blue rose symbolism?
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David Dalton
2013-11-28 05:05:38 UTC
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What meanings do you attach to a blue rose?

For why it is important to me, here is my description of
my blue rose vision of 1991.
This follows on from my posts entitled "Salmon on the Thorns"
and "baptism/anointing/higher dimensions" to alt.atheism
and other groups.

Here is another excerpt from my Salmon on the Thorns web page
http://www.nfld.com/~dalton/dtales.html , describing my
blue rose vision of 1991 which occurred after my sun stare
and most of my naked thorn hill climb (so you can consider
it a shamanic trial vision brought on by the pain, though
Oliver Sacks does not discuss such visions in his book
Hallucinations; also I normally do not have visions;
if I did I would be diagnosed as schizoaffective rather
than bipolar).

From http://www.nfld.com/~dalton/sunstare.html :

"As I went on it got even thornier, a complete covering of the
hillside with overlapping thorny vines, with thorns spaces so
than a finger could not grip the vine between them, and blunt
enough that they pierced the outer layer of skin but not much
further, so I did't lose much blood. But both hands and feet
had to be supported up the steep hillside on thorns, and it
was actually less agonizing to stay stuck on them than to move
a limb up from one set of thorns and place weight on the next
set. It felt like an evolutionary stairway to heaven; I felt
like a salmon caught in a net and at one point said out loud
or just thought silently "let this atone for the deaths of
the Beothuk people."


Eventually I got near the top, and just before the top had a
clear vision of a glowing blue rose, of a colour blue that
is partway from sky blue to sea blue, but is closer to sky
blue. At the time I did not know or think about the mystical
significance of this, but just admired it briefly. I did not
touch it because it was the only one, and tried to smell it
but if there was any smell it was very delicate.

This rose was not a fuzzy or moving image or in the mind's
eye or closed eye vision, but actually growing right there
in front of me, three-dimensional and sharp, the clearest
vision by far of any I have ever had (I don't have visions,
usually) if it was a vision (i.e., if another observer there
could not have seen it and a camera there could not record
it). I saw it clearly from close up, just inches away from
my eyes and I forget if it was clear close up and fuzzier
at a distance due to my lack of glasses or not."
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the wharf rat
2013-12-03 18:31:08 UTC
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Post by David Dalton
What meanings do you attach to a blue rose?
The blue rose stands for unattainable perfection, or unattainable