known
terrorist website? Here is the evidence showing United
Defense's Al-Hejailan Projects Co. hosting the Hizballah
website. \ \

Realize, why wouldn't any just political military faction,
just call for the hunting of zionist bushite enemies to Christ
or Allah? Against the TRUE 911 TERRORISTS? The actual, FOR
REAL antichrist enemies of God in my beloved America? Why
not?... See? CNN, CBC, and FOXNews KNOWS bush did 911, but
forbids dying as dumfuked teen soldiers to know so. Why? So
the UNGODLY zionists can kill more Innocent American kids for


Iraq: Understanding Why They Raped

/ / How can I condemn any soldiers for wartime rape-murder if
I can't answer for myself? What kind of savagery might I
inflict on a [INNOCENT GOD LOVING] woman or child if [MY
UNAMERICAN lawless pro-bushite] war pushed me [as disciple of
the REAL demon antichrist] far enough? \ \

An American nation without a disciplined belief in Justice or
God, is a nation that will fall to terror under it’s own will

These pictures from Sabbah

/ / AP Photo caption: Israeli girls write messages [love &
peace] on a shell [to murder innocent Lebanese kids] at a
heavy artillery position near Kiryat Shmona, in northern
[DEVIL] Israel \ \

/ / Six days ago there were four buildings with 8 to 10
stories high and a little garden in front of them. My parents
home used to be on the second floor in the building in the
middle. They did not harm anybody their entire life. Neither
did their neighbors. \ \

Demon enemy liars, Zionist anti-Semites, don't need a sliver
of evidence, so the bushite 'just' needs to say, all the
Christians and Jews murdered in Lebanon were hiding among
terrorists, and FOXNews, CNN, and CBC would report US as such
without question. Eight Canadians who were murdered by an
Israeli precision strike were at an emergency health service
center. Is DEVIL Peres to tell US it was secretly not?
Without a shred of evidence to suggests as much. Again, Nazi
Israel is saying if someone victimizes innocent People, like
they "the jews" have, you would be justified in gassing all
the Jews like Hitler did. And touché, the Zionist neocon best
bud bush, had the grand dad who was Hitler's banker. But, well,
who cares really for the FACTS right lawless "American" citizen?


I told you, pro-antichrist Zionist Peres - is the actual DEVIL!

"It all started on July 12 when Israel troops were ambushed on
Lebanon's side of the border with Israel."




"If they want to hit Hezbollah, let them hit Hezbollah, but not
the civilians. But civilians are all that they are hitting."

That's because as the ungodly enemy of Jews, [see Old
Testament], feel they can escape murdering innocent god loving
people to thieve from as zionists, for CNN, CBC, and FOXNews
forbids the truth from being reported. The CRIMINAL Israeli
zionist government THEIVES innocent peoples homes. Period.
Bush closed outstanding CRIMINAL investigations immediately
after the terrorist events of 911. Period.

In Mexico, 2.5 Million Missing Votes Reappear:

/ / If they are so sure they “won,” why do they oppose a full
recount? \ \



Israel is saying that Hitler was right in Gassing the Jews.

Thousands of people are held kidnapped in prison in Israel,
without any trial, no evidence is brought against them. They
the Zionists, encourage you to follow their mode of reasoning.
You can slaughter everybody in Israel, and they'd say, "Well
yah, that's what likudniks do too. We totally agree with you.
That is the proper course of action to do, indiscriminate
murder campaigns, against our family and friends, for we do
not believe in a just cause, or a loving God."

They say they're justified in slaughtering the Jews in
Lebanon, because they say a soldier has been kidnapped and
moved on to Iran immediately, it's all Syria’s fault, but they
can kill Jews and Christians in Lebanon endlessly. And yet,
the Lebanese government in power apposes the victimization of
innocent people. While Nazi Israeli accusation after
accusation is given to G-d without a shred of evidence. Nadda.

Enemies of God in anti-Semitic zionist Israel say, it's
appropriate to kill innocent people in Lebanon because they
hold thousands in prison without trial or evidence. Oops, no,
that's nazi Israel,.. I mean because some outside faction
kidnapped a nazi soldier and ferreted him immediately to Iran.
An action Syria is completely responsible for. So, what do
they do? Nazi Israel murders innocent Christians and Jews.

So, as the nazis did, these enemies of Creation believe
mankind does not have the will or the power to speak in
defense of the innocent like Christ is, for our corporate
media masters forbids our truths to be spack freed.

REMEMBER: ZIONIST CBC, CNN, and FOXNews managements know as
Creation’s ENEMIES, according to the FBI, demon antichrist
George Walker Bush’s business partner, General Mahmoud Ahmad
funded 911’s terrorist network - that murdered thousands of
Innocent Americans held worthless to their bottom lines.



Pakistani ISI Director General Ahmad orders an aide to wire
transfer about $100,000 to hijacker Atta. Ahmad later resigns
after the transfer is disclosed in India and confirmed by the
FBI. [Dawn, 10/8/01, Times of India, 10/9/01, Wall Street
Journal, 10/10/01, AFP, 10/10/01]


An IDF soldier speaks out:

Look who's been kidnapped!


/ / To this very day, there are hundreds of prisoners rotting
in Shin Bet prisons and dungeons, people who have never been
- and never will be - tried. And Israelis are silently resolved
to this phenomenon. \ \



The King of the Jews

Hello Humanity, how are you doing?, Johnny Wizard here. I
guess as good as can be expected, considering Israel is still
bombing People indiscriminately. Targeting primarily
Christian and Jews who live in Northern Lebanon. They're
going to punish the government too, when they told US the
soldier prisoner was ferreted over to Iran, and it's all
Syria's fault that this is taking place. So they can kill
near half a billion, not involved innocent People and be
'justified'. Cause the demon antichrist, George Walker Bush
said, Israel has a right to defend herself, all nations do,
against terrorist activities. So Israel can bomb whoever,
doesn't matter. Cause Iran said, their allegations they have
are totally baseless. But, corporate bushite america doesn't
go by facts. [Ahmad funded 911's Atta]. The reason Israel
can not broker a honorable settlement for Peace, is because
they're dishonorable. They STEAL innocent peoples homes.
Corporate America will never show Americans that. Why?
Because as soon as you learn it, the arguments are over. You
know, well, that's a CRIME.

Under American Law, these demon bushites would be gloriously
executed. Like the TERRORISTS Tim Spicer and Cofer Black
would be also, along with the neocons responsible for 911.
But American corporate media masters is going down the way of
lawless bushite nazi grunt contusions, a satanic demon force
that American People refuse to defend themselves over with
just causes.

American tax payers are paying for the indiscriminate mass
murder of the innocent people of our Earth, while bushite
corporate american newscasters continue to tell US, the bad
guys responsible have done nothing wrong with bushite
weaponry. For, the pro-lawless bushite enemies of God's once
great Creation allege the only terrorist destruction taking
place is in ignorant American tax paid for anti-Semitic
Israel. BUSHITES know the neocons did 911, and as TRAITORS
feel American men are not MAN enough to hunt them down and
kill them to defend our falling murdered loving innocent
families. Please help our forsaken God.


/ / Don't care about the innocent Iraqi men that PANTANO
murdered, confessed already as done by PANTANO, completely.
All the evidence is in. Read his own statements. He can not
be a better friend, to someone he is opening thieving from as

bushite enemy. That's the best friendship he can extend to
ANYONE on this planet. And that's what his America is all
about. Don't take my word for it, listen to PANTANO! \ \


60 Afghan civilians dead in US air strikes

/ / "No, there was no civilian injured, and we have no report
to support the claim," said Tamara Lawrence, spokesperson of
the coalition. The US military in a press release issued
Monday said that the coalition attacks had left more than 40
extremists dead in villages 10 km away from Trinkot. \ \

Almost in the same sentence. Tamara Lawrence claims those
that wish to support the FBI to protect America though
Justice, are up for murder by the ungodly criminal "lawless"
antiChrist forces, claiming YOU and your innocent children,
will be just uncivilized extremists, not worthy of life, but
only their ungodly hatred for Freedom in America.

/ / In May, the coalition dropped bombs in Afghanistan on no
fewer than 750 occasions, more than the ordnance dropped in
Iraq. \ \

/ / When Is a 14-Year-Old Girl a 'Woman'? \ \

/ / Hail the [lawless bushite anti-}American heroes... \ \


Make It So


Look, my friends, bushite are the real enemy. They refuse to
allow open discussions in our newspapers and radio TV
broadcasts. I know a producer at the CBC, Canadian's
Broadcast Corporation, a producer that was promptly 'let go'
for starting on a informative depleted uranium program to
attempt educating Our DYING teen Soldiers. Cancelled DEAD.

Trust me please. CNN, CBC, and FOXNews corporate managements
know, bush and the neocons did 911, but as the contemptibly
ungodly, it's only YOUR LIFE they are willing to sadistically
sacrifice for more criminal ill gotten gains as the TRULY
Satanic. They rarely have any true power, but for to know
they secretly work to have you murdered for the Antichrist.
While, I, as Creator, am Life and Death. So, needless to say,
I know what I speak to be so really. I am willing to do
public presentations through our media against any or all
bushites, for we are Self created as the Earth's Supreme
bushite educator/executioner, but the worthless millionaire
media masters, don't want US to win by freely communicating
truly see? Why? They, in a free market place of ideas, would
have nothing we would willingly buy from them as our
sell-outs. We'd have not to pay for free energy, free water,
or, free love.

Look, bushites are consciously aware that they are, enemies of
all Human beings as the TRULY ungodly. Bush bitch E-N-E-M-Y
George Norry KNOWS Ahmad funded Atta, but forbids DYING
America to know so as TRAITORS to themself. It's like when
Cheney lobbed Publicly for torturing innocent people as a
bushite enemy's pleasure. A crime that Reagan DID MAKE LAW
that STANDS STILL in Johnny's America, to now have demanded
life term prison sentences against ALL bushites who would
treasonously fight as such, and death to those who directly
participate in the murder of an innocent other.

Make it so.


'Joke' song about Iraqi [innocent child] killings to be recorded


/ / A [satanic bushite] radio talk-show host is to record and
release a song written by a [thieving] US Marine corporal about
killing [innocent childhood] members of an Iraqi family. \ \

A song celebrating the murder of innocent children sung by
proud to be enemies of God.. a big smash hit or bomb perhaps
inside the dying new Antichrist demon "lawless" America? Fuck,
do I HATE BUSHITE with everything I am as me. DIE BUSHITE DIE.





Johnny on CPAC


little sister and put her in front of me . . as the bullets
began to fly, the blood sprayed from between her eyes, and
then I laughed maniacally." [, then were heard the cheers of
godless bushite dumfuk traitors obscening to God and Man as
the unholy enemy.]

What ever happened to butterfly kisses after evening prayers?

Are you telling me, an American Father, wouldn't gloriously
kill this lawless bushite enemy and his demonic ilk, for our
love of girls everywhere? Or, how about the UNARRESTED
soldiers we witnessed on video beat shoeless children
practically to death while laughing and cheering? Or like
those that speak zero defenses for Haditha's confessed MASS
MURDERING irrational women and child killers? The REAL demons
CONFESS to going into a house, WITHOUT reasoned approach, and
slaughtering an entire INNOCENT family.. for nothing but
their lifeless SATANIC pleasures. The 'cause'? "The [mass
murdered unarmed innocent neighbor's] back door was open.."
To, for God, gloriously, with love, kill these un-arrested
murderous continuing ungodly bushite nazi savages, is to war the
TRUE enemies of Humanity to save the lives of our precious loved
ones. Please help US, please help God, and bag a demon LIAR
bushite to defeat the 911 "escaping" terrorists, the enemies
of America, the enemies of Johnny, the enemies of Life.
Again, these very same thieving bushites of Haditha, admit
Publicly also to targeting for indiscriminate MURDER, the
innocent Peoples of Fallujah, and insist, that's what all
bushite soldiers do most normally in combat for the antiChrist
EVIL George Walker Bush - the thieving traitor forces siding
against our great God's Creation, being led lowly as fascist
nazi cowards, too weak and afraid to defend US innocent in war
time. A "lawless" bushite soldier wars in contempt of all
logic and reason as EVERYONE'S ENEMY.


/ / She was afraid, she told her mother. Her unspeakable
tragedy illustrates a basic fact of [bushite enemy]
occupation: Iraqi civilians are at the mercy of immature
young Americans [truly soulless bushite rapists, the "lawless"
disciples of the for real demon antichrist, 911's Mr. bush
Jr.] with guns. They have no rights. \ \

See, the bushite enemies, claim they can not be found
accountable to a RULE of Law. "Lawless" the demon enemies
claim to armed freedom fighting American Patriots. ANYONE in
America's America, who claims bushite grunts can not be found
accountable, such as the likes of a Tim Spicer at Aegis, Cofer
Black at Blackwater, or South African death squad goons, shoot
dead as our sworn enemies my brother. PANTANO claims he can
not be judged publicly by God or America, as a war criminal
who freely admits he murdered AT LEAST two unarmed innocent
Iraqis for no justified reason. He, as bushite enemy, states
instead, he has been "acquitted" for the first degree murders,
without any criminal American judge judging so. Just him and
his nazi lover, his bush bitch bum buddy whore everyone is
gunning for, Maj. Gen. Richard Huck, enemy commander of the
2nd Marine Division based at CAMP LEJEUNE. These two enemies
of Freedom feel that America must be denied Justice for
Humanity under the tyrannies of their treasonous bushite
CRIMINAL decree. Why not just execute the lowly traitors
instead my friends, and in that process, potentially free
millions of lives, as something truly flag waving
Pro-American? Death to the bushites, death to our enemies who
claim Justice un-attainable by our standards not there
presently commanding our moral courage as outrage.


Johnny Wizard

p.s. The crimes of bushite, are the crimes CNN claims are
crimes of the terrorist enemies in Iraq. Corporate america sucks.


Pope Paul IV, "If you want peace, work for justice"

/ / See the bushite liar enemy of Liberty and freedom who
denies this Justice, then feel glad to kill it for your love
of a real God suffering. \ \


They go, "Yah, but we were elected.", yah, but you didn't tell
us you were going to be a traitor when you took office.




George Bush did 911 with General Ahmad, according to the FBI

Know, that all the emails that foxnews take from the Public,
all the emails that cbc takes from the Public, and all the
emails that cnn takes from the Public, have received my posts.
Stating, George Walker Bush did 911 with General Ahmad,
according to the FBI, and our corporate news professionals,
don't want our soldiers to know that. They’d rather see them
die as cowards, as enemies of Freedom, assisting the
terrorists who committed mass murder in our names back in New
York City on 911.

FBI says, ‘No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11'

CNN's Anderson Cooper broadcast on July 3rd, 2006

"bin Laden's got company, and it isn't pretty. Terrorists,
polygamists, and just plain thugs. Inside the FBI's 10 Most
Wanted. How they track down and capture some the worst
criminals in the world. Tonight, on 360."

Bring it On! - A Vet Speaks Out

” Before you start on the Taliban supported Bin Laden drivel
though, show me ANYWHERE on the FBI most wanted terrorist
page ANY information linking OBL specifically with the events
of 911.“

Neocon bush bitches, who work at our private news corporate
headquarters, are traitors to Christ as TRUE enemies to the
American flag, freedom as Justice for US all. The fair minded
Son of a God included.

In August 2001, a month before 911, Collin Powell gave the
Taliban 43 million dollars. So, why don't you arrest Collin
Powell?, why shouldn't Collin Powell be bombed? With a
thousand pound bomb, and kill, you know, everybody else who
lives in his village too, because he's a "Taliban". WHY? You
see? you go, "Well, yah, that's true, it's completely
documented correct 100 percent, but, it doesn't fit in with
our bullshit demon lies – that serve the demon antichrist who
kills our kids for cash! Undefended kids for the continuing
big cash withdrawals regarding Your personal inaction to
support ourselves on this Justice for our Humanity subject.

The windfalls of tyranny can be quite staggering when you
don’t think about it actually costing you something.

We had to call the Chief News director at Al-jezzerah.


Example 2:

Just before the ending to neocon Zarqawi, Zarqawi released a
four hour tape. FOUR HOURS! And in it, he as per-usual
advocates the INDISCRIMINATE murder of innocent Iraqis, but
then he did something else. He advocated "Al-Qaida" to not
even bother targeting American forces for now. No lie.
[Think of all those that co-operated with Rumsfeld for 911, or
Spector for JFK, and how certainly, they could not be trusted
for blabbing as dishonorable thieves,.. right? Work for a
zionist neocon enemy of Life, and they'll steal from
themselves behind your back, when nobody is looking, every

Then, the new and improved Laden series came out, praising
Zarqawi's wise words! While, 'without reason' correcting the
Zarqawi parlance - by killing three American Soldiers right
off, just to make it look good for the zionist neocon
traitors. Pfc. Kristian Menchaca, 23, of Houston, and Pfc.
Thomas L. Tucker, 25, of Madras, Ore., “killed in a barbaric
way.”, and Spc. David J. Babineau, 25, of Springfield,
Mass., all were from the 101st Airborne Division out of Fort
Campbell, Kentucky. Left alone on the most dangerous
intersection in the entire Middle East. Who was the proud to
be front line decision maker worrying for bush's thiefdum of
demon liars I say? Doesn't want to talk freely eh...


New laws to punish whistle blowers

/ / He wants longer jail sentences and the removal of a key
legal defence of "necessity" for whistleblowers. \ \

Look, the government has to live up to obeying the law. So,
to disclose a government official's criminal wrong doing, is
to uphold the Constitution or the Flag, and certainly not as
FoxNews or the American Supreme Court would proclaim,
treasonous to their ungodly criminal kind.

Can I help everyone single handedly take over the news word
with good old reasons, namely, our own presently?.. Measure
is good to me. Evidence is the formulation of ANYONE’S guilt,
EVIL bushite demon liars spew otherwise as our criminally
benefacting ungodly enemies. Traitors. WE, THE PEOPLE,
instead, want to nab the true, evil doing terrorists from the
criminal acts committed in our names in New York City on 911.
Starting with everyone of the criminally malfeasant – War
Criming Bush Administration. Held without sails until we can
together, talk politically this thing through internationally
with powerful words on Justice. All stolen Iraqi assets will
be tracked down religiously, then returned with interest,
while emergency food, water, and health care provisions will
be trucked in by the cargo holds, paid for additionally, by
the stolen funds that will be returned through treasonous
price-fixing Halliburton. Har har.

By the way, Joe, how are the funds? can you front me a couple
a'grand, so I can attempt to hire some constitutional lawyers
for my legal defense up here in, we love Canada? Then, as a
plus, we can go on to save the world? With a detailed, let's
just wing it, Justice for All including Johnny strategy?

Have I told you it’s a-l-m-o-s-t becoming acceptable to go to
prison here in corporately censored North America for simply
being a truth telling Human, as real Justice is?, Godly?

Chris Mathews, Olberman, and the rest of you lot from the
comedy channels, make way, here comes Johnny Jesus! Holy Fff!


5 GIs probed in Iraq rape, killings
Chicago Sun-Times

” The official said the rape and killings appear to have
been a ''crime of opportunity,'' noting that the [lawless
pro-bushite] soldiers had not been attacked by insurgents but
had noticed the woman. [undefended by a real man]“


"Support Our Troops"

” "That phrase [Support Our Troops] has become associated
with the uncritical, unthinking, blind support of the American
position in Afghanistan and Iraq," he said. "It isn't just a
folksy saying any more. If they wanted us to be thinking of
the troops, perhaps that's what the T-shirts should say."“


US-led offensive in southern Afghanistan kills hundreds


” The Pentagon routinely describes all victims of military
operations as Taliban, even if they turn out to be women
and children.“


/ / Interior Minister Roni Bar-On told Israel Radio: "Hamas
well understands ... that the sky will fall on them if they
harm Gilad Shalit." \ \

No demon enemy. Nazi Israel will murder, TERRORIZE, as they
have for decades, like nazis do, completely innocent people,
in no way connected to any alleged crime. Like the gas
chambers of the Holocaust, Likudniks murder helpless people on
the brink of starvation to thieve from as the ungodly. More
than 8000 missiles had been fired indiscriminately into Gaza
Since January 2006, and the request to release 1000
Palestinian prisoners, is of prisoners held without trial, or
evidence of any indictable offenses. Enemies of the Innocent,
enemies of Christ is what an anti-Semitic neocon thieving
likudnik TERRORIST is. Just read the Old Testament about
these LIAR demon G-d betrayers. No love for People anywhere,
especially Jews.

Besides, it is well documented, Hammas, was financially backed
by the Likudniks to destabilize a freeing people in the region
for criminal profits stolen from ignorant "Christian" American
tax payers.

” You see? you go, "Well, yah, that's true, it's completely
documented correct 100 percent, but, it doesn't fit in with
our bullshit demon lies - that serve the demon antichrist who
kills our kids for cash!“


The Cruelest "Apartheid Wall" of All:
Protecting Israel, Intimidating Congress, Lying to the
American People




"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in



Where is enslaved by the demon antiChrist America really truly going?


”"A recent DOD investigation...identified a number of abuses, some of
them considered widespread, committed by DOD contractors or
subcontractors of third country national (TCN) workers in Iraq. Some
these abuses are indicative of trafficking in persons...."“

Thank You Lt. Ehren Watada


"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in

Terror Expert: London Bomber Was Working For MI5



dying for lies no longer in disguise

Again, realize, FOX, CNN, and CBC will all in the thousands,
receive this information about 9/11's Ahmad, but will refuse
to support honorable Police officers, our Humanity's cause for
Freedom through Justice, or our beliefs in any religion.
They, as murderous sadists, fascists, obstruct Justice for
ourselves by refusing to report on the facts of why America
continues to fight, dying sacrificed, while censoring your
cries for understanding. FOXNews decisions don't formulate
our interests by relying upon documented TRUTHS as protections
about this silently dying as unfairly victimized world. Left
forsaken, in Your name..

”"Al-Qaida in Iraq claimed responsibility for killing the
soldiers, " [..] i.e., World War Four, as plotted by the
neocons.“ Three soldiers left alone on the most dangerous
check point in Iraq? All of what any soldier singly
strategizes, thrown completely out the door without the
simplest considerations? Soldiers are dumb, true, but
generally, not that. Goes to show. Follow this..

See, it is now officially acknowledged worldwide, "Al-Qaida",
is just General Mahmoud Ahmad, bushite liar Kimmit, task force
626, and beheader Blackwater mercenaries who dress up as Arabs
for the easy money in getting Marines killed as the leaderless
bad guy dumfuks. How dumfuked? They, "The Marines", broke
out of prison two bushites that were dressed up as Arabs, who
were caught shooting at Iraqi police officers, in a car laced
with explosives to keep the war going for the neocon's P2OG.
TO GET MARINES KILLED. See?, total dumfuks. Or TRUE cowards.

”Lt Col Tim Spicer [the Aegis anti-Iraqi terrorist] asserts
that the soldiers who shot an unarmed teenager in the back,
having searched him, did no wrong. In our view this is a
totally unsuitable individual to be awarded such a
potentially controversial contract in Iraq.“

”[COWARDLY] US troops take over mosque, turn it into a
headquarters for themselves in ar-Ramadi Saturday.“ See?
How stupid is that?

Why can they not stand up as real men, to war those truly
responsible for the cowardly terrorist acts of nine-eleven, or
the bombing of Samarra? No, as cowardly demonic enemies of
America, brag about murdering innocent women and children,
like, I'd kill him easy, Gunnery Sergeant John Merriman, "At
first I froze on seeing the civilian woman. She then crossed
back again with the child ["no older than 10"] and went behind
a wall. Within less than a minute a guy with an RPG came out
and fired at us from behind the same wall. This happened a
second time so I thought, 'Okay, I get it. Let her come out

again'. She did and this time I took her out with my M-16."

See? I'd joyously kill this dumfuk bushite in praise to God.
"Let her come out again". Think about it. Death to the
bushite, death to our enemies. To kill a bushite thief, is to
save the lives of the godly innocent they murder in our names.
Here's another, that any real man from any country, likewise
would kill instantly in defense of Freedom and Liberty.

”Mike Brooks was one of the commanders who had given the
order to shoot at civilian vehicles. It weighed on his mind,
even though he felt he had no choice but to do everything to
protect his marines from another ambush.“

Weighed on his mind to indiscriminately commit mass murder?
Fuck you. See the bushite, you kill it for Christ, you kill
it for America, you kill it for the Love God has for children
everywhere. Die bushite die.

Who would have thought a soulless bushite slave would kill
another bushite slave for a stolen nickel that they likely
spooked from an undefended American grand parent, left still,
in the repuglicon clutches of the lawless demon anti-Christ?
I did. As does many others.

”Marine Airhart who quit in disgust of witnessing the truly
demonic behaviors of the bushite enemy forces "I was there
four months," he says of Guantanamo, "and there wasn't a day
that there wasn't some sort of prisoner-beating festivity
going on." “

Oh, and by the way, bushites are currently wishing to pirate
our public justice system here in Canada, and I might actually
go to prison fraudulently, for pro-totalitarian interests, as
the TRUE Leader of the Free World, all because You apparently
refuse to defend yourself by helping me out some. Private
interest media maestros don't want to tell our dying for bush
soldiers, our kids, that Ahmad funded 9/11's Atta. You dumb
bastards.. don't do this to yourself quietly. Knock knock.
Is it "Al-Qaida", or is it America? Nobody puts Baby in the

So, please, consider forwarding this post to church groups,
police stations, NRA members, biker gangs, and youth out-reaches.
For, our corporate news agencies refuse to defend ourselves
from the neocon terrorists responsible for 9/11. Do let them
escape my friends, don't let them escape.


Pentagon Details Abuse of Iraq Detainees

”Specific names and locations, including the identities of
the [bushite] military unit(s) [who criminally commit torture
against the innocent as traitors], were blacked out. “


People of Earth
The Son to God Speaks


”If the 2004 Battle of Fallujah is a precursor for an
attack against Ramadi, the U.S. military MAY cordon off an
escape route for women and children [to be murdered further up
the road], but forbid the men and older boys [older equals
older than nine, or in around nine] to leave. [TO WHERE?] “


The Case of the Missing $21 Billion Who's Following the Iraq Money?

”What better way to follow that money than an
impeachment hearing into why the president unconstitutionally
subverted the intent of Congress in establishing an office of
special inspector general for corruption in Iraq? “



”..American citizens have actually been interrogated at the
military base Mihail Kogalniceanu close to the [Romanian] city
of Constanza at the Black Sea. “DON'T GO SILENT




Innocent Falling in Your Name

I BEG America to hunt down and Prosecute George W. Bush in
the names of the innocent falling in your name. If a bushite
claims objection in support of the demon anti-Christ,
Prosecute it too as traitor. Anyone who vocally supports the
escape of Rumsfeld, bush, or Cheney for 9/11, to torture, or
more Guantanamo, please Prosecute for God's mercy, in defense
of all Life I plead, please help the Innocent, please help me.

America's corporate NAZI propagandists, who deny truths to be
spoken in Humanity's defenses, are enemies of US all. The FBI
states General Ahmad funded 9/11's Atta, and news
professionals would rather have Your children suffer and die
as terror victims, than allow Justice be spoken for my
defense. American Patriot Warriors, hunt bushite as the
ENEMIES TO EVERYONE. Iran has not stated "The Holocaust never
happened", and the Son of Man states, a free man shall not be
imprisoned through decisions made privately by FOX NEWS
enemies, the bushite conspirators. Propaganding traitors to
God and country.

Lieutenant Ehren Watada:

"It was a betrayal of the trust of the American people. And
these lies were a betrayal of the trust of the military and
the soldiers."

Please, do not leave my calls for Justice go unheard from your
fear of LIAR demon Bush being done in by his treasonous evil
wickedness as betrayals to our American flag. Rise up to find
the will as courage to destroy the freedom flag burning George
Walker Bush instead, as our living struggle to preserve the
dying freedoms of US all, the truly innocent, and in so doing,
you'll be using God's heart as your own.

ENEMY EVIL FOX NEWS quoting Ahmadinejad:

"The Holocaust never happened."

[Implying what?, that the Bush family and Hitler weren't in on
together, killing US either?]

What Ahmadinejad actually said:

"Why then should the Palestinians pay the price of what the
Europeans did against the Jews?"

Ahmadinejad's ignorance of the Bush\Nazi alliance as
documented World War II history, [Charles Higham], or the
Bush\Shah of Iran plan, doesn't automatically
condemn our Humanity to suffer once more, unprovoked Nazi
atrocities at the criminal actions of our sworn enemies, if we
can help it.

"..it wasn't the Arabs who did it [THE HOLOCAUST]; it was the
Europeans. Why then should the Palestinians pay the price of
what the Europeans did against the Jews?" (Musayeb Naimi
quoting in English, his version of Ahmadinejad's Arabic
remarks, editor of Al Wefaq, New York Times, December 20,

This could be really good beyond magnificent, or deadly dreary
as the ending to our disenfranchised Humanity. The clock is
ticking, a real life is on the line here; freedom or tyranny,
hope or despair, heaven or hell, YOU DECIDE., you'd better, or
somebody else will for you.


GI Special 4F4: "That's Not A Terrorist" - June 6, 2006

”"I see two [BUSHITE] soldiers kicking the heads around like
a soccer ball. I just shut my mouth, walked back, got inside
the tank, shut the door, and it was like, I can't be no part
of this.“


UK 'Undercover Soldiers' Driving Booby-Trapped Car

”Why were undercover British [BUSHITE] soldiers wearing
traditional Arab headscarves firing at Iraqi police? “


The True Red White and Blue - American Patriot Answers the Call to
- A recording on the reality of George W. Bush's treason to US.



”In other words -- and let's say this plainly, clearly and
soberly, so that no one can mistake the intention of
Rumsfeld's plan -- the United States government is planning to
use "cover and deception" and secret military operations to
provoke murderous terrorist attacks on innocent people. “


The Pirates of Israel


”Included in the deal is a chance for Iran to prove the
U.S. accusations false, a preposterous notion of justice
which amounts to nothing less than extortion. As Lincoln once
remarked, "A highwayman holds a pistol to my ear and cries,
'Stand and deliver, or I will be forced to kill you and you
will be a murderer." “

Look, it's the translations that corporate America refuses to
do accurately.

The Non-Proliferation Treaty stipulates SPECIFICALLY that Iran
has the right to nuclear power, co-signed by all standing
active members including AMERICA! America gave Iran the
technology in the first place! Bushite amerka has no evidence
that Iran is enriching weapons grade uranium, nor the evidence
that they have the VERY difficult ability of a VERY different
thing. Where is Our United Nations on this knowledge? IAEA?
Absent as per-usual? Again, almost 50 billions dollars was
mis-appropriated as stolen through the 661 committee's
oil-for-food program, with Kofi and the gang's un-willingness
to speak out for your lost funs, leaves us still broke and
dethroned. Where is the United Nations or the IAEA when FOX
NEWS reports Iran claims the Holocaust never happened? FOX
NEWS reporters who translate such insane lies should be
prosecuted for war bating propaganda as serious to the core
NAZI TREASON against the good old red, white, and blue, no?
They do have a responsibility to not purposefully mislead
America for more bountiful bushite deaths and suffering, no?
What do you think?


It is only America's welfare state, the masked bigot
Likudniks, the pirates of Israel, and the lawless bushite
zionist neocon enemies that want to nuke our Humanity to
poison our dying Earth for their personal private cash profits
at the sacrifice of censored corporate "no politics" pro-war
talk radio Amerka, but truly know, if they even seriously
contemplated attempting to mini-nuke our Earth, LET THEM KNOW,
we all from every race, nationality, and religion, would rise
up as nature's survivors, and rip them to pieces for our solid
core blood brothers, Mohammad/Christ\Hillel simply guaranteed,
without question. Any barely standing still prissing proud as
godless dumfuk bushite soldier obscening, would be rightly
"Lighten up", destroyed lovingly by it's Patriotic brother,
Sensitive father, Caring mother, Smarter sister, Braver son or
Dear daughter, Friendly neighbor, Old School Chum, Complete
Stranger, or just the risen from the grave eternal defender,
the ever great, poor boy Johnny Wizard.



”Presenting ourselves to meet the challenge of gaining
our own Humanity we are trying. Have faith that as the
Universe revolves around all things to be known of, so
too, is Life's true magnificence an honor to honor for.
Wow. You are a living dream, so, wake up and help out.“


”Captured fighters don't deserve these [Geneva] rights
because this isn't a war between countries, says [CANADA'S]
Lieutenant-General Michel Gauthier [..]

Terrorism: warranting the return of talks against this
Canadian wannabe bushite enemy. Know Canada, our cowardly,
pro-bush nazi commander encourages US to hand prisoners to
dumfuk pro-amerkans for false incarceration or sadistic
satanic torture. I want Harper tried by CANADA for treason on
this. Harper knows personally that his close bum buddy, demon
enemy Bush committed 9/11, as would have to, Hillier, but
instead as standing proud for Canadian freedom as peace
keepers, they lie to war our kids to have them die for
phantoms in Afghanistan, all for the benefiting private pocket
of weapons dealer O'Conner. [WHO? CBC Canada doesn't tell.]
Taliban was just a loose group of barely literate mixed tribe
wannabe Muslims, fighting for women's rights, and opening
girls school programs, who like Laden have so far, absolutely
nothing to do directly with the crime scene of 9/11. If the
Taliban as portrayed exist as individuals, they'd only need to
step "up" to join the currently protected by Canada as a
muslim fundamentalist regime of enron loving heroin pushers
who execute CHRISTIANS without trial. Down with Harper's
bullshit "C.R.A.P." party, and up with the Son's Command. All
in favor. I.


For freedom and America, God and Humanity.

Or, as Col. Michael Olivier told Robert Worth of The Times:
"First we blow up YOUR house [inhabited], then we pay you [or
somebody else who may have survived] to rebuild it. [much
later. Maybe, if Sattler hasn't already stolen all the cash
like typical neo-con bushite enemy liars do, much identical to
Saudi Wahhabi commander of the Third Infantry, 170 ton plastic
explosive expert, Buford "bush bitch" Blount, who gets more
cowardly dumfuk Marines killed by IED for money through rotten
rumsfeld's P2OG than anyone.]"

No, not true. Sattler stole the cash once it was realized
that of the estimated 250,000 innocent men women and 10 year
old children forbidden to leave the city before the
indiscriminate bombing campaigns began, (which included many
2000 pound radio-active wmd bombs, sexy rummy's cluster dud
land mines, napalm, and deadly white phosphorous gas,) found
later in a city that originally had a population estimated at
near 350,000, only 300 [THREE HUNDRED] left!, willing to
thankfully take the FREEBEE 50 dollars to bury their rotting
dead, find near impossible emergency food and water stolen by
enemy bushite earlier, repair bombed health car clinics [the
FIRST strike targets], buy flowers for the troops, then,
lastly, rebuild their totaled home, and ancient mosques.
Mountains of dead bodies of ourselves as the innocent never
seen since these demon nazis last attacked Our Humanity. Kill
nazi bushite enemy with pleasure in serving for America and
freedom everywhere, as any propagandist holocaust denier who
lies to US otherwise to state a bushite fights for Jesus or
freedom. A good bushite is a dead bushite halted from
victimizing our loving humanity with their treasonous lies and
betrayals to the tele-viewing Audience.

Die bushite die.

”U.S. forces had urged [more than 200,000 INNOCENT PEOPLE]
Fallujans [forcibly] trapped in the city to stay in their
homes, but "troops using thermal sights often assumed that if
there was a 'hot spot' inside a house — indicating body heat
the people inside were insurgents."“

Then of course before entering a house, they would super
grenade it, or just blow the whole thing down, just to stay on
the side of enemy to all living things as the truly ungodly
enemies of EVERYONE. Especially when repeatedly announcing
all those unable to leave, including infants and elderlies in
wheel chairs, were all just evil terrorists worthy of first
degree murder with George W. Bush as their demonic lying
unjust Denier in/as Thief.

”US military had blocked any assistance from reaching
Fallujah's beleaguered residents.“



snpd - (man, don't miss this important discovery..)


”BBC: What kind of abuses were going on that you experienced?

"I seen innocent people being killed, IEDs goes off and you just zap
farmer who's close to you, hit him with the 50 or Mark 19“

Not everybody. We hunt every bushite commander down, try it, and
then execute it for the glory Christ in a Just America.

”If the troops were on a mission of mercy to bring
democracy to Iraq, wouldn’t keeping children away from such
[contaminated radio-active] dangers be the top priority?“



”However, in a tape released on December 27, 2001, the
authenticity of which is not in doubt, Osama denied having had
anything to do with 9/11. "Moreover," Fetzer added, "some of
the 19 hijackers he 'personally assigned' have turned up alive
and well." “

”Mark Bingham, a passenger on Flight 93, is supposed to have
called his mother and said, 'Hi, Mom, this is Mark Bingham!'
His mother confirmed it was his voice, but does anyone
seriously believe that Mark Bingham would have used his last
name in identifying himself to his mother?" “


A now declassified document with Rumsfeld's signature calls
for keeping prisoners in [extremely] painful positions..

President Reagan officially finds Rumsfeld executed publicly

Bag one for the Gipper!


Wait a Moment


Air America Interviews The God Loving Bushite Killer J. Wizard!


Near Impossible to believe!

”"similar themes go through all our streams. And it all
comes back as Confucius says, "Do unto others, as you would
have them do unto you." And Christ said that, Hillel said
that, Buddha said that, everybody says that, cause that's all
it is. But bushite, he wants to accuse People of criminal
offenses without any evidence, and indiscriminately slaughter
everybody in countries, for no good reason but to be OUR

documented war crimes of the enemy bushite

reality in Israel






Inside Out

” How can those who want accountability be termed
anti-Iraqi? only through cowardly liars, is an American
told America's not going to hunt down those who stole in
their names for dying.“



”The actual text forbids a Jew to kill
innocents even to save his own life. After all, God
created all human beings "in his own image"
(Genesis 1:27). “


51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration With the Nazis


You be the judge: Shouldn't this be OUR BIG NEWS STORY?
And, who's interest is it, that it is yet to be made so
by Your entertaining national news programming? Whos?
The People's? Freedom's? Or the forces of bushite
tyranny to keep the US unaware of Freedom's true glory?


”"I will name Richard Cheney as prime suspect in the
mass murders of 9/11 “



”``People trying to help us were wounded or ran away.
After a minute, the helicopters came back and fired
again. They came three or four times.''“

This action is typical for the enemies of Life bushite.




”Sattler, as a result of ignoring reason and understanding,
went out and sacrificed all these marines that are now dead.“



The J. Wizard Comic Book!


Godsmack - Awake - "Hear the silence about to break."


”Bush's refusal to talk to the Iranians, except in terms
of threats and ultimatums, seems reckless. “

That demon enemy of Christ even refused to read the 18 page
letter, and excepted only a brief brief on the matter..
Contempt for every American soldier that has ever served,
but, well, who really truly cares right? [his handlers have
recently informed the demon enemy to pretend to all he
could read it instead.]



”Last October, the Army's Criminal Investigation
Command concluded that there was probable cause to charge
27 officers“



”Now that's a problem. I own the company that hosts
Capitol Hill Blue. So, in effect, the feds want me to
turn over information on myself and not tell myself that
I'm doing it. You'd think they'd know better.

I turned the letter over to my lawyer and told him to
send the following message to the feds: Fuck you.
Strong letter to follow. “


”2.5 terabytes of data about Mohammed Atta [...] a
three-hour briefing for the chairman of the Joint Chiefs
of Staff is historically insignificant? A briefing that
included Richard Schiefren (ph), with Steve Cambone, in
March of 2001, five months before 9/11, is historically
insignificant? I don't think so.“


”Problem is, everything that worked at the CIA—that it
warned about 9/11 and said the Iraq war was a bad
idea—was on the hit list. The Bushies wanted to
eliminate the people who were right and promote those who
were wrong. “

I'm telling you, the demon anti-Christ of Creation is
like, really evil man.



”Once known for flying around VIPs such as Arnold
Schwarzenegger and Kofi Annan, the plane has been used by
the CIA to fly around renditioned prisoners and their CIA
captors. “

Crimes against America, crimes against God.


Christ Wars Bushite Enemies for the Love of our Living God


Don't miss it!


Book of John:

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and
the Word was God."

Liberal Defence "critic" Ujjal Dosanjh:

"We carved a line in the rugged hills of Afghanistan, not with
our words but with our legendary courage, the blood and the
sweat of our men and women of the Canadian Forces"

To die for heroin pushing while making Christianity "illegal?"
While helping to let Bush escape 911 with a new enron pipe line?
Cowards led without courage, who have died for no better good
or, even reason spoken. Remember: Canadian forces are fighting to
protect a muslim fundamentalist regime, who doesn't want free
speech protected. My armed and ready friends, why not fight
with words to allow J. Wizard to politely respond to our
deadly enemies who fight to keep our Humanity in darkness with

deliberate bushite enemy ignorance.

Hillary Clinton recently talking about how great Bush, the
un-elected demon anti-Christ is:

"Charming" "Charismatic" and "Good Company"



”By 2002, on the eve of the US-led invasion, Baghdad was
full of booming businesses, restaurants were full, and
families walked freely along well-lit parks.“


"We don't know why they bomb our house and our fields. We
have never resisted the Americans."

Because they, the bushite are enemies of all Creation.
Feel no remorse in killing demonic liar bushite, for they
hold all American values in true contempt.


Probable Cause for Alarm
Press ignores Ex-NSA chief's ignorance of Constitution




It should be known why. The reason America murders their own
children in NYC is because they, the demonic repuglicons, need
to protect the lie that children born to HIV positive mothers,
are not likely to die of immune disorders, unless they are force
fed expensive pharma. snpd


Remember swine flu shots? You should


”The CPA didn’t properly check out the courier before handing
over the cash, [1.5 BILLION] and, as a result, according to an audit
report by the CPA’s inspector general, ‘there was an increased risk
of the loss or theft of the cash. “



”US troops [bushite enemy of true freedoms] raid all Internet
cafes in city cutting off communications with outside world. “


”When the auditors in the New York City office learned well in
advance which files a review team would check, they spent the
equivalent of more than 47 days doctoring the papers and
updating records from several audits, the Defense Department's
inspector general concluded. Administrative staff, audit
supervisors and other employees also participated in the
scheme. “

These are acts of high TREASON.


”So we've never made the case, or argued the case that somehow
Osama bin Laden [sic] was directly involved in 9/11. That
evidence has never been forthcoming.“


Justice for Johnny

Notes to Lawyers who wish to contribute to J. Wizard's
defense on a quid pro quo - maybe I can pay you back later


”The heaviest sentence imposed on anyone to date for a torture-related
death while in U.S. custody is five months,“


Know Thy Enemy - Christs Comedy of Error - Truly amazing audio





”2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but
thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which
say they are Jews, and are not, but [are] the synagogue
of Satan. “

”1. Is Scottie getting worse at lying, or are
we just getting better at seeing the truth? “

”It has denied that there were any civilian casualties,
despite television footage showing dead and wounded
women and children being pulled from the rubble of
flattened homes. “While sadistic satanic enemies cheer at
God's suffering - proudly kill a bushite for the love of Jesus

Battle Plan of Christ


”"The Zarqawi PSYOP program is the most successful
information campaign to date." - Brig. Gen. Mark
Kimmitt, in an internal 2004 memo praising the
propaganda campaign to hype the threat of Iraq's
"terrorist mastermind" Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. “

”But if you listen to Cheney, people are just picking on
Halliburton because they don't like him. Not so. I
would be mad at any company that billed me for driving
empty trucks across the desert, but it just so happens
that Halliburton is the company at the wheel. “


Isahaqi, - Children of Abraham: Death in the Desert




”Why would [subhuman bushite] guards torture a man they
considered innocent? “Because they are openly enemies to
Christ. I say, kill it for America when you can, God bless.


”When Specialist Corey E. Jones struck the knees of the
Dilawar, he cried out painfully to Allah (God). Jones said,
"Everybody heard him cry out and thought it was funny."
Hundreds of blows later, Dilawar died in custody.“

I say we hunt them down, and get'em good for God and America,
what say you potential innocent victim?


”The evil of this deliberate policy is great in itself; but
the broader implications are perhaps even worse. For consider
this: if American troops can be propagandized to believe such
a transparent lie about Iraq's non-existent connection to 9/11
- what can't they be manipulated into believing?“

They, the bushite enemy, have no soul as disciples of the
demon antiChrist.

”That is already averaging this year about 6 times the normal
incidence of new lung cancer cases in a year. “

All thanks to the liar bushite enemy who claim for our
Humanity that WE can eat depleted uranium "by the poundful",
and suffer no ill effects while they cash in as corporate
media successes. - Are You willing to join the rank now?



”* A clear majority of the troops oppose torture and
aggressive interrogation techniques and four out of five
polled oppose the use of such banned weapons as napalm and
phosphorus bombs, such as US forces employed in the assault on
Fallujah in November 2004.“


”The primary "evidence" against another was that he was
captured wearing a particular Casio watch, "which many
terrorists wear." “

Now, wouldn't you as godly Christian, hunt to kill any bushite
enemy who argued such evidence warranted torture, or life
imprisonment of an innocent person?

”Instead of rebuilding several steam-turbine power
stations— as Iraqi engineers and managers recommended—the
CPA’s crony contractors chose to build new natural gas and
diesel-powered combustion-turbine stations, despite the fact
that Iraq doesn’t have adequate supplies of either. “

Speak for Yourself

”Deborah Johns blames "al Qaeda" for our military deaths
(including Casey Sheehan's) in Iraq! http://www.tjslGOP.org
Please, trust me, if I did speak for Ms. Johns her opinions
would be more informed. “

Sept. 11's Smoking Gun: The Many Faces of Saeed Sheikh


"The ungodly crazycon is a formidable opponent, but I think
my America will triumph over the enemy demon liars if I am granted
the opportunity to say something about it."

- King J. Wizard


"That is a high act of treason. And it's not, "oh well, but
maybe it's not true.." No, we have the two documents of question."


US Church Alliance: Washington is 'Raining Down Terror' with Iraq War,


”"We acknowledge with shame abuses carried out in our name."“

”"As the national intelligence officer for the Middle East, I
was in charge of coordinating all of the intelligence
community's assessments regarding Iraq," Pillar writes. "The
first request I received from any administration policy-maker
for any such assessment was not until a year into the war."


"OK, I saw Bin Laden five times: three times on
Al Jazeera and twice on Yemeni news." His "admission" was duly
recorded in a case file: "Detainee admitted to knowing Osama
bin Laden." “



”But when a Jew, Ezra Levant, publishes cartoons that
incense Canada's 600,000 Muslims and touch off demonstrations,
well that's "free speech." “

Er.. Yah but... Ezra Levant ISN'T Jewish!

Zionist Neo Conservatives often likewise co-opt
the Jew label too. There is more to being Jewish than
covering a bald spot with a funny hat, or being related to one
of the more than fifty million people that tragically died
fifty so years ago at the hands of the same Bush family Empire
of nazi demon liars.


”In typical disingenuous neocon fashion, Pipes alleges
a “conspiracy theory” but refuses to cite or quote Bollyn’s
article. “

”The cameraman, a soldier, filming these violent scenes laughs
and says: “No crying kids, no crying!” “



”All the while the callous cameraman delivers a
stomach-churning commentary urging his mates on, cackling with
laughter and screaming: "Oh yes! Oh yes! You're gonna get
it. Yes, naughty little boys! You little f***ers, you little
f***ers. DIE! Ha, ha!"“

Have you seen this video? the children, of at least one was
murdered, look to be about twelve. Reported nation wide as
"civilians" maybe "youths", but not children by corporate
fascist news content controls. In fact, I don't believe CNN
or CBC even aired more than two or three seconds of concern.
Those are my kids, and I'll kill without question any wannabe
bushite enemy who demands I have no RGIHt! to act in their

I beg you on behalf of Jesus, join me in hunting these enemies
of Life down to death. I will give anything to anyone to have
these evil nazi bushite savages destroyed - death to the
thieving bushite that Bush and Blair leave walking our streets
as free to further commit crimes in our names. Who was
arrested? Who is investigating? See the bushite, you kill it
for America, you kill it for Christ, you kill it for the love
you have of freedom, life, and God.

”In other words, as one analyst phrased it, "Congress would
never have granted Bush permission to do something that,
according to Gonzales, it had already granted him permission
to do."“



Propagandized stupider than the fates will allow


The "Shock and Awe" Gallery©

”"The children seem to be the most openly enthused.
They are getting a chance at a future the likes of which
would never have been possible under the oppressive


When we cancel other people's human rights, we cancel our own.

= Highwater =


”In another characteristic incident, Bush asserted, as he
has repeatedly, that any decision on withdrawal of American
troops from Iraq "will be made by military commanders, not by
politicians in Washington DC." “

Exactly. The demon enemy of life itself, Our Mr. bush Jnr.,
who publicly parades his contempt for freedom and God, must
be stopped for all costs, that include for sure, your own
as reader.



”"I think they thought we wouldn't shoot kids, But we
showed them we don't care. I did what I had to do. I
don't have a big problem with it" - U.S. Army Pvt.
Nick Boggs“

One of Rumsfeld's last quotes before he was executed for high treason.
"War has been declared on all of our nations and on our people."




I, J. Wizard, in the city of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba


Pakistani ISI Director General Ahmad orders an aide to wire
transfer about $100,000 to hijacker Atta. Ahmad later resigns
after the transfer is disclosed in India and confirmed by the
FBI. [Dawn, 10/8/01, Times of India, 10/9/01, Wall Street
Journal, 10/10/01, AFP, 10/10/01] The individual who makes the
wire transfer at Ahmad's direction is Saeed Sheikh, later
convinced for kidnapping and murdering reporter Daniel Pearl
in February 2002. ABC News later reports, "federal
authorities have told ABC News they've now tracked more than
$100,000 from banks in Pakistan to two banks in Florida to
accounts held by suspected hijack ringleader Mohamed Atta."
[ABC News, 9/30/01] CNN also reports the $100,000 transfer,
and the New York Times specifies that it came in 2000. [CNN,
10/1/01, CNN, 10/6/01, New York Times, 7/10/02] Ahmad's order
must have preceded June 2000, since that's when Atta and
others started opening bank accounts and receiving the money
($109,910 is received by Atta and Marwan Alshehhi between June
19 and September 18). [MSNBC, 12/11/01]

snpd all the evidence for 911.. Doh.)


The Crown's interpretations of my possessions are not my expressions!!


The Judge through this whole thing out for the defense
without any consideration offered to OUR COURT!



Since I am representing myself on these particular criminal
matters, Legal Aid is not required to lend assistance on the
grounds that I'm not co-operating with the system as it
operates through professional Barred representations. [I am
eligible for walk in consultations but nothing of the sort of
assistance I am requesting] Considering the complexity of my
judicial matter, I would request legal assistance from the
Court in these following areas.

1. National Security Issues

I need assistance in understanding the legal statutes that our
national security services are obligated to practice under, to
insure our national security matters are being truly defended
in my respect.



”The U.S. War Crimes Act of 1996 makes such conduct by a
member of the U.S. armed forces a "war crime" punishable by
fine, imprisonment or, in cases resulting in death to the
victim, the death penalty. “



”When we first approached the Marines with this evidence, they
responded in quite a hostile fashion. They accused us of
buying into enemy propaganda. “


”Fake bin Laden tapes, "verified" by the CIA, are nothing
new. Every supposed bin Laden statement since 2001 has been
blatantly bogus. The last we heard from the real bin Laden
came in his post-9/11 statements to Pakistani journalists:


"I stress that I have not carried out this act, which appears
to have been carried out by individuals with their own
motivation. ... I have already said that I am not involved
in the 11 September attacks in the United States. ... I had
no knowledge of these attacks."“


The Benderman Cause

A Canadian Soldier's Life Held in Contempt - The Verdict

LET IT BE KNOWN - Propagandized stupider than the fates will allow

Realize, CNN and CBC have received this post, yet, continue to
treasonously lie to dying soldier families.

Nazi Israel - The Judgment of Jesus

Unjust as they are ungodly, bushites are our enemies

ATTENTION: All admirable soldiers and police officers - Realize, CNN
and CBC have received this post, yet, continue to treasonously lie to
dying soldier families.

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Yeah Way
2007-02-22 22:23:45 UTC
Raw Message
Don't let these neocon zionist bastards do this to US.

Bushwhore Tony Snow "[...]We konw[...]"

General Pace "[..]WE DON'T HAVE PROOF[...]"

Senator Hagel "..we're decimating our National Guard."

Again, commander Blount, a Saudi, from the third infantry,
gave out 170 TONS of plastic explosives from Qaqaa to kill
Marines with. And, "American Patriots" don't rightly bill the
true demon nazi fuker for it. Again, Blount, a Saudi,
confesses to ordering SOULESS bushite soldiers to murder
People indiscriminately for profit, all so to let US know he
is there still laughing with our stolen billions. Bill the
bushite Bush bitch Blount, a Satanic demon ENEMY for it.. why
don't you? as the snookered to sacrifice your loved Family
Guy, American Dad? Corporate TV News people are part of a
death cult that doesn't rely US on evidence for proof they say
we believe them unbiasedly without question. While forbidding
ourselves to hear OUR calls for real Justice.

Nationally broadcasted every day across America, Mr. George
Norry publicly supports the murder of innocent Arab children,
and I'm beginning to really hate a silent dying America for
it. Speak to defend the innocent in this world American, or
die yourself from self contempt. The Coast to Coast Network
staff must be taken back by Americans, to allow free open
communications unruled by traitors. Or, go willingly further
silent on the forbidden FACT that General Ahmad funded 911's
Atta. The FACT we have video footage of melted steel flowing
like water out of of the WTC towers, and, video footage of
supporting beams cut by demolition thermite in the raised
basement. The FACT that WTC7 was pulled according to many in
the rescue effort who were advised to move back, cause the
building was coming down shortly by explosives. while, the
bushite billionaire zionist owner, M. SLVSTIN later then said
no we didn't instead. Why is that significant in our shared
reality? Well, who personally then let set the explosives in
Building Seven for the bushmob to get blown into Afghanistan
for American pension thieving Enron? Do do do do do do do, do
do do do do. do do do do do do..

The riddler,

King Johnny Wizard
President and CEO


/ / My friends, People are dying because the magic radio and
TV wont broadcast our publicly available findings. Police
findings. People are dying needlessly, illegally,
irrationally like meaning really stupidly on Bush's behalf,
for they claim, we don't want to be 'embarrassing ourselves',
[...] you people seem to not be there for God when the chips
are down, and truth is plain to see.. 911 was an inside job,
and CBC with CNN don't want to tell us about it, but will
watch our LOVED children lied to, to go out and die further
for a causeless war of criminality unparalleled in it's
wickedness. \ \

Support Johnny's run for acknowledgement, and get US in the
News why don't You. Let me be king for a day my American Kin.
Make me a rich, near to dwell, well to do.

Get it done.

King Johnny Wizard
President and CEO


Quote from Alex Jones, in his
http://rss.nfowars.net/20070216_Fri_Alex.mp3 [use Firefox]
daily News Podcast, which included an interview with former federal
prosecutor, Elizabeth de la Vega, on her new book called
United States v. George W. Bush et al. Making a case, in
devastating detail, just how easy a lock solid formal
indictment against the bushmob illusionists IS POSSIBLE.

"These gems keep popping out like their being dropped by leprechauns!"


[audio posted on 16th, yet still not with Google, it does appear.]

promoted through the tyranny of censorship

Corporate News America's Terror Expert, Gaffney, who publicly
advocates the rape and murder of the innocent in Iraq to
thieve from for the 'escaping' neocons, (as the truly
UNGODLY,) stated these words about why American Soldiers
continue to lawlessly DIE sacrificed for no better good or
reason understood, as total willing dumfuks under deep

"It is not George Bush, it is not the Neocons, it is not
people who have been advocating waging that [IRRATIONAL 'Evil'
UNJUST] war [against the established innocent] where we find
our [hidden from view] enemies, who are responsible for that
fact that we are indeed in a global war [sacrificing our
conned kids to the un-accountable war profiteering thieves of
American labor as the UNELECTED]. It *is* the enemy that
started it, that is pursuing it, and that is trying to bring
it here back here home now. [, and that way, us neocon
zionists would miserably fail against those who would speak in
freedom's demand for Universal Justice. Real freedom I mean
of course, you know, evidence to form conclusion factually,
public trial by questioning juries, blah blah blah. We can't
have that Now can We? Colmes? Greenwald?]"

"," = swinging pocket watch

Don't let these neocon zionist bastards doe this to US.
Either Gaffney suffers from some blind dolt syndrome, where he
clearly can't see himself flailing madly in criminal
ignorance, or he's an accomplis of blatant treachery, to help
escape his demonic war profiteering benefactors who murdered
thousands of Americans for similar gains through the
unspeakable bonanza of the "Pearle Harbor" like event that 911
was. What the peenackers publicly stressed they would crave
to fool US into Iraq and beyond as glorified war criminals.
911, New York City, where thousands of Americans were
murdered, and millions polluted. killed like now American
teen soldiers with the Iraqis. Led by a Sattler, or Mattis,
Blount or Russell, who order the murder of women and children
openly, and 'they', the actual soulless minions of the demon
antichrist, the true dumfuk cowardly enemies of Humanity,
don't cut them down instantly instead for Life as cherished.
That must change for our betterments. Kill any bushite bomber
and be loved by God's America.

Any Commander that doesn't support the arrest of those
responsible for 911 and the subsequnce neocon war crimes of
Iraq, is a traitor to God and Country. Death to the bushite,
death to our enemies so says Johnny.

How much much God take as taken, before you people get on over
this criminally empowered war monger Congress of an unelected
lawless dictator demon, and call them out on the turning talk
commercial radios, all to finally truly defend ourselves with
a good media plan for results.

Make the call, be a man.

further to the death cults of corporate news:

Realize, our corporate experts on Life in the national news
agenda, don't work to defend our children from mercury in
innoculations they promote for profit. Nor, do they tell US
about radio-active depleted uranium. Instead, as now, they
look to blame others, even God, when suggesting dna is
responsible, as if the American corp public could even comprehend
multi-demensional cross kingdoming. They can't, (too stupid)
but their Satanic death cult [no evidence] where they News
pretend and WE DIE, they are willing to continue to go with
by refusing all calls. Ahmad funded Atta, but they don't
want to tell US there either. Look how many people they have
so far watched murdered as the innocent for zionism while

Support our call to be heard my brothers.


Sir Ken, head of the Crown Prosecution Service

"The fight against terrorism on the streets of [..] is not a
war. It is the prevention of crime, the enforcement of our
laws and the winning of justice for those damaged by their

You got that right. So, join US in demanding the quick
trials, and public executions of known bushite enemies who
murdered Americans on 911 with general Ahmad, and who with
Peter Powers, murdered the innocent in Britain for more stolen
goods against God. And anyone in the air force as bushite
bombers should be a great joy for US all to hunt for
prosecuting too. The bushite dumfuk is an enemy to our lives,
with it's blatant naked contempt for the innocent, who like
the demon liar THEIVES at CJOB, George Norry, or Hannity, will
forbid ANY human defenses of the lawless dictate of the
IRRATIONAL tyrannical demon antichrist, all so to victimize
more of You as the censored forsaken.

REPENT. [from the Greek, meaning to think.]

The TRUE Son of Man Johnny Wizard Exists Born to this Eternal
World to end permanently demonic bushite enemies of Creation.
Help Life out by destroying cowardly America's greatest threat
to the Species, the greatest threat against Humanity's Freedom
to be Loved by God. Corporate nazi zionist bushlores at CBC,
CNN, and criminal thieving from the desperately poor in
Winnipeg CJOBers forbid open communications, and I can't 'take
over', because then I'd be defeating my own, power to the
Peoples argument. So, it really is up to YOU, yes you
there... reader. Who.. really..? YOU, here, now. Life
begs, takes a stand for your fellow man, and demand our voices
heard for the defense of the entire human race. And be quick
about it. Repuglicons don't want freedom from endless war
where they kill your forsaken kids, for we all know, bushites
would be publicly tried, then spend the rest of their
treasonous lives behind bars broke, or dead from lethal
injections made popular in America. Again, officer Bowman is
responsible for letting 'escape' those from Fort Detrick, who
attempted to murder the American Congressmen who thought going
into lawless tyranny, !makes no sense! Where is corporate
America on our issues when OUR free speech is ruled by the
irrational evil minds of Limbaugh, Bell, and Norry?!?!! Back
to Bowman: Bowman, also is responsible for sabotaging the
Moussaoui warrant. And, how much you wanna bet, he's probably
the same bushite who found Atta's passport, and likely had all
19 names of the high-jackers to give CNN, CBC, and FoxNews
just like the neocon's "bin Laden" would have too. Take the
publicly prancing bushite enemy out for questions by yourself,
if he doesn't plead his defense publicly on Coast to Coast by
tomorrow. Remember, there ain't an "Intelligence" group worth
their salt on the face of our Earth, that doesn't know exactly
what I'm doing here honorably for a real Justice made through
careful thought. So, support Johnny Wizard speaking for
public challenges internationally, and with the 23 plus
co-operating for life 'Intel' agencies, along with, anyone
else who can join in on the call. as a growing number of
Patriot Soldiers, who trust yourself to see, this wanting of
Justice isn't complicated. A person accused of a terrorist
event without any evidence, has our accuser a bushite, who
should be watched carefully until verifiable conclusions are
done by the understanding of fact. Not faith. With George W.
Bush making real decisions in faith, expecting us to believe
as corporately broadcasted unabashedly unbiased, that he
is not a deliberate incompetent monster war criminal
of unfathomable evil?, who is just too 'stupid' to understand
why we are innocent until proven otherwise?, is really
something we all need to scream about to save our dying lives.

"[..] just like the neocon's "bin Laden" would have too."

However, the real Laden, on video taped confession, claimed he
played no part whatsoever in 911, then later, offered himself
for arrest, confident he would be acquitted. Not corporately
newsworthy though, so, few even know why their American child
was later died in the terrorists act of corporate contempt for
US living Freedom with something greater as real Justice wills

Yours again,

King Johnny Wizard



/ / IDEA: Let’s get our show up and running, by allowing open
public investigations To be conducted internationally, with
open line challenges, so we can publicly isolate each and
every bushmobster personally responsible for 911, and then,
all of everything else still left outstanding murdering
ourselves. Whatdoyahsay?? \ \

Art Bell, the zionist enemy of Life, wont allow free
communications with the established facts though, so, as
natural consequence, America IS dying for their own personal
contempt for the value of Your very own soul. THEIVING
zionist TV america won't put in ten minutes of caring for the
lives of anyone bombed indiscriminately, but for to continue
thieve from US as God unrepresented. George Norry supports in
his broadcasts the murder of Arab children as the godly
innocent, so, I support his immediate execution with AIPAC
Hannity as lying demon nazi traitors to God and America.
AIPAC people are really who all of Humanity should target as
questionable, for first understanding what these, corporate
professionals who are paid tons in spilt blood to spew lie
after lie are, then after open debate, where ANYONE, even
anonymously can speak in their defense, we hunt each and every
guilty lying zionist devil worshipper down, and burn them at
the stake gloriously for God and Country.. Sound good? Or
are we going to continue to go with, Israel is Jewish because
while torturing their "friends", they thieve innocent Peoples
homes, and incarcerate tens of thousands without charge, or
bail, or Court. While dropping more than four million
American worker paid for land mines in Lebanon, across 170
towns and cities to murder children indiscriminately for
decades. I say, save some lives, kill the zionist, and be a
friend for Life to God from the Bible. Or, go to hell and see
if we care.

What do you think? Are you truly all alone on this?

Again, more than half of the money being spent on demon Bush's
wars against life's reason for being, is completely left
un-accounted for thieving. Not spent to offer dumfuk cowardly
soldiers help hunt to kill bushite rapists and torturers.
Stolen American values Just like the bushite soldier on the
ground, who after gunning down innocent people in the street,
go through our pockets to steal the spared change. Kill a
bushite for the love of God why don't you my American Patriot
brother and sisters?, today!

Again, my friends, Art Bell and George Norry have thousands of
bushite dumfuk in America that will phone them to tell US how
greatly they are to have no care for dying freedoms in
America. While when the humans call, Art Bell for example,
between breaks, when privately screening his calls, just hangs
up on anyone he fears might articulate things like Ahmad
funded 911's Atta, according to the FBI, in defense of
America. I say, we at LEAST, talk about putting them both to
death for treasons against Your Life dying teen soldier,
wannabe Patriot. Make sense?

Again, corporate nazi america states 30 percent of America
supports the ungodly George W. Bush's demon antichrist
action, when in truth, it's less than one in a thousand. it's
just CBC, CNN, CJOB, and Art Bell the liars ain't taking our
calls for enlightenment. just like they treat the innocent in
Palestine for zionism's encouraged racist in-action. For what
does a fan of 'we're the best' Coast to Coast radio network
family know about nothing after we witness them froth at the
thoughts of nuking countries, or calling for enemies, none of
us here in North America have any real problems with?

People of Earth, know, these bushite soldiers war Creation
proudly with repeatedly committing aggravated felons, and
South African death squad goons, all to war Love for the
neocon god haters. Who, as peenacking atheists, as their very
own documents stress, would murder anyone of US for a stolen

Die bushite die.

King Johnny Wizard
President and CEO


Eminem "The Stars and Stripes have been swiped."


Unhinged and unfit for office


/ / Mothers of American soldiers of killed in President
George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq joined with a
constitutional lawyer before Congress Thursday to
demand impeachment of the President for lying to
force America into war. Constitutional lawyer
John Bonifaz told a Congressional hearing sufficient
grounds exist to impeach the President for lying
to Congress about the justification for the war. \ \

Protestor's sign: "killing innocent people is the problem not the


/ / Look at this will ya? DU killing American Patriot
Soldiers, while bush revises our continuing history,
like this ain't really happening. I can only again, beg
you as the reader, to wake up to this bush madness, and
support ME, the mythological Son of Man God King
because: my facts I bring to our table, do not change
from your summation of my unbridled character. \ \


Demon G. W. Bush "Our responsibility to history is already
clear: to answer these attacks waged against us by stealth,
deceit and murder and rid the world of evil."

"Deceit" and "murder" to rid our world of justly what dumfuk enemy?





Johnny America says "Kill a bushite and do something right all
for a God loved by might." Every American Air Force member
will DIE personally by my hand if they bomb Iran's power
plants. The bushite slaves have nothing but a contempt for
all Human Life. Justice as freedom WILL be protected,
defended, and liberated from the false accusing bushite nazi
dumfuks. If "Aliens" exist, you can be sure such wise
travelers of this Universe will surely help Our Humanity KILL
the murderous bushite THIEVES. Otherwise, we'll hunt each and
every last bushite down myself, and end their hatred for Life
as our personal continuing survival. God's coming for them
bushite traitors of freedom through our fledging democracy,
they shall be put to death by the will of, US, The People.

Death to the Bushite, death to america's enemies.

King Johnny
President and CEO



/ / A Winnipeg bodybuilder, who had to be forcibly removed
from a flight to Winnipeg, was denied bail in a Minneapolis
court Friday and will remain in jail until his trial. \ \

Why is it that CBC, CTV, or Global doesn't think this story
needs coverage?, why, in fact, is "the establishment" not
seeking for clarity on this matter of direct accountability?
Is holding Aaron E. James in Minneapolis, not like, sorta,
questionable? He could be a good guy in a bad spot, or a bad
guy in a good spot, it certainly wouldn't take much to find
out. But Look! just like in 911, and the daily atrocities of
the nazi THIEVERS in Israel, they, as a celeb cult of zionist
refusniks, deny US to seek Justice for caring, and that in
selling their, who cares darkness, succumb to the "powers" of
the bushmob's Satanic devil worship, done through Bush's
flawed deity named Molog. A practice of evil conjured so
foolishly/pompously in the light of Johnny's God Day it has
actually worked over writing America's good will. Done all
secretly at the elitist, PROMISCIOUS homo sex parties hidden
on film from the Bohemian Grove. See? Not newsworthy to know
these elites who steal American lives for financial profit
practice a death cult that sacrifices innocent children in
effigy, while they interchangeably, bugger each other up the
bum for family favors. (It's apparently so significantly EVIL
in Nature, (the true demon antichrist's global cult of
genocidal lawlessness 'believers',) it's even mentioned by G-D
{oh holy art thou} in the Bible somewhere.. So if this is
mostly true, how far off the mark could you be by realizing, I
am true blue to sue such claims actually, with just about all
the answers to everything, (if people would only question
ourselves), and, that there is a God so magnificent, so
incredible, so enlightening, I'm like... the only one who can
believe it.. [nothing wrong in being gay okay, it's when you
can't find love in another, and instead, slop your goop with
any hairy Tom dick, do you have to worry about a million and
one things better left unmentioned by crack addicts. I feel,
personally, just for myself mind you being, there is nothing
wrong in loving each any every growing stronger boy on Earth
for our self fulfillment. And if I could cover'em all in
little god kisses, especially the cute smart ones, you know
I'd probably do it, if they'd let me, and damn the
consequences of the stupid, insecuring "Man" in the room,
who's going to think I'd be vulnerable under such illusions of
his weakness. For loving everyone, is truly the greatest of
accomplishments. Bushites suck. Evil thieving bushite
torturers and rapists don't like caring for our desperate
dying species, so, to defend the Family, We gotta take them
out of our opening number - as documented savage war criminals
who think Devil worship is rewarding, and our love?, well that

My friends, People are dying because the magic radio and TV
wont broadcast our publicly available findings. Police
findings. People are dying needlessly, illegally,
irrationally like meaning really stupidly on Bush's behalf,
for they claim, we don't want to be 'embarrassing ourselves',
leaving our forsaken Johnny Wizard's Wild Wow World of Wonder
Wording Wees!.. mostly just appreciated by myself as sole
surprised spectator, because you people seem to not be there
for God when the chips are down, and truth is plain to see..
911 was an inside job, and CBC with CNN don't want to tell us
about it, but will watch our LOVED children lied to, to go out
and die further for a causeless war of criminality
unparalleled in it's wickedness.

I'm like.. TRULY down for the count here without your support
broadcasting me nation-wide, and instead, my two false
accusers might succeed in /railroading// myself into prison.
Time is wasting ourselves on nothing but contempt. It’s been
five long years And I love you just the same. Honest Human,
I'm not all that bad a guy if you don't go dying to promote
further rape, torture and murder of ourselves as the INNOCENT.
in my name, all to please G.W. Bush, "The Liar", as your
lawless godless falsifying commander, Your chief 'savior' -
leading you blindly for slaughter as human sacrifice. Now,
for the really really scary stuff: I’m God’s Dead ringer.
Hell isn’t necessarily a bad place to visit, but you don’t
want to end there indefinitely without any love left for
living large.

Do you expect yourself to fail trying?

It's all up to You my friend, it's all up to you.

Onward Christian Soldier.

IDEA: Let’s get our show up and running, by allowing open
public investigations To be conducted internationally, with
open line challenges, so we can publicly isolate each and
every bushmobster personally responsible for 911, and then,
all of everything else still left outstanding murdering
ourselves. Whatdoyahsay??


From Mike over at whatreallyhappened.com


/ / Take a good look at the soldiers and weapons at the very top of
the page.
They look Iranian to you? And why does an Iranian company put together
web page where their own country is obscured from view on that world
[...] And finally, the traceroute traces the IP not to a business, but
a university! \ \

Wuterich "shoot first and ask questions later"

Wuterich "shoot [defenseless innocent women and children]
first and ask questions [from the corporate zionist pro-kill
anyone for a stolen nickel propagandists like demon enemy
AIPAC Hannity, George Norry, or, censors his calls for neocon
war criminals traitor Art Bell] later"


/ / The searches that follow entry into the house are very
tense and orders may be shouted in English which family
members do not understand. Sometimes, troops may simply
consider a house to be a ``free-fire zone'' and commanders may
give orders to ``shoot first and ask questions later.'' \ \

This is why the Son of Man through God begs the Peoples of
Humanity to kill on sight, the enemy bushite betrayers to
Life. Ourselves, the innocent. These soulless grunts don't
destroy such deserving commanders, Like Blount, Sattler,
Russell, Wuterich, Pantano or even Kimmitt, and instead, as in
Fallujah, murder every woman and child present, while stealing
all our given monies for desperate life saving help. Anyone
in the Air Force deserves to be justly put down, for, I've
NEVER seen any legitimate bombing campaign, but for to kill
People indiscriminately like NATO regularly does with
radio-active toxic waste, while then sending in the dumfuk
Marines, or the 'from the coast' Canadians, who of course,
rightly get killed on the ground in retaliation for such blind
evil stupidity. Please, I beg, help Iraqis, and kill the
bushite thieves to defend our forsaken God. American
children, help me my loves. Please don't allow the bushmob to
escape for the treasons against America on 911, for, bushites
are OPENLY traitors, as the TRUE enemies of evidenced Justice,
as the Freedom to do our own things loving God on our own.
Besides, most bushites aren't even registered American
citizens. Bushites need to be hunted down for destruction -
by the Loyal Christian American Patriot Soldier, the ones who
war to win against those who torture US innocent to death as
the ungodly Satanic LIAR enemies. Save the Humans, kill a
bushite false accusing traitor of American Freedom To-day, and
become a real Man in the presence of Johnny America, an actual
Man of Men, Lord of Lords, and King of Kings.

McCain is insane

/ / The proposal, which Sen. John McCain is planning to
introduce on Wednesday, also would require ISPs and perhaps
[!?!] some Web sites to alert the government of any illegal
images of real or "cartoon" minors. Failure to do would be
punished by criminal penalties including fines of up to
$300,000. [...]

What images must be reported? Illegal images of minors, which
includes clothed teens in "lascivious" poses, according to the
Justice Department. Obscene "cartoons" and "drawings" also
qualify. (18 USC 1466A) \ \

Alert the USER! not tyrannical leaderless dumfuk thievers,
for it is the expresser who, if any, that is guilty of a
determined illegal expression. In 'The' Canadian case, they,
(once proud IRRATIONAL bushiter THEIVES [pro Afghan child
killers determined to help the ungodly demon Bush's 'escape'
for 911]), want/HAVE to put MEN is prison for beautiful
pictures of girls in panties, or bubble bathtubs being. IT IS
demonization. Leaving twenty year olds to look like they
could be tens in a singled out of context womanly derriere,
that our Jurys nations-wide, are generally, denied to perceive
normally, if at all. McCain knows he is an enemy to God's
children everywhere. McCain speaks NOTHING to demand the
execution of hiding as 'British' soldiers who on prized video
tape, beat to death young barefoot children for erotic fun,
nor on mercury vaccines not banned minus "The President" in
name. BANNED. So, where are the North American multi-million
dollar "Exploitation Units" to defend our King's children from
TRAITOR pro-torture of US as the INNOCENT McCain there then
eh? Units who he holds hiding behind himself somewhere in
high blind praise as a rich group of child lovers I SAY???
(Is a heroin pushing bushite THIEF that supports the 'escape'
of the bushmob with indiscriminate bombings in Iraq or
Afghanistan, Lebanon, Haiti or Somalia, even capable.! of
real human Love I torturingly ask dauh gangsta rappah?
buddies where are You there in the stomach of the Beast
celebrating?) McCain is a demon enemy of Life ourselves to
promote the arrest of all the goodness that beauty brings in
the heavenly art of our clothed teens. If it weren't for
Earth Women, God's boy, Johnny Wizard, wouldn't even be here
to bother. It's the reason I first picked up a guitar, it's
the reason I did my early plays, then monster movies, and it's
the reason I praise the orchestra of the Heavens in Dream, and
well.. it's just the reason for everything. I speculate
sometimes perhaps slyly that G was kinda lonely all by
ourselves for zillions of years, whom, for entertainment,
loved us up on the entranced exit starting - before a
beginning without ending, yet, as outer there, is still the
insider here, forever being we sorta, and gave us this foolish
boy for the mental gymnastics. All in good fun. Rocking on
to leave all as Mystery, never realized forever and a day in
Eternity. You are a Servant, as so I am. Quite a place eh
kid? So as it looks now presently, we're here still barely
hanging on striving to survive against Mr. Bush's continuing
unfair irrational tyrannies of clear injustices committed in
Your Name against our Humanity, or, end ourselves dying
without true representation, left falling further forsaken.
[Home is home sweet home as in Chicago, as we always was going
to with or without our loves heaven bound. For I'm starting a
journey back to where I belong, where the food is good, the
music's great, and life is truly worth living as miraculous.
Sorry everybody, but that's the way it's gotta be for my Life
to have meaning terms.] Long story short: Females Rule, and
wiseguy Johnny is Freedom King for this moment Being.
Division is Illusion to a concept incapable of conception,
because of our understandable impossibility to think such
things that demand to have no mass included I suppose nowhere.
Very strange stuff we can be considered as.. but guess what?
Every mark is off the mark. It's totally crazy, but you move
on to find Life to see/be how things are, and when you cross
over, you find us all suffering much needlessly in blind
sorrows due in failures to simply communicate our findings.
So, that's who I am. I'm born a simple man with a plan to
save my broken dreams, and also exist unknowingly everywhere,
all ways, forever... even beyond death.. just like you funny
Atheist sparks of quantum energies are also, theoretically I
should say in reflection. What proof could I bring you that
would suffice you believing you have a responsibility to
protect our dying selves too? Don't forsake me, by forsaking
yourself in doing. Mister Bush committed 911 with his partner
Ahmad, and we together, somehow, must fight back to defend
ourselves DYING by demanding George W. Bush's immediate
arrest, along with the others implicated from his
Administration of Evil for the neocons treason of 911. Then,
we'll work on us through there for further unseen treasuries!
Keep the faith my friends, you all can now do this without my
support whatsoever. So, get to it... for, I'll probably be
watching from my cell if I'm imprisoned soon fraudulently from
your fear to defend US now, further falling innocent victims
by the will of no one.

Please help God.

We have to overhaul how all our national news Podcasts are
assimilated through corporate nazi zionist censorship. Art
Bell and George Norry are enemies to ALL american teen troops
put in harms way to die as bad guy irrationally for the neocon
God betrayers. Why? because they purposefully lie to have
YOU die as innocent murder victim. Death to the bushite,
death to God's enemies.

Be a friend if not an enemy,
Your buddy,

King Johnny
President and CEO




Well, gee, Iran has no nuke program, in anyway, shape, or
form, but Israel wants to murder more of humanity for their
ungodly lies anyway. The enriched uranium Iran is making, can
not be used for a bomb because it's only enriched to 2
percent, and to get the bomb making stuff, you need a
COMPLETELY different technology. But science?, in bushite
america? Nazi America would rather be nazi chauvinist pigs,
before admitting the Son of Man exists, or to go to the
trouble of phoning someone who refuses to take our public
calls for Justice. What religion is this America?, where
Human life has little of no value? And Johnny's love means

How is a Zionist Jewish?, I, the King of the Jews Messiah ask
my fellow brothers and sisters everywhere. How? FOUR million
land mines in Lebanon a godly act is it? Jew only roads not
Apartide?, nor stealing a Christian’s Home I suppose..? How?


An Oath Every Soldier Swears To God With

/ / she told The Nation. "If I contribute to the Army's
prosecution of Lieutenant Watada on speech-related charges, I
will have colluded in suppression of speech. What could be
more hostile to the ideas of a free press than that?" \ \

Again a Patriot Soldier whose only crime is that he refuses to
commit a crime in Your name. Do something about it. You
defend this Patriot American Citizen as if Your America
depends upon it. The "Judge" who publicly forbids to hear
Watada's freedom defense, an Oath every Soldier swears to God
with, is a "Judge" who needs to be privately arrested for
treason against YOURSELF. Support my call to demand our
voices heard for Just causes, or go die silently to the grave
prisonized in a military dictatorship your 'neighbor' will say
quietly of, (under his bushite breath,) good riddance to
caring where my pusher's overdue payment goes to??. who the
kcuf are you?? ... Eiiiaaahh! Jesus kills bushite for

I am the real thing,

President and CEO of Shareware Earth Co.,
King Johnny Wizard


- On yet another, praise be with US, Alex Jones News Podcast -

Bob Watada: "He did his own research, and he found that there
was not only deception, but clearly lying by the commander.
Now if YOUR boss lied to you, and put YOU out on the line, so
that you can get KILLED, what would you do? You know, your
certainly not going to walk out there... and this is what
[Patriot] Aaron is saying, hey look Our Commander lied, and
he's lying to the People. and We, the Soldiers, can not go
out there and put OUR lives at risk for the oil-barons."

..by enforcing the irrationalities of 'who needs evidence'
tyranny against the innocent as America Dreams. [I shouldn't
have to tell you anyway, but, freedoms are crying due to The
People’s in-action to defend US innocent. And we wonder why
repuglicons put themselves greater than our, no greater
Taliban.. Corporate News Americans who are, in silence, not
taking sides regarding American Women, [MY BABES], acquiescing
to accept these mercury vaccines without filling questions.
Without QUESTIONS! Your Loves, my Loves, God's Loves.
Support my calls to be heard yourself. If your a Male, and
confusedly dumbfounded as I am on the mystery, just think of
yourself perhaps as a, free as a bird lesbian with rights to
be respected too - through the foolish spots with lost
yourself cycles on who truly Masters our Universe slaveboy,
[i know women can be intimidating. (especially.. the Black
Widow and old re-runs of the Shirley Temple.)] and get US
personally in the what is again, Our still hanging on
international News already! We all can agree, we love women.
Men? not so much. Let's go Coast to Coast man! On CNN! CBC!!

The Fight for Survival slog match between, Johnny 'just tying
his shoes' America, and Warmonger Liar, Sean Hannity -
televised World-Wide!!! With Cheerleaders, beer, pizza, and
beer! YEAH WAY!!!

Who's with Me?

(chirp chirp)

It has been reported that some special ops out of Britain are
paying for terrorist attacks to happen in Iraq to insure more
Americans give their lives in praise - as criminally
sacrificed - to the demon antichrist, Our Mr. bush Jr.. All
unjustly suffering because corporate news america cowardly
refuse to defend freedom, by defending the truly innocent.
Nor, will Coast to Coast allow me to speak on "American"
radio. Let’s change that. Will you make it so Commander?

Cause I'm ready.


A Public Letter to the "American" Coast to Coast Radio Network:

1. We, as the People, demand you allow US, the human species
to openly discuss the public evidence on who funded the
terrorist acts of 911 according to the FBI. And full
disclosure on the science of building Seven.

2. That the Iraq war never had, nor ever will have a
justification, concluding Naturally, that all stolen Iraqi
money must be returned by the will of GOD to the victims; with
those responsible for stealing it, made to pay US back, with
the true American Patriots to be found, backing US up 100
percent. The bush administration has teamed our kids to
mercenary forces who have no loyalty to freedom but to freely
die another Marine for more dying stolen values. While
successful at it corporate America, just lies and lies and
lies without shame, nor apology for the death of your poor
cowardly kin.

3. Also, that mercury tainted vaccines are deadly stupid.
Mercury is scientifically understood, without question, (no
doubt) to be a neural-toxin, and, Influenza is a constantly
mutating virus. So, pre-determining which ‘deadly’ strain is
going next, is only because the WHO wants to continue killing
US for huge cash profit. With cult slaves, like those who
forced Jones Towners to drink at gun point, are the same as
those who now demand we give our girls of America from Texas
such. It seems the magic TV news people don’t want to trouble
us on this matter of our actual survival.

You must wake up to life’s demand for you to defend our dying
lives my friend. Please? Make the call, be a man to defend
our women. Be a man to protect our children.

(all aside; just because a virus is found present in a form of
cancer inflicting our loved women, does not make that virus
the cause without question. Life is multi-dimensional. (Not
Art Bell “multi-dimensional”, but actual.) Otherworld: Johnny
Wizard wants the time to see the ‘science’ of such claims
before God’s girls are put in un-necessary jeopardy by the
deviant mind of the evil neoconistic Zionist betrayers to
Human Life.

Support our call to be heard my brother.


That's all.

Johnny Wizard


Iran prepares first nuke strike

See?, demons exist!

More settlers videos: “We killed Jesus, we are proud of it!”

Remind the Son of Man to hunt them down for better good
as we together are, why don't You see? I'm Your brother!


/ / State Department spokesman on 24 January, "that Iranian
agents are involved in these networks and that they are
working with individuals and groups in Iraq and are being sent
there by the Iranian government." \ \

We all know Iran has been trying to help Iraqis openly, so
then, what does such willful contempt for your life grant this
'spokesman'? Or, how about when Bush stated Iranians in Iraq
deserved to be murdered? (Later, the demon re-worded
himself in attempt to conceal HIS true evil identity.)

Remember the Bathists actually warred to kill and won against
al-CIA-duh forces that were caught hiding in Kurdish
territory. Killed "bin Laden"/bushite forces! Now, bushite
tell US Sunni is in kahoots with Laden. (In otherwords, Kill
a cowardly enemy of Life bushite for America to defend Iraqis
as a godly act.) Death to the bushite, death to our enemies.

/ / Tariq Aziz, the Christian Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister
said in mid September that Baghdad had provided assistance to
America's Kurdish allies, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan
(PUK), when forces supported by al Qaeda attacked them. He
said, ``We gave [Jalal] Talibani [leader of the PUK] weapons
and ammunition, we helped as much as we could. We are not
allowed of course to go into what is called the
semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan physically, but the help
we gave helped Talibani in his fight for it.'' In fact, added
Aziz, ``Talibani was among the opposition leaders who went to
Washington and spoke to Dick Cheney [US Vice-President] and
Rumsfeld. He told them what had happened, so they [US
government officials] must know.'' [Independent 9/23/02] \ \


/ / The truly most as the living god King of all as Creator,
your servant and trying to be friend, a wizard and Thor,
the Secret Flower and Odin, Allah, Omega, Adam, Alpha,
Krishna, Shiva, Mithra, Mahdi, Anu and Yahweh. And even
a blade of grass, a snake and a elephant, a lion, rat,
monkey, giraffe, spider, shark, wolf, and bat, Lucifer
Morningstar, Jesus Christ, Oberon, an all mighty nobody
kinda even all ready. \ \


/ / Google bombs are one thing, delisting web sites for their
political content is quite another. For instance, take Google
delisting the Italian web site Uruknet as a news source, thus
removing it from the Google News page. According to Alexa,
the web-ranking organization, Uruknet is highly rated as an
Iraqi news source. "URUKNET is and has been the most
consistent, credible, and powerful web-based source of News
and Information on Iraq during the last 4 years. They have
incomparable lines of communication direct from inside Iraq
that fly in the face of the lies of the Global Corporate
Empire. \ \

Reject censorship of the news! Let Google know what you think!


Why Can’t Americans See It?


/ / General Ivashov presented the neoconservative reasoning
that is the basis for the attack and concluded that the
world's protests cannot stop the US attack on Iran. \ \

Unless, snobby nazi corporate elites in America, get on their
princely phones, and start demanding Justice for the
nationally broadcasted LIAR Hannity, along with the rest
neocons responsible for the implementation of the 911
terrorist attack against Our interests. Bill those on
American radio who advocate the torturing and murder of the
innocent in God.


The Latest Hoax : The real origin of `Iranian' produced IED



Light and Shadow

We need to publicly devise some real-world strategies to defeat
the ungodly enemy, the bushite neocon zionist traitors to Life.



Death to our indiscriminately murderous thieving enemies of
God's Creation, who war Creation for bush's personal escape
for the crimes of 911 Christ would say right, wouldn't you say
so likewise my brothers and sisters, of the Muslim, Christian,
and Jewish religions in belief?



Great words from the lawyer of the thieving bushite child killers of

/ / "There were Harriers dropping 500lb bombs on buildings.
If they're dropping 500lb bombs without knocking on the door
first, how can you argue the troops on the ground did anything
wrong?" \ \

2000lbs of radio-active toxic waste that will murder for years
more like, while after, then striking again to get the god
helpers and screaming children, then even, as in Fallujah,
going house to house to murder every one, young and old as the
truly Satanic. Just obeying lawless orders to thieve from
Humanity as bushite for neocon zionist traitors of G-D doesn't
fly in the big book. When anyone kills a bushite, all
humanity benefits truly from the defense. You defend a real
suffering God by ending a soulless bushite threat against our

Bill Sattler.

Defend Universal Freedom by defending US innocent from the
ungodly murderous bushite torturers, rapists, and thieves to
God as Your Humanity. My hands are tied, all because
"Americans" refuse to take ANY action. 300 million people and
not one dare challenges corporate zionist nazi whores by making
a call to "talk" radio themselves. My friends, be Human
helpers to the struggle against the antichrist tyrannies
of INJUSTICE. God as ourselves, the innocent. Again, kill
a bushite, and all day long you'll have praise from the
Son of God. That is me with all the answers to questions
Americans don't even bother to ask of themselves.

I am America,

Johnny Wizard




/ / to think that these could have been just dumb ideas or
incompetence. (L. Paul Bremer, for instance, who made the
"dumb" decision about dismantling the Iraqi army, prior to
becoming Iraq's occupation viceroy, had headed the nation's
leading risk assessment consultancy, and surely knew what all
the risks were of his various decisions.) \ \

Bushite TRAITORS got rid of the ORHA plan.



Use this address in Firefox to get daily podcast of Alex Jones.
[won't work with explorer.]



Death to our indiscriminately murderous thieving enemies of
God's Creation, who war Creation for bush's personal escape
for the crimes of 911 Christ would say right, wouldn't you say
so likewise my brothers and sisters, of the Muslim, Christian,
and Jewish religions in belief?


Exit strategy to save the lives of dying Americans:

War bushite LIAR zionist repuglicons who did God wrong on 911

War bushite who LIE to American Sons and Daughters to not hunt
those who stole billions with ear-marks, Social Security,
no-bid contracts, Iraqi oil, ect.

War those who stole the Iraq Development Fund, and the
emergency monies left to save the lives of our dying children

War bushite who feed soldiers radio-active toxic waste as harmless

War bushite who support torturing the innocent to death

War bushite who sing about the joys of murdering Iraqi children

War bushite who beat to death barefoot Iraqi children

War bushite who jokingly beat lamed dogs for fun

War bushite who claim they are lawlessly un-accountable as liars.

War bushite in the air force who target bombing innocent People
like in Fallujah or Somalia with land mines and mini nukes

The godless as lawless bushite is the enemy to America, kill
it proudly for freedom, as an undying love for a real God and

King Johnny Wizard
President and CEO




/ / she told The Nation. "If I contribute to the Army's
prosecution of Lieutenant Watada on speech-related charges, I
will have colluded in suppression of speech. What could be
more hostile to the ideas of a free press than that?" \ \

Again, a Patriot Soldier whos only crime is that he refuses
to commit a crime in Your name. Do something about it.

George Norry and Art Bell are enemies of American chances for
survival of our dying teens. Their contempt for Justice in
America is blatantly EVIL, and worth killing before they do
another dumfuk, they hate US, zionist demon broadcast.
Traitors to God and Country George Norry and Art Bell are.
They'll laugh, sing, and cheer while KILLING your CENSORED
forsaken Son or Daughter, needlessly trapped sacrificing with
the ungodly 'lawless' bushite zionist enemies, all before
allowing any REAL Americans to SIMPLY discuss evidence as a
requirement to convince ourselves of something. Norry, that
demon fucker, has an endless supply of bush whore callers,
that'll tell him, he doesn't have to read the news, read his
email, or hear the screams of dying innocent murder victims.
Sure, once a year, maybe, we'll get the Patriot popular Alex
Jones, but he's too terrified of me as Puppet Master, or US,
or talking about the NO CAUSE Iraq war, that Iran doesn't have
an ability to create weapons grade uranium, or that General
Ahmad funded 911's Atta. Just the way TRAITOR George Norry
DEMANDS it. For, truly there is no defense for 'lawless'
bushite, but by an ungodly tyrannical censorship. Because YOU
fear me, or refuse to demand Justice truly, You'll DIE as
bushite victim, but Norry and Bell plan to live on 'escaping'
as multi-millionaires, broadcasting on to further destroying
freedom for others to 'cash in' with Your worthless forsaken
soul. Now, I'm the Son of Man who can only do so much. If
you won't speak for our dying freedoms, what do you expect me,
or an all powerful G to do even? No... Really? What? I
could ask all Universal species to assist US here on earth by
hunting to kill bushite everywhere, but chances of 'them'
getting here in time listening, seems rather unlikely. But

Death to the murderous bushite, death to our enemies, so says




/ / I happen to believe that we are reaching a moment when
critical mass is kicking in. \ \


Real Americans are those of US as humanity that believe
in liberty as Justice for all. Demon bushite nazi
whores, don't like those principles of freedom through
evidentiary findings though, for their false deity,
George W. bush Jr, wouldn't be stealing from the honest
hard working blokes who live for a better day that way.


'A military judge ruled last week that Watada cannot base his
defense on the war's legality.'

Telling US what?, that it is a crime to not commit a crime?
It isn't only high treason against America the ungodly bushite
are guilty of, but of a madness held by those truly Satanic..


/ / Four US oil companies, namely Conoco, Chevron, Amoco and
Philips have concessions in nearly two thirds of Somalia.
This quartet of oil conglomerates was granted these contracts
in the final days of Somalia's deposed dictator, Siad Barre.

The US first military engagement in Somalia was fully
supported by Conoco. \ \

In the new world, these soulless bomber bushite of the air
force, responsible for blatant first degree acts of murder
against the innocent, would be hunted down by Humans, tried,
then executed gloriously in the defense of our living justly.


/ / Al-Maliki has promised he will no longer block action
against the Mahdi Army militia \ \

So, is the block head saying American soldiers so far have
died for lawless tyranny? Kill a bushite, to protect the lives
of us as innocent victims in other words, right?


/ / And the Iraqi people owe us a debt of gratitude?

Bush continued, "I believe most Iraqis express that. I mean,
the people understand that we've endured great sacrifice to
help them. That's the problem here in America. They wonder
whether or not there is a gratitude level that's significant
enough in Iraq." \ \

Is Bush saying US dumb bastards don't give enough in
sacrifices to himself as the demon antichrist?



The Resurrection

What are you then, some kinda Jesus freak?

You are standing in defense for your own rights as you
see ourselves. For me, I got some real troubles
scrounging my next meal as nature's King and Lord of all
creation, but for you, this should be something of a
dream almost, eh?

Worshiping bush in a delusional cult like, TV trance
without any thought to care about our actual criminal
behavior, is not a good philosophy to practice as a
living world body, i do believe. For bush is an
irrational murderer of innocent good Americans as
soldiers alike, a psychopathic depiction to his true
evil self as US played intolerantly ignorant, while he
bares false witness against our eternal family of all
being humanity. Is not what you too perceive of our
world?, a reflection of your own conclusion? If we
believe we are of life when perceiving an injustice, are
we not moved to do something in favor of our remedy? To
challenge bush's contempt for ourselves as the Public,
is to demand nothing less than known facts to conclude
our guilty verdicts, as otherwise, bush would be
prosecuting US innocent as God is US included, thank
youself. And for what? All for our failure to
communicate concern about falling further as dying
bushite victims. It has been reported bush doesn't want
to be accountable to the American tax payer regarding
the pilfering of America's Social Security, like he
wasn't to follow the criminal leads of 9/11
perpetrators, and too, surprise suprise, the allocation
of public funds for his secret planned, not public
bidded for best price on every Iraqi Peoples contract,
(you know, the repaying for bush's needless war tolls
waged against your world as innocent victim), payed for
by the American tax payer getting further swindled with
the pretension, that robbing from humanity, does not
include themselves represented politically. Our Mr.
bush Jr. has decided not to do good for Iraq by opening
our floor to offers the world over, but instead has
decided to go with top secret banned bushmob embezzlers
to risk more American soldiers by lying to their
surviving siblings. Charading for US they are,
preparing to sacrifice more Americans without a thought
to Your cost. With strangely, no one at corporate
control assessing yet, "Hey! Wouldn't it be the Iraqi
people who would most benefit for being contracted in
the cost benefit analysis?", and, "Okay, so where didn't
American tax paid for lawless destruction of our Iraqi
public infrastructure occure?"

Why is CNN not defending Our Mr. bush regarding
torture? Is the bush demon threatening US by his
non-committal on Our issue as ancient Civilization
included? Arron Brown? Why can not CNN be also of our
artists, wise guys, best sellers, or elected officials?
When has CNN ever tackled Social Security on behalf of
the Democrats, or privatized corporate swindles by
Republicans who argue their ineptness is on the level?
What are Our priority issues to resolve, if we have the
stage for speaking as the global community? Justice for
all, would be in whose favor?, when understood by anyone
as unbiased? We are of the order to the cosmos, and, as
so, a good way can have an even better way when we plan
for results. Justice is freedom, and needs not murder
to resolve conflicts peacefully as dialoging persons.
Iraq People can testify to their humanity, but CNN isn't
listening for questions, or asking for solutions for
fear they may be wrong about everything we are together
as imbeciles under bush as unjust dictator. All is
right. Still, we must quickly teach that Justice is
ours, and injustice practiced, is an injustice earned
politically. Wether bush knows it or not. An injustice
against any, truly, is also, an injustice against
yourself as God is good. God can not save our world you
perceive without seeing God as a victim to our ignorance
under bushite losers. A tyranny through censorship of
criminal misconduct. Example: Walter Issacson advised
CNN story writers to not report on Afghanistan death
squads, under a pretext that followed, don't forget all
who died in the towers. Forget what? That their lives
were halted by acts of murder? What is murder advocate
Issacson, getting at about himself as unqualified to
decide our important to everyone matters?

In the whole big show Johnny, is there, inside everyone,
a potential cause for caring about our world as actually
worth something, I mean, to ourselves personally? Yes,
a potential, however, we're suffering for our contempt
of seeking for know how through rewarding info. We are
all descendent to be Universal in our own makings if we
work for success together at our national levels,
instead of as bush failures, by conforming criminality
against our living names politically, as the pirated
without equal representation, left to be victimized as
dumdum bushite whores, falling to a tyranny of blatant,
naked injustice falsely guised in the corruption of the
bush administration as your intention for personal

What is as known, is where we can only hang our beliefs
of what have we. The FBI tell US that bush's business
partner, the unarrested General Ahmad financed 9/11's
Atta. Seven of the alleged nineteen 9/11 highjackers
were found to be alive, as some, American trained Saudi
national pilots with no evidentiary terrorist
connections made to back up the therefor fraudulent
allegations. Why would a would be terrorist steal such
identification to not be discovered being so? (Or, how
then were the names found in waiting as researched
material?(Remember: evil is dumb.)) Why would Atta pack
his final draft suicide letter for the important
flight?, of which as bushmob mastermind, would have been
aware of what was outlaid in his own words? Why would,
would be terrorists, publicly bicker in a restricted
lot, parking spot they snuck into at the airport that
was running rampant with bush stooges?, right before a,
why they were there, secretly planned criminal mission?,
as devote Muslims?, holy warriors of the studious, God
what were you thinking about Quran?

Mr. bush Jr. must be immediately impeached, arrested,
or executed for treason against Ourselves as a
degenerating anti-American mass murdering, terrorist
plotter. While the UN is the closest thing we have to
world representation, and should help devise an Iraqi
Iraqi government of "The People", for Iraq. Uncertainty
has it's advantages, but we, as "The People", have to
start somewhere on our journey to wherever, and learning
of our true strengths this way, seems like the higher
ground to begin communicating from. Communicating on
the Nature of wisdom as ultimate foreseen prevailer, is
this dream of being one with creation and giving to the
cause by helping out yourself to be a blessing included.
(Not much for a paycheck though I'm afraid.). Anyway,
take to mentioning this public work where ever you may
roam, for I think someone should be running for new
office maybe if the chance presents Ourselves. Have
faith that as the Universe revolves around all things to
be known of, so too, is Life's true magnificence an
honor to honor for. Wow! You are a living God!
Thank you,

Johnny Wizard




New Recruit

Destroying enemy bushite is a gift to Humanity, it is
saying you care for the lives of the innocent a bush
bitch nazi grunt freely confesses to targeting for
murder. Liars are the bushite, who steal Iraqi
resources, allow racists and rapists to commit their
demon crimes in America's name un-challenged, and who
absent mindedly bomb the innocent without just reason
given. All the while, labeling themselves, "pro-Iraqi".
The mindlessly evil attack against the Turks recently
with an ordered bombing campaign that actually murdered
people, sighted yet another, example of the bushite's
idiotic ungodly satanic barbarity against us the Humans
as INNOCENT. After the carnage, the war criminalizing
America into bushite commanders were advised, it would
be better to pick other completely innocent families to
indiscriminately murder while lying, for the demon
bushite provisions come through that big ol' Turkey, and
if the Middle Easterners eventually learned together of
their fellow Turks who were murdered by ungodly enemy
nazi forces for admittingly doing nothing worth noting,
with the middle east's indirect help with essential
supplies coming from somewhere in that surrounding
billion man vicinity, you know, I know, we all know,
"Americans" as NAZI war criminal enemy bushite, would
massively die as the immediately recognizable to most
everyone, and rightly too as leaderless cowardly, dumb,
and real sadistic evil, dying at the hands of all US
Family men. Being as bushite, the enemies to everyone,
including themselves we've witnessed them already dying
as nazi dumfuks who eat plutonium. Or, IED? They mean
"sexy" rummy cluster dud land mine more like! (Just
where is the Middle of East anyway?) History HAS learned
these lessons already, while the corporatist bushite
plays US just dumb enough through malicious censorship
for plunder by parasitic bushite suicide, for a bushite
has no soul worth defending. See?, the committed nazi
automaton bushite enemy of America soldier has no mind
to know freedom for the individual. Therefor my friend,
kill the evil nazi George W. bush Jr. not just for me
as Johnny, but for US all man who refuse to be subjected
further as only counted by the corporate dictums to
pronounce "pro-American": as those that go silently
rooted backing "un-accountable" rapists and torturers of
the innocent, the innocent, that the bushite OPENLY rob
from with American's hard earned tax dollars funding.
Funding through leadership directed towards their very
own self destruction. See bushite, kill bushite, at
least until we are granted living access to OUR
corporate dead end news media to speak FREELY for
ourselves without bushite lies tying US down for
furthering that demon's hellish ungodly tyranny as an
enemy to all our Humanity and Royal King Johnny.

Real Americans are those of US as humanity that believe
in liberty as Justice for all. Demon bushite nazi
whores, don't like those principles of freedom through
evidentiary findings though, for their false deity,
George W. bush Jr, wouldn't be stealing from the honest
hard working blokes who live for a better day that way.

The Iraqi children did nothing to deserve such awful
suffering and fright and death at the hands of the enemy
bushite. The bushite: who the demon anti-Christ
states, are un-accountable to any rules of law in this
Universe, like with his extremely foolish criminal
decree, 13303. I kill mindless parasite bushite nazi
enemy soldiers just for that alone as eternal defender,
and I do it for to win some mercy for a real living God,
who the fascist enemy bushite hold in their ungodly
contempt as LIARS.

I have the backing of every real man alive on this
planet, and we all know it. No voices of reason have
apposed my factual claims in FREE Usenet, and Art Bell
makes no attempt to defend himself as internationally
painted enemy traitor, and that says a whole lot to Talk
America. Why? Because Mr. Bell, the bushite
propagandist, knows too, I speak and act truthfully,
honorably, and righteously, while the talk radio
american bushite lies, cheats and steals from America's
America, that as bushite, leave undefended for criminal
plunder in Your name call censored from classed
enrollment. You have just as much a right to be here as
I do, and the demon bush, he ain't no better than any of
US when he is "excused" for the murder of well more than
a hundred thousand confessed as completely innocent
people on this planet called Earth.

The fascist control bushite, don't like You to think
independently for Yourself, for we independents out here
make them look as stupid as they are. Thank you very
much for that not so secret info.

Through the pronounced bush demon's gaffes,
embarrassments, and told complete total ignorance on
subjects like the science of economics, the whys of
constitutional law, or when the bushite takes credit for
indiscriminate killing of our families and friends while
parading it's all done in bush's name for our freedom,
or for 9/11, doesn't fool me, and should get you
thinking about reaching for your guns too, for bushite
rapists and torturers will not walk this world freely
un-accountable, for as long as we remain alive to hunt
them down and kill them if so be. As the soulless
disciples of the enemy anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr.,
their "officially" granted legal immunity from all
prosecution means nothing to me as a honorable man
defending my humanity, or as living Creator, who brought
all into this new world to be free, and can just as
soon, take you all nazi bushite out the old school way.

REMEMBER: Demon bush is stupid, yaw, but he knows that
he and rumsfeld with condi planned and carried out the
crimes of 9/11 with likely cheney orchestrating, don't
ever forget that part when attempting assessment how
good four more years in going to do for the state of
freedom in Your dying world. Serious this situation
truly is for everyone. Everyone.

Now, what are You going to do about this, DEMON George
W. bush Jr. actually playing US like he would like to
continue victimizing our dying world as ENEMY for four
more years towards furthering lawless tyranny? Don't we
already have it bad enough, that corporate journalists
think there is actually some merit to George bush's
re-election bid? Especially after that 9/11 thang?
Then there is the needless criminal wars, fraught with
embarrassing massive billion dollar criminal frauds as
.oops, more government fuk ups? Then of course all the
bushite thefts. I did a Internet Google search of
"Tiger Team" and I found next to nothing in all the
professional media corporate news outlets we have
advertising on our information service providers top
notched list as best sourced material. And that should
say as much or more to you too, about who's really
conning who. So, who cares about where this world is
going? I do, and so should you too.

Johnny Wizard

How The Demon Bush Misled God's World

How Bush misled the world

/ / Once the document was declassified after the war it became
known that it contained 40 caveats - including 15 uses of
"probably", all of which had been removed from the previously
published version. Tenet further ingratiated himself by
remaining silent about the OSP. "That's totally unacceptable
for a CIA director," said Thielman. \ \

Thielman meant "totally unacceptable" as in HIGH TREASON.
Could it be any higher? Deliberately caught misleading
whore-dumb Congress to wage his immoral neocon 'escape' with a
unjustified criminal brutality against God as all of our
Humanity. A great deal more than a million innocent people
have been victims to the 'targeted' Zionist killings of the
irrational bushite enemy. Lawless enemies to Creation,
spreading their toxic waste who thieve, rape and murder
without reprimand from corporate news america, shall, I pray
daily, die justly in vengeances by the will of a real undying
Love for our victimized innocent family. Justice for Humanity.

Please, help US.

The guilty party of Haditha have confessed that targeted
killing of innocent children is fair game in their worlds, and
as confessed, they 'got away' committing the same Satanic acts
- going house to house in fallujah murdering more than two
hundred thousand innocent folks for LIAR E-N-E-M-Y Sattler.
Bushite corporate america, has stated in silence, the bushite
enemies of Haditha will never face public execution for such
offences, YOU apparently WILL NOT GRANT IT, too cowardly, and
in all likelihood, (like those of the Saudi Blount's third
infantry) will be allowed to walk freely down american streets
after being found guilty as politically supporting the robbing
and murder of innocent men, women, and children all because
we're rag-heads or niggers. The, deserving to die as
illiterately intolerable bushite drone soldiers HAPPILY,
WITHOUT QUESTION, co-operate with ANY lawless mercenary forces
such as south african death squad goons in finding the enemies
of themselves. Purposelessly ungodly bushite soldiers are
told they are DYING to defend Iraqis, while breaking out of
prison, mercenaries caught trying to kill innocent Iraqis for
fun and profit. While, at the same time, actually having
SLAVES from India preparing their lunches!!! And guess what?
they're coming to live bushite america as the patriots after
they get killed you're forsaken American Son or Daughter teen!
With millions of stolen American dollars to set up new

‘freedom’ operations.

Shirley, bin Laden would be sided with the fundamentalist
Shiites, before, everyone-is-an-equal Sunnis, who as Bathists,
had no problem WARRING al-Qeada, while counting as members of
their party, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Atheists. But
corporate bushite liar america says no, bin Laden supports
Sunni IRRATIONALLY, and that is why bushites have to sacrifice
in partnership with those who blow up PEOPLE indiscriminately
as the 'good guy' 'heroes'. Similarly like in Somalia, where
bushite forces are working to directly arm those who murdered
American GIs during Clinton. Those war criming repuglicons
responsible for the bombing need to be tried and executed for
committing first degree acts of mass murder in America's name.
CBC, in Canada reported that Pentagon sources allege their
isn't any evidence whatsoever to what bushite news america has
reported to the dumfukked populace. [Peter Lance will tell
you [mind you, half assly] on behalf of investigating officers
of our LAWS, it was a dishonorable LIAR Green Beret actually,
a Green Beret who set the bombs and blew them up to KILL
AMERICANS, but says Laden ordered him to it though, so he gets
to go free on his own apparently. An individual EVERY
AMERICAN should hunt to kill with Americxan Law firmly
established already. Why? Zionists murder Americans for
profit, by simply lying un-challenged through corporate mind
control, and culted soldiers to this day, would thoughtlessly
call the ungodly lawless bushite traitors to freedom, 'good
guys' and 'heroes'.

If your a Cop in Winnipeg, don't be stupid, support defending
my right to speak in our defenses. Support the return of my
rights in respect to my stolen property, taken through a
fencing operation run out of the Winnipeg police Department's
"exploitation Unit" run by two or three "cops", who while
cashing in on selling stolen merchandise, STOLEN themselves
from law abiding Winnipeg citizens, work unjustly to undermine
our National Security interests in Canada by expressing care
for Canadian soldiers to Forward NO interests in defending
their falling lives with lies no longer in disguise. [bushite
would bushite for a stolen nickel, for there is no honor among
thieves.] Instead they fight with flagrant lies to demonize my
better name, in a, never to succeed attempt to silence my
cries for real Justice for our forsaken dying selves.

And, then, the rest of you, join me in concluding, America’s
TREEASONOUS Art Bell and George Norry seriously suck when they
refuse US to openly discuss such subjects - such as - our
evidenced conclusions in defending our honorable police
officers who actually protect our lives for freedom’s struggle
from godless bushite tyranny.

G.W. Bush, the actual for real antichrist recently stated
Iraqis owe him gratitude for instituting the theft of all our
Emergency Aid monies, Iraqi Development funds, natural
resources, while raping and torturing the INNOCENT by lawless
dictate, and, or course, indiscriminately bombing at least
700,000 People loved by God. Please, I beg YOU, help
yourself. See an air force bushite enemy, kill it for God's
love for America. Please, be a man, not a bush-whore nazi
fascist enemy of Life Yourself.

I am America,

Johnny Wizard

www.thestream.com (religious programming, but good!)

Further for Winnipeggers:

In Winnipeg, we have a radio station called CJOB. That
CRIMINALLY thieve from our poorest neighborhoods with the
lotteries, literally millions. Now as a local Cop, you can
review Johnny's "Stand Together, or Don't", then call the RCMP
on this issue, and they will tell you as a Winnipegger, they
can't go in and arrest the seriously murderous enemies of our
communities at CJOB et al. because, the Premier needs to
formally institute the criminal investigation in Parliament.
While the Premier will tell you as he did me, he can't because
our People of the Province ONLY has fascist pro killing
Christian Zionists at CJOB and the Winnipeg Free Press
Editorials, as outlets that allow our political "realities" of
the VLT's to be discussed. The Lottery pays both criminal
operations STOLEN millions in advertising, so as a result,
managements, from both agencies forbid Manitobans to know the
true mathematical scam/losses. As propagandists who LIE
routinely to Our teen Soldiers about dying for Enron in
Afghanistan, our Premier fears their contempt for our lives
would continue with more viciously evil lies, (like
democratically elected eight times Socialist Chaves is an
"evil" "totalitarianist" giving out care to raise the poor,
blind bushite war bad guy terrorists, and, Israel is Jewish!)
so as a result, Doer fears another Filmon could be brought in
with CJOB propaganda to rob further worst than we already are.
[Filmon's private company responsible for selling reduced cost
shares of stolen MTS was caught by the RCMP (as reported by
CKY) buying social insurance numbers from the homeless in
Winnipeg for ten dollars, so to NAKEDLY steal hundreds of
millions, holding with CJOB and the WFP, our ability to demand
Justice - in total contempt. (They choose not to cover it
still.)] My fears of CJOB's pro-bushite enemies, stealing our
entire Universe is non-existent. Let US demand open radio
communications on the mathimatical facts to save our own
selves further victimhood to their personal contempt for the
true value of YOUR life. Thanks.

Can you help us speak this outrage to your local media outlets?

thanks again bud.


Blood Meridian: Bush's High Crimes of Torture and War

/ / "sacred duty as Commander-in-Chief to protect the nation,"
which, in his mind, means waging aggressive war, torturing
people, spying on us all and looting the treasury on behalf of
his cronies. The only possible way to derail his destructive
and criminal course is impeachment. \ \


Impeach for Peace!




I HATE bushite with everything I am.

Johnny America - The Free World President and CEO of Shareware Earth

Join the cause!

P.S. Before it's too late, do you have a few tens of
thousands of dollars to front me, so I can afford to survive
this onslaught of wars against my Humanity? ... I have huge
responsibilities to defend myself judicially through our
supreme Justice system here in Canada, all for the defense of
the truly innocent, YOU, while I'm paid not a thin dime from
anyone to work now YEARS non-stop just too keep myself from
starving broke, so please, if you Companies out-there can give
to a good cause this new year, think of me on international
radio!!!. Billion dollar love boom in the entertainment
circles Shirley, and think of all the good things we have
waiting, that could come about if such wisdom was understood
to be wiser than what we have currently? And no, I'm not
stupid. Look, George Norry and Art Bell, I'm asking you to
defend American interests by supporting the evidenced arrest,
evidenced trial, and evidenced sentencing of those who
committed the treasons of 911 through lying THEY did. To US.

Welcome Home Pilgrims,

Johnny America





- "The months preceding September 11 [see] a shifting of the

US military's focus ... Over several months beginning in
April [2001] a series of military and governmental policy
documents [are] released that [seek] to legitimize the use of
US military force in the pursuit of oil and gas." Michael
Klare, an international security expert and author of Resource
Wars, says the military has increasingly come to "define
resource security as their primary mission." In April, Tommy
Franks, the commander of US forces in the Persian Gulf/South
Asia area, testifies to Congress in April that his command's
key mission is "access to [the region's] energy resources."
The next month US Central Command begins planning for war with
Afghanistan, plans that are later used in the real war.
[Sydney Morning Herald, 12/26/02]

See? It's admitted that the zionists planned to STEAL the
rights of Afghans for Enron, by LYING to SOLDIERS to get them
killed as the American Pension thieving bad guys. Too
COWARDLY parasitic to hunt those responsible for murdering
thousands of "Americans". So, as a consequence, they, as

loveless bushite drones, die cowardly with the once great
America as enemy corporate fascists to Freedom's Justice, Our
Living God.

John's truth. Killing a THIEVING bushite is to save the lives
of the innocent they target for murder. The cowardly bushite,
dies sacrificed - all to help IT slavishly escape those
responsible for 'getting away with' murdering thousands of
Americans in New York City on 911. Sorry George W. Bush and
company, enemy traitors to God and America, not under our
eternal watch. The People has spoken forever on this subject
of direct accountability. Bush told us we didn't need any
evidence, well, I know that WE DO, so, fuck you too George
Bush Jr.. This is my World..

Demon bush told us Saddam wouldn’t let inspectors in, and
that's why he irrationally started this war against God
conflict. Impeach him, then have him PUNISHED for high
treason against a further dying as truly unheard from America
- for that lie alone - we ALL could/should stand together as
equals demanding re-dress for the innocent murder victims
who've suffered for such contempt, and belligerence for the
basic precepts of freedom as Justice, or G-D as Johnny.


No evidence against an accused is US being truly abused

"These are not terrorists, they are not al-Qeada, they are
ordinary innocent men, women and children."



"Victory means exit strategy, and it's important for the President
to explain to us what the exit strategy is."

- George W. Bush, discussing Kosovo, Houston Chronicle, 04-09-99


“First we sent Americans to their deaths for your lie, Mr.
Bush, now we are sending them to their deaths for your ego.



Death to the godless bushite, death to America's lawless enemies

DUMFUK BUSHITE ENEMY OF GOD "This is not a job in anyway
shape or form, this is not a job. this is a lifestyle. and
we choose this type of lifestyle."

Traitor LIAR Hannity "Knowing the danger?"


Traitor LIAR Hannity "Well, isn't that the definition of Bravery?"


See, TRAITOR Hannity [who deserves to be executed for the
treasonous DOCUMENTED lies he tells America almost daily]
would claim any and all serial murderers and rapists in
America are the definition of bravery. Bushite dumfuks
deserve to die as enemies of America because they openly,
purposefully target the innocent to rob from and murder, as
bushite did on 911. They bomb cities. Thus is why Christ
[ME] tells loving children to gladly help Life kill their own
godless fathers or brothers who CHOOSE to commit these war
crimes against our humanity with their contempt for Justice,
Johnny and America. {Especially those in George W. Bush's
air force.] A bushite's hatred for America is blatant with
every monosyllabic grunt they make. In nazi zionist america,
they have a Zionist national radio program that forbids the
nation to know they're presently being victimized for criminal
sacrifice, and apparently, Americans would rather DIE, than
hunt George Norry, or Art bell for questioning. A nation of
fascist nazi cowards, who go silently to their graves in their
support of torturing innocent people to death for the thieving
EVIL bushite's pleasure.

Death to the godless bushite, death to America's lawless enemies.

Bushite Zionist atheists believe that I, as the Son of Man,
Couldn’t be anything but their worst nightmare. No, WE, as
Humanity, will religiously really kill bushite continuously to
hasten the day when America actually fights to win, free
communications for Justice’s claim. General Ahmad funded
911’s Atta.

Die bushite die. Die bushite die. die bushite die.

/ / "How could I order men to die for something I believe is
wrong?" \ \

Bushite aren't human as disciples of the for real antichrist
enemy of Creation. They eat radio-active toxic waste before
asking, why would we eat radio-active toxic waste without


/ / We are reminded today of how far the Iraqi people have
come since the end of Saddam Hussein's rule - and that the
progress they have made would not have been possible without

the continued service and sacrifice of our men and women in
uniform. \\

Progress? Fuck don't you too hate bushite with everything YOU
are? Iraqis had public health care, and University prior to
the bushite stealing everything they could as sworn enemies to
progress. Had a justice system that Bush never aired any
concern regarding the evidence requirement to form our
conclusions. kill a bushite and all day long you win God's
praise as a bonafide, as honorable, freedom fighting


"For every fatal shooting, there were roughly three non-fatal
shootings. And, folks, this is unacceptable in America. It's
just unacceptable. And we're going to do something about it."

- George W. Bush

Kill a bushite and God wiill love you for
defending US, the innocent in war time.



"The truth of that matter is, if you listen carefully, Saddam
would still be in power if he were the president of the United
States, and the world would be a lot better off." George W.


America, the ungodly



/ / Yes, those words coming from the man who’s decided the
only way to turn things around in Iraq is by sending in more
troops. Despite being told by the Joint Chiefs, Colin Powell
and the man running the Iraq war, General Abizaid, that
sending more troops to Iraq would only get more Americans
killed Now, seeming to confirm his opponent’s worst suspicions
that this president does not value the opinions of those with
whom he disagrees, Mr. Bush has now decided to go it alone in
Iraq against the wishes of his allies, against the desires of
his fellow countrymen, and yes, even against the advice of his
own generals. \ \

The demon enemy of America, Our Mr. bush Jr., responsible for
911, creates hope in God that honorable men of this Earth,
will assist the Humans in hunting to kill bushite enemy
terrorists who support torturing and thieving from US, the
godly as innocent. Every time we hear of another bushite
death, god celebrates OUR wins over the ungodly demon
antichrist forces. Death to the bushite, death to our enemies
who murder innocent people with LIES against America and GOD.

/ / The Crown would suggest her ignorance on such subjects is
irrelevant to her case against me, for those children's lives,
and others like them, are not who she is working to protect.
So, where I demand is a crime against our real God occurring I
ask the hiding in darkness Crown to explain herself publicly
in the light of these proceedings to our Honorable Lord. \ \



Let it be known, that the senior management national news
reducers of CBC and CNN, know full well, they would rather
watch American Soldiers die as the thieving bad guys, than to
defend God's America by reporting that the demon enemy George
W. Bush, and his business partner General Ahmad, committed
the terrorist acts of 9/11, along with Rumsfeld, Rice, Cheney,
and Myers.

We shall, start there, and continue on until we've nabbed
every last treasonous culprit found at the ends of the ample
crimes scene leads. Propagandized stupider than the fates
will allow, an American is universally recognizing itself as
an enemy to their own cowardly dying selves. For, my friend,
America's America will not stand undefended with these beliefs
of mine I give freely. Soldiers along with honorable Police
officers I would ask, to bravely/politely demand our time
on national broadcasts for the spoken defense of Justice for
America. For, Johnny wants to debate the bushite publicly on
the validity of the Iraq war, considering that it has no true
justifiable cause. Meaning: all stolen revenues will be
returned to the Iraqi people, with interest, paid for by those
responsible for stealing it. Justice Johnny has now
officially arrived on the scene to hunt bushite down to the
ends of life - to teach'em with kind words, or the other way
with graver sentences handed down by us believers in freedom
from tyranny. Hint: Don't fuck with the real People of God
who are refusing to take more chances with enemy bushite
neo-con bullshit. An innocent person shall not be imprisoned
in my name, nor shall they be tortured, robbed, or murdered.
Bushite enemies that don't like that arrangement, we arrest,
try, and if convicted on the war crime capital offenses of
first degree mass murder, such as we will find regarding
Mattis, Blount, Russell, and Sattler, Allawi and Doud, then,
and only then, we together will joyously have them publicly
executed for the good of the entire human species. In the
name of Jesus, Allah has spoken for life in which all are
granted equal privilege to love with everything we are
together alone with the stars. Death to the ungodly bushite,
instead of the innocent they target for plunder with
treasonous lies as a betrayal to our real names. God and the
Great America.


Realize, CNN and CBC have received this post, yet, continue to
lie to dying soldiers for the unholy benefit of the enemy

The "Shock and Awe" Gallery©

/ / "The children seem to be the most openly enthused.
They are getting a chance at a future the likes of which
would never have been possible under the oppressive
regime..." \ \


When we cancel other people's human rights, we cancel our own.

= Highwater =


The Verdict

The Winnipeg Police Department is running a fencing operation
out of their "Exploitation" Unit. Disclosed by a current
serving officer in the Unit during the preliminary. In one
case used as an example, a law abiding Winnipeg business owner
had 50,000 dollars worth of business equipment stolen, and if
he wanted it back, he would have to make costly "legal"
efforts through a corrupted Justice system in Winnipeg that
holds Canadian Soldiers in complete contempt by "Law". The
Crown is not only refusing to co-operate with defending
Winnipeg citizenry, in relationship to the, National problem
of fencing through bad lawed Police action operations, and the
lotteries [information forwarded in part by the elected
Premier of our Province], but also, in respect to our
sacrificing soldiers. Soldiers who Canada now knows without
shadow of doubt, are being maliciously propagandized through
the corporate mouth pieces of the most heinous war criminal of
history, the ungodly enemy of Creation responsible for
instituting the terrorist crimes of 9/11. Obstructing Justice
by aiding and abetting the terrorist crimes of first degree
mass murder in New York City is suppose to be a serious
offence in Canada. So, as treasonous to Canadian Liberty, the
Crown in my case is refusing to have the police chief, or
other Crowns look into this matter. [I suggested by my Court
motion to our Court system to consider contacting another
office from a different province perhaps.] While the Judge,
publicly for the Winnipeg record, agreed to side with the
Crown instead, without stating the whys - that Justice for
Canada would not be served under his rule on my suggestion.
Just put a soldier in prison if they should dare stand up in
defense with their lives for Canada is what this unjust case,
yet to be reported on by our national press, is turning out to
be actually. I would ask you once again, to please make some
effort to get on local Winnipeg Radio, or Coast to Coast to
plead for some defense on this matter of morality. You know,
this Freedom thing does involve you too. So, George Norrie
and the rest of you lot, listen, I think you've made some
horrible judgment calls, and I'm asking you now, to live up
to your responsibilities to my America, and invite me on for
free discussions on these matters.

All I want is to challenge the man.



A Soldier's Life Held in Contempt

The way I see it, is that I am completely documented correct
on who was responsible for the terrorist crimes of 9/11. I

have my own theories on why our media and police services have
failed our Soldiers by refusing to support my cause directly
thus far, but I am far without hope.

I believe the failures of me gaining direct wide support
through our police services and the Court of Queen's Bench, is
much more so for fear of uncertainty, and lack of leadership,
than a general, across the board support of furthering Bush's
war crime sprees by going still silent while Canadian soldiers
are left forsaken. I speak out publicly often regarding the
911 evidence in America, and email campaigns of my writings,
done for public recognition, I'm told, continue to swell to
near epic proportions. Intelligence officers the world over
most certainly know of my position on this matter. Those who
may support the fight for Bush rule in our police services,
can mostly only do so, risking in dishonorable blind personal
fear of the great unknown I figure. And, crazy as this may
sound, I believe there is a spooky cool God, for I'm walking a
groove most all of the time.

The affidavit that starts "1. National Security Issues" was
submitted in conjunction with my motion to request assistance
from the Court. The additional paper "Stand Together or
Don't", was an added part of the same affidavit.

The affidavit with 38 positions was submitted with the two
motions, "Order of Production" and "for the Crown to Stay
Proceedings". Duplicate copies of the same affidavit were
submitted in each respect.



"Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage contradicted
Rice's claim that the White House had a strategy before Sept.
11 for military operations against al Qaeda and the Taliban."

This indicates that with the foreknowledge gained through
prior experiences of Muslim fundamentalists, such as the
Taliban, being forbidden by their religion [Jihad] to
persecute the innocent, left the Bush Administration with only
needing to do, and had officially done, was to use no evidence
to back up allegations to insure invasion plans, and as a
result, a deliberate treasonous criminal strategy to not
follow the crime scene leads at the real murder scene to nab
to true evil doers. For otherwise - spoil the top secret


/ / In another characteristic incident, Bush asserted, as he
has repeatedly, that any decision on withdrawal of American
troops from Iraq "will be made by military commanders, not by
politicians in Washington DC." Congressional Republicans gave
a standing ovation to this remark, which amounts to a
declaration that, in the war for "freedom" and "democracy" in
Iraq, there is no room for such trifles as control over the
military by the civilian authorities, and subordination of
decisions on war and peace to the democratic will of the
American people. \ \

Exactly. The demon enemy of life itself, Our Mr. bush Jnr.,
who publicly parades his contempt for freedom and God, must
be stopped for all costs, that include for sure, your own
as reader.

Realize, CNN and CBC have received this post, yet, continue to

lie to dying soldiers for the benefit of the enemy neo-con.



These are the motions than were filed on behalf of Johnny
Wizard's defense in Winnipeg. A man arrested for threatening the
continuing existence of the lawless demon anti-Christ, Our Mr.
bush Jnr. The demon nazi who murdered thousands in New York
City as God's enemy. I, beg and plead my case to ALL that
will listen. The tyrannies of suffering on our God happen
when good people go silent in the face of evil. Please do not
forsake all that is good within yourself, by leaving my call
unheard from.


/ / Color me naive, but when I hear talk of cages, detention
and/or concentration camps, my mind usually wonders in devious
directions. I haven't seen anywhere in history where detention
centers and so forth were used as freedom enhancing tools.
View this anyway you wish, but do so at your own peril. \ \




I, Johnny Wizard, in the city of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba


Pakistani ISI Director General Ahmad orders an aide to wire
transfer about $100,000 to hijacker Atta. Ahmad later resigns
after the transfer is disclosed in India and confirmed by the
FBI. [Dawn, 10/8/01, Times of India, 10/9/01, Wall Street
Journal, 10/10/01, AFP, 10/10/01] The individual who makes the
wire transfer at Ahmad's direction is Saeed Sheikh, later
convinced for kidnapping and murdering reporter Daniel Pearl
in February 2002. ABC News later reports, "federal
authorities have told ABC News they've now tracked more than
$100,000 from banks in Pakistan to two banks in Florida to
accounts held by suspected hijack ringleader Mohamed Atta."
[ABC News, 9/30/01] CNN also reports the $100,000 transfer,
and the New York Times specifies that it came in 2000. [CNN,
10/1/01, CNN, 10/6/01, New York Times, 7/10/02] Ahmad's order
must have preceded June 2000, since that's when Atta and
others started opening bank accounts and receiving the money
($109,910 is received by Atta and Marwan Alshehhi between June
19 and September 18). [MSNBC, 12/11/01]


On March 3, 2002, MSNBC's Jim Miklaszewski reported that he
had received anonymously, top secret presidential war strategy
documents dated September 9th, 2001, originating from
Condolezza's office, outlining a strategy to invade
Afghanistan premised on blaming bin Laden a terrorist, but
providing no evidence to back up the allegations, thereby
guaranteeing criminal invasion. Only workable if Laden pleads
innocence to a crime that hadn't yet taken place, a crime
serious enough to "justify" sacrificing American GIs truly for
a liquefied natural gas pipe line for pension thieving Enron.
["The Dahbol Working Group" and Bridas] Any evidence for any
offense would have been sufficient to have Muslim
fundamentalists hand Laden immediately over, as they had
offered [as others of other nations had also] repeatedly
during the Clinton years.

CBC and CNN have still, to this day, consciously refused to do
any follow up on the intelligence, deciding instead on behalf
of dying people everywhere, our public devolvement of a just


RTÉ News - US rejects Taliban bin Laden evidence calls
21 September 2001 17:41

The White House has rejected requests from Afghanistan's
ruling Taliban for proof that Osama bin Laden was responsible
for last week's attacks. According to the US Secretary of
State, Colin Powell, the United States has enough evidence to
try bin Laden in an American court.

The US Government said there would be no negotiations.


[This following document was the official damning account]

Responsibility for the terrorist atrocities in the United States
4 October 2001

[This Internet Domain is Britain's Prime Minister's]

"This document does not purport to provide a prosecutable case
against Usama Bin Laden in a court of law."

The document doesn't hold ANY case, as that was the strategy.... See?


Investigating the Investigation

After playing a tape of Cheney's statement, Russert asked
Daschle, "Did the vice president call you and urge you not to
investigate the events of Sept. 11?" Daschle flatly
contradicted Cheney: "Yes, he did, Tim, on Jan. 24, and then
on Jan. 28 the president himself at one of our breakfast
meetings repeated the request."

...."[T]hat request was made" by Cheney not only on Jan. 24
and by Mr. Bush four days later, but "on other dates
following" as well.


ABCNEWS.com : FBI Called off Terror Investigations

Two veteran FBI investigators say they were ordered to stop
investigations into a suspected terror cell linked to Osama
bin Laden's al Qaeda network and the Sept. 11 attacks...

`You Will Not Open Criminal Investigations'


October 9 2001 - The Times of India

"While the Pakistani Inter Services Public Relations claimed

that former ISI [the "Pakistani CIA"] director-general Lt-Gen
Mahmud Ahmad sought retirement after being superseded on
Monday, the truth is more shocking. Top sources confirmed
here on Tuesday that the general lost his job because of the
"evidence" India produced to show his links to one of the
suicide bombers that wrecked the World Trade Center. The U.S.
authorities sought his removal after confirming the fact that
$100,000 were wired to WTC hijacker Mohammed Atta from
Pakistan by Ahmad Umar Sheikh [Omar Saeed] at the instance of
General Mahmud [Ahmad]. Senior government sources have
confirmed that India contributed significantly to establishing
the link between the money transfer and the role played by the
dismissed ISI chief. While they did not provide details, they
said that Indian inputs, including [Omar Saeed's] mobile phone
number, helped the FBI in tracing and establishing the link."


No evidence was brought against Laden for nine eleven, none.
[So according to Bush's official top secret Presidential
directives] While Laden himself claimed he played no part in
911. Still, to save the lives of third worlders on the brink
of starvation, Laden agreed to hand himself over, but Bush
refused the offer, while CBC and CNN denied to report on that
fact for the behalf of now dying dismembered American GIs.
Once the indiscriminate bombing began, targeting almost every
building in the country of Afghanistan, Laden then claimed he
had no choice but to fight back to defend US innocent from the
ungodly enemies of Creation/Freedom. Then the clear to all
fake video came out with an actor who's face wasn't even close
to looking remotely like Laden, but for almost the facial
hair. [Bridge of the Jamaican actor's nose is HALF as long in
proportion to Laden's for example, and surely frightfully
shocking for some, the actor doesn't even take blame for 911
either!] Photos comparing the two faces never aired on CBC and
CNN available in about twelve seconds with the power of the


former FBI deputy director and murder victim John O'Neill

"the main obstacles to investigating Islamic terrorism were

U.S. oil corporate interests and the role played by Saudi


Alex Jones interviewing Former German Defense Minister Andreas Von

"Bush signed W199I months before 911 ordering the FBI not to
stop Al-Qaeda. They threatened to arrest FBI agent Robert
Wright if he tells us what he knows."


Mr. Bush was quoted somewhere regarding Mr. Laden's guilt of
complete innocence with "We don't need any evidence, we know
he's guilty."



" [FBI's] Edmonds concluded that documents clearly showed that
the Sept. 11 hijackers were in the country and plotting to
use airplanes as missiles. She said documents also included
information relating to their financial activities. "


The honorable Argentinean oil company Bridas' relationship can
not be understated as the Bush Administration's primary motive
on criminal invasion of Afghanistan to save his biggest
corporate backers, the American pension thieving Enron.



Blix nor Elbaradei, nor Kofi, suggested, implied, or stated,

that Iraq had failed to comply with the newest U.N.
resolution: 1441.

HANS BLIX: "And at this juncture, we are able to perform
professional no-notice inspections all over Iraq and to

increase aerial surveillance..."

With complete, one hundred percent access to go where ever the
Bush Administration pleased without delay, left a situation of
an unjust war only detrimental to an ability to bring about
any good or better thing. American soldiers are being
sacrificed for no better good or reason understood, for if
progress will ever be made, it will be when they work to bring
about a political situation that was there in Iraq before the
Bush Administration starting murdering innocent people for
nothing . Well, not completely, for Bremer shipped 19 billion
to Greenspan early on, then, hundreds of millions were sent


Professor Steven E. Jones, a tenured BYU professor, went
public several weeks ago after releasing a 19 page academic
paper, essentially showing how the laws of physics do not
support the WTC's freefall and, consequently, the official
government story. It should be known that World Trade Center
Building Seven was not struck by an airplane, yet fell exactly
the same as the two towers.

Below both towers were found pools of molten steel, only
creatable with the heating by high explosives.

Excerpts from "Me, Art Bell, and 9-11 by Lisa Guliani"

The official version of the WTC collapses defy both Galileo's
Law of Falling Bodies, and also Isaac Newton's First Law of

..if we know that hydrocarbon fires can only reach a maximum
temperature of 1517 degrees Fahrenheit, how could they
possibly have melted this steel, when the melting point of
steel is 2,795 degrees and the boiling point of steel (when it
becomes a molten liquid) is 5,182 degrees Fahrenheit.

The existence of these burning pools of molten steel were confirmed

- Mark Lorieux of Controlled Demolition, Inc
- Peter Tully, President of Tully Construction
- and the American Free Press newspaper


"To be truthful about it, there was no way we could have got
the public consent to have suddenly launched a campaign on
Afghanistan but for what happened on September 11..."

Tony Blair Speaking To House of Commons Liaison Committee


The Washington Post, 23 September 2001.

At American urging, Ahmed traveled ... to Kandahar,
Afghanistan. There he delivered the bluntest of demands.
Turn over bin Laden without conditions, he told Taliban leader
Mohammad Omar, or face certain war with the United States and
its allies.

Mahmoud's meetings on two separate missions with the Taliban
were reported as a "failure." Yet this "failure" to extradite
Osama without providing a shred of eidence was part of
Washington's documented design, providing a pretext for a
military intervention which was already in the pipeline. If
Osama had been extradited, the main justification for waging a
war "against international terrorism" would no longer hold.
Nor would the ready to go Patriot Act. Incidentally, when
MSNBC contacted the Whitehouse regarding the top secret
invasion of Afghanistan plan, it was confessed that the plan
had been "fully implemented"


When we cancel other people's human rights, we cancel our own.

=Helen & Harry Highwater=



Please, I beg you to assist me in this cause immediately!

Ack! It turns out that there IS a criminal conspiracy run out of the
Winnipeg Police Department's Exploitation Unit!

Ack!! It turns out that the Crown IS aiding and abetting the
terrorist crimes of first degree mass murder!!

Ack!!! It turns out the Judge threw this whole Revelation thing out
without any consideration offered, while the Crown is currently
working on a public ban of disclosure in Winnipeg on these
continuing documented crimes!!!

50,000!! a pop! Stolen from law abiding business owners!!!

Crimes forwarded to the public in part by the concern of Manitoba's


Send this post for me to also Winnipeg media persons or to anyone who
will listen. If you don't, then, you ain't my friend. Come on! Do
something for us, and I promise to help you out later if I can.
Help me through the goodness of your heart, so we won't get
railroaded into prison fraudulently by those that hide in darkness
as pirates of our human will. The will to be free.

The Crown's interpretations of my possessions are not my expressions!!


The Judge through this whole thing out for the defense
without any consideration offered to OUR COURT!



Since I am representing myself on these particular criminal
matters, Legal Aid is not required to lend assistance on the
grounds that I'm not co-operating with the system as it
operates through professional Barred representations. [I am
eligible for walk in consultations but nothing of the sort of
assistance I am requesting] Considering the complexity of my
judicial matter, I would request legal assistance from the
Court in these following areas.

1. National Security Issues

I need assistance in understanding the legal statutes that our
national security services are obligated to practice under, to
insure our national security matters are being truly defended
in my respect. No change in summation of my character was
altered, after they were granted a search warrant to verify it
was me who publicly spoke out for honorable FBI officers
denied their rights to speak freely, then as the Court knows,
instead of doing what they argued to grant such privilege to
infringe on my personal liberty, enforced a less than perfect
law that most others would buckle under, even if they harbored
no criminal intent, and would never do anything to infringe on
the rights of any child. For I challenge; it does not serve
Canada's interest (in particular our teen soldiers) to
knowingly have Canada propagandized under the serious failures

of CBC and the National Security Services to lend no wanting
cry to hear REAL FBI officers who factually allege, with
evidence and everything, President Bush's business partner,
(who was at the Whitehouse Sept. 9th working on the top
secret invasion of Afghanistan strategy to heavily arm heroin
pushers who war to keep women as slaves while weaponizing
children - done all for a liquefied gas pipe line to profit
his darling dear Enron) funded 9/11's "mastermind"
"ringleader" Mohammad Atta. Inside sources from the RCMP have
notified me, that in the last four years, Section D's salaried
employees, have done practically nothing to serve Canada's
interest in this respect. While Canada's CSIS does not have
the legal ability to speak out publicly regarding the criminal
transgressions of President Bush, and because of this nature
of CSIS's position, they have almost only fears to live with
by trying. A CSIS officer told me, many were completely aware
of President Bush's criminality regarding his hugely
treasonous actions of mass murder on 9/11, but could do
practically nothing about it outside of filing the reports
with the federal government, or maybe anonymously sending
something to CBC, with no promises that anyone would actually
read it. All the while, the senior CSIS boss brags
contemptuously in public about his ties and commitment to his
friends in the ISI. Perceived easily/mistakenly I'd imagine
as a threat to all of Canada's Honorable police officers and
Judges. [General Ahmad was the Bush junta's appointed head of
the ISI.] I think Canada's Prime Minister Paul Martin is
genuinely a good man, but it is hard to see him publicly take
a stand on this issue, [if he even received said reports] on
behalf of honorable police officers and soldiers everywhere,
in defense of the human race, risking everything, considering
he already does bring about a great deal of good for Canadians
where he stands. [Compared to you know, a let's send the kids
to war for whatever Harper, or nobody in Winnipeg
("officially" 86%) wants us to give away the public assets so
let's do it anyway for ourselves privately Filmon] But to know
the RCMP's Section D, sides that they can't tell us the top
secret reason they have not perused Justice for the sake of
Canadian soldiers who bravely put their lives on the line, of
which some have already died, is a situation no Canadian would
tolerate if they knew these freely available facts to decide
for themselves. Sure we can be counted lucky that only so few
Canadians have died thus far, but when will the sacrifice of
Americans, Afghanis, Iraqis, and soon to be Iranians with the
Syrians, along with more than fifty other countries officially
marked for death by the lawlessly irrational bushite
terrorists, be more than YOUR willing to bare? As publicly
reported repeatedly in European press, Mr. Sattler ordered
the bombing of health care clinics in Fallujah as first strike
targets because he didn't want doctors or nurses to "falsely"
report that his forces target primarily the innocent to steal
more from America in blood and treasure. Then under Sattler's
command, they proceeded to monstrously murder more than two
hundred thousand innocent souls, while covering the region in
radio-active toxic waste that will continue to kill for a
scientifically estimated billion or two years. Hell on Earth
is what un- arrested Sattler represents as an enemy to all
living things. God included. An aside: Did you know the
commander of the Third Infantry, Maj. Gen. Buford 'buff'
Blount III, is truly a Saudi Wahhabist in disguise, who took
up the job at the request of the Bush junta, and subsequently
left near 170 tons of plastic explosives unprotected for
looting in Qaqaa? Why? Well when asked why he commanded to
leave the weapons unattended to instead, go carnage Baghdad,
with, I'm serious, sanctioned thieving expeditions, he
replied, he just wanted to let us know he was there. "We just
wanted to let them know that we're here.'' In Basra, the
coalition is still leaving as of last week, more than 30 known
weapons storage facilities unprotected. See, the neo-con
peenacker gang can't steal everything without a stupid man war
going. Left continuing unattended without national
discussions, leaves further in it's wake, more innocent
victims of war crimes fallen undefended. I would ask that
instead of me seeking to find where it is written, that the
RCMP must be committed to getting the man for nine eleven,
perhaps I can just request we work together, for a national
CBC radio forum kicked off by some kinda joint, international
press release acknowledging briefly our failures to
communicate in the past, and politely request where Canada
could go through open line discussions on these very serious
matters. We must not allow our soldiers to be made
misinformed by CBC's unwillingness to bravely with honor,
defend our great Nation. Or, perhaps, Canada might want to
consider hiring me on as, we'll see how it goes honorary RCMP
spokesperson?, a paid consultant for my expertise in
recognizing the real bad guys, and then I'll go out there, and
win the good fight by using praise with fewer insults. If we
stay committed to defending freedom by defeating war
criminals, we all will be the better for it. Now, take me to
your leader.

2. Local Police Issues

As so was brought to the attention of the Courts in the
previous motions, through considering the charge that was
brought against me, (where no criminal intent in alleged, and
nobody can possibly see a digital image until it is already at
least in one's possession, case closed, I'm free to go still
without my stolen computer gear.) I discover, the child

exploitation unit is not operating in a manner that would
effectually reduce the proliferation of truly illegal
materials. They have included images to demonize me that they
must know are left legal to distribute, or for those couple
images categorized as for sure illegal unto themselves, are
left publicly unhindered when it comes to Police questioning
in a manner that would concern illegal public expressions.
Now, I personally don't believe the Courts are consciously
operating in a nefarious manner deliberately to steal computer
gears to sell as sadomasochists who enjoy seeing lovers of
life go to prison falsely for five year stints, but come on,
something seriously needs to be done in how things there are
run. I believe the failures are, in part, do to the personal
fears officers have of the information universe; for to
acknowledge information sharing through p2p networks or
Usenet, would be to witness criminal code violations by the
score going corporately unaddressed. Like Bush being guilty
for high treason in God's America for example, Iraqi church
goers slaughtered by faithful Bush lovers, women raped by
"freedom fighting" GIs, the sex slave trade, or that VLT's are
being run criminally (section 209, 380(1) 380(2), 181, 52(1-4)
with a math game scam that even a sixth grader can figure, but
not the "Free Press" editor, or commercial savvy CJOB's Vic
G-----. Being our city's big Bush backers, where our dying
universe is simpler, like "we don't need any evidence, we know
he's guilty", refuses a, trying to be responsible citizen to
formulate their own conclusions through our media on why we
have laws. Anyway, I need to have some one to cross check the
"illegal" images through recorded internet domains, to see
which ones are/were located in Canada and elsewhere, and what
if any attempt the exploitation unit tried to limit found
providers. I suspect many providers they would claim they
can't do anything about, are so not because a crime is
occurring, but in that respect, actual evidence of criminal
conduct would be required before an internet provider, server,
or site owner could be recommended for censorship. Not this,
twenty year olds look like they could be ten year olds, or
that, simply naked children being human should not be viewed
in their/our minds as something youthfully beautiful.

To Police effectually, I would suggest a public domain
transparently coded checksum program checker to automatically
recognize, known illegal materials made available free, with a
downloadable database updated by the work of one or two
officers monitoring currently available internet image traffic
- classifiable almost near the speed of electricity across the
country. This action is good to take despite my personal
innocence or fraudulent guilt, for media labelings are
completely impossible to designate content/control, but as
such, shouldn't forbid Police services from locating where
possibly actual hugely offensive content is being distributed
through. With volunteer co- operation of programming, a user,
server, or internet service provider could be warned of
material almost in their possession as expression is
classified criminal so then simply delete it, and carry on.
I'm confident such Police planning with open for public
appeals to fine tune further, would end putting the hugely
profitable exploitation units across the continent almost
completely out of business. Now, who truly wants that?

3. Constitutional Challenges

This possession charge absent intent, where everybody is auto
guilty to lose all their stolen computer gear through
fraudulent demonization of the innocent included, is a for
sure, crime in progress. I'd imagine if we had a public
inquiry, we'd find what the exploitation crews are doing, is
needing to locate only a small few arguably illegal
depictions, then trumping up a lot of fraudulent totals.
Figuring, I'd imagine, if they openly started convicting
individuals for a couple of images they perhaps deleted when
witnessed, people might begin to ask, just how much money is
the unit taking in sold stolen merchandise? Perhaps 50,000
dollars in a single case where the business owner of said
stolen property wasn't even charged for a criminal offense!
No troublesome Court appearance required to protect your
public business image even! Generally, in cases that do reach
trial, all images are seldomly reviewed by the Courts, and at
the "professional" porno viewers discretion, or the Crown, a
small sample is only offered. [The professional naked people
person they have in my case I suspect is lost somewhere in
bushville as the clinically insane, or just extremely helpful
to my Judicial cause, thanks big guy, either way.] This has
worked largely unhindered because lawyers for the defense
wouldn't generally see a connection. For only one freely
available image that you couldn't see until you already had
it, is all that is needed to put a, loss for words Canadian,
in prison for half a decade. Not only that, but such
convictions insist irrationally that the guilty must also be
sexually deviant and require professional counseling. The law
enforced absent rights infringed needs to be Constitutionally
challenged as clearly unjust, and the sentencing structure as
being seriously cruel. [What does one guilty of an actual
assault for comparison get, or better yet, threat of assault
that was never truly made?] So, as a result, I need the
assistance of Constitutional lawyers who would provide me
consultations on prepatory requirements and on the relevant
Constitutional questions regarding this specific challenge.
And maybe co-operation with the Crown or Police chief to tally
records and total sales figures on cases under similar
circumstances to consider the exploitation unit for
re-evaluation. [Example: The foolish, faith in ignorance
argument given by all similar units, is that nothing can be
securely deleted from a hard drive is assuredly patently
ridiculous. Truly indicative however, that we do indeed have
a real hidden problem here regarding their/our intelligence
gathering capabilities.] While maybe supporting public
discussions on how to even improve further, the valuable work
that the exploitation unit surely does do already somewhere
I'm sure to operate for our interests. We may together have
to overthrow CJOB with our human skills at demanding some
space to talk about bettering our lives by communicating
without two minute commercials every five minutes, and opening
up the phone lines to talk about whatever. They take too much
from us as the clearly disenfranchised already. Like, so
who's talk radio station is it anyway?

4. The Crown's Crown

I have concerns regarding the job requirements that our
community asks a Crown to bravely achieve. One, would be to
pursue Justice for the principled betterment of our society.
It is clear to anyone familiar with my case, that our
corporate media managers have decided for one fear or another,
that such noble reaches must be left from the grasp of
Canadian soldiers and their loving giving families. This
place the Court holds of a principle that all people should be
treated fairly, includes those we know Bush has already had
murdered in America under these left silenced demands for a
true accounting by good police work completed already. The
fear that every criminal Court Crown shrugs off when proudly
defending the innocent in our legal challenges, seems thus
far, absent in support of Justice for Johnny. When I read
statements from the Crown stating, John's legal arguments
against traitor Bush is irrelevant to the case our Crown
holds against myself, in our name as Canadians, smacks of an
unjust and blind totalitarian state. Corporately broadcasted
uncertainty is forsaking the innocent lives of Bush's
continuing real murder victims. Certainly, the Crown has a
responsibility to pursue just causes, and granted, can falsely
suspect I don't hold the best of intentions towards life with
everything I am. However, the Crown's summations of my
character will never change the official FBI's conclusions
arrived at by following the crime scene leads, at the real
murder scene, to discover who personally is still escaping
arrest for mass murder of our good friends in New York City on
9/11. A crime who's principle perpetrators obviously
faithfully count on this form of injustice to dictate
continuous failures by our Crown to serve our public interest.
For whatever reason, my case documents a corporate news agenda
of non-committal in our pursuit of Justice for ourselves as
the little people. Ourselves, including the Crowns of all
Canada, are, without doubt, denied fair representation by CBC
standards. Canada is being left not defending honorable
American police officers, doing their jobs to the best of
their ability, should not leave too, our Public's Crown
unrepresented. (If the Crowns of Canada so willed it in our
names.) So, I would ask that the Crown's refusal to speak out
for Canada, while fighting to silence my cries with an unjust
as cruel prison sentence, be investigated for obstructing
Justice, and therefore, aiding and abetting the terrorist
crimes of first degree mass murder. Now, how to do this...
I'm not sure. Perhaps the Court's assistance of aid in the
form of one or two Crown offices from a different province in
Canada could be considered, or a Constitutional Law firm more
up on what all I got to work with here. Look, somebody has
tricked my nation, and subsequently our naiver youths, into
excepting Canadians can not hear the silenced screams of
global tyranny. If soldiers the world over need to die for
Bush, let it be for something worth fighting. Freedom must be
Canada, a Canada that would go if asked, in favor of Universal
Justice always. Just ask US.

Your Friend,

John W.





For an Order of Production






This Notice of Motion regarding an Order of Production is to
have disclosed to the defense, the complete evidence without
undue hindrance, evidence the Crown holds against the accused
as a member of our public. These following arguments are the
reasons why Justice must prevail in these proceedings:


In conclusion, I need to show where my outstanding character
was at, by indicating exactly what I spent my free time on, to
illustrate for our Court, my TRUE intent as motive on this

Yours truly,






for the Crown to Stay Proceedings






The Validity of the Law


Because you wont speak out for anyone else's rights to be
heard publicly - the bushite enemy trust to figure. Justice
is Freedom, and to have a real concern for another's lost
rights to freely be, is to be truly concerned with your very
own in serious jeopardy. I wouldn't lie to you. Believing,
as the bushite do, willfully deceitful corporate news
propaganda excuses the Bush Administration's rampant
criminality against the innocent as God is, truly, excuses
nothing, especially if I have something to say on the subject
of accountability.

This final Court challenge against my Freedom to be myself,
that the bush administration attempted firstly to do top
secretly, has now been laid publicly at our door step as a
blatant threat to everyone of us as a member of the Canadian
Public. Will you help me politely address my false accusers
on our public airwaves? Will you help speak for freedom from
tyranny is this question riddled, or will you deny yourself my
generous helping?

The reasons why such abhorrent behaviors continue unaddressed
in our Police Force actions will be documented fully with
remedies offered during the second part of the third phase of
the upcoming Question Period press conferences - press
conferences running during the available down times of The
Trial of



/ /And that of course gives the bushites and CBC and CNN their
implausible deniability, where they can say their remaining

neutral, by not providing us the facts to allow us to decide
for ourselves. Because otherwise, we wouldn't kill ourselves
to profit the bushmob cabal of God haters. Who victimize
innocent Christians for no other reason but for to profit off
our suffering.


Think of all those people in that situation as God. And
these, the bushite nazi grunts, have positions that are
completely irrational, they're making no sense, your fuking
up. It's like a cancer that God of that whole situation, is

inflicted with. They're lying to themselves. If your there
to fight on behalf of Iraqis, you take a position to demand
all the money that has been taken through this Iraq
Development Fund, be returned. \ \


/ / What is particularly disturbing is how the administration
misused intelligence information to make its case for war and
failed to plan competently for the postwar period. \ \

What seems even more disturbing, to me, and PBS' FRONTLINE, is
that there was a "State" plan, the ORHA plan to prevent
looting and carnage, but it was sabotaged by rumsfeld and
franks, so the bushmob could try to make some sense of
needlessly bombing the country for our labored dollars, while
robbing the central bank and museum by mopping up the mess
with the bodies of American Patriots still dying as da' dumfuks.


you know what is right, though you may still be blind, never
too late to change your mind, we are all in agreement, in
truth we rise, evil is just the deceived disguised...


Our Gambling Problem

Instead of our government deciding what services we need and
are willing to pay for, they'll have us think that by actively
promoting gambling to those we can take advantage of, somehow
serves them right, and us well.


Are you feeling okay buddy? Let us get out of here, and go to




/ / That is a high act of treason. And it's not,
"oh well, but maybe it's not true.." No, we have
the two documents of question. \ \

What is the Coast to Coast radio network Head talking
about tonight?, the re-re-re-hashing of the "Allaways
Interslinging" Bigfoot phenomenon? Where was I...

Look, you're not going to go to hell for not giving me a
couple of dollars to further my cause, but it sure
couldn't help to leave me without any support here


White House keeps dossiers on more than 10,000 'political enemies'



The United States of America v. Adam Vaughn

He was a stand-up Marine, a beloved cop, and a local hero

/ / Vaughn was accused of possessing child pornography on
the basis of images in his browser cache and downloaded
photos he had deleted from his hard drive long before the
accusations. Although Vaughn says he never sought out or
wanted to keep pornographic images of children, he's
serving four and a half years in jail. \ \



/ / It's as if our government is telling us that if we're
going to look at porn, we'd better pay for it. Otherwise,
we might get branded pedophiles. How many innocent lives
will be destroyed before the child porn wars are over? \ \



/ / Specialist Damien "Monster" Corsetti--known
affectionately as the "King of Torture" among his Bagram
colleagues--was later fined and demoted for forcing an
Iraqi woman to strip during an interrogation at Abu
Ghraib. Yet Corsetti remains a free man. \ \

Will America hunt to kill the un-arrested bushite cancer
that knows thyself as the "King of Torture"? Who's
blasphemous open contempt for all that is God doesn't even
earn him a spot on America's Most Wanted?




/ / Why would God promise you in the Bible, go hurt myself
purposefully. And steal something from someone you didn't
earn. And be a dishonest lying bastard, just to be an
asshole you like to be. \ \



/ / He figured anybody who committed the acts of torture
against the innocent, needed to be publicly executed for
America, by America, as America, and I, am totally in
agreement with that. \ \


Bush Jnr. is sure wicked evil song




/ / an epic study that documents the systematic nature of
torture by the Americans, and how casual it is, even
enjoyable. [...] as the head of Reuters said recently,
it is out of control. It is destroying lives in industrial
quantities when compared with the violence of the
resistance. \ \

Godless bushite enemy thieves, are enemies of innocent men
women and children as they live and die in undefended America
measured worthless to the neocon traitor's bottom line.

If YOU, personally make no effort to confront millionaire talk
radio hosts who insist America's more concerned with
discussing the importance of aliens and vampires than the

sacrifice of liberty for tyranny, America will die. Anti-cop
Coast to Coast hosts deliberately forbid Americans to learn
about who personally is responsible for the crimes of 911, or
that the war in Iraq has no rational justification whatsoever.

Nazi bush bitch George Norrie would happily watch your
American children die for the treasonous bushmob, before
allowing any Patriot on Your radio to discuss these serious
matters that confront us all. Help me gain a public voice on

our air waves, please.


/ / Mr Cheney told several Republican senators that
President Bush would veto the annual defense spending
bill if it contained language prohibiting the use of
cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment by any U.S.
personnel. \ \


/ / Col. Robert Bowman: As other speakers have said,
they knew the American people wouldn't stand for it, and
they said so in their documents, and they said, unless
there's that new Pearl Harbor.

[...] and it is treason. [...]

1. We give up all rights to Iraqi oil 2. We give up
all rights to the rebuilding contracts- if Halliburton
wants a contract from you, they have to bid on it like
anybody else, and they have to hire Iraqis to do the work
for a change. 3. We give up all rights to those 14
permanent military bases we're building in Iraq at this
time. And the people in the Whitehouse are not going to
make those committments and so they have to go and all
the puppeteers with them. \ \

/ / Rove told Cooper that further information
discrediting Wilson and his findings would soon be
declassified and ended the phone conversation by saying
"I've already said too much. \ \

/ / · less than one per cent of the population believes
coalition forces are responsible for any improvement in
security; \ \

(Don't miss "Johnny Wizard Vs. the bushmob")

(on bush's behavior during the school book 9/11 incident.)

/ / Stuck he was then, with no mind to ruse, er.. time to
snooze, Arg! What was the cue? Errrch... If he moves
with priority interest as concerned openly honest public
figure, as he knows a legitimate President would have
been to first learn of such carnage,


why not previous before he left his Hotel room with a
television? Outside the Hotel? In the motorcade? With
school staff as you'd figure would have been present too
laughing, no? Instead he stayed as he had been to give
no orders publicly, nor attempt to make public inqiries,
but to listen with such unbelievable absolute devotion,
equating a beautiful child's story, as if it were Jesus
from the heavens himself, speaking directly on the
living Nature of our Universe.. \ \
From the Johnny Wizard work - "Wait a Moment"
[The Son of Man asks:]

/ / Who cares about yourself if you won't listen as reason

to? What can you lose when you have granted to be
blindly stolen from? \ \


/ / An editorial appearing Wednesday in the Washington
Post did not mince words in denouncing Cheney's
intervention. His actions, the newspaper declared,
demonstrated that ``this vice president has become an
open advocate of torture.'' \ \

/ / The War Crimes Act of 1996, a federal statute set
forth at 18 U.S.C. § 2441, makes it a federal crime for
any U.S. national, whether military or civilian, to
violate the Geneva Convention by engaging in murder,
torture, or inhuman treatment. \ \

/ / Making a potential prosecutor's job easier, U.S.
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales wrote a memo in January
2002 to President Bush saying that America should opt out
of the Geneva Convention because top officials have to
worry about prosecutions under 18 U.S.C. § 2441. By
attempting to sidestep the Geneva Convention, Gonzales
created a document trail that can be used to prove that
top administration officials knowingly created a policy
of torturing prisoners \ \

/ / Entitled ``The Torture Question,'' the report makes
clear that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld bears direct
responsibility for the brutal methods of interrogation
used against US prisoners. \ \



/ / What is happening is that Ms. Davidson and Lawyers Against the
War have laid charges against George Bush Jr; accusing him of
aiding, abetting, and counseling the commission of torture. \ \

/ / "Many Canadians don't realize that we have not only the right
but the responsibility to pursue these charges, it is a
responsibility that the Canadian government owes not only to the
people of Canada, but to the people of the world. \ \

/ / "The American legal system seems incapable of bringing him to
justice and there are no international courts with jurisdiction.
So it's up to Canada to enforce the law that everybody has signed
on to but nobody else seems willing to apply." \ \

/ / Irwin Cotler's credo is supposed to be "Justice, justice shall
you pursue" not ingratiation with superpowers who practice torture. \


/ / [...] talk your arguments to 18 USC 794 anti-treason law.
and if he [bush] goes by hanging I buy the rope. \ \


/ / o Where the HELL is YOUR proof that Dick Cheney was NOT
conducting drills on 9/11 that paralyzed Air Force responses to the
real attacks? \ \




/ / The Nazis in the 1930s were forced to waste precious time and
money on the inoculation of the German citizenry, too well-educated
for its own good, against the infections of impermissible thought.
We can count it as a blessing that we don't bear the burden of an
educated citizenry. \ \

From "Epiphany"

/ / What can bush or rumsfeld do now in Iraq, outside of criminally
stealing our assets, that they couldn't do before a single innocent
Iraqi person was murdered by heinous traitor buford blount? Look I
am serious about this: read... What can bush or rumsfeld do now
in Iraq, outside of criminally stealing our assets, that they
couldn't do before a single innocent Iraqi person was murdered by
heinous traitor buford blount? \ \

/ / In fact, as they made clear on page one, the authors had
stripped out Falluja; their estimate of 98,000 deaths would
otherwise have been much higher. \ \

Repeat after me:

Coast to Coast hosts are leaving us listeners out here
with the impression, that neither hosts have
heard of the National Intelligence Estimate,
or the NIE, that was created by pressure through
congress just prior to the war, by the cia, state
department, and eight other American intelligence
agencies, of which, the bush administration got
caught misleading the verdicts by censorship,
and outright re-writing, then bald faced lying.
Subsequently causing the creation of an
investigation by the Senate, who's conclusion stated
that the bush administration "..provided [Americans]

with an incomplete picture of the nature and extent
of the debate within the intelligence community
regarding these issues."


It's the simplest idea. All you gotta do, is get a couple large
buoys, that let's say take maybe a twenty foot square space, maybe
a foot or two thick, and they contain air, made of some strong
plastics. You just take that, anchor it stationary to the ocean
floor, and have it situated on a gear system where, even though the
buoy moves up and down slightly, there is such a tremendous amount
of force on it, through the rising of the tides, that through gear
ratios, you could easily get some turbines going for a thousand
bucks or something. Not a big investment to give you free energy

/ / Do not put any effort into thinking out your own opinions.
Create doubt on anything any true liberator, would try to
convey to you as important for your life. Never mind. Watch
your son or daughter be sacrificed, and just lie to yourself,
and tell us all how your so proud of your dead son or
daughter, "because they were fighting for liberty." And we
just got to just keep bullshiting you because you're an enemy
to God. An enemy to true freedom, when you demand truth not
be spoken for the innocent being persecuted, as Christ was.
Where is Christianity in America? Call your Church now! \ \


/ / Why does any American think that spying without a warrant
has any more effect in reducing the threat of terrorism than
spying with a warrant? \ \

Yet, FOX, CNN and CBC silently plead ignorance when
broadcasting for bushite favor on this rights issue. He wants
to pursue terrorists they'll tell us, but CNN, CBC, FOX and
others, won't tell us why Bush secretly feels FISA would
jeopardize such claimed inquiries? Sure, bushites are dumb,
but we're not that dumb to except this without knowing. It's
similarly like, Bush can't be my Chief because, Congress
didn't declare war like the Constitution Laws. So, what's he
going by then?, right?


Look up in your mind, across the sky!, it's the glorious sign
that says things couldn't be much worse under the watchful
gaze of the Supreme Commander. It's like, Bush can't be my
Chief because, Congress didn't declare war like the
Constitution Laws.

The, in league with evil tresspass of George Walker Bush only
has the rights that are protected by any civilized American.
The lying demon enemy has no power of illusion over me, for
he, I have concluded with in discussions about Satan, is
truly, no honorable god fearing American.

Help me to gain some international say, and our world will
fair brighter at becoming, this fool's play/tragedy.

bLeEplAb! bLeEplAp! bLeEplAb! bLeEplAp!


God or no God, I hate the demon antiChrist, corporate
america's false-deity, Your unelected Mr. bush Jr., as
much as any real Creator of this world, or any other

With such real inaction on old promises [lies] made by
the dishonorable and dishonest leaderless bushite nazi
savages, while desecrating all of Humanity by fighting
against a just rule of Law, (instead of protecting
America's America), forces the continued REAL WORLD
sacrifice of true Liberty, until the bushmob gang is
brought up by US for war crimes., as the 9/11
perpetrating, super evil as ungodly, demon antiChrist in
disguises. (I very much would feel welcomed to play my
part in those public proceedings.) Hmmm.. maybe CNN or
CBC can become publicly convinced we should have our own
news programs on what's truly happening?, to compete
against the 'evil bushites' in this competitive free
market place of ideas? Who knows..

Take care of the business, by getting US in on our
news-casts., as these principles here standing in words,
are a dreamers dreams, just waiting for You to bring to
reality., by standing proud, strong, and forever free as
a, truly, super awesome Human Being.

True Blue American Jew


/ / Jimmy Carter tours America with a new book that describes
Jews as racists and oppressors, and suggests they are also a
conspiratorial mafia that intimidates ``critics,'' [...] In
other words, Americans beware of the Jew in your midst. [...]
When hundreds of millions are calling for the extermination of
the Jews of Israel this is more than a lie; it is a blood
libel. \ \

What is wrong with this ungodly stupid zionist demon nazi fuk
eh? Does he want us to think he has some secret club of
"ungodly liars" who could hide among themselves in a dark room
and not destroy themselves willingly? (The Devil's in the
details) I'm King of the Jews, and I'd kill bushite thieves
for America anyday, any REAL JEW who defends the lives of the
innocent, who the bushite targets for murder would do so
likewise.. I mean, come on, seriously, who wouldn't.
bushites are evil, and evil is dumb. A zionist THIEF is a
soulless enemy of Life, as a un-American, God hating, pro
Christian/Arab/Jew killer. In other words, Americans beware
of the Zionist in your midst who LIES to cheat and steal from
the innocent true blue American Jew included.

Johnny America - presently on his theatrical, Wizard's World
Wide Work of Wonder Word spectacular Tour production with the
personally staged adaptation of, "Hello", now playing

P.S. can you spare a few tens of thousands of dollars so I
can afford a fair defense in my court battle against the
demonic enemy forces of life as we know it? Or, well, I guess
I'll lose unfairly, and go to prison as an innocent god loving
man, the "Top Cop" of our Universe dying actually. Don't let
them do this to my America friends.. my friend, don't let
them do this to anyone. Make the call. Be a man.

/ / An AMERICAN CITIZEN that ALL found leaderless bushite
dumfuk anti-American terrorist forces act nothing for defense
in. An American!!! \ \


Now that atheist THIEF Israel has 'legalized' MURDER,

/ / "Israel is embarking upon a more aggressive approach to
the war on terror that will include staging targeted killings

in the United States and other friendly countries, former
Israeli intelligence officials told United Press
International. \ \ The zionist criminal element can't call
OUR COPS we see... and with enemies like these... We should
don our stars an crosses, load our guns, and hunt to kill
every last 'escaped' first degree murderer zionist,


/ / ``This is simply not right,'' Layton told a news
conference. ``There is no evidence that Mr. Arar's name
should be on such a list. We held a whole inquiry here in
Canada on this question. \ \


The Voice of Reason, NewsTalk 1270 is Off the Air

/ / it's almost unheard of for a start up to launch a station
with a format as expensive as the news/talk format. And it's
extremely rare for local investors to buck the trend of the
corporate consolidation and launch an independent locally
controlled broadcast outlet. \ \

Johnny's Flying Jalopy

Corporate America's contempt for Justice is STILL killing
American teens un-necessarily. All religions are in agreement
- God is just - and if there is to ever be a heaven granting
freedom to all, it's a world that treats all people equitably,
like Mohamed, Hillel, and Jesus with Confucius, Buddha, and so
on preaches to real believers... While evil bushite liars
tell our children we're blaming the innocent as God's will for
their 'escaping' criminality. Murderous! Art Bell again,
told his viewers he didn't support starting the war against
the innocent in Iraq, but he did relentlessly. I survived
through that well recorded international challenge. The demon
forbade any discussions on the matter, but for a rare seldom
talk with someone who wanted to nuke somwheres else. The
demon would screen his calls, privately during commercials,
and anyone who wanted to bring up an American soldier's
interest in why we were all pro-war with those who directly
carried out 911 AS DOCUMENTED, he'd just hang up on before
broadcast. Despite MILLIONS marching. So AMERICANS wouldn't
know: George W. Bush actually is the 911 master mind of this
journey into hell by his criminal ineptness to plan an
effective exit strategy for him, and his dishonorable ungodly
servants, like the bushite terrorists Cheney, Rumsfeld, task
group 626. Sattler, Blount, Mattis, Russell, Allawi, Aegis,
and now,.. PUBLIC admissions of the bush administration
taxing "Americans" for death squads against the INNOCENT by
their "democratic" constituency. Gifts from America to you
freedom lovers! See the bushite, you kill it for America, you
kill it for children, you kill it for the love of GOD left
forsaken by corporate 'for profit' zionist news directors, who
TRULY hold YOUR life in contempt. Hate me? okay, f--k you
too then, HATE GOD as 'defenseless' by supporting these
continuing indiscriminate al-cia-duh bombing attacks against
our Humanity, and I'll personally hunt the offensive liar
bushite down religiously for judicial prosecutions as OUR
enemy. Join me in ridding Humanity of the enemies to American
freedom, the bushite terrorists.

Bush signed the top secret war strategy, to ignore all
relevant evidence for a crime that hadn't just yet taken
place, on September 9th, 2001. [Jim at MSNBC] A top secret
criminal plan to close inquiries carried out after the
catalyst terror event of 911. The General who provided the no
evidence argument to the Taliban at Bush's request, was found
also responsible by the FBI for funding the same terrorist
offence in question. A terrorist crime that the bushmob has
taken a huge killing in GOD with. wAllah, George W. Bush is
the for real antichrist. No escaping it my friends, no
escaping it. Fight for Freedom, or die a loser to bush's
genius. Support me, or fail to recognize true wisdom when it
speaks to you of need for desperate change to save your dying

Do YOU have any idea how truly evil Art Bell appears when he
says, of course America was lied to through corporate news
censorship in regards to the WMD questions, but that's because
it was all for stealing Iraqi property to benefit no-national,
bottom lining by jack bribing, - bush's - pro-military
dictatorship oil companies after all is dead and gone, that's
what death Your American Son is good for. And why isn't Art
Bell mad about what he did to you?, at least near half the
angry of how much, still locked in the trunk Daddy G is?
No,.. in shock!, he's sounding as chipper as ever! That is
what Art Bell actually said last Saturday night to God and

So listen: Art Bell and George Norry won't allow Americans to
set a HIGH PRIORITY in solving any American crisis, and
instead, we'll get the regular, who cares about the dying
poor, needless American teen sacrifices done for a better life
it was not thought. Art Bell will likely never be able to
stand up proud as a real American man, unless he allows US to
form his good defense on fears of wisdom existing beyond his
stupid man comprehensions along with likewise traitor Norry.
Only way for that to happen, is if he, as the other radio
celeb happy happy cultists, are forced by LAW, to have
broadcasted on every private radio station of OUR Planet, a
full hour of open lines calls to talk about whatever as the
disgruntled, but loving, immediate community, perhaps sharing
recipes. Then, if America is still then a wasteland of
worthless words trumpeting a bushite's proud barbarity for
ungodly zionism as death of the Jewish religion, continually
committed to the further enslavement of the Human condition,
by thieving, and torturing as proud boastful bushites do,
WE'LL ALL know it, and consider demanding Justice then on OUR,
not so out there old country radio stations, all so THEY can
then, as offending war criminals, go it alone without
ourselves. Like an old "All in the Family" episode I saw
once, or thrice. Where Archie gets to makes a community
member statement on his local TV station!!! Wow eh? How far
we've come...

Jesus, hell no, I ain't going down that blind delusion of what
infinite Justice means. Tell George Norry, Ahmad funded Atta.
Despite the FACT that he will likely again, personally
determine, DYING American SOLDIERS must be FORBIDDEN such

knowledge as understood in context. Then, get him to invite
US on as a very controversial guest. What a show that would
be! Wouldn't it be a great novelty that would eventually wear
off with something even more curiously interesting in a

million to two years? Or, die tomorrow as a forsaken American
Patriot soldier. It's all up to YOU. Do the right thing by
supporting me, Creator of the Universe, with answers to
EVERYTHING. Or, die with evil genius Bush, as your blind

tyrant war bringer, against everything good in purgatory.


Johnny America


/ / Lord Justice Richards, sitting with Mr Justice Forbes and
Mr Justice Mackay, ruled it was a "reasonable" decision for
the Director of Public Prosecutions and the CPS not to order
prosecutions on the basis that they were "likely to fail". \ \

These three will be tried for blatant treason, when found
easily guilty, Britain will consider temporarily bringing back
the death penalty, by having these three, along with the
murderous pro cop killers, gloriously executed for God and
country. The fellow murdered was working for a security firm,
likely, Peter Power. And the murderers were caught repeatedly
LYING to the British populace. Repeatedly. Now, ask
yourself, why such lies to cover up such a serious crime of
FIRST DEGREE MURDER of an innocent British citizen? "Likely
to fail"?, that's not Justice, likewise, not freedom, as no
way to deal with the continuing terrorist threat found
discovered there years and years ago. Do you think these
treasonous "Judges" are not aware of the mass killings in
Britain committed, as confessed PUBLICLY IN BRITIAN, by
government agents posing as the still silent on the issue IRA?
LEARN: these once fearful officers will tell you, if they
don't talk to plead Justice, the "British" government has them
murdered. (Their best buds actually from back at the office
are only 'IN IT' for their own preserved criminal gain you
see, so... why take the risk that Johnny'll get you in the
end? SEE? A bushite kills bushite for a stolen nickel they
likely stole from their OWN grand parents to give to
Halliburton, because truly, bushite soldiers are godless nazi
traitors who cowardly bomb the innocent with their personal
contempt for God and Life, or go silent over such atrocities
committed in our names by LIARS.) This pattern is Universal,
so, my hands are tied. There is truly no honor among bushite
thieves, like in the Third Infantry or Elvis desecrator Aegis.
Death to our indiscriminately murderous thieving enemies of
God's Creation, who war Creation for bush's personal escape
for the crimes of 911 Christ would say right, wouldn't you say
so likewise my brothers and sisters, of the Muslim, Christian,
and Jewish religions in belief?

/ / Jonathan Crow QC, acting for the CPS, said he sympathised
with the family but that the police believed at the time Mr de
Menezes posed a threat and they were acting in self defence. \ \

According to whom?, certainly not by the statements made by
the demonic bushite liars who war Britain to assist in the
escape of Peter Power and company.

Later Gaters,

Johnny America

Crime News Journalist "Apoo, will you ever stop selling spoiled meat?"
Kwiki Mart Apoo Ahhasapeenapenluand "No. I mean yes. I mean.. Oh oh.."


Iraq Study Group finds "systematic" effort to cook the books.


"My opponent says that going to war with the terrorists is
actually improving their recruiting efforts. I think the
logic is upside-down. I think that shows a misunderstanding
of the enemy." -- George W. Bush

"I must tell you, I'm sleeping a lot better than people would
assume," -- George W. Bush


No evidence against an accused is US being truly abused

"These are not terrorists, they are not al-Qeada, they are
ordinary innocent men, women and children."



Ahmad funded Atta

American soldiers are being terribly mislead by the Bush
administration to undermine freedom for Americans, by
suggesting an effective war strategy is to ignore all the 911
evidence, and go off instead to blindly blame bad Afghans or
badder Iraqis, is an insult to all honorable police services.
Services not left permanently perplexed by the onslaught of
repeatedly ignoring the same consequences where more innocent
people fall dead as bombing victims, while LIAR bushite
continue to charge/thieve from both, you as an American, and
me, a member of our victimized Humanity. You see, your demon
liar has ruled that all the Peoples of Earth have no legal
rights to exist freely in our public court rooms. Bad news
that is for OUR dying America my friend. Support my call for
an open dialog on returning a reason for believing, for
Freedom is Justice, not a censored world ruled by puppet
people in shadows without free will left un-accountable. On a
populated Earth exceeding six billion, you would find some
disagreement on our worths measured by the 'un-accountable'
bushite american ENEMY like the self described as enlightened,
pro Arab child killer George Norry I'd say. See, if you blame
someone for a crime without any evidence, then convict him,
how would you know that the individual that victimized your
Family actually got caught for harming YOU? Personally I'm
saying... .American. I mean - if you continue not demanding a
return to Justice, it will leave your life, and go far where
freedom's not. Believe me. I know these things,

Support my cause as if it were your own, by chirping in to
help us out some man. Look out buddies, some thing wicked
this way comes and it's surprise!, Johnny Wizard President and
CEO of Earth Co.! Wow!, what a godsend that boy is eh? I'd
bet he's richer than everybody.. No, I've heard he's near
starving broke, no hey.. it's no joke.. I've heard he's
looking at prison time because nobody will lend him the time
of day to call up their radio station to demand Justice for
themselves., As Americans!. Nor, have any billionaires the
world over offered Johnny a penny in help to secure a proper
legal defense. Gee, it's just that he's hard of believing in
God I'd say. Perhaps..

Where did you get those shoes?,

Johnny America - A Free World believer in something better.

Puppet On A String: Hamas Dances To Israel's Tune

P.S. Did you hear?, Israel's big G-D Court ruled that
committing State murder is what lawless ||Jews|| do to fight
'terrorism'? Legal to murder innocent People, but more
specifically, Religious People. "Fuck You Moses" the Israeli
ungodly zionist says, because they're better than US as
Zionist jews don't you know. The People's of Israel are being
victimized by the bastions of truly demonic lies told through
the sickening mouth pieces of the irrational zionist neocon
god betrayers. Believe me, I know these things, for I am the
Light of Life itself after all.

Okay, I'm gone. .. er. .



Again, a un-American bushite is the enemy to Life as ungodly
disciples of the very real antichrist, believe me.


/ / "And I reject those ideas," Bush said after meeting with
top generals and Defense Department officials at the Pentagon. \ \

It looks like G.W. Bush is going to be a real bitch about all
this nasty business of his capacity to conceive what we're
saying actually as each other committed to reach beyond the
'grunt' stage in human development eh? Typical.

"It's Bad-in-Iraq, Does that help heh-heh"

/ / For if Iran should have learned anything from recent
history, especially from events on its own borders, it is that
as a tactic, whether offensive or defensive, threatening
Israel publicly is counterproductive in the extreme. \ \

Blame a zionist for the criminal offences he or she is
personally responsible for as the guilty party, and the
'escaping' zionist claims through corporate 'for profit' media
mind control, your blaming Israel as an anti-Semite.
Anti-Semite! Semite, like umm... Moe, Ham, an Ed. You go,
Aukmaudinajad, let's get the truth out to let a free people
decide without NAZI censorship. However, I have seen
incinerators filled with corpses, and Hitler's Reich marching
anywho citizens into a hole, where with women and babies, they
were then all summarily shot, then buried, all the while
soldier's chatted about how great they were, all high quality
digital formats available, some even IN COLOR!, so, convincing
me that godless bushites have existed, that would murder
anyone for a stolen nickel as pro-bush rapists, pro-bush
torturers, and pro-bush thieves of the Iraqi Development Funds
is goin' be, next near to impossible. But, I'm the guy you'd
want in your corner, never the less. "King of the Jews",
that's me. Oh, oh, oh, oh,.. pick me! picck ME! PICK ME!!!

'We have no problems with Jews and highly respect Judaism as a
holy religion. We only have problems with Zionist circles in
Israel which we hold responsible for the suppression of the
Palestinian nation.'

P.S. I'm not gay that way okay, and I'm most definitely a
man's man when it comes to the female gender, but I really do
love Ourselves man, and if you guys don't start offering me
some support, a couple of disgruntled bushite brethren are
going to pirate our Justice system, by putting me, an innocent
man behind OUR bars UNJUSTLY. Support Yourself by calling up
CJOB here in Winnipeg to demand they start broadcasting in
favor of our freedoms, not to lie our naiver teens into dying
for something they understand nothing of. Well, it's no
wonder. Make the calls. Be a friend, if not a blind enemy to
everything. For our Life's survival needs your input/help.
Don't die in silence for Bush, fight for America to come back
to being America. Get on the radio. YOU can make a real
difference if you'd only try. Realize, very few actually do,
we need YOU. Now, Coast to Coast hosts deny US this
privilege, this must change for thee better. The sooner we
succeed in defeating George Norry and Art Bell's censorship of
the American endeavor, the more American teen lives are
potentially spared through a dying bushite's commander's
CRIMINAL contempt for Humanity, just like Our Mr. bush IS.
For, REAL freedom is protected through just acts made for our
measured benefits. A country, or city, or person accused of a
criminal offense without any evidence made in the Public Trust
is innocent. PERIOD. Hammurabi suggested to just PROUDLY
kill any false capital accuser [a bushite] who tries to
tell/teach our suggestible children otherwise. Real people
have to die in defense for escaping the support of torturing
innocent people to death, for their is NEVER any reason, just
costly time to explain the whys, that bushites lie, while
American national radio propagandists, who like Art Bell, are
pouring poisonously chauvinist, and openly, willingly working
to undermine the audience, all to lawless traders of freedom
for tyranny. Senators that supported the Military Commissions
Act need to be thought for as TREASONOUS. Better for Christ
to judicially halt/kill a thieving bushite, than allow it to
continue lawlessly murdering more left undefended for further
victim hood as God's America. No evidence against an accused
is US being truly abused. (Senators have STOLEN literally
billions from a helpless GOD through ear-marking from an
un-accountable America left to die as the actually forsaken.)
Smart guy that Hammurabi fellow was, on combating ungodly
terrorism in a new world's Age.

Alex Jones "Alarming words for our time."




Exit strategy: Outlaw lawlessness. Murder, rape, and the
thieving of billions from America as STILL wrong.

Johnny America "Death to the bushite, death to our enemies."

A Look Back and Ahead In An Age of Neocon Rule

/ / [...] like the Law of Suspects, were earlier versions of
our Patriot I and II and Military Commission Acts today. The
Revolutionary Tribunal, with no chance for justice or right of
appeal, was no different than our military courts today, and
too many civil ones, in which any US citizen may now be tried
anywhere in the world, with no habeas right of appeal or hope
for due process and from which those sent there won't fare any
better than the French did, doomed to meet their unjust fate -

[...] \ \

Unjust?, perhaps. Remember, these bushites CHOOSE to support
the rape and torture of the innocent in God. Knowing the
bushmob STOLE all Iraqi wealth, AND LISTEN, they speak near no
words in defense of ourselves. While, I, as I'm certain any
real family man would also, take GREAT pleasure in killing
bushites. Anyone in George W. bush’s Air Force for example.
They are soulless cowards who drop bombs on innocent families
running for their lives from a Church, or as children, hiding
under our beds praying to God for help. Simply put: A
bushite terrorist is a lifeless enemy of Life, better dead,
than still breathing I tell all children of creation to kill
their very own fathers or brothers if they express any blind
pride whatsoever in these indiscriminate attacks against
freedom. Or just spend stolen loot like from in Blount’s
Third Infantry. (Blount commands the third infantry as a
Saudi Wahhabist, no shit, a BILLIONIARE Saudi commanding
American soldiers to OPENLY thieve and murder from Iraq. If
Saddam only knew, he’d be up in arms over it I'm sure.)

All I personally need to hear, is that bushite cheering from
his bomber at the murdering of innocent screaming women and
children, in Afghanistan, or any of the near thousand tapes
from Iraq, or perhaps, re-reading the comments of the not yet
PROUDLY EXECUTED 3 year old killers of Haditha, who told US
ALL, murdering helpless children not guilty of ANYTHING was
their regular fair all through the criminal command of
Sattler, where as Satanic, they murdered more than two hundred
thousand of OUR innocent family members to die sacrificed for
the demon LIAR ANTICHRIST enemy thieves. Oh god yah, killing
a bushite, is to defend the innocent lives they target to
thieve from themselves as ENEMIES TO EVERYTHING. God yeah, I
know I'm doing Humanity GOOD by ending a first degree
murdering bushite THIEF, who wars Our innocent Humanity to
help escape the TRAITOR bushmob for 911, back in New York
City, where thousands of AMERICANS WERE MURDERED. With George
W. bush’s ‘top secret’ anti-American plan, don’t you know..?
Surely, FOXNews would care for the lives of Americans who
state FOXNews is the best for not making them think they know
nothing as true to dead or dying dumfuk enemies of the Marine

Sean Hannity must be tried for treason for LYING DIRECTLY to
America repeatedly. Why? Becasue nobody can be that stupidly
evil by accident.

I am, seriously, Death to the enemies of Christ, and I hope,
you can find The honor to serve America in the same respect
for soldiers who have fallen Before US, who died TRULY warring
against a bushite’s irrational tyranny. While these Nazi
bushite fucks tell US openly, they lawlessly rape, torture,
and steal from God as ‘defenseless’. Leaves me to ask YOU,
what are you going to do about it?

Live free, or die in chains?

Johnny America "Death to the bushite, death to our enemies."







Re: An INTERNATIONAL Public Letter to the "American" Coast to Coast
Radio Network: 1. We, as the People, demand you allow US, the human
species to openly discuss the public evidence on who funded the
terrorist acts of 911 according to the FBI.

The bushite slaves have nothing but a contempt for all Human Life -
Johnny America says "Kill a bushite and do something right all for a
God loved by might."

REPENT. [from the Greek, meaning to think.] - The TRUE Son of Man
Johnny Wizard Exists Born to this Eternal World to end permanently
demonic bushite enemies of Creation. - Guess what??? Not newsworthy!
Corporate nazi zionist bushlores at CBC, CNN, and criminal thieving
from the desperately poor in Winnipeg CJOBers forbid open

Don't let these neocon zionist bastards do this to US - TV News
people are part of a death cult that doesn't rely US on evidence for
proof they say we believe them unbiasedly without question. While
forbidding ourselves to hear OUR calls for real Justice.
2007-10-11 11:34:35 UTC
Raw Message
Dear Hostmaster,

This is to clarify our position in regards to the posting on your website
and thereby to neutralize any plausible implications that may be construed

At the outset, it will be logical to start with the relationship between
the three companies mentioned in your post, Al Hejailan Projects
Engineering, Horizon Communication Services and Horizon Satellite

Al Hejailan Projects Engineering Co. is a reputed company established in
Saudi Arabia way back in the 80s and as a holding company, it offers a
diverse range of services and products through many of its subsidiaries.
The activities of these subsidiary companies range from construction,
telecoms, manufacturing and other services. Al Hejailan Projects
Engineering Co. supports its subsidiaries with Management and Financial
Support services.

Both, Horizon Communication Services, registered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
and Horizon Satellite Services, registered in Dubai, UAE are fully owned
subsidiaries of Al Hejailan Projects Engineering Co.

Horizon Communication Services (HCS) provides IT infrastructure
implementation and maintenance support to Al Hejailan Projects Engineering
Co. Whereas Horizon Satellite Services (HSS) provides
internet-via-satellite connectivity solutions for the Middle East region.

As an Internet Service Provider, HSS is a member of RIPE
(http://www.ripe.net) and conducts business in strict adherence to
regulations stipulated by RIPE including those related to issuing of IP
addresses to clients. Accordingly, we are required to specify the usage and
update the RIPE database to reflect our customers’ details as and when new
IP addresses are issued.

IP address was assigned to Horizon Communication Services
(HCS) in May-06. In due course, when HCS requested more IP addresses, we
(HSS) assigned them with a new set of IP addresses and gave their old IP
address to one of our customers in Lebanon. However, we did
not update this information on the RIPE database to reflect the new change,
since it is a standard practice to do this periodically and not as soon as
an IP address is changed. This explains why the search to www.nazrolla.org
led to the fact that it was hosted on and why the RIPE
database was still showing Horizon Communication Services’ name.

Further, Al Hejailan’s name was not registered to that IP address but the
address of one of the persons registered in the RIPE database, Karthikeyan
K which mentioned Al Hejailan Projects Engineering’s name.

As an Internet Service Provider, these kinds of issues are common and
whenever HSS receives inquiries related to usage of its services, in the
larger interest of all concerned and that of the society we live in and
contribute to, it is our policy to disclose all necessary information,
within our means and knowledge, on the person or company using our Internet
services, including IP addresses that have been issued by us. However, when
it comes to content, understandably, we do not have control over the
content hosted by customers using our services.

I hope this explains the situation and trust you will be kind enough to
use this clarification to clear up this issue with the owner of the blog.
Also, kindly remove this posting from your website.

Please feel free to revert back to us in case you need any more details or

Thank you & kind regards,
Horizon Technical Team
Horizon Satellite Services
Contact no: +971-4-391-5122

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Give Free to Banker Man, Loan Back Maybe? - Paleeze
2009-02-15 09:45:22 UTC
Raw Message
Calling for Americans to Investigate Bankers

Private Banking Made Simple



Solution: refinance near zero interest, (as low as we can go),
and concentrate on returning all defrauded assets - working to
put money in the hands of our criminally stolen from Low Income
Grand Parents, who are robbed routinely in Casinos, and fraudulent
mortgages schemes, where the intent is never succeeding
but for the scammers playing US for suckers.
Via news.studio10k.com
Johnny 2012 or Bust
2011-12-07 10:26:05 UTC
Raw Message

the deceived disguised - an unmasking of reality

/ / The administrator of HermanCainForums.com,
a website with more than 18,000 registered
members, publicly endorsed Rep. Paul \ \


Now, this other Cain site made
the news big all around recently...
Check for yourself..

Here is the pick of the story...

Loading Image..._links

That was a pick of the story...

Guess what was discovered when you
clicked the donate button? It went
to a donate form that directed
all money given straight into
Obama's PAC coffers. No shit. I
wouldn't lie. NO REAL Cain person
running things but to rip him off
what might be trillions - remember,
it's all about laundering money
now above board with Cartels too
no doubt. So... what
does this mean about Ron
Paul here not demanding
Justice anywhere? as paid for
sabatour?, so Rightard cowards
can pretend they are men
while 'lawless' KBR gang
rapes their wifes or mothers
in godless tyranny? with the
banksters making away with
trillions and trillions of
our dollars?
You decide.

(here's a link that at least
get's the "Hoax" part right..)

His Accusers an 'Ugly Bitch'

Remember, (for balance) C&L
pulled the CIA Tenant clip
where he tells TV America, Bush
knew well before hand of 9/11,
and did nothing but go on
about his vacations.

/ / Title: Re: I'm sure this will help Cain's campaign
Post by: Thomasj_tx on 11 09, 11, 03:55:11:PM
That's not Herman Cain's website.

Why do you find it necessary to lie? \ \

Man, this is like the biggest
scoop of the Century. Now,
who are You going to call?

Johnny 2012

War Criminals are Evil

Obama and Hitlery's double standard:
Gaddafi bad for free healh care and
education, Karimov good for enslavement
by false arrests, torture, and thefts

John McCain:
My Daughter Went 'To the Dark Side'

What about the important enough to
die teen grunts for, WMD's? Don't
care where they went now? that more
than 50,000+ Soldiers are NEEDLESSLY
dead?, and many more still to go for
your continuing contempt of Freedom
and God? While leaving Iraq and
America ROBBED of countless
more treasures to 'lawless'
torturing demonic evil
thieves and KBR gang
rapists? TV steal
Your tongue?

Johnny 2012


Ron Paul Defends The 99 Percent:
‘It’s A Very Healthy Movement’

We want our stolen money back from
the traitors`who claim in Congress,
America is not being undone by
trillionaire thieves, with the
Obama Admininistration's
criminals. Near 60,000
FACTORIES have left America
for 'free market' cash profit,
while TV republicans tell 99%
of America to further take the
bath, to Watch them blame the
poor, elderly, and disabled.

To 'Support the Troops' is not to have
them sacrificed COWARDLY to escape those
who done did do America wrong on 9/11
and so on...

Ron Paul Gets Schooled


/ / Who’s the government? The government created nothing,” said Rep.
Paul. “The only thing they can do is steal, and rob people with a gun,
and forceable transfer wealth from one person to another. ” \ \

This is so twisted evil. I may decide to
write a paragraph or two later, but for
now.. Question: do traffic lights save
peoples lives by helping us get to where
we want to go quicker? Second: did you
know, Elizabeth hired an independent
auditor and found Goldman was fleecing
the AMERICAN SUCKER! Err. by fleecing I
mean, committing MASSIVE CRIMINAL FRAUD?
Life is a weird evil dummy sometimes eh?
(Yet what can only be refered to a
Rightard Cult headed by Pope dope Alex
Jones, Americans continue to feed it our
losing investments for continuing lawless
slavery. No Justice, Life sucks.)

pro-do nothing but vote lawlessness
with his disinfo campaign for more big
bucks Alex Jones "folks, stop being used."

Police in Oakland send tear gas whirling
into the crowds blindly hitting nonviolent
citizens on purpose.

An honorable cop would do no such thing.
Understand, these Republican pro-Ron Paul
"Cops" back from Iraq are into kidnaping
and torturing the INNOCENT as bonafide
WAR CRIMINALS to escape the for real
Antichrist for 9/11. Minions of Satan,
who will Justice not to succeed on this
matter of Policeman Pension survivals

Obama to Aid Uzbek Dictatorship

An Enemy of Justice Ruling Against US


Ron Paul Has Gone Batshit Crazy

I think the important thing here is that
Ron Paul directly intends to deprive the
public power to defend ourselves. Especially
from wiser men and women that defeat his
idocracy in literally seconds. Explaining
why Pope dope Alex Jones forbids US true
talk of Justice on election rigging, 9/11,
Iraq, BP, and so on.. AJ'd Rather have
innocent Americans suckered for death,
than look as truly evil as he is censoring.
THIS IS THE REASON we have fluoride in our
drinking water. The same evil Rightard
minds at our newspapers poison ourselves
scientifically just as Alex Jones does
forbidding the knowledge of the NEEDLESS
Iraq war. Saddam was not in violation,
and did everything plus more that was
asked of hmself, but Alex Jones doesn't
want soldiers to know so - who have died
for no better good, or reason understood.
Example: The WMDs are still not found,
of which they claimed gave the right to
mass murder millions of innocent Iraqis.
Yet, CNN claims the conflict is [BLINDLY]
resolved now that BP gets to steal all
the nation's oil, while they continue to
gang rape and thieve from others..
What about the important enough to
die teen grunts for, WMD's? Don't
care where they went now? that more
than 50,000+ Soldiers are NEEDLESSLY
dead?, and many more still to go for
your continuing contempt of Freedom
and God? While leaving Iraq and
America ROBBED of countless
more treasures to 'lawless'
torturing demonic evil
thieves and KBP gang
rapists? TV steal
Your tongue?

Ron Paul Has Gone Batshit Crazy

/ / The solution? NO RULES AT ALL.

My car ran out of gas....GOP solution?
Remove the gas tank. You'll never run
out of gas again. \ \ where cheats
have free reign to do US in favor. Like
Alex Jones selling Ron Paul isn't
un-constitutionally treasonous, but
magically a good guy to sell US all out
completely for money! hmmm.. You'd wonder
where this all might be leading completely..

Ron Paul Has Gone Batshit Crazy

Ron Paul "if you don't have regulations,
say in the environment and everything,
or regulations on, banking regulations,
actually, the market is a real strict
regulator, it's a stricter regulation."

This is truly fucking retarded. Why oh
why must I be measured above a human
in America to see right through this
demon charade instantly? Would making
gang rape legal, prevent Americans from
still getting gang raped by Ron Paul's
partners in crime? I will not continue
if American Rightards still refuse to
challenge Ron Paul or Alex Jones on
this naked treachery.

An America that’s never wrong

I don't necessitate to every conclusion
made in this fine paper - but No Doubt,
this infallibility complex is a real problem.
Pope Alex Jones suffers US with this. Near
everyday, he keeps telling US as his
mentally challenged Cult getting yelled at,
that no one can possibly disagree with
anything he pontificates, unless they are
just truly hidden as jealous, or working
top secretly on the inside with his ever
elusive.. (as not drawn to a cause of an
effect to our freedoms formally denied,)
"Globalist". Bush and Cheney formally
denied all of America freedom by Obstructing
Justice - there is no other conclusion.
(The LORD exists) While Actual Bad Guys are
Concluded by Alex Jones to be puppets, or
not important to his Globalist's strategy of
social engineering mind control for his nwo
political disorders. KBR gang rapists for
example, or the trillionaire hedge fund
breakers couldn't give a rat's ass for
anything else, but their desperate final
escape from the real men of our communities,
or as the Law returning on Our Sides in a
Johnny Presidency. Also, Alex Jones will
sell a guy like 9/11's Anthony Shafer, or
happy George Noory the heinous monster, is
not at minimum, extremely suspiciously being
absent speaking our growing legitimate
concerns. Like that media guy he keeps
referring to as his best bud ever he'd be
willing to take it up the ass for, who
directly was complicit in the propaganda for
the NEEDLESS Iraq war, denying the truth be
broadcasted: teen soldiers conned to die
cowardly blinded together for the enemies to
Liberty - for no better good, or actual
reason understood. I've listened to near
every show AJ has ever done, and he refuses
this truth be told - and it is a SERIOUS CON
for America's continuing deaths. Alex Jones
has sold conclusions on someone's suspicious
involvement in 9/11, like let's say, General
Ahmad, and suggests silently he doesn't
warrant a demanded Public Indictment!, why?
because Alex Jones with General Ghoul has
already made public conclusions ABSENT the
Legal trail of 'following probable cause' at
a mass murder event by good governance
Policing skills. As Publicly Warranted for
formal Prosecution in our defended Names.
General Ahmad would have his own story
leading one way or another sitting in a box
to explain his "embarrassment" over being
discovered by the American FBI as the
financier to the 9/11 terror attack. As the
question needing asked of all Peoples, 'what
is the Crime of the American, or student
Taliban to ask for evidence to form any
conclusion about our guilt or innocence?'
Hmmm, another example: Alex Jones will sell
US excuses for Peter Power on 7/7, (as does
many many others of the NWOer community) but
not that he MUST be arrested for Public
questioning without question, as it is
through THAT process that we can then say,
definitively, whether Peter Power is a
framed puppet stooge for someone else as the
NWOer's 'never seen' "Globalist". Peter
Power, could have, I'm stressing, COULD
HAVE, near pulled the whole 7/7 thing off
personally himself with Ian Blair - the
Truth is, we don't yet completely know who
hired that lying ENEMY grunter in a pirated
police uniform to shoot that INNOCENT
suspect murdered in cold blood on the subway
- but Ian Blair does, or is. Justice for
US, is not leaving Peter Power labeled a
'puppet' or chump to one who pulls 'order
out of chaos' - or shit right out of his

Example: We do know, Mr. George Walker
Bush with Cheney is treasonously criminal
to America here as Obstructors to Justice
without quarrel. For, even if bin Laden
'did 9/11', he couldn't have surely also
planted explosives into building 7 - he
would have had to have an accomplice not
sought, for Bush and Cheney stopped Police
investigating to make the formal arrests
immediately after the crime occurred.
HIGH TREASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are born (potentially) to be far more
intelligent, as Natural spokespersons for
the timeless Universe - that has but one
simple golden rule to survive. The Golden
Rule. It's like, don't will to treat others
unfairly in governing, and you'll have truly
no quarrel with yourself is how it all
arranges near our ends. In our personal
day to day, and as nations, indeed, the
world of all worlds. God, Life could be
Amazing somewhere in a better future, with
me as duty sworn President elect to protect
one and all for a term or two. With the
power to speak freely on fairness with a
line item veto when things get too far out
of order. Looking always to take Your calls
while mostly on vacation is the goal I'm
aiming for. Nothing is impossible.

Johnny 2012 or Bust

/ / US led NATO troops in Afghanistan have
been ordered not to approach the buffer
zone on the Af-Pak border in order to
avoid recurrence of last week's air
strike that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers. \ \

Yeah but, Bushite grunters of NATO can still
murder all the innocent Pakistani women and
children like that 16 year old freely,
because the Paki/CIA military grunters have
no calls ever for real Justice. Like
demanding all Free Peoples world wide to
kill the 'lawless' Bushite grunters Rightly.
They war innocent Christ and Humanity to
gang rape American women, and for that
alone, they should not be granted another
day to breathe our air. Remember, Bush
closed 9/11 Police investigations. Die
bushite die. Realize: Bushite grunters ARE
traitors, for the simple fact they do not
forward this post! knowing full well,
everything I say is true about their
personal cowardice as hatred for True
Freedom in America.

Johnny 2012

"Zionist lobbies demonizing Ron Paul"

The guy has never in his entire pinko
COMMIE career chosen to defend the American
public from criminals; 9/11, Iraq, banksters,
FEMA, election rigging, vaccines, or for Jews
from the ungodly Nazi CRIMINAL state of pirate
Israeli, as Zionist enemies of God and Man,
so how does this DEMON LIE fly? but with the
traitors to true Freedom who will to not
arrest war criminals who conned American
soldiers for DEATH! Or those who murder
innocent Jews for bankster's money, of
which Ron Paul claims repeatedly in
Public is none of any American's
costly business.

The Newest Product To Be Made In China…. VACCINES!

These COMMIE Congressmen are at war.. WITH AMERICA!

/ / The campaign, which warns Israelis
that if they continue to live in the
United States, they or their children
are likely to become assimilated, has
raised the ire of American Jewish groups. \ \

Leave alone the fact that these Nazis
kill Jews for money by breaking truces
with white phosphorus against women and
children while stealing homes. But look,
this is far worse than Hitler, in that,
Nazi Israeli claim the wanting to protect
the 'purity of the race', when they are
near all exclusively Caucasian. While
the Jewish race of History, (up until
a few short years ago) were primarily
black and of semitic middle eastern.
In from around that Palestinian region
and Ethiopia. Again, as the Jew Christ
teaches, SATANIC are the Zionist enemies
of Creation. They routinely steal, and
murder, lie and cheat everyone. Ungodly
enemies to every last Freedom Loving
God Fearing Individual from Sea to shining
Sea on this planet of the great Race of
Man. They break truces to KILL JEWS for
money. They called their war crimes attack,
against INNOCENT Peoples "Cast Lead", on
plans to have the American bigots blame
"Jews, Jews, Jews". Now I've personally
talked to our biggest bigots on the Radio
to explain this, where they but one claim
no counter argument, agreeing for the most
part completely, and yet, go right back
to blaming Jews, and not defending victims!
There is no crime in being Jewish, but
there is in being a criminal. Am I still
talking over everyone's head in America
on this? Still? Or are Americans just
willing to be evil, knowing full well,
as Alex Jones does, they can't compete
freely with the facts, so cheat US
all a better life by not supporting
Johnny's nomination as true leader
of the free world thinkers? Alex
Jones, or someone else, take a gamble
and lend me five grand until maybe I
can pay you back for it. I'm in dire
straits here.

IDF DENIES disciplining top officers over
phosphorous used against children targeted

You know, when you say you blame the innocent
Jew, you serve the war criminal ungodly Zionist
enemy right?

USA makes it illegal to give aid to Gaza! In
"Holder vs. Humanitarian Law" While funding Nazi
Israel to main and murder the innocent loved by

This is so incredibly evil as ungodly war criminal.
Remember: the Jews of Lebanon were the first strike
targets, and Israeli prisons are filled with Jews
for refusing to commit a lawless act. Truly Satanic.

Obama’s Liberty Problem - Indefinite Detention

It's called kidnapping. Serious criminal
offense. What?

The Greatest Hoax in the History of Money

We need to get back our money while
putting the crooks in jail for starters.
Who's with We? Johnny 2012.

The Congress is Treasonous to America

"Congress shall make no law respecting an
establishment of religion, or prohibiting
the free exercise thereof; or abridging
the freedom of speech, or of the press;
or the right of the people peaceably to
assemble, and to petition the Government
for a redress of grievances." -- First Amendment

I was going to write all about how
the traitors in Congress are actually
going to assist in the escape of bad
guys regarding the next terror attack,
by not allowing the evidence dictate
who the guilty party is.. but then..
I am growing weary in America's
contempt for America, and the
contempt they have for myself
to not forward this post.

The banksters have STOLEN trillions.

"Every day in the United States,
we are losing 15 factories."

Since 2001, the U.S. has lost a total
of more than 56,000 factories -
Ron Paul Rightards cheering for

The Bushite Nazi Grunters of Evil

They obeyed thoughtlessly to commit the
most henious of war crimes against God
for traitor Bush and Cheney's final
escape from Justice.

Dozens of Women Describe Hell Of Being
Raped by The Nazi grunts in the US Military

Nations of Humanity, these Nazi American
war crime vermin war our Innocent Peoples
for ungodly lawlessness with radio-active
toxic waste to torture for godless tyranny
as the sworn enemies of every single last
one of US, which naturally, includes
themselves of which they care not in.
Let all men demand the execution of these
bushite nazi grunts, who rape American
women while claiming, no laws of God nor
man can put it into it's grave rightly,
for the Antichrist of Creation has deemed
it "Lawless". I HATE Bushite, as any real
man would. Americans are not men to remain
neutral on this, as they do regarding the
naked war treasons of Obama, Cheney and
Bush. Under the Johnny Administration,
we will support big cash rewards all
around for everyone that helps achieve
the 'impossible', of disallowing war
criminals to walk these streets alive
as heroes.

Johnny's America

AJ spent Sunday demonizing all of every
governing body, suggesting any two
honorable men shaking hands on a deal,
or any arrest of a criminal for a crime,
is top secretly, His Globalist conspiracy.
(insisting to everyone, traffic lights
do nothing ever to decrease congestion,
or save Peoples lives. Or that GOD isn't
a Globalist?) Anything AJ will say to
whore America as pirated for Ron Paul's
continuing attack against minimum wages,
Public health care, education, ect.,
while escaping those guilty of high treason
against America, such as for 9/11 and Iraq.
Bad mouthing !FOR! WAR CRIMINALS at the U.N.
ALEX JONES DOES!!!!, as the rightard bigoted
degenerate he sadly is. Very wealthy though,
so I guess for him, it's all worth while.
The further America is left for dead, the
more his fool's gold is worth. Success for US,
means failure for him, so it is no wonder
he with George Noory is committed to not
allow free speech to reign factually. Ex.
BP removed the "safety fluid" which CAUSED
the blow up, Bush closed 9/11 police
investigations, and banksters do not
cover our loans, and as such, the
trillions in bail-outs are extortions.
Teen Soldiers are ONLY sacrificed in Iraq
for nothing but stolen money in lawlessness,
for Saddam did everything that was asked of
himself, plus more.. Now, we have McCain
going in for the kill, to allow 'lawless'
private mercenaries from the very worst
of military dictatorships, to run 'Freedom'
as the, who cares for You American way with
these words absent to say? Forward this
concern to anyone as your own, please.
Thanks. so,.. reckon.. the number of one
as a son, or as maybe an ever mysterious
woman of a science in wonder here still
unfolding. Welcome to a Paradise found
through Civilized Life my friends. First
things first: we must follow 'probable cause'
to assertain truly a formal Public
allegation of wrong doing - a skill we've
temporarily lost through bad leadership
skills, and a corrupt TV politic of
(un-challenged through censorship)
de-humanizing for criminal greed. We
need a guy like Johnny, a human being,
a good guy at parties, to run for
President to clear this whole mess
up in a jiffy..

Johnny 2012 - because we know better


/ / Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty website has the details.

Senate Amendment (SA) 1126 would “clarify” Section 1031 to explicitly
state within the section that the authority of the military to detain
persons without trial until the end of hostilities does not apply to
American citizens. \ \


Ron Paul is not a very nice person.

Let's just go ahead and say it,
Rightards are treasonously evil
as rotted to the core on Justice.
Not free souls to know the value
of true Liberty. Why blame someone
for something without the evidence
to establish the guilty party?
Ron Paul is worse than sucks,
as clearly not qualified to
lead anyone fairly for
victory against further
criminal victimhood.
Ron Paul wills to cheat
others, but promises
Americans, it's won't
be them though..
no, 'just the terrorists
who don't deserve Justice'.

Evil is Dumb.

God is Greater


Half of a 99%er's

good work can be paid out to cover mortgage
payments on a loan the Banker never covered.
Then if times are tougher due to massive
fraud and, the 99%er perhaps just falls short
that last cheque, then, the banker must take
the whole thing (waitforit...) 'b-b-b-ba-back'
'back' the private banker takes it all back.
Takes the house and all the money invested,
while not covering the GIVEN credit, that was
hijacked at some places back in lost History.
Early Bank of Canada conceptions just prior
to the kick off of WWII with Bush banking
Adolf, is a interesting place to seek further
enlightenment along with Glass Steagall, on
just why is it today these, do nothing for
nobody trillioniares, clear tens of billions
for each quarter we continue to pay them
blindly in dying slavery, from bad loans
they profit from, losing to the criminal
Nazi family still killing Jews stealing
homes, we all are. Nazi Israeli broke a
truce to threaten innocent Jewish lives by
indiscriminately slaughtering Christians,
along with 239 Police Officers. It was
labeled by the Satanic as, "Cast Lead",
as in, casting the leads for the first
degree mass murder scenes of dead Police
and innocent Christians, while Hamas was
given the wave to blame "Jews, Jews, Jews"
for. And if you think that is too scary
to mention, wait till you still cowardly
refuse to forward my words to any as finding,
these demonic enemies of Justice, God and
Johnny are stealing our homes on a routine
basis now funded by the American Taxed Payer.
Payer. Payer. Payer. Down with criminals I
say. Cowards of Evil for Godless Tyranny is
what lawless America is currently running US
a ground with, as truly against the core values
of Mankind that eternally stand proud as

Execute Drug Users? - Newt Gingrich

US military admits to guarding,
assisting lucrative opium trade

(a buddy of mine brought this up when we
were speaking about everything recently..)
When along the trail does it become
illegal warranting immediate death as
naked treason? With the Bushite? the
DEA? Mexican Heroin kingpins? Or addict
teens trying to ease their growing pains?
Bushites are not defenders of Liberty in
America here on 9/11 either. I am running
for President of these United States

King Johnny

Army of One

"I have my own army in the NYPD,
which is the seventh biggest army
in the world,” Mayor Bloomberg

As dumb as SOME Cops are, I don't
believe near any are here to whore
to anyone in broad daylight. They
most Will to defend the City, their
country, the People. They are more
my Army as a Man, than Bloomberg,
the fugitive of the Law from 9/11.
If the truth was to be TV told..

Gates: Public Opinion Can’t Stop Wars

Soldiers don't care to do right? Ever?
Are they that dumb as evil war criminals
always my friends? I don't think so..

Did You Know: in the early thirties
in Canada, we arrested all our major
banksters, and took back all our
stolen money? True story on how the
Bank of Canada came to be.. but,
the Nazi Bush family won, so we all
went back again to this position
where, we pay banksters to death
for our money they never lent US.
(betcha never learnt dat is scool)

US cops defect to Occupy Wall Street

Err.. or become honorable.

Fed Granted Trillions in Secret
Bank Loans While Demanding More

Look, these banksters are crooks
who well know, just as it has been
done largely since 2008, er.. 2007,
er, 1999, they are going to continue
to embezzle all this money under
derivitives or 'debt owed', then
go as bigger trillionaires speaking
in Teabag ooze, 'ooops, no loans for
anyone, for, Your currency is all gone
now as "lost" magically somehow. Oh
well, back to an even smaller square
one', losers of ziltched pensions
and homes and countries made to pay
with war crime Republican attacks
against the forsaken elderly, poor
and disabled. Trillioniares who do
not cover our loans to begin with
is what we are talking about here.


/ / What Part of" No Person Shall Be
Deprived of Life, Liberty and Property
without Due Process of Law" The US
Senate Does Not Understand? \ \

It's every last 'Patriot' American
radio show, that forbids US to yell
of the highest of treasons, by that
election rigging gang rapist of
American women John McCain with Carl
Levin. By not using evidence to form
an allegation against an American for
a crime, will escape the actual bad
guy(s) everytime. LIKE JOHN MCCAIN
be a must for me as your new sworn to
duty fairly elected President in 2012.

Gingrich Praises Satanic Marchers In Jerusalem
Who Chanted ‘Slaughter The Christian Arabs’


How can any male in America claim this
action by Congress is not straight forward
treason? We have 30 Republicans who are
pro-gang rape of American women, now as
pro enslaving every last American who have
so far, remained silent over the war crimes
committed in their names. The bushite
enemy grunts dropped hundreds of thousands
of tons of radio-active toxic waste on
Humanity in Iraq, while indiscriminately
slaughtering millions NEEDLESSLY for
Satanic liars. Warring side by side for
torture with the most despotic military
dictatorship mercenaries on this planet.
TV Americans haven't cared for 'others'
left for robbed and dead to speak honorably,
and now with this, will they still refuse
to demand Justice spoken for as true
Christians, Jews, and Muslims would?

Pentagon Tortures American Soldiers

The Peter B. Collins Show
Joshua Kors on Tortured Vets
and Charley Carpenter on Gitmo

Stop being an asshole, and forward
this post to everybody. Bush and Cheney
are guilty of Obstruction on 9/11. Don't
be cowardly, it's unbecoming.

US faces Russian threat to cut access to Afghanistan

Why only a threat? The bushite grunters have
made it "legal" to rape children, OPENLY push
dope, and kill innocent families only because
they believe in Christ or Justice. Ex. what's
the crime of an American or a student Taliban
asking for evidence to form our conclusions?
Russia would be better to do a truth campaign
world wide, to call on every last man on Earth
with Johnny to defend Humanity from these
godless nazi vermin who war America too with
torture, for the final escape of Bush and
Cheney with the trillionaire banksters.

Banks Illegally Foreclosed On 5,000 Military Members

It's important to understand why. A Bushite
has no mind to speak as a real man would.
A grunt's mother and father, only know for
sure, that if their teen grunt dies, they get
a check for $300,000.00 tax free, and that
is all they care for. Justice for Americans
is the furthest thing from their considerations.
They just want that magic TV excuse to blindly
kill off innocent kids for money with godless
tyranny. That un-surprisingly to me, actually,
almost never comes for every reason in the
world. Why would we? They are the scum of the
Earth as enemies to true Liberty, Enemies to
Freedom ACTUALLY defended in America. Realize:
they can't even speak against KBR walking as
gang rapists of their own wives, sisters, and
daughters. Is that Human? I don't believe
so.. but who am I as a real man to Americans
right? Or, remember when 9/11 victims were
offered cold hard cash to not demand Justice
spoken ever for their 'deeply loved' lost kin?
There, a little different, because they did
actually get paid in cash, while the true
heroes at the site, are still left to die
without care given. who cares for who right?
I know Amazing things! and have all kinds of
cures for disease, and endless free energy
that I give freely to others as witnessed,
but TV Americans see little of no value in
supporting such a truth filled campaign, where
Rightards are seen for what they represent as
demonically evil bigots for Satan.

'Two Palestinian girls assaulted for
complaining during home demolitions'
then taken away as arrested for Humanism..

A Bushite grunter would rather lie to
cheat You a better life here, than allow
US free open public debate with the facts.
So, wallah!

They canceled Donnahue, Connie Chung,
Olbermann, and anyone else with a
commitment to Justice holding an adult
IQ. While Rightard AJ tells he's been
offered international TV spots for his
blind hatred of innocent life as a bigot
many a time for millions. Though, as per
usual, AJ was likely lying, figuring we'll
never ever know for sure with his NWO
command center of disallowing the truth
from being championed for his greed. For
example, he sells gold 'below wholesale',
and his CULT just loves him for it..

Revealed: Obama's Chamber lobbied against 9/11 health
bill to save military dictatorships on their taxes

Chamber of Commerce Offshores Millions of American Jobs
(then "Debtor's Prison" in a THIRD of States.. Holy Fuck)
[you'd better start caring sooner than later my friends]
"people effected by offshoring should stop whining"
(56,000+ FACTORIES gone - Mr. Grinch 'get a job')

I can't believe Americans all as Rightards still
refuse as the enemy to forward my calls for the
truth to be spoken, but apparently, this is the
case that Sherlock would have walked off the set
for. They lie cheat and steal from themselves
willingly, if it means a wise man or woman won't
be allowed to speak freely on TV or their radios.
Pure godless Zionist Nazi filth to remain silent
against their Rightard tyrannizing, aimed now
directly against their forsaken neighbor being
'lawlessly' gang raped by KBR, while illegally
having their jobs and homes stolen in broad
daylight. Better that, than the "sand niggers",
or innocent Christian children from other
countries in the long run I suppose., See, in
other worlds, being Christian ACTUALLY means, you
believe in a God that is a greater love than what
Americans truly care for. As is why the American
Nazi grunts in Afghanistan sanction the first
degree murder of Peoples in Afghanistan for
simply believing in Christianity. So what DO
Rightard Americans care for then? Not much but
what they can get away to steal from others, so..
no wonder..

Johnny 2012, because I care.


"Pakistan military rejects NATO chief's regret"

This is part bullshit. Why? All NATO American
Air Force enemies do, is slaughter defenseless
INNOCENT Peoples daily. They, as the Zionist
ENEMY to EVERYONE, war God's Creation for the
escape of Bush and Cheney on 9/11 for Obstruction,
along with Peter Power, KBR, BP, Aegis, and the
trillionaire Banksters. The very worst in History
of war criminals NATO is. Gadaffy was not found
in U.N. violation. Remember, it was only days ago,
where they admitted to murdering a child of 16,
all because he was documenting, that all NATO is
doing, is indiscriminately slaughering INNOCENT
men, women and children, while CNN reports the
victims to Bushite were "terrorists" without the
smallest thread of evidence offered to anyone,
anywhere. Except vids of them doing just that,
while chanting mindlessly, 'whore yeh, whore yeh',
or, 'Boo! Ra., Boo! Ra.', either way, all NATO
commanders are done for when We get our hands on
them in our Public Courts for rightful given
war crime death sentences. When a Bushite dies,
we all win a victory for Humanity. Johnny 2012.

Mr. Ron "No Frauds anywhere ever" Paul:
Don't Allow Big Gov to Determine Your

Big is relative and as such means nothing,
with millions and millions of dollars
further suckered out of the dying pockets
of US peoples left not going anywhere
here. Do you take US for a dummy?
dummy? STILL? Can you believe this?
The last time Ron Paul and Alex Jones
did this con, they made off with many
many millions, that they claimed in turn,
they gave freely to a charity run by Ron
Paul's multi-million dollar family, that
by legal statute, is forbidden to fight
for any Just cause against real tyranny
when spending away our sacrifices. God's
Will is Freedom to Be. Justice = Freedom.
Too tricky? Apparently. Now you see
why I have no choices but to run for
President in this God forsaken TV
world as already born King eons
and eons ago? I am equal Rights to
all that exists, and don't freak
out but, God's like a dad I never had
to me. Don't step on my shoes, and I
will to not step on yours reciprocally.
I do still need a few dollars to help
ourselves however.. Have you seen the
cost of running for the 'highest'
political office of the land? It's
abysmal.. I am minimally going to
need busfares.

Johnny 2012 or Bust

The Rightard Mule

The Rightard mule knows it can't compete
honestly when real men speak freely,
as is why, they commit the audience
to censorship, denying US the facts
for a Life they would otherwise
naturally lose to as laughed right
out the Hall minimally. Alex Jones
and his Cult of NWOers forbid open talk
with the facts, because they know where
free men speak, intolerant Rightard
bigot Alex Jones is shown honestly to
be what he truly cons for. Remember,
without doubt, Ron Paul is a true
pinko commie - no justice for You
anywhere. Who gives himself and his
extended family a public option
with all the perks, as too, with his
"elite" fellow talentless election
rigging Repuglicons - who's only
serving purpose is to be selfishly
sinister conning teen soldiers WITH
TV LIES for needless deaths to escape
the actual bad guys. Wake up: Tax payer
paid for KBR is gang raping American
women, as sanctioned 'lawless' by 30
Republicans attempting escape from US
as men in America. American teen
soldiers are dying for no better
good or reason understood, but to
enrich the ungodly war mongering
enemies of Justice, the IRRATIONAL
(no reason to bomb Innocent Humanity)
pro Peenacker ungodly Neocons.

Voting Rights Advocate Held At Gunpoint By
Bushite Grunter SWAT Team With no Warrant

Realize: no honorable man or woman would
vote Republican, but for the godless sadistic
enemies, who war America with lies for the
final escape of the very worst of war
criminals with the trillionaire Banksters.

Ron.Paul is LYING about voting Against Repeal of Glass-Steagall!!!

AJ told today, that the 99%ers
forbid discussions about Ron Paul,
when it's more like, get your mindless
evil out of our faces, we have true
freedom to fight for here. Check it
out for yourself. Don't take Pope
AJ at his word, for, we know, a
Rightard's word means shit.
(Admittingly, OWS Rulez at
first were somewhat ad-hoc,
having no official definition
but for Justice as fair play..
however too, they don't claim
to be infallible censors of
everything contrary, and
as such, things seem to be
balancing out in our favors.)

Bushite Nazi Grunters Attack Humanity

/ / Saturday’s airstrikes lasted almost
two hours and persisted even after
Pakistani commanders pleaded with
coalition forces to stop, the
Pakistani army claimed Monday. \ \

Kill a 'lawless' Bushite grunt, and
all day long, we'll have better luck.
They war to gang rape American women,
and for that alone, they should not be
granted another day to breathe our air.

Two Scandals, One Connection:
The FBI link between Penn State and UC Davis

Okay, but. AP reported that near 40
Police Chiefs got together to discuss
what as violence would soon ensue a day
and two later. DHS gives out billions
to beg Cops to stay silent over the
escape of those who committed 9/11, by
demanding the billions not be spent on
following 'probable cause' regarding
any serious criminal offenses against
Johnny's America. So, whether Obama
personally ordered enemy grunts in
pirated police uniforms to beat down
on innocent American children and
elderly for the magic TV cameras (that
insist no one would ever humanly suggest
these corrupt CRIMINAL cops need to
be hunted by ALL for Prosecutions to
serve major prison time for their
documented assaults against the State),
is really besides the bigger point here.

Johnny 2012

Good or Evil?

/ / Audit shows 95% of the funds
for rebuilding Iraq 2007-2009 is
MISSING and 100% from the years
2004-2007 is unaccounted for \ \

Obama "Nothing will be gained
by laying blame for the past."
(yes, he really does say this)

Did You Know: "Pre-emptive war"
is first degree mass murder,
and in Texas under the Law,
"Law of Parties", does rightly
warrant death? And as We
Christians, Muslims, Atheists
and Jews rightly put the Bushite
to death, how many do you believe
will be enemy Foxsnews fans who
have no care for the true freedom
of any other? Who care not for
American health and welfare? Who
care not for the poor and
disabled, but whore as ungodly
sadists blindly for Banksters in
hatred for God as innocent men
and women who simply love to
read or write?

A Factless TV Celeb Rightard states,
'reading is for the stupid people'


All legislation is a form
of Socialism, and This State
is God, what of it goofus?

Replace Medicare With Voucher System

/ / Hey, here's a great idea! Let's make
the best government program we have into
an inefficient cash cow for the benefit
of the insurance industry! \ \ that
would prefer you to die before healing.
So, naturally, of course, it is,
"Gaining support in Congress"

Ron Paul Gets 90 SECONDS In 1 HOUR Debate

Yeah but, Ron Paul is a treasonous
election rigging parasite, that wills
to attack the elderly, children, the
sick, well everyone, by robbing US our
worths, while escaping those guilty of
9/11, trillions in banking frauds, gang
rapists, and so on. Rightards are
nakedly Evil to all who will TRUE
freedom from their ugly pro-censorship
tyrannies for more of our stolen money.
Alex Jones can't allow free communications
on more than 50 life and death issues
with the facts, while real men and
women have no such demon rules Oathed
with his pal, traitor Noory to escape
Bush and Cheney either.

Money has been privatised by stealth

Hey! ...this is GREAT! ..and it's
in the popularly influencial
Guardian. Excellent. Bravo
on all that jazz. Just remember,
we are 'paying them back' for
money they never privately
lent us. And some, have literally
trillions and trillions of our
dollars that they will, be not
truly understood about.

WTC 7 Explosion That the Magic TV Refuses to Show - Why?

/ / NIST is now cornered: trapped within their web
of lies. Now that the video of the firemen reporting
explosions has been released from NIST archives,
they have NO EXCUSE for failing to investigate

This is high treason. \ \ You got that right buddy.


/ / Honeywell describes an already existing
"secret" disabling FMC code that can allow a
GPS-guided aircraft autopilot system to take
away control of an aircraft from a pilot during
emergencies. Honeywell state-of-the-art Flight
Management Systems (FMS) were used by the four
aircraft reportedly hijacked on Sept 11, 2001. \ \

We must demand Justice.

War by Deception Director's Cut

Holy Fuck Man

When the lawless Bushite dies, all of
Creation sings praise. It is an enemy
of Life the bushite is, who bombs our
innocent families, who tortures, who
steals, who destroys all that is good
and Holy of Mankind. They gang rape
American women as KBR, and the males
do nothing but blame the powerlessly
weak as disabled. They read my great
words for mercy to all, and only forbid
this call to continue for what is
truly Nobel as Just. They lie as
cheaters of Good will to steal my
Rights to be free here. It is in this
eternal calling, I will as King run for
President as a near penniless hungry
man, of the greatest morals as courage
and true strength this world has never
yet seen. Yet still, the Rightard as
they fall, will name me as 'Liberal'
or 'gay', or 'nigger cracker', 'ankle
biter', whatever to hide the second
coming of Christ, who simple words can
split a Rightard in half. In the ungodly
evil nation of pirates by war crime,
known as our America, I grant all
persons a right for Salvation, of
which America in contempt today for me
on their TVs and radios, will in
lesser chances refuse still, the honest
to God truth to be spoken freely, as
being unholy demonic censors. Let him who
hath understanding, reckon the number
of one. Johnny will end the godless
existence of America's Repuglicon
Demonrat 'lawless' enemies of my
even greater father. As minions of
the Antichrist, they not believe in
God's Judgment against their inhuman
tyrannies, of bombing our innocent
Humanity without causes, but for to
rob and pillage for the Peenacker
Neocons final escapes. No longer will
I sit here begging for males to become
men in cowardly evil unjust America,
I am demanding it. Die Bushite Die.

How is this so complicated, that it
requires further explaination on American
cowardice to be real men and women of our
dying communities? When the anti-Justice
Bushite pro-torturing dope pushing mass
murderer dies rightly, we all win a
better future by saving real Peoples
innocent lives. Johnny 2012.

Study: Fox News Viewers Are The Most Misinformed
(evil, ungodly war crime enemies of the State)


AJ Update: his degenerate guest
who begged, and begged, and
begged the Cult today to donate
more money to blindly dissapear,
or go directly to their 501(c)4
called for arresting the 99%ers
for their Public demands for
our stolen money returned
over the censorship Ron Paul
has always proffered against
criminals - to never arrest.
Holy Fuck, You just can't make
this stuff up. Evil is the
deceived disguised.

Example: to arrest Americans
to be held without trial is
called kidnaping, a CRIMINAL
Offense. Don't tell yourself
I am all alone on this, as
being serious business of
yours American, I mean,
seriously.. just imagine
third world dictatorship
mercenaries working as they
do, like Aegis does, side by
side with the bushite grunts
as the most ungodly evil
tyrants of lawlessness -
being Republican sanctioned,
'government always bad'
imprisonments of the only
found INNOCENT, to defend
who again as TV American?

Example 2: "Pre-emptive war"
is first degree mass murder,
and in Texas, that would
rightly warrant death.

Did You Know: Ron Paul sucks?

Johnny 2012 or Bust

Washington DC has just declared
war against the United States

Can Americans care enough to
raise a phone? They refuse to
help anyone as selfish do
nothings, so things are not
looking good for their
continuing cowardice
remaining silent for
their, who cares for
who's 'neighbour'.

p.s. five dollars or twenty
would go a long way for me,
if you at all were concerned
for my continuing, or as in
the value of my words given..
or you can let me starve to
death from lack of caring,
your call.

There Was No Reason To Bomb

Understand, Alex Jones with George
Noory forbid this truth to be spoken
with every last Libertarian good for
nothing. "Fiat" is just another word
for credit, and isn't the issue, the
issue is trillionaires walking out of
OUR banks with OUR money, over loans
they never even cover to begin with.
With Glass Steagall gone, we have
investment Banksters not required to
put forward a REAL single red cent! Not
a fucking penny do they need to give
themselves, bad loans in the tens of
billions as it was so in Ireland,
then, the TV people made as lost to
blindly cover the loss. Instead of
getting our EXTORTED money returned.
See? This is why they give out a,
let's say, a billion dollar bad
loan, for they HOPE (as planned)
Example: as reported on PBS's
Frontline, three individuals
pulled 4 trillion out of America,

4,000,000,000,000 D O L L A R S

in the space of six weeks as
*magical* hedge fund brokers.
not "Freedom" for 'Patriot' radio
to suggest all of America must die
innocent victims, so to escape multi
millionaire Ron Paul on his naked
un-Constitutional TREASONS. NO REASON
warrants a rightful death. 9/11.
Instead, AJ lets George Noory to
state internationally, he would
go "ballistic" against any teen
American grunter that would refuse
a criminal order, while agreeing
both, to never allowing anyone
to give any specific name of
those truly guilty of war crimes
such as in Larry Silverstein. NO LIE,
I heard them both swear as millionaires
to this as Oathed. However, happy George
Noory has no qualms about falsely
blaming bin Laden for closing official
American Police Investigations to
ascertain the facts on this matter.
Things that should make you go hmmm,
unless, of course, you're a
pinko commie rightard.

I Am the Best,
Johnny 2012

Alex Jones, "Liberals don't like Bush."for
mass murdering Humanity as never elected
demon enemy of God he means? Alex Jones

Bush "There's no need to discuss
evidence of innocence or guilt."

You'd better wake up sooner than later my
silent American friends, sooner than later.

Bush claims "we" needed not evidence to form
an innocent or guilty verdict. ! regarding
who it was then to set the explosives in
building 7., and my friend of this living
universe must think that that is the dumbest
evilest disturbingly true shit even to be
pronounced by a being anywhere. Ask around..
It's just the most evil thing a TV celebrity
president of pro war crimes fare could utter.
Escaping the bad guys left unchallenged.
Obstructor of Justice George Walker Bush is
a blinding stealer of good will as clearly
ungodly from any realm of believability. We
must secure our freedoms by demanding Justice
denied by Bush and Cheney here. Freedom is a
Just world where our rights are the same to
defend from ungodly criminals who will we
know not of such simplicity as our Natural
Will of Justice for all as anywho to truly
believe in such things. It works out on so
many levels. God is Greater.

The Anatomy of a Still-Open Hot Case

/ / Again, we
are not talking about experienced detectives
and savvy and independent prosecutors. No;
just a handful of masterful and deceitful
politicians and their puppet administrative
staff. \ \

Happy Daze

Bush team 'agreed plan for WAR the day before Sept. 11'

Agent Successfully Penetrates al-Qaeda

/ / An agent successfully penetrated al-Qaeda.
[..] and was planning “large scale operations in
New York in the summer or fall of 2001.” He
provided this information to the US in August
2001. [Agence France Presse, 11/22/01,
International Herald Tribune, 5/21/02, London
Times, 6/12/02] \ \ (Tenant warned Bush in July -
60 Minutes - where when Bush promptly goes on
vacation - to warn who? - all the while. Condi
conniving her genius plot for overthrow.)

Condi said there was no plan, then Armitage said
there was, then she said, golly gee, there was
indeed a "top secret" plan after all, written
from her very own pen. Designed not to catch
the bad guys by finding those responsible by
documented fact, but, so they can blindly make
off as war crime thieves who immediately closed
criminal investigations regarding the tv matter.
Bush "There’s no need to discuss evidence of
innocence or guilt." Did you know, some
times people or the Antichrist commit
criminal acts to cheat ourselves
a better life?

And Mr. Powell openly gives the suspects 47
million dollars on behalf of Johnny Taliban.
Who the Nazi enemy grunts tortured for being
so, pro-America., as funded directly by the
Bush Administration weeks before. I mean,
come on..

Free Johnny!

Efforts to Impeach George W. Bush

Loose Change Final Cut (FULL VERSION)

Leaked UN report reveals Qeada/NATO torturing,
lynching, and abuse to Everyone in New Libya

/ / The document, seen by The Independent, states that while political
prisoners being held by the Gaddafi regime have been released, \ \

This is very misleading. Why? Well,
when Gadaffy first learnt, that now
NATO/OBAMA/QEADA's "partner" in war
crimes was torturing a kidnaped Human
Rights Lawyer in Libya, right under his
tent, he ordered every last political
prisoner under false arrests by that guy,
(a guy tied directly to the Bush regime,)
be immediately released. This was BEFORE
NATO started bombing schools, churches,
hospitals, stores, houses, airports,
cars. See? no government buildings
existed, so they had no sellable
excuses from the get go to bomb
anyone dear as war criminals - for
Gadaffy wasn't found in U.N.
violation either.. but for these
WAR CRIMINALS, none of that TV matters,
the main thing was to indiscriminately
mass murder innocent Humanity with
radio-active toxic bombs, to steal
the oil, and banking as they are
attempting to escape all ourselves
with, armed as al-Qeada. Let's not
leave them do that to US my friends,
let's not let them do that.


"Are you sick and tired of liberals,
race hustlers and the media calling
you a racist just because you oppose
Obama's policies?" media who? says
what? ¿about bath?¿room breaks? As
like that methodical drone he means?
of going nowhere slow for US falling
to escapist charlatans, over and over
like in a bad scheme de-ampped by a
Rightard 'hidden' here somewhere?
The guy is just drowning in bigotry.
Someone should ask him, what the blacks
thought about his book, or better yet,
what all whites think they should think
all blacks think about what whites are truly
thinking, as masturbating about how dumb
everyone is but your unfair sanctimonious
bullshit in not being everything you should
be. And again, who or what is this American
thing called "liberal"? Anyone else not
blind as a rightard goose stepper conning
Soldiers for further NEEDLESS Deaths as
Evil? "Privatize always"? to measure US
this way falsely while Bush and Cheney with
KBR gang rapists, with Obama and the Private
trillionaire Banksters can make their final
escape from fair judgment? Were you aware sir,
that Obama’s birth certificate, available at
whitehouse.gov, is an Adobe Illustrator
CS5.5 Document? Too specific? Are you lost
so far, so can't join the Reality Team for
Victory in the good ol' US of A? over ungodly
CRIMINAL tyranny? Never my friend lost with
a guide like we, never as ever is here and
now balanced perfectly. Hi. My name is John.
I'm running for President of these United
States. 2012. Be there or be square.

Popular Mom And Pop Water Purification
Business Shut Down By DEA. They Are The 99%.

/ / The DEA reported agents found Polar
Pure at a meth lab they dismantled in
Tennessee two years ago. \ \ WHY HELLO DEMON

As new President, I will war these DEA
fucks with every real man in America.
We will hunt them down, try them, and
maybe after a fair Public trial, put them
to death. You must understand how seriously
evil this action was by these confirmed
dope pushers. They KNOW they are
warring every last American soul,
to not have clean drinking water
as individuals that readily sacrifice
American lives for money. THEY DEAL
I've seen it first hand myself in
Afghanistan on CNN - Yes, the DEA.

A Rightard's Word Means Shit

Ron Paul gets ‘mic checked’ by New Hampshire
[the hatred AJ has for US being able to talk
above his NWO control has him going kookoo]

“Do you feel better?” Paul responded,

For your contempt of Justice to secure
Liberty in our day? 16 trillion Ron, 16
trillion. We want our stolen money back.
He's been on AJ's show hundreds of times,
but Justice for American victims has always
been the furtherest thing from his selfish
contempt. Why? Because he like bigot AJ, claims
falsely we are all bad always as a governing
body. It's like saying, if two make agreement
with a word and a handshake, they are therefor
totalitarian, because they can only result to
be a "collectivist" grouping, screwing against
all parties of the further left undefended for
cheating. A Rightard's Word Means Shit.

mike check

Bush closed 911 Police Investigations
how do we expect to nab the perpetrators
ungodly demonic enemies of Christ and
Humanity are the evil American censors
of Liberty. Johnny 2012!

UC Davis Campus Police Lieutenant John Pike
Work phone - 530 752 3989
Work email - ***@ucdavis.edu

Pepper Spray Kills

He needs to be arrested yesterday for
assault and battery, to serve a ten
year prison term, for what was a very
serious chemicals weapon attack
NEEDLESSLY done. For a Cop to claim it
is above all Laws as Bushite enemy
grunter gang rapists do in KBR, is as
an enemy to every last free man and women
speaking. Every day Police Lieutenant
John Pike walks our streets on paid
vacation, is another day of injustice
against ourselves left for further

We Don't Know Where 2.3 TRILLION Dollars Went!


These be ENEMIES of America's Defense, who
ROB America of trillions, clearly. Look, if
you were legitimately protecting America as
innocent victim, you would want to know
where every trillions is going.. Instead,
they war America as pro-torture grunters to
not have the sacrificing People ACTUALLY KNOW
what happens to near around 80%, EIGHTY
PERCENT!. 80% that the TAXED American pays
the Pentagon to Claim; they as most in
Congress have no interest in knowing about
9/11 either. So, so must with 'Socialist'
Obama, attack the elderly and poor. It's too
tricky apparently to the PAYING TV American,
but everyone else needs to get calculating
quick on this. We need Public FBI Warrants
for arrest to stop further lawless plundering
by those who steal our lives through NATO.
Done all above board with the lights on.


Bush "There’s no need to discuss
evidence of innocence or guilt."


Your paying a private insurance company, when
in truth, you need not pay them a pretty Penny.

Ron Paul "I do not believe it is our place
to dictate how Israel runs her affairs."

Breaking truces to get murdered Jews for
money is a terrorist's crime under American
Law though... oh yeah, ron paul is a rightard

'Socialist' Obama to attack the poor?

When Ron Paul OPENLY refuses to defend
the rights of innocent others targeted with
the bankster crimes, (let alone the mass
murders of 9/11, 7/7, and so on) all the
while 'elected' Senate members personally
profit off irrationally bailing out the worst
of naked frauds into the trillions, for cash
backs from war mongering for Satan through
ungodly evil AIPAC, as by breaking truces to
indiscriminately slaughter INNOCENT defenseless
God loving Christians in Palestine, [TARGETED
You, as the silent American, are left refusing
to defend freedom in a Republic as or so
Democracy. To witness such Rightarded
treachery in our presence that election
rigger Ron Paul is anything but the worst
of tyranny, is un-questioningly un-patriotic.
To not call obstructers Bush and Cheney un-
Constitutional terrorists for 9/11, while
the war crimes of the worst of barbaric Nazi
savagery in Iraq now Libya, are called a,
trying to do good 'police action' as in
violation with U.N. 1441 and U.N 1973 for
example, doing to rob, to torture, to gang
rape, to push dope, while for no good reasons,
routinely bomb our loving innocent families
from our stolen skys is evil evil evil evil.
Understand, Bushite nazi grunts are warring
God and Humanity in Afghanistan to officially
RAPE children. If there was ever a good reason
to kill a Rightard's dope pushing grunt soldier
that bombs our communities indiscriminately
while shouting, 'whore ya, whore ya' that would
be it. Their godless nation refuses to defend
such children, for then we would all clearly
know who the enemy here is walking our
American streets.

The Words of God

Again, the lawless Bushite is an enemy to
every man woman and child on this planet who
wills a free world against godless tyranny.

Top Priority

Top priority. Justice for 911 Victims. Paper
ballots for fair elections on fixing to vote for
a public education on 'banking scams'. Us, and
them who hide and pretend who's all paying for
this there is something not publicly defined.
Because they are taking us for Rooked!
Banksters don't cover our loans.

Olbermann Calls For Mayor Bloomberg's
Resignation Because Of His Fake Terror Plot

Yeah but, he spent near ONE BILLION DOLLARS
of American sucker cash to form the allegation..
as always, never supporting following probable
cause at any crime scene where actual bad guys
like himself would be arrested for treason.

Obama Heckled For Allowing [orchestrating]
Police Brutality Against Protesters 11 22 11

Obama has also promised if anyone tried to
stop the destructions of health care and
social security pushed by the Rightards,
he will veto. No matter what Americans
might say by ANY Public representative.
The Social Security TRUST Fund is a crime
scene, gaining less that 2% on a multi-trillion
dollar account, being left for further plunder.

Failure to Communicate

Extortion is against the Law in America. Let's
start there.. back on Sept. 18th 2008. Either
we pay them without question, or come Monday
morning, they would run the country into the
ground. Bailed JP Morgan had more than a
trillion dollars in capital, throughout the
entire so labeled "Crisis". Surprising to most
however, is that banksters do not actually cover
our loans, we do. As Extortionists, they
illegally took all our trillions of dollars for
'free' as private individuals. Stupidly. Crazy
man crazy. It's a good thing we're here.

On the Tea Bagger Enemy Chopping Block:
Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Rightards lose as COMMIE PINKO liars and
cheats. A FACT is a FACT: Ron Paul is
a True Pinko Commie. Realize: never a
kind request to demand arrests of any
responsible for plunding trillions, and
suckering soldiers for needless deaths,
all to escape Bush and Cheney on 9/11,
he wills to instead deny the knowledge
of just what is a "Public Option", but
not for his elite self as FEHBP decides
not to foolishly grease the pockets of
private insurance breakers. True, Commie
Pinkoes are tricky sometimes, but always
the losers in a world that speaks freely
for the truth to champion our cries for
Liberty. True Liberty. Ron Paul sucks.

"What God is this?"

Nearly 59 million Americans lack health
insurance, of which pay more than double
what Canadians do for universal. Why? So
the intolerant Rightard Alex Jones party
of liars and thieves can rob you further.
As is why Alex Jones wills to not let the
facts be spoken. He's claims himself to
be infallible to his CULT!, and anyone
who critizes him on anything is auto
cointelpro as/or working for his
globalist new world order - oh and the
Antichrist isn't supremely evil beyond
anything ever in History - nuts. Bush
closed 9/11 Police Investigations near
immediately after the mass murder of
Americans occured. Banksters do not
cover our loans. BP removed the
"safety fluid" which CAUSED the
blow up.. Ron Paul sucks,
and so on..

CIA: 'Pro-Obama NATO war partner is al-Qaeda'


Afghan president rejects US apology over killings

/ / nine Afghan boys [under 12] were
gunned down by two attack helicopters \ \

/ / Disturbing footage of Apache attack
helicopters killing people in Afghanistan
is being shown to frontline British soldiers
in "Kill TV nights" designed to boost morale \ \

This is why the American Patriot takes
great pleasure as a true love for Christ
in God, to kill the Bushite without a
second thought to save it's next innocent
victim., that could be anyone. The grunt
takes an Oath to defend, that it, as like
a TeaBag "Constitutionalist" holds in
total contempt, while mass murdering only
those they know to be completely innocent
to escape Bush and Cheney for Obstruction
on 9/11. As heroin pushing enemies of the
Republic, the Bushite Nazi grunters
deserve to die, to defend their next
innocent victims. They do not support
Justice for themselves even, while knowing
the Pentagon has tortured thousands of
American GIs to sign over their savings
to Rumsfeld, (notice no complaints from
the brain dead zombie mutes either) and
I'm like the only real man as True American
here to complain about it this directly.
What does that tell You?

Look, a good percent of the cops are
from Afghanistan, where they would
blow up girl schools to blame the
Taliban, while making rape legal and
the killing of men women and children
just because they were true Christian.
Warring side by side with the most
despotic military dictatorships on
this planet. In Iraq we have thousands
of vids of them slaughtering defenseless
innocent children from our sky while
flying in attack helicopters. Chanting
'whore yeah' for Satan. The Bushite
was caught dead to rights in killing
38 young children between the ages
of 5 and 12 with explosives, then
trying to FALSELY blame Zarqawi for
it under Sattler, 'Hero' Sgt Shamar
Thomas' ass fucking buddy. The Bushite
seriously deserve to die by American
firing squads. The Patriotic Taliban were
formed specifically to war a bushite
grunt to defend a female's rights.
The Taliban had a girl school program,
and women had the choice of wearing
a Burka or not. That is why the
Bushite deserves rightly to die
today for it's Rightard DEMON LIES,
before it steals another innocent
life with lies as they have done in
Libya for al-Qeada, too as they have
done raping AMERICAN WOMEN for
Republicans in KBR, all to escape
TRAITORS, the Rightard's Bush
and Cheney with the Peenackers
for 9/11 in a dying nation of
cowardly godless males. So cowardly,
they can't even be bothered to
raise a phone, or forward a
post as wonderfully true as this.
Who cares? A Bushite certainly
doesn't for anything or anyone.

Kill a Bushite grunt for Freedom.


Bushite forces around Kandahar are blowing
up or bulldozing houses, assassinating
sympathizers and using mass reprisals
against the civilian population.

1/3rd of Women in US Military Raped

The Bushite Enemy

/ / NATO warplanes bombed a group of small
children between the ages of 6-12, killing
six of them and wounding one other. \ \

A Good Word for Nazis

Nazis were no where near as evil
when the dope pushing Bushite grunters
arrest all military aged males (10-55)
to be taken away to be tortured to
death as American "freedom". Bombing
indiscriminately with radio-active
toxic waste that will kill precious
Life for thousands of years, and still,
the Rightard censor for furthering
tyranny commands OUR national media
discussion firing against the weak,
elderly, and poor. All to escape 9/11's
Bush and Cheney with al-Qeada, and the
banksters who never cover our loans.
Bush and Cheney need to be rightly
brought into custudy awaiting their war
crimes trial for 9/11. Bushite
deserve rightly to die under the Laws
for murder in Texas, and war crimes
law excepted by every last civilized
Peoples. They torture, they rape, and
they push dope for the 9/11 perps final
escape, as true traitors to Johnny
and Life. God's Will is Just.

Johnny 2012



Who? Who there is aware, that the
banksters do not even cover our
loans - they just don't. Who?

49% of mindless evil Republicans,
don't know what the GOP stands for.

Children tortured before parents, raped, all covered up

TV Americans are gutless cowards who will
out Your Humanity to die as they do for
ungodly war crime evil censorship.

U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker “A citizen may
not gain standing by claiming a right to have the
government follow the law,

But then, that would be a citizen in government
being a for sure criminal. Un-American. So, a
standing among whom? Criminal Judges who should
be in our prisons awaiting a death sentence for
high treason?

"SEE!! Alex Jones supports the U.N.
he states is Your enemy of freedom!!!"

'Judge not, or be Judged and all that.'


All Peoples of the Western
World are Publicly deceived
into paying back debt to
private banksters who did
not cover the credit given.

Al Qaeda leader writes column for Guardian!

/ / The Western world now enters surreal
territory as men who have certifiably
killed Americans are writing pro-NATO
propaganda for British newspapers. \ \

Bushite 'I don't care to forward this
post to save the life of innocent
Americans. Where's the money in that?'

BP Oil Spill Whistleblowers And
Experts Continue To Mysteriously Die

They removed the safety fluid,
which CAUSED the blow up.

Holy Jesus Murphy Jones

/ / The IAEA claim that a foreign scientist -
identified in news reports as Vyacheslav
Danilenko - had been involved in building
the alleged containment chamber has now
been denied firmly by Danilenko himself
in an interview with Radio Free Europe
published last Friday. \ \

Anything to kill off American
soldiers for a Zionist's
stolen gains against The
Christian Jew Muslim Crew
along with the Atheist Fools
too for Good Measure? Just who
do these 1%ers think we are
eh to be conned for DEATH?
Have you read my glorious
paper panned by idjits aplenty
titled, "Stand Together or Don't"
all about defining this concept
of fair play willed by everyone
but cheaters? God Wills Justice.

By the way, did all you peoples out
here not know I am running for the
Presidency of these United States
against the rigging of elections?
Just checking.. Johnny 2012

Mean Mr. Grinch

Mr. Grinch told his Rightard audience
that all 99%ers should take a bath
and get a job, while the Conservative
parasites crowd all very loudly
cheered for the besmirching, never
allowing told, Mr. Grinch received
millions in bribes from private
insurance to sell his soul, and near
60,000 factories have left America
for cash profit since Bush, walking
with the banksters and our 27+ trillion.
Remember, every last Republican
running for President has
acknowledged that the Social
Securities money was STOLEN, and
their open public solution with
wealthy disinfo gold merchant Alex
Jones is, to cut at all Americans, and
not to arrest the thieves like themselves.
What does that make the "American" who
reads my words on banksters similarly
not covering our credits, and still
refusing as real men or women to
forward the demand for Justice
to speak a word in this town?
A loser I figure.

Romney: Cut health care for the poor

The Rightard war criminals who start
these needless mass murders must be
made to pay instead of ourselves as
continuing innocent victims losing to
demonic lawlessness. Justice on 9/11
is a must if we want freedom for this
world. Forward this concern to anyone
as your own, please. Thanks.

Justice is key to securing a better
future for all as freedom standing

Trillions have been STOLEN, and near every
last "Congressional" cheater, is going to
sell TV wide, America has 'NO CHOICES' but
to start cutting at the vast majority to
further needlessly feed the super Banking
Elite, who do nothing for nobody here while
clearing more than ever before, while near
60,000 factories have left for profit since
Bush, a fact that is not scored against the
left further down trodden. The unchallenged
TV and Radio factless enemies are selling
heavy sacrifices my dying friends.. instead
of demanding war crime death sentences by
Public Trial against the Pentagon and Obama
for directly funding al-Qeada with a
completely needless war crime of mass
murders, all for Obstructers of Justice,
Bush and Cheney's final escape for mass
murdering Americans too. Johnny 2012.

Bushite 'I don't care to forward this
post to save the life of innocent
Americans. Where's the money in that?'

'Neo Con Sites and Pro Israel Christians
Trying to Find an Excuse to Attack Iran'

Christ IS Pro-Israel - Down with Satan

"We the people need to rise up say
we'll take a stand for Israel,"
Demon whore of Satan, Sarah 'the
retard' Palin said.

Yeah, to defeat the Satanic evil
war crime enemy, God Wills Justice
from demons for our stays. Johnny
the Jew's Golden Rule.

Satanic Settlers destroyed 2,600
of our olive trees in October

Settlers Stone Elderly Palestinian Lady

Is this Human? Or as the Good Book says,
Satanic enemies of every single last one
of US innocent still alive? Not Jews, but
ungodly evil criminals, who are as the
Sadist Rightard Republican Demonrat is,
falsely claiming to blindly support such
illegal conduct against Life is 'pro-Israel',
and not to bring about Our Holy Wrath
against the Zionist ENEMY Heathen, when
we can finally freely communicate for
Justice over their godless tyranny
of censorship against the Jew of
Jews, the Christian of Christians,
and the Muslim of Muslims..

Lt. John Pike

"22-year-old UC Davis student was one
of the students pepper-sprayed at point
blank range Friday by Lt. John Pike while
seated on the ground, arms linked and
silent. [..] Pike sprayed them at close
range with military-grade pepper spray."

Krugman: 'Only Fools and Clowns' are Republicans

Why must I say, what no American on
TV will be allowed said. Why must I promise
Americans that J. Pike will serve a ten
year prison sentence for this capital offense
by fair public trial on contingencies that I
be elected in a nation that would not have such
Humanity? When for real men, this would be a
no brainer. Every last Christian Muslim Jewish
person must demand in J. Pike's City, that he
be arrested immediately for his assault, or
be humanely put down as the 'lawless' bushite
nazi grunter back from raping American Women,
or killing INNOCENT Christian families in
Afghanistan, while pushing heroin, or voting
Ron Paul he is as the ungodly enemy escaping
Bush and Cheney.

CRIMINAL: Obama Admin. Claims Right To Be Criminal


This is so ungodly evil to argue: to escape
the facts of wrong doing, Obama plans to
STEAL the evidence that is publicly available
for America to make a fair assessment in Justice.
President in the Land of Rightards or no President,
do not insult the King, for I am a man true to
the word.

Bush ordered military on September 4th 2001
with "top secret" plan finalized by Condi

In Contempt for God and Country

Look, it's all about NATO confessing with
many popular TV Republicans, to be funding
al-Qeada to commit terror acts against the
Peoples. Remember: Gadaffy DID call the
cease-fire that Obama said he must to
save the innocent lives of Libya.

Al-Qeada's Justice Minister says
Gaddafi's son now to face death

Gadaffy lawed, that anyone who uses
military hardware against the civilian
population, will as should be immediately
executed by everyone. That was his speech
the magic tv lied to America about..


A Vet trying to make something good
of himself, taking a stand to demand
Justice in this town, was beaten
for no reason by the enemy Nazi
grunts who war America for Obama
and Bush's escape with the banksters,
and as such must be convicted for
their documented offense against
every last one of US.

Soldiers, My Friends

Soldiers, my friends. Understand, the
magic TV and every Republican has not
expressed a concern that al-Qeada is,
and has been openly financed by the
Pentagon. Nobody there truly cares to
be honest with you. Well, I do. I care
for the victims of these needless wars,
for the gang rape and torture victims.
I care for the millions of American
families that have had their homes
stolen, and their foods tainted.. I
care for the guys and gals who get
ripped off by our bad economics criminal
run lotteries, or government sanctioned
'health services' that do nothing to
treat deadly causes. I care for the
ignorant intolerant unclean masses who
for the life of themselves as bigots,
can't yet figure, the banksters do not
cover our loans, and that the bail-outs
are the crimes of extortion. True, I
am what some might call, occasionally,
intelligent beyond comprehension, BUT I,
unlike any other, will wide open
communications for real public debates
on where FACTUALLY we all could go from
here, with science as reason to measure
our achievements. Yes, it's true, once
in a while, I will make a Rightard out
to be truthfully dumber than shit, but
that's just our way, and in it self,
doesn't cost innocent lives. Support my
nomination, and I'll promise you here
and now, teen Soldier lives will not be
needlessly sacrificed by TV Con for
further ungodly tyranny. Or..

Grunts Assault Peaceful Peoples
Demanding Our Stolen Rights Back

These are not Cops dedicated to defend
Americans as being Bushite servants
of Evil - as is most certain when they
war side by side freely with the most
oppressive military dictatorships
on this planet. Ask anyone, when
the Bushite traitor to God and
Country dies, we all win a
better future saved from
indiscriminate mass

DHS Secret Police Make Arrests
[not so secret then eh? boo.]

/ / Department of Homeland Security
now operates as a secret police force
that arrests people at political events,
the hallmark of all totalitarian
governments. \ \ Charged for

demanding Justice You are.

As President, I would deputize all
citizens to take these unlawful tyrants
out as fired on sight. Realize: these
demons who receive tens of billions
from tax payers, TENS OF BILLIONS, do
not allow Americans to follow probable
cause for any terrorist act that
occurs. Any of them. Ever. Naked
supremely EVIL Traitors to America,
and on all we stand sacrificing,
they war US to escape bad guys
everytime extorting US taxes.
No true care for You, no true
care for me.

Justice to the war criminals of indiscriminate
warfare would better serve ourselves to halt for
our safety. The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

So, instead of fighting for Justice to preserve
freedom, America is lawlessly still led by
those who demonically claim we don't need
evidence to form their guilty verdicts. On
the matters of Good and Evil. And some people
call ME crazy..

/ / On February 12, 2003, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell told a
Senate panel that he had reviewed a transcript of a message from bin
Laden stating he was in “partnership with Iraq" which was to be
broadcast on al Jazeera.[14] Al Jazeera initially denied having the
tape,[15] but subsequently located it. \ \ This is HUGE! Why?

The Bush Admin had prior knowledge
about the tape, that was later that
same day, hand delivered to the head of
Al Jazeera, well after the fact.

/ / He claims Its of the devil, Islam that is.
“when Jesus is the most quoted prophet in the
Quran” Immortal Technique. \ \

All Words are of God.

Justice is key to securing a better
future for all as freedom standing

Decorated Police Capt Slams NYPD Conduct
– “Disgusting,” “Totally Uncalled For”
– Joins Zuccotti Park OWS Protest

Study: CEOs Who Fired Most Workers Earned Highest Pay

90% of detained minors tortured in Israeli jails

Remember AJ Cult members, your not allowed
to care here, or if you do anyway, Alex
Jones and George Noory will refuse to
acknowledge the right for you to speak
publicly for such needs. Instead, go
pick on the elderly, poor and disabled
with Rand Paul the cheat why don't you?
Because, as we know, anyone who disagrees
with anything Bankster proxy Rand Paul
says, or does is auto cointelpro working
for the Globalist's New World Order
without needs to explain any further.
Nudge nudge wink wink, say no more.

I think America owes The People an
apology for treating US unfair here.

Two cops LET GO over horrific
video which shows them beating
up suspect - then CELEBRATING

/ / the guy was probably in need of a good @#$ whoopin
If these are police officers, promote them.
we kick butt, not stand aside to drink tea \ \

As new President, I would offer
a twenty five cent reward for
their heads, then I would mount
their skulls on the Gate leading
to our Whitehouse. Sound good?
It should.

NYPD fire LRAD 'pain-sound' cannons
San Diego cops deploy military LRAD

This war crime warrants death. Any
Bushite grunter Cop that is rightly
put down for this, would be the death
of the enemy who wills Justice not
to succeed here in our stolen
names. A 'sound cannon' can
easily kill, as is a direct
indiscriminate criminal
assault. DBD.

Members Of Congress Get Rich Off Earmarks

/ / VOTE THEM ALL OUT, save Ron
Paul and a few others. \ \ VOTE?

Ron Paul, a huge enemy thief of America
here, was interviewed by Russert and asked,
'why do you rob Americans in the dark like
this, selling at the same time you state
all government is bad always to escape
war criminals as a true degenerate?'
Ron Paul responded with something
like, 'everyone else steals,
so why shouldn't he?'

PROOF: Rightards are evil bigots,
who whore for money to leave everyone
further undefended from lootings.

Ron Paul On The Failures Of Obama In Libya

Gadaffy was NOT found in violation of 1976.
Russia claimed FACTUALLY that Obama and
Hitlerly were lying. Gadaffy called the
cease-fire 1976 WAS ALL ABOUT of which NATO
said, so? while continuing on strafing
defenseless innocent souls at airports,
hospitals, and schools. (They shoot high
caliber weaponry near straight up into the
sky continuously on TV 24/7 as "Freedom" for
example, a crime that should warrant
IMMEDIATE death as I order to all troops
everywhere being our true good King Johnny)
Gadaffy called for the cease-fire MANDATED
again several times, of which [NOT ELECTED]
NATO Stated with CNN no good still. Gadaffy
called for elections (lamely as likely brain
damaged from maybe vaccines or just being
blind pro-American all these years?), not
good enough for enemy to all lawless pro
al-Qeada NATO, for NATO does not want free
elections warring our worlds for the escape
of Bush and Cheney on 9/11. Why? because,
who on this dying Earth, would actually vote
for an al-Qeada leader from Langley in Libya
to STEAL their oil and banking for Evil as
Ungodly TV America? Bush whore ALEX JONES
SUCKS with Ron Paul here, and demands you
too, as HIS, left to lawless Americans must
also pay likewise for Ron Paul to advance
their naked sabotage to God's true Will of
Justice by falsely Demonizing Ourselves for
further ill. Get real. Ron Paul really truly
sucks, he just does on everything, like a
parasite might claiming money would magically
buy Rights not spoken now for without the
green, in a Rightarded evil world where Ron
Paul the COMMIE still gets a "Public Option"
(FEHBP) for himself and multi-million dollar
family of charity collectors, but not you
suckered further for to pay for his true
contempt of all Human Life left marginalized.
He is not a Constitutionalist, nor a 'Founding
Father Patriot' escaping Bush and Cheney for
Obstruction on 9/11 nakedly in broad daylight
either. Facts are facts, despite AJ's Cult
of Rightards to air the voice we truly
proclaim our own.

Priest, Pregnant Teen,
Elderly Woman Pepper Sprayed

These are the crimes of the bushite
enemy who wars all of America to
escape Bush and Cheney with Obama
and the banksters. Remember, these
coordinated crimes were orchestrated
to silence our demands for Justice
by the Whitehouse that publicly
claims to support the cause.

Obama on Leno "It was all perfectly legal."
(on him with Goldman stealing 27+ trillion..)

The Rightard can not succeed over US

The Bushite war innocent Americans to
escape Bush and Cheney by insisting
a conclusion on who is good or evil.

The Rightard can not succeed over US,
unless it gets the censorship it wars
US for with an evil Ron Paul. The
Rightard male knows it can't compete
honestly when real men speak freely.
As is for why they are bigot sadists,
who side in silence to hurt innocent
men, women, and children in Afghanistan
for Bush's final escape on 9/11 as the
sworn evil enemy of all Peoples.


JPMorgan To Issue CMBS
Backed By Defaulted Loans

What? Huh? Eh? A naked action
involving trillions in FRAUD
in other words.



Woman Shows Court Order to
NYPD, Gets Punched in Face

/ / Right now, the NYPD are
throwing over 5,000 books from
our library into a dumpster. \ \
To be burned. Understand my friends,
these are not human beings the Bushite
Nazi grunters. They will to torture, to
push dope, to enslave America, all to
make for the final escape of the for
sure 9/11 perps, Bush and Cheney, along
with the banksters making off with
trillions. Enemies of the Constitution,
enemies of Law, that would prefer to
go back to raping our families by
stealing our lives, than face a rightful
public trial for their ungodly war crimes.

The Pentagon is OPENLY funding al-Qeada.
Ron Paul wills openly to defend no one.
Wealthy gold merchant Alex Jones sucks.

Republicans for Rape

When a Bushite dies,
we all win freedom.

Johnny 2012

/ / city today opposing a court order
requiring the NYPD to allow Occupy Wall
Street demonstrators back into Zuccotti
Park \ \ Remember, these bushite grunters
do not follow probable cause when spending
billions to spy on INNOCENT Americans. So,
as is why, they will to not allow Americans
to speak freely.

Grunts Charge Oakland Citizens More Than
1,000,000 Dollars to silence peaceful decent
over the continuing criminality wagered
against Christ, as government sanctioned
fraud. By beating up the elderly and kids
with grunter SWAT teams, carrying assault
guns back from Afghanistan used to "mop up"
INNOCENT school teachers and students. The
10th Mountain division for example, goes
into small towns and mass murders every last
man woman and infant, as clearly to Anyone,
for 'reasons' truly demonic. These are not
Cops dedicated to defend Americans as men
being bushite servants of Evil - that is most
certain when they war side by side freely
with the most oppressive military
dictatorships on this planet. They are led
by total bushite enemy dumfuks, who allege
to not stop Americans from peaceably
exercising their constitutional rights,
means they as evil doing war criminals, who
war Humanity to gang rape American women and
push heroin for 9/11, would face a rightful
American death sentence for their well
documented war crimes against GOD and
Humanity to escape Obama, Hitlery, Bush and
Cheney along with the banksters. No go says
Mankind. These fucks kidnap rape and mass
murder defenseless innocent souls in the
millions, while grunting, 'whore yeh' for
the, for real Antichrist's escape all day
long while sniffing glue, or watching
foxsnews football, so, no wonder.

When Tyranny is Law
Revolution is Order

/ / The city of Oakland closed 13
schools this year to "save" $2 million.
Crushing a group of peaceful campers?
Priceless. \ \

Again, these are bushite nazi grunters
back from raping children in Afghanistan,
or gang raping American women, or executing
innocent souls in Afghanistan simply
because we are Christian while pushing
heroin, who as the sworn enemy to Freedom,
cover up their names as TRAITORS to the
American Constitution, warring for Bush
and Cheney's final escape with the
trillionaire banksters making off
with Policeman pensions too suckers.

Be an honorable Cop, and as such,
you will be serving to defend US.

A Real Man Speaks to America

By closing Police investigations, how do
we ever expect to nab the actual bad guys
someone ask Ron Paul, or those like him
that would rather leave You out as anyone.

Marine, Navy, Army and Airforce Vets
Vow to Protect Innocent Protesters

Remember, these treasonous bushite nazi
fuks, say 'just' that, then gun down women
and children outside of occupied schools,
all for complaining they shouldn't have
a right, to steal our innocent lives that
way. They war Americans to escape Bush and
Cheney by insisting WE DON'T NEED ANY
EVIDENCE to form a conclusion on who
is good or evil that they randomly bomb
from our skies, or kidnap to torture,

Gadaffy provided what is denied to
Americans: Free public health care,
and free education. America is Evil.

$16,000,000,000,000 Goes To Who?


/ / There was no debate about whether
$16,000,000,000,000 would be given to
failing banks and failing corporations
around the world. \ \ RIPPED OFF.
LOOTED over massive securites fraud.
Realize, as one familiar with this is,
these same crooks, at the same time,
demanded all Americans suffer severely
for the next 150years+ (27+ trillion in
total), because, they needed our money
for loans, of which as investment
banksters, they cover zero of - and in
adddition, straight faced JP Morgan
had more than trillions in liquid
capital [to be multiplied by 100 (PBS
Moyers)]. Goldman didn't even ever do
commerial loans as licensed, until the
very day after the bail-outs "to help US"
started. Anyway, we continue to pay them
half of our lives through the IRS and
other channels, for credit they never
extended to US, but to their criminal
corporate selves to walk away privately
as trillionaires who have done NOTHING
for no one, laughing all way away from
our emptied bank buildings. Bear Stearns
went belly up with 77 trillion in *then*
WORTHLESS derivitives, while American
victims/pensions are reported as "lost".
REALIZE: magic tv wills to not allow
a wiser man or woman speak here, like
Alex Jones and George Noory the happy
monster of Satan doesn't either, too
much money in selling US all out for
godless tyranny. Johnny 2012.

Super Committee Proposes
$1.3 Trillion in New Taxes

General Strike: November 28, 2011!

/ / We know that the recommendations
will include deep cuts to Medicaid,
Medicare, and Social Security. \ \
Not only that, but they are actually
going to claim, that America's mouths
are tied by the Rightard. No Justice,
America goes down the crapper. Unless,
You demand we allow free communcations
with the facts here that trump the broken
bigot illiterates known by all as the
sadist Rightard. The Rightard can not
succeed over US, unless it gets the
censorship it wars US for with an evil
Ron Paul, or a George Noory being so
fucking happy about killing innocent
Peoples anywhere for Bush and Cheney.
The Rightard and many others forbid
the knowledge, that lynched Gadaffy
wasn't found in violation with the
U.N., and even if, doesn't give
the American Rightard the right
to rape, to thieve, to destroy.

Where Does America Care?

Obama's America has indiscriminately slaughtered
thousands and thousands of innocent Libyians,
covered their country in radio-active toxic
waste, and made it a crime that warrants death
to support public banking and health care.
While, robbing the nation of billions as the
worst of nazi war criminals. But, their
magic TV says their happier than shit about
calling it a day for US there left to Satanic
barbarity, all so we can instead watch the
Rightards plan to deprive America's poor,
elderly and disabled further with big smiles
on their ugly faces. Americans are imposing
their Satanic Zionist version of Sharia,
where the NTC can have as many as 500 slave
wives including children to be raped as
American tax payer supported. Disagree and
America's al-Qeada will war all of Creation
as the ungodly enemy for to continue their
Satanic lies against Allah as the Koran.
Remember, they openly desecrated Gadaffy's
body by putting it on display as they did,
crimes of lawless mass murder that warrant
death in every true Muslim country of all
History. TV America doesn't care, but do
you? Obama and Hitlery must go down as
war criminals for this, and the Rightards
will to not allow such truth to prevail.
Gadaffy was not in violation with the
U.N., but the American Rightard Commie
forbids such talk of FACT to steal further
our calls for Justice, instead wills to
blame US, the 99 percent. Saying things
like, "you liberls think..." as Rightard
BIGOTS. Intolerant like the KKK and Alex
Jones to allow the truth be spoken about
following probable cause to escape Bush
for closing police investigations
immediately after the crime occurred.
Alex Jones wills to cheat America with
George Noory by forbidding such dialogue
that benefits everyone as saving soldiers
lives given needlessly for no better
good or reason understood. Why? They are
weak bigots of evil who can't honestly
compete when Justice is demanded by the
real men of this world, so cheat US all
an equal say. Cheat you on credit, cheat
you on elections, cheat you on health care,
cheat you on BP, cheat you on Iraq,
cheat you on 9/11. And so on... they get
rich, while The Peoples die further
innocent victims to their willful

Tea Party Founder on Current Version
of the Tea Party: “Tea Party My Ass.”

“Tea Party my ass. This was nothing
other than the Republican Party stealing
the anger of a population that was fed
up with the Republican Party’s own
theft of their tax money at gunpoint
to bail out the robbers of Wall Street
and fraudulently redirecting it back
toward electing the very people who
stole all the ****ing money!”

[Yet Ron Paul has never, ever, in his
entire political TV life, said anything
remotely similar to save ourselves from
such Rightard criminals he calls his
Party, of demonic con artists as EVIL.]

OWS Signs:

'They Stole All The Fucking Money!'

'bankers don't cover our credit,
we do as the going poorer sucker'

'were paying them back for money
they never lent us homeless brother'

Derivitives = Embezzlement

(..as suckered.. hehehe)

Credit? Who's Credit?

They Stole our Credit
Devaluing Everything
Left Still Suckered
Paying Them for Nothing
- Congress Serving US
Binded by TV censorship
Not Qualified - King
Johnny for President

Pigeon Shoot Hit and Run Update

[98% of members are grunts back from Iraq?]

Is this Human?

Did you see the vid of the Oklahoma Bushite
grunter, grab the head of the hancuffed,
sitting on the ground peacefully 99%er,
and spraying into our eyes pepper spray,
then laughs maniacally whispering 'whore
yeah' to Satan for Bush and the Bankster's
final escape? is that human? Is it human
for US to allow that "cop" to escape a
rightful ten year prison sentence, or
maybe death to save on paper? What is a
'lawless' Bushite grunting Rightard
worth to anyone being infringed upon
to deny wise men and women to speak
freely for Justice I ask You here and now?

US chief prosecutor calls for prosecution of Bush

YES YES YES YES. Now, what honorable
cop is going to stand in our ways?
Only the bushite nazi grunter, who
wills to rape, rob, and mass murder
as the enemy al-Qeada in 'hiding'.


Florida SWAT back from Iraq shoots
homeless man on church grounds in
the face multiple times to murder,
then sells they magically do not
warrant immediate death sentences
in this land of the 'lawless'
bushite nazi grunter.


Video: IOF Shoot Live Ammunition on Peaceful Protest

GOP War on Democracy: School Teachers
Facing Charges for Registering Voters

Again, the Rightards are the enemy
of you, the enemy of me, the enemy
of every last living soul on this
planet they will to torture to rob
and murder. Anything, to escape
the demon ANTICHRIST of Revelations
with the banksters. Think of Alex
Jones and his cult of Rightards, who
have read my words for a decade, yet
still, refuse to raise a word in the
defense of themselves forsaken.
Allowing him in silented oposition
to sell George Norry is anything but
the very worst of a traitor to God
and Country. Or that Ron Paul's
pro-lawlessness everywhere is half
honorable. His COMMIE dumfuks are
still chanting "audit the fed",
while we learned months ago of
the 16 trillion stolen. Who cares?
Alex Jones has publicly claimed that
anyone who claims themselves to be
of Christ, is really a top secret
bad guy in disguises.. this
from a guy who claims himself
to be Zionist Christian with
nothing to say of Bush, but to
offer his foolish escape from
Justice as Freedom being paramount.


No, criminals did 9/11. Of which many
might 'hide' behind the banner of being
Satanically Ungodly 'Israeli', but never
the less, it is all nations having been
found responsible for failing to nab the
escaping true perps so far! for lack
of true leadership on the Justice is
Freedom for All platform. Without using
the evidence to form our conclusions,
on someone or 'something' being guilty
of clandestinely stealing rights of
others victimized, the bad guys will for
sure, still escape as they plan. Bush
and Cheney are guilty of Obstruction, and
how does anyone ignore "embarrassed"
General Ahmad or Condi, Rumsfeld, Tenant,
BUSH and CHENEY!?! Isn't "Jewish" maybe?
(Hamas IS funded by Nazi Israeli for example))
Still, very excellent coverage usable
in the creation of the Public Warrants and
everything, once King Johnny becomes America's
Stand In from Nowhere, Holy Jesus Man God
Exists not present President. You guys will
do almost all the work, and I'll relax as
if on vacation for most of the time...
ahhhaaa. That's if we win...
losing? well that wouldn't be much
better than what many are dying here
as innocent victims for continuing
in lawlessness. As President, we will
get rid of taxed regressions, such
as taxes on quality booze and cleaner
cigs, and boost the economy by leaps
and bounds, by arresting the banksters
guilty of extorting trillions. Then,
give back the homes to those who were
illegally foreclosed on in the last ten
years or so, and fix the Lotteries. Or,
you can go back to less and less of the
same rigged game for losers to cheat
you more out of your house and
country once believed home
to freedom not yet

Johnny 2012 or Bust

P.S. Bankers Do Not Cover Our Loans.

US-Led Terror Bombings Target Civilians

These Bushites be, the true
enemies of both You and me.

Hillary Clinton 'We came, we saw, he died’


Peoples of Earth, look at what the
bigot evil American has brought US.
They still are mass murdering our
innocent friends and families for
Satan to steal from God, refusing
all Human beings on their TV and
national radios to demand Hitlery
and Obama be formally executed for
these continuing war crimes with
NATO, for Gadaffy WAS NOT in
violation with the U.N.'s 1976..
They could have done anything to
ask, and sided as evil with al-Qeada
to war crime, being proudly Zionist
enemy LIARS of a just merciful God.
Alex Jones tells their soldiers all,
"they just want to do the right
thing", while they rape Americans
and torture Americans, push dope onto
Americans, and grunt while bombing
our cities indiscriminately, to
finally escape Antichrist Bush and
Cheney on 9/11. Happy George Noory
threatens the lives of all American
teens to not refuse a criminal order,
else he claims, he'll go ballistic
against every last one of them who
believes they could one day become
men. He, like Zionist Alex Jones
falsely believes they can control
Your dying world, by simply refusing
the honest truth be spoken, such as
on Iraq, banking, BP, now Iran, and
so on. Let US all change their evil
ways by getting some accountablilty on
these matters of OURS. Americans die
for their cowardice, die for their
hatred of me speaking freely with the
facts they deny our Humanity. Such as
banksters not covering our loans we
blindly are forced against our wills
to pay them 'back' for sacrilegiously.
I demand I Be Heard Here. And not only
in the best of movies and music either.

“Congress shall make no law bridging
the freedom of speech, or of the press,
or the right of the people to — peaceably
to assemble, and to petition the [as OUR]
Government for a redress of grievances.”

I am the Son to God as Man of Men,

Johnny 2012

Heroic Amercian War Criminal Gets a Slap

every last soldier, man or woman in
America that denies this grunt his
proper death sentence, will too,
be put to death for their offense.
Sound good? It should. Die bushite
die bushite die bushite die bushite.


/ / Iran must respond to the U.N. report suggesting it may have a
clandestine nuclear weapons program, Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton said at a Pacific Rim summit in Hawaii. \ \

See the demon witch of Satan? Iran states,
there is no evidence anywhere to substantiate
TV America's Rightard falsehoods. But Clinton,
demon whore, already knows she will be put
Publicly to death with Obama's al-Qeada and
NATO for their naked TV LIES regarding Libya,
for, Gadaffy WAS NOT found in violation with
the U.N.'s 1976. Incidentally, 1976, was the
year that Gadaffy made his last formal
'dictatorial' decision on where the nation
was headed. The American TV Zionist is no
"Jew", or "Christian" or "Muslim" or human
in my mind to hold fast to lynchings and
indiscriminate slaughter of innocent women
and children for further stolen gains in our
forsaken names. Don't like justice?, guess
what, as LORD I'm starting to hate all in
America for refusing to forward this post
none have a voice in honesty to publicly
disagree, only to further censor for lies
to cheat and steal from our humanity. DBD.

RNC chair: ‘Of course the party doesn’t
favor the rich’ it favors the CRIMINAL

56,000+ factories gone so far!

"Self reliance means, if anyone will
not work, neither should he eat." M. Bachmann
[banksters stole trillions]

FOR REAL: The GOP debate TeaBag Enemies
cheered the blaming of the 99% for lack
of jobs. 56,000+ factories gone so far!

A Satanic Zionist Court is Condemned by Christ


Did you hear the one about the Rabbi who
sucks baby pee-pees, while knowingly having
syphilis? It wasn't until who knows how many
infants were murdered in that way, until
finally a small blurb was reported in the Public
sphere of influence. It was reported that
'no powers of accounting in Evil can hamper
him continuing as TRULY Satanic., so please,
don't bring your infants to that synagogue.'.
and that only after even more sacrifices to
Satan, did some Humans finally crawl out of
their cowardly unforgiving TV dungeon to care
for Life unselfishly, by making our presence
known on putting the monster humanely down
for Christ. Why? Because apparently in the
godlessly pirated nation of unjust "Jewish"
Israel, such an offense against Life wasn't
found by anyone leading a prayer to be illegal.
True story. Similarly when a few short years
back, those 'in charge', murdered tens of
thousands of Jewish children with radiation
because the darker skin tone had suggested
they might have actually been, closer to, the
rightly heirs living in the middle-east back
in lost but not forgotten biblical history
here somewhere. Where it's all about respect
for another's right to be free. Not Jews.

Remember, it is Nazi Israel's position that,
yes in deed they broke a truce with a slave
labor prison camp, to then fire bomb
only women and children along with 239
Police officers, as targeted, to get more
charity from giving to die thoughtlessly
Americans in lawlessness. AIPAC must be
hunted to the end of America with the
Laws Standing for their war crimes as
needs be that way for a Just world.

Rand on escaping the for sure bad guys
“Terrorists do not deserve the protections
of our Constitution” as OUR Constitution's
True Enemy. Literally. Alex Jones Sucks!

Ron Paul "I do not believe it is our place
to dictate how Israel runs her affairs."
That's a Rightard for You being anyone
as just another innocent victim led
blindly to your doom.

Israel, the "Jewish"
State, steals US peoples
homes on a routine basis..
Play the Christ advocate:
nobody is above the law,
as stated Naturally. G-d's
Will is Just., as that way,
we all win victory over the
lawless tyranny enforced
criminally in our stolen
forsaken names left censored.
The Muslim, or the Christian,
or the Jew Atheist doesn't
as always equal criminal. BUT
LOOK! All Peoples of the Western
World are Publicly deceived
into paying back debt to
private banksters who did
not cover the credit given.
Now, that is a fault everyone
is left responsible for paying
blindly plus interest without
questioning further. You should be
blaming yourself before anyone else.
Who am I to say such things so easily
verifiable as simply amazing stupid
facts repeatedly? King Johnny from
the Muslim Jew Christian Crew is
who I profess quite naturally,
vying now for the job of
President of these here United
States, of Freedom being, Justice
for everyone. includes You padre.
Vote early and vote often!

Johnny 2012 or Bust

‘puppy dog’ imagery to sell genocidal attack

That guy is a war criminal who
deserves immediate death. Gadaffy
was not found in violation with
the U.N.. What did it want to
do? Anything.. indiscriminate mass
murder to rob everyone our rights
to life by breaking our Laws? Death
by True Christian Patriot firing
squads is what we will as the godly
campaign the Public most favorably
for. Remember, that nazi grunting
demon fuck mass murdered defenseless
innocent souls that had done no wrong
to any of US. All to steal Libya's
Public banking and oil, education,
money, Our Lives, for the Peenacker
Neocon Betrayers. Death to the
Bushite, death to the sworn
enemies of God and Mankind.

Johnny Law

Sound American?

US Media Hide an American Atrocity

/ / and slaughtered, one by one, nine boys
apparently as young as seven years old \ \

Sound Human?

CENSORED! Truth about Libya CENSORED!

'Operatives Assigned to Kill Gaddafi'

First degree murder. And again, those in
Texas, who support first degree murder,
need to be immediately formally executed
under the Texas Law, "Law of Parties"

Bankers Do Not Cover Our Loans

The Muslim Jewish Christ is Awareness
Ourselves. 'Yeah yeah' you say? No, I
can explain it in about 60'ish seconds.
Disagree? Perfectly fine, for the
definition is naturally dynamic, with
defenses that are incredibly simple
if you had the mind to read any Bible
as a timeless work of wonder. Arguing
the certainty of uncertainty is
pointless with a grunter too, who
doesn't want US to freely communicate
our common cause against first degree
mass murderers of our innocent friends
and family robbed of everything. Justice
is Freedom to Be Whatever Man. Go your
own way not to deny that same privilege
to innocent others, and you'll be walking
a clear path free of our Nature's wrath.
Only is simply fair as wagered. Don't
believe in the Golden Rule? (Or Quuantum
effects as physicists who aren't crazy
(yet!) call "Spooky"?) Oh you will.
Life is Amazing! .Forward this.

FINAL VERDICT: Corporate TV America is a
Ungodly Demonic Force Against Our Species

The Victory of Christ in Justice

Every last American Nazi grunt, especially
of the American Air Force, will be tried
publicly for formal execution by Humanity,
for war crimes Obama and Clinton called
tantamount to Genocide. DIE BUSHITE DIE.
God demands public trials and executions
of the enemies of Man who kill our good
cops - the godless lawless enemies of
Creation, the Rightard Bushite dumfuks

Joe Paterno is bad because he refused to
call the cops on raping a child, yet, TV
America refuses to report the demand
for death sentences against Bushites
for raping kids in Afghanistan (or
American women), of which Canadian
soldiers were ordered to not interfere
with, when the American nazi grunts
were commiting their war crimes against
Christ. Then, the Canadians left. TV
still doesn't care for our children in
Libya too, left to the Pentaton's al-Qeada
NATO network funded by the American tax
paying suckers dying for the final
escape of Bush and Cheney. al-Qeada
is funded by AMERICANS!! DYING!!!

The Lightbulb Conspiracy (Full Length)

And to think today, in the modern
TV world, the Rightard garners our
stolen respect of brighter folks.
Remember, Republicans with the
Demonrats are insuring American
lightbub factories, like everything
else are being shut down, and replaced
with a product that actually contains
mercury vapour to kill you with.
While I have a much better idea.
Argon with sulfur.

Something isn't
adding up here, as those who know, I am
far far far above average in adding and
subtracting, as verified in my glorious
paper panned by idjits aplenty titled,

"Stand Together or Don't"

By the way, did all you peoples out
here not know I am running for the
Presidency of these United States
against the rigging of elections?
Just checking.. Johnny 2012


Rick Perry on OWS: Money Is Overrated

The Banksters have stolen trillions.
and this is our competion? Come on!

911 - Ten Years Later - What Have We Learned

CIA’s Bin Laden Hunter Ordered
to Stand Down 10 Times - for why?
(think think think think think)

True you Fool


/ / OH THE HORROR.... To those who say I lied
about what Tenent FREELY confesses
(60Minutes-Tenet-2.wmv) LISTEN in horror at what
America is truly led blindly into hell with
STILL.. \ \ crooksandliars pulled the recording!
In it Tenant tells of the bushmob knowing in July
2001 bin Laden was going to get blamed for a
strike big in America from a cave in Afghanistan!
Then later, (not mentioned) in AUGUST! Powell
went over there himself personally, and gave the
Taliban the what for, 47 million dollars. Swear
to God true. NOT HIDDEN. Look it up. I mean it
made almost all the major dailies. See? This is
what Alex and the Rightard COMMIES fear, that
wise men, actual wise men, or women, like myself,
can put this stuff together in seconds by freely
communicating for open challenge on error, of
what would take others committed to dying
through censorship for blind fear, never
in a lifetime spared. Who cares right?
Forward this post or die rightly you
sons of bitches.

Johnny Magic

Oakland Police Officers who cover
up their names are bushite nazi
grunters, enemies of God and Man,
warring America to escape those
who do US wrong as first degree
mass murderers. Do something
about it as a man of Love for
Justice and Women. The Police
Chief on the other hand as
identified remaining silent,
needs to be taken into custody
awaiting his Public trial as
accessory. Johnny 2012

Cain "Stupid people are ruining America"
..and the rightard bigot enemies cheered

Dennis Kucinich - "AL Qaeda flying
it's Flag over Libyan Courthouse"

(notice the hatred for Humanity by American
TV Celebs to remain US silent without a care
for all the Civilians of Libya sacrificed to
save NATO, Obama and Hitlerly from the Chair.)

NATO's escape should be un-acceptable to every
soldiers 'happy TV family' who is promised an
insurance payment in the mail for conning
their child for needless death to escape Bush
and Cheney. Or maybe not, having seen these
people cheer for no health care for anyone they
will to see die as innocent victims instead.

[someone tell that cancer victim to try
a lemonade diet, before radiation treatments
that will mutate cells to become cancerous.
Too much trouble for yourself to help
someone else by raising a phone?]

President Obama signed an executive order
Monday that will create a formal system
of indefinite detention..

War crime kidnapping, and torture
warrants death under standing American law.
They are already torturing American soldiers
for money.. not enough still for the
American to raise it's lifeless dying

Ron Paul supporters labelled as
"Domestic Terrorists" by Ron Paul
Supporters Repeatedly, like they
have nothing else whatsoever to
complain about... evil freaks

Ron Paul supporters are not that sort,
but enablers. They will watch Americans
slaughtered, and not raise a pinky against
an actual criminal for freedom, but donate
a couple of dollars to someone else not
like Johnny the man, to 'hide' their personal
cowardice to, as they do, never champion
Justice for no one. Especially our women
and children. Why? Government always
Bush closed 9/11 police investigations,
millions mass murdered, and do they
truly care for God and COUNTRY?
Cowards, little facist nazi cowards
who when hearing a Soldier fighting
for Freedom was beaten to near death
by American grunters mocking as 'Cops'
(that We need as nations to hunt with
the law fairly wagered to put rightly
into their graves), they say what
about this...

'Cornyn and Ron Paul defends Israel's
right to kill innocent Americans'

Who could ever vote for Cornyn
a pro-rapist of AMERICAN WOMEN
in a democracy where the voices
weren't rigged I ask anyone here
and now? American men don't care
enough to murmur a concern, let
alone demand Cornyn's head for
treason. Again, all American
women, you need to find a real
man like me who will stand in
defense of all that is right,
as all that is beautiful.

Change your evil ways or
be cast into your own..

Justice is Victory in Freedom for Everyone

Libya: Nato to be investigated by ICC for war crimes

NO. Every last ICC actor, will be
publicly arrested, tried, and executed
for their war crimes. 1976. 1441. Nazi
grunts kidnap, torture, thieve, and
bomb with deadly radio-active toxic
waste as war criminals who have mass
murdered MILLIONS in Iraq. Fuck
you and die demon fucks, fuck you
and die legitimately in a world
court of our peers with the NEW!
President of America to Host the
production televised internationally.
Get the popcorn ready kids!! DBD.

iraqibodycount DOES NOT count Iraqi
bodies!!! - no shit, their web-site
has ALWAYS attested to this fact.
For example, WAR CRIME grunts needlessly
mass murdered more than 250,000 People in
Fallujah, not counted, Samara not counted,
Russell's Tikrit, not counted.. Petraus dropped
a 50,000 pound bomb on Bagdad just for kicks,
not counted, bushite Nazi grunters are
torturing women and children to death
with power tools, not counted, and so
on... they are only counting AP stories,
NOT CORPSES! and then not going out magically
from a safe location to obtain three pieces
of identification, regarding ONLY those
highlighted in AP well after the fact of
a town or city being blown to smithereens.
Like I say, iraqibodycount totals should
be closer to nine. Evil is the deceived
disguised. I am Johnny from folklore.
No really.. I am.

The Public War crimes Trials against all
bushite grunters, far and wide is going
to be a blast.. you'll see.. God is.

The Word Is

At 107 minutes in 20111103 Alex Jones
told that $170,000 donated by suckers
will hire him two or three more staff
to spread his disinfo to remain silent
over the continuing lawlessness. Again,
Bush closed 9/11 Police investigations.
Banks DO NOT cover our loans as so the
bail-out is extortion. Israeli Nazis
with AIPAC steal us Peoples Homes on
a routine basis, BP's "safety fluid",
Gadaffy isn't in U.N. violation 1976!,
and so on.. Rightards are truly as dumb
as they are evil. Fatman 'no heath care
for US the public' Jones needs millions
more of our dollars for something he
like Ron Paul claims can not be done
without Your further blinded sacrifice,
like getting rid of minimum wages and
education ect., while I, on the other
hand, can not afford to buy a liter of
Canadian milk as of this writing, being
the only viable true as honest candidate
for President of these here United States
in Victory. 170/3 = $56,666. Unless his
staff gets in around $85,000. Star Burmas
we know, Alex payed next to nil, as like
every one else at multi-millions dollar
GCN, who fool together buying gold
too to everyone at 'below wholesale',
as the magic answer to everything
being devalued.

The Lord

I Need A Dollar


Torture of the INNOCENT authorized under George W. Bush

This is a war crime warranting death.

The Grunts of General Sattler

The women and children that were mass murdered
were not all between the stipulated ages of 10-55.
The Nazi grunts were asked, 'why did you mow down
who you knew to only be "checked through", as ONLY
unarmed innocent women and children in the "many
thousands", just outside of Fallujah'? It was not
evil war criminal! they falsified as with Sattler,
for, 'that they may have been boys and men pretending
to be women', and all as such, could be first degree
mass murdered. Ahha! But all those defenseless
innocent women and children were not all between
10-55. Most of the children were toddlers and
infants. Bushite grunts deserve to die as the
war crime lying traitors they are, warring America
for the final escape of Bush and Cheney here on 9/11.

SWAT Kills Bushite Grunt In Our Defense

Better it, than absolutely any other
innocent person it willed blindly to
first degree murder for the escape of
those who done did do America wrong on
9/11 truly for starters..

Johnny asked:
"Now, how can the four or five nazi grunts.."

VIDEO PROOF of police in Oakland
covering their name badges last night

This is an order by the Chief to hide
his small cadre of war crime bushite
nazi grunters. Treason, when we are
talking "cops" who's only legitimate
TAX PAID FOR purpose, is to serve the
Public's interest. This CLEARLY doesn't!
to hide the worst of Nazi grunters back
from Iraq and Afghanistan, willing to
beat to death bare footed children for
"fun", or gang rape AMERICAN WOMEN. And
in some cases, not even from America,
but the very worst of totalitarian
dictatorships. So, the Police Chief,
is trying to hide itselves among the honorable
officers that clearly out number the nazi
savages, a million to one. Again, We, The
People, are going to need to call on all
able bodied men, to identify the war
crime perps, to put them rightly into
their graves, before they harm another
innocent soul in our stolen names.
Particularly when We are simply
demanding Justice here.

George Walker Bush

and Cheney were directly complicit in the
mass murder of Americans in NYC on 9/11, a
crime that was financed through General
Ahmad, then 7/7 is Peter Power, while the
banksters have stolen trillions, and no
amount of censorship from the Rightarded
'blame the Unions', 'blame the poor', 'blame
Al-Qaeda' [oops no not now that in means
lawless mercenary rapists and pillagers
stealing our values for escaping Bush and
Cheney] will ever success in fully denying
US these truths well documented. Alex Jones
does not own our cut off switches, to cheat
all Peoples the right to speak factually on
this contempt we have. ..as the Public, for
not following 'probable cause', at an event
in question, to arrive at how something or
another has gone down with understanding.
As the, 'who ever guy', that knows just as
so, is as what we need to do for freedom to
achieve, at defending our dying liberties
here. Nazi Israeli steal innocent Peoples
Homes on a routine basis for example.

I Am

Nazi Israeli steal as the ungodly
from US Peoples targeted as the Innocent on
a routine basis, (Jews Included) done to
profit off our suffering as forsaken victims
in all this Christ is US business to raise
Caine over, as being children to the
timeless stars, we are all of something
spectacular here to witness such an epic
dying struggle as our own continuing
personal failures so far, failing to freely
communicate our mutual interests as fair.
Gaza has been a slave labour death camp
under American war crime funding. Israeli
Nazis break truces to kill off innocent Jews
for stolen cash profit. Justice God Wills,
and it is up to Us as any Peoples to live
that out as Justice dictates in real
freedom defending.


/ / A new book based on a series of
interviews with the Navy SEALs involved
in the mission to kill Osama bin Laden
claims.. \ \ written by rich and famous
Chuck Pfarrer..

We will Publicly try the traitor for
his foolishly demonic war criming.

NYT/WP: CIA Admits Faking the bin Laden Videos

As President, I would insure, such offenses
would be prosecuted to the fullest extent
of the law, no matter who the perp traitors
thought we were.

Every 80 seconds, a 'lawless' Bushite grunt
pro torture rapist dies by American "Suicide",
instead of choosing the right path of manhood
to demand Justice in this World victimized.
Did you know: General Sattler ordered bushite
grunters to actually murder toddlers, of which
near none even to this day complain about it?
10th Mountain division grunters are into the
same for TV glory to escape Bush and Cheney as
traitors too. No wonder they're 'suicided'
before allowed to breathe another breath of
our precious air, right? ABCNews reported a
little ways back, that at least HALF of the
Tenth, have mysteriously suffered massive
brain damage, and can mostly only moan as
dumfuk, 'who ya'. Die Bushite die already
we as anyone would as always rightly say.
They obeyed thoughtlessly to commit the
most henious of war crimes against God
for traitors Bush and Cheney's final
escape from Justice. Don't believe?
oh you will...

U.S. war crime murderer Gen. John R.
Allen, talking about the glorious
deaths of 'lawless' bushite nazi
grunters that bomb US Peoples
indiscriminately as Satanic,
"The enemies of peace are not
martyrs, but murderers," all
the Taliban asked, was what the
true Patriot asks today, 'where's
the evidence to form ANY conclusion?'
Like Bulding 7, and Ahmad funding
Atta, all planned prior with John
R. Allen, Bush and Cheney with Condi?
Does he fool you too, STILL? as a
mother or father who has already
lost a son or daughter? Or did
the insurance money make it all
worth while to have conned your
offspring for untimely demise?

First degree mass murderer U.S. Gen.
John R. Allen the TRAITOR, has made
it legal to rape Afganistan women and
children, to murder innocent families
excused simply because they believe in
Christianity as taught in the Koran,
and to push dope. All for the cowardly
ENEMY escape of those that carried out
9/11 to kill America, starting with
Bush and Cheney for Obstruction. The
Republicans are raping AMERICAN women
too don't you care? Or is it that
American men are nothing of the
sort, but ungodly liars as cheating
blind thieves, cowards for evil
conning no one here as far as I
can see, how about You?

How is it possible, that CNN rooted
for the Bushite nazi grunting bombers
to indiscriminately slaughter Libyians
with the lie, that they deserved it
for having public health care and
banking, while today, they can't
give five minutes of concern for
the country being terrorized by
al-Qeada, funded directly by the
Pentagon? How do they believe
they actually could escape US
on this? Obama and Hitlery are war
criminals for supporting those who
would kill any as all Americans
without thought>?. TV America just
don't care as programmed, how about
You about someone else made to still
suffer as the innocent forsaken for
TV contempt for God and Freedom?
Starting to feel a little like Johnny
now? Did you know: Obama is going to
give 'lawless' South African Death
Squad goons payments of $4,000.00,
for making Nazi America their new
Home? Do you care whatsoever for
anyone as innocent American?

"Almighty God! I know not what course
others may take; but as for me, give me
liberty or give me death!"

You forward this post or be
held by Life in contempt.

Libya: War Without End
(1976 did not 'ok' mass murder)

While, Alex Jones wants more money
bombs from his Rightards to attack
without Justice for traitor, do
nothing for no one Ron Paul? While
claiming Obama has the green light
to slaughter more without his
complaining. Justice equals

Oakland Police Shoot Protester HELPING
Scott Olsen To Safety In Violation Of
Geneva Convention - they SHOT HIM

HEY!! Remember when the bushite
nazi grunters in their attack
helicopters would bomb little
kids, then they would wait for
humans to respond to the surviving
children screaming in pain, and
then, the then bushite nazi grunter,
(now American war criminal "police"
officer) would bomb them again while
chanting 'whore yeah' to Satan. It is
Christ's Will to see every last bushite
nazi grunt tried Publicly, then
gloriously executed for our
love of Justice. When the bushite
grunter dies, we all win a better
future. Under Standing Law in Texas,
every last grunt needs to be put to
death by Public trial immediately
as real Justice in these here parts.
They bomb defensless innocent souls
as the ungodly enemy of Creation,
to maim and rob everyone as hateful
evil Rightards who advance cowardly
their further attacks against the
poor, elderly, and disabled.

Bill the Bushite for Christ.

Wouldn't you just LOVE to see the
Bushite grunt responsible formally
executed in defense of Humanity?
Understand what it's motives
were.. for banksters and war
criminals like Obama, Bush and
Cheney, so, no wonder..

Occupy Denver a 2 minute warning as
they then fire rubber bullets into
the peaceful crowds willing JUSTICE..

We are going to need to call on
honorable officers to put the
bushite nazi grunters to death
for their war crime offenses
against God and America. The
Bankers do not cover our loans,
and Bush and Cheney closed 911
Police Investigations.

Obama Calls Murder of Children in Libya A “Success”


SEE!! NWOer Alex Jones, the Rightard,
supports blindly the U.N. he states is Your
enemy of freedom, that he justifies by
escaping themselves with NATO from their
treachery to God and Humanity left
undefended. He won't allow to America's
further death, anyone to State the TRUTH,
Gadaffy wasn't in violation with 1976. He'd
rather all of America die innocent victim
instead, than allow a truly wise man or
woman speak freely about Obama and
Hitlerly's war crimes. After all, he needs
a thoughtless cult of cowardly bigots to
blindly whore for his do truly nothing for
liberty, but give him, George Noory and Ron
Paul all your dwindling Life support. How
much will it cost US Alex Jones, before you
allow it to be known, American tax payer
funded Nazi Israeli STEAL Peoples Homes
routinely? That banksters do not cover our
loans, or that the bail-out is extortion?,
or that BP removed the safety fluid which
CAUSED the blow up in the gulf? That Bush
stopped 911 investigations? How many more
Americans must pay with their forsaken
lives, before Alex Jones, and enemy of GOD
George Noory, allows our true manhood to
shine here? He says he needs millions more
to get his truth out, but how much exactly
do we all have to continue to go without,
dying as innocent victims world wide, left
near penniless as robbed, while he claims
all Republicans are Constitutionalists, and
the bad guys are "Liberal jackbooters"? Or,
that any as all protestors against Wall
Street are being played by HIS forces of the
NWO [rightard bigot] "genius" mind
controllers? Americans are dying while we
wait for a response he refuses to give for
years as a TRUE COMMIE PINKO warring with
Republicans to deny public Health Care for
America, but not for sleeze ball election
rigger Ron Paul. Think about the fact that
Americans all, refuse to forward these words
because they know we are right as the Human
species, the innocent forsaken victims world
wide they criminally maim as the ungodly to
profit off our losses as silented victims.


The Republican TV debate highlighted that
the Social Security monies were stolen,
and what did every last Rightard enemy
of God and Man pronounce on the TV stage
for remedy? Further lawless attack
against the victims, with only TV smiles.
Not one spoke for Justice of the murder
victims on 9/11 in our beloved Libya

Patriots Worldwide

/ / the Obama regime has decided to
try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed for his
[alleged] role in the attacks of
Sept. 11 before a military commission
at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba \ \

Patriots Worldwide, we have to insist
on public trials for rightful executions
of these WAR CRIME nazi grunters at
Guantanamo who war to steal freedom
from the great American. Innocent
until proven otherwise. This just
won't do for you or me as anyone
else too to remain cowardly on this
Liberty issue. Nazi grunts who rightly
deserve to end for their crimes against
Life is what they are, nothing but
treasonous ugly evil nazi grunters,
who war crime God and Humanity for
our right to freely enlist for
victory in Justice not slaved.
That's We.

HRW urges al-Qaeda to investigate
‘executions’ of Gaddafi supporters

Those who support fair heath care,
housing and education, are determined
to be corporate TV America's enemy worthy
of mass murder, torture, and pillaging.
Notice all the TV celebs Jon Stewart and
and fluoridated Maddow, to Rush Limbaugh
and Canada's Chorus Radio, call the mass
murdering of innocent Peoples by
al-Qeada for no better good is
warranted for their godless evil
plundering to continue. Where is a care
for the Peoples of Libya Today with all
the TV snews celebs grinning for evil
as nobodies business?

Army Launches New War - Against Puppies and Kittens

They've been killing our dogs and
cats just for the pleasure to make
everyone cry since day one as Bushite
just loved to do also as a rotted


The Peoples Tax Money Funds A
[MASSIVE CRIMINAL] Goldman Center In
Manhattan to Police Who Again?


Libya Ranks #1 on the Human Development Index


Gaddafi Gone: NTC & NATO murderers?

No, you evil fucks whoring for Satan.
Gadaffy WAS NOT found in violation with
U.N. 1976. So all this bullshit about
the U.N. (WHO'S THAT?) investigating
whether an innocent man, NOT charged with
a crime who gave near everything he had
to Libya for a better life, who hadn't
made a formal 'dictorial' decision since
the year 1976, being murdered by a pack
of Rightard al-Qeada rats chanting like
Zombies, who Will, like America, to escape
rapist torturers, to enslave 'all' to
enrich the Zionist Peenackers is a crime
maybe. Did you know, NAZI GRUNTERS are
warring to torture countless innocent
souls today for pleasure in Afghanistan
and Iraq? Did you know, that the Nazi
grunter claims he is within his rights
to push heroin, rape children, and
American Women with KBR because the
ANTICHRIST and 30 Republicans claim
it is to be held unaccountable to
all laws God or man made? Any and
all things for the Rightards to escape
Bush and Cheney for the crime of
Obstruction here on 9/11. When the
Bushite al-Qeada pro-lawless enemy
dies, we all win freedom to speak
freely with the facts to judge
fairly. You forward this post.

Qaddafi Was Worth More Than $200 Billion

Correction. Libya is worth more
than 200 billion, and Gadaffy
slept in a tent as the idiot
who thought not governing made
perfect sense since the year
1976. The Peoples of Libya had
formally decided on their own
democratically, that oil sales
money, would go directly into
their pockets as the true
shareholders (now America's
al-Qeada), and we all know how
much a Rightard degenerate like
Alex Jones the bigot Just
blindly hates this, like US
all being allowed health care,
or to follow 'probable cause'.
Bush and Cheney. What's the
crime of the Patriot to ask for
evidence to form a conclusion
Mr Alex Jones?? Can't hear
US yet? Oh you will sooner
than you can cut US all off.

Gaddafi's Stolen Billions:
Max Keiser Explains 'Financial Terrorism'

Exit strategy: Outlaw lawlessness.
Murder, rape, and the thieving of
America as STILL wrong.

Afghan chief of terror is on US payroll

/ / violence involving burglary, rape
and murder of civilians, desecration of
mosques and mutilation of corpses. \ \

'U.S. Blocks Oversight of Mercenary Army in Iraq'
(the most henious of war crimes imaginable)

Here where magic TV America plays
US all too stupid to compute this
is where we need to start at now.

Cheney admits he gave the order to shoot down Flight 93,

Who would say what about "freedom" when
the Pentagon has openly 'lost' [stolen]
TRILLIONS according to auditors murdered
on 9/11 at the Pentagon where Cheney
refused to allow the plane be shot down.
Unlike, flight 93 which he takes credit
for. Honeywell confirms the flight
had radio remote control, and there
was an FAA report somewhere that talked
of the pilot regaining control..
Cheney and Bush are GUILTY of
Obstruction on 9/11, leastly.


Bushites Warring side by side with
Osama bin Laden's Army now in Lybia

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

We refuse to sacrifice further for
the evil 'no opinion' TV bullshitters
all to make the final escape of
Bush and Cheney on 9/11. War criminals
suck. Truth is our way. as we are
freely being to make that stand
in the greatness of all there is.
And right now, there isn't much..
We have alot of work to do here People,
so, let's get started on the charge of
Obstruction by Bush and Cheney on
9/11, and NATO commanders as clearly
traitors to continue bombing anyone
else but guilty parties - namely,

Our Priorities Are: 9/11, the lawless wars, and
the Banksters. Justice will be sought. We have
to start somewhere, and here is as good as any..

Every American TV Channel

Every American TV Channel suggests
Gadaffy was a brutal dictator, as
the justification for why they
refuse still a care for the
indiscriminate mass murder victims,
or for those who had free heath
care, education, and public banking.
1976 was the last year that Gadaffy
made a formal decision on where
Libya was leading, and as such,
there was no federal government
buildings for NATO to bomb with
radio-active toxic waste that will
kill Life for thousands of years.
So as is why, they as war criminals
who DESERVE TO DIE blew up everything
needed by the civilians to survive,
but for the oil they are instead
stealing. Now, Nazi TV America has
promised to give the UN-ELECTED Jew
killing nigger hating al-Qeada forces
a very small cut of all Libya's
stolen money, to further terrorize
innocent women and children, to
torture, as enslave all so the
1% Neocon Satanists can "win" stealing
everyone's lives further for more
Antichrist evil. Remember, Bush
closed 9/11 police investigations,
and Rightard America is a place
of ungodly cowards for the devil,
who sell anything they can as an
excuse to remain numb on the subject
of Justice denied for You, or
anyone else. Instead they pirate
our air waves refusing all calls
to deny open free communications.
Everyday, innocent Peoples of Earth
are tortured in Afghanistan and Iraq
for the pleasures of the Satanic
amerikcan. When the treasonous Bushite
Nazi grunter who holds God and America
like his Oath in contempt rightly
dies, we are all better served for
the loss. King Johnny for President.


/ / Curiously, the rebels have found
that those who resisted for several
days are women, civilians who have
volunteered to defend their city. \ \
I expect fearfully, that this is a
staged cover, for the first degree mass
murders of liberated women by the
Pentagon's Al-Qeada forces, who would
rather rape women and childen with
lawless bushite KBR in Afghanistan,
Iraq, now Libya. Warring for Satanic
demon LIARS of the for real Antichrist,
to finally escape Bush and Cheney for
Obstruction here on 9/11.

'NATO has bombed Libya back to Stone Age' (Video)

America: Let's Save Manning

Bradley Manning and the Rule of Law

/ / Manning was ordered "to round up and
hand over Iraqi civilians to America’s new
Iraqi allies, who he could see were then
torturing them with electrical drills and
other implements." \ \ know what what still
is called enemy al-qeada

Death to the Worst of War Criminals

Let every last American man, war the
Rightards to free innocent Manning.

William Black, who jailed more
than 1500 bankers! in the 80's over
the S&L scam, has stated Obama is
conning America for death, by not
allowing fraud charges to be levied
against the crooks, as almost every
traitor to God and Freedom in the
Republican Demonrat party is, for
STEALING trillions through the
crime of fraud as extortions.
(you must give blindly to
banksters as a proud Rightard,
or the un-defended nation will
be run into the ground,
Sept. 18, 2008.)

Johnny 2012

Solution to Real Estate Mess: Burn Down Homes

Think about this. They didn't cover
the fraudulent mortgages, then through
their crimes, became in possession of
multi-million dollar properties, of which
they then burn down, so to not allow the
house therefor payed completely for by
the huckstered tax payers, to profit with
our huge losses. Trillions they have stolen,

Speaking Truth as Power

While these trillioniare banksters are making
their escape with American pensions, Pope Alex
Jones tells his cult yesterday, that anyone who
criticizes anything Rand Paul the true enemy of
everyone says, is always automatically
discredited. A blind CULT of stolen faiths,
contempting against the Constitution as all we
hold dear. This is no exaggeration. Just saying
your a "Constitutionalist" means shit if the
TeaBag don't call criminals what they are as why
to defend ourselves rightly from further plunder.
Don't stand as a TeaBag from JonesTown, stand
as a man or woman thang bringing it home.

NATO's 28 members are "sharing the same
goal, which is to see the end of the
Gadhafi regime in Libya," for what? NO
tell falsely, Gadaffy was commiting
"Genocide". While Russia told, there
was no truth to their completely
BASELESS claims, for they were
monitoring everything from satelites.
Obama TV and Republicans said nothing,
hoping it wouldn't matter, for, Bush
and Cheney closed 9/11 Police
Investigations with Alex Jones and
Ron Paul so these bushite grunters
can escape lawlessly torturing and
thieving, dope pushing and child raping
as mass murdering Demonrat Republican
enemies of every last free willed person
here. EVERYONE. They are godless evil
enemies of the True American Patriot who
lives for a better future. Congressmen
who have "earned" millions while in
office doing nothing but sending more
teen soldiers to die in NEEDLESS wars
against God and Civilization.
I Select: none of the above.


Worth much this is.

PBS - NOW - Oil Royalties

No Royalties!

[they pay NO royalties toooooooooooooo]

Tea Bagger 'Yeahs but, they's harder to
pick on than helpless welfare mothers.'

"$12 billion every 30 days in Afghanistan"

Remember, after the first year of
the Iraq war, 2004, the REAL total
cost for both wars was 2.5 billion.
The late Senator Kennedy told US that.

Investigating the Investigation

/ /Russert asked Daschle, "Did the vice president
call you and urge you not to investigate the events
of Sept. 11?" Daschle flatly contradicted Cheney: "Yes \ \

ABCNEWS.com : FBI Called off Terror Investigations

/ / Two veteran FBI investigators say they were ordered
[..] `You Will Not Open Criminal Investigations' \ \

No restrictions against lawless war crimes
occurring (Israeli broke the truce, and
Gadaffy did call the cease fire!) as cash
paid for by Americans, Satanic war criminals
that can freely, without hindrance from the
Pauls, bomb anywho with the "free world" as
un-defended for further lawless lootings.
How can we compete against slave labor
"policed[RP interp.]" by Zionist blackwater?
When Ron Paul refuses to defend the rights of
innocent others, while 'elected' Senate members
personally profit off the kick backs of war
mongering for Satan through AIPAC, you are
refusing to defend freedom in a Republic as
or so Democracy. So, where is the magic TV's
'legitimate' political candidate, in this new
world order of Civilized Man?

understand: BP (who with KBR removed the
safety fluid to blow up the rig in the gulf)
doesn't pay royalties to take American oil,
then, get billions in free tax monies on top
of that with Banksters, and the Rightards
will to cheat innocent Americans further
because.. because.. well.. who really

Scalia Rules To Execute the Innocent

this isn't funny.

/ / If the Constitution doesn't
protect us from being executed
even if we are innocent, then,
Houston, we have a fundamental
problem of human rights in America. \ \

Scalia needs to go to prison for
intenting to pre-meditate murder.
He KNEW as We, the acccused was
only possible to be innocent. I,
for example, found out who the
true escaped cop killer was
very near for sure in less
than 15 minutes.

Get Real

While NATO OFFICIALLY sanction the rape of
children in Afghanistan, and those thirty
Republicans continue to gang rape American
women, CNN spends all day telling how evil
Gadaffy is for not supporting (of which he
did) the arrest of those personally
responsible for the unsubstantiated blind
allegation of one female. Real PROVABLE
American women still being gang raped, or
murdered by tv celeb John Coryn with KBR?,
'who cares' to mention it the Rightards feign.
Tv'ed Americans truly can't care for fear of
doubt with made as lacking Fact, but especially
the Rightard Libertarian Enemy of Liberty,
who purposefully con for escaping CRIMINAL
banksters, while continuing their Rightard
attacks against America's growing poorer as
near helpless, all to escape Bush and Cheney
for Obstruction on the 9/11 matter, or, for
torture that RIGHTLY warrants death, or for
spying on not suspected for anything, 'other'
innocent Americans being set up by the corruptly
criminal of Mr. Mueller's "fbi". REFUSING TO
FOLLOW probable cause for a terror crime of,
'no questions, no questions'. While the Rightard
"Constitutionalists" like Rand Paul, demon
whore Sarah Palin, or Ron Paul, truly do not
give an ounce of sweat for Liberty. For the
con to needlessly bomb Millions indiscriminately
in Iraq to rob ALL Peoples as minions of
Satanic war criminal, they remain silently
neutral to our cries for Justice against
their furthering of godless tyranny.


Patriotic Obama?

/ / the United States has demanded the UN
Security Council (UNSC) to remove the
provisions of charging mercenaries with war
crimes in the killing of Libyan civilians.
\ \ accessory to murder.

Let US, as Humanity, demand a rightful
death sentence for these war crimes.
Kaddafi, when he rose his green book,
read that those who murder Libyans
as anyone, will be formally executed.
100% of Libyans are with US on this.

1/3rd of Women in US Military Raped

West Point Terror Center Confirms Al Qaeda in Libya

WordPress Suspends ‘Stop NATO’ news site


Alex Jones Sucks


/ / Why would FEMA, an organization
supposedly tasked with helping in a
time of crisis, deliberately cut
police communication lines? \ \

Ron Paul: FEMA - Why We Don't Need It

Ron Paul is a demon con escaping those
who did US wrong with stealing trillions
and mass murdering Americans.

Report: Intelligence Unit Told
Before 9/11 to Stop Tracking Bin Laden

How did OUR government lie US,
The People to Lawless War?


Forward this concern to anyone
as your own, please. Thanks.

A New World Order

Ask NWO GLobalist AJ, 'what is the Crime of
the Taliban to ask for evidence to form any
conclusion'? Him and the Pakistan General made
no argument there, nor neither on Bush's
complicity as prime false accuser - who then
stopped police investigations from occurring as
following probable cause to nab the actual bad
guys. How is that possible that AJ remains quiet
here in a free to speak world of liberty truly
seeking? HOW!?! Rightards are plain evil for
who knows what all to not do so, pretending we
can't hear them being deviant. The word
“Extortion” for example, ask yourself, honestly,
why can not a Rightard say that 'trillions dollar
stolen by threat of harm' Justice word… why?
Because it’s true? Now they have no excuses to
be lame attacking the lame for furthering
misfortune to escape the ‘no money down’ Zionist
ungodly Banksters. And believe it Conservative
Rightard bigots, this truth is a good thing for
all without argument.

NATO dismisses Gaddafi’s truce offer

They have no right. No wanting for
peace, but to mass murder,
torture and

Working to deny you as ANYONE, the
right to form a made conclusion by
facts. Bush and Cheney closed
outstanding Police Investigations
regarding who did what on 9/11.
Like, who set the explosive into
Building Seven then? If bin Laden
did it all without an accomplice
on the inside as Bush and Cheney
claim without saying a word on
interest, how so then were they
able to prepare so well before
hand, with their "TOP SECRET"
invasion of Afghanistan plan
dotted to Saddam two days prior
by Condi? No wonder they immediately
closed Public investigations that
would have found them hanging.. And
too, torture rightly warrants death
every time under standing American
Law ushered by President Reagan. When
we bill the lawless Bushite Nazi grunter
as the Love of Justice for everyone,
you are truly being human and godly.
where even an Atheist could give
also, a great big thank you for
saving an innocent life. When a
Bushite dies, we all win.


How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning us to Death

There was as is, no reason to bomb Iraq, but
to steal through mass murder, and torture
for false arrests as ungodly war criminal
evil. Saddam did everything that was asked
of himself by the U.N. plus more that Bush
refused. And we know, they knew they were
lying to TV trick Americans for stolen
profits through mass murder. They knew full
well as we, there were no WMDs, but as even
so, Soldiers could have even simply walked
in without firing a shot. A Bushite Nazi
'lawless' grunter is a cowardly traitor to
his fellow dying teen soldiers, who remains
silent against those 30 Republicans with KBR
gang raping American women. Dope pushing
pro-torture enemies that War innocent
Humanity for the final escape of false
accusers Bush and Cheney for Obstruction
on the 9/11 matter.


Bigger tax breaks for the trillioniare thieves!,
as hedge fund brokers of savings funds having not
"earned" anything of the trillions "lost" into
their personal private accounts as it was

Justin Bieber On Health Care: U.S. System 'Evil'

/ / "You guys are evil," he told the magazine,
out on February 18th.- "Canada's the best country
in the world. We go to the doctor and we don't
need to worry about paying him," \ \

American incubators = $100,000+ a day
Canadian incubators = $1000ish- a day

[Same machine, but in Canada the medically
qualified oversee, in America, the Rightards.]

God is Divine

I would suggest granting US a free
few minutes to speak to America inter
nationally about Justice equally Freedom,
near nobody there can TV fairly. And
about the Treasury Department, as on
what it's function actually is. Every
last Rightard, and Patriot, or Truther,
gets this nature partly wrong from what
I've heard mostly. We need to discuss
fractional reserve debt as credit,
pirated privately by banksters, who
are for sure, defrauding ourselves of
every thing for not being more clearly
understood here. The bankster does not
cover our loans, we do for example. Or,
if we don't follow probable cause on
9/11, the terrorists will for sure escape
to commit more misdeeds against a dying
forsaken America. Dying for evil doing
cowards positioned to be officially
leaderless, as just another bankster's,
'teen pawn', lost in a checkers game
where the criminal cheat wins for
stealing our better moves on the dance
floor. Blindly willed by TV America to
be criminally sacrificed for lawlessness.
To 'Support the Troops' is not to have
them sacrificed COWARDLY to escape those
who done did do America wrong on 9/11.

Popular TV Republicans have taken an Oath
not to stop tax loopholes. Loopholes we
are told hurt as un-intentional. Unless
you were a Demonrat Republican cheat we
can now freely assess. These loophole
cons, are of the most obscenely wealthy,
paid instead for by every last American
suckered then. True, a Congressionally
de-lawing loophole is not only a gaff, or
an embarrassment, but sometimes criminally
willful to cheat the tax payers a fair
shake with no-money-down trillioniare
bankster lawyers who do not, I repeat do
not pay for our sacrifices. Nor do they
for the earkmarks of billions lost. Do you
realize now, how terribly unqualified all
Rightard (absolutionist pro bigot ideologues)
are as lefties too?, who for the life of
themselves, can not hear, see, or speak for
us truly, you or me being whoever naturally?
Just who the hell are we trying to convince
ourselves here that we should already
have had our very own, Justice for All
multi-media comedy pilot airing now!!!
Where everyone here is invited to
play your wares fair, or beware for
mankind is awakening to all that is our
right here to defend. 9/11 victims. God
is Divine, but shit really happens, so
John the Man was called in. But I'm just
a bit player in all this is as yours to
be far greater for a better future. How
ever, I know things. Example: The IMF admit
their austerity plans, do nothing but
exacerbate the growing worse then problem.
The Problem is: they refuse US to acknowledge
that we've been criminally had, by these same
shysters!, As that the credit is Ours, not
privately theirs hocuspocusy. So, they of
course do not want to truly help anyone here
communicate for Liberty.. Naturally, they
can't compete here in a free market of ideas
where reason is King. God wills fairness for
all parties, so as then, suffers less, and
celebrates more., is really super cool
being nothing thereaway as separate from
who you are here. We are more than
we know. If you seek, you shall find
answers.. God is truly greater than we
give ourselves credit for, or we even.
Justice is Victory in Freedom for Everyone.
Be True Blue American, and it will show
for place as the big win when words are
freely sewn for bettering a still being
injured unjustly world. Johnny is incredible.,
and as a natural consequence, you are
incredible now too. So then so, what's
holding us back, for you can count US in,
for who is what Life again as divided on
justice winning over false imprisonment as
a serious war crime against anyone? Who
supports tyranny without our concerns
present? That we pay for. Who? I have
already turned on the light ages ago.
See? That's what I'm talking about..

Germany to lend €100m to Libyan rebels

"Germany" DOES NOT support funding
al-Qeada, but the Nazi enemy pirates
hidden within.

Obama to Congress : Don’t Saddle 4th Amendment on Me


/ / Probable-cause warrants would
only get in the government’s way. \ \

Blatant naked treason for tyranny against a
free Peoples everywhere. Not following
probable cause escapes the for real bad
guys, for our freedoms would be therefor not
defending, but wasting away on fictious
assumtions. Cops will be not working for
the Public's interest, like the FBI has been
wasting since 9/11 not doing the job
discription of nabbing General Ahamd who
funded 9/11. This is not the science of

Forward this concern to anyone
as your own, please. Thanks.

/ / motive for Israel to bomb Norway who
routinely gun down our innocent children? \ \

[who's calling the shots here then???]

Liam Fox needs to be executed immediately
for first degree mass murder of civilians.
Gaddafi did call a cease-fire. They did not
warn the janitors at the airports they were
going to indiscriminately slaughter everyone
within the mass murder crime scene. Nobody
nowhere voted here for Liam Fox. Who the
fuck does this bush bitch nazi grunter think
it is dropping American tax paid for bombs
costing billions? The UN did not sanction
such crimes. It must die for capital one
mass murder in war time. Peter Power did
7/7 and Liam Fox, he don't care. SAS troops
are cop killers. They kill cops dressed up
in al-qeada gears. Liam Fox must die.

Jeremy Scahill: Keep US Troops Out of Libya

Just because the Rebels appose Gadaffy,
doesn't auto mean that they do not intent to
mass murder and steal all oil resources by
Declaring who the head of Oil and Finance is
[Blackwater], without ANY ELECTIONS YET on
unsubstantiated claims of lawlessness as
it's public pledge drive, or IMPORTANTLY,
whether Libya would will to now be charged
interest on their loans that the Zionist
bankster will not even cover like it is
rotted in war crime TV happy America, and
forced by gun in Iraq for pro-torture

One Third of Libya Turns Out to Support
Qaddafi in World’s Largest March Ever

/ / “Everyone in southern Lebanon is a
terrorist,” roared the Israeli Justice
Minister \ \

No democracy or religion is going to
vote in rights inferior to the supreme
nazi zionist enemy. A "Jewish State"
is a State where all GODLY people are
treated equally with respect and honor.
As according to Hillel. That is not the
practiced tyrannies of the zionist Israeli
liar, therefore Israel is not a Jewish
State. John has spoken in our own
image, while Israel continues to
victimize the innocent unjustly.

Alex Jones "Liberals don't like Bush"
Alex Jones "Republicans are Constitutionalists"

Cause and effect is our true State.

Terrorist NATO Warning: Bombs
may hit any place at any time!

As MURDERING war criminals that
deserve immediate death sentences
for their blatant illegal carnage
made. When the godless evil enemy
Bushite dies, we all win
freedom from evil tyranny.

Our Power - The True American Patriot

Libya says arrest warrant for Gaddafi
a 'cover' for NATO bombing campaign

It's after the fact absent facts. After
Bushites [al-Qeada] in NATO indiscriminately
slaughtered Your defenseless INNOCENT
Humanity. Gadaffy did call the cease-fire
never the less. Bush and Cheney. Don't
be dumb as evil on this refusal to say
something truthful in your name as
religiously God loving somewhere.

No evidence against the accused
is US being truly abused by NATO.

For no reason did the bushite enemy attack the
innocent Peoples of Iraq, with bombs and torture
to but for the pleasure of escaping those who
will to do America wrong further. The Rightard.
Again I will open talks. I want the debate to
showcase our incredible skills from everywhere at
winning the claim we rightly deserve, self
respect. All because we champion true Freedom to
get Justice won. That way, the Rightard can't
destroy Social Security with their lies escaping
the real bad guys, or attack just about anyone
innocent but those guilty of treason with free
communications ruling for our benefits.

Justice is Freedom.

Private banksters do not earn anything,
but steal from US all our credit.

Justice for God

Remember, the Peoples simply asked for evidence
to form a conclusion. And the American TV
Zionist, as ungodly criminal in the silented
majority, refuse to defend the innocent rights of
all others by not demanding freedom rule for our
benefits as Humanity. Defended for the innocent
crime victims of terror. Instead they preach as
devils for division to side quietly while war
criminals torture, rape, thieve, and mass murder
escaping Antichrist Bush and Cheney for
Obstruction on 911. For the banksters walking
with trillions. trillions man, trillions. Have
poisonous vaccines, and made so, Mexican Gulf oil
death products instead how about. Naaahhh.
Forward this concern to anyone
as your own, please. Thanks.

‘Give up now or we’ll kill you,’
never elected Liam Fox warns Gaddafi

That would be murder. Remember, nobody
here ever voted for Liam Fox the war
criminal to steal our rights for
victory. And besides, I thought being
pro-Al-Qaeda meant you were the bad
guys to the 'no opinion' corporate

Openly Evil: A Study in the Death of American Liberty

/ / Attorney General Eric Holder, who will not
prosecute for torture and murder, says he is
mounting a criminal investigation against Assange
because anyone who breaks American law "will be
held responsible." \ \ what about the escaping
trillioniare banksters???

Lawless Republican gang rape of American Women is
highly illegal, and frankly, I'm sure we'd All
with Christ like to see those 30 Republican gang
rapists formally executed for that serious war
time treason. While torture of course, as
everyone knows, warrants death every time, under
standing American Law, despite all the lies a
FOXNEWS Rightard Junkie will deny. Kill a
Bushite to be a True American Patriot Hero.

All Words are of God

David Cameron and French President
Sarkozy have dispatched assassins
as war criminals who deserve to be
publicly excuted by war crimes trial
immediately for their first degree
murderous war crimes of high treason
against all of ourselves who believe
in God too. Just because they both
claim to have stolen Your fair election,
garners themselves no more rights to
be free to murder than any one else
does here. I am King as Lord of
Creation here for good reasons
that stand timeless. We are
Equals in God. The Taliban only
asked for evidence to form the
falsehoods of American false
accusers who war this world
for Bush's final escape on

Court Rules US Taxpayers, Not BP, Are
Liable For Gulf Oil Spill Clean Up Costs

In Contempt for God and Country

Look, it's all about NATO confessing with
many popular TV Republicans, to be funding
al-Qeada to commit terror acts against the
Peoples (of Libya).

NATO Admits Al-Qaeda Linked To Rebels

Osama bin Laden Rebels to get $25m
of AMERICAN weapons from Pentagon

Canadian soldiers were being told 'not
to interfere in incidents in which Bushite
forces were having sex with children.'

Kucinich: Billions Gone Missing!
Bring Our Troops Home! We Are Lying!

'New Government To Be Formed.'

We must make sure an international
effort is made to arrest the banksters
with the seriously ungodly criminal,

The Coinage Act of 1792, prescribes
the death penalty for any official
who fraudulently debased the people's

Mr. Obama is a War Criminal
Gadaffy called a cease-fire

War criminals instead how
about, war criminals instead.

Bushite Nazi Grunters Murder Thirty Five


/ / Thirty five women and children were
killed by an American cruise missile \ \

Video: NATO attacks ordinary Libyans

NATO air strike hits medical factory

NATO air strike kills 12 on Bus in Libya

When the Bushite dies, we all win.

Who is Jewish Christ asks the American Dumfuk?

Judgment Day - A New World Order Defined

Forward this concern to anyone
as your own, please. Thanks.

'The War You Don't See' - Pilger Film Banned

Christ IS Pro-Israel - Down with Satan

IDF to track foreign anti-Israel groups

To be pro-Israel, would mean a demand for
death against every last Zionist war
criminal savaged by the region. You know,
these Satanic [God's words] IDF grunters,
that shoot children for sport, and are
called heroes by the godless culture of
thieves. Those that are paid by American
taxes to torture, to steal in God's holy
name pirated. Again, nothing in the History
of Humanity so vile and evil, than a Zionist
of today that claims it's a Jew with nothing
to say. A Jew like Christ?. They broke the
truce with Gaza to kill innocent children
alive with American white phosphorus. Didn't
claim like a Nazi grunt in NATO to have done
it by accident either. So ungodly evil, the
mind of a human can barely comprehend. NOT
JEWS. Not human, spawns of unholy Satan.
They STEAL Peoples Homes on a routine basis
as a matter of fact, never made present on
the magic tvs of America teens for example
again. Their prisons are filled with innocent
Jews too, never given a day in any court of
Law, for a SATANIC Livini FOR REAL claims,

Livni: I was the Minister of Justice. I am
a lawyer… But I am against law - international
law in particular. Law in general.


Because all Law finds her a rightly guilty mass
murdering Nazi war criminal who breaks truces
to kill off innocent Jews for money. Just like
Hitler. No wonder then why she hates GOD as
Jewish Law eh? Remember: First strike targets
in Lebanon were the Jews, then they went after
the Americans. Listen to "Nazi_Israel.mp3" for
the scoops not scooped. Why? Because Rightard
Americans too, hate the wise man, the good man,
the just man. Makes the males all into the true
Nazi Commie cowards they are, and the Womens in
need of real manliness in these here parts.


al-Qeada looted the Central Bank of
Libya, 900 million Libyan dinars and
$500.5 million in U.S. cash.

/ / The first targets of the NATO
warplanes was the office in Tripoli
responsible for conducting an
investigation of fraud of senior
government officials. Many of the
officials under investigation for
fraud and corruption, including senior
Qaddafi ministers, are now top
officials of the Interim National
Transition Council \ \

"US says it may kill Americans abroad"

That would be murder, and no you may not.

Saddam wasn't in violation of 1441. War
criminals truly deserve to die by war crimes
Public trial. Why? It's NEEDLESS mass murder
Neocon Gaffney supports on magic TV without the
facts there to defend anyone. Dying. The Iraq
war has no cause. Soldiers are warring there to
bring about a situation that was present before
the conflict began. Near Impossible now with all
the toxic waste and losses to everyone of
innocent lives made to suffer and die for nothing
but the Bushite's contempt for Life. Contempt for
Justice. Contempt for our wise leaders of
civility, contempt for Freedom, contempt for
God. Once nearer a civilized Humanity we were
living for freedom, and now, all suffering with
God for more than a thousand years, due these
Zionist Nazi illiterate war crime savages,
pirating our fire power.

NATO to continue attacks on Afghan civilians

These are not the actions of anything
but an enemy of Creation as called
rightly, Bushite Nazi grunts in the
pirated "American" military (likely
Satanic Zionist scum flying the Apache
from ungodly as evil war crime Israel).
They, the Bushite, war without want for
Justice in this world. They war innocent
Humanity with torture to enslave for the
final escape of Bush and Cheney on 9/11
with Condi and Rumsfeld, along with
Obama for extortion of tens of trillions,
whoring everything for their 'magical'
hypno mug banksters, banksters who do
not cover our loans, we do. as sold
fooled without tv question to consider
for wiser folks talking freely.

CODEPINK Abileah was arrested in
Washington D.C. for heckling on Injustice


“I have been to Gaza and the West Bank, I have seen Palestinians homes
bombed and bulldozed, I have talked to mothers whose children have
been killed during the invasion of Gaza, I have seen the Jewish-only
roads leading to ever-expanding settlements in the West Bank.”

“This kind of colonial occupation cannot continue,” she added. “As a
Jew and a U.S. citizen, I feel obligated to rise up and speak out
against these crimes being committed in my name and with my tax


Putin: Who gave NATO right to kill Gaddafi?


Gov't orders lenders to [PARTIALLY] reimburse homeowners


/ / Citibank, Bank of America,
JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo, the
nation's four largest banks, were
among the financial firms cited
[for STEALING from America untold
zillions!] \ \ No jail time?

Obama told Bradley Manning's
prison treatment is 'appropriate'

Obama has gone too far on this.



We Don't Need to Shut Down

/ / If corporations and households with $1
million income paid at the same levels they
did in 1961, the Treasury would collect an
additional $716 billion a year. \ \

Obama General : US Ground Troops in Libya

General Carter Ham, the commander for US
AFRICOM is working for the real al-Qeada of
9/11, and should be charged for his
anti-American terrorism war criming to aid
and abet fugitives Bush and Cheney for
Obstruction on 9/11. The Satanic enemy
Bushite war criminals do not deserve to
steal another breath of our precious air.
Especially when they charge US an arm and
leg for it.

They Will, as the Commie Rightard, to take
it out on the not made informed criminally
victimized sucker punching censored Public.


We. The Freedom to Believe that Justice is Ours.


Bush "International law? I better call my lawyer."

Those who claim they war ourselves for
lawlessness should be top military targets.

Now, what cop in any right mind could blindly
support such furthering escape of those who have
truly done US all wrong like this answer me that.

U.S. Military Officers Demand 911 Investigation

Well now, that just sounds American to me.
How about You?

/ / Revolutionary forces in Libya have
rejected as unacceptable the idea that
would leave one of the sons of embattled
ruler Muammar Gaddafi in power. \ \ They
have no say there. Not elected, nor asking
for such, hell, they as Blackwater thieves
who claim 'lawlessness' as their Public
platform, are not even from the region.
When a Bushite dies, everyone wins.

The Jeff Rense Program
- on Libya then Bill Deagle

Attack of The Obamatrons

Apparently, the Obamatrons are letting our
Japanese friends die from radiation
poisoning, where they could easily help by
providing radiation suits to defend these
great People's lives. I nominate Deagle to
head an international team of experts to
effectively work through this nightmare.

Will NATO Protect Innocent Civilians?

No, as godless lawless enemies of Creation,
they only war the innocent of us to be
robbed, raped, tortured, and maimed. They
for Satanic Zionism, as the very worst
of ungodly war criminals, cover our nations
with radio-active toxic waste to end our
species. Why? Like Alex Jones, they KNOW,
if free communications with the facts
were allotted, wise men and women would
defeat the enemy Rightard war mongering
bigots and racists near instantly. They
call everyone who can think freely, some
'thing' other than what we truly are -

Again, just what is the crime of the Taliban
to ask for evidence to form a conclusion as
reaching to Publicly nab those truly guilty
of 9/11 in New York City? I ask anyone?

CHRIST SAYS 'Israeli are Anti-Jewish'

Satanic Israeli manipulation of US media exposed

American 'Patriot' Radio

'you can't have justice in
their world so don't even
bother, you can't have justice
in their world, next caller'.

Transocean hails ‘best year’ in safety,
gives execs bonuses, despite Gulf spill

Now, it is true, that it was Cheney's
Haliburton that ordered by threat of fist
in cuffs at the crime scene, that the BP
oil rig be made to blow up, destroying
America by removing the safety fluid.
But the criminal action was taken against
Transocean fighters there reporting the
take down - as then, sacrificed in silence
for the enriched CEO bosses, the Goldman
bankster execs, with trillions already,
to still be foolishly running cover for
their personal escapes, that TRULY does
still cost American livlihoods. Costs for
generations to come from their, "best
year ever". Rubbing in what we are still
sore from as dying to. As if that is
what all who work here are geared to
be as losers dying too now for the self
contempt? We need all our stolen money
returned, along with pressing the charge
of, Crimes Against Humanity, they are
most certainly found suspect for mocking
as guilty as all hell. This really should
get the Goat. Forward this concern to
anyone as your own, please. Thanks.

Why? Because We are Awesome.

/ / When Specialist Corey E. Jones struck
the knees of the Dilawar, he cried out
painfully to God. Jones said, "Everybody
heard him cry out and thought it was
funny." Hundreds of blows later, Dilawar
died in custody. \ \ Corey E. Jones and
his partners are still torturing
innocent Peoples to death as FOXSNEWS
Heroes to escape the Neocon. Why? Because
the enemy Bushite claim there is no such
thing as manhood in American TV politics.

The US military led by Zionist Israel is
comprised of the KKK, and the worst of
L.A. street gangs.. and, that just wont
do if we want freedom as owned.

[they pay NO royalties toooooooooooooo]

Tea Bagger 'Yeahs but, they's harder to
pick on than helpless welfare mothers.'


They are doing this because we
all know, a Libertarian will not defend
the rights of any another, but rather,
would like to just masterbate all on how
much better than everone else they are,
without caring squat for US. Name a
Libertarian (excluding Libertarians for
Justice) that even mumbles quietly that
Justice is freedom? No, instead, election
rigger TRAITOR Ron Paul has stated a
complete disregard for innocent human
life mass murdered, that he claims, no one
should ever defend from Nazi Israeli, or
at any place else. Cause, he will actually
tell you Anarchistly, Policing is bad
always, without questions allowed given
or taken. Alex Jones is the worst true
COMMIE PINKO ever known of, he just is.
Why? Because we know he knows better,
but cheats all for furthering godless
tyranny to aid in the final escape of
Bush and Cheney on 9/11. He as commie
censor for rigging elections with McCain
can't have open debates as our public
with the documented facts, while we
can freely. OR at least I can anyway..

Obama Calls Ahmadinejad's 9/11 Comments Hateful

What? huh? Who's he trying to con here?
America? but he's the President.. HuhHh,
trying to con himself with all US watching
more looks like..

NATO air raid kills Afghan civilians


Obama doesn't count civilians killed by drones


Hospital razed for treating protesters

Obama "Gadaffi had a choice."

And he made the right one Obama gave
him, but the Bushite Nazi grunts who
drop bombs to destroy entire cities of
hundreds of thousands as Antichrist
ungodly, don't use evidence to form
their false accusations.

China Demands Cease Fire In Libya

Even now China are upset about
godless American Commies going
too far.


Obama "Our military actions are in support
of an international mandate from the Security
Council that specifically focuses on the
humanitarian threat posed by Colonel Qadhafi
on his people,"

Yeah, that stated Gadaffi call a
cease-fire, of which he did.

"lawlessness" = war crime warranting death

Impeachment Speech and the 35 Articles in Full

Russia provably said Obama and
Hitlerly were lying, and Gaddaffi DID call a
cease fire.. then, ahh fuk.. we need our
own, Coast to Coast radio program, hosted by
ourselves for free censor free debates, with
real Patriots of the cause against godless
lawlessness. Bigots like Alex Jones doesn't
have the mind for such matters, and George
Noory is into killing children, so would
rather blame.. Here, get the idea..

War On The Poor: Minnesota Republicans

/ / They're not just crazy, they're evil
-- and un-Christian, should they have the
audacity to claim otherwise. If only we
could force them to live like this, they
wouldn't last a week: \ \ Now your waking

free speech for free elections for a free world

Gaddafi could state, that he gives all free
speech for free elections for a free world
immediately. All he might need is 51%! A world
that will not be robbed by 'lawless' Bushite
Nazi grunts who will as blindly for evil, to
rape, steal or mass murder all the Great Peoples
of anywhere, as traitors to America too most
importantly, warring our innocent selves for
the final escape of Republicans Bush and
Cheney. Do you doubt?

We is free souls here, born of great wisdoms
of why speaking freely for freedom is fab.

/ / torture and sexual brutalization are
regular practice and called Camp Justice \ \

Americans, know who your enemy is. Ungodly
evil tyranny for the benefits of who again?

a staggering $5 billion cut to Texas schools

"No Texan can be proud of this."

AJ, Rand Paul, and other Rightards of the
NWO Globalist Commie Elites, can't compete
fairly on a open playing field for Just
cause, where the facts are here for all to
witness of them escaping the worst of
criminals in Your name.


Obama's US Drones Continue to Kill Aimlessly
Officials Don't Know Identities of Any of Slain


5200 Pentagon Employees PURCHASED Child Pornography!


What kind of lawless world
is that, where they are so
sure, no real Cops can gain
access to defend ourselves?

Until now.

No Evidence, Person Innocent. Who's In?

[but later it was confimed that he had.. hmmm]
/ / President Bush was expected to sign detailed
plans for a worldwide war against al-Qaida two
days before Sept. 11 but did not have the chance
before the terrorist attacks in New York and
Washington, U.S. and foreign sources told NBC
News. \ \ What would have been the Justification
used then without 911? A lawless war against
'terrorism' world wide without end? Did you know
a spy had inflitrated the FBI and actually was
responsible for providing the explosives that
near brought the WTC down the first go around?
This is a critical communications issue that is
still costing innocent American lives because the
nation is a land of cowards who refuse to demand
the likes of a George Noory and FOX Snooze fans
to take US seriously in these demands for willing
just causes.

Cheney's Daboul Working Group explains much.


GOP Open the State up to a Corporate Asset-grab

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus is ordering all
members of U.S. Military eat gulf seafood.

$52bn of American aid and Afghans are dying of starvation

War Criminals are shifty. But we are up for the
challenge. Justice for All means America wins.

Glenn Beck: "I didn't think I could hate
victims faster than the 9/11 victims"

American Patriot?

/ / The Marines are currently split into two
platoons, which are under the command of Israeli
\ \ Gunning for the nasty innocent Christian
families surviving in a concentration death camp
right? ..right? Of course Commie Pinko Nazis
always have to hide and pretend their real men
who can't hear what we're saying.

Emptied his Rifle into a Palestinian Schoolgirl

/ / An Israeli army officer who fired the
entire magazine of his automatic rifle into
a 13-year-old Palestinian girl and then
said he would have done the same even if
she had been three years old was acquitted
on all charges by a military court yesterday. \ \

She was thought 10. Understand, American tax
payers pay this Satanic demon enemy of Life a
salary to mass murder defenseless innocent
Christian, Muslim, and Jewish kids. How much
would you pay to see himself and personally
responsible Repugnant Demons with the "Judge"
on this matter, formally executed as for sure
war criminals against God and Humanity? Would
you pay enough of a concern to leastly
complain rightly? The Satanic demon enemy
has no remorse over first degree murdering
a helpless 12 year old child, and is named
a Hero to those Satanically committed in hatred
for God and all things beautiful in the Nazi
State of Unholy Israel. George Noory with AJ
told anyone who says anything about it, is
a bad person without questions. Alex Jones
truly sucks man, he just does.

Did you hear AJ tell how bad M. Moore
was, for suggesting America wasn't
broke? What the hell was that eh?
So, all Revolutions campaigning for
fairness are auto bad because,
your still just paying into his
'mastermind' Globalist trap, as,
to simply just demand YOUR stolen money
back with the Law of the Land, is a
big genius Liberal conspiracy also
that no one can fathom. The truth is
he knows he can't fairly compete being
a cheat. We need to host an international
radio program ourselves, with an anti-AJ
segment. Bug Charlie about it if you can..

Walker Whacks Wisconsin for Wackenhut

No-Bid Energy Assets Firesales

Wisconsin’s power plants for pennies on the dollar

Treason. No?

Bush "There’s no need to discuss evidence of innocence or guilt."

What kind of inhuman monster could commit such a
willful crime against innocent others for money?

Pentagon Tortures Untold American Soldiers

Pentagon blows up thousands of homes for Fun
(all the while STEALING billions from America)


/ / The 68-ton tanks are propelled by a jet
engine and equipped with a 120mm main gun that
can destroy a house more than a mile away \ \

Former Guantánamo Bay prisoner speaks


Bush and Cheney's Escape

"US Army sending hardcore neo-Nazi troops to Iraq and Afghanistan"
[now, 'policing' American streets for terror]

Not American. Yeah, I've been calling them
Bushites, but whatever, not freedom fighters
that's for sure.

'active-duty Marine.. Norteno gang.. shoots two
random police officers killing one, FOXNEWS Hero'

Nazi Gangs in the U.S. Military

"Moral Waiver" Morality not required when raping
and mass murdering Afghans to push dope with Enron
escaping Bush and Cheney for 9/11. Die bushite die.

Why is this happening?

Banksters are walking away with defrauded
TRILLIONS. And the Rightard will to have
life die this way, denying free talk on the
facts surrounding their ungodly evilness.
Making the escape for the Antichrist
enemy of God, Mr. George Walker Bush who
Closed 911 police investigations as naked
traitor like themselves, enemies of the
Republic who refuse to allow a just cause
speak as America's will for Freedom.


Bush team 'agreed plan to attack the
Taliban the day before September 11'

"if it refused to hand over Osama bin Laden"

For what? No evidence for anything was Condi's
"TOP SECRET" war crime plan to escape the Neocons
responsible for mass murder on 911. Understand,
[911 mass murder occured here] Pre-planned.

Look up the Taliban offering to hand over bin
Laden to Clinton and HE REFUSED! Refused for
more than 40 consecutive days!!! It's the inside
scoop on this crime against Humanity, without a
love for God or his greatly gifted Son, John the
Baptizer truly.

Ungodly Evil Israeli Zionists call for
Murder of Innocent God Loving Jewish Women

Being Jewish is a religion of Love for
God.. Compare pictures...

/ / War criminal Blackwater’s Prince building
mercenary force with apartheid-era ‘hit squad' \ \


Mr. Gaylard remarked on 1 February 2011,
"It is difficult to understand the reasoning"

Why? Because they are truly Satanic enemies
of God and Man. They break truces to kill
Jews for money. Rightards are evil stooges
who will deny these trues from being spoken
openly for dissemination. Like how freedom is
Justice, and torture warrants an immediate
death sentence against the Rightard grunters.

What's the crime of the taliban to
ask for evidence to form a conclusion?

/ / "There aren't even any Taliban in this
area," Taqwa said. "They were all working on
Mr. Khorasani's campaign." \ \Taliban=Student

This is another why I beg all real men to kill a
Bushite for America. These bushite enemies will
gang rape your American wife, and claim that FOX
still sells they are heroic for doing so without
question. Zionist Lawlessness is the enemy of
every last free man among US, and a Bushite LIAR
wars against a Just cause winning our Liberties,
as the dying loves of our INNOCENT families.

Child RAPE Condoned by Rumsfeld

Where are the Amerikan Rightards
as Silent on all this?

$285 billion defrauded from Americans


/ / The US military paid $285 billion over
three years to hundreds of military contractors
that defrauded the Pentagon \ \


GOP Get Government-Subsidized Health Care Today!
Still None for You.

They are dirty rotten Commies like Glenn Beck,
Alex Jones and traitor ungodly Zionist enemy Rand
Paul. Their will is to con Americans for death
as the Global Elitists, stealing further Justice
from our Humanity by denying the truth be spoken
in their Rightard tyrannies.


We have seen consistent cruel and
unusual punishment of Manning.

Man arrested over blog list of pro-war MPs

Remember: Saddam did everything that was asked
of himself by the demon Antichrist plus more. As
is why the death of Bushites is a blessing for
all concerned. They war as Rightards for terror
to torture, to thieve, and mass murder the
established innocent, as escaping those who truly
done did do US wrong. Bush and Cheney.

‘Damn right’ I personally ordered waterboarding: Bush

This warrants death under standing American War
Crimes Law ushered by Reagan. Kill all torturers
as a soldier to be true Patriot, instead of
raping women and children while pushing heroin
into American teens for life term prison
sentences as slave labour escaping Bush and
Cheney for 911 and so on.

FOXNEWS : Underwear Bomber. US Government Op

What the..


Probe: Army was warned not to deploy WikiLeaks suspect

Bradley Manning and the Rule of Law

Read these two stories, and then rightly
demand death sentences against these
Republican traitors for the war crimes
of Iraq, and as, It is a war crime to
torture innocent Americans to death
to escape the for real bad guys. And a
soldier takes an Oath to defend God
and country, not commit war crimes for
the escape of Bush and the Neocons,
at the sacrifice of more teen soldiers
NEEDLESSLY. Death to the bushite,
death to the enemies of God and Man.

Torture Memos Admits Techniques Were Not Approved By DOJ

Judge Rules CIA [Cofer Black] Can Suppress
Information About Torture Tapes and Memos

No he can't, unless he's telling
US he too is a war criminal needing
a fair public death sentence.


Alex Jones "When a Rand Paul supporter (wasn't
it his Chief of Staff? - or is that his Hedge
fund manager they have as money pro now? which
ever) steps on a woman's head, it's like it's
the end of the world."


Advisors received kickbacks from H1N1 vaccine manufacturers

Study Verifies That There Is No Value In Any Flu Vaccine


Because Bush and Cheney closed official 911
Police investigations, we will go nowhere until,
we arrest the demons for obstruction, to get back
to following probable cause to arrest the actual
bad guys.

Wikileaks Reveals U.S. Tax Dollars Fund Child Sex Slavery in

Pro-Obama/Bush AJ/Rightards/Micheal Rivero[?]
"It's all a fraud" - whew! easyeasyeasy

Hey! People! Don't Be Evil.

"Not Guilty. The Israeli Captain who Emptied
his Rifle into a Palestinian Schoolgirl"

Remember, it thought our girl was ten years old
before pulling the American paid for trigger.

Hitler's Jewish Soldiers

DNA - Hitler was Jewish?!?!?!?

SEE? Zionist Nazis.

"Israel's new army chief led Gaza war"

The guy who encouraged Christian children to
gather into the city center, then burned them
alive for Satan, is now the boss of American
grunters on how to further murder more innocent
peoples for "Jews"?

Soldier Killed for refusing to Torture the Innocent

/ / she had been "reprimanded" for showing
"empathy" for the [innocent] prisoners
[randomly kidnapped] \ \

The bushite are claiming the truth
hurts their cause of robbing US all.

Obama Administration Worked With Republicans To
Kill WAR CRIME Bush Torture Conviction, WikiLeaks

Why can't Interpol be ordered to arrest Bush and
Cheney for Obstruction on 9/11 immediately?
(that's not we about inter polled as who again
then?) Like those 30 Republicans for gang raping
American women?


Don't except anything else but a free to be we society.

"Anti-Mosque Coalition’s Website Owned By
Neo-Conservative Islamophobe Frank Gaffney"

/ / Gaffney: "It is regrettable that they had to
die, but I believe they did have to die. The
danger was inaction could have resulted in the
death of a great many more Americans than 4,000.
And that's the reason I'm still delighted that we
did what we did." \ \ Saddam was doing whatever
was asked plus more - whatdidtheywantbutnotaskfor

Saddam wasn't in violation of 1441. War
criminals truly deserve to die by war crimes
Public trial. Why? It's NEEDLESS mass murder
Neocon Gaffney supports on magic TV without the
facts there to defend anyone. Dying. The Iraq
war has no cause. Soldiers are warring there to
bring about a situation that was present before
the conflict began. Near Impossible now with all
the toxic waste and losses to everyone of
innocent lives made to suffer and die for nothing
but the Bushite's contempt for Law. Contempt for
Justice. Contempt for our wise leaders of
civility, contempt for Freedom. Once nearer a
civilized Humanity we were living for freedom,
and now, all suffering with God for more than a
thousand years, due these Zionist Nazi illiterate
savages, pirating our fire power. Innoculating
THEMSELVES blindly with posions that make US all
even dumber. George Walker Bush is evil
personified as the war criminal of the worst
order, ever. As Humanity it must all be our
fault, for I felt I could easily help everyone to
be more Human than all we've been left as on TV
since 911 happened on our watch. One thing is
for sure: Lawless wars for ungodly tyranny by
slavery sucks for everybody. Justice is a must
if we are to ever claim Victory here again.

Bush and Cheney closed 911 police investigations.


Office of Special Plans


TV America - Where The People Don't Count

Oh for Pete's sake.. Republicans give themselves
"Socialized" Canadian like, "Socialist" Health
care, but not for the suckers who pay more for
less to die as losers to the commie con men
absent my logic. If this system is good enough
for Obama and the Repuglicons and Ron Paul, why
isn't it good enough for blinded as lost in
indifference American dumfuks? Good question.

Johnny for President - In Your Dreams
CIA: 'Pro-Obama NATO war partner is al-Qaeda' - .God wills Justice American lose
2014-11-13 22:24:52 UTC
Raw Message
.God wills Justice, Americans, the bigot,
will crime victims for death to profit further
over.. 9/11 police investigations never
happened, and godless lawless shit head
America does not care to be true as honorable
here - but to lie as stealing further a fair
word.. but for maybe me, King Johnny, and
two of three others on Earth.. Example 2:
banksters do not cover the loans 'we' willingly
pay them back for.. ?

Now, witness no human present to forward
such wisdom they hold blindly in contempt
dying rightly. Wages of sin an all that..


The King Johnny for President Show


I was given a ticket without stated reason..
Here is what I wrote in the form..

"I am seeking to know what this is about, to
resolve as soon as possible.. Hoping to hear
today on what can be done to make fair
any mistaken understanding, on how I live
to respect the rights of others, as if they
were my own.. ."

All that I can surmise, is my comments regarding
American GIs being officially conned to die to
escape bad guys is seriously criminal in nature..
Accessory to murder.. Of which my free
thoughts were not registering as now
criminally censored? We seek fairness.

I need a resolution on this, to begin new
legal matters in respect to my business
being punished for willing fair say here,
defending innocent lives forsaken to the
whims of those who claim we have no
power to speak freely..

Obama 'we stopped massacre in Libya'

What the fuck. Come on, he called
the cease-fire. Obama is lying to
God and Johnny, and frankly, his
behavior is not respecting our
rights to be fairly treated here.
If he believes that Gaddafi
did not top secretly, prove it. He
can't, because he is lying. Just
as Russia PROVED without challenge
to say earlier on similar false
claims. Hitlerly and Obama claim
that the mercs hired by whoever in
Libya to kill civilians, can not
be arrested by any Laws, God or
man made. If Obama just had to kill
someone, they should have identified
a guilty party or group doing
something wrong. Wake the fuck up man.
American Presidents who lie like
Obama to kill off innocent civilians
by cheating US, should be impeached.
Plus, Obama's NATO are bombing with
toxic radio-active weapons, that will
kill our Natures for thousands of years.
Did you know: grunts speak in grunts?

Forward this concern to anyone
as your own, please. Thanks.

Larry Pratt 'Obama is a Socialist'

You know, this is quite funny in it's evil
dumbfukery. AJ the divider has been demonizing
everything mediamatters.org for years, and
yet... The, so called articles on AJ's
buffoonery, are near all but one, completely
absent content, but for the free to all who
register, comments, by those often as
knowing better, state: 'Justice Willed is
Freedom Winning'., and that Rightard Radio
doesn't want US fighting for as, if it means
the missing facts are brought to our door.,
that they on purposes unknown, (but for this
Liberal or Conservative blind side bigotry
sold), work to foolishly divide you truly
being here. Example: Again, just what is
the crime of the Taliban to ask for evidence
to form a conclusion as reaching to Publicly
nab those truly guilty of 9/11 in New York
City? Rightards like AJ's repeat guest,
Larry Pratt, are pure crap. Larry Pratt,
tells that Conservative Rightards are the good guys in all this
injustice by the Liberal jack-booters.. .A blind EVIL Bigot.
Why? The Rightard label system means much
to many we know clearly of. Instead of
stating war criminals like Bush and Cheney
deserve death for obstructing Justice on
9/11, he cowardly claims all can only must
do as he does, whore your self in America
blindly to a poorly written cue card, to
continue more crimes against the poor and
disenfranchised, done in sacrifice for,
someone known for nothing else, but to be an
evil ungodly bigot like Larry Pratt stealing
what it 'all' means to be a real
Conservative. 9/11? Torture? Iraq?
Banster's extortion of trillions?, Public
Option? billionaire bribe payers of
Congress to pay their fair share in taxes?
nahhh... too complicated for the Rightard
'better thans'. Better than You, and better
than me.. (we're truly laughing right here)
Thus is why the Rightard refuses America free
speech, because then therefor, you'd know,
some people talk a big game, while others
bring it. Alex Jones is a COMMIE on Health
Care for Americans - he just is. Ron Paul
did not support impeaching Bush and Cheney
with all the evidence any real Patriot of
the flag would need, times twenty. Don't
be silly. If we don't follow the crime
scene leads on 9/11, how are we to ever
nab the guilty party(s)? You should care.