mathematical philosophy book, _The Noosphere_ (The God Series book 8) published
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Hermes Trismegistus
2013-03-16 10:25:27 UTC
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The God Series book 8, _The Noosphere_, has been published. You can find
the series at http://www.amazon.com/Mike-Hockney/e/B004KHR7DC and the
book at http://www.amazon.com/Noosphere-God-ebook/dp/B00BEPTNE4 . Other
books there are articles on a web site, and other non-fiction and
fiction. The summary of _The Noosphere_ is below.

The Noosphere is the "atmosphere" of thought, consciousness and reason
that has been developing over our Earth since the dawn of humanity. The
internet is a physical manifestation of it: a worldwide linked network;
a global information exchange between people, bringing them ever closer
together. Social networking is the next stage.

But what comes next? Does mind detach itself from body? Can the
collective consciousness of humanity leave Earth and soar off into the
heavens on the most amazing of all cosmic journeys? Is the Noosphere a
Soul Sphere, composed of the souls of all good, enlightened, moral,
rational human beings, and leaving behind the defective souls of all the
greedy, selfish, hateful monsters and psychopaths who have hitherto
ruled and oppressed our world (the Wall Streeters, the privileged WASP
elite and the Abrahamists)? Imagine the Soul Sphere merging, finally,
with the "God Sphere" and establishing a Society of the Divine. Is that
not the ultimate destiny of higher humanity?

The Noosphere will not be powered by love, hope, money, privilege,
faith, prayers or superstition. Ontological mathematics, dialectics and
hyperreason are its engine. The Noosphere is all about the coming race
of HyperHumans, the super smart and meritocratic autonomous individuals
who bow to no men and no Gods.

This book is the story of the highest human thought, and how it's
leaving behind materialism and the sensory domain and finally
comprehending the supreme truth of existence - that we inhabit an
immortal, indestructible mental Singularity outside space and time, and
that the illusion of materialism is generated mathematically via holography.

The universe is a self-generating, intelligent, living hologram,
comprised of infinite Leibnizian monads - souls. Every soul is a living
hologram, and the universe, composed of infinite such souls, is just the
collective expression of the individual case. Nothing is truer than the
ancient Hermetic wisdom: As Above, So Below. Each of us is a microcosm
of the macrocosm, encoded with all of the mathematical laws of the
mathematical universe.

Souls are not the weirdest and most unfathomable things in reality; they
are in fact the very building blocks of reality, without which nothing
else is possible. Souls are the basis of ontology. They have compulsory
existence. The most certain fact of all is that you have an immortal
soul. You can never die mentally, but you will endure countless bodily
deaths. Your consciousness, tied to your body, dies, but each
consciousness is absorbed into your Higher Self as a "past life".

By fully understanding ourselves, we can alchemically transmute
ourselves into the Gods themselves. The inscription on Apollo's sacred
temple at Delphi said it all: "Know Thyself."
Sir Fred M. McNeill
2013-03-16 10:47:38 UTC
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Story time.