which side are YOU on? - How come godless Americans don't support calling for the arrest of Bush for mass murder? for closing Police investigations on 911? for torture? For stealing trillions? Why doesn't the NWOers invite someone who can explain why the Iraq war is a crime against our humanity AS CRITICAL?
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Johnny America - No evidence against an accused is US being truly abused
2009-02-09 00:18:37 UTC
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Godsmack - I Fucking Hate You

Hey! Johnny's new theme song playing when
I be bagging the bushite zionist whores of
the demon antichrist, Our Mr. Bush Jr. Bush
closed 911 investigations, Bush lied about
Saddam not letting inspectors in, Bush never won an
word fairly in his entire war crime life of
game rigging with naked deceit and betrayal to
the cause of Man, die bushite die. Rock on
my friends, rock on.

"Army deserter deported from Canada, now in U.S. jail"

This is a for real war crime. Why? there was/is
no cause for the Iraq war. Truly. Example: why
bomb if you can go anywhere without delay? To
only murder innocent People INCLUDING SOLDIERS
to thieve from ourselves as war criminals is what
any rational person comes to understand. When you
destroy bushite grunts who war God for rape, torture,
and enslavement of our species, you save the
innocent lives of their next victims. To hunt
the godless bushite enemy, is to love Justice
as our glorious Humanity winning over the lawless
nazi grunts of the Third Infantry - who'll shoot
anybody, blindly as cowards, led by a Saudi, Buford
Blount. Their "leader" who left Iraqi's largest
weapons depot undefended for looting. Qaqaa. Killed
many a bushite nazi grunting lawless coward by his own
treasonous brand. And mumbling bushite nazi grunts have
what to say about American teens made valueless
victims for Neocon bounties? "whore yay" That's
about it..

Private Banking Made Simple

9/11: Total Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings!

VIEWS: 10,100,000

King Johnny Speaks Coast to Coast! Answers Everything!

Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11



LETTERS NOW RELEASED PROVE-Bush Intervened-To Suppress Torture

This is called ungodly nazi war crimes against
innocent Human beings.

Obama Gets Tough to Shield Bush Torturers

Who does Obama think we are as 'United' together
on pro lawless torture against innocent 'others'?
Wake up people, we are under attack by those
who refuse US Justice to win Freedom for
anyone. "Conservative" retards are completely
lost here, because they do not have the
intellectual skills necessary to understand:
a person accused of a criminal offense without
any evidence is innocent. Or, how about, No one
deserves to be tortured for confessions on
crimes left then unresolved for actual
retribution. [Aegis OPENLY murders innocent
families for more American paying for zionist
monies - P2OG - YOUR Spouse, YOUR Child, YOUR

Following the crime scene leads of 911 to nab
the actual evil doers is beyond the will of the
deaf, dumb and blind? with lawlessness gaining
for monetary loses due America as corporate
cheaters. We are Brilliant, of that much I am
certain. Conservatives are minimally, idiots.

Worst Person in American Broadcast Journalism

This is like, so profound. Gibson's condemnation
is directly aimed at his own ideas of the subject
he has no grasp of. Wow. profound. See though..
this "popular" FoxsNews celeb has zero interest in
helping America succeed to defend freedom through
lawful actions, because he has no sight of a better
world blindly destroying itself. Hey Gibson! why
don't you try and be a good guy for a change! No
joke. Wow. Profound.


Israelis forced mother to choose which of her children would die

/ / the soldiers told her she had to choose five of
her children to “give as a gift to Israel.” As
she screamed in horror they repeated the demand
and told her she could choose or they would choose
for her. Then these soldiers murdered five of her
children in front of her. \ \

Funded by the American tax payers as a gift to
God as our stolen Humanity. Equal rights for all,
especially the Taliban's position in defense of
America, demanding evidence to form our guilty


Obama Accused of Blackmail over Terror Trial Evidence

Again, Obama is taking a position to torture innocent
people here as a traitor to Just cause. Just cause to
live in a free society. Torture warrants the death
penalty under American STANDING Law.

Video: Cop Punches Woman In Face Four Times During Arrest For Riding A

Top Cop Johnny Judge rules: Ten years in prison.
Maybe fifteen if the dumfuk grunt, back from the
war against Iraqi children as a traitor to American
values, shows no remorse for his crimes against an
American women either. Absolutely any cop or soldier
who disagrees as true contempt for our freedoms with
punishment against this nazi trash pirating our
police uniform, WILL WARRANT death sentences all
around to ACTUALLY defend liberty in my America.
Any American father who prides in killing innocent
Iraqis for the escape of the neocons for 911 is no
father. And a wife should get the hell away from
a male who enjoys murdering helpless innocent others.
Children in such families should be challenged
by relatives through the Courts to save the lives
of our endangered offspring. Again, without water
or food, Iraqi children are murdered by Neoconner
grunts irrationally everyday with nothing to say,
aka, without reason but as Satanic Bush whores, to
make our God as Humanity suffer further for their
escapes as actually selling freely, lawless zionist

KILLING MORE OF THEM - reporting war crimes to the Police

Again, a bushite has no commitment to defend
America, for it speaks nothing for the arrest of
the neocon traitors. traitors like themselves whom
will murder innocent folks like your Self to steal
our common values. Wouldn't you glory in seeing
these savage grunts who on video, indiscriminately
shoot innocent families, or bomb a city entirely,
executed by Christian Patriot firing squads? or
televised to fry in the electric chair for these
documented war crimes? I sure would. It would make
our world a much safer place to raise a family
secure in knowing, bushite grunts as enemies of
everyone, were hunted to extinction for their
crimes against our Humanity. Hunted by Johnny Law,
the True Spirit of America.

Johnny Law for Coast to Coast radio Host!

yaahhh im a real person! Wow eh? Now,
let US bag some bushite scum for the Gipper.

UK judges accuse Obama Administration of suppressing torture claim

Yeah really. What kinda world does Obama take US
for here? Does he actually believe we hold no
interest in being attacked as ourselves, the
innocent forsaken? A reminder: an American was
executed under Iraqi law without any evidence
brought against the accused, while the grunts
were offered an excuse to seek not the culprits
at the terror scene. The case was lightly reviewed
at democracynow, a year or two ago, and can be
found by searching for a grunt pretending to be
an ambassador to Romania. A case where the Judge's
life was threatened by a "General", where if he
didn't order the death of the innocent American
citizen, the grunt with the General would murder
US all right then and there. The Innocent American
was murdered as forsaken for value shared by
free men.


(pet bed cat trees...)

Hey! this stuff for cats and dogs looks pretty
coool. Check it out if your a pet lover!

Near Impossible to believe!

/ / "similar themes go through all our streams. And it all
comes back as Confucius says, "Do unto others, as you would
have them do unto you." And Christ said that, Hillel said
that, Buddha said that, everybody says that, cause that's all
it is. But bushite, he wants to accuse People of criminal
offenses without any evidence, and indiscriminately slaughter
everybody in countries, for no good reason but to be OUR


AG Holder-- First, Jail All Bush's Lawyers

For actual documented criminal actions against
American interests in defending ourselves from
indiscriminate robberies, tortures, or mass murder.

"Judges Bribed by Private Contractor to Sentence More Kids to Juvie

Christ speaks!! Echem.. This is called a criminal
action to falsely imprison American children for
more stolen money. Will the contractor be arrested,
tried, then executed in America to defend American
children? Unlikely, because it isn't as important
as how fat Oprah is today, or as Alex Jones the
bigot would say, on how daily, the hidden NWO elites
are responsible for every criminal action against
Liberty in America, not war crime dictating LIAR
Bush who told US Saddam wouldn't let the inspectors
in without corporate news correction, Bush, who
closed Police investigations on 911 for Enron, KBR,
and the Kissinger associates. And certainly not
Bremer for personally stealing tens of billions,
no no no, "just puppets" "just puppets" as instead,
the Illuminati in other words not allowed spoken
understood with Alex Jones NWOers. I want a free to
speak arena where 50 percent of what Alex spews is
truly dumber than stupid. Why? because he is controlled
through his personal weakness of bigotry, to actually
believe foolish things as factual. Examples are
truly endless when we discuss Alex Jones'
dumminess, but here is one example. Alex states
911 truthers were attacked in a TV show as NWO mind
control- but, the "truther" he referred to
talked in the drama on there being NO PLANES!
A dis-info bushite stooge if ever was one depicted
with special effects. We suffer with his bullshit
every day, knowing if we tried to phone, would
not be granted a minute because I, in support
of Freedom for America, make all bigots look truly
dumb as fascists lashing out at nothingness to
divide our masses. And apparently, he can't have
America becoming greater for defending ourselves
fairly through Judicial actions.


which side are YOU on? by REBEL DIAZ

The side where a person accused of a criminal
offense without evidence is innocent, and in the
case of capital accusation, the false accuser
deserves severe punishment as an enemy to my



U.S. partner, not Hamas, firing rockets into Israel

/ / The probe found the Islamic Jihad rockets were
actually fired by Fatah. \ \ Whom Israel in response
to the confessed by all to be true facts, murdered
innocent Christian children in Gaza as war criminals.
Actually claimed it was regardless who shot the tin
can rocket that struck no one harmlessly. Again,
Nazi Israeli responded by murdering innocent Christian
children as war criminals with "disproportionate"
force. War criminals who murder Humanity to steal
our shared values.


Dennis Kucinich "Israel is Killing Children With Your American Tax

Israeli openly admitted that they targeted those
innocent Christian children for MURDER - as -
continuing "disproportionate" force in our names
as enemies of God and Humanity. They are not Jews,
but of the evilest group of lawless nazi savages
pirating the government of Israel away from US Jews.
I demand open debate in America, and Americans refuse
me by not likewise demanding international coverage
on the Coast to Coast radio networks. Let's change
this by communicating.

Ceasefires, Israeli-Style

They admit TODAY, as yesterday, and last week, month,
year, decades, that they target completely innocent
people for murder to punish Humanity for believing
in God as Just, or real freedom understood as practiced.
Libertarian couldn't give a shit on a issue such as this,
that they keep everyone ignorant of through hypnosis. Israeli
openly admit to thieving innocent peoples homes, to them
be sent at gun point, to live in a concentration prison
death camp.


/ / ..the Israel Prime Minister’s speech in which he
actually boasted of his power to order the U.S. President
as one would a dog. \ \ and all American men can't for
some god forsaken reasons, can't for their lives, phone
George Norry to be hung down on. George Noory is a "good
guy" for aiming to go ballistic against every American
who refuses criminal orders to destroy themselves.

Americans Are Welcome In Israel

Jesus Christ in Islam


Obama set to allow Bush-era ‘torture flights’

What the fuk eh? Doesn't Obama know this
crime warrants death in America according
to the war crime act? Does he believe America
just will never have a chance to speak for the
interests of US as innocent Human beings he is
planning to torture as an enemy to Life?

Refusing to Defend American Values

Yoo: Bush okayed torture to outwit defense lawyers

This is why it warrants the Death sentence. Remember
corporatist Amerikan citizen, these torture victims
that include children as younger than a hundred, had
not been alleged to have ever committed a crime in
their entire lives. Victims tortured to death for the
pleasures of those Satanic, such as General Geoffry
Miller, who tell US today as confidenced, they do it
because, patsy wasted American soldiers will just refuse
to hunt them down for formal executions. Let's change
this for our Humanity in this future, to look back,
and know, American males were men of the World, who
stood for the principles enshrined within every living
Constitution. A free man shall not be jailed, or
tortured by anyone in our names as Governed, without
the perpetrator tried publicly for execution as our
Love of real Justice. As first degree mass murderers
warranted death sentences under the War Crime Act
ushered by Reagan!, all done in for our protections
of their next innocent victim - ourselves. Or
die a death in corporate tyranny worthy the title,
cowardly traitors to God and Liberty. Blackwater,
CACI, AEGIS, KBR and the like will all be hunted to
extinction for refusing to quit their lawless Rape
and mass murder, murders done for more stolen money
as America's name high-jacked. The Lawless enemies
shall be prosecuted by the honorable Soldiers of
the Good old, Red White, and Blue. Count me at
our words on this, I am,

King Johnny


Ungodly Israeli Nazi LIARS Continue to Murder Children after "Truce"

A truce means nothing to Hamas?, who states
much of no complaints as in support of Israeli
Nazi lies, why? Have you seen where a blimp is
traveling about five miles an hour, fire bombing
thousands, and none have even a pullet gun, never
mind an Iranian rocket launcher to shoot the Satanic
demons down for God as Love? Why doesn't Hamas
at least admit, like an Israeli General has,
to be funded by Zionists for cash gains paid for
by Zionist Amerika? Why? Why is it that Hamas
suffered near no loses, but all the Cops who
voted who knows, died murder victims trying to
defend our family from Texan child rapists?
Along with thousands of others targeted as
innocent Peoples? Targeted. Why? Nazi Israeli
broke the truce!! THINKTHINKTHINK Demand coverage!
Hamas certainly isn't. ..maybe because they're
illiterates on the Cause of God's Will being

Monkey Business


Bushwhoring Enemies of the American Police

What a demon enemy of life these bushwhore enemies
of American Liberty are eh? No concern whatsoever,
for all the teen soldiers conned to die for those
who committed 911 in NYC. The millions of bombing
victims, the tortures, the rapes of American women,
STILL, TO THIS DAY, left undefended by "the law".
Evil enemy of everyone these demon fuks are. How
difficult is it, to understand the facts they feign
complete blindness on? They WANT to con you as the
coward to life they are, willing to kill America to
make their antiChrist lawless enemy Mr. Bush happy.

From years after the fact still demanding Justice now:

Huh? "at last been disarmed..." ? How does he figure?
The equation hasn't changed. Example: The same
unaccounted anthrax, (that was disintegrated into ash),
still is not able to be measured as completely accounted
for, (never could be), but this bushwhoring war crime
apologist, tells US, it was only though the lawless
murder of our good friends and family for countless
generations, that he now attests without reason, or
evidence, to find Iraq in "fact" disarmed of it's still
nowhere to be found, weapons of mass destruction. (An
irrational reason he pronounced previous in corporately
broacasted public support of instigating heinous war
crimes against our humanity under the leadership skills
of the evil lying demon antiChrist, our Mr. bush Jr..)

Ron Paul defeats 5 TV 'experts' in 10 minutes

Ron Paul is a traitor. They stole the cash Ron.
And, the Iraq war is a war crime. But Ron, the
Fascist, doesn't want THESE FACTS uttered. Why?
Because wiser men would prevail, wiser men like
me who understand buying in bulk is cheaper. Those
like Christ who understand, who KNOW, the banker
doesn't cover our loans - so why give them as much
as a taxed red penny?, let alone trillions as
officially unaccounted for? They are stealing the
cash Ron. Ask yourself: Why has Alex Jones
forbidden his bushwhore cult from understanding
Bush doctored the NIE?, or of iron flowing like
water from the towers? Because wiser men would
prevail and he can't have that. He called shooting
innocent men in the back, an act of liberty. I,
an actual god, unlike Alex, lie near never, but
maybe to myself when I'm lonely. Alex yes will
tell you rapists are free to do what they will
in Texas to American children, un-arrested, but
he won't mention it when the police chief is with
him on air, talking about how he'd like to be
exempt from traffic tickets for being so popular.
NO MENTION of the rapists walking away without
arrests made, no mention of Bush's documented
treasons on 911. Where are Alex's priorities?
In selling YOU out so he can be wealthy like a
bankster?, and have special rights over everyone
else that drives drunk, or speeds? a big hero
standing over our dead soldiers yelling, I told
you so, I told you so, I was right, I was right.
Again, understand: It is not by my will to deny
open debate with America, it is Alex, and his
demon buddy George Noory that denies out Humanity
this right. And when people try, like Peggy, or
Black men on Jewry, Alex lies cheats and steals
our wills for further thefts. Ron Paul's family has
millions taken from loyal Alex Jones fans. MILLIONS!
Does Ron do commercials with that money highlighting
the bushmob's plan to invade Afghanistan, dated two
days prior to 911 for Enron? Of course not, wiser men
would prevail to expose him as the charlatan charity
raider he is regarding Health Care, Social Security,
Public Schooling, earmarks.. It is unfair to measure
Ron against corporate nazi zionist whores of MSNBC who
willing, openly, kill American teen soldiers for
criminal neocon gains, as an honorable gentleman's
talk. Half honest People like Ron are extremely ignorant
on the workings of our world. EXTREMELY. I joke here not.
Evil is the deceived disguised - translated - evil
people are always dumb.

Corporate America says no, Charlie Manson was a genius,
but not, that most Americans are prone too easily to
suggestive states where they can be made to believe
anything blindly. Think: what does, "bin Laden did 911"
mean anyway? You should know of what I'm trying
to teach you here. That is how
Alex knowingly or otherwise, steals our rights, by
beating off he knows everything already. And some,
if not most, actually believe him without knowing
squat either. It's sooo easy that way - no study
required!! LIBERTARIAN HELL! Everything is not on
the Internet, where it near should be, but regardless,
a Libertarian can't be bothered to read anyway.
"Free Talk Live" is the best example for this: the
two hosts are unbelievably ignorant on just about
every single subject under the sun, but beat
CONSTANTLY, on how greatly wise they are as drop-outs.
You wouldn't believe any of them when they speak on
Freedom, if you simply understood, an innocent man
does not deserve to be in OUR prisons, or tortured.
Under any circumstances that Obama has excepted for
our excuses. Magna Charta. But in Alex's 'genius' mind,
he doesn't need to actually understand he is a for
sure bigot, (measures another unfairly in a group HE
concocts from blind hate or personal fear - typical
CONSERVATIVE and/or racist) who has no problems with
that at home, or at work. Provable in seconds by
OPEN DEBATE, but Alex ain't gonna take our calls
because, he can't for the lives of every People
person thought of here, admit he could have
something to learn, therefore, the NWO is
unstoppable in his brain washed cult of indifference
to Justice practiced for the benefit of all treated
fairly. Why? He's not wise enough to respect the great
minds of the audience, and I personally believe,
he doesn't even have the good judgment to own
a gun. (I mean, why wouldn't Alex find my stories
of OUR Justice system triumphing by my single hand at least
minimally beneficial to his blind cult followings? to not
hang up on me immediately while spewing lie after lie
on how I'm top secretly a dis-info NWO artist working
for Bush? or whose voice sounds too friendly to trust?
like he has done the last four times I've phoned -
Hey! I can be an asshole if you want - no prob.)
Perhaps it's near because, Alex Jones is blind, and
as such, could actually be found guilty in Texas for
murdering those two innocent black men shot
in the back with his approval to release the murderer
from a RIGHTFUL death sentence prosecution. "law of
Parties". He is a party to the crime, for he worked to
support the release of the FOR SURE, FIRST DEGREE MURDERER.
Sound like an America you could live with? I didn't
think so either. I wanna be Alex's Attorney. Texas is
a State of massive lawless corruption, as dire
incompetence in legal affairs where they OFFICIALLY
plan executions against innocent People not established
to have harboured criminal intent! With Jury Trials!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!FINING THEMSELVES GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!!!
While Alex does express murderous criminal intent,
and the Police chief calls him a good man for no
scary pressures. What the fuck is wrong in Texas
where they mess themselves like this regularly?
Imagine, while Bush with the Neocons escape, and
Zionist Israeli target to murder Christian School
girls OFFICIALLY, Alex doesn't want to have to pay
traffic tickets like the rest of US. What a douche bag
to tell he LEADS our Truth movement I say. Now, I'm
not saying he shouldn't contribute with the truths
WE SHARE, far from it, it's just he can't have our
cut off switch to silence our objections to his exposed
foolishness, and/or blatant criminality. I'll give him
a chance, for starters, to criticize any position I take
while we all publically call on ourselves for
assistance internationally. Like on his "buddy",
George Noory, deserving to be tried Publicly for the
traitor he is, and be formally executed after his day
in Court. Our Courts. Teen soldiers have been conned
to die by George Noory for the escape of the neocon
terrorists who committed 911 with Condi, Runsfeld,
Bush, Myers, Tommy Franks, and General Ahmad. AND
HAPPY GEORGE NOORY KNOWS IT - and cons with lies
naked to the ear of any who can listen or hit record.
A NAKED traitor to the cause of Liberty if we ever knew
one regarding the War Crime facts of Iraq. .And
Ian Punnet is an evil godless enemy Bush whore who
lies too to get YOU killed as the innocent soldier
forsaken so don't forget.. It's YOUR life. It's God's
Gift. Now support our rise for popular international
debates to get these Neoconners behind bars
awaiting Public Trials! "Public"thatsoyu!! Get to
the Phone to call someone to care man.. Johnny
Jesus has arrived! Justice Will Be Done in this,
Our Kingdom to Come.

Justice to the war criminals of
indiscriminate warfare would better serve ourselves
to halt for our safety. The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

Humanity Under Attack by the Zionist Enemy of Life


Not only that but the BBC argued that to show
innocent Human Beings suffering, in CRITICAL
life threatening need of desperate food and
water that Israeli nazi stole, (because they are
unlawful murderous thieves), would have them look
like they were partial to serving Humanity's
interest in compassion for US humans. Over the
Israeli terror Nazi tactics of indiscriminate
slaughter for more Amerikan welfare. Wicked evil
nazi bastards who too, DO NOT THINK IT BEST to
report Peter Powers committed the London bombing.,
Oh yeah, and mercury is neural toxic, anti-psychotics
make us crazy, and sodium fluoride makes us
stoopider while weakening your body for big cash
surgeries - ultimately leading to a profitable
death for dah' winnahs.. So, they, the BBC-NWOers
just needed to avoid the bath or shower,
humidity, Pepsi's purified bottled water product
lines, koolaids, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, Hot Tub,
Sauna, private Whirl Pools, and.. blh blh blh

/ / the FBI says no.. There is not a thread of
fact a zionist offers to form YOUR own mind in
respect for your rights being equal to ours. \ \

Who is the guy who keeps writing such things,, and
shouldn't he be recognized as Promotional to raise
all spirits towards a better future? I'm with him.

The U.S. Is Required To Bring George W Bush & Donald Rumsfeld Before A
Court! U.N. War Crimes

Olbermann | Bush Years: 8 in 8 Minutes

Bush and Cheney are traitors to the cause of
American Liberty. To leave them free, is to leave
America un-guarded from further transgression.

The bushmob doctored
the NIE. Conned Congress, and Soldiers. Did 911,
by closing criminal FBI investigations immediately.
Alex and George don't seem to want US to know
these FACTS that demand arrests of the culprits
responsible for high treason against Johnny's
America. Alex wants your money, and EVIL George,
our enemy, wants your soul stolen for Satan.

Turley: Obama 'accessory' to war crimes if no prosecution

Understand, Alex Jones doesn't want Justice
for Americans because he loses out to better
men that usher a greater life. He doesn't want
the evidence of George W. Bush made public to
defend American teen soldier's lives. The true
fascist Alex Jones, who in silence supports the
escape of Bush for treason, will fail our true
voice for Justice in our times. WE DO NOT rule
the truth we share equally committed to defend
ourselves from lawlessness. And you'll never
rule my right to speak freely over your intent
to sell us all out for monetary swindles, just
like Ron Paul did. Understand: Ron Paul doesn't
even acknowledge 911 was an inside job, or, that
Bush gave zero evidence to form Your opinion.

Alex Jones, the Slave, told US today that
he challenged Bush for eight years - Bushite
lying nazi traitor. Not only that, but he
also ridiculed those who wish to blame Bush
now for anything! Again, he doesn't want
Justice where bad guys can't steal from
ourselves unrepresented. Ron Paul is a
multi-millioniare, made rich by charitable
aid conned from Alex Jones' NWOers! Alex
Jones doesn't have a problem with that, we

King Johnny Guest Caller on Free Mind Radio!
(back-up) http://www.mediafire.com/?ptui9mm15pn


Israel to be Judged - Universal Petition

The demon LIAR zionist Israeli is a godless enemy
of Humanity, much like everyone at Foxnews, CNN,
BBC, and the CBC. Our revolution against the godless
bushite shills, will not allow our revolution
through speaking honestly, (to become of ourselves
something greater), a chance to be televised for
our benefits. Bush closed criminal investigations
immediately after 911. According to the FBI and
Senator Dashle. CNN says you have no power, Foxnews
says you have no power, the BBC says you have no
power, the CBC, the same, like Alex Jones NWOers...
but well, don't believe it. YOU Do have the Power.


/ / International attorneys have filed war crime
charges against 15 Israeli political and military
officials including Ehud Olmert, Tzipi Livni and
Ehud Barak. \ \


We must demand open communications to bring back
values WE ALL would agree to through polite debate.
"Conservatives" don't want this Freedom idea
expressed in general terms because, a "conservative"
is universally, minimally. a bigot. Why? Life isn't
like, their way, - then- all other opinion under
the sun on how things actually get done. (Aka
"socialist" traffic light repair men, or "liberals"
who want to treat The People fairly). Or who we are
as equals to our laws fairly practiced. Pay attention
to what I am saying here. Liberals can be Dicks with
a capital D too of course. But a Hannity couldn't
survive 2 minutes with me speaking on his very real
treasonous behavior in OUR public arenas. Behavior
done to escape the 911 culprits from the long arm of
the Law, with his conscious will of criminal deceit
exposed, we all learn to better defend ourselves.
And Shawn Hannity can't have that for ourselves, he
takes too much money from ourselves as talentless by
keeping US in the dark dying needlessly for traitors
never elected publicly.

Who am I you ask? Johnny Law. at your service. Look
me up with usenet to discover, we live in a world of
idiots everywhere pretending to be somebody by lying.
While I want US all to truly improve our condition by
actually understanding how bad off we are by failing
to respect ourselves for correction. Too many, know
it alls, with not enough to know you need evidence to
form a guilty verdict against an accused man or woman.
Not according to CNN, CBC, MSNBC, Foxnews and the like
however. Let's change this by supporting my challenge
for top billing at the Coast to Coast radio show hosting.
Look for me coming soon!!


Unseen Gaza High Quality: Part 1 of 6

Why is it that numerous visits don't change the
view count? What is this business of a=a+1, the
top secret, I'll go rhythm, that is way beyond
our comprehension in it's scientific complexity?
For Americans, okay, but the Human species just
isn't this dumb.

While Zionists OFFICIALLY target Christian school
girls for mass murder, CNN instead reports that
bushite grunts attacked girls in Afghanistan, posing
as Taliban. I WILL every celeb at CNN to be arrested,
tried and executed for the reporting they have done
today without facts. Remember: the Taliban played no
part on escaping those responsible for 911, and opened
schools for girls, and were brought together on the
single purpose to defend women. Death to CNN reporters
to LIE for killing OUR school girls. I HATE zionist
enemies of Humanity and God I am.

The Torture Ban that Doesn't Ban Torture

/ / Obama's Executive Order bans some -- not all -- US
officials from torturing but it does not ban any
of them, himself included, from sponsoring torture
overseas. \ \

Is America a nation of Law to Live freedom?
Because this SPECIFIC deviant action of Obama warrants
the death sentence under Reagan's "War Crimes Act".
SPECIFICALLY. Or, is it you falsely believe Obama
can do no wrong against innocent people here, where
an illiterate nazi grunt, maybe from South Africa,
will kidnap YOUR children, and torture them to
death for sadistic pleasure, with as they did using
power tools caught in Iraq, according to Iraqi
government official(s), and several soldiers from
Oregon, all because Obama has given an ILLEGAL!
"excuse" to NOT support following the crime scene
leads at our REAL murder scenes? Again, death to the
bushite dumfuk enemy of God, death to the enemies
of a freeing Humanity striving for a just society.
Obama needs to be arrested for this under the Law
as it stands I'm sorry to say my friends. Why?
Torture is illegal in all 50 states, (as Reagan
directly planned), no matter where you ship the
innocent victim to, or from! Read the War Crimes
Act, then demand Justice today, otherwise, it's
YOUR funeral. Obama wants to secretly torture
Peoples here, while lying to US ALL that he doesn't!
A TRAITOR! Who also wants to give bankers 100s of
billions of dollars more to disappear, that WE pay
for, out our door, never to be seen as our own



Don't miss this..


Jack Blood interviews Richard Andrew Grove, an AIG insider and

Alive We Say

And Alex Jones gives us the same guy twice
a week that blames the Illuminati, while
encouraging that YOU TOO! can get money
for nothing like the banksters. Just give
the Alex Jones', NWOers, the "truthers" money
money money money. No time for affording the
explanation that the TREASONOUS bushmob
doctored the NIE. That Saddam wasn't in
violation of 1441. That a NEOCON is
identifiable for it's demonic LIES
against God and Man. Never to tell, the
private bankers don't cover OUR loans,
that Bush PERSONALLY worked to close
Police investigations immediately after
911 (obstruction), or that WE have video
of iron flowing like water that PROVES,
without doubt, bin Laden couldn't have
single handedly placed the explosives
in the buildings, or stole the black boxes.
Because someone surely would have spotted
him dragging his dialysis machine what with
all the professionalism of corporate news
media coverage regarding our horribly
suffering worlds. Alex Jones ignores the
treasons of Bush, as a Bushwhore, and
instead, tells US of how Obama is Bush on
steroids. He only wishes. What about
Justice for Americans Alex? Why for do you
forsake ourselves? For money? What about
the lives lost to mass murder, that you
allege to champion OUR TRUTH without saying
much of anything on real Freedom?, on real
Justice like your deviant election rigger,
Ron Paul? Well, no wonder, Alex told US he's
into shooting innocent American People in
the back as a tyrant of evil, a white Devil
if you will. Kids too if you dare look in
his back yard for a copper. See? Now if Alex
doesn't allow US to speak, more and more will
understand to know why. I am a defender of
all that is right and just in this world,
because I don't need to lie like Alex does on
a huge host of issues. I'm more like Jessie
Ventura, in where I don't need/want to lie.
If I end looking foolish, (of which I like
never truly am), it's a benefit, because that
way, I've learned something. Alex knows
everything already, and 'is always right'.
Like I say Retarded. You weren't right by not
understanding that the banker doesn't cover
the loan. One example of easily hundreds. He's
a typical, he knows it all, know nothing dumduk
American. Hear him on health care speak as
Ron Paul does, and know, I defeat them in under
ten seconds. TEN SECONDS. This is why he hasn't
in years, allowed me to speak more than five
or six words. He's rather all America die, than
admit he does NOT rule our 'Ocean of Truth'.
I want the challenge of opposition through debate
to PROVE my skills beyond reproach. Alex,
every time, just hangs up on anyone who tries
to improve our communications by factually
speaking. Why? Because he IS TRULY deeply
ignorant on what freedom or Justice means. Why
we have law. What a consensus is. Allan Watt is
severely disabled in this regard, another Alex
Jones favorite. And this is why, Allan can't
take calls openly either. He has jerked off
with himself too long to quit now learning
super basic precepts, for like Alex, he "knows"
the inner workings of the 'genius' NWO elites.
Not Law 101, not Bush, not Rumsfeld, Not Condi,
not Torturers, not bank robbers, rapists, or
even petty thieves. Allan Watt isn't a bad guy,
he's just a chauvinist pretending he actually
knows something, when his real disability is
directly related to his absence in understanding
understandings. Doubt is a near foreign concept.
A challenge for Allan: can you get your 'genius
mind' around the fact that Peter Powers did the
London bombings, and not the Illuminati of 1463?
and if not, why are we so dumb to our present
plight that way? Don't get me wrong, Allen has
much to offer, it just isn't the issue right
now on saving our dying futures. Maybe I was
too hard on Allen, he is really actually kinda
cool. Alex Jones too has many incredible
moments of ecstatic clarity increasing in all
they joy of seeking enlightenment. .. Ok -
but this is serious business that requires
little dilly dally with what we'll have as
a side dish in Paradise Lost. We are talking
Human Lives have been destroyed by our inaction
to remedy these failures to communicate
effectively. and.. Jeeze, the weight of my
responsibilities, as just plain John, being
a/the Legos Man - for like the Family and
everythings, get's me never forgetting, all
we got are these words left dormant from the
power they truly possess in the minds of the
wise asses. And.. here I am. I'm a Talker of
Words looking to make a break in the
NewZbiZ. Zzzz... Alive We Say! Alive!

King Johnny, from Earth, has come for talks.


The Zionist enemy, the most evil nazi sons-of-bitches
who openly advocate tyranny and oppression through mass
murder of ourselves as the innocent left targeted
defenseless. Enemies of Jews everywhere, the Zionist
cares not for facts on who's Life it destroys for stolen
gain by lying. That's why they target Jews, for fear the
Light of Truth would expose them as the Nazis they are.

Hamas doesn't have a military though, so,
why not demand the arrests of those who
broke the truce, and murdered innocent people
indiscriminately, on plans more Jews would
die for cash profit? Profit paid for by
zionist amerika? - the false imprisoning
torture and rape center for Neocon

The self-defence defence

/ / This has been a central theme of the war in
Gaza: not that hundreds of innocent people were
killed, not that over 5,000 were horribly injured
and not the sky-high human and monetary cost of
wrecking homes or razing infrastructure. \ \

Court petitioned to arrest Livni upon arrival in Brussels

"We believe there were dozens of IRGC
personnel in the Gaza Strip during the
war," an Israeli source said. "Some were
killed; others went into hiding, and
others escaped."

See? the demon enemy of God speaks no
evidence as a TRAITOR to every Jew. A terrorist
nation that still steals humanitarian aid in
our public realm of left defenselessness. The
false allegation deserves a death sentence
by Jews against the war monger Zionist enemy.
A cause that Iran should champion, if in fact!,
face, unsubstantiated as patently, demonically
false. As typical from any godless Zionist.

Where are the Americans asking for the
formal arrest of Bush for high treason?
Whoring for Alex Jones's contempt for REAL
Justice? The ignorance of all American
talk radio hosts speaks for itself. NO
knowledge on why acts of high treason, are
crimes against every American. The bushmob
doctored the NIE, and Alex doesn't want
Americans to know, because if they did,
they ask, why does Alex do everything he
can to escape those personally responsible
for 911, while then asking for money to
continue his fight against freedom in
America. Again how much money do we have to
pay Ron Paul or Alex Jones before they
will allow the knowledge of the Iraq war
against Human will is criminal? How much?

Obama! feel free to call
on me to help out with a plan for judicial
actions. That offer goes out to everyone in
Palestine, Canada or Britain too. Russia,
let's help out these fools by freely
communicating, what say you? Justice
for all is freedom to be. The Israeli cop
killers must be brought to justice for war
crimes. Those cops, were cops. And I,
am a man.

Alex Jones Rocks!

Now Alex has problems in "my" mind because I am
an ACTUAL genius, and he is generally, an idiot.
Today, he did one of his usual commentaries, however
this time, he was pretty honest with himself, and
his love for Ron Paul. Ron Paul sells incompetence,
and Alex corrected correctly!. that a.. sorry Ron
but these banksters know they're robbing us as
undefended blind men essentially. That's what I'm
talking about!! Look, Ron Paul can be a dumb Ass,
although, he's still not all that bad a guy. A Dumb
guy on things like economics sure, Justice, warfare,
Health Care, Social Security, ect. ect. but still.,
like a child learning of why the sky is funny
blue, isn't all that bad a guy really. He's
certainly not a war criminal, like Bush or
Rumsfeld are. Doing 911 then sanctioning torture.
While Neocons Champion sending illiterate American
teens for death as war criminal. Think about it.
Maybe he is..


“We have all these documents that are now
publicly available that prove that these
methods of interrogation were intentionally
ordered by Rumsfeld,”

Let us understand. These actions "give" a guy
like Willie Brand "the right" to RANDOMLY kidnap
men, women, or children, and torture them to
death for sadistic pleasure with his faggot
Capt, Christopher Beiring. (I think that's
how it's spelt). But anyway, this is the truth.
A bushite is a godless Zionist whore of Nazi
evil, an enemy of America, who wars YOUR Freedom
with criminal "excuses", for refusing to support
the arrest of those responsible for 911. A
TRAITOR, and could be wannabe rapist, robber, or
911 mastermind ringleader. Torture is illegal,
and warrants the death sentence, according to,
Reagan's "War Crimes Act". Some only suggest,
that this was why someone tried to kill him as
honorable. Death to the torturers of our
innocent families, torture they do without
apology as Zionist Military "Judges". Instead
today, where they get salaries paid in the
billions by the zionist giving nation of,
a-mirror-kay, echem, America. Johnny's America.
A nation where Justice will rule for the favors
of all treated equitably with or without you.
Honor me in company my friend. We have no rivals.

"they do not understand, the private banker
never covers the loan. Never does a private
banker reach into it's pocket to borrow US
to begin with - so as a consequence, the
bankers have just pocketed all the 'free'
loot for nothing, TRILLIONS, and are not
saying why should they help anyone else
up with charity?" Then went on to say, it
wasn't any of our business with what they
did with the money. (But for to cover criminal
fraud in the derivatives market, where
the true value of said commodities were
backed by ZERO capital. ZERO DOLLARS. WORTH
NOTHING. So, think about who's truly giving
it always here until Johnny, the man who
came out of nowhere, arrived to explain
everything in five or six minutes.

Support Johnny America for Coast to Coast
Radio Host!


Gaza: 'I watched an Israeli soldier shoot dead my two little girls'

Getting away with murder as 'God's Chosen' chosen
for death by war crimes trial more like. Death to
the criminal zionist enemies of Humanity. Zionists who
falsely accuse without evidence to respect our rights,
like TV corporated Americans who treasonously LIE,
'bin Laden did 911'. Enemies of Freedom for our

[JEWISH!] Arrest warrant: Ehud Barak

/ / For violations of the Rome Statute
& 4th Geneva Convention \ \

They are murdering Cops

2-Bombings target house of Abu Ubaida El Jarah,
Police Director in Sheikh Ridwan area.

3-Airstrike targeting Al Zaytoun police station.

Nazi Israeli are murdering Police Officers,
and the families that live in the areas near
them as once defended from criminals.

It's like saying, every Cop in America deserves
a death sentence by thousand pound radio-active
waste based uranium/plutonium war shells because
Bush stole the election, then committed 911 with
the Neoconned Partners of Public Crimes, Cheney,
Rumsfeld, Condi with General Ahmad and Myers. Now,
I ask all Cops, does that make sense to you as
still remaining silent? You can be a man too, why
don't we all just give it a try. To the Telephone
Robin! Israeli are attacking prisoners held
criminally in their own Death Camps!! GET ALEX
JONES ON THIS! and.... the ADL! er.. JDL.. er..
let US join forces for the common good of all,
as so we will benefit everyone. That means
Justice for all, especially the Taliban for
defending American Freedom by demanding evidence
to form a conclusion of capital accusation,
regarding an unsolved case of mass murder.
Taliban blamed it on concern for life draining,
Music, and news about some, who knows war we are
committed to now die you for, for better or worse,
of mass death and suffering against innocent
Peoples all for glorious Neocon tyranny of inter
national private banker IMF enslavement plans!
in some far off distant places. America! I am
King Johnny.. I am from the Planet Earth, I've
come to share the knowledge of Justice in our
times on behalf of this, Our Future Great
Triumph over Evil. We come in Peace with
a sword for War Mongers, and a choice for
'lawless' grunts of ungodly action against
Life as we live it. Targeting school kids
deserves death sentences, don't you think this
value is what every soldier should hold proud
with Johnny in America? In Israel? In

Chief Israeli Nazi Rabbi "All civilians living in
Gaza are collectively guilty for Kassam attacks"

“In spite of rising the blue flag of UNRWA on
our schools, the Israeli army has been targeting
those schools by missiles and tanks shells.”

U.N. special rapporteur on torture calls on U.S. to prosecute Bush and

[SATANIC ENEMY] Israeli warplanes attack Gaza during Truse

Satanic Enemies of Humanity Kill 8 Yr Old Girl During Fake 'Ceasefire'


/ / Dr. Condi was very smart when she declared
at the outset of the most brutal Israeli war on
Gaza that it was the Palestinian side which
is held responsible for violating the six
-month truce. \ \

She lies, Innocent Christians die.

Nazi argues it's good to get killed Jews by
breaking truces with prison camp.

They shoot Peoples indiscriminately telling US
that's how evil they are to argue it's Your
fault though.

This post was passed to near everyone in our Secret
Service defending Obama. Let US demand Justice for
the Victims of 911, by warranting for the arrest of
every Neocon Nazi Zionist pirate of OUR Jewish faith
for Public trial on LYING for War Crimes against
our dying Humanity. War Crimes against God.


/ / live images of an Israeli helicopter hovering
above the city and dropping its white phosphorous
bombs on the city \ \

Again, the Zionist deserves to die by public trial
today to defend the Jewish faith. Look at usenet.
These demonic enemies go, 'yeah, Hamas broke the
truce', they do it to kill you. To steal the lives
of innocent Peoples to profit off our deaths as

Zionists are Satanic Demon Liars of Satan


/ / Israeli forces demolished the house of the
Sammouni family in Gaza City after ordering
them to remain in it for safety. \ \

Palestinian Children found with bullets lodged in their head

/ / Israeli officials continued to deny on Saturday
that their soldiers had deliberately targeted
civilians, \ \

The Zionist is an
enemy to the God of Love and Justice, of Beauty, and
Children. A zionist LIES with a hatred unmatched in
Satanic hatred for the survival of our species. I
beg you, hunt to bill the zionist war criminal who
charges we will not succeed to see every last war
criminal on this planet hunted down to complete
extinction, by public trial, then Jewish firing
squads. The Zionist has bombed US, The People
indiscriminately with out cause. It was Nazi
Israeli that broke the truce to get killed
Jews for money. They starve Jews in Israel
to attract more charitable aid they can use
elsewhere. They, as Nazis, will continue to
murder Jews for money unless WE DEMAND, their
formal trials and public executions. They have
murdered our families, and they will pay will
their lives for it as the directly responsible,
and in no way, will escape our rages against
them as the enemies of every Human Being
Living for Freedom. Every Human that loves
children. They HAVE ADMITTED to targeting the school
girls for murder with lies they were caught
doing. THEY DON'T GIVE YOU EVIDENCE. And when we
get the facts, it's near always exactly the same
thing: they steal our Homes, they STEAL our
lives. God calls the Zionist Jew Enemy of
the Synagogue to Satan!!

"We also need a massive overhaul in Our news channel
prioritizing, including to add censorship free, open line
public communications. Done to gain value in learning from
the art of conversations. We need still to appreciate the
values of a free society where Justice is above all, the
measure of our success to communicate openly."

The Ungodly Murder of Innocent Men by Israeli Nazis

/ / At noon an Israeli military jeep with four
soldiers entered Tameizi’s land. After 15
minutes the man was thrown, blindfolded and
still handcuffed, into the back of the jeep. \ \

Let us not lose the focus of fact, that these
people of ourselves live in a concentration,
prison death camp, robbed of everything.
in Curfew near anywhere in "peace time". And
still, to this day, do Nazi Israeli CONTINUE
TO THIEVE the Homes of god loving folks in the
region, guilty of no crime but to have been
born into such brutal ungodly oppression
against Civilization. And to see, face no TV
opposition as American tax payers continuing
to fund such war crimes in our absent names,
is a crime on to ourselves if allowed to go
unchallenged. Johnny for Coast to Coast radio
host. Free the Slaves! Free the Slaves!

Binding U.S. law requires prosecutions for those who authorize torture


The ugly secret of Barak and Livni, the truth about the Gaza rockets


See my Jewish friends, these zionist liars
will never escape our love for Truth in this
our new age. Killing Jews for money is as
evil as found, negligently criminal, agreed?

Gaza: lives in ruins

'Ungodly Enemies of Life is the only way
to describe it from here Tom. They again,
are attacking People indiscriminately for
murder as sadistic Satanic enemies of God'

Someone should ask what King Johnny, The
King of the Jews has to say on this subject
of a Zionist's complete absence of morality,
as inhumanly bereft any common decency among
our brothers and sisters. I mean for Christ's
sake Tom, THEY ADMIT to sadistically
targeting our children for MURDER - as some
kinda Satanic demon whore to Pure Evil - aka.
Wanted War Criminals for Public Trial. Just
as the Nazis were for similar outrages. Let's
hope men of America are least half they were
then, but we are suspecting, they will as of
usual, balk as cowardly slaves to the private
banker man ruling their minds, it's a, no
wonder. Where is there that purpose striving
for a greater future living in a just society?
Where is the Christ in their Christianity?
to financially support the arming of such
unlawful Zionist killings in silence against
Innocent Christians?

Free Radio International Broadcasts Alive!

Johnny Justice for Coast to Coast radio host.

BBC argues with Israeli Spokesman over UN School Bombing

Where is the evidence to form any person's
verdict, if none is offered as in respect
for yourself as worthy the title of free
men? I ask as your self? Or are you as
the cowards of most in the American military
who refuse to speak for the arrest of those
who did US wrong on 911.?

King vs Obama on Gaza - Christian vs Zionist


For the Popular Will?

Alex Thomson shuts-up Israeli spokesman!

Wow. The demon LIAR will also say Hammas broke
the truce, and Israeli started this by stealing
innocent peoples homes, then imprisoning
ourselves, the victims, in a death camp for
indiscriminate slaughter. While they continue
to STEAL OUR CHARITY by breaking truces. What
is it that YOU can't picture?

"The view from the other side, that the Qassams
are a retaliation for the siege that starves the
one and a half million inhabitants of the Gaza
Strip, [a prison death camp,] was not mentioned
at all."

Masada legend galvanises Israel

/ / they committed collective suicide - men killing
their own families, afterwards each other, until
one [evil zionist liar] remained to kill himself. \ \

right. They, as documented criminal, lose
every debate personally since before the dawn of
Civilization because their position is clearly
unsound. They are criminals who murder People
in hate for a freed Humanity. They OFFICIALLY
steal Peoples homes in that country didn't you
know they proudly proclaim it so? And steal
humanitarian aid from starving children.
Targeted to murder children specifically as
publicly confessed, 'it is Hamas WE blame',
not them as demonic child murderers. Hideously
evil as ungodly sadistic savages. Enemies of
YOU, enemies of them, and enemies of me, the
King of Jews Christ fellow from beyond the
grave. They are so evil to God and Man,
they tarnish everyone of US to not win justice
sooner by blaming the actual bad guys. Justice
is Freedom.

/ / Those white phosphorus shells used on the
Gazans are made in the USA according to Jane's
Defense. \ \

Again, these peoples are not Jews. Being
Jewish is a religion. These thieves of God
are Satanic in their LIES to betray the
common trust in our words, that bind all
worlds to victory, called freedom universal.
Even tales of the Devil have him keep his word,
with verses specifically condemning the self
to damnation for targeting the innocent for
death. God's the Word. Every word inside a
fool's paradise. Including the periods. Not as
like, I'm playing a word game, but that it in
wonder, is all strangely here. Example: The
Universe as it has existed always, is not
separate from our 'pauses', or faulty drawn
conclusions. The universe, in one sense, was
as good as anytime, created 6000 years ago.
AS TOO 50 billion. You say, impossible, I
say no, study quantum physics, and know, I
live this.. our existence is not scientifically
separate from the timeless nature of
consciousness, proven as not only theoretical,
but actual. That is a first step at developing
a REAL relationship with the living Universe
if you want to as like an artist does - that
TOO! can be just as thought static in it's
orderly constructions for Atheists. (An
Atheist is still mostly a fool here however.)
Overall, for any, it's sorta simple: Life has
left YOU in charge of YOUR fate. Now, do well
to make something of this being as eternal Life
reaching for balance, as your body does, and
good cops do when bringing the bushmobsters to
Justice. By Israeli calling for more murder
against the innocent of your mind as racists
and bigots they are openly, is still shadows
of YOUR mind, YOUR WORLD.. get it, got it? God
is in genius to set Life as this, as like,
nowhere existing, but for as yourself within.
Will you speak out for the Justice denied
Humanity?, or not you? Atheists can be Just
too!, but generally lose it on not
understanding the intelligence of order is
way beyond what they dream up with
assumptions. All anyone has to do is ask
themselves, who do you mean "God"? Atheists
are ridiculous!, but, to each his or her
own, we are on a path here, believe what
you want to believe. This is not a faith
initiative I'm bringing by keeping this real,

A zionist cabal of criminal pirates who murder
Jews around the world for stolen money is
seriously evil as criminal. What do you think?
Let US have a open line discussion on this
indivisible matter of rights to all as equals
before who ever we proclaim, I AM.

I mean you right? Say it with me... "I" "AM"
we are good to go.


George Galloway "The West has DOUBLE STANDARDS when it comes to

“Main actions: Israel targets hospitals, United
Nations premises, Press offices, theaters and densely
populated buildings in west of Gaza. Additionally,
people are being used as human shields”

A Zionist Nazi Being

See? A zionist Nazi argues it's good to get killed
Jews by breaking truces with a prison death camp,
cause look at all the free American Welfare money
we can steal through kicking-back AIPAC members in


Harper complicit in Israeli war crimes

Canadians! Please war with words for open line
calls on the war crime enemy propagandist,
The Chorus Radio Network. CJOB STEALS millions
from Manitoba each year, and refuses all calls
for honesty in governing. They are actual

Canadians Stand Alone

Harper the proven war criminal
who will be going to prison, is the only person
on Earth that has publicly okayed Israeli Nazi
to target murder Christian school girls. Canada,
join me in demanding Harper's Public trial as a
war criminal. Prison for Harper who took a
honorable soldier who stated he refused to commit
war crimes against innocent civilians, and placed
him without trial in prison. Without warrant for
arrest. Harper, the Nazi Appeaser, is a War
Criminal standing against the Queen.

"Or is this another, popular amerikan past time,
of, who cares for the facts, we are at war with
God and Christ now?" Die bushite die Christ always
says against lawless torturers as mass murdering
thieves of Humanity.

shreveport man gets 15 years for stealing $100.00

Again, Americans need to demand the arrest
of the Judge and prosecutor for being openly
evil demons, as TRUE enemies to freedom in
America. But guess what? Americans will refuse
to even phone Alex Jones, or George Noory
to be hung up on. Just refuse as brain dead
zombies - as known in this circle, McCainiacs.
Did you hear Alex's NWOer yesterday state he
doesn't want anyone to speak as Justice for
Americans because to learn even the most basic
of precepts for Justice, he can't pretend he is
a Freedom Fighter begging US for more money?
Like multi-millionaire Ron Paul, who gave the
fixed election up to take our money and walk
away. How much money in the millions do we have
to pay them at GCN, before they will acknowledge
the Iraq war is a war crime? THEY NEVER WILL,
because the faggot owner has a son who's into
raping American women as lawless enemy of Life.
Americans are indeed, selfish, like all the plane
crash survivors telling US how they couldn't care
less that Israeli nazis are openly targeting our
Christian children for murder with their tax
money, as unimportant, to how long they stood on
a plane wing, now approaching it's third day, of
wall to wall coverage. Telling us again of how
Christ saved your life as a lifeless degenerate.
I, as Christ, am really starting to hate all
Americans in total now. How difficult is it to
pick up their phones? They don't, and I'm beginning
to believe it's because, like GCN, they really
don't care for the future of our Humanity being
left for dead as continuing victims to EVIL liars.

Nazi Israel Broke Ceasefire as Satanic:
The Bush Administration and The New York Times v. Amnesty

UN sites shelled with WPh after GPS coordinates given

Livini was reported to say today that, 'every
innocent person targeted by Israeli, as such
driving in ANY car, or on ANY bike, or walking
down the street as then directly murdered, Hamas
will be blamed for. Heil Hitler' Well, I made
that last part up, but do you have the ears to hear
the screams for mercy given by Humanity?, while
this, the evilest of JEW KILLERS in the known
universe, (targeted, and murdered countless Jews
in Lebanon as one example), believes no man or
woman living can speak directly against her wanting
to MURDER even more as ungodly... 'Until the tin
can rockets stop falling on Jews' standing in their
detention centers, or living at the garbage dump
They will rob and kill US all my INNOCENT friends
as LIAR Satanic if you, YES YOU continue to refuse
to support my/our demands for OPEN COMMUNICATIONS
for Justice ourselves. Johnny Dazzler for Coast
to Coast Radio Host!

'Secretary General outraged at shelling of UN building in Gaza'

"I conveyed my strong protest"

Not good enough. Public War crime charges warranting
Death by Jewish firing squad, is what is demanded of
our Humanity. Death to the zionists liar war criminal
enemies of Humanity, instead of US, who they target
for mass murder.

Google have attacked US again as Evil doers..
They have again destroyed my writing with war
criminal intent to deny these truths as men they
could never face me, because they are not. They
STEAL our voices.

They are jewish criminals, not criminals because they are Jewish.


"End the illegal Human occupation of Jewish land in Gaza!"


These war criminals need to be arrested for Murdering
LIES against the lives of every innocent Christian
and Jew. Godless zionist nazi bastards are as evil
as they are dumb. Get every man who defends freedom
truly to hunt down these satanic demon ENEMIES for
thee True Jewish Cause, to ask it why it lies as an
enemy to HUMANITY, to murder innocent others as
evil doing thief to Freedom. A thief of Jews
everywhere to know truly God as Love and Justice.
Not only will Americans celebrate these neocon criminal's
freedom to call for the murder of innocent Christians,
as he does without arrest, "Americans" too, will as
Satanic refuse to hunt the ungodly enemy of the Jewish
faith down as Nazi hunters. No, Americans, cowardly, are
committed to dying with the Nazi Elite, as such
to escape of the Neocon terrorists who participated
in the mass murder of America for more stolen money
as war criminals.


Israeli soldiers say they have OK to KILL Innocent People

Israelis 'shot at fleeing Gazans'

They'll murder anyone human to steal our homes.


We battle injustice by demanding the public
arrest, and trial for execution of proven
war criminals. Now, who disagrees?

Israeli using Palestinian Kids as Human Shields

Israeli Soldiers using Palestinians as Human Shields

Why do you as an American, refuse to contribute
to Just cause?

These monster enemies of Hillel are inhuman
to their prisoners, prisoners who had their
homes stolen and are denied freedom for being
born to Nazi tyranny. Demand Justice for
yourself as a Human.

Some Serious Evil Jarg in Dishonest Reporting

Forgetting about the truce given to those in
a concentration prison camp? Where they are denied
food and water? In curfew prior to near half the
days of the year, for years? How could they not
to claim such self righteousness? They don't bother
because they'd rather YOU were made innocent victim,
then them, Zionists who would screw you out of a house
called home. Did you know: they openly steal Peoples
homes in that criminal nazi state labeled godly?
Of whom openly thieve? Officially? Yes, and they try
to thieve the title of Jew from the Messiah too,
but I'm not going to a slave prison death camp
for innocent humans, I'm fighting back to demand
open communications to rule true Justice concerned.
Freedom is paramount. 911 perpetrators will be
brought to Justice by King of Jews Johnny Dazzler.


Israeli Murders Officer to make it look better


/ / And we may assume that he was a non-Jewish
member of the IDF, given [...] \ \

Lawless evil doing for neocon lying criminals
really sucks man. Our friends are dying murder
victims. They are robbing our humanity of common

Neocon Enemies of the Jew do not Care for Truth

ElBaradei says Iran’s nuclear program is legal: report

But Neocon enemies of the Jew do not care for Truth.
They lie as enemies to God, on hopes to murder Jews
like they did in Lebanon with millions of land mines.
What kind of "Human" would commit such crimes against
Life? Cheating Liars for Satan Johnny tells YOU.

When Bush asked about his errors in judgement:

/ / you know, could I have done something
differently, like land Air Force One
either in New Orleans or Baton Rouge. \ \

Would have been better PR he means? Likely.
He walks away looking good, your family is
dead, or dying due to criminal neglect for
cash profit. Did I tell you that the private
bankers don't even cover our loans yet?
Trillions given by Americans, now Obama is
asking for more to disappear. THEY DON'T
even tell US what they've done with the
eight trillion already taken. Desperately,
Life Begs, THINK ABOUT THAT. King Johnny
for Coast to Coast radio host.

/ / So what is Ron Paul saying about Ron Paul?
I'd wager, he doesn't know himself, and fears
like FOXNEWS from open debate \ \

Excellent! if I do say so myself.


The Queen Shall side with The Great Nation

You can not hand over a prisoner for the crime
of refusing to commit a war crime. Otherwise,
YOU'D be a war criminal like now Harper is.
A Zionist appeaser. The government of Canada
already decided on this issue, and the vote was
137 Patriot to 110 neoconned bushite dumfuk.
The Iraq War is a war crime. These be demons
that steal our democratic voices, by denying
freedom from a man who's capital offense, is
that he tried to be fair for all parties. See?
War criminals.

The Queen Shall side with The Great Nation of
Canada Vs. S. Harper on this. Ask her.

God Bless the Queen.


/ / destroying Hamas terror infrastructure \ \

As Satanic, they TARGET TO MURDER Christian
School girls, and claim, none on Earth will demand
their public trials for executions as War Crimes
against God, because to the Satanist LIAR, (and
many "American" "Christians") God doesn't exist
within YOU to demand Justice for our Times.
YOU change that.

Evil on Parade

43,000 FoxNews Zionists in America, sign petition
in YOUR INNOCENT BLOOD calling for censorship of
Gaza conflict across all America


Stressing that Israel was "the first to stand
up against pure evil." [See? A zionist Nazi argues
it's good to get killed Jews by breaking truces
with a prison death camp, cause look at all the
free American Welfare money we can steal through
kicking-back AIPAC members in Congress.]

"I demand that the use of images and headlines
that misrepresent current events to the detriment
of the State of Israel be stopped immediately,"
the petition went on. [and the 'judge' judges
anything detrimental misrepresents the constant
LYING nature of the Nazi Zionist thieving pirates
of the Jewish Faith?]

This is detrimental to Zionist war criminals
because it exposes their TRUE EVIL NATURE..

Israeli Forced to Admit in League with Satan

Israeli forced to admitting, it lied as a demon
enemy of Life about tin can rockets falling
into the head of a good Jew, prior to the
Neocon LIAR's ungodly criminal attack for
senseless war against Humanity in the region.
When Jews die, these Zionists really take
everything like bandits., Peace where smarter
People speak freely for Justice? not so good.

The Other Side of the Story!


I Want My Bailout Money by Michael Adams the Health Ranger

Breakdown Dead Ahead


Simple Common Sense for Mankind

/ / Israel has admitted HAMAS kept the cease
fire; and that Israel broke it, then unleashed a
total starvation blockade on Gaza followed by
flaming death from the sky aimed at schools,
hospitals, ambulances, and children, and you
dare call the people opposed to such barbarity
a "mob?" \ \

Zionists are evil people who pretend they
are honest, when lying directly to everyone.
Blitzer reports Hammas broke the truce, he
is lying to continue the murder of innocent
peoples. Understand: Israeli Nazi state they
will continue to murder our innocent Humanity
until the rockets stop falling on Jews. Yet,
they broke the truce, and murder Jews routinely
with reckless abandon. Jews from the Bible as
of "nigger" Ethiopian, are what the Zionist
hate when warring GOD for apartheid, apartheid
that is Humanity in Gaza. A zionist is a war
criminal who speaks not against the neocon,
but against Innocent Humanity as YOUR enemy.

Livni: Gaza truce would give Hamas legitimacy

As they always do because they are dishonorable
murderous nazi thieves of God as Just cause is.
I am, and YOU are, you just maybe don't know it
yet, or if ever. A zionist serves Satan to escape
the neocon terrorists from their ungodly crimes
on 911.


Ron Paul:
US Will Be Rightly Blamed for Israeli Killings

Not the Nazi Israeli?

The guilty party are those who advocate these
mass murderers of innocent peoples with
deliberate lies, like from Blitzer. Blitzer
will be tried, and executed a war criminal
for stating Hamas broke the truce., Where,
only two minutes earlier, he learned, that
it was his Nazi partners. DEATH SENTENCE.
It was on TV. BUT SEE? Ron Paul, the Libertarian,
ain't going to be honest here. He'll lie cheat
and steal Humanity's voice for Justice - like
he did with OUR money. A typical Libertarian
like Alex Jones who wants to blame "socialists",
"Liberals", aka, all of innocent America.
Blitzer is war criminal, who makes his own
discussions. As is Ron. What an enemy to not
mention the truce. THINK: IT IS THE ISSUE. But
Ron plays the dummy to kill more with contempt
for Freedom. Ron Paul, the bigot, asked,
'should we be doing this'? SEE? it's not first
degree mass murders, no, according to Ron Paul,
it's argumentative that indiscriminate mass
killing is a good thing really. Remember,
Ron Paul does not support arresting those
who committed mass murder on 911 either.
Or those who STOLE TRILLIONS. Or lawless Bush,
the ACTUAL AntiChrist enemy of God. Ron Paul
will watch America die for a stolen dollar.
And Alex Jones will refuse all calls to label
him good guy like himself warring order
to our universe for it.

Israel is [NOT?] responsible for these childrens death

Ron Paul "When we pick sides, we make it worse"

He also took our millions donated for freedom
fighting away for his family, but not our own
as dying innocent victims giving. Pick a side.

Remember: Sadistic authoritarian George Noory
is a very real DEMON of Satan, who again,
openly tells US, he wants to murder our
species as the innocent forsaken, and Alex
Jones doesn't hear a problem with that
either. Love the bushite blindly, and
they'll kill US for a dollar sukka.

Alex Jones is like the retarded brother we
can't help but love because we're human. He
is still retarded. And George Noory is still
seriously evil as a traitor to the cause of
Freedom in America. And Ron Paul is still
slamming Ron Paul.

Ron Paul "Israel can not act without
Washington's approval"

So, it is Ron's fault then by not mentioning
the truce?, or as that, innocent People are being
indiscriminately murdered in a death camp that
he figures is argumentative? that innocent
People are dying as targeted for mass genocide?
Or is it the Ron who states YOU are to blame
instead of himself for being there, not saying
anything? HEY RON! Can you hear me now!


Contribute to our rise for the popular will

Alex Thomson shuts-up Israeli spokesman!

Wow. The demon LIAR will also say Hammas broke
the truce, and Israeli started this by stealing
innocent peoples homes, then imprisoning
ourselves, the victims, in a death camp for
indiscriminate slaughter. While they STEAL OUR
CHARITY. What is it that YOU can't picture?

Hi. My name is King Johnny.



/ / The targeting of civilians, whether
by Hamas or Israel, is a war crime. \ \

They are targeted by Obama who suggests
there is an argument to be made here. There
isn't. Nazi Israeli DEMON LIARS broke the
truce to kill Jews for money. They are godless
enemies of Humanity. So it isn't that we are
pro-Palestinian, it is that we are pro-Human.
Zionists DESERVE to die, before US, the innocent,
they target for murder for stolen cash gain.
Like Obama has promised to do for AIPAC. But
what about the rest of US 6 billion plus Obama?
Who is it of US innocent folks do you wish to
MURDER, or torture next as a Zionist war criminal
for Satan Obama? Torturing kids is popular in
Israel, tell US Obama, which American father will
have his children tortured, or murdered
sadistically by yourself as a whore for Nazi
Israeli? tell us, we're not waiting.

The Chosen Bad Example

Zionists Destroy Our Homes as Satanic

When I see the women and her child, left outside
while they sadistically destroy her meager gains,
I grow weary with ourselves for not speaking right.
Nazi Israeli are committed to deny US our God given
rights as Innocent persons to speak freely for Justice
realized. All because they STEAL our Lives for monetary
gain. It is our reality, give it or take it, YOU LOSE.

Then.. Hammurabi founded Civilization.

I go concerned for any hesitations of condemnation by
Obama. It's like, he's talking some jive about
how now he'll NOT let the words of Hamas reach
his ears. Being against war criminals, doesn't make
you pro-Hamas, necessarily, it means your against
war crimes to defend the lives of ourselves respected.
Remember: He told US earlier during the campaign that
he wouldn't fear speaking to anyone, Hamas especially,
because he was confident he could win the discussion on
Liberty, by principles that unite all free men. Now,
he has promised the FBI's Most Wanted AIPAC, he will
pretend to not hear any calls for fairness as all
parties united by common cause. Johnny Who? Where did
you go Obama? You were here, then.. pooof! you
vanished into the loving shackles of convicted/ing
criminals is a mass, "WE ARE TRAITORS TO JUST CAUSE"
organized war crime outfit, dedicated to deceiving the
Public by lying. I am not Lying. I'm not saying I hold
his associations as a measure of himself, I am concerned
with him stating, he will not hear our cries for Justice,
as then AIPAC cheered. I was as freaked out about it as
you maybe yourself now, believing it as possible. Check it
out for yourself, and wonder, just "who" is this person
they tell us they're are going to take for as dying fools?
I mean look at what happened to what's his name, when he
sided similarly the same in error as hugely criminal? Come
on be honest with us son, "Are you on drugs?". Maybe he's
just been stressed with all of everything he is heaped
to follow on, NOT to know by Blitzer, that Israeli broke
the truce to kill more Jews for money, and, also STEAL
innocent Peoples Homes while saying, "they are God's
Chosen". Yeah, chosen for, "The Bad Example", of how
Jews are left undefended by these grave robbing war
criminal nazi forces. As the King of Jews, I call for
Public War Crimes trials of the entire bushmob as
terrorists, and their supporters for lawless tyranny.

People are Coming to Town. Justice for All Coast
to Coast radio broadcasts all, until we have secured
the neocons in a prison cell awaiting the treason trials.

We are Good to Go. Rise Up for innocent Life,
or don't and see where it'll get you in the end.


Nazi Israeli STEAL Peoples Homes without
apology, as a function of their SATANIC
government, while collectively bombing the
INNOCENT victims who die because of it.

Gaza 2009 - Operation Cast Lead

Again, they are Satanic here because
they THREAT to tell you, yeah, Zionists
are casting the leads for the real mass
murder scenes - Justice denied Humanity.
God doesn't exist to defend yourselves
from war criminals for Satan.

War crimes trials with public executions
will commence against ever GUILTY zionist
living to lie that Hamas broke the truce,
that Georgia was attacked without provocation,
(again, CNN are not 'accidentally' conning
US here). And trials for every last living
bushite bomber, rapist, and torturer -
death to the bushite, the true traitors who
war against freedom for America, traitors who
war Innocent Humanity for the escape of the
neocon zionists.


Both parties cheerlead loudly for Israel's war Against Humanity

Death sentences MUST be willed by Christians for war crimes.
Death to the bushite, death to the enemies of God and Man.


For the Great Truths. We Stand United

/ / This option is also regarded
as a non-runner as the US would certainly veto that
suggestion. \ \

No no no no. What you do is investigate who this
the "US" person is as the GUILTY party my friends.
The facts have spoken for ourselves without contention.
And while we're at it, try to figure who that "Army
says.." person is too, we need to know who these
traitors are who hide their names backing war crimes
to continue. The Enemies of Civility, they are
enemies of US all my innocent friends, enemies of US

white phosphorus shells on Gaza

listen to the inflection of voice near the end of this..
the mind of a delinquent 7 or 8 year old.. This phenomenon
is pervasive, and illustrates some cognizant short coming in
Calcium or Zinc somethings. However, IT IS THERE. Normally, as
an Expert on Psychiatry, I dismiss the whole notion of
Psychiatry as I intimately know it as pure bunk wacky,
however the study of something here is needed if we're
ever going to convince ourselves dying indiscriminately
this way sucks. As the innocent for profit we pay for,
with lies sold without Public defense of mass murdering
demon traitors to the cause of US falling victims. God
says their Satanic, I just say they are criminals. War
criminals easily convicted for murdering our loved families.
They have no remorse for all that have been murdered
already.. Livini should be on her knees begging our
forgiveness, but she's not because she couldn't care
less for any Jews, especially those she don't have
imprisoned under threat in Israeli 'society'.

It's a 'bad' thing. nnNo.

Israel bomb attack Gaza Civils Palestinians 27/12/2008 launches
missile attacks on 27 Dec 08

This was what Israeli did as a legitimate murder
scene, committed after the Nazi Israeli Jew HATERS
broke the truce. More dead Jews, more money to be
rich with. and we'll blame it on that God nonsense.
We must demand war crimes trials from Obama, and
everyone else down there who is appalled at this
indiscriminate mass murder continuing in your name.
We need arrests of Zionist infiltrators within
the American military who have been shipping
weapons to nazi Israeli to murder more defenseless
innocent People as targeted. Obama must demand
death sentences against these ungodly Zionist
vermins for treason, warranting execution for the
war crimes of accessory to mass murder, or genocide.
For the Great Truths. We Stand United.


Here on a Mission

/ / after dropping leaflets warning residents it was
about to "escalate" its offensive against Hamas. \ \

SEE! This is AFTER fire bombing the whole community.
Satanic evil enemies of Life. Who admit to targeting
any one who has ever so much as swept our streets,
warranting bombs dropped on their Block(s). SEE! they

Riddle me Dumb

Hamas Workers and/or Troops? Out hiding in the mountains
of Afghanistan you mean right? Satanic enemies of all
Humanity I tell you. The most evil nazi sons-of-bitches
who openly advocate tyranny and oppression through mass
murder of ourselves as the innocent left targeted
defenseless. Enemies of Jews everywhere, the Zionist
cares not for facts on who's Life it destroys for stolen
gain by lying. That's why they target Jews, for fear the
Light of Truth would expose them as the Nazis they are.
It's a prison death camp, brought about by Israeli STEALING
OUR Homes as ungodly thieves. Thieves who leave a Jew
to starve to death in a garbage dump because, it'll
attract more charitable aid The Zionist can use
elsewhere. It's not a Jewish thing, it's a criminal
matter. They STEAL innocent Peoples Homes in that
country. God's Country? God would will such criminal
offense? Which God? Not the God of Abraham, nor by
the teachings of Hillel, Christ, Mohammad, or
Confusion? So which absent God do you speak where WE
can't speak as ourselves openly for Just Cause?
Cat got your tongue? How come your not saying anything?
The Israeli Zionist ENEMY wants US ALL in slave
labor prison death camps silenced away that's why!

Israeli War Crimes

Well, maybe I'm wronger on Ron Paul than I needed to.
Hey, don't you EVER forget, I am a man also. We need
to meet on common grounds, to demand the start of
formal arrests for the bushmob crimes of 911, Iraq,
Afghanistan, South Osettia, and Palestine, as a group
together united by agreement for this one cause, and
then... we can later argue about how your ideas are
better than mine because I actually know of which
your speaking.. Hey! you could call me Daddio if you
wanted! To the telephones we go.


Israeli are attacking prisoners held criminally
in their own Death Camps!! GET ALEX JONES ON THIS!

Hmm... why wouldn't Alex? to support his fictions
over Our Rights to Live Free perhaps? A Hero adapting
to the deaths scene?, or, a Bush whore committed to
enslaving Humanity, all so he can say, he told US so.
Big hero or big hero. Your NOT powerless to his vision
of complete control over information. He refuses 911
info, Iraq war info, Israeli info. All so he doesn't
have to look the fool, while Humanity dies with his
insults against our wills to make something better
of ourselves. Justice is what I will. Masturbate on
your own time Mr. Alex Jones.

If he states again about how he knows everything,
and is always right, and those that criticize
him on ANYTHING are delusional, it's going about to
make everyone further sick with this obscene take on
what life means as Alex takes it. If I truly state
two nickels make a dime, does that mean therefor
they make a quarter also? If I say so like Alex
would? He is an idiot. Truly. George Noory figures
Hamas broke the truce, and that the Mideast solution
is that Jews should be separated with special rights,
as oppressors over the freedom of every Palestinian
Prisoner, and what's Alex Jones gonna say about
his 'truth telling freedom fighter' George to actual
'lame ass evil nazi traitor' George?, to YOU about
how George is just trying to murder millions of
helpless people as an offer for the final solution?
We can expect Alex now to claim, Zionists should
have special rights over Jews, all to maintain
his FICTIONS on Noory being anything but the
monster to Humanity he is. Just because Noory
doesn't growl when talking about murdering all
children in around the age of 15, or against
soldiers who refuse criminal orders, does still
make him a true fascist nazi enemy laughing at
your murderers escaping to live freedom in
our dying forsaken worlds. The bushmob doctored
the NIE. Conned Congress, and Soldiers. Did 911,
by closing criminal FBI investigations immediately.
Alex and George don't seem to want US to know
these FACTS that demands arrests of the culprits
responsible for high treason against Johnny's
America. Now, who's with yourself. I am! I am!
I am!

Alex Jones doesn't know squat of Social Security, but
pretends he does, like Ron Paul does when speaking
of the Federal Reserve, Health Care, IMF, World Bank
blahblahblah.. I mean even the expert of experts
Alex has on near twice a week, EVERY WEEK, to talk
all about how the Illuminati are doing everything,(give
me your money now for whatever), DOESN'T SAY TO KNOW,
it was Chris Cox who changed Investment Banker rules,
to cover instead one tenth of WORLD INCOME loans,
even a fifth of the TRUE trillions dollar fraud story.!)
Now, granted, I wouldn't expect one tenth of one percent
of America to have even a distant clue of which I am
speaking, but importantly, Alex's expert of experts has
never mentioned it. EVER. Why? He don't give a fuck, but
how much money he can get you to give him for investing
in things that are un-important to our struggles, but
for the fact, he states, you'll get free money for
nothing!! OUR ACTUAL PROBLEM. It reminds me of those
Ron Paul dollars... where Ron'll fix everything, cause
we, as a private company, are going to make YOUR money
instead... holy fuk mon.. Talk about the kettle calling
American racists. Thank God the FBI stepped in. (The
answer unfortunately is not nowhere as easy as Alex
would blindly lead you) - again, so I guess it will be,
Americans were just too far gone as illiterate
chauvinists, who cared too little for your freedom as
themselves degenerating. Why? To battle tyranny they
knew not Justice wins the day, and blamed innocent
groups gathered wherever, instead of following the crime
scene leads at the real murder scenes - like was once
done on TV and at the Movies. But even that was too
far above their doped down heads, to raise their finger
to dial a phone number.

How about stating "A lawless bushite enemy wars America
as a traitor, to escape the neocons from the crimes of 911."

Then Alex states the head of GCN is giving out gold
at less than it's value as a special treat, every
second or third week. Below wholesale. Now, really
think this thru. Do you think Alex is trying to con
you here? you bet. That is the Gold Racket. Diamonds
are another thing - where I've personally seen,
about a decade ago, a huge press that makes Diamonds
out of coal. Swear to God it's true. Costs to make
diamonds are pennies to the thousands paid to Zionists
who live in Israel calling for the murder of all
innocent Peoples. Where is the rich Zionist, grave
robbing Jew hater to demand Justice for our times?
Where? Pressing coal into diamonds, while advocating
the murder of our entire Human species. THEY WANT
last known to Life's enemies as Jesus Christ, the
Zionist's end every time. I'll have brought more
Zionists to their rightful dooms, than any other,
of any time, anywhere. I HATE Zionist bushite LIARS
to death, all because I Love Humanity too much, to
watch US die undefended as the innocent forsaken.
They can change their evil ways, but till now, often
not, benefiting off our suffering as war criminals
who simply lie as demons to steal our Human values.
Let's change this for our betterments. I mean the
Halo is a dead give away..

The head of GCN has a son warring God to rape American
women as lawless enemy in Iraq for the Neocon - again
NEVER mentioned as something worth fighting against for
Freedom in America - soldiers are suppose to REFUSE
criminal orders - but not when Alex is at the mike.
He will never mention the Bushmob doctoring the NIE
to con America for death as exampled, because it
doesn't fit his fictions, where all the bad guys
escape because they are geniuses headed by secrets
so powerful, nobody can ever know'em, except Alex.
He tells us near every day, he knows everything
already, and is never wrong, therefore you can't
criticize him. Bullshit. It's like he wants to be
wise like Johnny Gawd is, without doing anything like
studying for a test where the teacher actually does
know the issues. He told US today, the British came
up with concentration camps, from the Indians - who
spent all their lives murdering themselves. The
British 'invented' false imprisonment? The British
came up with the, Jews Killed Jesus? The British
invented Pope Gregory VII? I suppose Alex has never
heard of Ghettos. SEE? he just pulls shit out of
his ass, and calls it like it's truly pure gold you'd
wanna buy. Those, like your typical American have
no clues, so they figure, Life must be sorta so that
History is all one big Alex Jones NWO cartoon. What?
that the NWO did 911, and everything else that use
to instead, require criminal investigations to nab
the actual evil doers? Alex Jones IS the NWO he tells
US all we should be concerned about never stopping,
like it was in the DARK AGES. Justice Alex, why is
that hard for you as a "Conservative" to figure? Is
it because you are cowardly in the face of true
Liberty? Afraid that some People, on some Issues,
ACTUALLY know a great deal better than you could
even imagine presently? Don't like that do you?, where
you don't rule this Universe as a lawless tyrant
desperate to live in an illusion at the expense of
everyone else dying victims to censorship? Does he try
to find wise men or women? rarely. "Ron Paul [MUST]
leads our truth movement" - like, fuck off already
with the Ron Paul, The Truther, Bullshit Alex Jones.
1% is what YOU get on Social Security deposits - 1%.
And.. Bush stole 700 billion. 700. Billion. That's 700
BILLION. It's a "Trust" account. A "Trust" Account. It's
being held in "Trust" Alex. Ron Paul is asleep at the
wheel. As, so are the rest of all you other fools..
I want Justice, and I want it now for all the victims
of 911. Americans be damned, we want Justice, and We
want it Now.

In Texas, child rapists are given the right to
freely move about without fear that Texans will stand
as armed Men in defense of their very own offspring.
And Alex wants this for the rest of America. That some
how to own a gun, means an American would kill a cop
who beat a women near to death for pleasures that
he could never be Publicly arrested for, as a
sadistically evil nazi bushite fuck. Look, if YOU DID
kill that particular DEMON COP after the Chief
refused to arrest him, you couldn't possibly go to
jail in Johnny's America, because the truth would win
out in a fair verdict. And REAL cops would honor you
with great big, thank you. Nothing worse than a
cop (or bushite grunter) who believes the Law doesn't
apply to him while he drives drunk, tazers someone for
nothing, abuses Women, or kids, to sell drugs, or
kills good cops, who are good men. (Like mercs do in
Iraq officially for Rumsfeld's P2OG. Coming to an
American city near you!)

Again, the two Laws of Johnny:

1. No evidence, person innocent.

2. Torture? fuk you and die then

"Rice says it is 'hard' for Israel to spare civilians in Gaza"

We KNOW they are ONLY targeting innocent People,
the ungodly zionist Satanic enemies say so..

"Israel Rejected Hamas Cease-Fire Offer in December"

Livni has declared her country "is not going to show restraint"

"Her" country?

It's like she's admitting here, that they DO NOT
target the IDF's Hamas, but only our innocent lives
as a threat to LIFE and GOD. Remember: the Zionist
LIARS broke the truce.


/ / So, Hamas decides it's time to end the
cease fire and has begun shelling Israel again. \ \

This guy even sounds like the Satanic false
accusing enemy of God he is. Let US, as Humanity,
hunt these real devils down, try them, and have
them executed publicly for the benefit of God and
Man. Understand: this REAL DEMON knows he's lying,
no living man on Earth could spew the vile lies he
does to excuse indiscriminate mass murder, or starvation,
as this Zionist enemy of life sells to STEAL Your
HOME, your Family, YOUR LIFE. An open enemy of God
trying to STEAL the Title of Jew from Christ. EVIL
ENEMY OF LIFE. See, when a bushite dies, you served
Life well in defending their next INNOCENT target.
Zionist FOR THIS TREASONOUS LIE. Why God asks? Because
there isn't any evidence to support that Satanic lie.
According to the FBI. And according to God, Zionists
are not Jews, but of Satan as enemies of every life
form in this Galaxy, Hunt him down, and bill him
today for the love of God. You can 'hear' it in his
voice.. how he lies TO YOU as a DEMON of a Hatred
for Truth and Humanity. Facts, that are easily
available, are not what he works to mislead others,
others he hates, and wishes to murder for as ungodly
sadistic pleasures as YOUR enemy. Bill him under
American law for being pro-torture too while we're
at it. Death to bushite, death to the murdering
enemies of God's Love for Mankind, and enemies of
TRUE Justice for Americans. The fuking demon enemy
lies to you, as a con to STEAL your life, or just
as soon, the life of another innocent other. Now,
what are you going to do about it? Except his lies
as exceptable, as he tries his hardest blatantly
LYING to kill God and Justice in our Worlds? Not
in mine, but perhaps Yours.

' In Civil-Contempt Cases, Jail Time Can
Stretch On for Years for Americans, without Ever
seeing a day in Court. '

Where are the arrests?, then firing squads for
the Judges who 'judged' such criminality against
freedom for US, the Peoples in America?

' Where Did Taxpayer Money Go? Panel Slams Treasury

Where are the arrests?, they stole eight trillion
and counting.. And Congress 'slams' them for
disappearing OUR MONEY. Slams with what?, a,
don't do that again please butt sqeeze? It should
be massive slammer time, with a return of all
STOLEN monies.

' THEREFORE, those pro-Israel politicians in Congress
won their seats in part using stolen money. '

Where are the arrests? Amerikan bushite nazi grunts
are assisting in the mass murder of innocent Christians
in Palestine. War crimes demanding death sentences. It
isn't an argument that can be turned around. Nazi Israeli
STEAL Peoples Homes without apology, as a function of
their SATANIC government, while colectively bombing the
INNOCENT victims who die because of it. It's a prison
camp! they are denied water, food, shelter.. since four
or five truces over that they've broken, every one. These
are Satanic enemies, willing War Crimes against God,
a God NOT loved by zionist American Nazis. And a Son
as powerful as the four winds, ridiculed by Zionists,
and American know nothings, for the continued debasement
of YOUR soul worth here dying.

Israel Attacks Iran News Station

Why does not Iran DEMAND arrests, and death sentences
for these blatant war crimes against Humanity committed
by Amerikan Nazi Israeli Zionists? Along with the
perpetrators of 911? WHYWHYWHYWHY. Russians! Can you
help US out?



Rise up for Justice American Christian, or
die innocent victim the Son of God does say.


Pictures of Alex Jones masturbating
"we were right about it all."

It's the NWO! The Illuminati! Not Bush, Cheney,
Neocons Gone Wild, or any of many other REAL
criminals, for the war criminals are just
puppets to his EVIL fictions. Forget about
Bush escaping.. Socialists who design traffic
lights, and Liberals who will to share fairly are
Alex's enemy, because he's fearful the FACTS
would escape his denouncements against truth
tellers. George Noory, one of the most despicable
individuals on the face of our great Earth
- is exactly the kinda guy he wants returned
to send his wannabe Patriots nowhere but to die.
What about Justice America? The bushmob doctored
the NIE. TREASON. There is video of iron flowing
like water from the towers, seconds prior to
the collapse. Alex ain't there to help US, for
that is where TRUE Patriots fight for real
Justice. When WE phone with indisputable facts,
on Ron Paul the bush whore sell-out for example,
he lies to all (GOD), then hangs up on US. Is
that the kinda freedom you think the Founding
Fathers had in mind to give Your rights to
speak for Alex who blames anyone but the
criminals directly responsible for your
funeral? The private banker never covers our
loans, so why give them trillions without
questions offered without answered as, never
mentioned by the guy who is 'right all along
on everything under the sun', and.. he 'rules
the Ocean of truth' too don't you know YOU have
a steak going all rotten to hell here also?
You'd think Alex would take our call just for
the challenge on where we stand? I'm free!

He is not. And George Noory tells us openly, he's
into killing innocent kids for profit. George's
profit is that apparently, by murdering all
children in around the age of 15, will stop them
from getting a clue at anytime in the future,
to take him out as an ENEMY of EVERYONE for
censoring our cries for Justice. Why is it that
Alex would invite obstructionist, Steve Quail,
or Alan Watt, on to lead you nowhere while they
jerk off, but where we gotta go to actually defend
ourselves? Steve has been on with Noory more
than a hundred times, and, we'd figure, Alex will
soon be delving into the Alien questions also.
Answerable by me in seconds, but ahhh.. like Noory,
doesn't want the truth of such a subject uttered,
just endless streams of illiterate bushite dumfuk
losers sucking on each other. While they wrest
from US the wonder; just why we can't stop
criminals from robbing ourselves, while murdering
our families? Alex wants to blame the unstoppable
NWO, while I, want to blame those actually
responsible, like Bush and the proven treasonous,
Neocon terorist liars who are pro-torture.
With arrest warrants. All of them. I'll do it for
Reagan's, War Crimes Act, as an act of respect
for my Great America, that's isn't always been
dying dead wrong under the leaderships of

Israel hits Gaza after UN truce resolution

/ / AP Israel and Hamas responded to a UN peace
demand by hammering away at each other with bombs \ \

The IDF's Hamas is hammering away with what at who?
Is the AP referring to the tin can rockets that
travel usually several miles, but in one case,
22 miles? To kill a Jew standing outside in his
yard, thinking on how he would defeat true evil in
his time? Tin can rockets that contain no explosive
charge? Have no mistake, if it hits you in the head,
your dead, but really, what do you think the odds
are on that? E=mc². Or is this another, amerikan
past time, of, who cares for the facts, we are at
war with God and Christ now? Joe is an American Zionist
"Plumber", who has amassed a multi-million dollar
fortune in the competitive industry by shit eating.
Every bushite death is a mercy given to God in defense
of all that is right and Just in this Universe. A
lawless bushite enemy wars America as a traitor to
escape the neocons from the crimes of 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

Now or Never - One Peoples Rise to Power

J. Wizard "The fact that Bush gave you zero evidence can not be



Traitors to the Cause

Bush and Cheney are traitors to the cause of
American Liberty. To leave them free, is to leave
America un-guarded from further transgression.

UN: Israel Admits Claims About Attacked School Baseless

US military re-supplying Israel with ammunition through Greece

House and Senate Compete To See Who Can be Most Pro-Israel

This warrants the Death Sentence to Republicans
who have committed America to these war crimes
- DEATH SENTENCES. Christ DEMANDS these trials
to start tonight on America's Coast to Coast
radio program. It's called first degree mass

Israel broke the truce on Nov. 4th, yet state they
will continue to murder Humanity indiscriminately
until a truce can be found that they will break,
as always, Being the Satanic enemies of God and Man
according to the Bible:

The Bible "I know the blasphemy of them which say
they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of

/ / UN Call for investigation into shelling of
Civilian shelter \ \

Investigate that evil does exist in the thieving
LIAR name of godless Zionism? The enemies of God
and Jews everywhere?


Freedom Granted by Americans for Neocon Liberators

"Americans are having their heads velcroed to chairs
and forced to take in nutritional supplements by a
tube forcibly inserted through their noses by US guards."

These are People not charged with any criminal
offense don't forget. Die bushite die you know is
what I recommend, as does Reagan. A dead bushite
means you've saved the life of their next victim,
an Innocent Human Being guilty of no crimes. The
war criminal enemy is the bushite, the Zionist,
the LIAR neocon traitor to Life as this Universe,
along with every dumfuk grunt who serves tyranny
for the bushmob at Guantanamo, Iraq, or Afghanistan.
It is a soldier's oath to obey lawful orders only,
but Cheney they don't take out with American Law -
how come? cowardly fascist nazi whores for Zionism's
evil as the ungodly that's why. Cowards dying for
the escape of the Neocons from the 911 scene as
reported publicly. - Vs. US. That's we whoever
you are.

Widespread Suffering and Death

Notice no one shoots at the blimp fire bombing the
entire neighborhoods. And if it's phosphorous, that
smoke is already deadly toxic. That is why it warrants
the Death Sentence under International Law when used
against OUR Humanity, as the most evil of Nazi War
Crimes ever. The neoCON LIARS are the LIARS conning
you here on our TVs and Radio dramas, in where, they
don't want to openly take our public calls for real
Justice. Bush and Cheney are traitors to the cause of
American Liberty. To leave them free, is to leave
America un-guarded from further transgression. So,
them being "puppets" is even all the reason more to
insist in their capture for trial by Jury. A Public
Jury of our Peers. Now, who's in with You? You can
count me in. and I bet willed to action, we will find
others to be something of ourselves too.. Justice
and Liberty for All. Equal rights given is what true
freedom is as measured. Translated from the 'Alien'
dialectic to Amereeze jank vibe; where is the fucking
evidence here Neocon traitors who false accuse to lead
us off the straight and narrow? It leads to Bush,
Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Condi that's why I figure, you
figure, they figure, we figure, so... what are WE
going to do about this sacrificing for godless tyranny
further then as unrepresented?

Gaza Mosque Struck as Targeted by Israel Air Force 1 Jan. 2009
(Why so you may wonder they've had this string going
now where a secondary something, then there! that proves
something absolutely apparently, without the intellect
to fairly judge anything, particularly themselves honestly
as dishonorable thieves and murderers, targeting prisoners
held hostage to their own camps. Death camps. Nazis are

Humans for Coast to Coast Radio Hosts as Frequent
contributers to the mention of Justice by name. Your
Rights, Your Word, Your Future, Your Life, This World.
Join me in proclaiming victory over the enslavement
of Humanity, through Justice realized as practiced.

If Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing! VIDEO WAS CENSORED!

Views: 1,212,890

Israel Facts the Media Isn't Telling You

Views: 358,960

Maybe we know it, but we just don't know it yet?


Israel Attacks Jews,
Silence from Mainstream about Violation of Law

They kill Jews for money. They bombed Jews in Lebanon
for money. They want to bomb the HUGE sacred Jewish
communities in Iran.. wonder why? Zionists are not
Jews, for Jews don't steal in God's good name. Nor
target innocent beings for stolen gains. A zionist is
a thief to life, and as such, needs to be formally
charged for their criminal offenses, given lawyers,
and upon a successful prosecution, rot in a prison
cell and/or pay restitutions. YES. why? so not another
innocent person must fall in their place as next
victim to a zionist's public commitment to lawless
tyranny for evil intentions.

Johnny for Coast to Coast Radio Host


Israel Phones 'Terrorists' Before they Bomb Homes

Didn't the Nazis say something like, they weren't
there to take out Hamas directly? Well, after all,
it was founded by the Zionist IDF, so I guess that
must be why they target our children instead..

UN: "Israel knew they were bombing a school"

/ / The hospital, and other smaller hospitals and
clinics were previously shelled by the Israeli
warplanes and tanks, stressed Hassanein. He
also denied Israeli claims that medicine and
medical supplies had arrived to Gaza hospitals. \ \

The Zionist is a thief of Life as our enemy.

IDF VLOG UPDATE: IDF Hits Dozens of Hamas Terrorists
- Capt. Benjamin Rutland - 4 Jan. 2009

This Zionist enemy of God speaks like a six year old.
"Hamas Terrorists", "4. Jan.", come on now, how evil
do you have to be to believe this ungodly demon sells
you righteousness. They STEAL our food. They are OUR
criminal enemies who torture innocent Peoples. A
godless criminal enemy who also steals Peoples Homes.
And drops millions of land mines to murder Jews
indiscriminately for decades. Commits war crime after
war crime against Humanity. Vile bile.

They killed our innocents, and unless we kill
theirs, they will go on killing ours.”

It is the crime of which they demand WE are outraged
against. Welcome to Humanity's suffering world due to
lacking communications skill. The term "they" are
referring to is YOU. Your innocent life Israeli
intend TO STEAL, TO MURDER, TO ROB YOU Your rights
here granted by God. These are ungodly acts of mass
murder, perpetrated by enemies of Life. They targeted
a UN Girl School for Christ's sakes. please fight back
by supporting my calls for open international dialog.
Justice must win our Freedoms back, for there is no
other lazy TV'ed ass, pop a pill to make it all go
away, plan 'b'. Look at me! I'm not crazhey! We can
handle this no prob.. I'm a perfect King for these
times of wonder and horror. equal rights are found
through open communications for a measured Justice
we do contain. Evil is the deceived disguised. And
i am a god... on a mission.. Ladies?


The Appropriate Response To Islamic Terror

/ / an Orthodox Jewish Russian immigrant \ \

Let US never forget, the Zionists also would bomb
some locations, then later, drop the warnings
for the Jews to run for their lives. Didn't warn
them though if they get into a car or truck they would
be destroyed instantly by the Zionist flying the
America paid for Apache. I did a big show of shows
through that continued as, more 'un-resolved' crime
scenes perpetrated by the treasonous, neocon Zionist
terror merchants. It's like they think some dying
fools are going to keep going to save'em in the end
from ourselves as still suffering in Justice denied
as enslaving into ungodly tyranny eh? These Zionists
are not only the bad guys, but they're bad guys to
even the bad guys as there is no found honor among
murderous thieves. A Zionist will kill a Zionist for
a stolen nickel, as do bushites today. Hey! it's only
Your Life in the balance. Or are you one of those
who goes in America, it's okay, we're only murdering
innocent folks who don't live in Israel.

Doing what's right and just, or evil as dumb is
Your riddle. Get back to US on that.

We need People are Equals Power!

President and CEO of Shareware Earth Co.
King Johnny Wizard at your service me Lord.


/ / It is just unacceptable to apply two standards of
morality, one for Jews and another for non-Jews.
For if what Israel is doing in Gaza is right, as
Israel and her supporters maintain, then what the
Nazis did in Europe several decades ago must have
been right as well. And vice versa. \ \

The ungodly zionist enemies, are enemies of
God and Man. Don't think the NAZI Zionist like
Bolton doesn't know this, with his friends at
FoxNews.They WANT to rape, murder, and pillage
America all her freedoms for the bounties of
private banker frauds. The banker does not
ever cover our loans, we do. So, why give them
trillions of American worker waged dollars for
nothing?. THEY DON'T COVER LOANS. See? that is
what this war against God is all about. People
of Humanity just seem to truly hate a guy like
US as wise and Just. See, people hate US, because
they can't for their lives disagree with Facts.
Why won't YOU support these same rights and
champion our demands for open communications.
Johnny for Coast to Coast radio host.

US Again Stops UN Call for Gaza Truce

Who is this the "US" person?, and let's
put him to death with Bolton and Kalilazad
for the most serious of war crimes against
OUR Humanity. Remember, Bolton was NEVER
confirmed because, the Zionist could find
no man or woman to say a single kind thing
about him. FACT.

CNN: The Nazis Broke The Ceasefire!

Protest pictures from around the world (not on CNN)

Remember Israeli nazis to this day, insist as
DEMONIC LIARS, Hamas broke the truce - as Hamas
is responsible when they target school girls for
slaughter. They said the UN were secretly attacking
Jews, clearly a LIE as impossible to prove because
it didn't happen. But facts are the furthest thing
away from the godless false accuser Zionist con man
or demon witch LIAR like Livini. FoxNews calls the
demon witch a Jew! ANTISEMITES.

We can witness, Americans do not have the intellect
to understand what this means. See, LIAR Nazi Israeli
broke the truce to get killed Jews for money. A
regular fair for Nazi Israeli. Now, they state they
will continue to indiscriminately murder humanity
until the tin can rockets that travel miles stop
killing Jews who hate Zionists. But importantly,
it is Israel that wants Jews to die, so they can
make off as Satanic with our stolen values. Just
like the Bush family did with Hitler, that the
Nazi Nation has no probs working gun in hand to
wipe out Jews everywhere still to this day. Again,
Nazi Israeli MURDERED JEWS in Lebanon as targeted.
And leave Jews to starve to Death in Israel for
more charitable aid they can use elsewhere. Public
knowledge not disputed by any living soul on this
planet because, the Zionist government admits freely
to this. Israeli think being Satanic is worth it,
for all the money and lives they can steal as enemies
to Christ, Hillel, Mohammad, YOU, blahblahblah.

And, as demonic thieves, they steal homes from
innocent god loving folks. US. But see the McCainiac
HATES you as being a virtuous man or women, so they
call for more indiscriminate carnage against Humanity,
on failed hopes, that we as God are not going to come
down to hunt them to the ends of this earth, try them,
and have them executed for the war crimes of Torture,
Rape, and mass murders committed for the neocons
escape of 911.

Joe the Plumber to cover Gaza op

/ / Wurzelbacher says he'll spend 10 days covering
the fighting and explaining why Israeli forces
are mounting attacks against Hamas. \ \

Don't want an intellectual who might have a clue
of what is transpiring with the forces of Satan,
fuk, CNN'll likely hire him also. Don't you just
hate this treasonous lying nazi demon? He has no
journey man's license, never did, isn't a plumber,
and doesn't have the millions of dollars he claimed
he did to purchase a company that would have rolled
over 250,000.00 a year for himself alone plumbing.
Plumbers, as good as the job is, never generate that
kind of money. Who cares though, right? A Nazi liar
is what Zionist's want, and that is what America gets.
TV'ed Americans couldn't care much less. Evil nazi
McCainiac who's sworn existence, is to con teen soldiers
for death to raise the fortunes on the un-elected
Neocon bushmobsters now fancies himself a teacher
on the struggles against evil. It's like that faggot
at anotheruntoldstory.com, who's into murdering innocent
Gays, while fucking his own brothers up the ass, who
runs ads everyday at GCN, tells US now, all about how
evil we all are for demanding Justice. How long do you
think that'll run with the Alex Jones towners still
raising no concerns? It's for the money as Ron Paul
would say.. Again, it is to divide ourselves from
true liberty, by demonizing the innocent on our radio
and tv channels. Instead of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld,
and Condi.


Loading Image...

Read of the bushite in my America who call this work
of Satanic enemies, a good thing they support to
war terrorism for the sadistically evil liars of the
neocon. Then KNOW my friends, a bushite is the enemy
of every living soul on this planet. Have no love for
those in the Air Force, the enemies of Man who bomb
our families without excuse, but to know, they hate
US as Christ to speak free for Humanity. That DEMON
George Noory was so happy last night about all the
good the bankers AND CHENEY are doing for their hatred
they spoke of for all Russians. SEE? not to protect
America, but to kill you with their true commitment
to the demonization of innocent people, all to escape
the neocon terrorists. I HATE George Noory more than
anyone alive in America. He is so openly evil to ourselves,
that only those who wished to lie to you, (like Alex
Jones does about Ron Paul), would say otherwise as
bushite dumfuk enemies. Cowards committed to escaping
Bush and Cheney for treason against Freedom. They
doctored the NIE on Iraq, highest of war criminality.
Alex Jones has never mentioned it, but for MAYBE in
passing. Hey because all the bad guys are just puppets
to ignore over the elites, globalists, socialists,
liberals, gays maybe, Blacks, Mexicans, and anybody
else smarter than NWOer Alex. Ron Paul is a coward as
rarely if never has a clue of which he is speaking on.

Israeli PM says to end offensive if Gaza ends rocket attacks

Sarkozy urges Syria to press Hamas for Gaza truce

How does the ungodly get away with this obscenity?
Nobody can deny Nazi Israeli broke the truce, as
they always have done as Satanic for the last 60
years. Killing Jews for money is popular with the
Zionist Nazis don't you know us by now? FoxNews CONNED
Americans for DEATH with the unmentioned, TREASONOUS
doctoring of the NIE. To kill Americans for more
neocon gains, which Alex Jones never mentions either.
Do Americans even care enough to raise Humanity's
call? Do they demand public executions of sadistic
godless Zionist torturers? as the Standing Law of
America - The War Crimes Act - brought to be
by Reagan - DEMANDS by the Law of America? It is the
Law after all, yet, CNN, CBC, and FoxNews calls the
perpetrators of the most heinous evil against Mankind,
heroes. America is
a nation of godless cowards willing to die murdering
innocent Christians in Israel, all for the profits
of the 'magical' zionistic private bankers. Bushite
grunts are now supporting the indiscriminate carnage,
serving as police services forbidding any of the
prisoners in Gaza from fleeing the indiscriminate
slaughter. Again, as Satanic, they don't arrest the
"Suspects", for what could they truly charge them
with?, no instead demand we die helpless murder
victims by forbidding escape, as they did in Fallujah
murdering more than three hundred thousand innocent
souls. Die bushite die screams to all men on Earth
from the Son of God. Will you stand for YOUR life
as truly worth something here? Like lawless enemies
Policing your reality will bring you more happiness
and prosperity with the great truth teller HAPPY
George Noory? The demon who openly confesses the
will to want to murder all children in around the
age of 15? Too crazy for you to face such an enemy
of huge demonic origin, so, go the cowardly way
like Alex Jones as sell out slave instead, to cover
the demon with endless praise on his treachery to
not have our fight on everyday with open calls for
understanding Justice is freedom. Instead of a
constant stream of bushite dumfuk enemies of Living.
This isn't complicated. Or it doesn't have to be.

Israeli nazis state they will murder humanity
indiscriminately until rockets stop falling on
their country. Yet, they broke the truce.

Alex Jones told US as a deceiver, he's been
on Coast to Coast a hundred times. Not in these
last eight years he hasn't. I demand Alex prove
this, or be known by all far and wide a treasonous
liar, trying to take US off the tracking of
criminal action of his buddy, the demonic enemy
LIAR George Noory. bin Laden didn't do 911,
despite the facts that WE KNOW George Noory
knows better of but LIES to con the American
teen further for death at the profits of the
un-elected bushmob. See Alex wants you to blame
anyone but those directly involved in the crimes
of 911, or Iraq, or those responsible for it's
cover-up by Zionist propaganda. George Noory will
have as invited guests whos only function there
is to spread dis info as supporting more
indiscriminate warfare for the escape of the
neocon terrorists responsible for starting the
illegal wars to begin US at. Or those whom often
support torture, a war crime that only exists as
irrationally held by those who's minds have only
a blind hate for the indivisible rights of
another innocent other. And often truly hate men
and women for being Just as wise. The McCainiac
Zombie video is a perfect example. When the Zombie
is asked about the rights of Women, the McCainiac
Zombie cried out for raping more Women. The
position of authoritarian power, was only found
with the bushite as oppressor, rapist, torturer,
or Air Force Bomber, not liberation by freedom.
The bushite McCainiac KNOWS it can't compete
openly to defend it's criminal treasonous
actions! Remember, Alex "the Conservative"
thought McCain was the choice if you had to make
one, earlier on, then changed his position,
sort of, later by calling them all puppets not
worth the effort, but .. Obama's idea's matter
not, it's that his Birth Certificate is, no war
too be fawned. Palin? who's she? McCain
firebombed Vietnam as "war hero" for France?
The Banker doesn't cover our loans? Matters

Norwegian doctor: Israel intentionally targeting civilians

"All that is happening in Gaza here now is against
international law, it is against humanity and I
think it is against what it means to be a decent
person. You don't treat other people like this.
Even if you disagree with him… maybe even if you
fight with them, you don't treat civilians, children
and women like this."

Israel deliberately targeting civilians in Gaza

It was almost acknowledged on CBC radio that
nazi Israelis, use the argument that a tin can
rocket traveled miles, to kill some innocent
Jew as a direct hit (likely a person who hated
godless NEOCON), all because that nazi state
has OPENLY, as PUBLIC policy, stolen water and
food including baby formula, along with a huge
list of other atrocities, to punish God and
Humanity since way back before three of four
truces. AGAIN, Nazi Israeli always, as ungodly,
break their truces. Why? Because YOU, or Christ
as any Jew's life means nothing, to all the
'free' billions they'll get from given American
worker wages. Look, Americans refuse to call
for the arrest of Bush on their national,
"truth telling" Coast to Coast radio program.
Why? Because, for one, George Noory, (Alex
Jones' best buds), has told US he's into
killing innocent kids as powerful, and that
'bin Laden did it', Is good enough for US.
You don't get a say here however how you will
live or die. George Noory calls all grunts
heroes, and those who refuse criminal orders,
those he wishes to go ballistic on. Yes, it's
true, George Noory is still alive and happy
as ever.

Rise Up for innocent Life, or don't and see
where it'll get you in the end.

Again, every soldier in the Air Force serving
for the neocon liar is a traitor warranting death,
to save the lives of their next innocent victims.
They have murdered more than two million people
in Iraq. They are pushing heroin into America
from Afghanistan. They are raping AMERICAN
women as officially "LAWLESS" (can't be arrested
but through Rumsfeld - who has not seeked any
prosecutions for the raping of American Peoples.
For all Americans in America - while paying
with American wages, South African death squads
to murder Black men) and TV'ed Americans refuse
to speak for Justice denied themselves. Zionist
amerikans only see US as innocent others, not
themselves to pay, but they do pay, they will pay.
God, nor John will not live in a world where
bushite grunts walk freely down our streets as
first degree mass murdering rapists, torturers,
and thieves. Celebrated by CNN, CBC, and FoxNews.
Especially when they DEMAND they have greater
rights than Human Beings. Mass Murderers deserve
immediate death sentence to defend ourselves
from their demon lies and betrayals to God and
Man. Every CBC and CNN reporter who reported
Russia attacked Georgia unprovoked will warrant
trial, then death sentences for their total
commitment to the Satanic NeoCON enemy war
criminals. Remember: they targeted for murder,
helpless innocent families. YOUR family. CNN
wants you to blindly believe, CNN personalities
like ENEMY George Noory are so happy, why would
we think they willed death against our great
Humanity by conning you for more stolen money
through the sacrifice of YOUR life for zionist
criminals who laugh at your powerlessness to
raise your voice for Justice.


Stealing the Title of Jew from Christ:

Fallujah by the Sea: Aping America, Israel Unleashes Chemical Weapons
in Gaza

Look at this picture of nazis indiscriminately slaughtering
our Humanity, while on MSNBC they reported that the Nazis
will continue to murder Humanity until a truce can be found,
A truce that the Satanic enemies of God will naturally break,
as they ALWAYS do. They are godless enemies of Life who wish
to steal the Title of Jew from Christ. They targeted Jews in
Lebanon with seven million land mines, and let Jews starve to
death in Israel for more charitable aid they can steal from
G-d's Good Will. When asked by Israeli newspapers why, it was
said to kill a Jew is rewarding for the godless Zionist.
Public record. Die bushite die.


/ / In doing so, this makes Israel guilty of using
its own people as ‘victims’ for political purposes. \ \


What Israel Does Not want God or Humanity to See

Look at the comments from bushite grunts glorifing
in this indiscriminate slaughter of Innocent Human
Beings. Evil enemies of God do breath our air.
Die bushite die.

Israeli broke the truce knowing such action woud get
killed Jews in Israel, a cash bonus!

LEAKED: graphic, uncensored video shows carnage in Gaza

Zionist Enemies of The Jew do not Care for The Truth
Zionist Enemies of The Jew do not Care for The Truth

FBI E-Mail Says Bush Authorized Abuse of Iraqi Detainees



Israel or Hamas who broke the truce




This web site is the winner of greatest interest
internet site of the years 2000s.

Israeli plan to topple Hamas, re-instate Abbas

/ / Breaking the truce Nov. 4, then, was Israel's
way of getting the gears rolling for this whole
sick game: the toppling of Hamas, and the
re-instating of the impotent Abbas into Gaza
so the "peace process" can remain forever in
formaldehyde, to quote wiseass, er., Weisglass. \ \

Nov 4th! - perfect!. We are dealing with Nazi war
criminals who refuse US, as a Species, Justice
for everyone. Especially The Jew's Jew, Johnny
America. Hint: they call us Love just to hide our
complete agreement with this Living Universe to
will Justice for God as every last bushite zionist
freely moving. Once all the neocon zionists are
rotting in a prison cell, or formally executed as
godless war criminals, we all will have one joyous
welcome in a heavenly future.. Until then, demand
Justice for US. That's YOU too. Angels included.
Who? I don't see no Johnny Wizard here anywhere,
We are Good to Go. Rise Up for innocent Life,
or don't and see where it'll get you in the end.
The bushmob are traitors for closing official FBI
investigations into 911, immediately after the mass
murder of Americans occurred. Treason, of a, trust
WE don't have it in US to stand for our common
values as the Revolution will not be televised,
Johnny Who. Man, are we or no? Be Somebody, then
get on your phone to call in for Justice willed.
Alive I Say! - this must be where you'd raise the
dead and dying.. if you only could raise your finger
to dial the phone numbers - well guess what? - I Command
You Can! - snapoutofit - Speak for pursuing Justice
on 911, and show serious concern for publicly paying
private banker men trillions in worker wages for
nothing. This is seriously disturbing, yes, but
seriously important to address openly in our spaces
to remedy with a Johnny Wizard World Wide Work of
Wonder, Super CNN Special of Specials, with Your
Host, the One and Only, President and CEO of
Shareware Earth Co. John Himself. Hey everybody!
Wow eh? So a.. when is the good guys showing up?
Now. Justice. I want US to Host Coast to Coast for
open Public communications, where things get
solved because we know whats we're learning about.
We of god, this way comes, then men and women with
calculators to know: giving money to private bankers
on hopes they'll lend a small fraction some back
to ourselves at high interest is dumber than rocks.

Arab American rally in Dearborn for Gaza

Israel Drops White Phosphorus Bombs, Littlest Victims Suffer

My friends, demonic evil forces do exist to STEAL
the living rights from anyone of us, especially
including the Jews. Remember, it is the zionist who
steals God's good name through lies left unchallenged
by private corporate interests tied to the CON of
private banking in total. Christ is a Jew too.
Israeli broke the truce knowing such action woud get
killed Jews in Israel, a cash bonus! Like starving
Jews do attest on a infomercial that ran for near
18 months across Canada. Then covered by the Israeli
press, that the Zionist officials there actually
enjoy the prospect of suffering Jews because it,
OUR SUFFERING, will attract more charitable aid the
ungodly criminal enemy can use elesewheres! Hitler
revisited. I am the Son to God and I wouldn't lie
to you about an issue as hughly Satanic as this.

White Phosphorous: Israel fires artillery shells into Gaza

We can overcome this, and create a better world in
the process. It's back to the simple things: open
communications, and evidence, evidence, evidence
to convince ourselves truly of anything. We are
in a horrible dream right now, that we must arrive
ourselves into for comforts. Arrest the Neocons for
treason. That of course includes anti-gay faggot
Bolton for his and Kalilizad's treasonous lies
brodcasted on FoxNews these last few days. And
Peter Powers for the London bombings while we are
at it, then, we'll really being going places.

/ / My relative's neighbors- 3 young children- were
all killed today \ \


Satanic Enemies of Christ

CNN with Blitzer allowed reported on Larry King
that Hamas broke the truce, without any uttering
of fact. While when the nazi israelis were accused,
just minutes earlier, Mark Regev could say only
silence. The zionist Satanic enemies of Jews speak
only silence, because they know they are satanic
enemies liars of Human will.

Again, these SATANIC enemies break their truces
everytime, then state, it is Humanity's fault
because CNN will never ALLOW the humans to know.
They are murdering innocent People in hospitals
for example, or those in a Church, just as
amerikan bushite nazi grunts do for the escape
of the neocon zionists responsible for 911. To
hunt a lawless bushite nazi grunt, and kll it
instantly is to defend it's next innocent
bombing victims. Bush and Cheney closed 911
investigations on 911, therefore killing a
lawless bushite traitor for our Humanity is
just to get ourselves together to arrest those
responsible for mass murder on 911. The deaths
of bushite zionist liars is a mercy given for
the love of God. Die bushite die.

Israel Nazi State

Israeli nazis state they will murder humanity
indiscriminately until rockets stop falling on
their country. Yet, they broke the truce. They
always break their truces. Understand these
Satanic enemies of God, dropped seven million
land mines on Lebanon when learning the conflict
was over. They will kill Jews for money, THEY are
the Nazis. Nazi Mark Regev is clearly insane.
'It wasn't israel that started this' He could
not stand with any man without instantly being
exposed to All of Humanity as a war criminal in
need of immediate public trial for death sentence.
These are only innocent people being bombed. In
a concentration refugee camp. Look, it's a prison
camp. And if YOU
were a prisoner there, and Texan child rapists are
something you'd wish to defend your community
from, you'd maybe join the Gazan police force, run
by Hamas, a political group democratically elected.
All police officers in Gaza, Nazi israeli claims
warrant 1000 lb bombs, not warrants for arrest for
a criminal offense. Remember, it was Israel that
broke the truce, as so is spoken by Palestinian
government officials speaking internationally -
using the example from November. But understand,
as Satanic fraudsters, they always fuck over Our
Innocent Humanity this way.

What kind of "Human" would commit such crimes
against Life? Cheating Liars for Satan God tells

The Bible "I know the blasphemy of them which say
they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of

Look, these enemies of Life steal INNOCENT PEOPLES
HOMES as thieves of The King of Jew's simple philosophy.

The Reality of Zionist War Crimes in Gaza

The zionists aligned with Bolton are using
radio-active weaponry against all Christians.
What do "Christians" in America on Coast to
Coast have to say? Nothing because that demon
enemy of Life George Noory, the pro child
killer, insists as Truth's closest most
bestest friend, bin Laden did it.

most moral army in the world:

Our reign of terror, by the Israeli army

Glorified by CNN, CBC, and FoxNews:

“do the Gazans know that only Hamas is to
blame for their sufferings?”

Remember those same news groups will KILL
Americans too with poisons in our foods
while smiling as George Norry does Daily


Gray Ghost

/ / Funny thing noone ever shows pictures of
the scumbag Hamas rockets falling on Israeli
civilians, but the nooz is full of Palies
suffering. Fuck you all I hope Israel
exterminates the vermin. \ \ He can advocate
the MURDER of innocent people for the neocon
liars, and Google doesn't destroy his account?

Remember Zionist Nazi Israeli started all their
murder rampages against Innocent Peoples for
'free' welfare money, as broke the truce with,
IDF funded Hamas on Nov. 4th. They have been
indiscriminately bombing People with excuses
that never do add up. Example: Nazi Israeli
stated they were in the right to murder ANYONE
in a car or truck in the entire nation of
Lebanon, (especially in the Jewish communities)
because like enemy "Gray Ghost" would say, all
those innocent Peoples deserve TO DIE AS MURDER
VICTIMS for his sadistic ungodly pleasures.
Remember, Nazi Israeli didn't mention this until
thousands has already been murdered, then even
still, without radio, TV, or newspapers, telephones,
or sky writing how were ONLY THE INNOCENT JEWS
as officially targeted to know? Then the seven
million land mines to kill innocent kids for
generations. To the enemy of Life, Gray Ghost
it matters not that Israeli started the conflict
by sacrificing nazi vermined trashed as Satanic
dumfuk enemy soldiers sent across the border,
to Grey Ghost, all it knows, is Justice must not
be allowed to win this game for our human race,
for he would be truly seen as a sadistic enemy
of Freedom, powerless, or rightly dead for
his proud treasons against life in this universe.


Please John begs all People's of Humanity,
Americans do not have the courage to even speak
concerns for their dying as evil state of godless
private banker ruled blind tyranny. 'Duh, yeah
give billionaires trillions, trillions, TRILLIONS
to help the poor homeless mothers poisoned by
FoxNews CRIMINALLY.' Gawly je, I dunt no y dat
detnt work-ed' - o wel, cary ohn my wayward Son.

Livni: Gaza truce would give Hamas legitimacy

See? this is why NAZI I$raeli thinks they have
an excuse for bombing people indiscriminately
to break a truce they signed on to. This isn't
a one time, maybe two time occurrence, but every
time in the last 60 plus years the zionists
aligned with Hitler have. Satanic enemies
of Humanity.

ANTI-SEMITE is FoxNews every time they assault God
with "Israel, the Jewish State" to torture, steal,
and murder.?. ANTI-SEMITE!

The Ungodly Zionist - a report from the front

/ / The most recent victim of Israeli airstrikes
was 10-year-old Ismail Hamdan \ \

To the Satanic enemies of Man, the Ungodly Zionist,
an innocent murder victim's life can not be allowed
a defense such as the charge of first degree murder
against Netanyaho because, he states no Justice to
any who believe in the Jewish cause, as Hillel, of
freedom as Liberty for all. If Jews ran Israel,
Netanyaho would be chastised publicly by the Humans,
for sanctioning the criminal acts of first degree
murder. The nation of Nazi Israel STEALS Peoples
HOMES. What other nation on this Earth commits
such willful crimes against innocent Human beings
OFFICIALLY? Steals homes from god loving innocent
folks and labels it our 'Justice system'? Who? Neocon
Amerika, the nation that gave trillions to bankers
recently on only prayers that their gods will maybe
lend some of their own money back to them at high
interest. But alas, evil is the deceived disguised,
as in their deep ignorance of money and virtue, they
do not understand, the private banker never covers
the loan. Never does a private banker reach into
it's pocket to borrow US to begin with - so as a
consequence, the bankers have just pocketed all the
'free' loot for nothing, TRILLIONS, and are not
saying why should they help anyone else with charity?
it's the amerikan way. Instead, hate the wise socialist
who designed a working good traffic signal system,
where lives are saved and congestion is eased, or
hate the white man, the black man, different People.
But never Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney, or Rumsfeld, the
neocon traitors who closed criminal investigations
immediately after the crimes of 911 occurred, who
doctored the NIE to con America into death, and
never slight the trillioniare private banker gods,
who have stolen/taken our public authority through
war criminals in Congress. Taken from all others
to bring us a much poorer world suffering due to
our speakings of contempt for Justice as christians
in America - who claim in silence only indignation
for real Christian families robbed or murdered
Officially by the zionist state of ungodly Israeli,
paid for by dying America. Americans refuse to raise
their phones for the arrest of the bushmob for capital
mass murder, so, what's private trillioniare bankers
walking away with the entire economy in free fall
going to do for them, when they are already to
death for the glorious Zionist Neocon thieves of
Civilization? Proudly in hatred for Innocent
Humanity. Again, Hamas was founded by Zionists
in the IDF, to kill Jews for money - public record.
Jews starve near death in Garbage dumps of Israel,
all because the Nazi Zionist UNGODLY government
states it is beneficial to starve Jews, for, they
will receive more humanitarian aid THEY can use
elsewhere. Public knowledge. Zionist liars murder
innocent Jews for money, like they did in Lebanon,
and like the zionists did on 911 by forbidding the
pursuit of the terrorists by following the crimes
scene leads at the real murder scene. Unjust
enemies of Man.

To arrest those responsible for 911, we are going
to need to form a public warrant for a person or
persons. Bush and Cheney are guilty of closing
investigations on 911, treason, called obstruction.

UnHoly Nazi Israeli Racists are Greater
than the censored words of Messiah!

IDF's YouTube Gaza channel to Correct Ourselves

/ / it will disseminate footage of precision
bombing operations \ \

Precision? They dropped seven million land
mines in Lebanon, after having seeked out where
the Jews lived, (Northern Lebanon), and murdered
them firstly! JEWS. They, as enemies of God,
like those of FoxNews, will refuse these type
of FACTS on their hatred for Love and Justice.
Their hatred for Jews, real Jews, like me.
Understand: American baby formula has been
contaminated with poisons, and FoxNews doesn't
think it's important to their corporate
responsibilities to kill ourselves further for
profit. The Zionist will murder anyone just to
steal your belief in God as Love. They HATE me
for being wise and Just. Hate. For, why wouldn't
America support my demands for open radio
communications on the Coast to Coast radio
network? Americans would rather murder Humanity
before Justice succeeds beyond their illusions
of grandeur through the mass murdering of
ourselves for stolen gains. The banker does not
cover our loans! Giving them trillions for free
unquestioningly is dumber than rocks. Enough.

Fake Rocket Attack

Remember however, the Zionist has no qualms
about killing Innocent Jews too if it means
Americans will get it more free welfare to
murder ourselves. They openly STEAL Peoples
homes in that nation run as thieves don't
You know? Or as it is just open public
knowledge that the Zionist excepts that
911 was actually a good thing for them as
war criminals reaping the cash rewards for
continuing capital murders?

/ / Ehud Barak promised that the war would
continue “to the bitter end.” \ \

That is you there Barak promises to end
bitterly as the innocent the demon targets
for ungodly murder. How could ANY REAL MAN
steal food from a Christian baby? How do they
do it?, as the inhuman. (Like bushite do in
Iraq, while on CNN in interview tell US, they
are there war criming for neocon traitors to
steal everything as "helping the Iraqi
children". They offer no clean water, no food,
just indiscriminate bombing campaigns of evil
incarnate. True fascist nazi enemies of true
freedom in America who advance censorship to
anyone like myself. Why? They lose. They are
not men but Satanic enemies of the King to
Jews, the Messiah. I Am. Thieves to the
scriptures of Hillel, and of Moses. Thieves
to the intent of every true religious person,
for God is everywhere. God is the Word, and
the Word is Holy. So, fuck you and die bushite
nazi traitors to American Justice, those of
them who refuse US open free words to resolve
their war criminal behaviors as is done in
godless Israel today against INNOCENT
Christians. Done before another innocent other
has our homes stolen, or is murdered by the
lawless grunting bushite dumfuk enemies of
Jesus Christ. I am King already, always have
been, always will be. Live with it. The Koran
is filled with great understandings on this
relationship. Christ is mentioned more than
Mohammad - and Mary can be understood as the
mother of all being before we are. a virgin.)

Look humans, you've
had your fun murdering yourselves, now the wise
people will compete for bettering ourselves by
understanding. Who the fuck are these illiterate
monsters at CTV national television? and how can
they willingly keep our soldiers in the dark dying
that way by simply smiling? Are they experts in
anything? are they respected researchers? writers?,
politicians?, civil rights lawyers? - do they even
respect ourselves enough to be warned of vaccines?
NO, instead they LIE with such contempt for Humanity
I am surprised Canadians, don't speak out more..
perhaps they do, it's just CBC, CJOB, and the
Winnipeg Free Presses of our World make no attempt
to inform ourselves about it. They don't take my
thousands of calls, how about Yours?

Life is real to know, if you seek, and not go
so freaked out as Living is as it always has
been. Knowing God is cool, 'amazing', yeah,
whatever, but we are of too this real world
suffering for our lack of respect for a wise
person speaking. I WANT FREE PUBLIC DEBATE
that too much for US to ask freely? What say
you Googler? Afraid I will truly make your
banker gods look like fools?, the gods we all
give more than half our lives to for nothing?
Don't want to look truly dumb as deathly
ignorant, so censor US all themmers you are
too in command of your Fate. So be it. See?
Stand in. I didn't even really do anything
there, yet it's written, it's done. A Miracle!
Imagine: your Christ! YOU. now what are you
going to do.. time is ending for you remember,
now what are you going to do? Will you pick
up your magic phone and call likewise for
Justice denied, or will you crawl up on your
cross and die in silence for the glorious
Zionist aligned with trillioniare private
bankers and Satan? Christ is of all peoples.
Your on a mountain.. You've raised yourself
from death already, and your here to do
something greater for the love of God..
what's your plan for the common man? Welcome
to the real world my friend.

Morpheus 'Nobody can tell you what the Matrix
is, you have to see it for yourselves. .. all
I am offering is the truth Neo, nothing more'

Lawless Police to Defend Who Again?

They Call it Terrorism

"Israeli nazi enemies call bombing people,
like they do without apology, terrorism.
What can't you figure?"


/ / Stand down 'Christian' nation. It's
not your babies. Ethnic cleansing is not
a 'sin' as long as the 'chosen ones' of
Israel do it. \ \

Israel, the nazi enemies of God nation broke
the ceasefire on November 4th. Now, as demon
liars claim they want to honor a ceasefire
again to further steal ourselves from the
Love of Justice. Why do the godless Zionist do
this always as first degree murderers? Because
they can't win an open debate on their treasons
against God and Man. The private bankers DO
NOT cover our loans. Again, these SATANIC
ENEMIES OF GOD dropped seven million land
mines on Lebanon while target killing JEWS.
INNOCENT JEWS. Targeted. Northern Lebanon,
look it up. Israeli MURDERED Jews. Innocent
Jews as targeted for more stolen charity. I
again, beg you to support my call for war
crime trials against the bushmob, including
CNN demons who report a total contempt for
YOUR life dying. Your call loser.

ISRAEL: No civilian casualties in Gaza!

Satanic enemies of God as anyone included.
Think: who buys these demon lies to steal
further from our innocent Humanity? Zionists
do at CBC and CNN, who will murder America
by openly lying to destroy freedom. Example:
CNN reports Georgian nazis who targeted
children schools, churches and threw grenades
into our homes to murder as minions for Satan
are called freedom fighters. Just like the
Third Infantry, the new lawless police officers
of California, who can't be charged with rape
for example, because ONLY Rumsfeld can okay
such prosecutions. Hey who cares for Iraqi Rights
right?, for TV America's CNN with FoxNews and
George Norry doesn't, for it's only American
women and children now right nazi enemies? And
WE ALL KNOW, cowardly America refuses to even raise
their phones for these dying concerns. How can
George Norry continue to live happily dying
America for the neocons? How? they let them.
Alex Jones thinks George Norry is just
fantastic, so no, don't encourage the NWOers
to demand free communications, because if we
did, Alex Jones and the like, would factually
look like the idiots he is. (better to die
America than face this foolishness?) The
banker doesn't cover our loans, we do Alex.
So giving them trillions in American worker
wages is a bank robbery in progress. Simple.
NOT a diabolical ingenious plan, we, the simple
folk can't figure without the Alex Jonesers
geniuses of thought control developed by the
CFR, builderberg, the Boners and NASA.

Obama stated all lawless soldiers who war for
godless Zionism are heroes, which includes South
African death squad goons who murder my nigger
friends. AEGIS. I call them lawless enemies of
God, deserving death sentences to save the lives
of their next innocent victims, Obama calls them
heroes warring for the escape of the neocon
traitors responsible for 911. Who are you going
to believe?

Look, I plead


/ / Calcutta police arrested Mukhtar Ahmed
for procuring SIM cards for the group without
knowing that he was an undercover operative.

He was on a long-term mission with police
in Indian-administered Kashmir. \ \

His cover was blown?

This is a guilty\accused party to the offense,
and blind men of state plate, 'we're going to
maybe let him go, so they can start a war of
mass suffering and death.'? Who is "we" enemy?
Why is this story not where it should be? Who's
interest does it serve by further dying
Humanity to: we don't care about not stopping
terrorist crimes in progress then? Don't be a
Nazi. Why? Just because. THE 'suspect' WAS IN
there you nitwits. Under who's command was he
working?, and does Condi figure in there some
where by sending TV America elsewhere? Who is
set to gain money in the planned indiscriminate
murderous bombings, and let's try, then execute
them instead of US as innocent victims how about?
King of Earth I am,

An American Patriot

FDNY Lieutenant Admitted Plan To ‘Take Down’ WTC 7

Protect Elections, Prosecute Rove

/ / The GAO reached the estimate of 190,000 missing
arms - 110,000 AK-47s and 80,000 pistols - by
comparing the property records of the MNSTC-I against
records US General David Petraeus maintained \ \

Understand this: Saudi commander Buford Blount, gave
out 170 tons of explosives for looting, all so they
could, shoot us up in Baghdad. A Saudi commands the
Third Infantry as traitors to the cause of Freedom.
Cowardly dying Americans are so due to self contempt.

9/11's a lie

Creating a nation of zombies


In a Normal World

"It's not that we're Jewish, it's that they are
war criminals."

IAF plans to hit targets in 24 hours

"General Mullen is pressing our authorities to
allow India to hit certain targets,"

In a normal world, Mullen would be questioned,
then arrested, tried, and executed with Gates for
trying TO KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE for cash profits
stolen from God's America. But the nation is filled
with cowardly know nothings.. how do we know this?
They refuse to even pick up their phones to complain
about DYING needlessly for the un-elected Zionist
neocons. The TRAITORS who did their part to carry
out 911. America only PRAISE real demon George
Norry who openly lies to the ears of America, while
advocating the indiscriminate slaughter of all
children in around 15, because he claims, that way,
you reduce the risk that they might sometime in the
future own a gun to kill himself as a REAL bad guy.
These REAL monsters will kill your American kids for
cash. Why? Because YOU refuse to even raise your
phones for concern. It's "just" your neighbor's kid
who'll get the vaccine shot filled with toxins, drink
the American Milk, chew the bubble gum, eat the
Campbell's Soup, or drink the tainted water. The
poisonous water containing sodium fluoride is in
soft drinks, beer, and bottled purified water costing
near 3 dollars that Pepsi openly confessed, they just
get right from the poisoned public taps of Boston,
unfiltered. TV America? where are you man? Why do you
still refuse to raise your phones? You go in faith
WITHOUT science, with reason?, without God, or even
crave my words as the Great Son. Why do you forsake
yourselves? Are you not worth the effort to say your
own lives are worth something too?

Charlie Manson "Yes, your honor, I did authorize
the killing of Sharon Tate and the rest, but you know,
we need to focus on the future rather than the past!"

Bushite Nazi grunts of the Air Force have bombed
more than a many innocent persons, claiming we as
Humanity can't hold them to account for their
murderous crimes of STEALING our lives. It is an
oath soldiers give to obey lawful orders only,
yet, a bushite's word means nothing. They bombed
Samara for no reason but to die. They bombed
Fallujah for no reason but to die. No honor,
no courage, no manhood.


Jewish Rabbi: Zionists are Godless Criminal Thugs


Where's MY Bailout???

"It's must be good to be too big to
fail, or be a fat cat too big for jail."

In who's world?



/ / Where does Israel think these people are
supposed to go, after evicting them and
torching their homes??? \ \

See, the thing is, these Satanic enemies of
both you and me, (along with every other
life form is this Galaxy), seem to think hurting
innocent People, murdering ourselves actually,
will destroy God's Good Work for Justice
in our times, while they make of as terrorist
It's not that we're Jewish, it's that they are
war criminals. How could any living Man, On
Earth, STEAL food from innocent infants and
mothers? Randomly send in Military rockets
into refugee camps? Who? SATANIC CRIMINALS WHO
HATE JEWS. Jews, Real People, like me. To all
be fair is my motto, as was countless others
- as also known as The Golden Rule. (look for
Johnny's The_Golden_rule.mp3) and don't forget
about Confucius!



"In other words, Washington exerts more control
over the ISI than the duly elected civilian
government of Pakistan."

Now, that's bizarre. Imagine doing it, then
blaming yourself for it on hopes one thing
doesn't lead to another. All are innocent.
Justice is freedom. Lawlessness is evil dumb
man. Sorry, but that is now the world turns.


Will Congress listen? IMPEACH NOW! Bush is a Threat to Peace


CNN Don't Want to Take our Questions

Cheney worked immediately after 911 to close
police investigations, as so reported
on Meet the Press, with the late Tim Russert.
Simple. Or cowardly like Alex Jones call him
just a puppet, and blame the NWO geniuses
hid away in far off places, manipulating to
secret out the blind idiots who don't truly
believe in elementary logic. This isn't

Fed Refuses to Disclose Recipients of $2 Trillion

Bernard Madoff -- The $50 Billion Thief

This spot where the Jews laugh at law men,
then get all their life savings stolen, is
THE classic in the halls of Zionist History.

Some say, Christ, the Jew, is a law man
too don't you know.

This is What Americans Are?

/ / the United States has refused to sign
a declaration presented Thursday at the
United Nations calling for worldwide
decriminalization of homosexuality. \ \

Again, this Zionist infiltration is
designed to divide our populations through
demonizations against the Innocent. There
is no crime in loving people despite what
GCN advertizes.

"The concessions made by the Olmert-Livni
government to the Syrians do not and will
not obligate a government that I shall head,"
Netanyahu said. The concessions of indiscriminately
murdering US repeatedly? Understand to know:
The Zionist is a Satanic demon enemy of Humanity
according to God, in the Bibles all timelessly.
Netanyahu, the demon, is so ungodly as evil
criminal, he will likely "win" Istraeli the Zionist
election on a public platform of godless tyranical
theft and murder. Remember, Israeli Zionists
funded the creation of Hamas to kill Jews in
Israel, and TRUE Jews also live in Lebanon, Iran,
Etheopia, Canada, and the North Pole, and we're
the "niggers" there too that Israeli despise -
like as they who PUBLICLY supported South Africa's
oppression of Innocent South Africans for stolen
monies. Satanic I tell you. Don't believe? in
innocence? That's the power of Peres, the devil.
Evil a zionist criminal is proudly. Peres will
tell you, all about when Zionists target to murder
little old ladies as he did on Larry King, it's
really not Satanic, because they'll blame the
murders on someone else completely different,
as US, the innocent. blatantly. In your face.
While CNN goes, uhuh, gotta kill those Jews in
Northern Lebanon. As Syrians too! Israeli dropped
seven million land mines on more than 170 towns
and villages given to them from Condi! a godly
nation of Jews? ANTI-SEMITE is FoxNews everytime
they assault God with "Israel, the Jewish State"
to torture, steal, and murder.?. ANTI-SEMITE!

Again, the two Laws of Johnny:

1. No evidence, person innocent.

2. Torture? fuk you and die then



"You can't count on Congress or the Courts to save yourselves"
Ron Paul - The oUtRAgiOuS fUnnY MaN

Ron Paul is a traitor. He didn't support arresting
Bush for 911, or for the killing of American teens by
doctoring the NIE. Now, Alex sells Ron Paul, is
his leader of OUR truth movement because he says
there's nothing he's going to do but blame poor
people, or socialists,

"The Liberals and the Socialists, along with
the Communists and the Gays, with the Muslims,
and Community Organizers with the freaks different
that me did the murders", said near all the retard
bigot Conservatives blindly false accusing.
Example: Condi says Pakistan's ISI committed the
murders, the FBI says no, there isn't a scintilla
of evidence to substantiate that. Condi says
Pakistan's ISI FOR SURE did the murders, the FBI
says no, there is not a whisper of fact to form
that conclusion. The "Army" says for sure Pakistan
did the murders, the FBI says no.. There is not
a thread of fact a zionist offers to form YOUR own
mind in respect for your rights being equal to ours.
Condi only tries to hypnotize the "Conservatives"
into believing something without understanding,
without knowing. Sean Hannity does this everyday
on purpose to kill innocent American teens.
Conservatives are universally ignorant People,
and sometimes, serious war criminals like Condi.
Taking US off the target of following the crime
scene leads at the real murder scene. The
"Conservative" mostly doesn't have the mind to
understand Justice is freedom, like the NWOers,
so they false accuse US as Innocent others, for
crimes they don't speak for as Our true defense.

I'm counting on you kids eating right, and
knowing you belong free here. I'm King Johnny.


Imagine: Alex doesn't ask 'hero truth
teller' Ron Paul for a million or three for
advertising on Bush and Rumsfeld's prior plan
to invade Afghanistan for Enron. Why not?
Who's money is it still anyway? Ours. In
God we Trust. Wanna see a card trick?

Christ Loves Everyone!!

I can FIX Monstanto's GMO assualt.

How? by understanding the science
involved, that Monsanto DOES NOT, and Alex, not enough.
(look for works I've done A DECADE AGO FOR ANSWERS -
Google however has removed more than 20,000 documents
referencing my writings as of last month - do you care?
That a man such as great as I, will not be allowed to
give my works for free to Humanity any longer? -
People of Earth: undertand, many in America say YES!
here, because they truly HATE Humanity's cause of
Liberty and Justice for ALL. Google closed my
Jew_Boy_Johnny account, all because of vermin like
"shitskin Moslem", who openly message in the
hundreds daily for murdering innocent Moslems,
who pirate all of Google Groups with racist
nazi slurs, just needs simply complain I am anti-Semitic
- The Son Of Man - no trial, no questions, no answers!
I can not post more than three times every four to six
hours, otherwise, they close my accounts, while at the
same time then, go through years of my writing to
sadistically destroy more. They figure they have
something in our Courts to support their treason of
assisting in mass murder against America by Zionist
theives who steal the title Jew, as in godly? while
shitskin posts hundreds daily pirating everyone's
threads with his EVIL hatred for God and Humanity, if
not even more from Israel) Not the Alex Jonesers way,
but the actual way logically understood as where the
problem resides. DNA, as is life, is multi-dimensional.

Where is this
"Christ" that CBC, CNN, GCN, and RBN harp on
that speaks nothing for real Justice to the victims
of 911, or Iraq, or Afghanistan? Or the children of
South Osettia? Alex is near fit, but he is far from
sufficiant. Jack Blood was great, but Alex we guess
doesn't want him looking like he Rulez like US
too though. RBN has it's moments, yes, I guess that's
true.. Things do seem to be improving, what with
all the torturers and rapists wanting to come home
as brain damaged Zombie police officers. They don't
want the laws of freedom though, too complicated.
They'd rather hunt down our families from the
sky with bombs actually.. fuk, I hate EVERYONE
in America's Air Force, every last evil fuk. They
watch these videos and celebrate their complete
indiscriminate murderings that get killed so many
GIs - they celebrate the slaughter of our innocent
Humanity . George Noory will kill your American kids,
have no doubt, for, he already has.

CBC and CNN only smile to tell you all the great
things they do by denying OUR Humanity these truths.

America is a cowardly evil nation desperate
for excuses as still being run under by zionist


Israeli Settlers call Ethiopian Jews "Niggers"

This isn't isolated. The Jews of Ethiopia, are
the actual Jews of the Bible. These monstrosities
that God knows as Israeli, are Satanic enemies
of Man. They steal our homes, rape or torture our
INNOCENT families, and bomb Jews as the did in
Lebanon TARGETED as an OFFICIAL function of their
evil "government". They actually, a few years ago,
gathered all the darker skinned toddlers, and
murdered them as an OFFICIAL government of
SATANIC action. More than 100,000 "Nigger" toddlers,
Jews, they murdered with radiation poisonings.
Officially. Now, Americans GIVE them money to bomb
innocent Christian families indiscriminately guilty
of nothing. They steal their desperately needed
food and medicine. They are thieves of the most
vile evil natures. Example: the Zionist who
STOLE 50 billion dollars from American Jews will
not be ordered to give back the money! Sure, they
tell you that SOME of the suckered Jews, will get
a small portion of their investment returned, but
only through the wages of American citizens, NOT
by the Zionist THIEF, T-H-I-E-F, who you are told
OFFICIALLY "lost" the money. (will he even spend
a day in jail?) He lost it, ah shucks, just like
the trillions "lost" to criminal trillioniare
speculators. And like the banksters, who never
covered a dime of the money for the fraudulent
loans, but get to STEAL your homes, and now wish
to charge US a renter, for a home Americans,
the illiterate suckers, actually paid for, and
will continue to until they speak above the
laughter of a George Noory, or con man Bill
O'Really, the true demon enemy. Or will instead?
cowardly, will go like Alex Jones, naw, George
Noory is a good guy, a happy guy, sure he speaks
of the enjoyment in slaughtering defenseless
innocent children, so what?, he's pleasantly
happy to state all is well going ballistic
against soldiers who refuse criminal orders
from the Zionist neocon. Not a fuking dime!!
Understand, this isn't just a, let's get the info
out for People to know as Alex Jones sells to
near overdose.. (we are mere mortals who work nine
to nine Alex The Great.) CBC managers, all of
them, have known since shortly after 911, that
Bush and Cheney closed FBI investigations, they
know that iron is on video flowing like water
from the towers, THEY KNOW THIS because I
personally told them. Yet, they smile as demon
liars to die our teen soldiers CONNED
deliberately. We need some serious police
action in arrests of treason against all news
celebs, who of course will get lawyers, (what
they deny in happy silence to not mention
against American torture victims) but will
be shown conviction for their real contempt
for the value of YOUR life my friend, our lives
they watch indiscriminately die for lies they sell
happily for stolen cash profits.

Dead Babies Can Take Care of Themselves

/ / The FDA may not know a safe level but I damn
sure do, that level is zero! \ \

But will Americans of America, even lift their
phones against happy George Noory, CNN, and all
that sees fit, to sit idly silently dying US
victim in their corporate extravaganzas? I hear
the magic money bag guys are in running the show
from our central banking offices, in as a debasing
culture of indifference to their own cowardly
sacrifice. That's if we believe what we know of
the fictions they sell ourselves. Georgia, Iraq,
Afghanistan, and so on.. they lie to our world
for criminal gains, gains they've seen near to
overtaking them. Demand the arrest of Bush and
Cheney for closing criminal investigations on
911 immediately after the crimes occurred. Then,
without evidence, falsely accused an innocent
man of the crime. A crime they knew enough of,
to plan before hand the invasion of Afghanistan
for Enron. Speak now, or, suffer to die in
tyranny you nation of fascist cowards.. your move.
Your baby.


My video removed for no reason


Does this Work if The Judge is a Criminal?


/ / The Justice Department has evaded a request
from President-elect Barack Obama's transition team
for documents about the secret programs of U.S.
intelligence agencies. \ \ Torturing innocent People
to death as guilty of nothing, or escaping bushite
rapists who target American women in Uniform,
while pushing heroin to enslave American teens for
zionist grave robbers. Not in Johnny's America I'll
tell you that right now.

It actually doesn't work that way though..
Justice is man.

NASDAQ chairman Bernard L. Madof STEALS 50 BILLION ! !! !!!!!!!

/ / CNBC's Davif Faber reports on the $50 billion
Ponzi scheme run bu ex-NASDAQ chairman Bernard L. Madoff. \ \

A Zionist STEALING from Innocent Jewish Peoples targeted
SPECIFICALLY. Somethings never change... Do you have
any ideas on the fact, that a great many Zionists
have been arrested over the decades for putting Nazi
Swastikas on their own grave stones? Also, did you
know an estimated more than 20 million Russians died
to defeat madman Hitler? Who's banker was Zionist George
W. Bush's grandfather? Do you know this yet?? Well,
now we know we know, to be King I am here your servant.
Just don't therefore figure I'm going to wash your
feet now. Be American.


/ / New rules published in the Federal Register
would allow certain civilians to call American
soldiers into action inside the U.S. to prevent
environmental damage \ \

This is why it is outlawed by the American
Constitution(s). Demon thieves must not be allowed
to command mindless grunts who shoot people
randomly for fun. As AEGIS and Blackwater,
KBR enslavement camps along with Campbell’s Soup,
is in part, their acceptable Business partners,
warring Humanity as US innocent for stolen profits
with poison. Teen grunts are admittingly from any
you honestly ask, portrayed ignorant low life
failures, drop out bushite vermins who want to in
turn, victimize the innocent as they accept America,
as them, must tyranny as cowards for traitor war
criminals. Criminals like them in Afghanistan, who
openly defend poppy fields to imprison American
citizens say nothing on their trailer trashcan
talk, internet forays for blatant complete
disregard for suffering Mankind. These grunts of
far off military dictator shipping nations, that
the TV neocon wants patrolling our Americans
streets, don't instead fight proud for our
honorable Police Service successes - of whom play
our Freedom game for the law books sighted as rights
heretowin. A force that claims they are lawlessly
un-accountable, is a force of evil against our
great lands. Friends, they hide nowhere in
darkness, ready to be exposed for Public
questioning. Soldiers were caught dressed as
al-Qaida, murdering police officers, and when
they were in jail, awaiting trial, the bushite
grunters, broke them out!! With "American" Tanks
commanded by a Saudi in some likelihood. (Buford
'where's the billions?' Blount is a Saudi
military commander, who in his off time, also
commands, the Third Infantry!) Posse Comitatus
will be a good thing to impose as standing
Law..?. You're the American Patriot Soldier.
Need help? Well, I could be your make believe
King for the time being.. by just simply,
forwarding these life and death concerns as our
own. We have some rights here Soldier to have
Justice prevail as our benefaction. The bushmob
did 911. Your call.. Don't be dumb now.
Your call..

Lawless enemy world of enslavement though
naked ungodly tyranny?, or American Liberty as
Justice believed for the victims of Guantanamo?
False capital accusers who take our concern awry
are our problem in fair Governance here, when we
understand this, we will have conquered the
world as the new orders. No evidence, person
innocent. Torture? fuk you and die then. These
be the glorious tales we tell of times ago, where
men were men, and war criminal zionist nazis were
hunted down to defend Life ourselves. When a
bushite enemy of America dies, it's a glorious
moment for all innocent Peoples defended from
it's lawless terrorism. They are traitors who war
for the escape of the neocons responsible for 911.
Cowardly traitors who LIE to America to con
further more from the American victims.

The CNN political team chooses the videos, not YOU.

Why do you forsake me, your wise great King? - your
took by crooks falling in thievery by silence for us
deafening. Enough. We Need Real Leadership.

World calls on bringing Israeli [ZIONIST/NAZI] leaders to Courts of

McCainiac "We got to have our head examined!"

The bushmob doctored the NIE on Iraq to con
America for death.


Give Free to Banker.. Loan Back Maybe? Paleeze..

Why We Do the Things We Do

Sales pitch: Mankind takes on the world as One
with the calculators. Civilization DID happen!
Correct math scores are not impossible to find as
an answer to: why we do the things we do. Americans
gave private interest bankers trillions on only
Hopes that these, the most obscenely wealthy of all
the upper classes, are going to graciously lend
some of our own money, (we just gave them,) back
to us... in dire need. at interest! It's for our
benefit baby, don't you cry. This is just plain
dumber than rocks Johnny Wizard says okay. And
simply going to a gold standard is not the easy
made NWO answer, it is accounting for ourselves
that is going without questions. The private
banker is highjacking our public authority for
their private interest of exploitation.

Our governments are not holding Private Bankers
to some kind of public authority to question who's
interests are being devalued here. This is why
the thing has been messed around for so long, We,
the People, have been too foggy on super basic
math skills as pronounced by, truly effective
Jewish leadership. "The Private Banker DOES NOT
cover our loans, we do." Read that again now.
And acknowledging, we, as conscious, can succumb
to suggestion without knowing what we are even
saying sometimes really. Everyone wants to play
the lead, but few are wanting guitar practices.

It get's easier as you try..

Answers: we need a tax on every buy and sell to
limit speculation in the stock markets as it was
prior, while openly discussing how the
investigations are going, in returning the 700
mill that was given through for another means by
Congress. For the private bankers to take that
money elsewhere, is to neglect the problem
persisting of home owners, and that mortgage
issue they forgot US about. Why Americans
desperately, at peril, gave the money to begin at.
Look, while arrests are transpiring, we'll then
discuss using the re-cooped stolen money to finance
all remaining mortgages on family homes at zero
interest levels, upto, let's say for now: $500,000.
It's an idea I'm putting out there to dialog on
with you guys and Obama. Obama!! How's it going!!
Hey man, we can work it out.. You don't seem like an
impossible person to reach. Hey, make life interesting
in ushering in a new peace plan by communicating. Now
I know your all pals with everyone as government, as
that is what a successful politician can do sometimes
good, sometimes criminal. Obama, we can't let these
con men go. These have been times of lawless wars
against God as indiscriminate bombings, of torture,
of slavery, of heroin pushing, of national looting of
a Peoples Treasures. How much is too much for you my
poorer brothers and sisters of the faith? Obama, let's
believe in ourselves. These bankers are stuck crooks
for no faulty but our own. It's still our money however.

King Johnny Earth, White House Jester. !

Our dreams have come true... Boo!
True American Patriot
2009-11-20 20:25:10 UTC
Raw Message
A Letter to Whom Life is Concerned


/ / I get emails almost every day that say something
like, “I bought your DVDs and your books…but I have a
question: Should I get a flu shot?” WHAT?@!>! My mouth drops.
[..] Soft language and hand holding until people “get it” is
becoming increasingly more difficult. \ \

Welcome to this suffering world my friend. Bush closed 911
investigations, and look at what the general public through
magic TV is broadcasted as, being those who would rather support
the indiscriminate murder of millions in our worlds as
sadistically evil enemies of Life, than leastly humble
ourselves in anyway to the Just or spiritual. Freedom is hated
by American soldiers, Intelligence is despised by Atheists,
and Love for God is lost completely on the Religious. For an
illiterate bigot and or racist can simply absolutely believe
like the Zionist Nazi does, 'they are better than everyone
else' by willfully censoring the contrary. Near exclusively,
blind as ignorant goose stepping Conservative Republicans.
As FoxNews junkies, they are so smart, for 911 was done by
Muslims. Case closed. No need for good police working skills.
Magical Banksters need more bailing because, hey, they run
the unholy universe through bribing the led blind to die
forsaken. Did you know, it is near impossible for me to receive
donations to help me on my mission for lunch here? I can as
do offer the world real understandings on how the Universe actually
exists, and that cars could actually be run by electicity!
But, people can't seem to care less for our dying futures by
reaching a hand out to help anybody. I, as a man am censored by
national corporate snewz criminals, CBC, CNN, and so on.. because
I am Human in almost every conceivable way. As like this message,
that near everyone will as doubters refuse to forward in the care for
another, despite my pleadings for real freedom as Justice universal.
Near nobody likes the seriously talented in this new Twenty First
Century. (they selfishly don't care for the Life of any other like
the cheering bushite grunters who bomb our cities, or shoot men
women and children indiscriminately) So, to win favor, I have halted
my exercise regime for these next few months on hopes my manly
muscles will soften, and, my youthful good looks will maybe start
to appear aged with all the unresolved stress of my frantic pleads
for mercy through public requests of open free communications across
coast to coast media networks going nowhere un-addressed. Likely, the
face of a freedom fighter who cares it'll say... It's not all bad news
for me though, for I do seem to be losing my hair! As of late however,
I have gone into thinking I should probably leave this God forsaken
space for a better place. As John, I am not loved here by the people.
(But for by Life naturally I am cared as without question.) I'm
beginning to believe, the corporate American product doesn't truly
deserve a King as greatly wise as I anyway. It is Christmas buying
season for them now, where they'll be programmed to hate all that is
godly and innocent as forsaken by their willful ignorance on
their illegal warfare campaigns of Evil against innocent Life as we
it. While they fund the theiving from and murder of, innocent
in Palestine, that CNN actually broadcasted the concern for, as in the
mind of a terrorist they tell US.. Perhaps another nation might offer
sanctuary? If there was a way for me to strike dead every last lawless
bushite torturer, rapist, sniper and bomber breathing you know I
but I can't. Without your help. Be human. Care for Iraq. Care for
Afghanistan. Care for these mass murder child victims of America's
lawless ungodly warfare committing to escape, the rich and
'all powerful' Neocon Peenackers of 911's shame against our
dying species. I am great, America.. not so much.

Lieberman with Glaxo ACTUALLY supports a death camp in NYC
that takes innocent healthy American children, and murders
them for his Demonic Zionist cause of pure EVIL. Countless
thousands of INNOCENT healthy American children, MURDERED.
Do you care that he wills to stop a public option that would
save Americans trillions? TRILLIONS! Are you even truly alive
I ask to remain in neutral ? to remain silent regarding this
final call, are you even truly alive.. Rise up for innocent
life American, or don't and see where you'll get yourself
in the end,. Do US a favor, and Forward this post on.
Your King has spoken.

Honorable American soldiers do not obey criminal orders
to escape the Peenackers for 911 as ENEMIES of the LORD
and Life.


Lawless Bushite Grunts Warring to Execute 126 Innocent Iraqi Women

Americans, hunt the bushite traitors for a rightful death.
Honorable American soldiers do not obey criminal orders
to escape the Peenackers for 911 as ENEMIES of the LORD
and Life.

Americans believe Palestinians are the illegal settlers ! ! ! ! ! ! !

A confusion OK with ungodly US Zionist media liars
whom steal freedom from all for ill gotten money.


Why do Bushite still live breathing our air in your world?


/ / In other words, we detained, and handed over for severe torture, a
lot of innocent people. \ \

Hunt the bushite to defend the innocent they target for murder.


WTC7 -- This is an Orange



These bushite demon fuks would murder any Americans
for more stolen American cash - do you care American gun
owner for someone other than yourself forsaken here I ask?
For your continuing silence is contemptible on this issue of
the Peenacker's escape for mass murder on 911.

Robert F Kennedy Jr. Exposes Shocking Vaccine Cover Up

Keiser Report

/ / It was "Liberty and the Free Market" Ron
Paulism-ideology that thwarted Brooksley Born and
the CFTC from regulating Credit Default Swaps in 1999. \ \

Millioniare Ron Paul 'we always fail, so why bother trying?'

Ron Paul is a "truther" who doesn't advance Justice
for Bush and Cheney, or 911, banker frauds, ect, yet
claims to believe in our Freedom if we just put in
more cash as an investment on hopes to rule with his
PLANNED failures. It would be comical if there wasn't
more than a million innocent murder victims, and more
than a million innocent American home owners robbed
their rightful place in this universe, the 24+ trillion
mysteriously disappearing as America's new debt
and so on..

Man, we could expect a bigger interest of a community
access channel discussing checkers while Nascar and
Football were competing for losing interests, let alone
a guy broadcasted around the World including big Russia,
and the international BBC. He's probably watched in China
even just for the physical comedy. We need an Egg Man to
crack this conspiracy of silence wide open for the rights
of all.. who's with this.. ? HELLO.... HELLO... Is it just
you and me? So be it. As it is, I just happen to have Two
Tickets to Paradise.



Don't want the facts?

The Republican TRAITORS all on the magic tv telling
American dimwits not to support wise Justice for
pirated America, should then earn them life term prison
sentences for naked sedition escaping the Peenacker,
what say You?

How did KSM get the explosives in WTC7 then? Execute
the ungodly lawless bushite traitor enemies to God
and Country warring to escape the Zionist Peenackers
through open Public trial with the evidence made
available. Don't be evil like a Repuglicon Demonrat
dumb scum chum.

/ / So, before you believe any confessions KSM might
make on the witness stand, ask yourself if you would
take the blame for 9-11 rather than be forced to watch
your own children be tortured. \ \

Bushite McCainiacs are evil stupid people of History's
worst example for false accusations. To near never apply
our skills of communicating to seek greater understandings,
but to divide our/itself as a bigot false accuser not
qualified to hold such a position in complete disregard
for the worth of it's viewer. US, the Audience.

US Outsourced Terror To Bin Ladin & Taliban

Lawless bushite savages of the Neocon don't like a free to
speak arena, where our families are no longer plundered
indiscriminately? For, who does cares for the right of innocent
Children victims by corporate snooze America ? Again, that
Israeli Nazi admit to targeting for mass murder at the
'protected' UN School in Gaza. ADMIT. America is a nation
of cowardly evil liars dying from Zionist contempt. God awful.

Attorney General Holder:
What Happened to KSM’s Children? Release All of Paragraph 95

Cofer Black, child torturer, is the identity known as "CIA",

Join me in demanding formal public arrests,
public trials, and glorious public executions of the
lawless bushite enemies. Or die victim to Amerika's
'profit' driven tyranny to further enrich the banksters.
Trillioniare Banksters who are heavily invested
in indiscriminate warfare with land-mines, while
bribing Repuglicons and Demonrats alike to go US
quietly into their pit of hell. No shit. I would know.

From Genesis to Genocide in Palestine : The Golem Is Not Jewish!

/ / My first reaction when I heard these things by the
way was complete disbelief. \ \


/ / Late last week, a federal court ruled that
there was no link between childhood vaccines
and Autism. But the legal conclusion is not
enough to erase many parents' concerns and
the debate continues. \ \ Mercury causes
brain damage as a neural-toxic heavy metal.


Obama Promise To End The War, 2007 - "You Can Take That To The Bank"

Video: Hidden Truth - U.S. Soldiers as Enemies of LIFE

Bushite don't care man, they just don't care.

Twenty Hours with Obama

President Obama on censorship "The more freely
information flows, the stronger the society becomes."
President Obama! Come over to visit me to help with
this campaign for Justice in our times then. Tell me
before you plan to arrive though, so I can warn the
family to prevent a media blitz freak out, and, put
some fresh brewed coffee on.. Hope to see you soon!

Bushite truly don't care for nothing, included
naturally, that Bush and the Peenackers are escaping
for mass murder against America on 911 - and guess
what? America is still losing. Do YOU care?


hmm.. maybe..someone is lying to us!!!!

Taliban wouldn't kill their own children to make it look good

/ / Blackwater has denied having any contracts in Pakistan. \ \
to lie? but why? to hide?

For, we have these names..

/ / The "Blackwater" supervisory team in Peshawar includes the
following Americans: James Bill William, Copper, Steven Cash, Roderick
Christopher and Alisha Cambel. They have hired several Pakistani
government officials and retired army personnel at remunerations as
high as $ 2,000 per day. \ \

/ / "Blackwater" are paying as high as $ 1000 per
published news story to [PAKISTAN] journalists. \ \

Maybe the evil CIA is being set up by evil Blackwater?
Or, visaversa? Who are those characters really is an
answer most wanting.. Speculating, just speculating..

Go the Justice route I would advise to all parties.


Gang Raping American Women for Corporate Hero Status

The Drugging And Gang Rape Of American Women where the
Bushite gets to walk still free in Johnny's America?
Let US hunt KBR down for a rightful death sentence
regarding this offense, and Blackwater for pimping
child rape. Who stands in Humanity's way to defend
females? 30 bribe taking Ungodly Zionist Repuglicons
who like to bomb countries for no legitimate reason
but to mass murder the innocent to rob from while
escaping the Zionist Peenackers do yes, but who else?

US Chamber of Commerce lobbying to block rape victims’ lawsuits

Death sentences the King will demand by public trial
for the crime of ungodly treason against American Women.
Death to the bushite, death to the enemies of God and
Women. (Chamber of Commerce is where they top secretly
planned with Cheney the treasonously ILLEGALLY mass
murdering war against innocent Iraqis to THIEVE from
ourselves as. DBD.)

720 brutally murdered as 'gay cleansing' by Lawless Bushite Grunts

Americans, hunt the bushite traitors for a rightful death.
Honorable American soldiers do not obey criminal orders
to escape the Peenackers for 911 as ENEMIES of the LORD
and Life.

Is Goldman Sachs Doing "God's Work"?

The Banksters do not cover our loans. Of which we
pay them endlessly for in sacrifice. As, forsaken.
Does that sound fair? To a dead or dying Zombie,
sure, but how about YOU?

We. The Freedom to Believe that Justice is Ours


[AMERICAN PAID FOR] IDF Picking Off Protesters With .22s

/ / the Israel Defense Forces used live
ammunition from Ruger rifles last Friday
to disperse a demonstration \ \

Support my demand for the arrest of every last bribe
taking AIPAC member for war crimes sedition. Do it to
defend dying America, or...

Peenacker America - a place where godless nazi savages
rule their dying existence for escaping war criminals.
Robbing US blind with as BOASTED!, a belligerent
ignorance on the simplest precepts of Justice; such as
evidence to actually convince ourselves of something.
Bush closed 911 investigations. How are we to arrest
ANYONE who was actually guilty, if our Police services,
were by threat of arrest, called off the Public case.
Make sense?

'Unusual aircraft activity reported in Poland and the UK'

'Low flying planes reported in the UK and Poland'



Demand Justice or die victim to ungodly Zionism.
The bushite AIRFORCE is the enemy. They bomb our
American cities without cause. With Barium.
Officially. Defend the inocent. Get Mr. Bush
and Cheney for high treason - or don't - and
see if 'you' care.

Learn to Speak Tea Bag

Excellent. We are not all Amerikans who claim
everything they could ever do is bad like a Ron Paul
does, as serves no just purpose but to mindlessly
escape a Mr. Bush or Cheney for high treason. As
out-laid in the Constitution a real Patriot holds
proud. Ideologues like Ron Paul are mostly corporate
stooges puppetted to let your family die murder victims
without effectively run health insurance, if they
can get off on the sadistic takes leaving you
undefended by sound maths that make sense, like good
laws. Free market to a libertarian, is this lawless
market where near everyone is victim to undressed
banker frauds, run by military dictatorships that
enslave everyone for being useless to the real
struggles against tyranny. Do Ron Paul fans, support
the arrest of those responsible for 911 by following
the crime scene leads at the real mass murder
scenes? Do Ron Paul fans acknowledge the mass
murders in Iraq were crimes against our innocent
Humanity? How about earmarks as continuing thefts
against all Americans? Like; that the banks don't cover
our loans, as the SOLIDLY PROVEN fraud in no need of
an "audit" to 'find out the top secret "secrets" of
secrets'? Eh? Well do they? Or do they spew what
they are, without real thought/understanding programmed
to, to profit their false death cult that pirates
"truth" away from the wiser as indivisibly Just or

Going Against Our Free-Market Instincts


(this following is what I posted at:


that they removed from the endless BUSHITE WHORES,
including Commie Katy! We are being conned by evil
criminal intent to rob US of Life my friends, we
are being conned to die victim to tyranny.)

----- starting here -----

The Banksters do not cover our loans, PLUS, JP Morgan
had more than a trillion dollars in capital through-out
the entire 'Crisis'.

Bush closed 911 investigations.
How are we to arrest ANYONE who was actually guilty,
if our Police services, were by threat of arrest,
called off the Public case. Make sense? Interestingly,
George Walker Bush is the for real antichrist
enemy of all Creation - no one more evil in all time
space. Why? Well, he's given you no evidence to form
a conclusion on an allegation he's officially halted
to make, then stated, your either with him blindedly,
or you'd be the terrorist. Without thought, YOU are
a terrorist.. crime? Believing for/in yourself.

Bushite grunters are war criminal enemies of Freedom
in America. They cowardly refuse to defend the innocent
murder victims of 911, of Israeli, and us In Iraq and
Afghanistan, while lawlessly stealing everything for
evil intent as they die in tyranny. Ungodly as evil
enemies of Life that murder innocent People for stolen
money. Die bushite die.

Justice to the war criminals of indiscriminate warfare
would better serve ourselves to halt for our safety.
The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

U.S. Resigns over Afghan War

"I have lost understanding of and confidence in the strategic
purposes of the United States' presence in Afghanistan"

It's to rob America with pushing dope, raping women, and
dying as evil for a pipeline to benefit Enron - all the
while escaping the Neocon Peenackers for high treason on 911.
America is a nation of Cowards.


That was it. What do you think? Was it fair to deny
the truth so you can die for lawless terror? American?> amekan.>
Witnesses for the Prosection

/ / A Senior Military Officer: He said an MP told
him that authorities considered the man to be a suspect
in the shootings after having overheard the man say he
was with the shooter. \ \ This sounds as could be, only
after the fact, for where he is, is 2.5 miles away from
the crime scene speaking to MPs (- er or as told someone
then ran.?) And if not, then it was established before the
act, with the suspect fleeing more than 2.5 miles - as
implausible unless he runs like, faster than a speeding
train, and more scared of rescue, than the fear of magic
bullets travelling miles still wizzing. 2.5 MILES.

A Senior Military Officer, or MP would not make THAT up.
And SURPRISE! the actual "Suspects" were escaped by Bushites
wearing suits driving in a Crown Royal. Not Military
Police in 40 cars who apparently were ordered to wait for
back up (stuck out in the middle of the range)
and wait for cleverer arresting actors. Yet, the
Obamanoids have announced only one single suspect will
only be tried top secretly among Bushite Cop Killers,
without a chance to speak fairly in OUR Courts of
Justice. ("Judge" Mattis was/is all into ordering grunts
to specifically murder all women and children at wedding
parties for example, to get killed Marines rightly later
for HUGE cash profit along with his hansome Title of
"Judge", without knowing a damn thing about Law School.
- or like "Judge" John Head, who ruled 'it is a crime to
refuse a criminal order' ...[yeah if you were a traitor
/criminal thieving from America you would be but what
do i know right?]) Will Americans defend Justice????
as..the MPs involved being witnesses that the Obamanoids,
(like Rumsfeld and the now likely dead bushite who set
the thermate in tower seven are for example) will have
to murder? IF it was a conspiracy of some sort to escape
the cuprits, as it does appear: with the media silence on
the other suspect's Olympic running skils, AND with the
denial of real Justice against the officially accused. We
can be sure these, bushite mass murderers will kill any
and all dumfuk grunters without a second thought.
Rumsfeld couldn't chance it, nor can they. .. Or, as the
shooters not, but now, multi millioniare lawless mercenaries
sounding good to you as the dying for stolen profit
Zionist Neocon Peenacker victims? Bushites killing
Bushites for stolen nickels? Does dying America care?
We know the lawless bushite don't care for nothing about
true Liberty, as the pursuit of Happiness for any or all
others, 911 THE example, but do YOU my friends, do YOU?
Demand Justice, or fuk you and die rightly for the
Neocon's further plunder. For the "Judges" have ruled
already. Hi!

"A Senior Military Officer, or MP would not make THAT up."
(unless the accuser is your typical evil bushite nazi
whore who spews any guy that has dark hair and
booksmarts is visavee, an auto-guilty without puhlic
trial innocent demonized Arab Muslim)

And please, forward this post, I'm growing weary,
hungry, and thinking of quiting this no pay, dead
end job.

US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are traitorous, un-American, and

Justice to the war criminals of indiscriminate warfare
would better serve ourselves to halt for our safety.
The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

"U.S. admits it has no case against teen held at Guantanamo"

Then arrest, try, and execute the bushite grunters
responsible for the torture and kidnapping, that does
still, warrant death under American law ushered by
Reagan. Then, hunt the "American" who believes these
rights are not your own to defend to the death.
Freedom for all.

Is this America? A place where 'Men' live?

US officer "upset" innocent Iraqi SUSPECTS taken alive
(imagine these bushite grunters "Policing" American cities)

/ / A US military officer sounded "pretty mad and upset" that
a group of soldiers had taken suspected Iraqi insurgents alive
during a raid in which they had been told to kill all military-aged
males \ \ages 10-55 for ALL males(no ID required), which turned out
to be all the little girls too, because it was claimed by the grunters
who deserve Public death sentences as mass murderers warring Humanity
thieving to escape PNAC as lawless godless disciples of the evil
antichrist, 'Arab males could be wearing dresses'. A popular Zionist
tactic, as in Lebanon, where Anyone (like You my friend) in a house
could be bombed because, 'they could have had rocket launchers in
their basement'. Mr. Pantano shot two unarmed kids in the back more
than fifty times each, then told us that is the best friendship he
and Mattis can extend to anyone on the Planet, and currently is a
psycho multi-millionaire best selling author funding more "popular"
Zionist causes as you read this. The Haditha child killers for
example are set free to roam the streets of New York City by
"America" for OPENLY admitting they murdered little kids on
purpose - no accident as officially, FoxNews' "Heroes". Why?
The Haditha child killers, Demon Sattler had ordered to murder
every man, woman, and child in Fallujah, and they did - proudly,
as CNN's "Heroes". In fact, I remember seeing FoxNews cover that
some bodies in Fallujah were cut up into little pieces to set some
threat against all of Humanity apparently - it's US six billion
plus innocent folks, against a hundred or so Repuglicons with a
few Demonrats who command the mindless grunting savages to spew
they don't care for nothing, included naturally, that Bush and
the Peenackers are escaping for mass murder against America on
911 - and guess what? America is still losing. Do YOU care?

Armed for Murder Bushite Grunting Policer "I don't care"

Note: un-arrested traitor Mr. Bush, who officially closed
911 Police investigations, is the for real Antichrist enemy
of all God's 'great' Creation. Why? No evidence, person innocent.

Yeah Way Man


U.S. Resigns over Afghan War

"I have lost understanding of and confidence in the strategic
purposes of the United States' presence in Afghanistan"

It's to rob America with pushing dope, raping women, and
dying as evil for a pipeline to benefit Enron - all the
while escaping the Neocon Peenackers for high treason on 911.
America is a nation of Cowards.


"Emergency! Congress Debates Burying the Goldstone Report!"

THIS IS TREASON. I ask, if the Bushite McCainiac can't argue
a single fact incorrect of the deliberate mass murder of
innocent Christians, being as godless lawless Zionists,
shouldn't they be publicly trialed for death, as the glory
of defending the righteousness of True American freedom?

Armed for Murder Bushite Grunting Policer "I don't care"

Scahill: Obama may be afraid of Blackwater

/ / You know who guards members of Congress? Blackwater. They have
half a billion dollars in contracts in Afghanistan right now. CIA,
State Department, Defense Department. Why is President Obama keeping
these guys on the payroll? \ \

Why are Americans allowing this in silence for Justice? THE
BUSHITES, responsible for escaping the Peenackers for the
crimes of 911. The pimps of child prostitutes. The vermins
that randomly shoot down Peoples for fun in what they describe as
"turkey shoots". The demon fuks that randomly torture innocent
people to death. The terrorists that blow up girls schools, while
claiming that, 'no no no, that's a crime the Taliban would do to
their own kids, instead of gunning down an antichrist enemy of
Allah.' The Taliban, who fought to the death to defend woman's
rights, and had a girl's school program instituted for Afghanistan.
I say we hunt each and every last Bushite demon enemy down for war
crimes prosecutions, with public trials, and glorious executions
along with the Neocon Peenackers. Just think of all the innocent
children's lives we would save. Don't care for any of the murder
victims of 911? Just in this for all you can lie, cheat and steal
from your Humanity and God too? I HATE the bushite, I really really
do. Nothing better than to see them dead, those who speak nothing
for the defense of the 911 victims, while murdering more of us
as 'lawless' TERRORIST enemies of everyone. Die bushite die.


Deputies Hold Boy Who Fled Flu Shot

/ / It took the strength of two sheriff's deputies
to keep a middle schooler still enough to receive a shot
of the swine flu, or H1N1, vaccine at a recent clinic. \ \

Someone needs to be arrested for ungodly evil crimes
against America here, and serve major prison time. Start
with getting these bushite monsters for criminal negligence,
and assault.

health department Administrator Howard Gamble "For the most
part they go very easy. As far as the shots, every once in
awhile you have to hold down one or two"

Let's try this "man" for a rightful death how about? He
can not plead ignorance on this incredibly well documented


Dr Horowitz Rips Dr Oz Apart on ABC's H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Fraud



Bush "There’s no need to discuss evidence of innocence or guilt."

Alex Jones, "Liberals don't like Bush."for mass murdering
Humanity as never elected demon enemy of God he means?

10 "Suicides" a Month at Ft. Hood

Yeah... you know, the "suicides" are HUGE. So big, that
if I told you the truth, you would more likely doubt
my quoting of military brass quoted on ABC news I think
it was.. Anyway, something like 300 a month in total..
While FoxNews is somewhere around one or two still. Who
cares for the facts, when Hannity and Rush are paid millions
to lie dead straight faced. See, when a grunt "suicides", or
lives all the way to the hospital but croaks just before
the left turn to the morgue, Rumsfeld and the Neocons
score near $300,000. (didn't die in combat) Big money
when you consider the value of an American life to the
Neocons responsible for the treasons of mass murder on
911. Incidentally, they 'train' the Air-Force to pretend
the grunt isn't dead when he's in several missing pieces,
for, it's what the proud and brave would naturally
do?, to make it like the innocent Peoples were not gaining
ground over the lawless murderous thieves and rapists. I
swear to Allah, I've heard a soldier who flies one of the
medi-copters say such things directly. Make you proud
dying for a lawless cause to escape the Peenacker?
Speak out for Justice.

Zombie Marine Attacks Greek Priest - WE DEMAND IT'S PROSECUTION

But Tuesday, Bruce wasn't saying sorry.

Hunt it down for questioning on it's naked lies, and,
bring some weapons of freedom - it's an ungodly Evil
steriod junkie who likes to beat up 5'6" men with a TYRE
IRON. Do not except just because the Priest has decided
the attempted murder doesn't warrant Justice from EVERY
LAST CHRISTIAN in the dead head State, to insure this
bushite demon fuk is properly punished for his ungodly
crimes. A Greek Orthodox Priest YELLING "Allahu Akbar"
for no reason in particular.. Bushite Zombies deserve
to die, before they murder more innocent young girls
or boys. Like they do in the Marines favorite song,
"Haji Girl" or as in Iraq, willingly pimping toddlers
into slavery for $300 while stealing the emergency
water supplies from the dying, or as in Afghanistan,
killing everybody in entire towns, every man, woman,
and infant, (10th Mountian) to then run the dope for
the CIA, to poison American school districts with
Heroin, all as FoxNews, CNN, or CBC "Heroes", escaping
the Zionist Peenackers for 911 as sworn demonic traitors
to God and Country.



Let's get Ron "I Is Bad" Paul, and his pack of lying cons to
give up the public services they fight to your death to deny
ourselves how about? How about it Ron? Actually I already
can guess what he would say. Like what he says about the
near trillions of dollars STOLEN through Earmarking. 'They,
the government (you and me and everyone in between) is all
bad as complete failures, so naturally, I don't want to
exercise Constitutional laws against war criminal traitors.
Then, so why shouldn't I too, steal from America as a naked
thief hiding in the darkness?'

Ron "I Is Bad" Paul will refuse these facts, among many
others, selling out for tyranny, to escape Zionist Neocon
Peenackers who planned 911 before hand. MSNBC. Bush, Cheney,
Rumsfeld, Condi, and so on as the evidence (near never
mentioned by the NWOer crowd as significant) dictates.
Instead, it is that popular divisory tactic so popular with
the NWOer mind controlled bigoted twits 'No it's those liberals,
or socialists, greens, lefties, loving gay folks, feminists,
welfare parents, Mexicans, black peoples, or someone
old and near powerless who can't defend themselves from
something only stupid they said 30 something years ago, or
Michael Jackson fans of grooving words and upbeat tempos,
EVERYBODY else but a, goose stepping right winging mindless
corporate shill for furthering corruption, who cares not for
respecting the rights of others by real Justice, fair play,
respect. Thus is why the NWOers like blaming the CFR,
Builderberg, Illuminati, and so on, without building a
possible case for public warrants as impossible without
establishing SOMEONE'S guilt. Like a, Condi, or Rumsfeld.
The NWOers are making escape for criminals of, THEIR New
World Order. The NWOers are 'in' with Kissinger and Co..
Claiming powerlessness to stop unheard of war criminals.
Like George Walker Bush refusing to pursue the 911 culprits
as himself closing investigations immediately. Like 1441.
Or even the 661 Committee.

The bankers do not cover our loans. Ron Paul Sucks. The
reason Life is dishonored by all Americans, is because all
this fancy science and philosophy, or Justice as Freedom,
makes them all into the big evil dying tyrannies they
actually is truthfully. They would rather die yourself
as innocent victim for not being fairly spoken of, than
work themselves to the task, of demanding this speech on
the front page of every major American city, as a good
thing for all to contemplate freely. Eventually.

A dead bushite traitor of American Justice
puts a really big smile on God's loving face,

The Son of Man


AshkeNazi threatens Gaza with another “little holocaust”

America can't negotiate with a demonic thief who states, he
will continue to thieve innocent God loving Peoples
homes at the end of a NAZI gun paid for by Amerikans.
A war criminal who targets millions of innocent souls
with cluster bombs. Targets innocent children in schools
with bombs TARGETS, and so on..



Press TV - Israeli rabbi backs killing innocent children


/ / A Jewish rabbi has issued a book giving Jews
permission to murder [INNOCENT] non-Jews, including babies

“It is permissible to kill the Righteous among non-Jews
even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation.” \ \


No, for that would be ungodly satanic murder. I would
ask every Jew in this world to hunt down Rabbi Yitzhak
Shapiro, head of the Yitzhar settlement, as a ungodly
demon murderer of innocent Peoples, hunted for death.
A rightful death. Why should all Humanity be silent
for the targeted murders of our innocent children, by
allowing this true demon the life to breath our air,
to steal our Homes, while recieving Amerikan welfare?

There is only so much we can lose, before
an action of larger defenses is inevitable.
Justice is what we will. Golden rule. Let's
start the show.


They don't cover our loans.

Speak out for the arrest of Bush and Cheney for obstructing
Justice on 911, and the rightful deaths of every last bushite
breathing who mumbles support of further drone terror strikes
against innocent people in market places, or as bombings anywhere
done to escape the naked treason of the Zionist Peenackers. Look,
the Bushmob doctored the NIE on Iraq to CON America. CON. Bushite
IS al-Qeada. They kidnap, torture, and murder the innocent, openly,
as the ungodly war criminal terrorist enemies of everybody.

Death to the bushite, death to the enemies of God and Man.

DEAN:I think putting $60 billion a year into the
health insurance industry is insane. I really do.

Repuglicons think we're socializing here for better
health, and they don't like it. Can't compute for
a better world with facts, as refuse to humble
themselves as near complete dysfunctioning
illiterate malcontents, who's care for Justice
is painfully absent. Bushite and the McCainiac
have no real defense in political discourse, or in the
use of a calculator. They offer no counter solution,
because, as pro war mongers, they're not in it to help
anyone, but to receive bribes from murderous cons.

U S Healthcare Held Hostage by Corporate Fraud

Holy sh*t. Why did not the CEOs, and major shareholders
get life term prison sentences? instead of minimal fines?
If you robbed a bank of a thousand dollars, you'd be
looking at near a life term, or perhaps death for murder
in Texas. These demon enemies kill untold thousands to
steal trillions, and the Repuglicons want us to give up
to leave things as they are, taking who from what where?

"Al Franken proposes getting rid of the old "it's OK if
you get raped" clause in government contracts, but 30
Republicans object." warrants of treason for accessories
to the rape of undefended American Women, is what we could
be pushing against these 'lawmen' no?

Demon Liars who Support Target Killings of Innocent Children

Trial for death sentences to every last demon enemy
TRAITOR listed. Understand: the Gaza slaughter of innocent
Children at the UN school is fully documented by
Israeli NAZIS funded by America. These monsters will
murder innocent children for money.

Words from the Satanic Enemy of God Spoken Sunday!

/ / NETANYAHU: These are people [IRANIANS] who are
sending thousands and thousands of missiles to their
terrorist proxies Hezbollah and Hamas with the
specific instruction to bomb civilians in Israel.
[No evidence required by American Corporate News
Cons] \ \ Yet, it is NAZI Israeli that dropped
more than 7 million land-mines on 170 towns and
villages in Lebanon to target specifically JEWS
who lived in the region, it is Israeli NAZI who
targeted for murder, American GIs on the USS

they steal innocent peoples homes routinely as

it was Netanyahu who confessed with cross-dresser
Gooliannie, in London, that they knew all about the
mass murders of 7/7 before they happened, and told
no one but Gooliannie and feinds, as they were caught
directly at the mass murder scene arm in arm 'draggin'.

Satanic enemies of Life G-D describes themselves
as.. Enemies of every Jew still breathing.. they...


81-year-old Tasered by Eielson Air Force Base police

Pro-torture, rape, as the thievers in the bushite military
arrested American for speeding 11 miles over the limit.
Then attempted to murder him with a taser. Do you care?
The bushites walk American streets, and Americans refuse
to demand Justice for the continuing torture victims by
simply raising their phones to demon enemy George Noory.
Too much trouble. It's just YOUR innocent family, who
gives a fuk? Go Bushite go? Paradise, or the Hell the
bushite nazi forces brag about taking who? I bill
bushite every chance I get.. I love People too much
not to. A dead bushite puts a smile on God's face. They
are lifeless degenerates tyrannically committed to harming
the innocent to escape the Zionist Peenackers for 911.
Satanic demon enemies of God and Man.


America's Chief Economist:
A Public Call to Regulate the Crimes of the Derivative

/ / His testimony was cut short after five minutes by
Congresswoman Melissa Bean, and the committee has since
refused to post online his full testimony along with the
statements of the other panelists \ \


Remember: all a private Bank does is take our money for loans
they don't cover, while bribing Repuglicon and Demonrats alike
to have us pay-out even more religiously because they ares a hurtin'.
Where then did our money go lost 'mysteriously' into their personal
private trillion dollar accounts - out of a poof of this Ninja smoke?
This is a fraud case of epic proportions, costing Honorable
Police Man Pensions, and all America's Elderly. These corporate
war experts on censorship for murder are going to deny all of EVERY
American the simple score to allow US to decide for ourselves. How
about You? Big loser crime victim to bankster verbage, or winner of
liberty in the New Twenty First Century? Either read a small
fonted, 1900 page (no rules) "Derivative", or know, they don't
cover our loans, we do. They sold off our risks without a care
for the growing hardships. The bail-outs were a trillion dollars crime
resting on the frauds of what is simply termed America's 'loss'.
Extortion is against the Law in America. Let's start there.. back
in Oct 2008. Either we pay them without question, or come Monday
morning, they would run the country into the ground. JP Morgan had
more than a trillion dollars in capital, through out the entire so
labeled "Crisis". At a hundred to one, we could have simply
borrowed, as continuing dumbfox, as much as a hundred trillion from
JP at low interest, other than give out an estimated 25 trillion
dollars to whoever for nothing back. Absolutely nothing asked.
Trillions for Ziltch. Only "Hope". The ol', "Give Free to the Banker
Man, Loan Back Maybe Scam". False tv gods, those biggest of
buildings are, as the center structures at every major American
City of purposeless sacrifice given to the, 'no rules' free
marketeers who don't pay our dire costs, but bill us for credit
they took.., not the other way around silly. Treasury. Who needs
inforcing Laws against Extortion, or Mass Murder they tell us
without caring to hear our right to be fairly deliberated. But
as such, likely You have refused to send this post to two People
in contempt for freedom, in contempt for wisdom, in contempt
for yourself. Speak up, for Just is.

Standing on Guard for Thee,


Johnny Wizard's Greates Hits - Guilty of Innocence .mp3

George W. Bush the motivational speaker

false imprisoning, pro-torture, bombing, and raping Bushite
Grunting Enemy to LIFE: "I just really don't care." DBD


Any one promoting the flue shot is a terrorist.

Relax, get informed. Know your rights.


Vaccine Fraud: Dr. Leonard Horowitz

The [PEER REVIEWED] Science Fact that Brought Canada to it's Senses

"people vaccinated against seasonal flu are twice as
likely to catch swine flu."

LOOK! "Americans" have refused to use these facts to
defend their dumb selves. Don't want to make Johnny
look as great as he truly is, so.. rather die YOU victim
to continuing blatant blind idiocy. The flu is the flu, but
hey, never you mind - it just must be the rocket scientist
in me that pointed out definitions of Influenza in near any
dictionary, is something we don't want more of. For the
People portrayed cruisin' without a care, seems very
quiet over these issues of willful murder. Blinded mute?,
or is it anything for more stolen values? Aside: American
National radio star Art Bell was all into supporting the
theft of all Iraq to profit his 'America' escaping further
from Justice. George Noory, the sick nazi fuk, demonically
broadcasts the willful murder of innocent Children.. While
Americans.. well... they really just don't care to be
bothered as dying ourselves as innocent victims it seems.
I HATE Bushite to death my friends, HATE them to death.

Areal Smertponts

Happy Commie Zombie Katy 'Americans/Soldiers dying
for whatever cause, who can care enough to listen?'


Video: US House rejects Goldstone report

Rep Ros Lehtinen and Rep Berman Take on God with DEMON TREASON


"Whereas the mandate of the `fact-finding mission? makes no
mention of the relentless rocket and mortar attacks, "

Demand Public Trial on these two Nazi heads for death. These were
the most serious of war crime offenses ever recorded. Now, it's
true, Hammas is a Zionist funded entity, regardless, the arranged
cease-fire was broken by self admitting Nazi child killer Godless

Israeli Government Contradicts its Own Self-Defense Argument

A fact is a fact, and those innocent Christian children targeted
officially as mass murder victims, are dead now by America's
stolen will. Forsaken by the evil ungodly demon contempt of
Rep Ros Lehtinen and Rep Berman. ..Can't no one tell if they
are Repuglicons or Demonrats? from who's state that "elected"
them? Never heard of them either stumping for the murder of
innocent Christians? Children? They hide as demon enemies of a
civilizing society, to advocate more mass murder against God and
Humanity. Public trial for death as traitors the truth demands.
And we demand it to-day.

"it is not evidence that Hamas forced civilians to remain
in their homes in order to act as human shields."

See? The objective of Demonic Zionist enemies of God
and Man were to murder innocent Peoples hiding in
their homes. A. Cooper on CNN covered that Nazi Israeli
were traveling about ten miles an hour in the air, killing
everyone, everywhere with war crime weaponry for hours,
hiding in our meager homes, without so much as a sling-shot
to down what almost looked to be a blimp in the blurred
back ground shot traveling without fear, fifty feet up.
No shit. Youtube pulled the video if that isn't enough
for you. Pulled like of Israelis who claimed the Nazi
State was purposefully murdering Jews to make it all look
good for prime-time, for; the technology exists to shoot
down tin can rockets that travel 22 miles, to leave a 12
inch scratch in the pavement. Though, the tin can rockets
do/did kill Jews - likely those who religiously appose
tyranny if we looked I'm sure. But who cares for the right
of innocent Children victims? Again, that Israeli Nazi admit
to targeting for mass murder. ADMIT. America is a nation of
cowardly evil liars dying from Zionist contempt. God awful.
They STEAL innocent God Loving Peoples Homes there don't you

They kidnap, torture, and murder the innocent, openly,
as the ungodly war criminal terrorist enemies of everybody.
While, a bushite says he don't care, and Americans are
shown only TV proud to die that way for lawless tyranny..

More than a million American homes have been thieved, by TV
American's, silenced voices against indisputable war crimes,
and mercury in Vaccines. Trillions are being paid to Banksters
who never covered the initial loans, trillions that Americans
will continue to pay from some time until Justice is called
for fairly to all concerned rightly. However, a bushite says
he don't care, and Americans are shown only proud to die that
way for lawless tyranny.. It's so easy as they told themselves
quietly without a word for caring where they are as taken. CNN,
CBC, FoxNews and the rest know the bushmob did 911 because
I've told them so. They obviously don't care. NYC poisoned. Dead
Cops and Firefighters with Afghanistan and Iraq made lawless
as targeted for robbery, rape, and mass murder. Israeli murdering
innocent kids as openly heniously evil beyond description,
made pleasant and friendly as Alie. They obviously don't care.


Bush "There’s no need to discuss evidence of innocence or guilt."

Alex Jones, "Liberals don't like Bush."for mass murdering
Humanity as never elected demon enemy of God he means?

Mr. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, and Tenant knowingly conned
Congress and the TV viewers to get in and murder millions in Iraq
for more stolen capital gains. Just as they planned to do before
hand. Note: hospital in Germany counted 50,000 dead grunts
years ago. And they would know. There is no reason to bomb
Iraq with complete 100% access to go wherever we please,
without delay. Bombing more than a million innocent souls
only lowers the ability to move freely about. Teen soldiers
have/are dying for continuing tyranny to America. War criminals.
March 7th, 2003.



/ / He is not worried because he heard that the Ministry
of Health has taken a somewhat unusual step. "They sprayed
the city," he explained, "with the necessary products." \ \

This is a serious crime for National Governments - Interpol?
Asian-African-Union?, or, how about a, everyone but the war
mongering censors of Justice in international Prime-Time,
step forward beyond the lights... Come here for a sec..
This a, spraying with/for viral contaminates, like with
molecular by-products from poisonous vectors
that are more than a line on a chalkboard as fully expressed,
likely with military aircraft, would definitely make us sicker
especially with the Barium, or even die out rightly. Not
good. Not science. Not Faith. Name the valid science of
molecular virology recently discovered here, and we'll back
off, till then, there is no such scientific basis of
understanding in this Universe, to spray the constituents of
viral particulates with ground up pig/monkey livers,
willy-nilly all over the places as a possibly 'known' health
benefit with toxic Barium. The electron microscope was invented
somewhere in the forties, where when we discovered, inside the
Cell, was a universe unto itself, not made linear. It's like
little trucks, and factories, and shipping channels, vast array
of NOT UNDERSTOOD surreal communications, like a... wow have
you guys ever heard of how DNA is like a blue print for like,
thousands of molecular machines - some of which, run near 250,000
rpm, have four gears, including a reverse? See? how likely is
it that the hugely inefficient Hummer with whale dick leathered
Captain seats, just happens by fluke to be seated by a guy with
a enormously near impossible stick shift, with every essential
engine part lifelessly(?) not knowing any purpose, but for the
mysteriously elusive unplanned sp*rk pl*g... Not so miracular
appeared in all it's wasted tangents? Now, that would be allot of
trial by 1X48+ try,try,try,try..(ect.) failure.. (?) Oh well, back
to the black board. (Darwin, incredibly, foresaw the possibility,
as writes of such in Origin of the Species.) Then along came
Steven Behe, who brought us closer with his explanation of,
Irreducible Complexity. Of which, strangely, many of those who
obviously can't comprehend the significance, while ridiculing
ourselves out loudly as hypnosters, frantic in fear of the great
big universe somehow, are sometimes, unfortunately, detrimentally
controlling our children's furthering study. Example: Monsanto
is actually stationed as mentors to University grads, even with me
as Earth's most prolific writer of recently excepted Scientific
Histrionics. Horizontal gene transfer has shown us, that when for
example, you take the deadly, "Cauliflower Mosaic Virus", render
it corporately "harmless" with your magical voodoo nonsense, as
becoming the tool for muti dimensional vectoring to mutate potatoes
with a poisonous pesticide, as our "improved" genetics (*pay them
without choice for the service* thank you very much for having no
rights to speak of - we've now patented the Species.. (duh, whatsa
peeridiotic table)) what happens? Well, the fast as light sometimes
Cauliflower Mosaic Virus comes to try killing you for being a proudly
ignorant blind corporate product for more profitable deaths to
benefit a traitor like Rumsfeld. Life is of a Science corporate
America does not want you to pursue as Yourself for the loss to
scammed revenues. People, We will suffer if we don't demand ourselves
the leadership in Science we require. The science we know of Genetics
teaches, we shouldn't allow this unbounded area go undefended by the
lunatic fringe made popular as highest bidders on your commercial
news channels, patenting Life with poisonous deaths as if such
contempt wouldn't show. Mass Murder. Or, by Flu vaccines for a virus
is impossible to guess what specific strain is going to kill next
- yet - the WHO is able to get that part right.. Or that ant-acids
cause acid reflux, or as anti depressants make everyone clinically
depressed? Wondering why? Well you should have had, if corporate,
for private profit public news entries of informative science did
tell of our findings to honorably defend ourselves. They don't. Proof:
Leiberman supports a 'death camp' for innocent healthy American
in NYC to die murdered at. We, as Humanity, are not being fairly
represented I feel, and we want to improve our conditions by hosting
the NEW! Coast to Coast Radio Shows. Where Justice for 911 will be
pursued for the interests of all innocent people still left unawares.
So, in closing: the science does show, through what we gathered to
know, we have yet still, a ways to go, just in understanding,
The Way of Moe.

Johnny Miracle

All hope is not lost:


"I have asked Ukraine's General Prosecutor's office to start
a criminal investigation into the cases of negligence" amongst
Ukraine's top health officials"


Evidence - Key Documents


Bush Closed 911 Investigations


KBR is Criminal


/ / The lawsuit also accuses KBR of shipping ice in mortuary
trucks that “still had traces of body fluids and putrefied
remains in them when they were loaded with ice. This ice is
served to U.S. forces.” \ \ Well, we can hope they die as
traitors to God and Country, and quickly.

We need the Police put on this investigation, real Police
that are presently halted from pursuing the actual 911 cuprits,
because Bush and the Neocons want them Officailly to not be
found out. Just how dumb are you cowardly dying as vicitm
to the Bushite's lawless ungodly tyranny?

/ / there was a firefight when an argument over refusing
to deploy crossed over into a minor mutiny. Since the US
Government cannot allow the rest of the military to know
there was a revolt in the rank and file, there was a
quick decision made to blame the dead Muslim \ \

Bushite are CLEARLY traitors warring God and Humanity
for the escape of the Neocon Peenackers.

Godless Bushite Enemy Soldiers Permit Massacre of Thousands of
Innocent Humans Being

Every last bushite breathing deserves to die rightly,
for these diliberate war crimes against unarmed innocent
folks. Your folks, my folks. Bill a bushite for God and
Country. They are evil nazi enemies of every free man or
woman alive. They are enemies of the Atheist, they are
enemies of the Religious, they are enemies of all this
Universe, and what's more, they are enemies of Johnny.
Die bushite die.


Big Bankers Say They're Doing God's Work

'Evil Bushite are Enemies to God and Man'

/ / Not only is the United States failing to investigate
the allegations of torture of prisoners and extraction of
confessions under torture, but has openly blocked the United
nations form taking action with regard to Israel war crimes
in Gaza, making the US an accessory after the fact to those
war crimes. \ \

The bushmob did 911. Understand: These EVIL Bush bitches
admit to not murdering Humanity for Peace, but to
indiscriminately rob and bomb just as soon YOU for the
escape of the Neocon Peenacker traitors. Don't doubt
American gun owner, a Bushite murder good people for a
derision of God and all we possess for open communication.

For the Love of GOD and America: Die Bushite die.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

See the bushite enemy of American Justice,
who have bombed more than a million innocent souls,
like bombing men women and children at Church
services as on video, praising Satanic lawlessness,
raping, torturing, pillaging, as the 'escape' of
the Peenacker Neocons, you bill it. It is no
human. Death to the bushite, death to the
enemies of Justice for God as Freedom for Man.

The Entire Point of a Public Option


/ / The entire point of a public option was to provide
competition against insurance companies to drive down
costs and provide an alternative choice to citizens. A
REAL public option would have been open to all Americans,
it would have rates tied to Medicare, and it would be
implemented in a relatively short period of time after
the bill becomes law. The legislation contains none of
these mandates

The current reform labeled as a public option:

- only covers 2% of the population
- will LIKELY be administrated by the private insurance companies
- is estimated to be priced HIGHER then private insurance plans \ \

We are not this gullible, but for the fact, CNN, CBC,
the NWOers, and Fox-News play us lower than the maths
should allow. Look, you, me, and some Joe put in for
health insurance, then Joe goes, 'well you do know I'll
be pocketing most this money for my private parties right?'
And me and you go 'no', why would we be so willfully wasteful
regarding the profit of the scheme's purpose to begin with?
Americans are being taxed for health care, of which most
of the expense, goes not to doctors or nurses, patients,
or Health, but into the likes of peoples holding saleries
of the tens of millions, with 50,000 PAID bribers, bribing
out a conservatively estimated, 1.5 milllion dollars a day
in "Health Care" bribes to Repuglicons and Demonrats for
more ill favors. Listen: Americans pay twice as much as
Canadians do for full coverage, while your now expected as
an American to go out and buy private insurance. ? Your
wisely foolish King is prepared for polite international
debates to begin to recoop our stolen rights here my
friends. Regarding reparations made for our mistreated.
Ourselves. Calling Doctor Johnny. Calling Doctor Johnny.

"According to a new study compiled by the Center for Responsive
Politics, 237 members of the U.S. Congress, or 44 percent, are

How can that possibly be that high a pay grade, unless...
Is that what America is worth 'standing' on still?
I, by the way, am still excepting cash donations for
bus fares, lunch money, and such to grow my global
media empire of accounting through science facts,
the true meaning of this: I AM FANTASTIC.
sayitwithme.. I AM FANTASTIC. Fantastic.

Dennis Kucinich: Why I voted no on 3962 - A BAILOUT UNDER A BLUE CROSS

/ / “Clearly, the insurance companies are the problem,
not the solution. \ \

Wise. American. Kucinich.


But who cares for the right of innocent Children victims?
Again, that Israeli Nazi admit to targeting for mass murder.
ADMIT. AIPAC bribe takers is HUGE CRIME EVIL, no?.

Do You Care?

/ / The London Daily Mail reported on a huge raid British
Police made on a private safety deposit box company,
physically opening all of the 6,717 safety deposit boxes
and carting away the contents. \ \ Safety Deposit Boxes
aren't only there for dumb thieves you know? Peter Power
did the London Bombings of 7/7. Who? He told us so, that's
who. Not locked up. What secret? That cowardly evil foes of
darkness are stealing our rights/money/lives in broad
daylight? as insolent betrayers to a Life worth justly
defending in the living presence of the LORD Almighty??
Justice for everybody is me being free rightly. How about
you as left for victim as lost already? Be a wonner!
Be a wonner! Nature has spoken what every one preaches,
Golden Rule. Not complicated. Criminals are bad for business.
Bushite McCainiac Zombies are too evil to go public ally,
left, so far, corporately unchallenged for their willful
criminality regarding treasonous ungodly intent to escape
Neocon Peenackers from American Justice. Through selling what
should be, their impossible ignorance, of the easy to obtain
intelligence. Example: our 'would be' President of the United
States, Ms. Palin, claimed Russia attacked South Ossetia without
Yet, who demanded the respect of those countless murder victims
at our homes, schools and hospitals? not to be forsaken for her
ungodly demon lies benefiting more murderous tyranny? (she also
stole the 'bridge to nowhere' money,, but what could we never
have expected.. was her EVIL illiterate championing for further
destructions of Liberty - over her 'Presidential' calls on
providing NO smart pant Court Systems for those falsely
accused of murder!!(at RNC!! (God's Truth: CHEERING FOR MORE
tool of tyranny, leaving everyone at the mercies of those who
bill us for a fast stolen dollar. Those like the Bushite
McCainiac, the PROUDLY illiterate! all for more our stolen
profits. Example: Lieberman gets bribes from Glaxo to
'death camp' innocent American children in New York City - Boo.

The banksters do not cover our loans. Extortion is a crime in
my America, where the victims aren't that naive to willingly
continue unrepresented in silence of these monster frauds.
Johnny for NEW! Coast to Coast Radio Host!!! yeahwayman

Murdering American People that Courts Would Find Innocent


/ / In a report posted on the Wired website, Noah Shachtman
mentions a CIA plan to hunt down and kill “jihadists, drug
dealers, pirates and other enemies of the state.” \ \
Murdering 'bad guy' pirates of Sovereignty, who push dope
while dressed up as Arabs shooting police officers, caught
in a car filled with explosives.

Bushite Grunts like Killing Good Cops who Defend our Families


- why do bushite do it? To cowardly die enriching the
tyrannies of ungodly enslavement. Warmongers. Mongers of
thought delusions that sell the taking of lame excuses
to profit the war criminal.

CIA sent people to be ‘raped with broken bottles’

When you bill the Bushite for Life, God loves you.. who

Repuglicons Put Campaign Bribes Above American Victims Of Gang Rape

Look! People of Earth, America is an Nation Represented
by Ungodly Demon enemies who war for the escape of gang
rapists, Neocons, and torturers. We should care. A bushite
don't care but for the money he receives to be a cowardly
enemy of the Republic. As like, 911 victims were offered
thousands of dollars, if they would simply agree not to
demand the capture of those truly responsible for their
'loved ones' mass murdered. Gues what??? As 'richer'
Americans, they likely wouldn't have cared regardless.

(Up until we rallied, when a bushite would die, the service
would hire a mime, fake playing to a pre-recording of,
Taps... SEE? No real talent, no real love.. just requests for
cash death benefits (that can never come - WHO CARES))


"Texas Gov. Rick Perry: “There Were Three Shooters”"

HOLY CRACKERJACK! - he states it as factually confirmed.


"Ron Paul Warns of Violence from Pending Dollar Crisis"

But not that Justice will be demanded by Americans?

They kidnap, torture, and murder the innocent, openly,
as the ungodly war criminal terrorist enemies of everybody.
While, a bushite says he don't care, and Americans are
shown only TV proud to die that way for lawless tyranny..


Stanley McChrystal: A History Of Condoning Torture

/ / expressed deep concerns about being sent to Iraq or
Afghanistan. Having counseled scores of returning soldiers
with post-traumatic stress disorder, first at Walter Reed
Army Medical Center in Washington and more recently at Fort
Hood, he knew all too well \ \ He knew like those literate of
the willing war crimes by the bushite nazi grunter. Too cowardly
and evil to speak in the defense of American values against the
hijacking Zionist Neocon Peenacker. Bush closed 911 investigations.
Ungodly evil traitors who take criminal orders to support further
torture and murder is their silence in contempt for the LORD.
A fact is a fact. Nothnig to do with me nessesarily.

"CIA Sent Prisoners Abroad to Be Boiled Alive and 'Raped with Broken
(1000+ flights OUT OF America - do you care?)

Killing civilians triggers demonstration in S Afghan province

Bushite Grunting Pusher of Tyranny for More Stolen Gains "I don't

But who cares for the right of innocent Children victims?
Again, that Israeli Nazi admit to targeting for mass murder.
ADMIT. Funded by American taxed payers. America is a godless
nation of cowardly evil liars dying from Zionist contempt.

Humanity Under Attack by the Zionist Enemy of Life


Not only that but the BBC argued that to show
innocent Human Beings suffering, in CRITICAL
life threatening need of desperate food and
water that Israeli nazi stole, (because they are
unlawful murderous thieves), would have them look
like they were partial to serving Humanity's
interest in compassion for US humans. Over the
Israeli terror Nazi tactics of indiscriminate
slaughter for more Amerikan welfare.

OBAMA'S SECRET: Mandatory Copyright Laws. Guilty Until Proven

This is very bad news to stay ourselves silent on. Do
you have a concern to communicate or not? .. hmmm?

'lawless bushites die instead of innocent brown people
indiscriminately bombed, tortured, robbed, or raped
for godless tyranny as the escape of Bush and the
Neocon Peenackers for 911.'

This is very good news



/ / Earlier this year a study of over 400 infants born to
HIV+ mothers in Miami-Dade, Florida, USA concluded that rapid
progression to 'full-blown' Aids was "three times more likely
to occur in infants born to [AZT] treated mothers -compared
with findings in untreated mothers" \ \

Then think of how many American children were/are 'death camped'
in NYC, because their loving mothers refused to poison otherwise
perfectly healthy children. SEE? Glaxo Wellcome couldn't/can't
have healthy children walking our Earth with HIV mothers, for
then, we would know like Johnny, how they have MURDERED so many
innocent Americans in total for ill gotten money with demon
lies masking as Doctors.

America: The Naive Pompous Fool

Bush closed 911 investigations.
How are we to arrest ANYONE who was actually guilty,
if our Police services, were by threat of arrest,
called off the Public case. Make sense? Interestingly,
George Walker Bush is the for real antichrist
enemy of all Creation - no one more evil in all time
space. Why? Well, he's given you no evidence to form
a conclusion on an allegation he's officially halted
to make, then stated, your either with him blindedly,
or you'd be the terrorist. Without thought, YOU are
a terrorist.. crime? Believing for/in yourself. Now,
the NWOers would rather seem leave all our Humanity
spooked by shadows, than allow anyone to publicly make
such an impossible to dispute finding of elementary
logic regarding the True Mastermind. Hammurabi taught
us these things.. Golden Rule? Capital false accusers
are the worst of the bunch. Then came the Magna Charta,
Bill of Rights, Reagan outlawing all torturers to death
Rightly.. and Valhalla! Now CIA torturers can make more
than a thousand flights out of America, to torture innocent
people to death for pleasures, escaping the Neocon
Peenackers, ILLEGALLY!, and the American public is
left only going further victims in silent absence. Or
rooting for their further escapes. While Johnny speaks,
and no one listens - like - whatthefuk is wrong with
you people. Like I say, there is only so much of this
tarnishing of my Humanity by cowardice in corporate mind
control Snooze American priority setting we can take,
before we get even as together united by a common
stand: We need evidence. The Taliban were Just in
defense of the innocent forsaken, by America, the
Tyrant. We've seen enough. Bush is guilty of Obstruction.
The Law is the Law. Freedom is Freedom. Be somebody.



Monkey Business



/ / Derivatives Meaning = Lets say: A bank has a deposit of $1000 -
they are suppose to only lend up to 90% of that deposit out. So they
then lend $900 out to someone, now they add that $900 loan to
"deposits" - because it is seen as money in the bank. \ \

Sort of.

Derivatives have no basis in rules/law to define,
thereby, as near as we can tell, they are
bets, where the bookie banksters, always get
their cut. (The 'Mob' would give you a better
odd however) And additionally, with Investment
Banksters, they trade with themselves, maybe
zillions in derivatives bundles, to pay commissions
with Police man Pension funds that go, as Ron
Paul would claim, "LOST" as perfect examples.
Bear Stearns went bankrupt with 77 trillion in
derivatives. All the pension monies stolen, and
Americans were left with worthless pieces of
paper said to be written down as 77 trillion.
A derivative doesn't need investments of capital
to claim it fictional value. At least that is
how I count it, with my limited knowledge on how
these buggers are now all magically trillioniares.
A trillion is a thousand billion, and a thousand
million is a billion. TRILLIONS 'earned' by one
person in the space of one or three years, as
FRONTLINE reported, who didn't truly buy or sell
anything worth our interest. Yet, ACTUALLY has
trillions of our pension dollars, living in a fifty
thousand square foot, Italian Marbled Mansion.
With foot servants too!

"now they add that $900 loan to "deposits"
- because it is seen as money in the bank."

They repackaged the debt to capital by selling
it out, while STILL collecting payments. (on debts
including "Ninja Loans" they knew were valueless,
but for the brand new free homes they stole) So, they sell
a group of mortgage debts, into a sub-standard AAA security,
however, STILL demand payment due, and shockingly! will
foreclose on the 'delinquents' to seize the homes they
never covered the loans on as it was, and sold off the
debt that was owed. Free Houses and cars for payments we
made twice over.. er.. thrice. (which is why Obama and
Co. was/is encouraging American suckers to re-finance for
a loan many didn't no longer owe truly if they had a voice
here near crazy enough to sanely sort this out for the
Public interest.) All because the Banksters passed a
Repuglicon/Demonrat law that actually states, they, as
magical banksters, do not have to prove they own the Title
to the homes in a court of "Law": to therefore, Officially,
STEAL American properties, Titles (they didn't pay for
regardless sucker) they sold off to someone else before.
Remember: many of these Cons are actual TRILLIONIARES.
Tricky? Yup. Anyway..

Chris Cox changed it from 8 for every 100, to 20 to 1,
then 40 to one, 80, then PBS Bill Moyers covered that
it went as is now, 100 to one. Guess what? all a sham
because, GLASS-STEGALL was removed by the Libertarian/
anarchist/Alex Joneser type ideologues, who don't know
what they blindly believe as true idiots who don't want
people who do know what they are talking about to have a
voice for open debate with these hardening time facts
on real Justice. Check out webofdebt.com/media for the
low down on everything I got confused, or missed entirely.

The banksters do not cover our loans.

Ron Paul 'all is bad' is truly un-American escaping the
lawless Neocon Peenackers for treason see?

Armed for Murder Grunter driving his free Hummer paid
for by the American bushited suckers, "I don't care"


H1N1 Flu A Pharmaceutical Hoax

Mercury causes brain damage as a neural-toxic heavy metal.

Armed for Murder Bushite Grunter "I don't care"


Hail Mary: Long Shot to Get Kucinich Single-Payer Amendment Back In


1/3 of American income taxes, goes to pay interest
on loans the American People took on themselves, that
the Banker man NEVER covered. Your paying trillions
to banksters who never lent you the money to begin
with. If the loans came from anywhere, they came initially
from the Treasury. NOT the FR. Bushite "I don't care."
Your contemptible Life my friends, your contempt in silence.
Support my demands for open free communications above
the 'pros' who will to blame anyone but those personally
responsible as making their getaways. Bush closed 911
investigations. Wake up now.


FOXNEWS AT OUR BEST - The Sabotage of Medicare

"The more you see, the less you know. The less you
find out, as you go."

This nutcase con on how in the 'public option' it will
cost you more than the Cartel's "competition", and provide
less coverage, while costing billions and billions EXTRA!
EXTRA! EXTRA! all to sabotage Medicare, is a con so
un-presidented in evil corruption, I'm left almost
speechless to find, they believe we can't find
the elementary math skills to remedy. This, my friends,
is not rocket science, or even high school equivalent. America
has a decision being made: pay private insurance companies
trillions to bribe daily these Repuglicons and Demonrats,
for nothing but a naked contempt for your growing health
bills as deteriorating Life, or don't.


Congressman Grayson Wingnut Of The Week!

'Beware of the People playing the victim'

Again, Americans tell no tales? How about grade school maths?

Stories Of Those Who Died Because They Didn't Have Health Insurance

Despite the demon cons of Ron Paul, we have these real
American victims, claimed by Ron el al., to have never
really existed. Do you care? What's that..? huuhmm?



/ / Members of Congress and their families are blessed
with their very own gold-plated, taxpayer-financed,
Washington-run health care system. \ \

Let's get Ron Paul and his pack of cons to give up the
services they fight to your death to deny ourselves how about?
Get them to pay $1000.00 dollars a month, with a $3000.00
deductible, on top of the taxes TWICE as much as Canadians
pay for full coverage. Then since their near all old war
mongering Conservative geezers hell bent on lawless death and
FIXING ELECTIONS, and so on.. left to go find themselves
out in the cold, without a place to call our homes. Except
maybe of a 6X9 prison cell, after formal public convictions
for high treason of course. Love that Hightower!


Israeli Army T-Shirts Mock Gaza Killings

Who as "America" supports in silence, paying
these demon enemies for the war crimes of targeting
for murder, innocent Christian toddlers and
pregnant mothers?

Torture Was Used to Try to Link Saddam with 9/11

Death is what these crimes warrant under standing American law.


'Armed [by dying American taxed workers] settlers beat 89-year-old



Senior Merck Scientist Admits Cancer & AIDS Came From Vaccines


The Federal Reserve Can Not Account For $9 Trillion

/ / Apparently nobody at the Federal Reserve has any
clue where the trillions of dollars that have come from
the Fed's expanded balance sheet have gone. \ \

Those Who Hate "Liberals" Really Hate a Free America

/ / [The Founding Fathers] All were liberals, both classic
and modern. The documents they wrote---the Declaration
of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights---all
were the definition of liberal. Rush's "conservative"
rightists would have hated them then. And though they
won't admit it, they hate them now. \ \

Well sure. Look at Ron Paul like Alex Jones and the
NWOers running cover for the bushmobsters.

(a conspiracy??? for Alex Jones has been pushing the same)

Ron Paul states on CNN all governing fails - (traffic lights
a bad idea Ron?) And NOT that extortionists, (like
war criminals who conned Congress and Soldiers,) should
be publicly arrested under the Standing Law (aka Government)
to recoup our stolen loses. Just ask yourself, what is a
"Liberal". Is it Stalinist Russia, who according to
the Oxford Dictionary under 'socialism', is the control
of all expression such as artistic literature, to by force,
praise the un-elected mass murdering dictator. Or, as in
Canada, where instead of private de-health companies
pocketing trillions of tax dollars for doing nothing, the
Government of the People, just hires a guy at a good salary
to handle the health care book keeping. It's BOTH. (maths
isn't suppose to be competitive capitalist mis-adventure
in error - only one way to do it right.) Duality Einstein
called it.. but who wants to hear from Mr. Smarty Pants in
America? Not the NWOer, bigoted talk radio controllers who
push selling gold and running to the hills from the clever
fellows as the answer to all your worries that's who. Ron
Paul (who won the Republican leadership convention) really
sucks man. Where's the love? Example: Ron Paul knows more
people, (800 per week) die from regular flu, yet, doesn't
demand the arrest of the Obammanators for the wide criminal
assault with mercury. For, influenza is a constantly mutating
virus, thereby, making it impossible to know several years in
advance, which exact strain will attack next - without giving
it to US in the first place.


Did Richard Goldstone hide more sinister crimes in Gaza?

- Part 1: White Phosphorus and Flechettes

- Part 2 – DIME and Uranium Weapons

Forgive me People. I assumed such documented war
crimes were naturally present in the UN report - for
who could con such actions that were widely video taped,
even played on CNN with A. Cooper, didn't even happen
as the Zionist's deep hatred for Justice, as truth
triumphing for God's love of Humanity?


/ / Bush administration official says: "Saddam never
had WMDs, and we never said he did." \ \


Ron Paul "With the economy in shambles, people
are looking for answers - not just because of lost
savings on Wall Street, but because of lost houses
on Main Street."

NOT LOST. Stolen. Well documented crimes Ron.
Never heard speak of such things in Washington?

Ron Paul is 'escaping' the DOCUMENTED
CRIMINALS here - Don't believe? fine.

Example: The Bushmob DOCTORED the NIE on Iraq
warranting death for conning Congress, and what
pray tell does Ron Paul have to say about the
subject of Law against such high crimes of
treason? Doesn't really believe in Constitutional
values does he to defend our Interests?, as like
the Alex Jones'er thought controlled NWOers, who
trumpet in unison, Bush is just a puppet, Bush
is just a puppet! as Puppets? For closing 911 Police
investigations, while false accusing Afghanistan
for Enron? To then claim, all those that disagree
are Dem terrorists? Didn't ever hear Alex Jones
say such things battling as a true Patriot for
Universal Justice?

The Free To be walking the streets of NYC,
Bushite McCainiac "Heroes" of American Virtue
(soon to be "Policing" by ignoring Posse Comitatus)

Where is the NWOers as Oppostioning Lawlessness?

Where is the NWOers as oppostioning lawlessness?
NWOers who claim we can not be allowed to actually
defend ourselves from plunder with real Justice?
Justice after all, could be considered a form of
"Socialized Health Care" a no-no when a conservative
takes our mike to tell us how smart they are. Not to
provide us some voice for actual liberty, no, just to
tell us how smart they are, and dumb all those
billions of liberal types are. No wonder they don't
like the math or sciences!!


DHS: Expect your computer to be seized without suspicion

/ / “ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] Special Agents acting
under border search authority may search, detain, seize, retain, and
share electronic devices, or information contained therein, with or
without individualized suspicion \ \

"individualized" - What? Huh? Who? Magic?

Err, no they can't, for that would be the
crime of theft.


The Truth about Politics in America

Americans are paying Insurance companies billions
and billions every year for nothing. Don't have to,
but will for fear of wiser men and women with
calculators speaking. Look at the NWOers who blame
Socialism, and their silences against Bush the
decider, Ron Paul, Cheney, 1441, doctoring of the
NIE, Iron flowing like water, Obama's Banksters
extortions, Rove fixing elections as blatantly
criminal, 'caging someone because they might
legitimately vote for Justice is not acceptable'

Obama "... nothing will be gained by spending
our time and energy laying blame for the past."

No Justice whatsoever?

No honor among thieves who feed off the
cowardice of the American citizens refusing
to stand for the cause of Man.

Justice for All.


WHO memos 1972 explains how to turn vaccines into a means of killing

/ / According to Hugh Fudenberg, MD (http://members.aol.com/nitrf),
the world's leading immunogeneticist and 13th most quoted biologist of
our times (nearly 850 papers in peer review journals), if an
individual has had five consecutive flu shots between 1970 and 1980
(the years studied) his/her chances of getting Alzheimer's Disease is
ten times higher \ \

Mercury causes brain damage as a neural-toxic heavy metal.

Johnny 'not rocket science' Wizard

Armed for Murder Bushite Grunter "I don't care"



Treason warranting trial for death.

"A secret court is seizing the assets of thousands
of elderly [YOUR GRANDMUM] and mentally impaired people"

Armed for Murder Bushite Grunter "I don't care"

Israel Hits Elementary School on Purpose to Murder Kids


See? The American crowd of Zionist Repuglicon enemies,
who know as a fact, Bush and the Peenackers did 911,
but fascistically lie to demonically support the further
tyrannical indiscriminate murder of innocent children
like Your own to glorify in their mutual hatred for
Freedom, God, or great People like me, do it because
they KNOW, they are despised universally. so support
hiding themselves in the darkness of advancing
ungodly censorship to escape the traitor Neocon.
Americans lie about me, because if they simply allowed
US to speak freely they, would look as dumb and evil
as they truly is. This is more about American
conservative 'know-it-all' pirates, than supporting
the defense of innocent American lives, or the values
of Justice to truly defend our freedoms. They are enemies
of everyone, which is of themselves. Bushite will kill
bushite for a stolen nickel, and, they know it too.
No honor among thieves. So, this idea where, everyone
else under the sun, aka the billions and billions
and billions of not right wing goose stepping Ideologue
cartoons, but the massively diverse, impossible to group
"Liberals", find themselves trying to change the
patently ignorantly evil to only respect the lives
of others, generally never comes. They don't care. This
Life for them isn't about integrity, honor, respect, or love.
As so, when the Zionist/Nazis thankfully finally
reach their well deserved graves, we are all less burdened by
their blind evil hatred of Humanity and pitiless self
loathing. When the bushite grunting Soldier dies,
well.. that is truly glory unto God. For you know more
innocent lives have been saved from tyranny when the
lawless Grunt is gone good and buried under. But we ALL
know that already. Die bushite die.

Bushite "I don't care."

UN: Israel broke six-month truce in Gaza


Again, understand, Israeli NAZIS murdered 239
Police Officers who were just trying to defend
our families. The NAZIS also specifically targeted
innocent women and children for mass murder as
CHILDREN - then stated it was pro-zionist Hamas'
fault. Please, allow the godly men and women of
Humanity to speak freely in America, as open
speech dedicated to a freedom currently dying
as enslaved at the hands of the neoconner
corporate whores.

Fox News Alert: Captured U.S. Soldiers Should Be Killed, Because They

Remember: Omar the Just speaks FLUENT English,
and bushite kill bushite for a stolen nickel.


/ / Republican Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld authorized the rape
of children \ \

President Carter: Many Children Were Tortured Under Bush

/ / Medicare is administered by public employees; the “options” in
both bills will be administered by private-sector corporations, some
or all of which will be insurance companies. The “option” in neither
bill resembles Medicare... \ \

Don't except these Repuglicons and Demonrats responsible
for wigging this deal don't know what they are doing.
They know, the general Public is a complete illiterate
moron like Alex Jones is on this subject. LOOK: it's
America's decision. Give billionaires billions of
dollars who are not doctors or nurses for NOTHING or
don't. It serves no better purpose to give away in
total, trillions to cons who would sooner see Americans
die from illness, that eat into the stolen line. Americans
pay twice per capita as Canada, all Canada gets good
coverage, while in 2Xer America your expected to go out
and buy insurance now. Where did all the money go corporate
Snooze America NEVER reports. Though, Olbermann did have on
a guy who stated, half of all government Health expenditures
go in the form of unheard of, give away subsidies for
boulder-dash. HALF. That my friends, is what I call fucked.
King Johnny has Ruled. But really, who cares?

Dylan "Everything is Broken"


/ /Israel will conduct their "own investigation"
with which to counter the Goldstone Report. \ \

Realize: it IS Israeli Nazis who do tell of breaking the
truce, to target for murder 239+ innocent Police Officers
(but not Zionist funded Hamas), and Christian children
indiscriminately with ungodly war criminal weaponry.
Getting murdered good Jews in that process. THAT IS
So.. to "counter" what?

King Johnny's "Nazi Israel"
(note: History has changed since then)

Gaza 2009 - Operation Cast Lead

Again, they are Satanic here because
they THREAT to tell you, yeah, Zionists
are casting the leads for the real mass
murder scenes - Justice denied Humanity.
God doesn't exist to defend yourselves
from war criminals for Satan.


Pentagon opposed measure to help rape victims

[Bushite McCainiac Zombie] Defense Department Oppose Anti-Rape

Is this America? A place where 'Men' live?

The Cartel has Spoken: "Medicare Premiums To Rise 25% Next Year"
- and the Zombies will silently eat it without a word for? for? for?
Who's that?? Zombies don't care for health issues, they really
just don't care who dies.. (listen to Commie Katy, she'll tell
you, or as a "U.S." soldier was recently asked, why would it
support Bush without any evidence to form a conclusion, as
irrational, to rob and murder us People indiscriminately, escaping
the actual 911 culprits, and the bushite grunted, "I don't care"


/ / They have known about this cure for cancer since at least 1984. \

/ / the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of
oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar. \ \ Quote
from Otto Warburg. Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his
discovery of the oxygen transferring enzyme of cell respiration, and
was voted a second Nobel Prize for his discovery of the active groups
of the hydrogen transferring enzymes.
Many universities, like Harvard, Oxford, Heidelberg have offered him
honorary degrees. He is a foreign member of the Royal Society of
London, a Knight of the Order of Merit founded by Frederick the Great,
and was awarded the Great Cross with Star and Shoulder ribbon of the

Yeah but, does an illiterate Bushite grunter, while Bonusing in
the thieving and murdering of ourselves, (all for the escape of the
demonic Peenackers), care enough to listen to reason? Don't wait until
the GI goon from a third world military dictatorship has a gun to your
head while he rapes your wife and children, to then pull the trigger
on you as the letter of Nazi dogs lying about causes worth fighting
and dying US for. You should have/be demanded/demanding Justice for
these innocent Families by insisting on the war criminal's immediate
public trial, and subsequent to an easy verdict of guilty on
everything that truly counts, a formal public execution with all
it's pageantry. And bill any as all 'lawless' bushite grunting
FoxNoise fanning poisons of Liberty whom stand in our ways for
Justice to Rule as Freedom Supreme. Free speech guaranteed.

Doctor Admits Vaccine Is More Deadly Than Swine Flu

25,000 times the legal limit for mercury. Please support my
demands for the formal arrests of the "doctors" and "nurses"
who have decided to minimally, blindly attack our children.
Please demand demon enemy George Noory the traitor to
every American, allow US to care for our own families.
To speak openly for challenge on the facts he denies
as an evil enemy to Life and God. Please.

"Government to get special swine flu vaccine"

These be demons to believe the Government will speak
for no justice, for, it is only YOU who will be made to
suffer and die for their profits. People have
refused to forward my concerns for Justice as your own.
You let Conservative bigots and racists take bribes to
publicly blame anygroup but those personally responsible
for thefts, and the mass murder of millions, to hide your
ungodly cowardice as evil silence, a Zionistic hatred for
the wise and merciful to speak freely for illuminations.
I have begged for YOU to forward this post to at least
two people, and what did/do you do?

Now go listen about how happy George Noory's day has been,
pushing Zionist censorship for massive thefts and mass
murder, with a big dose of his OPEN hatred for all Peoples.
A Godless demon enemy he is, to fool You to think,
'yeah, but well, he sounds so pleasant without a concern',
or, 'he blames his continuing support of the Iraq and
Afghanistan wars of censorship to murder on the shadowy
"NWO", like Alex Jones does, so? what do you want for
nothing - besides Bush is just a puppet' or the all time
American classic, 'I don't want to be rude'. Let the
inhuman repuglicon thieves steal My stage for cash bribes,
I'm sold out without a voice after all.

You got another thing coming. We are Good to Go. Rise Up
for innocent Life, or don't and see where it'll get you
in the end.

from prisonplanet
'Congress has shielded any person giving swine flu shots from lawsuits
if people get hurt.'

Yeah but not for the crime of criminal negligence, assault, or

I know few who don't know will likely refuse a belief as this to
be so, but, nevertheless, it is a fact: The American "Judicial"
System found that Foxnoise was perfectly within their right, to
on purpose, on purpose mind you, "LIE" Americans for death if it
means more stolen cash profits for Rumsfeld's Monsanto. John's
truth. Look it up. It IS still a crime(s) however. Yeah yeah,
Foxnoise is within their right to lie, sure, but not to maim
or kill. On purpose. The King has Ruled. Again, but who cares?


/ / Judge T. S. Ellis III of Federal District Court in
Alexandria, Va., held that the False Claims Act does not
apply to the many contractors who were paid by the American
occupation authority using Iraqi oil money. \ \ It wasn't
Iraq's decision, but with guns to their heads by the
occupying lawless Zionist Nazi military. Torturers. Iraqis
have no government standing to pronounce giving all oil
money (and the "Iraqi Development Funds") to Bremer blindly
without question, while destroying near everything Iraqi
- oh like, the abolition of the police and military, school
teachers, and street cleaners, INCLUDING ALL LAW, (aka
banking and finance) in Iraq made 'defunct' by belligerent
Bremer. NO JOKE. (we can try and likely publicly execute
Bremer and the Neocons as bonafide war criminals in a two
day trial for these blatant was crimes easily. Research
ignoring the ORHA - that very clearly documents the war
criminal's intent to remove for mass murder to rob ourselves
left officially un-defended. War Criminals = Death.)

It's stolen money therefore, and the "Judge" doesn't want
see the innocent victims reinbursed by the bushite thieves?
Why can't we arrest this judge for aiding and abetting
fugitives of the War Crimes Law ushered by Reagan and Co.
I would be asking everyone? Polite open public debate
with every honorable Citizen I mean..


These cons to escape the Neocon are treasonously criminal.

"German Chancellor, Ministers Get Special Vaccine Without Soft Kill

But why wouldn't they demand as much for our good German

Cell Phone Radiation: What You Need to Know

/ / Under Dr. Carlo’s direction, scientists found that cell phone
radiation caused DNA damage, impaired DNA repair, and interfered
with cardiac pacemakers. [...] Dr. Carlo’s house mysteriously burned
down. Public records show that authorities determined the cause of
the blaze was arson, but the case was never solved. \ \

Please human being, fight back by giving this post
to two people to defend our Humanity. please.

Demand I be allowed to speak freely for open debate
in America on the Coast to Coast radio networks.

Bushite liars are the true enemies of God and Man

Bush "International law? I better call my lawyer."


For Justice God Wills

For Justice God Wills. Repuglicons and the Demonrats are
fighting against Freedom for anyone, how come? It is after
all, still, the Zionist Nazi Fascist’s New American Century!
Like, the number two goal?: a "goal" of massive deaths,
through warring simultaneous illegal wars without
justifications to profit off the spilt lawless carnage
against God and Humanity. No I mean, that IS ACTUALLY
their for sure second goal! Check out "Loose Change 911
An American Coup" - PNAC states for CORE MISSION 'fight
simultaneous major theater wars' as exploiting the
weakness, of American leadership rolls of the military.
They war Humanity indiscriminately not because some
nation they allege has been wronged, but for the fear
they have, that the Public just might smarten up to their
crimes of treason, and as a result, we all gain higher
grounds. Justice man is what we want for sure as being
all about. Keeping it real. It tolls all this war criming,
on the name of our should be, proud great human condition.

Bushite Grunts like Killing Good Cops who Defend our Families


- why do bushite do it? To cowardly die enriching the
tyrannies of ungodly enslavement. Warmongers. Mongers of
thought delusions that sell the taking of lame excuses
to profit the war criminal.

Alex Jones, "Liberals don't like Bush."for mass murdering
Humanity as never elected demon enemy of God he means?

He tries to divide the freedom movement away from Justice
for ourselves.

"there really is a death panel" (nobillyetwhocares)
'If You Can't Pay the Bill, You're Sent Home to Die.'

We could be sure Conservatives said that everone
else as "Liberals" are top secretly, (so secret they don't
even know) 'dumdums' yesterday - or something near there
it seemed - I can't be bothered to rewind back to
re-affirm what we all know already about a, broken winged
bigot as blabbering nonsense, on absolute relative terms;
as carrying a slave's, grave intellect to even effectively
politically communicate - without blind label blaming
insults to whomever? a Conservative sums it's unfair
summation, in their cardboard cut-out cartooned worlds.
Crooks are bad for business. Demand Justice.

Obama blasts health insurers’ ‘bogus’ report

Well, at least THIS issue moving almost forward.


US rejects an Israeli demand

"Israel expects the Palestinians to first
recognise Israel as a Jewish state before
talking about two states for two peoples,"

We refuse to believe a real Jewish state, is a
state that is inherently, a godless nation
of war criminals without an ounce of Love
for Justice as G-D's true will for Humanity.


Obama "... nothing will be gained by spending
our time and energy laying blame for the past."

No Justice whatsoever?

What about American women raped by KBR? Oh yeah,
right. Women’s Rights are of no concern of bushite
nazi grunts who instead, have murdered more than
700 innocent people with the predator drone
strikes as exampled, with a total of 17 "Al-Qeada"
kills. According to YOUTUBE "Al-Qeada" = men who
look like they might have been carrying a gun.

(Maybe they, as the Taliban, were defending women
from rapists, a task that no TV politico as
"American" expresses for urgent concern, regarding
the American Womens victimized by unarrested KBR
rapists/employees of 'The NWO Freedom Force'. An
American worker paid for, private military campaign
that bombs Our Humanity indiscriminately, routinely
as FOR SURE sadistically evil Satanic war criminals,
the enemy of each and every one. Robbing US blind with
as BOASTED!, a belligerent ignorance on the simplest
precepts of Justice; such as evidence to actually
convince ourselves of something. McCainiacs are evil
stupid people of History's worst example for false
accusations. To near never apply our skills of
communicating to seek greater understandings, but
to divide our/itself as a bigot false accuser not
qualified to hold such a position in complete
disregard for the worth of it's 'viewer ship'. US,
the Audience. "News Professionals" are $tealing
our center stages selling a contemptible self
censorship on OUR Reality, FACTS readily reachable
to make present as considering, but systematically,
fully ignored as Legitimate. Like We don't count
for anything. A contempt for YOUR LIFE that could
never naturally stand without minimally, constant
ridicule, if the truth were ever known far wised,
instead of blind sided. Our Media, OUR media must
demand actual evidence to convince ourselves who
is who here. False capital accusers, particularly
in the American and Israeli military, must be
challenged publicly for facts on still, blindly
targeting our beloved families for capital murder.
Done all to better our circumstances against these
bad guy war criminals who as such, like the McCainiac,
refuse to target KBR rapists and/or, the torturers
in CACI, 'Al-Qeada' as AEGIS, SAS as Cop killers,
or Blackwater for mass murder of absolutely anyone.
"It's a turkey shoot!" Death to the bushite scumbags
who refuse US evidence to form our guilty verdicts,
death to the 'lawless' Zionist enemies of God and
America who falsely believe they will escape our
wrath against themselves as the sworn enemy.

That is why these monsters of mass murder and banker
mayhem refuse our open calls for Justice as willing.
A smart man or women might make some sense of this
dire predicament to remind ourselves of why Justice
wins for the betterments of all.


John Pilger - Obama and Empire


Israeli Government Contradicts its Own Self-Defense Argument

/ / [the] ceasefire had substantially ended Hamas rocket
fire--and more than that: Hamas was working to eliminate
rocket fire from other groups, especially Fatah, the main
group running the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah. \ \

And Israeli NAZIS couldn't have that. They needed to get
killed Jews by indiscriminately slaughtering Humanity for
no cause but a blind hate for Love, for Justice. To do US
in, in a hurry before we makes sense to the throngs of this
adoring fan base. ... so... who's in for Judgment Day?

You Are What You Are,

Yeah Way Man


Republican Site Crashes

The Zombies devoured themselves and it died from the toxicity.


Charlie Sheen's Video Message to President Obama


Banks Were Pushing Subprime Mortgages Behind The Scenes

/ / In a number of the fliers, Chase makes it clear to the
mortgage brokers that the bank doesn’t need income or job
verification \ \ because they don't cover the loans of course

Just a reminder to everyone: these actions on the part
of trillioniares who pirate the Public's authority, were/
are highly criminal. Costing lots. I'm just saying is all..
It's your robbed Home, your robbed Country.

NOT So Cool Facts About Israel


Does the Vaccine Matter?

“For a vaccine to reduce mortality by 50 percent and up
to 90 percent in some studies means it has to prevent
deaths not just from influenza, but also from falls, fires,
heart disease, strokes, and car accidents. That’s not a
vaccine, that’s a miracle.”



'The private insurance companies commissioned a statement
to America: 'if America supports an effective public option,
to increase Health coverage with the same amounts of money
we instead take from everyone blindly as billionaires, we will
near double your insurance premiums to CAUSE needless American
deaths immediately'. Extortion, a Crime, seems very popular in these
days of John's return to explain Justice winning a better
future eh? Freedom for you, is freedom for me, be good too
you dying fools. Don't let them play US for silenced victims.

Punishing the Health Insurance Cartel for Extortion and Fraud

/ / What the cartel didn't mention, however, was the obvious: if
health care reform doesn't pass, they'll raise premiums anyway -- and
if history is any indication, premiums will rise by roughly the same
amount. In fact, if nothing is done to regulate the cartel, the
average family's annual payout to health insurance premiums will
skyrocket from $13,000 to $24,000 by 2019. \ \

Resistance Statement: Open Letter of Afghanistan to Shanghai Summit

"Netanyahu vows never to let Israelis be tried for war crimes"

So he WANTS a godless nation run by war criminals
who torture and murder innocent others for stolen
money? Vile demon enemy of God and Humanity the
Zionist OPENLY is. Don't take my words for it,
or of God in the Old Testament, Just honestly hear
it. Satanic Israeli ADMIT to breaking the truce
with Gaza, to have die, innocent Jews for
stolen money. They warned Hamas when they would strike
near their homes, while murdering, ADMITTINGLY, at
least, 239 Police Officers. Police Officers. Police
Officers. First strike targets in (Northern) Lebanon?
Jews. See? who is it that had/has concentration
prison death camps? Zionist Nazis, as WAR CRIMINALS
who Warrant public convictions according to every
Human being present under Law. Fight back for
Christ's Sake God damn you for giving all Life a
name not Holy. Realize: this concern for survival
is juster as sooner to be yourself by
remaining in America as silently passive
regarding the ungodly Israeli carnage paid for by
taxing American illiterates. Your refusal to support
my/our demands for open free communications on
true Just causes is, Condemn able. Don't be silent.
John for new Coast to Coast radio host.


[SATANIC] Israeli doctors experiment on [innocent Christian] children

They are the most evil ungodly enemies ever known
in of all time space. And taxed AMERICANS pay
for the killings, 'willingly' as Hosts to the
criminal liar, the thief, the parasite. These
Zionist demon enemies of Life are not Jews, for
I am the King of Jews, as loved dearly by a Life
not separately apart from anyone, for it
is in God's Love we find respect for all others.

9 scientists prove traces of explosives in dust from World Trade


bright light on where our TARP bailout money is going

/ / we ended up getting -- for every $100 invested -- stocks and
warrants worth $66. \ \

This is called a CRIMINAL fraud, but freakishly,
a Libertarian will have nothing of it. Too real, and no
helpless welfare mothers to pick on socially. It's
disgusting what Americans will gripe about, while
the Investment Banksters OPENLY walk away with
an estimated 25 trillion.. Math skills again, near
completely absent when speaking to any American
about who really benefits? Liar Alex "sell-out" Jones
does, multi-millionaire Ron "more earmarks for me"
Paul, but what about everyone else going robbed and
left for dead without just causes?

/ / Restoring pH levels to normal alkaline levels of 7.0 or
greater, is of tremendous importance for the cancer patient.
Lemons are one of the most alkaline forming foods on the face
of the planet \ \

Memo confirms Bush and Blair knew claims Iraq had WMDs were lies

/ / Blair announced that the test of government
was its ability to ignore the popular will. \ \

Test of liars who impose Tyranny more like.

60 Minutes: CIA Official Reveals Bush, Cheney, Rice Were Told Iraq Had

This documents the biggest war crimes of
History - and American Tea Bagging 'Patriots'
have little to say of publicly defending
Freedoms they believe not of their own?

"Obama nominated for Peace Prize less then two weeks
after Inauguration !?"

Obama's America as World’s #1 terrorist

Bushite nazi enemies murdering the American People
for more stolen cash profits. Who cares? Not CNN, CBC,
or the FoxNews Zombies led as evil by hypno absolutionist
Conservative Politicos, who all think near exactly the
same broken/criminal bigoted/racist war mongering ways,
then claiming 'all' censored opposition can be as easily
bailed, "Liberals". Example: Who is this "Conservative"
"Liberal" person derided constantly without a voice to
answer to the blind demonizations by Rush Limbaugh, Sean
Hannity, Alex Jones, or near any other corporate whore
sell outs for lawless tyranny? A person accused of a
criminal offense, is innocent until proven otherwise.

/ / Michelle Goldberg has trouble comprehending why Alex Jones has
fans on both the left and right of the political spectrum, ascribing
it not to the fact that Jones is interested in pursuing truth over
partisanship \ \

Builderburg now working for Alex Jones nakedly. Some People
aren't as stupid as this.

Alex Jones "Obama is so much worst than Bush was"

So, don't arrest him for treason that murdered Americans?

Alex Jones "Liberals 'think' [blahblahblah]"

Evil is the deceived disguised.
Again, these two quotes directly from the "Patriot"
who suggests Ron Paul is the best to win freedom
without Just action allowed as supported. Ron Paul
refuses TODAY, to admit Bush closed 911 investigations
on why iron is flowing like water from the 911 towers
on video. Ron Paul sells the Bushite crimes of stealing
Iraq, a "Police" action. Ron Paul 'okayed' 10 BILLION
DOLLARS given to Sakkasvilli for murdering countless
children including those housed at Hospitals, of which
every one was targeted directly in South-Ossetia by
FOR SURE war criminals. Alex Jones won't speak thus to
defend the rights of innocent folks, if we gets in the
way of his golden bullshit, 'all' because he can't
defend such treachery without censorship. As he is
against America regarding the war crime Zionist traitor
happy George Noory.. and this GODLY TRUTH: that the
private banksters do not cover our loans. The trillion
dollar bail-outs are theft by extortion on the
illiterated Public surface. While, inside, nation-wide,
rampant frauds regressively costing more than ONE MILLION
innocent American tax paying home owners their 'lost'
properties. Like too, Alex supporting paying health
insurance billions and billions every year for nothing.
NOTHING. Rather that, than a wise man be allowed to speak
for easy explanations on the maths breakdown, or as,
workings of Justice as measured for the rights for
everybody truly concerned. Criminals, be they 'liberals'
'conservatives' 'atheists' or 'believers', is who we will
to prosecute publicly out into the light for freedom
realized. Freedom defended. There is no crime in seeking
for global domination by lawful means to defend the
innocent from international war criminals. Arresting
Individuals personally responsible for ordering war
crimes of mass murder, are the effective actions of a
civilizing society.

DEAN:I think putting $60 billion a year into the
health insurance industry is insane. I really do.


When a bushite dies, all the universe with God cries
a sigh of relief. They are ungodly enemies of Humanity
who war our worlds for the escape of the Peenacker
Neocons. TRAITORS.

Remember: none of the 911 suspects were Afghans. NONE.

Remember: the FBI TODAY still admits no evidence linking Laden to 911.

Remember: Bush and Cheney immediately closed 911 investigations.

Remember: Nazi grunts are warring to rape Afghan women
or starve them, pushing dope, torture, and thefts, so
all to escape the Neocon Peenackers for the crimes of
no questions!, no questions! Like why is Iron flowing
like water from the towers??

Remember: General Ahamd funded 911's Atta.

Remember: these Satanic liar bushite nazi savages
claim to be pro-Iraqi while thieving, raping,
torturing, and bombing peoples indiscriminately.

Every time I hear of another rightful bushite
death, I shall cheer with Humanity our glory to have
defended again, the innocent ourselves.

Who Wants Tyranny?

Who wants the tyranny of censorship to escape Bush
and the Neocons for the provable crimes of 911 in New York
City where thousands of Americans were murdered. MURDERED.
Bush closed investigations. WHAT IS IT THAT YOU CAN'T
FIGURE HERE? Demand open communications above the NWOer
shills who bark against REAL Patriots, "Bush is a puppet"
Whatever, he still needs to be arrested without bail for
high treason. Obstruction.

Bailed Out Banks and America's Wealthiest Cheat IRS Out of Billions

but will it
anger the poorer Amerikans enough to raise the pay phones
demanding finally, fairness for all parties by allowing
US to speak Coast to Coast for open public debate on Justice
ruling our ways? A bushite nazi whore enemy who wars for the
escape of the Zionist Peenackers?, unlikely, but what
about the rest of Humanity that is honorable? that actually
wills freedom for any as justice for all? Who does in
America respect our Humanity enough to praise the pursuit
of the 911 bushite war criminals? Not the demon enemy
George Noory, and his HATE for Americans being 'allowed'
to speak freely for Just causes. He robs America to leave
her dead victims. Down with tyranny, and up with allowing
me to publicly speak for challenge. Millions have read
these like statements, and near NONE, NONE! disagree a

Do Not Take A Swine Flu Vaccine!

Vaccines contain poisons on purposes to hurt you.
The PROVEN fact here is that, without DOUBT,
Mercury causes brain damage one hundred percent
of the time.

Support our rise to popular acclaim to defend
ourselves from the criminally insane.

Blackwater boss and guards 'killing Iraqis for fun'


'Where is the Defund Blackwater Act?'
'Spineless' Congress stands up to activists, not criminal corps.

Judge Confirms That An Innocent Man Was Tortured To Make False

Near unbelievable evil to do these crimes, believing WE
will allow the bushite enemy to escape our authorities.

50 Top U.S. War Criminals


Veterans say Bushite have been covering up widespread civilian
killings in Iraq

Remember: under Sattler, bushite nazi grunts murdered
more than 300,000 innocent persons in Fallujah. Propagandists
aside. Bushite deserve to die before allowed to harm again,
our Brothers in Arms. It is the bushite who wars for rape
in Afghanistan, and in Iraq by not gunning for child rapist
Blackwater and Co.. It is the bushite who bombs our cities
indiscriminately, for the only objective to get killed
illiterate Amerikan teens sent in later to "war" for lost
stability. They bomb people with "guess work" if you didn't
know, as sexually dysfunctional sadomasochists. Bushites
actually proudly sing a song about killing innocent kids,
then falsely blaming the Father for the ungodly offense -
"Haji Girl". No reason the bushite offered for bombing Samara
either, but later a LIE from Allawi. Allawi, who then ordered,
for the record, no shit, that American grunts would kill any
doctor or nurse that tried to save the life of a baby, or old
lady who might have survived, the house, to every house mass
killings of EVERY family from Fallujah. Nazis deserve to die,
and they deserve to die today. Die bushite die. Death to the
cowardly bushite liars who'll say anything dishonorably to
deny the fact: that Bush and Cheney immediately closed
outstanding police investigations, designed since the dawn
of man, to nab the TRUE guilty parties. Death to the bushite
murderous traitors to the good old, red, white, and blue.

"CIA hired Blackwater to transfer Gitmo prisoners"

Demand the arrest of the war criminals for mass
murder - sound good to everyone? We thought so.

WHO claims "swine flu" spreading at "unbelievable,
almost unheard of speed" without any data

Vaccinations: Chronic Illness, Disease and Death for us all

Mercury is hugely toxic. Influenza is a virus,
that for NOT UNDERSTOOD reasons, is in a state
of 'randomly' mutating itself. The Vaccines are
genetically targeting the Peenacker's concoction
know by it's markers delineating it as sequenced
to this year's "H1N1" bird/pig/monkey/mercury/fuel
(not of a few new moons ago) - yet - it was that
when? after the NWO takes almost a year to bring
out their new poisons? UNDERSTAND: The WHO is
correct on what strain will murder millions next!,
6/12 months in advance. Every year correctly
murdering more of our forsaken Humanity for
billions and billions in cash paid out every year
in blood sacrifices by The People made willing
victim. FOR DEATH. I Am Life. Support Johnny for
NEW! Coast to Coast open-line Radio Host. Vote
early, and vote often. Justice Man.

Science is not what they could use as defense in
Law, only the silence of your refusal to send this
as YOUR concern too, to two people. Twice times,
that's it. Work over the numbers, and get back to us.

Bushite Grunts like Killing Good Cops who Defend our Families


- why do bushite do it? To cowardly die enriching the
tyrannies of ungodly enslavement. Warmongers. Mongers of
thought delusions that sell the taking of lame excuses
to profit the war criminal.

Proofs #1: Popular American Marines Creed:

"Heaven won't take us and Hell is afraid that we will take over."

Hell is no place to end for the Victors of Justice willing
a great future. So, why would a bushite dumfuk enemy Marine,
as a first degree murderer of innocent children with bombs
or bullets, torturings or starvation, speak in our public
with boasting pride, to be such an enemy to God and Justice?,
Willingly as Evil? Because, as like the Amerikan Zombie, they
have no real virtue. No honor among dishonorable thieves.
These demon fuks while warring for the escape of the Zionist
Peenackers, will steal their own grandma's social security,
and give it to Bush as they did (700+ billion), then laugh
about it like that makes them tough. Bushite grunts truly
deserve to die being the cowardly nazi enemies they are to
everyone. No love for Life in their dead black hearts. Marines
who care not for the freedoms of others, but to openly steal
America for the likes of a KBR, which includes the rights of
American women to be left undefended. (as what they war
for against Women in Afghanistan)

KBR/Haliburton Worker Raped, Locked in Shipping Container

Lavena Johnson Was Raped and Murdered: Then the "Army" Covered It Up

They war dying not for the victims of 911 as to defend
Americans, for fairness to all parties as for women's
rights and to defend children from their indiscriminate
bombings, but knowingly war God as liars to escape their
war criminal kind flailing as harm. Die bushite die.
Rumsfeld's official war plan coded as, 'P2OG', is the
plan to take more from Innocent America as left
un-guarded for looting. (anddontforget, there was/is no
justifiable reason to start bombing Iraq for officially
being one-hundred percent compliant to the Nazi aggressors
that didn't want to hear the facts on how they were to make
their escape, murdering millions in America's name for
stolen cash 'profit'. CBC, CNN, CJOB, George Noory and
FoxNews REFUSED to allow my/our voices of un-contended
reason) Rumsfeld is a traitor on so many levels. It's good
to be King, so let's not be bad how about? Support this
call for addressing ourselves openly as the public concerned,
seeking Justice for all the victims of 911. I am great, you,
not so good.

Make Me Holy Again

We need Justice to rule our Freedom to speak.
Justice grants a Freedom to achieve. Like we
needed on 911 that was absent. Our fault,
let's fix this. Issue by issue is the plan,
not blind ideologged party affiliations,
and so; priorities need setting. In war, war
is the priority. Why? Because your kids are
risking their deaths for something apparently,
they tell us without mentioning much. Like,
OUR DEMANDS: evidence to form a conclusion on
another's guilt or innocence for instance.
Bushite must be arrested for kidnapping and
torture, as trying cowardly to foolishly
escape the FALSE ACCUSING traitor Peenacker
Neocons we all know about, the Zionists, for
mass murder in God's Country. A space where
free speech will be again, common place.
Rooted in the indivisible rights we share
equitably. Why do we arrest bad guys whom have
told us they are good? Because that this is
what they are to US innocent folks: Torturers,
kidnappers, and mass murdering CIA and Air
Force bombers of cities. Lest you as an
American "think" We, the People, don't deserve
such a right to say as much in our own
defense? Think hard but quick, think hard but
quick. Reference some of Johnny's earlier
works to help with your study on "forbidden
knowledge", such as, Regressive Tax Systems,
and the Life we make choices with in
reflection of everything. This has been a
tragic desperate struggle of Humanity with
our failures to effectively communicate for
Justice - but I'm doing the best that I can
- help out some friend before it's the end
for the U.S. too. Lawlessness will be
outlawed, and Posse Comitatus will be
re-instituted in a free to move America I
Remember. Where dreams come true standing
as the common wealth of Human Civilization,
in a land of the free made so by the innocent
lives defended, by actions as fairly leaded.
We needed a King we didn't know we never
lost. It's like.. Surprise!! I am me.

Army National Guard Advertises for “Internment Specialists”

The Army is over run with cowardly whores
who refuse to demand action against the
bushmob for closing 911 investigations,
then doctoring the NIE on Iraq's true
threat assessment. Making profit from
the conned teen grunts set to die for
the further escape of the Peenacker
enemy forces of 911 fame, with the
banksters in tow . look at them
go so slow from the crime scene
leads.. Designed since the
dawn of time, to nap the
true culprits of evil
wickedness. Man,
I am. Hi!, my
name is

Don't Deny These Two Facts.

In October 2008 the Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine
reported that vaccinating children against the ‘flu “had no
[preventive] impact” at all.

Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine

Video: Swine Flu 1976 & Propaganda - The Victims Who Took The Shots
Back In 1976

Again, Ron Paul like near all Libertarians, does not
acknowledge the wanting of Justice for the high crimes
of Banker fraud, Iraq, or 911! He took the "Truther"
money, but refused to support the arrest of Bush for
treasons times 50. Social Security he wants to gut
like Health Care as a sadist who knows near nothing
on how such systems currently operate. Again, he
does not speak of recouping the STOLEN 1000s of
billions from America, or the lives. STOLEN. What
is it that you can't figure here? Fuk ego, FACTS.
We are all effected by suggestion, this is why,
since the dawn of time, evidence has been the
prerequisite to convince ourselves of anything.
Alex's cartoon storyboard, is truly, as measured,
Alex masturbating with our precious times. Think:
Alex doesn't ask Americans why they don't support
the arrest of Bush for high treason because a world
where all are treated equitably is beyond his
understanding as a bigot. He could change, but he
is 'light years ahead of the Public'.. but of what?
All you need do, is every time Alex says "they",
ask yourself, WHO? - then know: the bartender at
"Bilderberg", isn't as FOR SURE guilty of crimes as
Condi from "Builderberg" is. The 911 plan came from
her very desk according to MSNBC, never mentioned by
Alex Jones. Why? You have to be near genius like
me to explain it COMPLETELY without even seeing it.
NOT MAGIC, more like meditation through understanding
our universe is ruled by good ideas. Alex is a man,
a Good man mostly, with some fears countered with
an irrational aggression (not thought through) that
found him blindly supporting the murder of two
innocent men. Not freedom. while I, am of God. An
actual god. The Son of Man as a matter of fact.
I want to tell you how great Life could be, but i
see so very little of words present to survive the
lawless corporate state. I AGAIN, will ask YOU to
forward this post to two People, but will YOU??
Torture is outlawed by warranting Death under Reagan,
and.. it's like the best way to resolve a FoxNews
'excuse' given to illiterate nazi grunts to abuse
ourselves as innocent others. Tell me I'm wrong.
. . KBR rapes American women, or murders them,
and needs to be hunted down by All American military
forces for it, as trialled to death. Including all
commanders of the Air Forces responsible for bombing
our families without causes. And lastly, any that
discourage our grunts from not supporting the arrests
of those that actually did US wrong. Get to it.

The Whole of Afghanistan - Needs Education on Justice


/ / Furthermore, the children are denied the right to
continue their school, as lessons or learning anything is
denied to these children. This is the so-called children
jail. Did the Nazis have jails like that? \ \

Well yeah. The whole of Afghanistan. Bushite grunts
can't support girls and boys being educated under their
nazi thieving Zionist occupation, for, if the student
["Student" in Arabic translated to English equivalent = Taliban]
found out, that a person is innocent until proven guilty,
the bushite would die rightly by the day in hundreds to get
US to the Peenackers they truly war God and Humanity for as
escaping lawlessness.. Every lawless
bushite death is a mercy on our souls. They war the innocent
of Humanity with rape, torture, thefts, and mass murder, all
for the escape of the Peenacker Neocons - and deserve to die
before any more innocent victims fall in their ill gotten

Patriot Soldier Speaks Out Against Child Rape by Bushite

Bushite Law will let husbands starve child wives

'Husbands Win Right to Rape or Starve Child Wives'

Die Bushite Die Bushite Die Bushite Die Bushite

RepugliCONS call for Investigations not into their buds at..

Blackwater pimps out young girls
[how many child rapists were Conservatives? 99.9%?]

Imagine, Americans are still paying the
salaries to these child rapists who want
to train for new recruits in America.

Dr Len Horowitz: Send This Letter To The FBI

Again, we need to arrest all "Doctors" and "Nurses"
involved, granted no bail on the charge of criminal

Corporate America is conning American teens for
death by criminal sacrifice, and American GIs
are TRUE cowards for not speaking freely for a
just cause. Nope. They are told not to read from
the internet freely, and they jump to salute the
enemy, with a, "Yes sir." Cowardly enemies of
American liberty who refuse to demand the arrests
of those responsible for 911. COWARDS.

Alex Jones "Obama is so much worst than Bush was"

So, don't arrest him for treason that murdered Americans?

"One in Three Think Obama Might Be the Anti-Christ"

Anything like AJ and the NWOers, to escape Bush for
closing 911 investigations, then stating, "we don't
need any evidence", and proceeding to ord the murder
of millions


Fake video footage 'persuades half of people to wrongly accuse others
of crime'

The PR Firms Behind Anti-Healthcare Movement


CNN finds ‘Dark Undercurrent’ Among Tea Party Protesters

Well yeah. They're brain dead Zombies who spew what
they are corporately programmed to. 'Pay private
insurance companies billions for nothing, while
sending the children off to die for the escape
of the 911 Peenackers' ZOMBIES.

A million march to protest against 'Obama the socialist'

'I hate victim families for asking questions'
- Unquestioningly, the Commie Zombie's Hero Glenn Beck

Obama the Socialist has extended the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba
[hurting those that vote for a better world democratically]

Vile evil bushite nazi scums, who's interests do not lie
in defending America, but as thoughtless nazi goons,
to deprive wiser voices on Justice willing. Where is
the voice there claiming the bailouts was a crime?,
that Obama is an extortionist? that America tortures the
innocent to death by third world military dictatorships?
That the perpetrators of 911 are still escaping? Iraq?
They HATE a real Patriot like me speaking freely that's
why. Where is the voice for defending teen Grunts from
dying for the escape of the Neocon Peenackers?

"American" Court Rejects Suit Against CACI Over Torturing
Innocent People to Death - Contractor Granted Bushite Immunity


/ / Demon Liar Bush “We gave him Saddam Hussein a chance to
allow the inspectors in, and he wouldn’t let them in. And,
therefore, after a reasonable request, we decided to remove
him from power.” \ \

Blix nor Elbaradei, nor Kofi, suggested, implied, or stated,
that Iraq had failed to comply with the newest U.N.
resolution: 1441.

Looks Like Some New York Zionist Needs A Kidney


Alcohol ban after BUSHITE MCCAINIAC staff were
'too hungover' to explain airstrike that killed
many many innocent God Loved Civilians

They knowingly mass murdered our Humanity!
Two Amerikan Bushite from the Air Force, So drunk,
they will not even be asked for an apology to God
and Man. ? KILL THE LAWLESS ENEMY. So Life has said
here and now, DIE BUSHITE DIE.

"Germany has insisted the killings were appropriate"

"Germany" said no such thing, but death to the NAZI
who has PIRATED the German Peoples to spew such lies.
Drunk grunts who war Humanity for the escape of the
Peenackers did the war crime, of which they claim, as
lawless Nazi scum, we as Humanity won't rightly have
them executed for it. It's called mass murder. Death
to all Bushite McCainiac enemies who so much as mumble
an ungodly disagreement for the Public trials to start
immediately. We shall win with Love. Love for Justice,
Love for God, Love for Life.

"President Hamid Karzai said the tankers were immobilized
in a riverbed and asked why the international forces didn’t
try to reclaim the tankers with ground troops"

Glenn Beck: "I hate 9/11 victims families for asking questions"

The Nation has been hijacked by the enemy.


WHO Admits to Releasing Pandemic Virus into Population via 'Mock-Up'

This is insane.


/ / Wash. Post parroted White House claim that Iraq war was
authorized by U.N. Security Council \ \ [1441 IS FORBIDDEN

Bush "There’s no need to discuss evidence of innocence or guilt."

Alex Jones "This is the new tyranny."


150 civilians targeted for indiscriminate murder by NATO

Every time I hear of another rightful bushite
death, I shall cheer with Humanity our glory to have
defended again, the innocent ourselves.

NATO fireball kills 'small number' of Afghan children


Former High-Ranking Intelligence Officer: Cheney Responsible for 9/11


Paid for by American Republican and Democrats alike.



Obama and the School of the Americas

I'd send the entire Patriot militaries in to
arrest for public trials gaining on rightly
executing this treasonous grouping of
tyrannical savages.

/ / The left is already telegraphing its strategy
to discredit the town hall movement. \ \

This is so stupid, I am pained to even explain.
ahhsee? a right winger is an absolutionist aka,
dummy. Why? Because they, like children building
buildings with a single Lego piece, BLINDLY as foolishly
"believe" things like, 'privatize always' Simple yes,
but DUMB. While near universally looking for someone
to pay/bribe themselves as sell outs, like your
typical successful Congressman. Ideologue Ron Paul
comes to mind. And then there is everybody else, like
those that actually understand how freedom is won,
or, that a choice to pay private insurance companies
FOR NOTHING is being sold as a wise investment move
to the prudent investors. (A needless market that
wouldn't otherwise exist - IT'S INSURANCE - trillions
and trillions in total vanished as "Health") 50,000
high salaried insurance employees are paying out a
conservatively estimated, 1.5 million dollars in cash
bribes a day to the Bushite McCainiacs. AJ doesn't like
that truth, because he knows, on these grounds he would
have to humble himself, as reaching for the Justice
angles, or look the blinded sell out for us sold as.
So, what does he do? instead he blindly attacks as a
bigot does, cause, despite everything he says by himself,
he's really not all that on Rights. Advice to insecure
Americans about their cultish identity: don't stand as
a "Conservative" or a "Liberal", stand as a person with
a unique take on just about everything - admitting your
weaknesses makes you stronger, and where Our interests
meet, is where Freedom resides. Laden as Innocent until
proven otherwise. Some of these real world complexities
of life's Constitution, are much more simply labeled
"Liberal" philosophies/idears by Repuggers, as
dismissing all together ourselves with censorship from
public accounting/consideration. Go to a "Conservative"
leadership debate, and they are all so the same as
villianing, card board cut-outs near identical,
boot stepping,

while a Green/Liberal/NDP/Metal/Reform/Democrat is
nearer always, completely unique figures with good
and bad characteristics representing differing takes.
Name an honorable Republican who has cared to serve
the public's interest in the last 50 years? You'd
be hard pressed, then think of the Democrats. Now,
both parties, that encompass "Americans" entire
political universe, without almost exception, couldn't
care less about the sacrifices American teens are
still paying as/for the Peenacker hijackers.. so what
does that say? Our wisest and most brightest with a
dictionary and slide ruler a "Conservative" fears for
their cons of pissing willful ignorance. Public and
private. Hense, the American psychosis of righty
chauvinism. A 'Christian Conservative' would label
Christ the do gooder, most likely as "liberal" or
"Socialist" with smarter sentence/thought structures.
If we simply asked them what they believe. They don't
appreciate US because we make'em look as dumb or evil as
they truly are. Surmise the entire Koran in one
breath for more insight. err.. or.. nevermind..

Million TIMES More

/ / According to one study, this was the cause
of the Gulf War syndrome in 25% of 697.000 US
personnel at home and abroad \ \

Depleted Uranium is MEASURED radio-active. Bad. It
contains lethal heavy metals, and when combusting,
oxidizes. It's a science thing, so "Conservatives"
are out-of-the-loop.


Remember: Israeli NAZI admit to breaking
their word regarding a truce, to get killed
Jews who appose STEALING innocent Peoples


"Rebuilding America's Defenses"

"advanced forms of biological warfare that can
target specific genotypes may transform biological
warfare from the realm of terror to a politically
useful tool"

Profit from mass murdering Humanity as the most
sinister of Satanic war criminals in History.

The Lord, in the Holy Bible, calls the Zionist,
the Satanic enemies of every Human Being with
God in fair Judgment.

The Holy Bible "I know the blasphemy of them which say
they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of

Look, these enemies of Life steal INNOCENT PEOPLES
HOMES as thieves of The King of Jew's simple philosophy.
Too difficult for Amerika's NWOer movements "against
global tyranny"? for your "American" mind as pretending
my Nation of America, is not a cowardly fascist Nazi
grouping of godless savages, who pray to win by robbing
Humanity from our Humanity by supporting in silence
the indiscriminate bombing and looting of the Innocent
to "profit" themselves from? Freedom? No, today's
give blind for evil, 'profitable' ungodly Zionism.

Remember: Hamas is funded by the IDF.

Pro-Zionist Hamas "Blame the Jews, blame the Jews"

CBS: "Heroic" US Snipers use "Baiting" techniques to kill the Innocent

Remember: these Satanic liar bushite nazi savages
claim to be pro-Iraqi while thieving, raping,
torturing, and bombing peoples indiscriminately.

Blackwater Let 9/11 Hijackers into US,
then Killed, Tortured the Remaining Witnesses

I've been calling for Cofer Black's public trial and
execution for years on flimsier grounds. The guy is
it for 911 inside job boss(s).

9 scientists prove traces of explosives in dust from World Trade

This is the point.


Tom Ridge: I Was Pressured To Raise Terror Alert To Help Bush Win
[with phony bin Laden tape]

Vaccinations: Deadly Immunity, by Robert F. Kennedy, jr.

U.S.: Afghan militants using white phosphorus

Is the bushite torturing rapist, the nazi fascist
enemy, suggesting that to criminally act with such lawless
murders, should warrant death by American firing squads?
Christ says YES! For, the FALSE ACCUSING bushite within
the Air Forces, who routinely drop radio-active laced bombs
or landmines in the millions indiscriminately from our god
forsaken skies, are called American Heroes 'earning' a
welfare pension in the corporate news lexicon as do gooders.


Afghanistan After Democracy


Baby Girl Vaccinated by FORCE is NOW Austistic


Neoconer's cure is to grind up pieces of sick
dead animals and inject it into us.

US Is Picking & Choosing The Afghan Opium Trade Winners

Why Are Cops Tasering Grandmothers, Pregnant Women and Kids?

We can trust that the Taliban would have gloriously
executed these 'lawless' sadistic Bushite McCainiac
Commie Zombies no?


Ray McGovern: "It's there in black and white - The
intelligence and facts are being fixed around the policy"

Scalia says there’s nothing unconstitutional about executing the

High treason.

War Criminals Not Executed by the Public Option of
a Fair Trial in a Nation Truly Apposed to Tyranny


'Child Abuse: Using children to TEST flu vaccine'

Just My Opinion

Yeah, that's right, it is 'just my opinion' that
YOU let yourself go this way willingly, lying to
yourself as a slave to allow the Innocent of
Humanity suffer YOUR contempt of silence like
Ron Paul does. Ron Paul supports escaping war
criminals like Bush and Cheney, AIPAC, and
earmarkers worth 16 billion dollars stolen
to a private place never to be found again, in
just one single example of repeating highway
robbery that he has formally called for more of.
Millions were donated to Ron Paul winning for
The People, of which he pocketed the cash for
himself and his extreme right wing, cash for free,
pro-pirate banker family, while giving in to a
rigged election for the Republican Party, of
which HE PERSONALLY SABOTAGED. I even remember a
time when he expressed a concern where he stated
something like, 'well, we don't want to steal any
delegates'. SEE? Show some self respect, Ron Paul
certainly hasn't while conning he candidly knows
something, but he's not telling US right now.
EXAMPLE: The Nation of Georgia, (a Zionist
controlled entity), targeted for FIRST DEGREE MURDER
in South Ossetia, defenseless innocent children,
men, and women. Targeted. Fully admitted now by
everyone. MURDER, of which they, with bushite
American and zionist Israeli military advisors,
ACUTALLY COMMITTED, and Ron Paul fluffed it all
off (while okaying a ten billion American TAX dollar
payment to Cheney's personal friend), by selling
ourselves, as just "some people think". Ron paul
refused to exercise his CONSTITUTIONAL Rights to
demand the arrest of Bush and Cheney for PROVEN HIGH
TREASON. Iron flowing like water from the 911 Towers,
and Ron Paul sells the mass murders exceeding well
over a million innocent persons, is all just a lefty
"Police" action preformed by bushite teen grunt minds,
of whom many, call Home Base third world military
dictatorships. To CON America for death to rob from
Iraqis for the Neoconner demonic naked liars. Torture,
IS against American Standing law (War Crimes Act), and
warrants the death sentence. Kidnapping also is a crime
under the laws of every Nation. The bushite must be
actively hunted to destruction by Our Police Services
with American Law, to defend the lives of the next
targeted innocent victims whom the bushite holds in
contempt. Ourselves.

/ / The Obama administration admitted last week it
promised to oppose proposals to let the government
negotiate drug prices \ \

Message for America from the King


Children tortured before parents, raped, all covered up

Media Ignores Real Controversy Behind Torture Photos; They Show Prison
Guards Raping Children

Aug 11th, 2009
Alex quoting himself mocking as a Liberal,
"I'm the big scumbag filth."

I don't think Alex could provide one single person but
himself who says anything even remote to this nonsense.
Justice Alex, that is what we are all about.


The Universe Is Open for Business


/ / At the end of the day, it shouldn’t take
us by a complete surprise that in a country that
pours white phosphorous on civilians and starves
millions behind barbed wire, some people develop
deadly inclinations. \ \

That Americans pay with their taxes for.
Willingly. Republicans happily. Change in
plans Peoples: Blame a criminal how about?

Rightists Are Cowards, Pedophiles And Homosexuals Who Prey On Our

/ / the John Warner Defense Authorization Act
of 2007, which allows the president to declare
an emergency “even if he is the only person to
perceive one”. \ \

Well, that is just stupid, and un-American. For,
what if the person of questioning, was guilty of
high treason?

Major 9/11 Truth Breakthrough!!! KBDI Denver Airs 9/11 Press for Truth

Excellent my friends, excellent.


ENEMY Dismisses Demand to Halt Indiscriminate Bombing



Senior Military Sources Confirm Rape and Sodomy At Abu Ghraib

Obama Openly Protecting Child Raping Torturers

/ / [Obama] ..says that stories regarding the
contents of the photographs are false. \ \ But,
they DO show war criminals who plan with the
Neocon and Obama to escape their rightful death
sentences under the fair Laws of President


/ / There can no longer be any doubt that the
Cheney / Bush administration not only lied to the
American people about WMD's and Torture but lied
to and obstructed the 9/11 commission during its
investigation of 9/11. \ \


Leading Journalists Expose Major Cover-ups in Media



/ / Erik Prince, may have murdered or
facilitated the murder of individuals who
were cooperating with federal authorities
investigating the company. \ \

Blackwater contractors accused of murder,
kidnapping, child prostitution in Courts

/ / The Blackwater guards also shot the boy’s
mother in the back as she bent over trying to
shield her 3-month-old daughter \ \

Look, you can't pre-determine what
strain of the flu is going to murder
millions next, okay?

"We decided that the entire population, all
citizens and residents, without any exception,
will be vaccinated against the flu,"


/ / Download and hand in to any Judge \ \


Torturing Children: America's Failure

/ / [pro Bush/McCain/Palin/Neocon/Zionist] U.S. personnel
subjected [INNOCENT 12 YEAR OLD] Mohammed to beatings, \ \

Bushites are evil to all as the Enemy escaping
the peenacker neocons for treason on 911.

Cop vs Cop

That's the way, uhuh uhuh.

Homeless people die after bird flu vaccine trial

/ / what they thought was a conventional flu
vaccine but, according to investigators, was
actually an anti bird-flu drug. \ \ "ANTI"?

Documented Crimes Against Humanity - THE CDC KNOWS THIS
Mercury = speech delays, attention-deficit disorder, ect.


/ / a link between thimerosal and speech delays, attention-deficit
disorder, hyperactivity and autism. \ \

Washington Post: Swine Flu Vaccine Will Contain Mercury

USA: Federal Court Injunction in US-District New Jersey
(filed July 31,2009)

"Punishable by 20 years in prison if anyone
alters this court document."




/ / The records show Saddam happily boasted of
duping the world about stockpiling weapons of
mass destruction. \ \ records? from where? FoxNews'
editing suite? "Duping the World" would be easy
to site from big snooze Fox crews all over the
issue, no?

A Special Message about Ron Paul and Martin Luther King

Jeeze man, this story is far more twisted
than I had a reconnin' on. Anyway, freeing
Lifers in prisons because of being in
possession of a refer is a good thing to
champion. As for the rest... well ain't
that our challenge? Individual issues man,
not who's on what losers team. That's what
it is all about; the card board cut-outs,
and the people with character. Life is
a stage, and lawlessly 'un-accoutable'
repuggers make for terrible performances
as un-qualified racists and bigots.
Largely, dysfunctional illiterates.


Convicted 'AIPAC' Spy Accuses FBI of Anti-Semitism

To Speak for Who?

The Jewish Response to Jews for Jesus

'We are the real Jews, and these that
call themselves Jews, who preach to
treat God as Humanity fairly as Moses
Teaches in Love for All Life are evil
liars, terrorists - give us more money.
Death to the Infidels. .. now.. look


Thom Hartmann: The myths and truths about Canadian Healthcare



/ / U.S. health officials said on Friday, but
they said the virus was so widespread they were
ceasing the official count. \ \


/ / A military investigation into one of the most
notorious incidents of the Iraq conflict, in which
British soldiers allegedly murdered and mutilated
unarmed Iraqis, \ \

Death to the bushite,
death to the 'lawless' enemies of Christ who
war God and Man for the escape of the Peenacker
Zionist Neocons responsible for 911.

Stop Baxter International from developing the H1N1 vaccine

/ / Baxter International is a drug company that
has been at the center of three major drug
contamination scandals, one of them occured
only a few months ago in February of this year:
[...] Two instances is a trend, but three is a
pattern. All of these contaminations were
carried out with prior knowledge and were
therefore malicious acts.\ \

90 Percent of U.S. Infant Formula May Be Contaminated with Melamine;
FDA Abruptly Declares Chemical Safe for Babies

The crime of criminal negligence is being
perpetrated by clearly persons un-qualified.

Osama Bin Laden’s Son ‘Killed By US Drone’

Sa’ad bin Laden's relationship between Iran and
al Qaeda? Iran's leadership still voices no demands
for the capture of the true 911 terrorists, so what
could we have ever expected subseqent, nevertheless,
Capital First Degree Murderers.



Don't miss this!


Chemotherapy and Radiation Do Not Work

/ / research from the late Dr. Hardin B. Jones, Ph.D,
and Professor of Medical Physics and Physiology
at the University of California, Berkeley. [...]
Specifically, Dr. Jones found that the life expectancy
of those who didn't use conventional treatments [for
cancer] was about four times longer. [!!!] \ \

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson "What I suspect has happened
is what began to happen while I was still in the
government, and that was we’re killing the wrong people,”

so... That would therefor be illegal as the crimes of
first degree murder perpetrated directly to assist in
the escape of those truly guilty of 911.

List of Iraqi Academics Assassinated in Iraq during the US-led

Remember: All government workers of Iraq were initially
targeted by Bremer. Cheney's buddy. Bremer made it that
all Iraqi laws were defunct, and with bushites unjustly
thieverying, every person found under the label of "Bathist"
was going to suffer there for persecution by the lawlessly
demonic ungodly enemy forces of the evil Antichrist, Our Mr.
Bush Jr.. "Bathists" in Iraq equaled every man woman or child
that worked in any respect for serving the Public's interest.
Bushite grunters "OFFICIALLY" targeted "Bathist" street
sweepers, "Bathist" garbage men, along with the "Bathist"
PhDs, "Bathist" Doctors, and "Bathist" Police officers.
Example: Israeli NAZIS admit to targeting those Christian
school kids for mass murder, they admit, to targeting,
innocent christian children for mass murder. To targeting
for murder, more than 239 police officers in Gaza guilty
of nothing, but trying to defend our communities from
bushite rapists. Police Officers murdered for a "war"
that Israeli NAZIS broke their word to by ending the
truce to start the indiscriminate carnage off for
more Stolen cash profit. Profits paid out by the
dying to be suckered again, the made unawares,
American Public.

Remember also, Bremer 'walked away' with 19 billion
dollars for his part. Hollywood should be up in arms!!

More on Traitor Peenacker Cheney and Co.

“More likely, it was a plan to spy on some suspicious
American citizens or organizations, without telling the FBI.”

People that couldn't actually be arrested for something
because these were innocent Americans


9/11 Justice

Laden is innocent of setting the Thermate in the towers,
and George Noory the cheat, our enemy, the censor, is a
demon lying traitor

“But financial meltdowns don’t offer villains, for
the simple reason that no one person or even one
group is powerful enough to take down a whole
system.” of the lawless LIAR bushmob mentalities
of criminality conning for their 'escape' from
our Humanity is they saying?

“Obama has the right to lock any US citizen
up forever without trial”

Not right, for that would be the popular bushite
crime of kidnapping. True, the Alex Joneser=NWOers
might back off here where they usually as cowardly
do, in lacking the skills to truly empowering
The People with Justice as our sides,

Top Cop Elizabeth
Warren has already AUDITED THE FED.



/ / knowing
his own DOJ believed these surveillance activities
were criminal, Bush ordered them to continue anyway \ \


**PROOF**The Anti-Christ is not a person; it's THIS CULT !!!


US Strategic Intelligence General Says 911 is a Fraud!

New Document: It Was Cheney at the Wheel of Plame Media Strategy


Richard Gage on KMPH Fox 26 in Fresno, CA


FOXNEWS: U.S. Hired Deadly Mosque Bombers

[BUSHITE] U.S. supplied Afghan insurgents for ‘Al Qaeda’ in Iraq

CNN: CIA involved in Neda's shooting?

"My question is, how is it that this Miss Neda is shot from behind,
got shot in front of several cameras, and is shot in an area where no
significant demonstration was behind held?" and from more than a
kilometer away!

Rep. Alan Grayson "I am shocked to find out that
nobody at the Federal Reserve is keeping track of

Johnny America by Telephone


What SpikeTV is Celebrating as American "Men"

Thieves and rapists walk freely among their
ranks without mankind present to support
the arrest of who actually did US wrong.


Bill to Ban Release of Bush-Era Torture Photos Passes Senate

/ / unanimous consent the Graham-Lieberman bill, which seeks to make
it illegal to make public any images of US prisoner abuse and torture
from the Bush era. \ \

Zionists Graham-Lieberman will be formally charged for execution
under American Law for war crimes against US, The Innocent.


Man Says Cops Don’t Own Him, is Tased, then Escapes

Fire David Letterman Protest: War on (Palin) Jokes @ BreakRoomLive.com

Zionists Destroy Our Homes as Satanic

When I see the women and her child, left outside
while they sadistically destroy her meager gains,
I grow weary with ourselves for not speaking right.
Nazi Israeli are committed to deny US our God given
rights as Innocent persons to speak freely for Justice
realized. All because they STEAL our Lives for monetary
gain. It is our reality, give it or take it, YOU LOSE.

Then.. Hammurabi founded Civilization.

I go concerned for any hesitations of condemnation by
Obama. It's like, he's talking some jive about
how now he'll NOT let the words of Hamas reach
his ears. Being against war criminals, doesn't make
you pro-Hamas, necessarily, it means your against
war crimes to defend the lives of ourselves respected.

From years after the fact still demanding Justice now:

/ / Huh? "at last been disarmed..." ? How does he figure?
The equation hasn't changed. Example: The same
unaccounted anthrax, (that was disintegrated into ash),
still is not able to be measured as completely accounted
for, (never could be), \ \

Again, a bushite has no commitment to defend
America, for it speaks nothing for the arrest of
the neocon traitors. traitors like themselves whom
will murder innocent folks like your Self to steal
our common values.


Leading Democrats: Congress, Senate Owned And Run By Bankers

24,000 Architects at SF AIA Convention Come Face to Face With 9/11

Obama Tortures Our Wills to Believe Him


Who's freedom are the lawless bushite winning to
sacrifice ourselves further as the innocent for?

KBR/Haliburton [AMERICAN] Worker Raped, Locked in Shipping Container

Lavena Johnson Was Raped and Murdered: Then the [BUSHITE ENEMY] Army
Covered It Up


/ / But tell US Marc, how is it better to bomb Iraq people to rid
ourselves of WMD, than it is currently to go anywhere unfettered? How
is it possible to improve a scenario that is as open as possible
already? How will American soldiers eating bullets improve the search
and disarm technique? \ \

Cheney's Chief Assassin Is Now Obama's Commander in Afghanistan

/ / The bizarre thing about making this a "he said/she said"
issue is that we already know for a fact that the CIA lied to
Pelosi about the torture. \ \

Our Humanity is under attack.

Americans Torture to Intentionally Extract False Confessions


/ /the Bush Administration used torture to
intentionally extract false confessions
linking Al Qaeda (and 9/11) to Iraq, to give
Bush a false "casus belli" to invade Iraq. \ \

Reminder: These actions against our innocent
Humanity, perpetrated on order by the Bushmob
false accusers are highly criminal, as ungodly
being really evil. And as a consequence, the
bad guys are still trying to make their escape.
Bushite torturers do not support following the
crime scene leads at the real murder scenes
because they are godless nazi enemies of America,
sadists who deserve to die by public jury, before
another innocent victim is made to confess of a
crime left 'officially' truly un-prosecuted.


U.S. Used White Phosphorous in Afghanistan

Afghan girl's burns show horror of chemical strike

Gates Balks at Demand to End Indiscriminate Afghan Airstrikes



Oprah Winfrey exposes Satanic Jewish practices

"Military to Run State Schools"

This is un-acceptable.

the zionist bushite enemy forces

/ / After it was revealed by the Plaid Cymru MP Adam Price
that British trained policemen had tortured prisoners to death
with drills, we discovered, through the New York Times (!!),
that American intelligence officers had been working alongside
them at the Jamiyat police station \ \



"The Devil" Peres to America: No choice but to compare Iran to Nazis

/ / Does Iran have an ethnic minority forced to starve
in a giant open air modern day "Warsaw Ghetto",
like Israel does? \ \



/ / The grisly [BUSHITE RAPIST] crime was
initially blamed on insurgents -- "This is
what happens when you harbor terrorists," \ \

Enemies of every female, and do American "men"
have the manhood to defend their own
Women from bushite rapists by simply lifting
their phones to demand open dialog for Justice?
They refuse as lifeless nazi scums.!

We is Me and Keemosabbi


It Will Be No Defense To Say, I Was Just Following Orders Says Bush

Deadly 1957 Strain of Flu Is Found in Lab-Test Kits

These demons know full well they are directly


9/11 “Mastermind” Falsely Confessed to Crimes He Didn’t Commit

Where is the evidence these
traitors refuse to provide US in mutual
respect for ourselves actually defended?


Unnatural Acts: No Place for Mercy from Happy TV News Celebs

/ / Having stopped the torture, the Oregon
soldiers asked for further orders: what should
they do now? The request was relayed up far up
the chain of command, and the answer came back
from on high: Go away \ \



bright light on where our TARP bailout money is going

Media damning Americans. This is a CRIMINAL fraud,
A THEFT OF BILLIONS. They fraudulently (MEANS
ILLEGAL] misrepresented the American Public,
aka 'God' to steal our money. "Officially",
"Democratically" left undefended for further
plunders. Nothing on YouTube, CrooksandLiars,
a Prison Planet?, you decide. Your Humanity
too dumb to care for supporting Johnny for NEW!
Coast to Coast radio host? Don't appreciate
the brilliantly wise as Just do you really?


Just We Rule

Niels Harrit, on nano-thermite in the WTC dust

On TV: Nano-thermite Behind Collapse of WTC Buildings on 9/11, Not


Stop Spending Our Future - The Crisis


AJ 'Lou Dobbs is legitimate"

What about the MURDER VICTIMS
of 911? Afghanistan? Iraq? Palestine? Haiti?
Somalia? South Ossetia~!!1!!

The bushmob doctored
the NIE. Conned Congress, and Soldiers. Did 911,
by closing criminal FBI investigations immediately.
Alex and George don't seem to want US to know
these FACTS that demand arrests of the culprits
responsible for high treason against Johnny's


It Is Here! The Banned SNL Skit Cannot Hide From Louie

Hey, no prob. Obama needs only say, "it was
all perfectly legal". And pro-war crime magic TV
smilers say oh happy days. Like demon enemy
George Noory.

Where, or how does
a bankster "Lose" trillions?, when they covet
every last quarter penny? JPMorgan has currently
more than a trillion dollars in capital, so why pay
out as a tax payer 9.9 trillion on hopes to bolster
loans? They trade worthless derivitives, (CNBC's
"House of Cards") then pay themselves in YOUR
pension money as commissions. A sub-prime scam where
they trick a family into re-finance on the promise
of lowering payments, then bamb! double YOUR
payments to steal the house they put ZERO down for,
is a criminal fraud. But, whores of Obama hear him
state, "it is all perfectly legal", and that's all
they need to placate our screams for real Justice.
Our America is dying for the false accusing
demon LIAR, Trillioniare Zionist Banksters.

Christ the Jew = Elite Globalist

The "9/11 Missing Links" trap..

/ / The "Jews" started the 9/11 Truth
Movement....(?) Oh, that's rich! \ \

Look, blaming "Jews" would include innocent
persons, oh like.. Christ. A Zionist though,
states openly the will to TARGET for robbery,
or first degree mass murder, innocent
children, as corporately acceptable being
Satanic enemies of God and man. Remember:
Israeli ACTUALLY targeted Jews in northern
Lebanon with 7,000,000 land-mines. And Condi..
is near the biggest, documented war criminal
of history, and she's a .. .well.. a war
criminal who pre-planned 911 with her "TOP
SECRET" plan to invade Afghanistan for Enron.
If she was "Jewish" or otherwise, she'd still
be found a war criminal who pre-planned.. blablah


Geithner's Toxic Debt Plan So Good,
Citi and BofA Can't Wait to Get Started

/ / We're paying enormous amounts to free them
from their toxic assets, and they buy more? \ \

Raise your hands: who's in for continuing this
way without themselves present as accounted for?

Did you know: this latest bailout of AIG, is
the FIFTH given from the public as still not
accounted for either? Once, their idiots, twice,
your the idiot, three, We, the Idiot. Five times?
is to be somewhere past what was once factored
as purely theoretical.

(fOo|x)*5 - the irrational expression on how dumb
the public can succumb, before dreaming something
even dumber, is beyond the possible.

Holy man.


Nader: Seven Steps the Obama Admin is NOT Taking to Fix the Banking
Crash, Why Not?



Notice 12 versions - which one is right God
asks the religious in slanged broken English?


U.S. partner, not Hamas, firing rockets into Israel


Your buying "TOXIC ASSETS" wake the kucf up.

Barack Obama Pimps the Bailouts on Jay Leno | 2 of 3 | 3-19-2009

'It was all perfectly legal."

No it wasn't. and besides, the private bankers
don't cover our loans. We need to work for
open communications Coast to Coast to remedy
a workable solution through factually based

Ben Stein on Larry King, said something
near this in reference to bailing out
these trillion dollar frauds: 'it's called
extortion, and somebody out there needs
to insist on understanding that that means,
it's hugely illegal, but Congress has
forgotten you have some dying rights here,
but, they can still call in our forces for
Justice, if America wills it.'

Guess what? We might might be the only
peoples on Earth to realize the
significance of Mr. Stein's factually
based stance on this issue of yours.


/ / Indeed, emails show that the rating service
employees knew they were acting fraudulently \ \

Did we forget that fraud is not only costly, but
illegal as well?

A.I.G. Sues U.S. for Return of $306 Million in Tax
Payments, Some Involving Tax Deals in Offshore Havens
- Uses Taxpayer Money to Pursue the Lawsuit



Cheney: Don't blame Bush team for economic woes

NWOer Jones: Don't blame Bush the decider

/ / Obama: US Can Detain Americans Indefinitely
Without Charge \ \

Err.. no we can't, for that would be criminal.

/ / Goldman Sachs, which paid out a company record
$11B in pay and bonuses after grabbing $10B
from taxpayers. \ \



Iraq dossier emails ‘devastating’

They knew they were CONNING us for murder.


"450 MILLION in AIG Bonuses to be paid,
not the reported 150 million"


Canadian Activists and Lawyers United for Justice:

Canada must bar or prosecute Bush for torture,
and mass murder. For he is a war criminal who
lied that Saddam wouldn't let our inspectors in.
And, with Cheney, closed 911 FBI investigations
before we were finished nabbing the actual
suspects for mass murder - that's a no-no where
we're from. See? I'm a strict Constitutionalist.

Canada must bar or prosecute Bush for torture

/ / The law says foreign nationals who have committed
war crimes or crimes against humanity, including
torture, are “inadmissible” to Canada. \ \

We are being spoon-fed stupid again...

/ / Moreover, defying President Obama's ruling
putting a halt on all Gitmo military commissions,
the judge on the case not only accepted this filing,
but also released it to the public. \ \

Cofer Black admits to torturing KSM for years,
to get him to confess to near 50 terror events
spanning 20 plus years, TERRORIST CRIMES, that
Cofer has highlighted for US as still incomplete.

Obama Doesn't Have The Right - Just Like Bush Didn't Either


FBI Believed that Bombs Used on 9/11

/ / Indeed, the FBI told a reporter for
USA Today that FBI agents believed there
were bombs in the Twin Towers. \ \

Awesome. Where is CNN and CBC here?

THINK: they took the bailout
money for THEMSELVES!

SuperNews! - A Night with Ann Coulter

Ann actually sounds
near identical to Alex's excuses for attacking
Liberals, Socialists, gays, do gooders, anybody
he'll demonize to divide our voices for Justice
against the guilty parties of 911.

Mossad linked to 9/11 attacks: Report

Justice we will.




'9/11 Conspiracy Theories Ridiculous' - Al Qaeda

Banks Use Your Bailout Funds As "MOB" Tax Havens

This is unreal to see America victimized to
die this way.


'Israeli Military Attacks the Civilian Police Force'

REVEALED: 'There was no Cabinet debate in run-up to war,'

Couldn't even be bothered with
pretending when the cameras were off?

Reminder: Peter Power did the 7/7 bombings


911 WTC7 CBS Breakthrough

9/11: Impossible Speed & Impact -- Busted! Updated


Fans Get Even With Riot Police


Autism & Vaccines: U.S. Court of Claims

The PROVEN fact here is that, without DOUBT,
Mercury causes brain damage one hundred percent
of the time.


Bird and Fortune - Subprime Crisis


the banker does NOT cover our loans

/ / Alex Jones on Coast to Coast tonight to speak Bush the mass
murderer, is just a 'puppet' for lying that Saddam wouldn't let
the inspectors in WITHOUT CORRECTION \ \

Justice in The Gun State of Texas

Texas Prepares to Execute Man for Driving a Car Near Scene of Murder


9/11 - strange facts

Alex Jones on Coast To Coast
"I'm light-years ahead of the general Public in knowledge"

/ / Yet, doesn't know a thing about Education,
Health Care, Social Security, Banking, or evidence
to form our guilty or innocent verdicts on which
war to fight for. And.. can't figure Bush guilty for
treason? Apparently yes, that dumb. \ \

A Den of Thieves - why give to private bankers
who don't cover loans you godless nazi savages?


/ / the firm for which the spouse of the
House Republican whip works has scarfed
up a couple of hundred million bucks in
the banking bailout. \ \

Private Banking Made Simple


Israeli Bombs inflict more pain on Gaza hospital


Stephen Harper copies John Howard WORD FOR WORD


Eyewitness to Shanksville Crash - It Was Not a 757

Fake 9/11 Call From Flight 93 Exposed!


So, the ISI was warned by the White House clandestinely, in
June 2001, 'some do gooder cops are on the prowl defending our
interests, looking for REAL terrorists who jeopardize
Freedom's cause, so, you'd better watch out for America's will
power, US might get US, and boy, then we'd be in for one big
hell of a surprise!,. eh?. Are you still with me? Hello?
Is someone else on this line? ... Yyyou'll never catch me.'

Marc "Johnny America" Grossman "Any country that doesn't go
along with US will be paying a very heavy price."

CNN Admits 9-11 Inside Job

Patriot of Great Britain arrested for sending
"7/7 Ripple Effect" to judge and jury members

All of Great Britain joins US in demanding
the "Judge" to face trial for death sentence.
Peter Power "did" the 7/7 bombings. Ask
Netanyahoo, he knows.


Report Of “People Planting Bombs” on 9/11

Private Banking Made Simple

9/11: Total Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings!

VIEWS: 10,100,000

Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11

LETTERS NOW RELEASED PROVE-Bush Intervened-To Suppress Torture

This is called ungodly nazi war crimes against
innocent Human beings.

Obama Gets Tough to Shield Bush Torturers

Who does Obama think we are as 'United' together
on pro lawless torture against innocent 'others'?


Israelis forced mother to choose which of her children would die



Hey! this stuff for cats and dogs looks pretty
coool. Check it out if your a pet lover!


AG Holder-- First, Jail All Bush's Lawyers

For actual documented criminal actions against
American interests in defending ourselves from
indiscriminate robberies, tortures, or mass murder.

Ceasefires, Israeli-Style

openly admit to thieving innocent peoples homes, to them
be sent at gun point, to live in a concentration prison
death camp.

Americans Are Welcome In Israel

Jesus Christ in Islam


Yoo: Bush okayed torture to outwit defense lawyers

This is why it warrants the Death sentence. Remember
corporatist Amerikan citizen, these torture victims
that include children as younger than a hundred, had
not been alleged to have ever committed a crime in
their entire lives. Victims tortured to death for the
pleasures of those Satanic, such as General Geoffry
Miller, who tell US today as confidenced, they do it
because, patsy wasted American soldiers will just refuse
to hunt them down for formal executions.

Olbermann | Bush Years: 8 in 8 Minutes

Bush and Cheney are traitors to the cause of
American Liberty. To leave them free, is to leave
America un-guarded from further transgression.

King Johnny Guest Caller on Free Mind Radio!
(back-up) http://www.mediafire.com/?ptui9mm15pn


Unseen Gaza High Quality: Part 1 of 6

The Torture Ban that Doesn't Ban Torture

/ / Obama's Executive Order bans some -- not all -- US
officials from torturing but it does not ban any
of them, himself included, from sponsoring torture
overseas. \ \

Is America a nation of Law to Live freedom?

Jack Blood interviews Richard Andrew Grove, an AIG insider and


"We believe there were dozens of IRGC
personnel in the Gaza Strip during the
war," an Israeli source said. "Some were
killed; others went into hiding, and
others escaped."

See? the demon enemy of God speaks no
evidence as a TRAITOR to every Jew.

Gaza: 'I watched an Israeli soldier shoot dead my two little girls'

Getting away with murder as 'God's Chosen' chosen
for death by war crimes trial more like.

They are murdering Cops

2-Bombings target house of Abu Ubaida El Jarah,
Police Director in Sheikh Ridwan area.

3-Airstrike targeting Al Zaytoun police station.

Nazi Israeli are murdering Police Officers,
and the families that live in the areas near
them as once defended from criminals.

It's like saying, every Cop in America deserves
a death sentence by thousand pound radio-active
waste based uranium/plutonium war shells because
Bush stole the election

“In spite of rising the blue flag of UNRWA on
our schools, the Israeli army has been targeting
those schools by missiles and tanks shells.”

U.N. special rapporteur on torture calls on U.S. to prosecute Bush and

[SATANIC ENEMY] Israeli warplanes attack Gaza during Truse

Satanic Enemies of Humanity Kill 8 Yr Old Girl During Fake 'Ceasefire'

Nazi argues it's good to get killed Jews by
breaking truces with prison camp.

They shoot Peoples indiscriminately telling US
that's how evil they are to argue it's Your
fault though.

They HAVE ADMITTED to targeting the school
girls for murder with lies they were caught
doing. THEY DON'T GIVE YOU EVIDENCE. And when we
get the facts, it's near always exactly the same
thing: they steal our Homes, they STEAL our
lives. God calls the Zionist Jew Enemy of
the Synagogue to Satan!!

Binding U.S. law requires prosecutions for those who authorize torture


A Zionist Nazi Being

See? A zionist Nazi argues it's good to get killed
Jews by breaking truces with a prison death camp,
cause look at all the free American Welfare money
we can steal through kicking-back AIPAC members in

Nazi Israel Broke Ceasefire as Satanic:
The Bush Administration and The New York Times v. Amnesty

'Secretary General outraged at shelling of UN building in Gaza'

"I conveyed my strong protest"

Not good enough. Public War crime charges warranting
Death by Jewish firing squad, is what is demanded of
our Humanity. Death to the zionists liar war criminal
enemies of Humanity, instead of US, who they target
for mass murder.

They are jewish criminals, not criminals because they are Jewish.

Israeli Murders Officer to make it look better


/ / And we may assume that he was a non-Jewish
member of the IDF, given [...] \ \

Lawless evil doing for neocon lying criminals
really sucks man. Our friends are dying murder
victims. They are robbing our humanity of common

Neocon Enemies of the Jew do not Care for Truth

ElBaradei says Iran’s nuclear program is legal: report

But Neocon enemies of the Jew do not care for Truth.
They lie as enemies to God, on hopes to murder Jews
like they did in Lebanon with millions of land mines.
What kind of "Human" would commit such crimes against
Life? Cheating Liars for Satan Johnny tells YOU.


Stressing that Israel was "the first to stand
up against pure evil." [See? A zionist Nazi argues
it's good to get killed Jews by breaking truces
with a prison death camp, cause look at all the
free American Welfare money we can steal through
kicking-back AIPAC members in Congress.]

"I demand that the use of images and headlines
that misrepresent current events to the detriment
of the State of Israel be stopped immediately,"
the petition went on. [and the 'judge' judges
anything detrimental misrepresents the constant
LYING nature of the Nazi Zionist thieving pirates
of the Jewish Faith?]

This is detrimental to Zionist war criminals
because it exposes their TRUE EVIL NATURE..

Again, the two Laws of Johnny:

1. No evidence, person innocent.

2. Torture? fuk you and die then

"Rice says it is 'hard' for Israel to spare civilians in Gaza"

We KNOW they are ONLY targeting innocent People,
the ungodly zionist Satanic enemies say so..

"Israel Rejected Hamas Cease-Fire Offer in December"

Livni has declared her country "is not going to show restraint"

"Her" country?

It's like she's admitting here, that they DO NOT
target the IDF's Hamas, but only our innocent lives
as a threat to LIFE and GOD. Remember: the Zionist
LIARS broke the truce.

' In Civil-Contempt Cases, Jail Time Can
Stretch On for Years for Americans, without Ever
seeing a day in Court. '

Where are the arrests?, then firing squads for
the Judges who 'judged' such criminality against
freedom for US, the Peoples in America?



Rise up for Justice American Christian, or
die innocent victim the Son of God does say.


UN: Israel Admits Claims About Attacked School Baseless

US military re-supplying Israel with ammunition through Greece

/ / UN Call for investigation into shelling of
Civilian shelter \ \

Investigate that evil does exist in the thieving
LIAR name of godless Zionism? The enemies of God
and Jews everywhere?

Maybe we know it, but we just don't know it yet?


Israel Phones 'Terrorists' Before they Bomb Homes

Didn't the Nazis say something like, they weren't
there to take out Hamas directly? Well, after all,
it was founded by the Zionist IDF, so I guess that
must be why they target our children instead..

UN: "Israel knew they were bombing a school"


The Appropriate Response To Islamic Terror

/ / an Orthodox Jewish Russian immigrant \ \

Doing what's right and just, or evil as dumb is
Your riddle. Get back to US on that.

Rise Up for innocent Life, or don't and see
where it'll get you in the end.

FBI E-Mail Says Bush Authorized Abuse of Iraqi Detainees
a real Jew concerned
2010-12-20 01:11:16 UTC
Raw Message
The Bushite claim as our enemy that the
truth hurts their cause of robbing Humanity.

Britain 'will act on torture intelligence' Magna who?

Death sentences all around. These unlawful
Politicians are claiming a right to torture
innocent victims to escape those who do US truly
wrong. Death for torture is the war crimes law
excepted by all free nations. There are no
excuses than are not defeated by free
communications. Every man woman and child of
Earth will need to hunt every last pro-torturer
for easy war crimes death sentences. KSM has
nothing to do with 9/11. (Or as, the 'Public
Option' means you don't give away our innocent
lives for nothing, but to a talentless American
Rightard who refuses the facts to witness.) Alex
Jones sucks man, he really truly does, as is why
he can not allow open free debate for America on
near anything he claims in obscenity to own the
truth about without natural doubt to consider,
as all those who disagree on anything he has ever
said since early childhood are cointellpro he
claims sadomastically as pure Pope Evil. To err
is godlike Human. He is bad news going on how we
all so much hate all ourselves blindly he claimed
again last week as an insult to everyone personally
I took it. Just who the hell does he take You for
silenced on Justice eh? Rightards are near all the
same, siding as hypno mugger victims for liars,
cheats, or thieves, who can't compete honestly in
fair polite debate, as otherwise WE would win back
our stolen lives. Justice is Freedom, and Like
anyOne would, I HATE 'lawless' Bushite nazi
zionist scum responsible for escaping those
truly guilty of 9/11 and 7/7 as starters.

All legislation is a form
of Socialism, and This State
is God, what of it goofus?

Study Verifies That There Is No Value In Any Flu Vaccine

Study: Fox News Viewers Are The Most Misinformed

Evil Enemies of the Republic as a Matter of Fact.

Revealed: Chamber lobbied against 9/11 health
bill to save foreign members on their taxes


Bushite Nazi grunt tries to kill innocents at a
school board meeting, and a real man guns the
Nazi vermin down to defend it's next victim. All
American Patriots must do the same to those
proudly serving for the Bushite Air Force,
otherwise they will as they do, continue
indiscriminately dropping radio-active toxic
waste bombs on defenseless innocent women and
children for centuries under the command of Nazi
Zionist, pleasing for the demon Antichrist and
Cheney's further escape for 9/11, getting dumfuk
American teen soldier's dead as the consequence
of their cowardly war crimes behavior. See the
'lawless' Bushite grunter, and you kill it for
Christ, you kill it for America, you kill it for
Yourself. This is called Life.

Why would the Rightard criticize Wikki, but not
demand a death sentence against the Nazi grunts
who gunned down the journalist for reporting
facts, and the two little kids? Kids the Nazi
murders for claiming, it was the parent's fault
for bringing the children into this world? It is
a joy and a blessing for all when the godless
unlawful Bushite Nazi grunter dies rightly,
instead of the innocent, such as Yourself, who
the American Rightard Zionist takes no position
to defend. Bush and Cheney closed 9/11 Police
investigations. Know your enemy who refuses this
truth be told friend. Wakey wakey.

a real Jew concerned.

/ / The lethal laser gun, a "People Cooker" used
to torture and kill innocent Iraqis and innocent
Targeted Individuals is now ready to aim at Los
Angeles inmates, 75% of whom have committed no
crime \ \ Kill a Bushite for Christ as a lover of
Life. Do it American gun owners, do it for
President Reagan. Do it to defend the innocent a
Bushite Nazi grunt wars to rape or murder.
Remember, a Bushite Nazi grunt wears our American
uniform as a pirate enemy, for if they did not
personally gang rape American Women, they most
certainly will refuse to war for our defense as
something they should concern themselves of. The
Oath. No it's just torturing more innocent
folks, pushing more heroin, all to cowardly
escape the Zionist Peenacker Neocons for mass
murder on 911. Justice is a must that a Bushite
Nazi coward refuses for the American peoples,
while dropping bombs of radio-active toxic waste
indiscriminately on our loved innocent families.
Kill a Bushite for Christ, and maybe we'll pay
you a whole dollar - but we're not promising

To Serve the Banksters

House finance chairman declares again Americans
exist to ‘serve the banks,’ [this is like
Canada's Harper - who Publically wills to kill
our innocent kids and push dope to escape Bush
amd Cheney for furthering real terror. And,
he'll tell you that openly on magic 'no opinion
for Humans' true corporate TV too, with hidious
creatures wailing, hidden in the darkness,
drinking our bloods. Johnny Gawd would say to
illustrate the nature of Evil in our Worlds,
'conning who?' Evil is the decieved disguised -
while Cops, (like teen soldiers play pretending
their men,) for the most part are good guys who
will to defend our families as their own Being

Money laundering scandal rocks Vatican Bank
(€20 million, was destined for JP Morgan)

Chair of US House Foreign Affairs Committee: I am a Zionist
(and Americans are now those terrible innocent Palestinians)

Banksters Selling Foreclosed Homes Without Obtaining Title

bankster bonuses despite taking billions in bailout

John McCain Urges Tea Party To 'Grab Your Pitchforks'
MORE THAN $8 billion dollars in earmarks - THEFTS

Gates: Public Opinion Can’t Stop Afghan War

NATO fighter jets launched bombs and missiles
850 separate missions in Afghanistan this November

That's why every man woman and child who can
legally carry, will rightly kill every last
Bushite Nazi Grunter in the Air Force who walks
our streets with pleasure as our true love for
God and Humanity expressed freely. All these
missions commanded by Nazi Israeli were against
innocent helpless individuals on the brink of
forced starvation, guilty of nothing, for no
allegation is ever properly made, for if it were,
they'd be aiming at Bush and Cheney with AIPAC
and Blackwater. Instead, as Satanic enemy
traitors, almost all aiming is at unarmed
innocent children and school teachers. Or
Journalists for reporting facts, for torturers.
A Bushite can't stand America to be a free to be
we society, where Justice prevails for all
concerned speaking honestly. They know they
can't compete when the truth is told, for they
are dishonorable Zionist savages robbing God of
our love for Life. So, kill the Bushite for
Christ, as killing it for yourself as a People
person who truly cares about where we are going
here. Bushite grunts don't care for anything but
what they can steal from all others, ergo, why
they couldn't care less that the 911 perps are
still escaping, with the Rich and Famous
vactioning Republicans and the Demonrats as
robbing US all of House and Home. No more.
Merry Christmas!

Bushite Nazi Grunts are Dying for Child Rapists


/ / So our troops are fighting and dying for child
rapists in a warped fundamentalist theocracy. \ \

The Taliban would take child rapists, and have
them publically tried, then executed upon
successful prosecution. Bushite nazi grunts war
to gang rape American women and children with
their 'buds' at KBR and Blackwater.

Afghan president says airstrike killed civilians

/ / "There aren't even any Taliban in this
area," Taqwa said. "They were all working on
Mr. Khorasani's campaign." \ \Taliban=Student

This is another why I beg all real men to kill a
Bushite for America. These bushite enemies will
gang rape your American wife, and claim that FOX
still sells they are heroic for doing so without
question. Zionist Lawlessness is the enemy of
every last free man among US, and a Bushite LIAR
wars against a Just cause winning our Liberties,
as the dying loves of our INNOCENT families.

Saving Our Lives from Further Plunder

The strange thing is, why must I be the only real
player on this scene capable of such game? Do
you know, in better times, being of God is really
quite miraculous to all who love life as such?
We could bring such great wonders if only we were
respected for who we truly are. Instead, we have
Republican pro gang rapists who will to kill more
American teens to escape Bush and Cheney, telling
on magic American TV of how Christmas to
Christians, is where concern of another innocent
victim is secondary to getting America further
robbed by our inactions made poorer by
Congressmen. The Banksters are making off with
trillions man, TRILLIONS! No wonder these very
same Republicans get off on killing innocent
Christian children for Satan, hand in hand with
the Demonrats through AIPAC - for on an open
playing field where open debate with the
knowledgeable is openly relished, we all would
win, and they would lose as the ungodly war
criminal traitors they've proven to ourselves to
be, time and time again, fair and squared. We'd
save our lives from further plunder I'm saying.

SCAM OF SCAMS : everything is true


Jobs are gone, homes are stolen, Pensions are all
"lost", while the magical Banksters give
themselves a BONUS! of 144 BILLION dollars this
quarter, while claiming in almost all cases, they
don't owe America for taxes either. They bribed
the Congress fair and square. Never earned a
penny, but that is God to America. Why don't you
become a man instead of a Bush bitch coward, and
forward this post to everyone so we can make our
stands for Liberty? No? All because your a
dying American Rightard bigot who measures the
rights of others in contempt? Think 50,000
football fans all giving near five hundred
dollars at the gate this quarter to the Bankster
for stealing our rights to capitalize for the
win. Where no matter how well your team plays,
everyone leaves a loser. And.. frowat?

FOXNEWS O'Reilly: Baby Jesus Would Not Want
Us to Worry Our Pretty Heads About the Poor

The viedo clearly shows grunts killing two little
kids, and then boasting, it was the parent's
fault for bringing life into this world. Say no
more. Of which the Nazi grunts murdered in cold
blood also. Every last American soul that
refuses the right call to insist in public
execution of these now responsible for carrying
on to torture INNOCENT Americans Will destroy
Liberty escaping Bush and Cheney. Death to the
Bushite, death to the war criminal enemies of God
and Man. Torture is a war crime deserving of
death says President Reagan, and so do I. See
the bushite, you kill it as a true American
Patriot Soldier defending the Republic of which
we stand. United for Justice as All.

HUFFPOST SUPER USER "Call me whatever you want,
but I have NO SYMPATHY for PFC Manning. As a
soldier, he knew his actions were illegal under
the UCMJ." He hasn't been found anything, and
this cover-up on murdering Journalists for
reporting facts, limited hang, smells like crap.
But see how truly evil the corporate "Liberal"
establishment is to play pretend they is
something other than ugly and mean to the
honorable and clean? Bastards Limbaugh, Hannity,
and O'Really are evil good for nothing war crooks
deserving of Public trial for their naked
treasons of getting American GI teens dead for
continuing the tyranny of lawlessness, sure, but
who again, what of it? Rightards pretending to be
"Liberals" are still Rightards no matter which
way you look at it.

Kill a bushite for Christ.


Because Bush and Cheney closed official 911
Police investigations, we will go nowhere until,
we arrest the demons for obstruction, to get back
to following probable cause to arrest the actual
bad guys. Starting with Ahmad for funding the
op, and then going to the Taliban claiming, no
evidence will be brought against the accused.
So, the FBI as acknowledged; they have no
evidence linking bin Laden to 911 to form an
actual warrant. PD51, W199i and so on, were/ARE
threats against real cops talking about this, or
moving forward with formal arrests of those
responsible for mass murdering Americans.
Bushite Nazi Grunter who wants 'limited
government' to escape himself from gang rape,
torture and murder of AMERICAN WOMEN states, "I
don't care."

Ministry Lies Lies Lies

The Angels - Take A Long Line

Ricky Skaggs - Get Up John

God is Awesome

[ungodly evil] "Jewish" group outraged by newspaper cartoon

/ / The view sold as complaint is absolutely
stupid to conjure as definitively inked in
our names, toy trunked away. Who do these
guys take us for unfairly, eh? All I saw
was slippery roads ahead for freedom is
calling. Yet, maybe books could be wrote
further, Heaven knows. Who's asking? \ \

Man, this was good and funny. At
least a laugh with a true Jew like
me eh? Ahhhhh... the water is fine.
Or should be.. back to work driven.

We need to survive as a just cause.

Top Marine: Soldiers could lose lives if ‘don’t ask’ repealed

Too busy sucking cock?
What a traitor who gets grunts killed to escape
Bush and Cheney, who seriously needs to be
publicly tried for his war crimes against God to
escape those who done did do US wrong like that,
still. Kill a Bushite for America Christ says.

TSA refuses to release reports
about X-ray machine safety

- and if the info was sent to Wiki, would that
just make it all a fraud of cointellpro without
facts to measure as a blind Rightard would sell
cowardly? Just what the facts are; Americans
blabbering about as, dipshitter know it alls,
watching vicariously the Rich and Famous count
their ill gotten gains, while for sure drowning
in their own misgivings.

Treason warranting maybe death
Bushite Grunter "I don't care."

True you Fool


/ / OH THE HORROR.... To those who say I lied
about what Tenent FREELY confesses
(60Minutes-Tenet-2.wmv) LISTEN in horror at what
America is truly led blindly into hell with
STILL.. \ \ crooksandliars pulled the recording!
In it Tenant tells of the bushmob knowing in July
2001 bin Laden was going to get blamed for a
strike big in America from a cave in Afghanistan!
Then later, (not mentioned) in AUGUST! Powell
went over there himself personally, and gave the
Taliban 47 million dollars as a bonus. Swear to
God true. NOT HIDDEN. Look it up. I mean it
made almost all the major dailies. See? This is
what Alex fears, that wise men, actual wise men,
like myself, can put this stuff together in
seconds by freely communicating for open
challenge on error, of what would take others
committed to dying through censorship for blind
fear, never in a lifetime spared. Who cares

Johnny Law for Coast to Coast radio host!

American "Golly gee, if I had only simply
raised my phone for Justice, I'd be in a
better place right now.. better late than
never... hello friend."

Treasonous to the old red white and blue.

Remember: these are the demon fucks who bomb
cities with radio-active toxic waste for no cause
but for to see US all suffer and die for their
hatred of God and Humanity. If you know someone
serving proudly in the Air Force, kill it to
defend ourselves - for it surely deserves to die
before anyone else it targets indiscriminately
for Satanic Zionism, like the teen grunts sent in
to quell hostilities that wasn't present until!
we were bombed for NO REASON, like Fallujah,
Samara, Baghdad, and so on. Remember too: they
are ruled blindly at command by Nazi Israeli
Zionists to rob all Peoples, escaping Bush and
Cheney. For according to 'no opinion' TV
Canada's Harper, all Human Rights are
anti-semitic, when it comes to escaping those who
truly do US wrong he meant it in all honesty as
an evil doer escaping nowhere.

Justice Scalia Will Teach Constitution 101
to Bachmann's Tea Party Caucus

The most hated vile traitor to ever don a judge's
cap, will be put in to sell his 'war criminals
escape to plunder America' version, that neglects
to mention anything about going after bad guys
with the facts, or defending the innocent through
Rights properly governed, along with the
seperation of powers thing a ma jiggy. This is
going to be an extremely disturbing performance
almost for sure man, where the Tea Bagger
"Constitionalists" will dumfuk out to their own
downfalls as everyone. Why? Because Evil is
Truly Dumb man. Even the Devil, as bad an ass as
he is, and he is, doesn't cheat you in a game
fair and square, he knows which side his bread is

To All Men

"Anytime someone in your line gets hit by an
IED...you kill every motherfucker in the street,"

Instead, do what is right, kill the
'lawless' Bushite enemy for Christ.

CIA Doing Drug Experiments on Veterans

Bushite Grunt "I don't care for anyone.
Where's your un-defended wife and daughter?"



'According to a website that interviewed Assange to
say exactly that, but, that only Johnny could read'

This is cowardice, and nothing new with how
Assange has managed this whole production from
it’s inception. Why? Because it has been
confirmed that Lebanon assisted Israel in picking
out the Jewish communities as first strike
targets. SEE!! NO MENTION... Why do we see
this all over the Rightard American disinfo
parlayers? Because they are fundamentally
cowards, who as refusing to humble themselves to
those greatly wiser with words such as myself,
will to hurt the established innocent to escape
the bad guys they take it up the ass for as
antigay faggots, picking on innocent poor people,
or innocent old people, US in need of health
care, or as Wiki, a soapbox open for all soldiers
to be men instead of mass murdering ourselves
indiscriminately. Bush and Cheney closed 911
police investigations. Assange could be the
Antichrist Pope, it wouldn't change the facts
that have been brought forward as documented.
Like Bushite enemy of EVERYONE Geoffrey Miller,
giving guidelines on how to treat innocent
Peoples randomly kidnapped. But a Rightard
hypnotized victim states to hypnotize YOU TOO
going, 'it's all nothing new', or, shamefully
Mike at WRH ‘it’s all a fraud’, or 'Assange is
someone a real Patriot like me shouldn't defend
because he could be with the genius evil minders
who control our every whim just like Alex Jones
sells' [evil is dumb], or as many Rightard's
stress, 'it's important for Americans not to
defend ANY innocent persons, why take the risk?'
Example: It's a long drawn out blab of three
nonsensically blind mice chewing on each other's
tails, cause theys figured, it's just someone
else innocent getting chewed on left for dead as
dying. But, if you have a few free moments after
doing more important things, listen clearly to
Mike and Mike and Mike say just as much on last
Friday’s 'Unleashed'. Who gives a fuck about YOU
innocent American victim right?


Bush should go free cause he has more rights than
America.. Right? No Justice gives you tyranny
guaranteed. Why not go after the Republican
gang rapists instead? Is it because they are on
the Rightard's team? Like Alex Jones sells?

/ / The important question is who controls and
oversees the selection, distribution and editing
of released documents to the broader public? \ \
Michel should have known..

THE NEW YORK TIMES for one. And SEE? If you
charge Assange, well, that means the New York
Times is as just as 'guilty' for the judgement on
who is ultimately responsble for South Ossetia,
Israeli war crimes, and American war crimes of
killing children, school teachers, or journalists
for reporting facts, and these Rightards just
refuse to say so as a man such as myself.
Whoring for escape of ungodly evil into this
world as documented. Though, Michel Chossudovsky
is really an awesome individual in near every
other context, and I certainly wouldn't kick him
out of his important meeting on what we all need
to do here to get back our stolen freedoms as
fairly measured.

"If We Lose our Internet Freedoms Because of Wikileaks"

Why wouldn't you blame a Republican who wills to
rape American women? Bush and Cheney for 911?
Ron and Rand Paul for championing the position to
not defend the innocent Christians
indiscriminately slaughtered by the Satanic? A
Nazi grunt who murders journalists openly,
begging men women and children of America to hunt
it down for public execution as war criminal
enemy of all free Peoples? No mention
whatsoever? Nothing at all? Who's freedoms are
lost when we blame a soapbox, instead of the
torturers reponsible for 911 found at the end of
the crime scene leads where they're pushing
heroin openly just now? A soapbox, instead of
TRILLIONIARE extortionists? A soapbox, instead
of FOXNEWS "HEROES" raping kids? No mention at
all? Who's freedom are you talking about to
blame anyone as all things but escaping Zionist
LIAR war criminals of Satan?

U.S. war veterans being killed with high-dose psychiatric drugs

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus is ordering all
members of U.S. Millitary to buy and eat
as much [poisonous] seafood as possible.
(THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
US Military Stocked with Toxic Gulf Seafood
Bushite Grunter "I don't care for anyone.
Where's your un-defended wife or daughter?"

$52bn of American aid and Afghans are dying of starvation

Kill the Bushite for Christ. Kill it for
God. Kill it for America. It deserves to
die warring our innocent Humanity for the
escape of Bush and Cheney.

Special Comment: Blackmail, Bullies


Bigger tax breaks for the trillioniare thieves!,
as hedge fund brokers of savings funds having not
"earned" anything of the trillions "lost" into
their personal private accounts as it was, or the
Banksters who have stolen millions of American
homes through extortion, than under BUSH. Bigger
tax breaks for THIEVES than under Bush, Obama is
saying he needed to negotiate with as a terrorist
hostage situation... A Deal? I don't know how
much more Americans can take before finally
raising their phones against happy George Noory,
Beck, and traitor war criminal stooge Limbaugh,
to demand our voices be heard fairly for remedy.
Justice is Victory.

Study: CEOs Who Fired Most Workers Earned Highest Pay

/ / More indications WikiLeaks is the 9-11
of the blogs; a fake event staged to justify
protecting dictatorship from exposure. \ \

The information is already out, Bush and Cheney
closed 911 Police investigations. And besides,
why wouldn't any under such rational, support
such a disclosure? 'no no, tyranny is better.'?
The problem here is nobody is actually looking at
what info has been released, for, we are having a
communications glitch with this failing everyone
system of manufactured consent by Rightard
denials. Leadership is what we need., and where
can we find ourselves fairly to know just what
that might require as a Just cause benefiting
everyone? Not with the American bigots, who
measure a person's worth unfairly, controlling
our free speech ranges to deny following probable
cause. So, then, your to use your phone to seek
Justice for Freedom defended from Bush and Cheney
on 9/11. Actually defended. Or is the role of a
real Patriot too manly, so you hide it all by
calling yourself a 'fraud'? - Here's where we
came in.


/ / Washington will no longer seek an Israeli
settlement freeze \ \

'Go on, steal as you were going to no matter
what any innocent Human victim might have had
to say - steal from Christians and Muslims,
and Jews too you ungodly evil torturing
war crime thieves of Satan - wink - Palin


Breakthrough Discovery On The Causes Of Autism

/ / Imagine being told by your doctor that your
child has autism, that there is no known cause, \ \

Mercury in the vaccines you evil corporate Nazi
demon fucks. Anything to attack innocent American
children for their continuing TV whoring as
ungodly pillaging.

YES!!! - Then let's press for the
rightful arrests of Republicans
who rape American women claiming
to be lawless. Death by Public
trial we will fight to demand upon
easy convictions without contention,
but for by the enemy Rightard who
will refuse the FACTS from being

On the Tea Bagger Enemy Chopping Block:
Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Incoming GOP Financial Services [Tea Bagger]
Chairman: America's Role Is ‘To Serve The Banks’

Alex Jones to Rand Paul "Your victory is our victory."

No it's not Rightards. Rand Paul is there
to escape those who stole the cash, then
blame the old and poor to recieve his sadist
brunt. Nevermind the Banksters, Republican
rapists, and AIPAC war criminals, as the TSA
goons not following probable cause to defend
our taken as given rights. What about Bush
and Cheney fucks? These two evil bastards just
don't care enough for US victims to complain,
but for your kind donations to have their
furthering successes at your continuing
downfalls silenced chump. They war American
Patriots with their claimed ignorance as
censorshsip to refuse ourselves a just cause
to defend. Iraq. They will to hurt innocent
Americans, because they both freely admit
to have the currupted minds of bigots,
when talking on the Bill of Rights, Economics,
Health care, banking, traffic lights, and so
on. Rightards. Evil doer rightards who refuse
Americans, all Americans Liberty. Justice
is Freedom, but a Rightard wants to blame
everyone as the bad big government, not the
little Bush bitch demon leaches, who falsely
as war criminals believe they will escape
hiding ourselves as honorable on this.
We want these AIPAC terrorists arrested for
accessories to mass murder of our innocent
selves, along with Bush and Cheney for
Obstruction on 9/11.

Alex Jones "Mexico hates America"

Johnny Mex "Mexico loves America" [as the Cacti too!]

9 TRILLION Dollars Missing from Federal Reserve

Revealed: Commie Rand Paul reverses on core
campaign pledge before even taking office


/ / RAND: ..Leadership isn’t photo-ops with
oversized fake cardboard checks. That kind of
thinking is bankrupting our nation. Senator
DeMint understands that and has taken action to
stop it.” \ \ "Photo-ops"? A con to hide the
billions STOLEN in 'darkness' he pretends he
knows nothing of as treasonous. All on board
he tells all Zionist AIPAC members, he is in
office top secretly to rape and pillage like
they are as Satanic also. Christ? is a fool.

Tea Baggers, what do you think about this
betrayal on who you are? Wait! don't tell us,
you don't really care for the facts right? Like
of the evil Israeli Nazis, who dropped seven
million land mines on Lebanon. The Satanic
ungodly pirate WAR CRIMINALS of Israel, are as
such according to OUR BIBLE, as obviously not
Jews, but the true Satanic evil enemies of God
and Humanity. They broke the truce with Gaza,
and proceeded to burn innocent children alive as
targeted. Minister Harper foolishly suggested
that he too, will pirate all of Canada on magic
TV to not speak out for such calls for Justice
against these intolerable Zionist savages, to
continue pushing for tyranny to escape Bush and
Cheney for 9/11. And we care what here about
Harper NAKEDLY conning Canadian kids to die in
Afghanistan to escape real terrorists while
pushing child rape and heroin?

Demon Whore Enemy Palin Endorses Medicare Rationing

Eyewitness Missile hit Pentagon,
[bushmobbed] Government Confiscated 84 Camera Tapes

This shouldn't be a left wing right wing thing to
know, someone hasn't been entirely forthcoming,
all to escape guilty Bush and Cheney for 9/11.
Rightard AJ will be with enemy George Noory on
Wednesday to tell, all on how great George Noory
is for lying cheating and stealing from the
listener, to mass murder, torture, push dope and
so on, like he championed with willing lies for
attacking the innocent in Afghanistan, then
Iraq, now Iran, escaping the ungodly Neocon
Zionist Peenackers. And AJ the puppet Rightard,
the bigot, will speak nothing but praise for the
demon monster continuing just the same, while
they both call for cheating more as the made
weaker, injured, poor, or as truth tellers.
Encouraging Americans to pay more to, do nothing
billionaires from Texas our tax money without
understanding. [ex. Bush and Cheney halted 9/11
Police Investigations] Whoring themselves for
Bush as evil for fame and fortune in America's
dying shame. Labeling Bushite Nazi grunters
anything but worthy of death as war criminals who
openly commit war crimes against US innocent they
willfully do today as torturers, pushing heroin,
and advancing the rape of women and children, as
just in Afghanistan, as in America escaping the
REAL terrorists with the banksters who do not,
I repeat, do not cover our loans!!, that's another
thing as nearing the same.. A Bushite soldier was
asked about the 9/11 perps for sure escaping with
Bush and Cheney, and this is what it said, "I
don't care." Do Christ in God a favor and war the
'lawless' Nazi grunters to defend their next
innocent victims. Or don't and die for chumps,
for who needs who here?

Corporate Amerika refuses to correct ourselves.

Mr. Bush the War Criminal Antichrist
"we don't need any evidence"

The Peoples
"yeah, we do."

Americans refuse to humble themselves to wise men
or women speaking, because we make them out to be
what they truly are. Moronic imbeciles.

CIA admits faking bin Laden confession video

Thus, it means bin Laden had no complaints known
to make. Why does CNN and FOX think America not
news worthy to have America die innocent victims
suckered escaping those truly guilty of mass
murder instead I ask everyone?

Example: Forbidden NWOer knowledge,
Saddam wasn't in violation of 1441.

Remember: Ron Paul calls these war crimes of
millions indiscriminately mass murdered, all for
the TREASONOUS LIES of the grandson to Hitler's
banker, simply, "a Police Action"

The Public Option

Americans mass murder millions of defenseless
innocent human beings for war mongers Bush and
Cheney without TV complaint for their criminal
deceit. Can't even raise a phone to concern
themselves with any innocent American becoming
more gang rape CRIME victims for the glories of
the demon Antichrist minions of ungodly
lawlessness, who openly push heroin onto American
school children. Zionist pro-torture minions of
Satan that will eat them alive if they continue
to be silent for the interests of their innocent
neighbor. Demon George Norry claims with AJ that
he will go ballistic against any teen soldier
that refuses a criminal order, while they both
blame Globalists, not Bush for closing 911 Police
Investigations, or Truly conning Americans to die
without cause still in Iraq. NO CAUSE. Instead, I
suggest, happy George Noory be tried by every
last American still breathing, and once found
guilty, formally executed for his naked sedition.
Or would You rather die innocent victim yourself?,
all so words of Justice will not be heard for all
to know, just how incredible wisdom is as the
enlightened that is forbidden by every American
Rightard Bigot censor out there that refuses free
dialogue: No evidence against the accused is US
being truly abused. Kill a Bushite to save their
next innocent victims, the Son of Man States as a
fact without contention. An "American" soldier will
no longer get away as a treasonous war criminal who
holds it's oath to defend God and Country in contempt
with it's Nazi censorship. Like Zionists they of
course do not really believe in these glories of
God and Man, but Country neither? Paleeze.. people
making less than 20k will get a tax hike to die
victim by Tea Bagger Rite. All for Banksters who
never covered the loan. We did. Time for Change
we can believe in. Do yourself and God and favor
by forwarding this to all who should care for
our dying futures. I demand our voices heard
fairly for freedom. My Word as my Oath is to
God that is Greater than a American bigot can
articulate,or would care to read. We are being
badly ruled by Zionists who will to kill the
innocent ourselves before the truth is spoken
of their treasonous war crimes against the
America I claim. We demand our voices heard
fairly for freedom. Thanks in advance.

Johnny's GoodGodMan

'Under "the Deal" people making less than 20k would see their taxes go
up'? HolyFff..


Ask Alex Jones what is the Crime of the Taliban
to ask for evidence to form any conclusion? Him
and the Pakistan General made no argument there,
nor neither on Bush's complicity as prime false
accuser - who then stopped police investigations
from occurring as following probable cause to nab
the actual bad guys. How is that possible that
AJ remains quiet here in a free to speak world of
liberty truly seeking? HOW!?! Rightards are
plain evil for who knows what all to not do so,
pretending we can't hear them being deviant. The
word “Extortion” for example, ask yourself,
honestly, why can not a Rightard say that
'trillions dollar stolen by threat of harm'
Justice word… why? Because it’s true? Now they
have no excuses to be lame attacking the lame for
furthering misfortune to escape the ‘no money
down’ Zionist ungodly Banksters. And believe it
Conservative Rightard bigots, this truth is a
good thing for all without argument.

For no reason did the bushite enemy attack the
innocent Peoples of Iraq, with bombs and torture
to but for the pleasure of escaping those who
will to do America wrong further. The Rightard.
Again I will open talks. I want the debate to
showcase our incredible skills from everywhere at
winning the claim we rightly deserve, self
respect. All because we champion true Freedom to
get Justice won. That way, the Rightard can't
destroy Social Security with their lies escaping
the real bad guys, or attack just about anyone
innocent but those guilty of treason with free
communications ruling for our benefits. Now, who
wants what? Where a coward can hide there too,
pretending it's a man to remain silent on Bush
and Obama’s final escape from universal
Liberation? Did you know; Nazi Israeli steal
innocent Christian homes routinely as a fact TV
America has few of no words of concern to know
of? Or, that BP removed the safety fluid which
caused the blow up toxicifying the entire Gulf
Coast on our watch?

Justice is Freedom.

Rand Paul Calls Medicaid 'Intergenerational Welfare'

Yeah like traffic lights he means. So vile. How
could anyone buy this but cheats who will no free
exchange with the facts? Buying in bulk is
cheaper. All the while, the Banksters make off
with trillions, and the TV'ed sons and daughters
die as traitors for the escape of Bush and Cheney
- and Rand cares what where? He, like all
Rightard blind BIGOTS doesn't. But for who as
innocent victims, he can hurt further with it's
bigot minded labels of lies as cheaters. Again
understand, Rightards calls US names not because
they can defend their lies with open

Glenn Beck's Goldline ‘grossly overcharges’ for gold coins

Up to 180 percent markup. And AJ sells gold
below wholesale he claims. Who cares right?

We have no real leadership. The Iraq war is not
as Ron Paul terms it as Nazi a "Police action",
but an info crime against American teens to die
warring for tyranny.. NEEDLESSLY IRRATIONALLY
DYING. Do something right and save someone's

/ / Boehner won't promise to end earmarks if
GOP takes House \ \ to continue stealing from the
American sucker earns the votes of a Republican?

Sent Out and Counting

"senior Goldman people have loaded up on firearms
and are now equipped to defend themselves if
there is a populist uprising against the bank."

Ha. It's OUR police officers they should be
worried about enforcing OUR standing laws for
extortion, and Bank robbery. Unless that is who
they think they will over power, with all our
Governments, and the eternal timeless LORD of
Creation. Just what are the odds? Crazy bums..


So WikiLeaks Is Evil For Releasing Documents
But DynCorp Gets A Pass For Pimping Children

Elias Murr, the defence minister has been
caught red-handed conspiring with the United
States of America to facilitate an Israeli
invasion in 2008. (Condi dropped 7 million
landmines on 140+ towns)

Wikileaks Reveals U.S. Tax Dollars Fund Child Sex Slavery in

Pro-Obama/Bush AJ/Rightards/Micheal Rivero[?]
"It's all a fraud" - whew! easyeasyeasy

'US House approves large increase aid to Zionists'

But they are proven Satanic war criminals
who mass murder INNOCENT Christians, Muslims
and Jews for money. Is this America to remain
silent on these continuing war crimes against
God and Humanity?

'Prince of Pork' Wins Top Seat on House
Appropriations [TEA BAGGED] Committee

The Montgomery Burns Party votes against
health aid for 9/11 rescue workers. Again.

Tea Baggers, what do you think about this
betrayal on who you are? Wait! don't tell us,
you don't really care for the facts right?
That's right, feed your own cubs to the
the demon whore of Satan, Sarah 'the retard'
Palin because the FOXTV ordered you to do so
without question. Did you know the 'pro-tea
baggers' are running their 'Death Panels'
now in AZ? Don't care to mention a concern
for real American lives sacrificed for
your stolen futures? AJ neither? Shame.

Y & T - Forever

911 Lies

FBI : 9/11 Cell Phone Calls Fake

America is a nation of cowardly males, too afraid
to be men in our world demanding Justice for all
as truly ourselves.

Nazi Israeli Guns Down an Innocent Unknown

"Iyad As’ad Shelbaya, a known Hamas leader,"

But he is not. I never ever heard of him, nor
has the entire Internet since yesterday. And,
what was the charge he personally was guilty of,
that they needed to be so reciprocal against a
concentration death camp? Listen: When Satanic
Nazi Israel broke the truce with Humanity and
burned our children alive as targeted on purpose,
while murdering at least (their numbers) 239 of
our Police Officers trying to defend the
community, they would contact member's of Hamas
at their homes to let them know when they would
be striking, so they could leave to a safe place
avoiding the conflict. Remember: Hamas is
funded by Nazi Israel OPENLY, to cause division
among the illiterate hordes, while executing
innocent Palestinians for something only a
Zionist could conclude falsely as warranting. A
liar, a murderer. The trouble we have with these
Zionist demons, is your TV Rightard mind will
refuse to except this as Gospel. Even if I give
you the press reports of resigned Officers
confessing to just as much, or show their Nazi
prisons filled with honest Israelis, imprisoned
for simply refusing to commit a criminal offense
against an innocent other. It is an ungodly
"law" in Israel to agree to steal a Christ like
Home and their possessions, or go to jail, do not
pass go. God calls it Satanic, I call it
Satanic, Moses does not approve with Abraham, but
you, little you, swimming in doubt, go where on
TV there? In this turmoil of challenging eternal
confusion, your expected to forget to care for
those Christian children targeted on purpose by
ungodly Nazi Israeli, ON PURPOSE, who as SATANIC,
started the conflict by breaking the Truce with
an action they titled "Cast Lead", casting the
direct first degree mass murder leads, against
children they willfully gathered, and then set on
fire. Can you hear us now? Or! those 239
Police Officers that uruknet has photos of, if
you can bare to look at this great sorrow brought
against ourselves by escaping super evil Zionist
war criminals hidden by the scope of the magic
'all seeing' TV box of corporate degenerates
selling our, bartered in their name glorious
wonders. To know: This is the "hidden" Satanic
works of AIPAC, and their diabolical control over
the American soul terrorizing through national
syndication, the willful silence against these
un-addressed continuing war crimes in our dying
names as the less thans. Christ says no more.
No more. Support our rise to popular acclaim in
my name of John Simpleton I do say. The truth
must will over the lies of the bad guys who hide
in the darkness to pretend they are our friends
on equal terms. While they rob US blind a Life
and Home. U.S.S. Liberty. Please support
Justice for our says, and make your rightful
claim, in this frame. (hint: this is big.)

Hey! People! Don't Be Evil.

God calls it Satanic, I call it Satanic, Moses
does not approve as yogh!’s brother Abraham, but
you, little you swimming in doubt, go where on TV
there? Let's Defend America by demanding Justice
for 9/11. Those who would say otherwise in TV
censorship, to escape the heinous culprits of the
mass murders, should be thought to act, very
un-American in a free to speak world of
Liberation from Tyranny.

"Not Guilty. The Israeli Captain who Emptied
his Rifle into a Palestinian Schoolgirl"

Remember, it thought our girl was ten years old
before pulling the American paid for trigger.


"Benjamin Netanyahu rejects demands to continue settlement freeze"

That is a criminal offense of STEALING an
innocent Christian's home. Paid for 'willingly'
by Alex Jones not demanding legal action in our
own defenses. Why? Too wordy.

Hitler's Jewish Soldiers

DNA - Hitler was Jewish?!?!?!?

SEE? Zionist Nazis.

"Israel's new army chief led Gaza war"

The guy who encouraged Christian children to
gather into the city center, then burned them
alive for Satan, is now the boss of American
grunters on how to further murder more innocent
peoples for "Jews"?

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange cheats at video games!

"Details could not be confirmed"

Nothing on the entire web site demanding every
man woman and child in America, hunt to kill the
Bushite, who on video, guns down two little kids
and a respected journalist ON PURPOSE, while then
claiming it was the children's innocent parent's
fault, because they brought Life into this world.
Of which, of course the Nazi Bushite murdered
also. An American FOXNEWS "HERO" who wants free
welfare, and health care over all honorable
Americans, just like these enemies of Life and
God over at bashandslash, who allege something
they admit was not confirmed by anyone, but to
know, Bushite are falling faster than flies.
Again, to kill a Bushite, is to defend their next
innocent victims. They proudly kill puppies is
enough for me. Death to the Bushite, death to
the enemies of God and Man who war Humanity for
the escape of Bush and Cheney on 9/11.

/ / It is not by my will to deny open debate with
America, it is Alex, and his demon buddy George
Noory that denies out Humanity this right. And
when people try, like Peggy, or Black men on
Jewry, Alex lies cheats and steals our wills for
further thefts. \ \

Openly Evil: A Study in the Death of American Liberty

/ / Attorney General Eric Holder, who will not
prosecute for torture and murder, says he is
mounting a criminal investigation against Assange
because anyone who breaks American law "will be
held responsible." \ \

Lawless Republican gang rape of American Women is
highly illegal, and frankly, I'm sure we'd All
with Christ like to see those 30 Republican gang
rapists formally executed for that serious war
time treason. While torture of course, as
everyone knows, warrants death every time, under
standing American Law, despite all the lies a
FOXNEWS Rightard Junkie will deny. Kill a
Bushite to be a True American Patriot Hero.

Indecent Exposure:
WikiLeaks Hounded for Showing Power Its True Face

Good stuff. You know, the American Rightards are
sure showing their willingness to jump to crass
blind conclusions, on 'what it all means' eh?
Hundreds of thousands of pieces leading to a
million and one other things, including some very
serious war crimes - they claim in totality, is
"anti-American". A guest on with AJ, not only
suggested the info was all we knew already as an
extremely evil dummy, but then went on to state,
what "every Liberal thinks" about it all too!
[typical Rightard male bigots masturbating
together as they most often do, telling how much
greater than everybody else they are as faggoting
like the KKK does.] I could write I'm sure for
paragraphs here.. First thing I'd touch upon, is
that these cables and such, are not, are not!,
Assange's personal positions, despite near every
last Rightard on American Rightard radio claiming
as so extremely stupidly to sadistically 'excuse'
themselves from rightly demanding death against
the exposed war criminals who deliberately
murdered those two little children for one
example, or as, 'why isn't there anything' about
something they claim no evidence to claim
important, was refused? for world wide
publication ? (WikiLeaks is like a soap box that
others do stand upon in a much bigger universe)
And issues such as a Rightard favorite, 'global
warming', they find themselves lost on to
determine the extremely useful info they have so
far failed to capitalize with - like man.., this
Copenhagen thong, where those who have the mind
to understand this parlor trick; discovered,
paying HUGE taxes to private individuals to
'improve' our climate makes NO REAL SENSE - I
mean if that's what they want to do for ourselves
not being scientists or having any ideas at..
all.. given.. (like what are you going to do
with OUR TAX MONEY!!!) held contemptuously
without common courtesy TO ACTUALLY KNOW, and top
secretly knowing as such, the Obamanoids with the
Bushites (and Gore we presume) worked hand in
hand clandestinely to cheat all who had the
voices to communicate such realities. Obama
blackmailed Bolivia and some other country for
simply being more intelligent than the American
warfare class, now I forgot the other Nation..
jusasec.. Anyway., Japan last I heard has jumped
ship on their Kyoto. They don't want to be 'top
secretly' hustled by no-nation Zionist deceivers
for trillions in more ways than five as
highlighted... No, they actually want to care
for our seriously deteriorating environment
contaminated by the brain dead Bushite Nazi
Grunting Zombies, dropping thousands and
thousands of tons of radio-active toxic waste
indiscriminately, (all over AMERICA TOO!) in a
godless evil effort to kill off our entire Human
race apparently for the glories of the ungodly
demon Antichrist's final escape with Cheney for
9/11. Kill the warring for lawlessness Bushite
grunters for God and America instead my friends,
for they are as evil as they are dishonorably
dumber than rocks. Rightards are the worst. But
the sometimes good AJ, or even more better fan
base, locked in their absolutes, has so far
failed to understand, there is more than one way
to lead a statement of claim for prospered
conclusion, as it relates to a whole lot of
everything under this glorious sun. So, I
figured, I'd better lay at least a few words here
too. As always, Chris Floyd is on the pulse. As
you were People..

Raytheon Forbids Americans to Access WikiLeaks
Website But what about these facts at
republicansforrape.org ?

BBC: that the legal moves against Assange were a
"political stunt" and that Sweden's chief
prosecutor had dropped the case.

"The police here sent it back."

Justice to the war criminals of indiscriminate
warfare would better serve ourselves to halt for
our safety. The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

Now, what cop in any right mind could blindly
support such furthering escape of those who have
truly done US all wrong like this answer me that.

Rand Paul Gets Pissy With Eliot Spitzer
for Asking Him to Name Specific Budget Cuts

Look, we know already. Like Alex Jones, a
sadist, he WANTS to attack the homeless, those in
need of health care, the elderly. The Innocent.
Anything to escape the trillionaire hedge fund
brokers with the banksters who never covered the
loans, the thieves of Social Security, and those
who mass murder Americans for Satanic Zionism to
escape the demon Antichrist and Cheney for 9/11.

Biden: US Support for Israel Must Continue 'Forever'

Yeah but what if they break truces as mass
murderers that get innocent Jews murdered though
bro? as a natural consequence we're saying? The
more the better? Sounds like a Nazi sympathizer
to anyone who believes in Freedom. Biden WILL
murder American 19 year olds for money, if he
believes American men will allow him to escape
getting away with it, lost to the chaos of
thought control by the TV'ed Tea Baggers of the
FOXNEWS evil doers.. (Remember: first strike
targets in Lebanon were the Jewish communities)

SA Hospital Admits Israeli Organ Trafficking

Ground Zero Islamic center’s funding leads to CFR

Not a Muslim in the bunch.

Soldier Killed for refusing to Torture the Innocent

/ / she had been "reprimanded" for showing
"empathy" for the [innocent] prisoners
[randomly kidnapped] \ \

I would order all soldiers to arrest try and
execute these Nazi grunts for America, as
America. Nazi Bushite Grunts deserve to die to
defend their next innocent victims says Christ.
And we would know. Again torture warrants death
everytime according to President Reagan. Kill
the bushite as a Man in this God forsaken world.

WikiLeaks exposes US cover-up of Georgian attack on South Ossetia

American contractors are raping Afghan children - WikiLeaks

Secret Manipulation of Climate Talks - WikiLeaks

Sarah Palin is a demon whore of Satan - Johnny

Death to the Bushite ENEMIES who wars for the
escapes of Bush and Cheney, with those thirty
Republicans who OPENLY support the gang rapings
of American women, while championing the facts
from not being discovered by stopping free speak
from continuing. Fight back for Christ sake God
damn you.

Child RAPE Condoned by "Sexy" Rotten Rumsfeld

Kill a Bushite for Christ.

The Bushite claim as our enemy that the
truth hurts their cause of robbing Humanity.

Chomsky - Leaks Show 'Profound Hate Of Democracy'

The bushite are claiming the truth
hurts their cause of robbing US all.

US government is still giving private banksters
our money for free that the big banks are then
turning around and lending right money back to
the "US" government at 3%-4% interest rates. Ron
Paul and the Rightards, "We need an audit." Never
the crime of fraud in progress through his ENTIRE
Commie Elitist big money career. Like when he
talks about Gaza, and how we as Humanity should
never defend the innocent victimized for MASS
MURDER, or Americans as the seriously ill. This
website, CampaignforLiberty is rat poison. They
took millions scammed from Alex Jones listeners,
(Peggy), who thought the money would be used for
something 911'ish, and now as multi-millioniares,
refuse to fight for what is right for the little
guys. But beg and beg and beg and beg they do
for more money so to not get US involed, 'by the
law' they actually hide as... Why? Just
because. Nothing anywhere for a Campaign for
Justice? Rightards, rightards that will to rob
America blind further for the final escape of
Bush and Cheney with the Peenacker Neocons from
the Office of Special Plans. Nevermind torture,
gang rape, or the naked extortions against every
last working American bloke who pays and pay and
pays. For trillioniare hedge fund brokers not to
have to pay taxes on their CONTINUING CONS.

Obama Administration Worked With Republicans To
Kill WAR CRIME Bush Torture Conviction, WikiLeaks

Why can't Interpol be ordered to arrest Bush and
Cheney for Obstruction on 9/11 immediately?
(that's not we about inter polled as who again
then?) Like those 30 Republicans for gang raping
American women?

Assange 'Rape' Accuser Worked With CIA-Tied Group

Happy Daze

Bush team 'agreed plan for WAR the day before Sept. 11'

/ / Bushite deny the allegation
of all killings, but admitted that they
don’t investigate the vast majority of
the complaints, because they assume them
to be “Taliban propaganda.” \ \

Look, how can any conclusion be made without the
facts? but for by demon liars who war Humanity
by cheating for the final escape of Bush and
Cheney? The same remarks were made in Iraq,
where Nazi grunts randomly gun down defenseless
innocent familiies for fun on VIDEO, and Petraus
just states, 'al-Qaida did it' everytime, without
any gathering of facts whatsoever (as reported
PBS). Why? Because as bushite godless enemy
forces go; a Bushite lies to a Bushite because
it's dishonorable, and as every Bushite liar
minion of the demon Antichrist knows, they can't
survive in a free to speak arena as continuing
with their ungodly torturing, stealing, and mass
murderering as Nazi. Death to the bushite enemy
of Peoples everywhere, US, the Peoples that speak
in the defense of the innocent, while they as
FOXNEWS HEROES bomb cities with radio-active
toxic waste without causes (Samara, Fallujah,
Tikrit, Basra, Anytown, as so on.) Death to the
sworn enemies of All that is right and Just as
American. Example: torturing innocent people to
escape the actual bad guys is a war crime
according to Reagan. We Peoples were asleep.

Agent Successfully Penetrates al-Qaeda

/ / An agent successfully penetrated al-Qaeda.
[..] and was planning “large scale operations in
New York in the summer or fall of 2001.” He
provided this information to the US in August
2001. [Agence France Presse, 11/22/01,
International Herald Tribune, 5/21/02, London
Times, 6/12/02] \ \ (Tenant warned Bush in July -
60 Minutes - where when Bush promptly goes on
vacation - to warn who? - all the while. Condi
conniving her genius plot for overthrow.)

And Mr. Powell openly gives the suspects 47
million dollars on behalf of Johnny Taliban,
after the Admin. learning all this info from
those with prior inside knowledge? Bush!>

Efforts to Impeach George W. Bush

American Death Camp Orphanage Used For Nazi Big Pharma


It's not for testing. They have to MURDER
American children (for more than decades) in this
context because, "HIV" is not transmitted through
the umbilical, and if they didn't MURDER the
American loved family this way 'hidden',
Americans would likely get so upset they'd likely
raise a phone against happy George Noory or Glenn
Beck, or traitor Limbaugh to demand real Justice
to save themselves. To-day.. (long story that
I've told previously..)


ADL slams Jews as 'vulgar anti-Semites'

“I can call a president of the United States anything in the book, but
I can’t touch Israel, which has Jewish-only roads in the West Bank,”
Thomas said. “No Americans would tolerate that — white-only roads.”

“We are owned by the propagandists against the Arabs. There’s no
question about that. Congress, the White House and Hollywood, Wall
Street, are owned by the Zionists. No question in my opinion. They put
their money where their mouth is. ... We’re being pushed into a wrong
direction in every way.”

We Love You.

65 Million American Homes Stolen



/ / It is ALL 'putbacks.' The banks in Europe (and now Australia)
realized the mortgage-backed securities they purchased from Wall
Street are fraudulent and demanded refunds, plus the credit default
swaps. THAT is what the Federal Reserve spent trillions of tax dollars
on while refusing to say where the money went, all the while knowing
that since repurchased fraudulent securities can never earn a profit,
that the American people would ultimately be forced to make good on
the loans.

So much cash flowed out from Wall Street to cover the bad paper that
the major banks and investment houses would be insolvent unless other
assets were found to put on the balance sheets, and those assets were
the homes of the American people.

But the government could not simply confiscate the houses the way
Roosevelt had confiscated the gold in 1933, so the government changed
the tax policy to send high paying American jobs offshore, making it
impossible for millions of suddenly jobless Americans to pay their
mortgages, which made it easy for the banks to grab the properties,
all the while making it look like it was the homeowners' own fault
they lost their home! \ \

Man, this is the horrible, but, thankfully, we
have great folks like Mike who can put this big
mess in such a clear perspective for all to
witness ourselves looted for 'lost' but not
completely forgotten about. As we have now found
ourselves unbound. Let's get to work by
demanding Justice as our right to complain for
remedy, whaddahyahsay everybody? We are Awesome
in Justice standing alone as anyone.


Olbermann's piece on the Repuglicon Tea Bagger's
multi-Billioniare 'small business' tax plan of
destruction for America by nakedly giving 'away'
with lying and cheating for further stealings was
the episode I believed really shook our bones to
the core., (and directly supports Mike's theory
for further qaundry). Remember: after this
MSNBC show, we seeked immediately at the
Corporate Command News Pros to State: that the
popular under-rated Olbermann should go because
he supported the concern for public health
services of the injured as disabled, without
first 'okaying' such conduct without the proper
permissions, 'rules are rules'. The Republicon
Demonrat 'lawless' sacrifice is very much a
willing to go blinded cult, failing to fairly
understand in our context. In otherwords,
American Duhmphucizm.

Good news, Sarah Palin wasn't as popular
as the TV demands still without question..

On CNN last night, Wolf Blitzer was beside
himself with rage over the fact that the U.S.
Government had failed to keep all these things
secret from him...

While the rightards do tell how terrible it is
that Americans might learn what is going on in
our own names as innocent victims in all this.
Palin is a documented demon whore of Satan for
the mass murder of all those children for fame
and fortune. And Americans still, even though
the facts are in, refuse to defend themselves
from such a demonic evil bitch continuing as TV
grade Ameriakn politico, not elected, no she
actually quit to become profitable 'lawless' war
criminal gunning for our cubs. American Patriot?

Foreign Press Says What American Press Is Too
Cowered/Stupid/Biased To Say: Sarah Palin Is A Traitor


/ / the US government has videotape of underage
boys being sodomized \ \by escaping Blackwater

Children raped by Bushite Nazi grunts, Nazi
Grunts defended by Obama with the War Crime
TRAITORS in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals,
claiming it's a secret that Obama WITH the 30
Republicans, and 'escaping' Blackwater, refuse to
disclose to America, for fear every able bodied
man in America would actively hunt to kill every
last Bushite Nazi Grunt still breathing our air.
Cofer Black and Eric Prince. They rape Women,
they rape children, they torture innocent Peoples
to death while shooting Peoples at random for
entertainment in your name "It's a Turkey Shoot!"
and the Republicans who have watched these said
videos for entertainment (for why then?) refuse
all to push for formal executions of all grunts
who serve silently at the American torture child
rape facilities, at home (NYC) and abroad. Kill
a Bushite for Christ. Kill a Bushite for
America. A Bushite speaks nothing for the arrest
of those that truly did America wrong on 911,
while mass murdering now millions of innocent
souls to steal our worths. Please, as King, I
beg you on behalf of our suffering once truly
loved God as our dying worlds, to proudly in
God's Holy name, Kill the Bushite. Please kill
the Bushite who speaks nothing for the gang rapes
of American women. Rapists who are officially
defended by those 30 Republicans that deserve
public trial for death because of it.
Republicans and Demonrats care not for American
women being gang raped, for all cowardly evil
Americans need do is blame Liberals, or Muslims,
or Niggers, or Mexicans. or the Globalists, not
actual for real war criminals that will to kill
any of US for everything. Kill a Bushite for
Christ, kill a Bushite for Yourself. Done for
nothing but the respect of calling yourself, a

Americans are Godless

Can't be bothered to raise their phones for care
of the millions mass murdered, or tortured by the
Nazi Bushite grunts, nor, forward these words of
Liberty by Just causes. Rather You die innocent
victim, before themselves as Zionist 'lawless'
Evil doers for Satan.

How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA

Demon Whore ENEMY of GOD Palin 'don't let
wikkileaks leak her support clandestinely of the
indiscriminate mass murder of countless innocent
children for TV fame and fortune as Satanic.' As
such, she is incredible in ugly just now. Demon
whore of Satan, who wills to kill our cubs - buck
naked on TV un-apprehended for questioning of her
UNGODLY TREASON.. (just helpless innocent
children she openly wills to mass murder - that's

Liz Cheney "Kill Terrorists"

The bushite are claiming the truth
hurts their cause of robbing US all.

Network seeks immediate release of two cameramen

Further for Bush and Cheney's escape too don't
forget. While AJ and the Rightards will to blame
anyone else like a bigot or racist does, such as
FOXNEWS for their Naked propaganda to mass murder
innocent folks, such as Yourself, for more stolen


Take a Stand with Dying Veterans


Don't be cowardly, join us at the
White House on December 16th!


AIPAC Zionist to the INNOCENT Jew "You deserve to die."


Why do Zionists keep on insisting "Jewish"
People are crooks? like themselves?

FBI : 9/11 Cell Phone Calls Fake

America is a nation of cowardly males, too afraid
to be men in our world demanding Justice for all
as truly ourselves.

We Will Never Forget

/ / Actually what Palestine refuses to recognize
is Israel as a Jewish state having a right to steal
Palestinian land. \ \

Bingo. See the Zionist insist Jews are evil
crooks, and if you disagree they call you an
anti-Semite. Now Semites are not Caucasian, nor
are the real Jews from the Bible. But to the
truly SATANIC, the facts matter none to how many
innocent Christian children they can target for
mass murder, by TV tricking the dying American
suckers to pay giving more in blood sacrifice to
have it continue as demonic criminal AIPAC. Why?
(sorta..) Because TV Americans are trained to
hate the intellectual that makes them to be what
they truly are without their evil ungodly war
crime bigot bullshit. See? The glory of God, is
as such, that the honorably committed Atheist
would find themselves 100% in agreement also on
Justice for all ruling for everyone's benefit.
Not only on this, but near absolutely everything
else. Big G can seem like something of a jerk,
to not jump right in to rip Bushite limb from
limb, but there is even a greater gift called
Universal Liberty to KNOW, that you can't even
fathom just now, but God really is amazing to not
be doing much of anything but relying on
ourselves to make the right moves for Freedom in
our Time. The hope is that it will all pay off
in the big picture than no one can see, but, we
can believe. Make the right choice: Kill the
Bushite and save an innocent person's life.

Reasons to Kill a Bushite for America

A Bushite speaks nothing for the arrest of those
that truly did America wrong on 911. Kill the
Bushite for Christ to save an innocent's life.

/ / Alex Jones has over 33.000 subcriptions so he
makes around 2.5 million $ permonth. \ \ I guess
it's all to cover his gold and silver sales below
whoesale?.. certainly not used to legally
challenge the powers that steal..

Is this possible? That is a lot a money to
expend zero concern for Bush and Cheney escaping
with all those other Zionists Alex can't afford
US to know of in AIPAC either. (Never mind me
being short for bus fare..) Nazi Israel STEALS
innocent Christian homes as openly ungodly EVIL,
and where's AJ there?, as he is with Bush for
closing 911 police investigations?, and as Saddam
wasn't for violation of 1441 - WHERE'S AJ THERE?!
Rather die US all than look a fool with much to
respect? Example: Torture is a war crime
deserving of death everytime - as like
republicansforrape.org advancing the arrest of
American persons without trial for indefinite
incarcerations too is an illegal crime called
kidnapping, warrranting death for sedition by
Public trial where free speech rules our natural
spaces. ohh.. and the bailout of the documented
trillions dollar frauds of EXTORTION is a costly
crime against all Americans as well, and so on as
issues not top priority by the NWOers to consider
freely for anyone's defense of the innocent left
forsaken. No, AJ wants the extemely wealthy of
America [99.99% trilioniare hedge fund brokers]
to pay less taxes, while the poor get poorer with
the denials of public health coverage because,
'fewer taxes for Zionist criminal takes means an
increase in revenues for everyone!, fewer taxes
means more revenues, fewer means more, fewer
means more... easy poorer man being stupified'
Newspeak AJ, the Rightard he is being as warning
us all about thought controlled, sounds more like
himself divided than anyone else.. Example: Ron
and Rand Paul's blind hatred for all Police
authority, to escape Bush and Cheney with the
Banksters, Alex Jones actually
champions!!!!!!!!!!! but who cares to even raise
their phones in America for real Justice where
our rights are actually respected? Not many.
Most Americans would rather die innocent victim
than face Johnny in open free discussion with the
FACTS that stand uncontested. Rather lie that
multi-millioniare Ron Paul is a Patriotic
Constitutionalist escaping those guilty of high
treason by refusing America Justice against the
documented war criminal LIAR, George Walker Bush,
among all things else everywhere.

Silence of the Press:
US media turns blind eye to RT crew arrest

Bushite grunters warring for torture. Again,
American Law warrants death for torture. Kill a
Bushite for Christ and be called a true American
Patriot. Every rightful death sentence against a
Bushite Nazi grunter, can only hold respect for
the true warriors of Justice as Liberty.


/ / Lawyers for the Barack Obama administration
told a federal judge Monday that the U.S.
government has authority to kill U.S. citizens \ \

What is wrong with US? That is called MURDER.
Murder man, murder. If you except this in
silence, claiming it's only some other innocent
American the Rightards with the Obama Admin.
want to murder as mass murderers because
fraudulent charges wouldn't stick in a free to
speak Court of Law - as an "American" Zionist,
denying all Justice in Liberty, you ain't worth
shit. And frankly, WE all hope you die victims
before any other innocent person you would hold
in contempt to remain silent not demanding Just


"What God is this?"

Nearly 59 million Americans lack health
insurance, of which pay more than double what
Canadians do for universal. Why? So the
intolerant Rightard Alex Jones party of liars and
thieves can rob you further. As is why Alex
Jones wills to not let the facts be spoken.

1/3rd of Women in US Military Raped

When a Bushite dies, real Angels sing in praise,
that another Nazi grunter is rightly dead and
buried, before harming another innocent child, or
gang raping another American Woman as proud
"Republican" godless enemies of everything.
Christ says forever of the Antichrist's minions,
"Die Bushite die." And rightly so, they are war
criminals who run death squads against all
Sunnis, against all Shiites, against Bathists,
against anyone who was in Baghdad when as
Occupiers, they would drop 38,000 pound bombs on
neighborhoods because they claimed, a terrorist
"suspect" might have be at that general location.
Murdering tens of thousands with a single strike
- strikes they made in the tens of thousands on
just the first day of the carnage. They bombed
cities like Samara for NO REASON but to mass
murder - no reason, just for kicks, that
naturally did get many surviving Iraqis finally
angry enough to kill the Bushites enemies
themselves. Killing Bushite rapists and
torturers, bombers and thieves for GOD is a
pleasure for all concerned. Remember: in WWII a
Grunt would be executed for "looting" under the
"Rules of Engagement" Why? Because we know
still, what a Nazi is. Allawi. The Third
Infantry headed by a Saudi, A SAUDI!, (Buford
Blount) have thieving expeditions didn't you
know? Where they kick down your door, and murder
members of your family, just to see what you have
to steal. Shawn Hannity, Propagandist traitor
for the escape of the Peenacker Neocons on 911,
calls them Heroes (like the Hadditha child
murderers), while real Christian Muslim Jews call
them worthy public trial for formal executions as
the sworn Antichrist enemies to everyone forever.
The Iraq war has no cause. Ergo, no excuse
anywhere, but as traitors warring to kill
America. MY America. 1441. Millions of Peoples
were indiscriminately mass murdered. They stole
all our money, American too. (ex. 20 billion a
year for air conditioners - do the math) They
tortured, raped, and mass murdered children
deliberately claiming no laws in this universe
can hold them accountable in league with Satan.
It's true, 'the Devil is in the details', but so
is God. Die bushite die.

Rightard Rand Paul, Extremely Evil Nazi Enemy

/ / Rand seems to be living up to his
billing. I hope he stays that way. \ \

Rand Paul, the ungodly evil son of a bitch,
claims more crap from his filthy foul mouth,
while Alex Jones claims him his Patriot all in
hopes to escape Bush and Cheney for 9/11 and
Iraq. Along with NATO stealing near every last
military expenditure to rape women and children
pushing heroin. Rand, Ron and Alex are
continuing their attack against the poor and
disabled in America. Did you hear Alex with his
Rightard friend the other day talk about how they
will steal America to destroy all social programs
to give further to the market? to escape the
Banksters from long prison sentences for treason?
It was near the most nakedly evil show AJ has
ever done. Alex Jones is a con willing to kill
the innocent of America as a sicko, mentally
deranged., who claims you censorship, are as all
as stupid as he states without questions. Alex
Jones is a true Commie Pinko. Bush and Cheney
closed 9/11 police investigations.

We demand open communications to speak the
facts. We all could be Heroes.

Commie AJ 'Republicans are Constitutionalists'

Banksters do not cover our loans. Iraq is a war
crime scene, while 911 is yet to be investigated
by the Law. Torture is illegal, like rape, and
extortion. The smarter Public option of Ron Paul
and fiends, but not for the common folk who pay
twice as more to get nothing as claimed is..
tricky. The Congress men are too stupid to serve
the American Public's interest there BUT they are
smart enough to do it for themselves privately.
Sounds exactly like Commie Pinkoism. Only the
Elites of the Elites, namely all of every last
Republican and Ron Paul, get what they put in as
the smarter players in all this, while You, yes
you, as the American sucker, you get left paying
for their denials of fair coverage. Commie
Pinkoism plain and simple. [Explained better two
pages down somewhere..]

Harper: Human rights are anti-Semitic


Willie Nelson Busted On Tour Bus

This is wrong for America? As King, I
would be speaking for reprieve; it's
Willie. How dare they.


/ / Rick Leventhal picks out WTC7 down the
street and says there's concern for collapse
because? it has "some glass broken out". Do
they still hang people for treason? \ \

Israeli forces brutally batter 7-year-old
Palestinian child and are called heroic
Zionists in Nazi Israel for doing so,
as sworn eternal enemies of God and
Man, they are as hideous as they
are pure evil in this light of

Israel has put 200,000 Innocents
before criminal military tribunals


Why can not we, the human species, hunt
down every last AIPAC war criminal for
these offenses? Then, once convicted in
a fair to speak Court of our peers, put
the ungodly Zionist demon enemies to
death for the love of God as People
everywhere? Why Not? They target innocent
Peoples for Satan by WAR, to steal our
homes, as our loves for life., All the
while, escaping Bush and Cheney for mass
murder on 9/11 for Satan too. God knows.

45 groups seeks criminal investigation
of "FBI" over peace activist raids

Let's demand the arrest of these bushite grunters
posing as our cops, who in all likelihood, are
the very same who provided the explosives that
blew up the wtc the first go around killing
Americans. Just think how truly treasonous these
bushite whores are in our Court room, telling
those who appose terror!, (the innocent
ourselves), are the secret terrorists they found
by not following probable cause in these shadows.
Why so dumb? Because these "cops" refuse
Americans all, to follow probable cause for
defensive indictments against actual bad guys who
torture and thieve and mass murder for stolen
profit. Naming themselves with Bush and Cheney
who are willing to attack the innocent further to
make their final break from this coming account.
Forward this post to everyone to save America.

Pentagon Tortures Untold American Soldiers

The Peter B. Collins Show
Joshua Kors on Tortured Vets
and Charley Carpenter on Gitmo

Pentagon Tortures American Soldiers to Steal the
Benefits - and Soldiers do Nothing because they
are soulless minions of the demon Antichrist who
have no real skills at speaking., And as such
Hateful thieves of Humanity, they will to not let
a just cause to defend ourselves, even as their
own lives are sacrificing criminally for ungodly
9/11 terrorisms continuing. Demand free
communications with the facts on Bush and
Cheney's guilt for 9/11 how about instead? No?
Americans refusing to forward these words are
hurting themselves. Again, torture warrants
death in a free to speak arena, but for when the
Bushite refuses freedom to prevail. Catch the
soldier who was tortured to near death by bushite
for money, tell of that that is what we're only
suppose to do to others.. (No joke, Sarah Palin
is a demon whore of Satan - and TV Americans just
don't seem to care for anyone truly.) Bushite are
as much cowardly as they are evil Nazis escaping
the Neocon Peenackers for mass murdering
Americans, as they continue against all innocent
Peoples forsaken in God's good name. Justice is
Freedom. All American Soldiers must demand the
public trials of everyone at Guantanamo as the
Bushmob going down for their war crimes as
traitors. Possible? Yes. Or..

Fort Hood soldiers refuse to speak while their
brothers are set up to die as the bad guys - as
those led unjustly for the final escape of Bush
and Cheney on 9/11.

Bush and Cheney's Escape

"'US Army sent 'hardcore' neo-Nazi troops to Iraq and Afghanistan'"

Not American. Yeah, I've been calling them
bushites, but whatever, not freedom fighters
that's for sure.

Why is this happening?

Banksters are walking away with defrauded
TRILLIONS. And the Rightard will to have
life die this way, denying free talk on the
facts surrounding their ungodly evilness.
Making the escape for the Antichrist
enemy of God, Mr. George Walker Bush who
Closed 911 police investigations as naked
traitor like themselves, enemies of the
Republic who refuse to allow a just cause
speak as America's will for Freedom.

No Security Pat-Downs for AIPAC - whew!
(there is no way I would submit as dying)

Pentagon blows up thousands of homes for Fun
(all the while STEALING billions from America)


/ / The 68-ton tanks are propelled by a jet
engine and equipped with a 120mm main gun that
can destroy a house more than a mile away \ \

Die Bushite die.

The Allegations Against Julian Assange are False

For FOXNEWS to report anything else is treasonous
to dying soldiers everywhere. Remember: In WWII
an American grunt would be executed for
committing the Nazi crime of looting, let alone
torturing innocent peoples randomly kidnapped to
get false confessions that escape the for real
demons, (bushite), ACTUALLY responsible for
MURDERING innocent American children. FACT. Die
Bushite die.

Jews Beaten By Zionists


Zionist to the Jew "You deserve to die."

Why do Zionists keep on insisting
"Jewish" People must all be crooks
to escape themselves as the worst
of Nazis? NAZIS!

Israel orders demolition of 88 homes in E. Jerusalem

Americans paid BILLIONS in taxes to destroy these
homes. So let US all cheer FOXNEWS and friends
for having no care of the costs to Family as
payers. They are rich as well to do, so who
should care for You? "Right!" says Zionist Palin
repeatedly, and she now has her very own popular
American TV show, gunning to kill our cubs. The
talentless evil whore of Satan is a celebration
of corporate America's sinister contempt for God
and all things beautiful.

Mike Pence Admits Bush Tax Cuts Didn't Work
http://gocl.me/aJZ2Un (AJ tinks it good too)

Trillioniare Hedge fund brokers do not want to
pay taxes, nor earn an honest wage. Something
like more than 144 Pensions have been "lost".
Who cares here to know this, and not forward
these fine words of Justice demanded by all
parties? Facts should matter to the dying as
dumfukked soldiers.

Bill to Retroactively Immunize Mortgage
Fraud Defeated [for now..]

/ / Most Democrats voted to uphold Obama’s veto.
Nearly all Republicans voted to override Obama’s
veto. \ \ Again, Republicans universally, want
to rob America Justice, if it means more stolen
gains in their blood soaked wallets. Cowardly
evil dying Bushite grunter says, "I don't care.".

You Know

Republicans are universally illiterates, FOXNEWS
know nothings of economics or law, con artists
who hate our species for being intelligent.
(Otherwise we'd know them for the cheats they
are.) I hate Republicans for being silently
Zionist as Commie Pinkos for Satan. Ungodly evil
Zionists of AIPAC who see nothing wrong as worth
mentioning in stealing an innocent Christian's
Home if they can persoanlly profit from the war
crimes against US. Leading us not.

Bushite Nazi Grunter “There’s no doubt that there
were insurgents there, and there may well have
been an insurgent leader in the house, but that
doesn’t justify executing eight children who were
all enrolled in local schools,”

No doubt what? That the Term Taliban means
Student in Arabic? And that a leader of 10 year
old Taliban are called school teachers in the
western world? Again, it was bushite who figured
it had an 'excuse' to murder some innocent
children. Someone over there should look into
it, for these enemies of Life, are Satanic
enemies of Christ. They'll gang rape American
females, and Americans will "vote" for more of
it, without near anyone phoning George Noory, the
demon enemy, and complaining about his lack of
care, or respect for Americans falling further
victims with his laughter and chuckles. Bush and
Cheney closed 911 Police investigations. He
doesn't care to see any American die for his
continuing stolen riches, but, do You?

Every Bushite death is a mercy on our Souls.
They take military orders from Israeli Nazis,
training to war innocent Christians, Muslims, and
so on, openly, and with Nazi pride being.


/ / What Eric Cantor did on November 10th
was illegal. He broke the law. The Law he
boasted about violating is known as the
Logan Act \ \

This is brilliant, as the truth of God would
speak if we had a voice heard for liberation.
Simply, God wills a Just cause of all things for
a better world. Justice we must insist is our
birthright to claim ourselves civilized Man.

Children tortured before parents, raped, all covered up

Every Bushite death is a mercy on our souls so
says the Son to God as Man of Men.

U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker “A citizen may
not gain standing by claiming a right to have the
government follow the law,

But then, that would be a citizen in government
being a for sure criminal. Un-American. So, a
standing among whom? Criminal Judges who should
be in our prisons awaiting a death sentence for
high treason?

/ / He claims Its of the devil, Islam that is.
“when Jesus is the most quoted prophet in the
Quran” Immortal Technique. \ \

All Words are of God. These Tea Bagger Zombie
type "Christians" are in league with Satan.
Anything to demonize the innocent in God with
their lies, as cheating Humanity as Creation to
steal our Rights for the final escape of Mr.
Bush - as warring for closing all minds wherever
on concluding something with the facts left not
given with official Police Investigations, of
which all were halted with threat of FALSE
ARREST! W199i, PD51. and so on..

30 Republican Senators Sanction KBR Gang Rape

47 American Sexual Assault Victims of KBR and counting...

Republican/KBR “Gang-Rape” Cover-Up Rises to the Surface

Fox News Panel Calls for Getting Rid of Social Security
(how about we vote these war criminal THIEVES into prison?)

Eric Cantor violated the Logan Act. (and,
wife pocketed hundreds millions of bailout)

Alex Jones: The Real Pyramid of Power

While we get total Liberal nonsense from AJ.
Why? Because we can actually figure this out,
and the truth scares him in his comic book fairy
tales. It isn't an invisible mystery wrapped up
in an enigma, it's Bush the Antichrist claiming
"we", yes, "WE", don't need any evidence to form
a conclusion on someone's guilty or innocence.
Alex forbids this knowledge, among a great great
great deal more powerful ideas to deny US all
justice, like following probable cause to form a
warrant for arrests. While I, yes, I, feel no
reason to mislead anyone on the facts of these
public matters, and am open to debate any
Rightard that runs away to blame powerless poor
people, the elderly, Gays, and so on... Mr.
Bush is a war criminal who lied corporate
America, without fair challenge, into two wars
for more teen deaths suckered to escape the 9/11
Neocons nakedly. Example: Bush claimed on Oprah
that it was Saddam's fault for the Iraq war -
WRONG - Saddam did everything that he was asked
of by the Antichrist Bush. (again, forbidden for
free consideration on Alex Jones - who actually
wants with the Pauls to destroy S.S., and Health
Caring, to finally escape the Satanic Zionist bad
guys with the hedge fund brokers absconding with
more than a trillion dollars a piece in a CON
that is as much as standing, ILLEGAL - again
forbidden, by simply telling his cult I am
disinfo cointelpro as impossible to be so.
(Too friendly to anyone is another one thing he
said that 'proved' it.) YOU decide by making no
decision also I hope you know to remain silent
against these tyrannical crimes of misfortune and
death is as a loss to yourself too sitting on the
side lines saying nothing in contempt. Don't
tell us, me and the near half honorable Alex
Jones, that we didn't warn you to speak up now.
Jeeze, the AJ crowd ain't all bad when you
compare him to near anyone else from America...
We'll have to make best with what we have my

They, the Banksters, are trying to kill US.
Fight back for Christ Sake God Damn you.

Video: Big Sis Caught Lying

This is actually really good. Because it leaves
no room for the 9/11 traitors to hide. Well
done. BUT... read the NWOer comments.. 'ah,
stop with this for sure thing... - your scaring
me' or, 'go to the George Noory style of happy
times while all fall plundered for Rush Limbaugh
and Glenn Beck continuing our glories of great
riches with full tummies'

This is war. Repuglicons and Demonrats are
poisoning ourselves due our failures to

Truth about Israel's last war

again, as God
states, Satanically evil in it's affront to all
our Humanity.

Lieberman who advocates incarcerating Americans
indefinitely without trial tells internet
universe to 'relax' about 'kill switch'

Yeah, but he doesn't support the arrest of the
911 conspirators to judge, so what cause is he
serving to stop free speech from winning over the
murderous cheats?

What is consistent with AIPAC? They are demon
liars who cheat us the respect we have for
innocent life.

Republicans just can't stand freedom of speech.

No evidence against an accused is US
being truly abused.


NRO's 9/11 'mock' plane crash set for 9:32am, drill included a smoke

George W. Bush Confronted on 9/11

/ / Fuck Socialism, I Want? Liberty!!
Ron Paul 2012!!! \ \

Yeah but, Ron Paul is a "Socialist" Nazi pig. He
won the RNC for example, and gave the rigged
election to McCain without a fight, nay, with
even a word in support as furthering tyranny for
US censored. HINT: American elections are
routinely rigged, for the fact, that you CAN NOT
"verify" any of this Rightarded nonsense, for,
they refuse to grant paper ballots as the record
for how many voted for what? A rightard only
succeeds against our interests by censoring wiser
voices they can not, in fairness compete against,
when the facts are heard for all to witness.
Bush and Cheney closed 911 investigations for
example, Saddam wasn't in violation of 1441, and
the Banksters do not cover our loans. FORBIDDEN
by AJ and his NWOer Rightards who do tell what
every man woman and child think according to
their dictim of incredible foolishness in
"Invisible Empire". [LooseChange "Final Cut" is
the one not to miss!!] (Or, when again, AJ tells
what all Mexico thinks - as bad - really really
bad man.) Multi-millionaire Ron Paul will balk
in silence while American teens are sent to their
deaths for the escape of Bush and Cheney, the
documented traitors who closed official 9/11
Police investigations. Documented like iron
flowing like water Ron claims nothing of a
concern on when, doing his, smarter than the
'trillionaires are dumb ass' routine, on how we
are all as dumb as Alex Jones claims also, about
how foolish these (escaping) Federal bank
robbers are.. ESCAPING!!!!!! No, like Ron Paul,
further whore your soul for money. Money given
to him in donations by the millions that he
turned around and gave to his evil Rightard enemy
'friends' over at CampaignforLiberty.com. A
cackle of ungodly demonic thieves to steal from
every last one of US with their naked contempt
for the American flag - Contempt for this free
man's fight, as on all we stand, Liberty and
Justice for all. A rightard can't have that for
anyone.. makes'em look weak as they truly are
when all is said and done. Alex Jones would
rather see all suffer to die in America, than the
truth be told about your health care services as
another prime example. Simple math that he wills
to not let anyone have. Rather all die victim in
America, than have himself look like a blind
angry person at anyone with plenty to learn of
about living free and being great.

Revealed: Texas officials covered up
radioactive tap water for years

Texans! Demand arrests, and maybe death
sentences. These crimes against the Humans,
continuing, are seriously dangerous. Like too,
Bush and Cheney being 'allowed' to escape because
they have rights that exceed our own

The Bushite Rightards

The Nazi "US" Bushite military has leveled
hundreds of innocent Peoples homes as terror


Die bushite die bushite die bushite die.

Britain's top soldier: Can't beat al-Qaida

"We can't beat them because we can't find them!
Every time we think we have an Al Qaeda it turns
out to be some damned Israeli playing make
believe terrorist while wearing a towel he swiped
from Holiday Inn!"

Man arrested over blog list of pro-war MPs

Remember: Saddam did everything that was asked
of himself by the demon Antichrist plus more. As
is why the death of Bushites is a blessing for
all concerned. They war as Rightards for terror
to torture, to thieve, and mass murder the
established innocent, as escaping those who truly
done did do US wrong. Bush and Cheney.


This is to state, they KNOW it is a crime.
Obama on Leno "It was all perfectly legal."

US government offers Israel $3 billion weapons
deal in exchange for 3-month settlement freeze

Nazi Israeli takes the money, but states, will
continue to STEAL Christian homes, while sending
'them' to live in a concentration death camp.,
and the Tea Bagger states, attack innocent
American crime victims of S.S. to secure the
escape of those who truly do US wrong honest

War Criminals are shifty. But we are up for the
challenge. Justice for All means America wins.

Glenn Beck: "I didn't think I could hate victims
faster than the 9/11 victims"

American Patriot?

/ / The Marines are currently split into two
platoons, which are under the command of Israeli
\ \ Gunning for the nasty innocent Christian
families surviving in a concentration death camp
right? ..right? Of course Commie Pinko Nazis
always have to hide and pretend their real men
who can't hear what we're saying.

Sound American?

Glenn Beck: "I didn't think I could hate victims
faster than the 9/11 victims" for demanding real
justice like they have some right to speak here

Again, American Patriot?

Ted Nugent, Chuck Norris, and the like say so as
'reasons' to mass murder some innocent others as
profitable, what about You?



"U.S. citizens to be arrested and detained
indefinitely, all without Miranda rights or ever
being charged with a crime."

Treason is what that is called. High treason of
the most evil of Satanic natures. How McCain
walks free in our dying America, just trying! to
do this is in the public 'light' is beyond me..
Must be because he is on the NWOer's team, an
election rigging Republican Rightard aka Commie
Socialist Pinko. [see further down a page for

Picturing this; imagine there is no McCainiac
but a McCainiac, now what kind of world?


/ / I watch MSNBC and I was one of 300,000 plus
that petitioned for Keith. \ \ HEY! !!! A
whole bunch of things are not adding up here..
[I wouldn't doubt the FXSNWER is smaller than 1%
as the intolerant ungodly enemies of Liberty] \ \
Thus is why they had to bring him back.. Two
more days, and we would have had a hundred million
demanding our voices fairly counted. Example:

David Cross on Conservatives

The Ideologues are committed to censorship to
protect their foolishness from being discovered.
They'll watch silently while innocent Peoples
fall victim, before going, 'hey! does anybody
have a good mind for this freedom stuff that we
should be showing respect for? as learning from
like kids do?' They know it all already,
governing is bad. Thus is why every last lawless
dictatorship is a abolitionist crack pot, You
can't speak freely [censorship is tyranny] group,
as Ideologued, who even like Hitler, would call
themselves "Socialists", or "Fascists". While
taking INNOCENT Peoples from towns, lining them
up, and shooting them into a ditch. Just as
Americans treat Afghanistan. Huh? The Bushite
liar bemoans while waving his hands, 'no way no
way' - disallowing the stories of legalizing
child rape, or as innocent men women and children
kidnapped at random in Iraq as paid for by the
American Public. "Lawless" KBR Raping American
women with the TV pros as nothing to contribute?.
Or of the "freedom fighters" lining up INNOCENT
men and boys on a road tied to the ground, then
driving their GI jeeps over the innocent bodies
cheering for the Antichrist's escape as who did
truly 9/11. Pushing heroin right on to American
streets to earn felony convictions as the enemy.
Soldiers are being conned to die as the bad guys.
Or when in Iraq, grunts would trick children into
standing in front of an American tank, and then
the grunter would punch it, murdering the
something year old, while cheering in all
likehood. (Doc. "Why We Fight") Kill a Bushite,
Christ says always - they are not Justice
fighters as escaping for the mass murdering of
our innocent Humanity, as evil Nazi war
criminals. Better our nations should die in
lawless tyranny censored from the FACTS!?, than
allow a hugely wise idea of Justice actually
prevailing for the good guys, as the spoken fight
with words to do what is right in our names?, as
Holy we do proclaim? To speak freely for open
national debate to earn Justice by exposing how
truly weak an Ideologued is who refuses ourselves
to follow probable cause to nab the actual bad
guys. True FREEDOM. Bush and Cheney, the
charge, Obstruction. As a Bonus, an Ideologued
who then can't hide the war criminals will need
to simply break out of their candy box to witness
a greater universe: Congressmen collecting free
health care for themselves, while they blame the
poor as disadvantaged, injured or starving for
our continuing downfalls without fair coverage,
is counter productive. Still pending with the
fix they spoke of in the early 70's. Example:
"Americans" want to treat the grunts and
Congressmen special, they get universal health
care without a middle man, but you as an
American, you get cheated a fairer share to show
who cares. And a Tea Bagger gathered under the
who ever what ever is (anti) "Big" tent, there
would be heard, "damn right." But we've put near
no math into the study of our economics as
fluent. It's a numbers game, and as such,
actually can be reasoned effectively. Because we
appear being the TV blind as a doorknob on why
Freedom is worth defending - like playing US
dumber than dumb on that or something, that the
yet, unknown truth will never ever prevail over
their, fooling near no one, gibbering parade of
Freedom not willingers. Otherwise - Naturally,
we'd be knowing as a common understood fact; In
2010 while Bush was escaping for torture among
other things, we were paying the banksters near
half of our entire lives for no good reason but
our failures to effectively communicate.
Canadians still can't figure America's 'race is
this race is that' contusion, that we thought
growing up you guys got over somewhere in the
early 1800's.. This isn't all knowing from God
Speak, when it comes to figuring out who pays for
the negligence of fair coverage.

Our Priorities Are: 9/11, the lawless wars, and
the Banksters. Justice will be sought. We have
to start somewhere, and here is as good as any..

Torture Memos Admits Techniques Were Not Approved By DOJ

Judge Rules CIA Can Suppress Information About Torture Tapes and Memos

No he can't, unless he's telling US he's a
war criminal

/ / Should we release KSM because he was tortured? \ \

What is he guilty of demon fuk, and shouldn't we
try Rand for treason to suggest any other such

[UN-CONSTITUTIONAL - where's Ron Paul and the
"Constitutionalists" here?]

no, torture innocent peoples to Death with
private mercenary Cofer Black while pimping child
rape. Just keep it hidden from US, the Public
like they do regarding banking, vaccines, and the
notorious VLT. Ergo, Palin and her crew go, 'no
public option! no public option!' and the self
labeled Libertarians, the Conservatives, the
Republcans, with the Tea Bagger racists and
bigots, rapists and Satanists all chiming in
unison - no fair share. No to the Public having
a fair say in these matters of your survival.

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

So, the credit issued in loans is extended by
ourselves!, not the private bankster who does not
cover the loan, but yet They charge interest,
compounded Interest, demanding payment on Time,
or it's going to take our home then. . Never
taking risk itself through the so labored decades
perhaps on a loan the private bankster didn’t
cover never. It's for nothing but for our
sleepiness to know it as expensively wrong for
everyone being fooled here. But that aside to
this: We need to understand why bailing out
those committing ourselves Publicly to Toxic
'assets' to the tunes of tens of trillions taken,
needs to be understood for the collective good as
escaping massively epic fraud of the never seen
before kind. Trillions is a very very very big
price tag for getting what? Newman!> For we
together are being hustled as they were in Iraq
by the media masters of clever stupidity.
Criminal fraud leaves US as measured, ourselves
still losing due these growing costs. An NWO
Ideologue had suggested today, that the
government blindly, as our entirety, is bad
without question for officers, as something to
only appose, or, run to the hills to escape from
something. Instead, We need to restart criminal
investigations on the seriously treasonous crimes
of 9/11, along with these trillions dollar walk
away stings. Free talk with the facts in open
debate is all I am looking for here as leader of
the free world. Unlike what we are being as
served Master. I can explain everything. Count
You in! Justice is Victory. Now, back to the
stars of our show, the Peoples with the top
priority info on where we are today as could be
going, The Information Junkies. Keep up the good
work everyone. See? All it is for freedom to
express, is that we know, we are the People, we
are the Government. There is no on off switch
for Justice, but the Ideologued doesn't will that
kinda control as anyone, for, it is beyond...

US Supreme Court backs whites-only housing

Satanic Barak: Iran wants to deceive world

"members of the religious Zionist community."

They do not believe in any God, but for what they
can steal from all others made silent. They
broke the truce, then mass murdered innocent
Christian children with American made white
phosphorus weaponry, and Americans care what for
the facts? TV America is an evil ungodly Zionist
who wills to kill the innocent in America for
money and TV fame in league with FXNWS, AIPAC,
and the Tea Bagger Repuglicons. As a Rightard
bigot like Rand Paul, Ron Paul, or Alex Jones,
they will not allow let these concerns freely
spoken, for they know we is true, but would
rather all in America die innocent victim before
the facts be spoken on the true costs of their
careless takes. Give more to Alex Jones for his
multi-million dollar budgets instead, so you too
can cowardly blame liberals, and socialists, do
gooders, or the Gays. Not Bush and Cheney the
war criminals of 911, torture, Iraq, or the
"heroic" "Patriotic" war criminals like the
escaping rapists of KBR, Sattler, Blount,
(R) Pantano, or women and child mass murderer
Mattis. All just "puppets" according to the
intolerant NWOer contingent of bigots in their
"Invisible" Empire.

'US media-numbed, bankers pocket $144 billion bonus

/ / Say'n it again, 148,000,000 jobless, hungry and soon frozen. The
bankers get $144,000,000,000 in? BONUSES! \ \

Noam Chomsky says US invasion of Afghanistan was
illegal since to date there is no evidence that
al-Qaeda has carried out the 9/11 attacks.

Cool eh? Welcome.

‘Damn right’ I personally ordered waterboarding: Bush

This warrants death under standing American War
Crimes Law ushered by Reagan. Kill all torturers
as a soldier to be true Patriot, instead of
raping women and children while pushing heroin
into American teens for life term prison
sentences as slave labour escaping Bush and
Cheney for 911 and so on. DO YOU CARE FOR THE


Democratic Party Calls for Grand Jury Investigation of 9-11

About time man, about time. Now, look out
for the cointelpro NWOers here, along with
the TV Bush whores who'll fight to not
because blah blah blah..

What is this Liberal who?

Alex Jones "Liberals don't like Bush." for
mass murdering Humanity as never elected demon
enemy of God he means?

The Elections are Rigged, and We All Know It

Yah yah, like someone truly American, could
actually freely vote for Republican without
shame as publicly ridiculed, I mean, come on..

Soldiers Kill for Thrills in Afghanistan

"Killing Afghanis Is Better Than Sex!"

Godly men and women kill the bushite rightly to
defend their next innocent victim who could be
anyone. "Death to the 'lawless' Nazi grunts" US
in Christ will champion until every last bushite
grunt is dead and buried for their wilful war
crimes against God as Creation to escape Bush and
Cheney for 9/11. Die bushite die bushite die.

America - The Hidden Treasure

Justice for God

Remember, the Peoples simply asked for evidence
to form a conclusion. And the American TV
Zionist, as ungodly criminal in the silented
majority, refuse to defend the innocent rights of
all others by not demanding freedom rule for our
benefits as Humanity. Defended for the innocent
crime victims of terror. Instead they preach as
devils for division to side quietly while war
criminals torture, rape, thieve, and mass murder
escaping Antichrist Bush and Cheney for
Obstruction on 911. For the banksters walking
with trillions. trillions man, trillions. Have
poisonous vaccines, and made so, Mexican Gulf oil
death products instead how about. Naaahhh.

Depeche Mode - John The Revelator (HD)

Those who claim they war ourselves for
lawlessness should be top military targets.

Here's Where We Come In..

The FBI Stole Our Computers!
We Need Your Information Back!

/ / The Justice Department's inspector general,
slammed the FBI's post 9/11 "terrorism
investigations" \ \

Answers on pro-effective war plans here:

"Stand Together or Don't"

Don't be an American asshole. Forward
this to everyone. Thanks.

All is Glorious truly, but people can't see it
to be so being greater.

Rand Paul Sucks Too!

Ron Paul Warns of Social Unrest and Martial Law

"police" work isn't inherently bad. To believe
Ron Paul and the AJ Rightards is to believe no
one has ever been rightly put in prison for a
crime they were for sure guilty of.

Jeeze Ron, what about Justice winning? Never
heard such a concept expressed down there in
Washington? Crimes Ron, massive cons of fraud,
rape, mass murder through contempt for
constitutional freedom.

Tell the LORD why you as an American, believe a
Bushite Nazi grunt who volunteers to commit first
degree mass murder of innocent Iraqis to steal
all their nations resources for the Peenacker
Neocon Zionist robber barons, don't deserve to
rightly die for war mongering, but be allowed to
live to indiscriminately mass murder and torture
more as "American" for further stolen profits
pushing heroin now? Everyone in the American air
force responsible for dropping bombs need to be
arrested, tried, and executed along with the
public trials of the FOXNEWS poisonous liars for
their murderous ungodly Satanic crimes of
escaping Bush and Cheney for Obstruction on 9/11.
Die Bushite die.

"US says it may kill Americans abroad"

That would be murder, and no you may not.

Saddam wasn't in violation of 1441. War
criminals truly deserve to die by war crimes
Public trial. Why? It's NEEDLESS mass murder
Neocon Gaffney supports on magic TV without the
facts there to defend anyone. Dying. The Iraq
war has no cause. Soldiers are warring there to
bring about a situation that was present before
the conflict began. Near Impossible now with all
the toxic waste and losses to everyone of
innocent lives made to suffer and die for nothing
but the Bushite's contempt for Life. Contempt for
Justice. Contempt for our wise leaders of
civility, contempt for Freedom, contempt for
God. Once nearer a civilized Humanity we were
living for freedom, and now, all suffering with
God for more than a thousand years, due these
Zionist Nazi illiterate war crime savages,
pirating our fire power.

Again, Nazi grunts were sent to die by Sattler in
Nov 2004, to indiscriminately slaughter every
single innocent person in Fallujah amassing well
more than 250,000 people at that time recorded.
Innocent Peoples they had for months refused to
negotiate with to catch Zarqawi, or allow US, the
Peoples access to food or water - refusing all to
leave before dropping nine two thousand pound
bombs of radio-active toxic waste, then, sending
in the grunts to mop it all up. (40 dead marines
right off the hop, and since..? who cares
right?) A small few of women numbering in the
hundred it was reported the Nazi grunts allowed
to leave, that they would have otherwised, left
for raped then murdered with the likes of war
partner KBR. For, the small group of Women and
children they claimed were minus the ten year old
boys they Stated would target for MURDER shortly,
they did slaughter just up the road away from the
Zionist TV cameras with the argument, that we may
have been males between 10 and 55 wearing women's
clothing - that escaped 'public' scrutiny. So,
they sent attack helicopters on that road to mow
down every single last women and child that had
been searched earlier on for weapons, money,
jewelry, or food. Thus is why all of Creation
Rightly have Bushite Publicly Tried for every
last living second they steal in our good names,
as any real man of God and country would war for
rightly far and wide. Rightards don't want a free
to be society, they, like tell US every moment
without TV challenge, that their enemies are not
that demon liar George Norry for the propaganda
and threats against soldiers who would dare refuse
criminal orders, no, blame the 'Liberals' for
depleted uranium, or the 'Socialists' for the war
crimes, the nannies, the elderly, and Mexican
toddlers along with Peacenicks, while the war
criminals all, Bush and Obama especially included
along with AIPAC, walk free as not worth the time
to disclose as patently proven un-American Criminals.,
no no, just 'Puppets', so, don't you bother your time
to complain about their personal get-aways for high
treason along with trillions in bankster's fees
on loans they never even ever cover to BEGIN WITH
suckers. No. Blame anyone and everything like
the American rightard BIGOT NWOer Intolerants do,
before the actual criminals guilty of mass murder
or naked extortion. See how the Anti-Gay Faggot
Republicans are found as the worst of men. Why?
They claim they could fall "Gay" at the drop of
mens trousers. As an absolutionist tempered radio
host near put it, ‘Elvis is a top secret plot by
those in the know, to make him gay, and you too'.
But I don't want to be a psycho analyst for the
Zombie contingent of those with little care but
to serve for their flailing personal defects, I
want Justice. Besides; Where true freedom resides
with US, is firstly not capable to "judge" "fairly"
expressions of intangible timeless wonders in God
about who we break bread with. For it is the
preservation of Justice for everyone to do as WE
please, free to be who we want to be. Found
Unbound. Rightards should suck cocks on their
own time. Consider this: Rightards are true
sadomasochistic cowards who will to deny the
poor and disadvantaged, before publicly defending
their lack to caring who actually pays what here
by Public frauds escaping as left uncovered.
Nothing near worst than this American TV crowd
churning for nothing but against the getting
poorer as further disenfranchised FXNWS fan, all
in a futile ploy to escape the 9/11 plotters of
no question, Mr. Bush and Cheney with Rumsfeld
and Condi - Along with their 'Holy' Trillioniares
IMF Bankster beneficiaries who champion Justice
NEVER. At the least, Alex Jones does see these
top notchers, but as the rest without solutions,
well.. let's just leave it for the laughs. Life
isn't all one way man.

Petraeus: Afghan War Could Take Another Decade

Why not save our soldier's lives, by fighting
for a just cause?

No One Can Doubt?

/ / Obama: Yet no one can doubt President Bush’s
support for our troops, or his love of country
and commitment to our security \ \ Mr. Bush, the
Antichrist, closed 911 police investigations,
meaning the perpetrators are still escaping.
Dying Bushite "I don't care."

9/11 Firefighters Reveal Huge Explosions Before Towers Collapsed


/ / The International Center for 9/11 Studies
obtained evidence, in addition to the firefighter
tapes, that suggests NIST edited several videos
of the collapse of Building 7 in order to hide
evidence of a controlled implosion. \ \

Bushite Nazi Grunt Enemies Pushing Heroin

INTO AMERICANS. Teens. Life term prison
sentences to those who get addicted as third
strike felonies, but not death to the grunts
displayed in this video, that FOXNEWS Tea Bagger
parasites will claim are Patriots. Like
themselves. Patriot's to what? Satan? You got
it. Liar evil enemies of Life in the Universe to
not champion Justice for American murder victims
on 9/11, and so on. Claiming "FUNDAMENTALISTS"
are not "FUNDAMENTALISTS" who disagree with
selling heroin to drown Americans down the river?
(Again a Shrine to the Taliban right on Ground
Zero, right on it, will be the victory of Christ
in Justice. ) Do you care to still refuse to
forward this to someone else, that would care
just as much about our dying futures here as
Yourself. Or no.. you'd rather see freedom lose
wouldn't you. TV American males suck the Devil's
greasy Cock as the Anti-Gay faggots, while the
Women can near only Dream what a real man is who
truly defends The Family. with honor as
virtuous. America near no where make those any
more with their refusal to forward these words of
brotherhood for Life. They hate We. Become a
Man for a change losers. Time for the arrest of
Bush and Cheney for Obstruction on 9/11 to
continue ourselves on following probable cause to
get the rest of these ungodly war criminals
responsible for mass murdering Americans. ...Or
get back to what you weren't doing 'American
Citizen' you'll be frantically telling the
lawless Bushite "Cop" when it arrests you without
cause just to see what you have in your wallet..
Why not TV American? "No Justice for them so you
can have it all as yourself" Right? (I swear,
that is very near a verbatim quote from
Palin/Huckabee 2012? - and not far from AJ on AZ
either) [..] Decide

Military Contract for American Paid for $100,000 Buckles

/ / You heard me right; soldiers were ordered to
wear body armor made by David Brooks even though
it was inferior to other available types. The
order to enforce the soldiers' use of Brooks
product came from "very high." But note that
Generals in the war zone wear Dragon Skin! \ \
[frm WRH]

Hi all Soldiers. My name is General Johnny, or
Johnny Patriot, or Johnny Two Tone, or as just
yourself all by your lonesome. So, together we
are now championing for Justice. All Peoples
will be treated fairly for our benefit. Torture
is criminal, and Capital Punishment will be
outlawed I will successfully win for free
international debate in Peace Time hands down.
With fair elections by paper ballot I will
encourage it Politically we decide to inform
ourselves about the trillion dollar private
bankster scams [Yea or Nah] as relevant to the
Presidential Office taking a stand against such
extortions. I will call for the, who is who,
dropping radio-active toxic waste bombs to get
anyone murdered for centuries to escape Bush and
Cheney as our top priority - IF - I say if, we
can get this ball rolling. Let's Roll!

Generation.RX.2008.DVDRip - "Will we surrender,
or will we fight these medical dictates?, will we
embrace the truth, or succumb to the lies?"


"Intelligence Chief"


/ / Obama’s pick for intelligence chief thought
Bush was right about WMDs in Iraq \ \

How is this not sabotage? A mind that for
criminal gains, or being dumb to the facts of
reality, is going to now, head up as,
"Intelligence Chief" of these entire United
States? of who's America?

Bomb-Plot Witness Says FBI Sent Him to Terrorist Camp

Jeeze.. we gotta get the cops on this.

We Need to Understand

We need to understand why bailing out those
committing ourselves Publicly to Toxic 'assets'
to the tunes of tens of trillions taken, needs to
be understood for the collective good as escaping
massively epic fraud of the never seen before
kind. Trillions is a very very very big price
tag for getting what? Newman!> For we together
are being hustled as they were in Iraq by the
media masters of clever stupidity.

NATO Kills Afghan Children

Flotilla Choir presents: We Con the World

/ / how can you mock against having the biggest
concentration camp in the world \ \ while
stealing cookies from children as tactic against
the living rights of everybody - Satanic I think
is what G-D tells of in the Bible, these demonic
enemies of Christ who steal the label Jew from
greatness that God truly wills for all our fellow

Ah yes, but did you know: That in ungodly
Satanic Israel, if you as a child, think stealing
from others is unholy, they put you in prison for
refusing to steal from others, or to bomb our
Humanity without justified reason as a bone to
pick? Nazi Israeli openly confess to breaking
the truce by fire bombing our loved children.
Seven million land mines they dropped on Lebanon,
in more than 140 towns and cities. Israeli Nazi
prisons are filled with Jews who believe in
Scripture, who are honest, who are God loving,
who are INNOCENT. First strike targets in
Lebanon? Jews. Satanic just as is explained in
the Bible. The Holy Bible. NOT JEWS, war

American Workers to be Fired if they Refuse Poisonous Shots

/ / Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America
(SHEA) calls for mandatory flu vaccine for all
healthcare personnel. [of all America] \ \

As King, I will demand the arrest, trial, and
public execution of those responsible for this
terror against the American mind. Mercury causes
massive brain damage 100% of the time, and
influenza is a constantly mutating virus. It is
for this planned assault I assure you, if you
were informed of the facts I give without
argument from anyone on Earth but our mutual
enemies who refuse US to speak freely on magic
TV, all we as Humanity would rejoice to see these
Zionist Nazi filths publicly executed on Prime
Time. Wouldn't You?

What is a Rightard?

As dumb ass evil Mr. Bush bitch LIARS, the
bigots, the racists, a scumbag - will claim on
our TV and Radio, what all believers in God
believe about everything, getting away to pirate
our Public air space left unchallenged for
rightful ridicule on their irrationalism, all
because some here will have none of it for
anyone. No Justice for you, no Justice for them.
Rightards. Never elected Mr. Bush and Cheney
will escape for mass murder in America on 911,
and Your just going to have to sissy it cock
suckers like they do. That's a "Conservative"
for you.. No wonder their almost exclusively
anti-Gay faggots wanting a uniform to boss teens
around for profitable war crime deaths as their
personal contempt for all that is right eh? This
is about discrimination of our rights to be
Human. (Look being who ever you are, gay or grey
is a-okay, as long as your freedoms don't deny
another their own to be whomever.)

Get Real, God Is

American soldiers are being conned to die warring
God and Humanity for the escape of Bush and
Cheney, and Alex Jones sells, support
(pro-racists but not a racist himself - how dare
you] Rand and Ron, because they are dedicated to
attack the State. Not banksters walking away
with trillions extorted, not S.S. pilfered by
shysters, poisonous vaccines, ect., no, welfare
mothers, those in need of Health Care, and the
elderly. I'm telling America, right here and
now: Alex Jones and the con men Pauls are not
Constitutionalists, for if they were they would
demand the arrest of Bush and Cheney for closing
911 police investigations, and for the war crimes
of Iraq costing AMERICAN lives. AJ does not much
care to support anyone else but a bigot who hates
blindly like himself. What ever happened to the
struggles for Justice on 911?, or for Palestinian
Christians in a concentration death camp deprived
food and water? Corporate American Puppets don't
like the smarter folks speaking truths they can't
argue against in the light of day as evil doing?
Who cares anymore? Get real, God is. Forward

To support the arrest of those who committed 911,
is the actions of a true Patriot. Well said.

Crimes Against God: Bushites are the Enemy

Street-Roving XRAY Vans

Did you know it isn't a socialist conspiracy but,
xrays do mutate the dna of human tissue?
Yah yah, like someone truly American, could
actually freely vote for Republican without
shame as publicly ridiculed, I mean, come on..

"Yes, I think Mitch McConnell will be the leader
again and hopefully the Majority Leader this time
around," answered Rand Paul.

Rand Paul: I Don't See Extending The Bush Tax Cuts
As 'A Cost To Government'

This is the Rightard nonsense AJ sells Americans
to give in sacrifice for, instead of demanding
911 police investigations be re-opened Coast to
Coast questing for anyone who disagrees in such a
liberation to speak freely, keeping the Peace.
AJ doesn't want this for US because easily half
of his politics is corrupted as a Rightard
bigoted fool that stands only for his refusals to
allow brighter days for all. Claiming Bush
escapes accounting because he is a "puppet", is
not freedom. To suggest Bush shouldn't be held
accountable for his wilful criminal
transgressions against the great America I
defend, is treasonous. The America I defend
is an America that respects all in fairness as
the Constitution stresses. That way the bad guys
actually get caught, and we're all better
served because of it. Don't let these Rightards
play US any other way for escape of those that
truly do US wrong.

BP Sprays Residents and Workers with Corexit

“This is premeditated murder“

This is war.

US TV Heroes posing with corpses of the Innocent



/ / A tiny amount (a milligram) of this [Depleted Uranium]
radioactive poison quick marches up your smelling nerves
right into your brain and keeps firing 1.2 Million
bullets a day – forever. That’s a bunch. 850 Rounds a
Minute \ \

Vaccinations: Chronic Illness, Disease and Death for us all

Mercury is hugely toxic. Influenza is a virus,
that for NOT UNDERSTOOD reasons, is in a state of
'randomly' mutating itself. The Vaccines are
genetically targeting the Peenacker's concoction
know by it's markers, delineating it as sequenced
to this years "H1N1" bird/pig/monkey/ and so on..
- yet - it was that when? after the NWO takes
almost a year to bring out their new poisons?
UNDERSTAND: The W.H.O. is correct on what
strain will murder millions next!, 6/12 months in
advance. Every year correctly murdering more of
our forsaken Humanity for billions and billions
in cash paid out every year in blood sacrifices
by The People made victim. FOR DEATH. I Am
Life. Support Johnny for NEW! Coast to Coast
open-line Radio Host. Vote early, and vote
often. Justice Man. Later.

Soldiers Kill for Thrills in Afghanistan

No. Instead we need to send in every last
honorable soldier in to take these Nazi savages
out for public trial on their treasons. There is
nothing better for all, than to see those who war
America for the escape of Bush and Cheney lose.
And win we will. Justice for all. John exists.


/ / the same US Government that worked so hard to
justify allowing the opium to grow to now justify
spending US tax dollars to cure the plant
disease. \ \ Bushite are women hating dope
pushers of tyranny is what they are as cowardly
refusing to defend America from Bush and Cheney
for closing outstanding 911 Police
Investigations. Pushing their dope into America
as an illegal narcotic. Not in Johnny's America
this wouldn't be happening I can assure you if
you'd listen to reason as supporting our popular
rise against the ungodly evil bushite vermins.

America's "FBI" is doing what?


These are the "terrorists" wanted by our FBI?
Come on now, who buys that without thinking?
Again, there is one or two in the FBI who
'escaped' bombing the WTC. They provided the
bombs that murdered Americans for the Neocon
Zionist liars, and have yet to be tried and
executed for their capital offenses. I would
wager the very same traitors, are responsible for
trying to convince everyone here today, that
those who appose lawlessness with non-violence
are the real terrorists, according to the entire
FBI not following probable cause. Again, who
buys this without thinking in any Police Service?
Evil ungodly Zionist pirate enemies of Life do
too that's who. And I know for a fact, they are
always the tiny ungodly evil minority who
criminally dictate our stolen values, who as
such, are reported by newspapers to be legit in
speaking as, American Freedom Force of Liberation
without questioning for Just cause considered.
Now, what kind of freedom from tyranny is that
that holds no honor in doing what is right? You
know well what I say, but look for yourself

Convicted for Protesting

Nazi soldiers summarily executing the innocent for fun

Nazi soldiers ate chocolate while shooting children

Here's to trying whatever
will work going,

Changing Things for the Better by Speaking out
for Justice today as Tomorrow and Beyond for our


[Israeli[Jewish?]] Homeland Security Targets Activists

That Nazi Israeli can dictate who will
be harrassed as innocent American victim
really should have all concerned, concerned.
Bushite "I don't care. Where's your wife
and children?"


The King Rules

Free open debates is all we are after here to
secure our Liberties. The American ignoramus
loses severely in open free debate with the facts
they have little of no real grasp as. Play
pretending they are worthy the respect a true
Patriot holds, as honorably committed against
lawlessness. What do these Glen Back/demon whore
of Satan Sarah 'the retard' Palin spin offs, know
of virtue? of honor? As Bushites, they don't
truly care for anything. as selling for sold as,
the magic TV excuses. No care for anyone,
especially themselves. See? One can not blame
God for our failures to communicate for our
benefits, if all we have is TV contempt for
intelligence ourselves broadcast 24/7 on near
all international media outlets.


who can't see the reason for what Mr. Bush is,
in everything he has done for ungodly tyranny
home and abroad as war crime monger escaping
those who did 911, isn't a responsible literate
citizen. No evidence against an accused is US
being truly abused. Torture warrants death, but
for censorship to allow us free national debate
with any bush bitch FOX snooze fan still
breathing toxic waste.

We will not stop until we see Justice done
for US. God, and everyone else.

NATO says aircraft entered Pakistan, killed
“armed individuals”

We, as the Human species, must demand the public
trial and executions of every last member of NATO
as the mass murderers they are alined for Bush
and Cheney's final escape. As such, they only
target innocent Peoples daily on hopes the
survivors will rightly gun down a dumfuk grunt.
But, to save everyone's life, we only need to
send in every last available freedom force to
bare against these nazi savages who war GOD in
hopes that no true Christians, Muslims, or Jews
exist to make a big kerfluffle over their wanton
indiscriminate killings. Bush and Cheney
officially halted American Police Investigations
designed since the dawn of Man to capture the
actual bad guys. Narco NATO war Humanity to rape
children, to abuse women, to push heroin, to all
steal all resources.. And I'll tell you, we are
not happy about it.

They deny us as the enemy real resolution for
hard copy indictments against actual terrorism.
The facts forge our freedoms. bushite are liars
who cheat ourselves a free world by bombing
defenseless innocent Peoples, who torture, who
rape, who steal. And that's a fact Mac. Let US
bring America back to where the People's rights
are defended, and nazi war criminals bare our
vengeance instead of ourselves left forsaken.
Or, do you just want to silently fall down as
innocent victim to third world military
dictatorship, fallen due your refusal to defend
yourself now, today. Justice is freedom, we're
arresting for public trial the criminals
responsible for 911. We are America, and we are
no greater than any other to proclaim, this is
our right, this is our destiny.

Johnny America - The True Patriot

U.S. Military Officers Demand 911 Investigation

Well now, that just sounds American to me.
How about You?

People Need People


/ / Obama Argues His [murder innocent AMERICANS]
Assassination Program is a "State Secret" \ \

This is one of those supremely evil moments where
the war criminal can not hide from anyone, and it
hopes, The Peoples will just all go, whatever, or
just can't be. Don't do that.

Don't except anything else but a free to be we society.

UN Says Israelis "Executed" US Citizen Furkan Dogan

And America states TV America must not speak in
defense of the innocent US murder victim?, for to
do so, is to be, without question, anti-"Jewish".
TV America is an evil ungodly Zionist who wills
to kill the innocent in America for money and TV
fame in league with Satanic AIPAC. hidden in the
shadows.? TRUE Nazis.? And the lawless Bushite
he don't care for nothing but what he too, can
steal from God and Humanity likewise. American
Soldier. As could be foreigner from the worst of
military dictatorships (all funded directly by
the American Demonrat Repuglicon taxer we all
know as they refuse freedom for everyone 'else'
they give in as, 'golly shucks' conned to die
innocent victim for "America" in Israel, Egypt,
Uzbekistan or Saudi Arabia to name only a few of
the wrap sheets), CONVICTED WAR CRIMINALS termed
AMERICAN 'lawless' death squad goons from South
Africa, wearing our flags, give out videos even
as party favors. Dying someone for something when
they randomly gun People down for pleasure
claiming the American Soldier can do nothing as
a lawless anti-Gay faggot. Being gay is okay, it
just ISN'T THE ISSUE. It's what??? That male
American soldiers can't help themselves to rape
American female soldiers as such without concern
there, and if the Gays flash their Penises, every
last American GI will be on his knees, begging to
suck that piece of meat. Right? "Rightards" is
what some one termed them, and I do believe that
is quite Oprah Poe. Real men (be they Homo or
otherwise) that defend America from lawless
tyranny, do so by living for such in Anytown
Earth as Just cause. Should be I'm saying.. We're
like a small band of brothers untied by an
eternal cause of Justice and Liberty for All.
And it isn't just said that way for effect, but
lived for honorably in respect for this great
wonder. How "Americans" live any other way is
beyond me, where it stays in a land I will to
play no part in sacrificing any life for. Been
there, done that. Especially all for banksters,
without needing to speak out for freedom every
damned day we continue in such a stupid way..

[NAZI] Israeli to use force if Jewish aid
boat refuses to comply [as evil ungodly war
criminals who attack the innocent to steal
from US all]

"Anti-Mosque Coalition’s Website Owned By
Neo-Conservative Islamophobe Frank Gaffney"

/ / Gaffney: "It is regrettable that they had to
die, but I believe they did have to die. The
danger was inaction could have resulted in the
death of a great many more Americans than 4,000.
And that's the reason I'm still delighted that we
did what we did." \ \ Saddam was doing whatever
was asked plus more - whatdidtheywantbutnotaskfor

Saddam wasn't in violation of 1441. War
criminals truly deserve to die by war crimes
Public trial. Why? It's NEEDLESS mass murder
Neocon Gaffney supports on magic TV without the
facts there to defend anyone. Dying. The Iraq
war has no cause. Soldiers are warring there to
bring about a situation that was present before
the conflict began. Near Impossible now with all
the toxic waste and losses to everyone of
innocent lives made to suffer and die for nothing
but the Bushite's contempt for Law. Contempt for
Justice. Contempt for our wise leaders of
civility, contempt for Freedom. Once nearer a
civilized Humanity we were living for freedom,
and now, all suffering with God for more than a
thousand years, due these Zionist Nazi illiterate
savages, pirating our fire power. Innoculating
THEMSELVES blindly with posions that make US all
even dumber. George Walker Bush is evil
personified as the war criminal of the worst
order, ever. As Humanity it must all be our
fault, for I felt I could easily help everyone to
be more Human than all we've been left as on TV
since 911 happened on our watch. One thing is
for sure: Lawless wars for ungodly tyranny by
slavery sucks for everybody. Justice is a must
if we are to ever claim Victory here again.

Bush and Cheney closed 911 police investigations.

They were being told "not to interfere in
incidents in which Afghan forces were having sex
with children." Bushite grunts raping kids, and
what does the American man have to say? too
cowardly to speak for the interests of innocent
victims? No to Women's Rights is what these
bushites war unjustly our Humanity to rape as
thieves further, officially pushing heroin, and
executing individuals simply becasue they are
Christians. Do something good, and kill an
unlawful Bushite enemy for Afghanistan, for
America, and for Christ. Die bushite war
criminal nazi fuks die.

/ / One of Four Female College Students
Will Be Raped Before Graduating \ \

TV Americans don't care. They hold
women in contempt, as they do
for God, and everyone else.


PBS - NOW - Oil Royalties

No Royalties!

Wall St. Knew It

/ / It turns out that Wall St. knew almost one-third
of the mortgages they bundled and sold to investors
were bad. \ \ A crime. And it was for these escaped
crimes that we went ahead conned to die, by irrationally
buying up these worthless toxic assests for cowardly
victimhoods. While theys refusing to give our money
back in loans at interest, con pounded interest.
King Johnny at Your service. But you as the typical
rightard TV American don't care to forward these cries
for real Justice, or speak a word in your own downfall
for Bush and Cheney's final escape for 9/11. Rightards,
an evil TV nation of rightard bigot book burners who hate
real men or women being granted the right to speak
freely with the facts. Christ is of the Koran man.
But these book burners of course do not read books,
for, 'books are for the dummies' as a Sarah 'the retard'
Paying demon whore would say in all honestly. It
doesn't need facts, for, debate in American politics
is forbidden but for every four years, for several
minutes, it looks between the only two candidates
that that's what is transpiring. yuck... have
you even heard John speak Coast to Coast on TV like
the demon whore herself does saying nothing but
derision for free open communications? "Real Justice
is a must as understanding how to go about defending
Liberty."? Likely not. Yet anyway. Forward this for
the benefit of all others why not. Yeah Way Man.

We are having a communications problem
about freedom here. Peace sells.

I think we need desperately to look at Bush and
Cheney still attempting their get-a-ways with
Humanity in tow by Clinton and Obama just now..



Obama Knows: "troops just air raiding villages and killing civilians"

Kill a Bushite for America, kill a Bushite for
Humanity, kill a Bushite for Christ in God.

American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA)

Ha! It's funded by ungodly Zionists who preach
as devils: do not fight for a just cause, and
lie down to die innocent victim for the Satanic
Peenacker Neocons. Not a practicing Muslim in
the bunch. (NO EVIDENCE was offered against the
falsely accused as INNOCENT, while then, Bush and
Cheney closed 911 police investigations halting
the following of probable cause to nab the true
evil doers responsible for mass murder in America
- as planned before hand by Condi) Telling US what
all Mexico thinks was bad enough, but now all
those who believe in God too? (Allah is the
Muslim word for God if you as your typical
American didn't know much of anything already.)

"In total, 31 people were killed."

They bombed Kabul after knowing the Taliban were
long gone, mass murdering only those they knew
were on the brink of starvation. The Taliban
however had nothing to do with 9/11, and killing
a Bushite over this issue of their TV LIES would be
the right thing to defend their next innocent
targets. A Bushite grunter wars God and Humanity
to escape Bush and Cheney, and killing a Bushite
liar cheat rapist mass murderer, would be a
blessing in love for God. A Bushite, like the
Republican, hold the values of Justice as fair
play in total contempt. No evidence was offered
against the accused while investigations were
closed, and a Conservative Republican Obstructer,
argues, get rid of us as ‘nanny welfare helpers'
while their bankster buddies walk with trillions
absconded - as rights for workers must go if too
they must slave to feed themselves. Vile evil
and corrupted is what a 'tough guy' Republican
spews, speaking no words for freedom as Justice
is. Only naked contempt for Economics, Law, and
being manly. Thus is why male Republicans all,
wear pink panties for Bush, and hate ourselves
because of it. They know they are truly
cowardly, when they put on their Conservative
pink Panties for George Walker Bush THE TRAITOR,
who refused US still, to follow probable cause on
9/11, starting on General Ahmad resigning in
embarrassment over the crime. The big isn't small,
blind Republican, blindly hate every last one of
US here, because they KNOW they don't have a tenth
of the real skill required to explain anything. They
are blind evil without a TV guide liner of doing
what's right to state the platform of anyone included.
Mute pro War criminal bigots, rapists, and those
who will some innocent weaker segments of
our society be UNFAIRLY treated, is the 'Champion
Cry', of the TV Teahadists dying blind craw.
Health care, immigration, education, you name
it, a Republican will sell you out for it's last
breath, if it means intelligence will not win out
through freely communicating the scientific facts
our great Humanity can ponder. John is good.
Vaccines are bad. Banksters don't cover our loans,
we do. Bush and Cheney are guilty of Obstruction.

Obama Calls Ahmadinejad's 9/11 Comments Hateful, Inexcusable

What? huh? Who's he trying to con here? America?
but he's the President.. HuhHh, trying to con
himself with all US watching looks like..

The bushite are claiming the truth hurts their
cause of robbing US all. Further for Bush and
Cheney's escape too don't forget.

Bushite McCainiacs are evil stupid people of
History's worst example for false accusations.
To near never apply our skills of communicating
to seek greater understandings, but to divide
our/itself as a bigot false accuser not qualified
to hold such a position in complete disregard for
the worth of it's viewer. US, the Audience.

/ / Obama urged a federal judge early Saturday to
dismiss a lawsuit over his targeting of a U.S. citizen \ \

Murder it's called, attempting murder.

Tea Bagger Rand Paul "we allow people to be un-civilized"

Why are rightards so dumb ass evil eh?


Iran Calls for UN Investigation Into 9/11

9/11 Coincidences


Mayor, ex-city manager among 8 arrested in scandal

It CAN be done see?

Justice For 9/11

If we can truly ever defend everyone fairly, it
will be here and now. Or, later. Whatever.

Social Security is a Trust Fund

Removing the Federal Reserve requires a
Government that would act in the Public's
interest, as that is what is not happening right
now with private bankster privilege, and the
Rightards campaigning for "limited" "small"
government.. limited from Rightly arresting Bush
and Cheney for 911, and the KBR gang rapists of
American women? A Rightard can't even fathom how
to serve US the public equitably when they (The
Political Bourgeois leadership of Commie Pinko
Elitist TV Society) take RELATIVE terms like "Big
Government" and claim them falsely as Absolutely
meaning something to themselves as rejects
ill-defining - ergo - why we are denied freedom
for the individual by corporate mind control like
America's infallible Pope, the, 'not right or
Left' "Conservative" rightard Alex Jones. Why?
American Peoples are too bigoted to not have
thought of this freely sooner. God thing we was
there Is all I've been saying here forever man
united with the forces that bind all natures for
the better good. No Justice, life sucks. Bush
gave US no evidence to form his non-science, A
then ACTUALLY closed 911 Police investigations
(W199i,PD51,P2OG,ABCNEWS) claiming, from that
moment on. if we were to even/ever form our/an
own/any conclusion, (or follow probable cause in
a fight against lawless tyranny) we would no
longer be with him, but with the terrorists
apposing torture or distinct extortion.
Extortion of the 'little' trillions variety that
Americans are expected to pay back, going
without, far over the next millennia. Real
torture, real extortion. Real American lives.
died on 911, who's families continue to suffer
the unjust consequences of Your personal inaction
to word these worlds. So; a for real Antichrist
of Evil personified actually exists that's all in
the name of George Walker Bush, grandson to
Hitler's Banker, and his thoughtless dying
minions of evil in this world are as so, ungodly
murderous war criminals. ANTICHRIST.
Explanation: Evil is the deceived disguised.
These words of thought about living free are
universally represented. No evidence against an
accused is truly US being abused. No matter
"who" you are. Socialist Libertarian, King
Johnny, Super Coool Massless Aliens, whatever
man. What?

Justice is Freedom

We can't divorce ourselves of the governing
decisions that the government takes as given
already. Banksters don't cover our loans is
priority one for topics to freely discuss, done
during after the initiation of public warrants
for the arrests those guilty of mass murder in
America on 911, and in Britain on 7/7, all done
by following probable cause to nab the actual
culprits. General Ahmad for example, and Peter
Power. Someone else must have helped the
terrorists do the footwork, for we have video of
iron pouring out the side of the World Trade
Towers, and someone from Scotland Yard (likely
Ian Blair) tried to steal the CCTV video where
the innocent victim gunned down in the street
(who worked for a private security firm it has
been alleged), was murdered by the enemy to
assist in the formal escape of Peter Power and
Associates - those that truly did US wrong as, in
part, responsible for the mass murder. Following
probable cause it's called. Watch Dragnet, or
A&E's The First 48. Don't miss "Loosechange
Final Cut" either, So, where to begin... Bush
and Cheney.

Now, I am waiting on You to do what is right, and
champion this defense, as if you Own rights we're
living in lawless reckless abandon., in Jeopardy.
We can do it. Justice for all is freedom to be.
I am King Johnny, an equal to the body politic as
fair gain in a free market place of ideals.
Ideals to keeping Justice rule supreme for the
definition of Freedom known. That would
naturally make simple sense to just about anyone
listening. No evidence, suspect is innocent.
Torturing innocent persons to get false
confessions for murder, while the true culprits
make their escape from Judgment warrants Death.
(that according to Standing America Law ushered
by Reagan.) Life should be Good if we can help it
along some for The Peoples winning. Thank you.
..and goodnight.


Don't want the facts?

The Republican TRAITORS all on the magic tv
telling American dimwits not to support wise
Justice for pirated America, should then earn
them life term prison sentences for naked
sedition escaping the Peenacker, what say You?

How did KSM get the explosives in WTC7 then?

Torture in Iraq Continues, Unabated

Alex Jones "Liberals don't like Bush"
Alex Jones "Republicans are Constitutionalists"

Cause and effect is our true State.

AJ is not all bad. Life, isn't all or nothing to
draw as best a faithful representation of a
cracked pot, it's something to live for as the
here and now, causes and effects. some criminal
that we, the innocent fall war victim to. Following
probable cause for a infraction of Rights is how
we did in the old days, Prioritizing.. I have
highlighted the failure of this mechanism, to
what are found measured, as, 'inconsequential'
to the dominant forces of the otherworldly
"Globalists" - Namely, the Thieves. Such as those
who are making off with more than three or four
trillion American TAX dollars through that scam
run under the authority of Greenspan, as those
that were hidden within the Asian Market, (the
Chaos is Order oOp) as too, classifiable as just
marginal along with the tens of trillions dollar
toxic asset FRAUDS, to the NWOer's vision of those
in ultimate top top secret secret control control.
We as the victims are the real problem. See,
the trillions dollar thieves are still making
their escape right there! And Bush and Cheney
closed 911 police investigations, halting
ourselves from making the conclusions that we
still aught. We are People knowing People.
Those with motives of Justice for control as no
hiding from who anymore, means what to those
stripping our America as further plunders while
murmuring, I don't know I don't know? Justice
is Freedom. Bush and Cheney are guilty of
Obstructing the Law, Freedom Ourselves.

If we can truly ever defend everyone fairly, it
will be here and now. Or, later. Whatever.

(be kind rewind)


Swine flu vaccine to be included in winter flu jab

Criminal, for we all know what is contained.
These that endanger our families with these crack
pot eugenicists of disease, by naked deceit
insisters, are defeated by truth in seconds while
our authorities march them off to Juvenile. Peer
Reviewed in Canada, Reported in the National
Canadian Newspaper, The Globe and Mail, 'people
vaccinated against seasonal flu are twice as
likely to catch swine flu.', and then maybe dying
from the toxins added for spite. Don't believe

Alex Jones & Dr Sherri Tenpenny - Flu Vaccines

And WE KNOW why that is, along with Influenza
mutating at chaos in living/dead swarms, making
it impossible with a high school class or two, to
pre-determine what lethal strain will move sales
next. The World Health Organization always get
that part right, but for when they fail, as death
counts go down. Criminal is what our lawless
governments are doing to ourselves ignoring this
Science, along with Bush and Cheney for 9/11,
ignoring our calls for Humanity as a Civilized
world does when dying for another's cowardly
contempt for our liberations. Seriously criminal
is what it is. We should be better than this as
truly defended People. You could walk right in
and put everything in prospective to where we
actually can understand, we are the leadership
standing united. Freedom is living in a Just

Canada Engaged in TREASONOUS Cover-Up Operation To Conceal Flu Origin

Be a Force for Good

Jesus vs. Christ: The Gospel of John

/ / There is no better proof in the absurdity of Christianity \ \
/ / The Word (Jesus/God) was capable of human emotions, \ \
/ / or so the theology teaches. \ \

These words. Man, don't be dumb son.

/ / Christ was with God in the beginning. He
knew the past. He knew the present. He knew the
future. This last feature eliminates the
possibility for Christ to be fully human. \ \

No, now. I know now. But, listen, my friends,
the writer here is a con to only his foolish
self. Anything to mock the innocent in God with
his blind blank stares, as cheating Creation with
our time, to steal our Rights away, for the final
escape of Mr. Bush of 9/11 fame as he was, the
official closer of Police enquiry. Then, that we
were with him, or the terrorists, no other
possible choices. Antichrist. The average
Atheist is forgiven for being ignorant of
Scripture as absent the considerations offered,
because they don't believe in any of it, fine.
But this thestoryofchristianity.com guy, suggests
he has given it some consideration, and has come
up with a website and books as continuous streams
of irrational fairy tail lemon drops just near
anyone would know to be as so if they were
honestly thinking. Even the studious Atheist,
that is honest with them Self, knows it isn't a
hidden fact that no one knows but the Father in
claim, yet, this jacket needs to not know that,
while he paints his hackneyed "Bible" version of
what he does not want his reader to honestly
concieve?.. Self promotional Atheists are
universally committed to naked censorship in my
personal experience, (you can't interpret
anything but what I've falsely absolutely
concluded.. nowordsnowords) with very little of
rational skills they hide from as when free
speech reigns with a super dude like myself.
Despite how many convincing times singlely said
"absurdity" privately while repeating sourly on
their exercised greatness in a delusion of
superiority, to the immovable scientific facts
present here, one can not miss if they read a few
books on the subject. (let's all blame the idiot
box) (example: how many people even know what
Darwin’s book is all about? – not flunking many
I’ll tell you that all right now in America)
Atheists such as there, who speaks nothing present
for Justice all notice, will define absolutely
who "God" is as something not willing Freedom.
AS Weaker than their pathetic attempts at
convincing US that all reality without doubt is
to hide their personal cowardice of becoming true
men or women in this world. That which is true
of uncertainty in Life, is of a god's will for
personal liberty above all prized. Freedom is
Justice. Which when pressed, a foolish Atheist
could likely suggest is not of themselves. They
due tell 'God is this, God is that' but never
with themselves castigated as the dummy dummy.
"Duality" is the term, but it's meaning has been
somewhat skewn. I'm the Human. Fully. Johnny
Human, and your the freak of Nature. Welcome.
Your buying.

Please donate to our cause. Thanks.


"Jewish" Society?

“I am in favor of a Jewish-Zionist State. I
defend what has been rightfully mine for ages. I
would even slaughter, not only abuse, the Arab
[Christians]” and the real Jews too

See? As a true Christian Jew Muslim dude, I
recognize these threats against innocent God
loving Peoples, are of the Satanically evil, just
as the Holy Bible describes. Who is a Jewish
Messiah? A murderous thief?, or a lover of
Justice as fair living?

From Mohamed’s 'must read' book, Genesis (very quiet drum roles..)

001:011 And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb
yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his
kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.

See? That's as true today, as the day is night
someplace, and.. See? It's like a doorway into
imaginations of incredible possibilities man..
I'm just saying.. Legalize Pot! Or
decriminalize, what ever it takes.

"Obama Oil Spill Commission INTIMIDATING scientists -- ILLEGAL TO

It only has to do with a threat to all American
life, and CBC, CNN, and FOXNEWS doesn't believe
it's newsworthy, do You?

Thimerosal [Hg] Accumulates in Rat Brains, Study Reveals

Millions of American children.

Vaccines, GMO's, and Viruses

Obama Admin: For the seafood to pose a health
risk, the food would have to be heavily
contaminated with oil, and would therefore have a
strong odor and taste of oil.

While GOD WILLS the war criminals hunted down to
the ends of Earth to be formally Publically TV
tried for exection by the Patriots for war crime
thieving, torturing, and mass murdering. Real
Patriots, not the 'big government' cult that
forbids the intelligent defense of following
probable cause to arrest the actual bad guys.
Not the "globalists", the actual for real
criminals. Starting with Zionist Bush and Cheney
for 911, and Zionist Obama for extortion, funding
terrorism for Nazi Israel and Saudi Arabia, and
attempting the first degree murder of innocent
Americans. And those 30 Republican/Conservatives
for the gang rapings of American Women should
have every real man demanding their immediate
arrest for KBR GANG RAPE. Corporate America has
never mentioned the 30 demons as important to
identify.. So, what kind of Nazi Amerikan haters
of Justice does that bring? Corporate whores do
us little good being ambivalent about Bush
closing 911 Police investigations, so pray tell,
how will we ever get the actual bad guys until we
reopen the case, with honorable soldiers gunning
for free speech rights against who disagree on
freely communicating the FACTS with Justice
winning our Liberties as a strong word or two on
the subject, plus more?

Broke Towns Can’t Afford to Drug Constituents with Fluoride

Maybe as a funny consequence People will wake up
and realize we're being drugged and left for
dead. Few would be laughing though..

"Israel OKs US ‘Gift’ of Billions of Dollars in Warplanes"


This Explains the Million Man Terror List

/ / Group Demands Investigation into DHS, Long
History of Labeling Americans as Terrorists
(Israeli Company Used) \ \ gays, smart folks who
read books, and those with a command of their
faculties. Those who Empathize. Israeli are
anti-Jewish evil Nazi bastards of Satan. Or, the
bad guys in the X-Men. Just as explained in
Scriptures, or stories by Stan. Boo. Yes, it's
true, I am what is referred to as a man. That's
right. A man from a time where being as such
really meant something good. As mythical Boy
Wonder, I would suggest closing Homlund Skirty by
rightly seizing everything there as evidence for
FBI indictments of high treason, including,
spying for a foreign power. Plus the deliberate
false accusations created quite an expense for
everyone concerned. Billions and billions of Tax
dollars from last I read. Wasted Police
services, yes redrawn off following leads at
major Zionist crime scenes, yes, but also jamming
up the lines at the airport.. oh.. am I finally
getting the selfish American "Patriot" spirit
jerked into a miff? Well, it's about time.
We've only had several million People so far
indiscriminately mass murdered, the world
poisoned, and trillions plundered, but, well,
better late than never. Welcome to the Cause of
Man. Send this post to whom you believe should
be concerned.


Mr. Bush closed 911 investigations and claimed
if we weren't with him blindly to mass murder
millions indiscriminately as the established
COMPLETELY INNOCENT, we were therefore to only
be, with the Terrorists of 911 apposing torture,
high taxes, or Banjo playing at 4 am, without any
distinctions drawn. Can you hear me now? Does
the truth hurt more than losing a home? or teen
son or daughter for stolen profits? How about a
country? Art Bell thinks so, as he has said as
much without a Johnny Justice broadcasting yet.
Let's Change things better, by speaking out for
Justice today as tomorrow and beyond for our

U.S. Military Officers Demand 911 Investigation

Well now, that just sounds American to me.
How about You?

Obama "I will not walk away from this fight."

Talking on how his "America" has plenty of south
African death squad goons who are into killing
Niggers, Or Uzbek Christian Muslim Jew murderers,
ungodly Saudi fundamentalist crazy persons? why
not, who'll be happy to become "American" to
"fight" for his criminal cause if the price is
right. It's only at the cost of taxing all of
American. You know, my friends, I really do
believe Obama has stepped over a line here, not
providing his Birth right as American, to make
such decisions as the "Democratic Party" in our
Names contrary to American values, but that is
just me..

"Birthers"! Hey, you know when I.. Never mind..
Where is?. .Obama's. credentials?

Obama's US Court OKs Torture and “Extraordinary Rendition”

I've written on this. It is a war crime
warranting death. Please defend America.


43.6 Million Americans Living In Poverty

Did you know that "Poverty" in America is when
you earn $21,900 as a family of four before
taxes? Now, everyone of the developed world who
doesn't know, rent for a small bachelor apartment
in Manhattan for individuals who are COMPLETELY
Bagger's brightest Scott Brown would leave not
paying taxes whatsoever) costs about $18,000 a
month. In California, as like many of the
southern States (Commie Pinko Alex Jones would
tell as the best in the world), many People can
not afford a phone, electricity, or water because
the Publicly paid for companies have been often
out-right stolen by a Republican Conservative
'Tea Bagger' for nickels on the dollar. I know,
I know, who cares right? Americans refuse to
forward my words to defend their own dying
selves. It's a TV nation comprised of almost
entirely bigots. At AJ's website, they'd never
know this. Why? They don't seem to really care.
AJ has gold, so.. who banking cares for the
plight of the little guy right? 'The Best in the
World'. You should have heard Alex shut down a
caller who's brother was expected to die because
the family couldn't raise the cash for an
operation to save his life. Alex said speak no
more. 'No way' he claimed, TV America has the
best health care in the world - in fact he went
on to tell all like Ron Paul does with a straight
face, you can get free health care anywhere in
America. by just simply asking - I AM NOT LYING.
Being an Alex Jones Commie Pinko sucks, where all
Americans give and give and give for only the
Elites of the Elites of his New World Order.
Americans pay twice as much per-capita as
Canadians do that recieve Universal coverage,
while the TV Rightard's censored poor victims are
expected to go out then and buy some private
insurance now. The Iraq war has no cause. Commie
Pinkoism. Now,.. Am I alleging Alex Jones wears
pink panties as a sadomasochist depriving US an
equal right to speak freely with the facts? Yes.
Bush and Cheney closed 911 police investigations.

Alex Jones "Liberals don't like Bush"
Alex Jones "Republicans are Constitutionalists"

Cause and effect is our true State.

Petraeus: Afghan War Could Take Another Decade

Why not save our soldier's lives, by fighting
for a just cause?

U.S. Military Officers Demand 911 Investigation

Well now, that just sounds American to me.
How about You?


CHRIST SAYS 'Israeli are Anti-Jewish'

.. on the naked lies of TIME magazine warring America
for the escape of the Zionist Neocon Peenackers in

/ / Deflecting criticism of [war crimes] Israel by
screaming "anti-Semitism" makes as much sense as
deflecting criticism of the Nazis by screaming
"anti-Germanism!" \ \

..or anti-Jewish because without argument from
anyone, the Palestinians are the Semite Peoples
here, and too, the millions of Iraqis dead or dying
from all the bushite Nazi indiscriminately mass
murdering. But the TV trained Zombie Rightards
we guess either go insane from programmed lies
in their personal self inflicted hellish cries,
or become Human.


Innocent Held Without Trial by Bushite for Torture




Oh yeah..

Star Trek says 911 attack is a SCAM to start war and take away our

OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let Fly

Zionist TV propagandist Steven Colbert, let fly
that The Peoples have nothing to fear from a pro
torturing enemy of Justice in America, namely a
Nazi Vet walking on our streets missing half a
brain, trying to become a lawless cop who beats
on women like Anthony Abbas did, or who gets off
on indiscriminately slaughtering our innocent
Humanity to escape never elected Bush and Cheney
for 9/11. Bill a Bushite and be Blessed by
Christ we will forever say, while we formally
hunt to have every last Bushite war criminal
publicly executed for crimes like gang raping
American women with KBR, or bombing entire cities
like Fallujah or Samara for no reason, (as too
the entire Iraq assault has no cause,) or for
dropping land mines in school districts, for
torturing elderly people to death countless times
by the likes of a Mr. Grainer. Who, received only
ten years, and only because he bragged to his family
and entire city that he could torture anyone of them
too, and there wasn't anything anyone could do
about it. (If it hadn't been for that, he'd be
walking free like the rest of them who did even
worse. Mattis' Haditha Child killers are
actually called Heroes by FOXNEWS TRAITOR Hannity
for example - for killing little kids to get back
at US all for something they freely state in
America today like is said Publicaly in Nazi Israel.
Unremorseful child killers getting free health
care campaigning like Commie Pinko AJ does, to
not have that for yourself fairly though) That is
what Grainer told in writing to his threatened
(likely raped too?) young daughter - for why
her?. Ten years for murdering countless innocent
Iraqi Peoples he tortured to death, and after his
sentencing in a Court ruled by illiterate Nazi
savages with ZERO Law/Freedom experience, claimed he
had no regrets in stealing so many innocent lives as
the criminally insane. He'll presently be trying
to be a Cop in New York City we're sure, because
he still surely believes though Americans own
guns, they wont kill Bushite enemies of Humanity
rightly to defend their next innocent god loving
victims as the Law dictates against war
criminals. (It's only God loving Muslims, or
Niggers, or Afghanistan Christians, or Japs or
Chinks, or Ruskies, or Liberals..) Ungodly war
crimes done to see their fellow teen soldiers die
as a consequence of an American male's personal
cowardice to be real men in their TV world, to
hide their anti-Gay faggotry by hurting innocent
others, such as children they several times were
CAUGHT blowing up with explosives just for
kicks.. Along with Police officers trying to
defend our communities. They stole all of Iraqis
money, and American's money, and then gave all
rights for oil to BP and other foreign companies.
Iraqi's fairer Christ like banking system and
replaced it with the American godless banking
corruptions of the IMF where YOU pay them back
for money they never lent you to begin with..
They put Allawi in charge who after crediting
himself for killing a bunch of innocent children
in a school bus, ordered Nazi grunts to execute
every last doctor or nurse who would even attempt
to treat an innocent child or women from
Fallujah. Then there were the ethnic cleansings
they funded on all sides, along with ACTUALLY
yes YOU, when finding this allegation true, join
me in hunting every last nazi grunt under Sattler
who carried out such orders without even
whispering a concern for their innocent mass
murder victims? They NEEDLESSLY dropped NINE two
thousand pound bombs murdering a conservatively
estimated 250,000 innocent souls in Fallujah -
FOR NO REASON. Then did near the same in Samara
before John Batist quit, because he refused to
carry it out completely - largely I speculate
because with his name, it would have been just a
little to demonic for his liking to needlessly
mass murder so many innocent Peoples for NO
REASON as Satanically evil.. Yeah yeah, I know
what the Bushite Nazi grunter is going to lie
about here, which is why I sooo much want to see
the Air Force tried publicly so all can witness
by War Crimes Law ushered by President Ronald
Reagan as STANDING AMERICAN LAW. For Bushite Nazi
grunters most certainly deserve it at the Hand of
President Reagan. Again, they SPEAK NOTHING
TODAY for American women being Gang raped by
their partners in war crimes. Speak nothing for
Justice on 9/11. For executing innocent men
simply because they are Christians, as they did
heroin pushing in Afghanistan without a word from
near anyone from the Nation of the FOR REAL
die. We've had near fifty kills this last week..
And things are only looking brighter.

Why Real Christians Kill The Bushite Enemy

/ / NATO warplanes bombed a group of small
children between the ages of 6-12, killing six of
them and wounding one other. \ \ Bushite "I
don't care."

You kill the Bushite for Christ, you kill the
Bushite for God. You kill the Bushite for
Afghanistan, you kill the Bushite for America.
We all know, the Bushite will hide as a Tea
Bagger, as a fan of Glenn Beck, a "Conservative",
a "Libertarian", or as TRAITOR "Republican", for
there is where Justice is not demanded by evil
Satanic Antichrist forces of tyranny to defend
the innocent lives of US war crime victims. They
blame an entitlement society of fairness, or
welfare mothers, they blame the elderly and poor,
they blame [unbound as not Ideologued] Liberals,
Socialists, blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Muslims, the
Globalists, anyone else but the actual for sure
criminals guilty for extorting trillions, the for
sure war criminals Bush and Cheney as mass
murderers on 911. They are sadomasochists who
enjoy to hurt poor others, cause, it makes them
feel like whoring their souls for Bush’s final
escape isn’t all that bad as the ungodly. For
you yes, but not for them as thieves, gang
rapists, and mass murderers of children, escaping
their rightful death sentences at the hand of
Man. GOD, I HATE Bushite.

"We have shot an amazing number of people, but to
my knowledge, none has ever proven to be a
threat," said Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal

"[General McChrystal says that] for every innocent
person you kill, you create 10 new enemies."

Bushite Heroin Pushers Murdering Civilians for pleasure as Satanic


/ / Morlock and another soldier, Andrew Holmes,
were on guard at the edge of a poppy field \ \

Let all men of every faith, join together to
demand these bushite nazi grunts be put to a
rightful death sentence immediately. Including
the military "Judges" that will find them free to
go in our world as no-law-school-for-him Mattis
has in the past, regarding gang rapists of
American women, or the Haditha child killers, and
of course his own terror assault against women
and children at a wedding party all for the hate
he has for a liberated Humanity. EVIL America
"grants" Bushites a right to judge all American
lives in lawless contempt. I hate these ungodly
Zionist war crime Nazi TV liars who claim because
they have criminally pirated my American uniform
with pro-torture traitor George Walker Bush and
FOXNEWS, they 'successfully' sell we can't at all
distinguish themselves worthy a bullet from Uncle
Sam. Any Uncle. Their own fathers should do all
US real men a favor, and take them out rightly as
they so truly deserve UNDER AMERICAN WAR CRIMES
LAW as the sworn ungodly enemies to all Peoples
in Christ. Warring our INNOCENT Humanity for
never elected 911 traitors Bush and Cheney, all
to escape God's Wrath for their hatred of the
good ol' red, white, and blue as all we will to
stand for as true. The Messiah has spoken: Die
Ungodly Bushite Nazi Zionist Liars Die.

Video: Israel Bans the Basics of Life for Everyone

Israeli Settlers Step Up Attacks on Churches



IDF denies disciplining top officers over
phosphorous used against children targeted

9/11: Mossad Is Guilty U.S. Army Study On Mossad

Obama Targeted Killings Suit Spotlights US Targets

ehboei,.. murder it's called. Murder. Look, if
Obama has a true reason to claim an American
deserved their death sentence, it would be in
America's authority to rightly defend yourselves
with US as our side. To murder som... Look,..
Obama is guilty of attempting for real, first
degree murder here - a person he can't have
arrested for an actual offence against any, The
Peoples, for the falsely accused IS an innocent
American man or women. So, if a "Birther" or
Libertarian, or Republican was a true American
Patriot, they would be rightly teaed off here
about such an issue as critical to all involved.
Innocent Americans marked for murder by an
unlawful rogue state over extending their
usefulness into bad news for all as escaping
bushite war criminals. Why so mr. magic man of
a place where self respect is a given right?
Americans do not want to be murdered. Ask any of
them. Hi, my names John. Tyranny sucks.
Justice is Victory.


USA makes it illegal to give aid to Gaza! In
"Holder vs. Humanitarian Law" While funding Nazi
Israel to main and murder the innocent loved by

This is so incredibly evil as ungodly war criminal.

Advisors received kickbacks from H1N1 vaccine manufacturers

I wish Humanity could understand how serious
these crimes are. 1 in 5 children of America
were reported to have received these shots
containing mercury.

/ / the judge in the case declared that "there was
no evidence linking [Padilla] to specific acts of
terrorism anywhere or that their actions had
resulted in death or injury to anyone" -- even
as she handed the torture victim a 17-year prison
sentence, as Winter Patriot reports. \ \

Please, Americans. Demand a rightful death
sentence, as according to Standing American Law,
for those at FOXNEWS and elsewhere who support
torture in America. Republicans almost
exclusively, but some demonrats too. Do not
let them escape torturing innocent Americans
for sadistic ungodly war crime pleasures. Please
fight for what is right, or die as a consequence
of your personal contempt for true Freedom as

Would you rather die innocent victim than have
Justice win by polite open debate denied this God
forsaken world?

We need to organize the enforcement of our laws
by priority. War of false imprisonment to
enslave the innocent, is a strategy, I contend,
nobody here in this arrangement adheres to. We
The Peoples are paying for going without good
enough attention to who is who here being left
forsaken to die on a cross somewhere. Dying
victims to the corporate news pros denying rights
to be defended as equals. War criminals who
pirate America's uniform to rape and pillage with
an official policy of denying an accused as
anyone any rights as defending ourselves are the
actions of the enemy traitors. All falling
victims for the cowardly bushite war criminal
sacrificers, warring for the escapes of the
neocon peenacker party of guilty 911 Nazi Zionist
conspirators - those who truly done did do
America wrong, as still wrong is it always will
for always be as. The Zombie Commies refusing
the FACTS that get in the way of attempting
further escape of Bush, Cheney, Condi and
Rumsfeld for the high treason called Obstruction.
As they did, when closing official American
Police investigations, as the "police actions" of
the dishonorable. Played by corporate control in
a self defeating no facts for US criminal
strategy, rooted as remaining us silented
internationally on furthering these crimes the
bushite "Judges" are guilty for at Guantanamo for
starters. Crimes that should be seen as clearly
in, warranting our outrages of un-acceptable
lawless standards to the cause of Our Great
Humanity. Now Rising. oh.. never mind, as you


Top Priority

Top priority. Justice for 911 Victims. Paper
ballots for fair elections on fixing to vote for
a public education on 'banking scams'. Us, and
them who hide and pretend who's all paying for
this there is something not publicly defined.
Because they are taking us for Rooked! Banksters
don't cover our loans. Checkmate.

get out of jail free card

Bush and Cheney closed official 911 police
investigations. What do Conservatives do? Look
to blame an entitlement society of homeless
people charged big money to eat at the Salvation
Army. Or immigrants that look just like you or
me to the bushite grunting thieves who war as the
bad guys mass murdering the innocent, to rape
American women, to rape Afghanistan and Iraqi
children, all the while dying to steal everyone's
money for the magical bankster.

No One Can Doubt?

/ / Yet no one can doubt President Bush’s support
for our troops, or his love of country and
commitment to our security \ \ Mr. Bush, the
Antichrist, closed 911 police investigations,
meaning the perpetrators are still escaping. Be
they blindly with bin Laden or otherwise. How
did bin Laden get the explosives into building 7
without an accessory? Bush don't want US to
know, and neither does Obama. Rather murder
millions of innocent Peoples to steal our values
of Justice as fair play. Plus, Obama is guilty
of extorting TRILLIONS from the American suckers
who refuse to champion a just cause, for, that is
where real men labor. Nazi grunters get off on
raping women and children, while bombing our
cities indiscriminately for ungodly Zionist Nazi
Satanism. No care for Justice in America, no
care for life in this universe.


Why Rightly Bill WAR CRIME Bushite Grunters

/ / the Gitmo Kangaroo Courts constitute war
crimes under the Laws of War, the Four Geneva
Conventions of 1949, and even the U. S. Army's
own Field Manual 27-10, The Law of Land Warfare
(1956). \ \

Innocent peoples they torture to get false
confessions for terrorist crimes that the for
sure guilty party escapes because of.

Top Al-Qaeda leader killed.... For the third time

See? A bushite LIAR, lies to mass murder
innocent defenseless families. Our families.
Never to speak of Bush and Cheney's escape for
halting our Police Services to complete our tasks
of victory over the terrorists of 911 at hand.

The Demon Whore of Satan, Sara 'the retard' Palin

Well no doubt. She is a demon whore of Satan,
vying to kill American children (our cubs) with
demon lies like she tells about the war crimes,
extremely serious war crimes of Georgia against
all schools and hospitals, along with whoever
happened to be living in their homes, when the
forces united with Satanic demon whore Sarah
Palin slaughtered US indiscriminately.

John Cornyn: We'll Be Happy to Cooperate With
Democrats to Destroy Our Social Safety Nets [for
Paulson and the IMF trillioniare thieves]

Who could ever vote for this pro-rapist in a
democracy where the votes weren't rigged I ask

Cornyn defends Israel's right to kill innocent Americans

Remember, this demon enemy also supports gang
raping American women with FOX. And American men
don't care enough to murmur a concern, let alone
demand his head for treason. Again, all American
women, you need to find a real man like me who
will stand in defense of all that is right, as
all that is beautiful. Bushites deserve to die
for their treasonous crimes of mass murder and
torture against the targeted innocent done to
escape TRAITOR Bush and Cheney for 9/11. Bushite
are enemies of our Humanity, and God.

Tea Baggers to protest "high taxes and big government".

98% of working families received a tax cut.
Every state's average tax cut was similar. So
tell me again: What is it they're protesting?

Not the war crimes, not the banksters, not the
tortures, not the vaccines. Not AIPAC, not the
demon whore of Satan, Sarah 'the retard' Palin,
and not FOXSNEWS. Tea Baggers are Zombie dumfuk
Republican nazi whores who war America to escape
Bush and Cheney, and those at KBR who gang rape
America women left undefended. They champion
paying private insurance companies billions of
tax dollars irrationally as Ron Paul would
stupidly advise, because they hate, truly HATE a
wise man or woman being allowed to speak freely.
NWOers would rather see all of America die,
before allowing the truth be plainly told. It's
all about escaping Bush and Cheney for the
treasonous crime of Obstruction. A crime that
OFFICIALLY, escapes those responsble for mass
murder in New York City on 911. Americans don't
care for the innocent lives they steal for cash
profit, but, do you? Do you?? Then forward
these concerns, both pro or con. I demand open
communications to speak the facts, while You as
an American, would rather die for treasonous
liars who kill Americans for stolen gain? Your
call losering. We all could be Heroes.


Bush team 'agreed plan to attack the
Taliban the day before September 11'

"if it refused to hand over Osama bin Laden"

For what? No evidence for anything was Condi's
war crime plan to escape the Neocons responsible
for mass murder on 911. Understand, THEY HAD NO
INVASION 'ESCAPING' the guilty Neocon.
[911 mass murder occured here] Pre-planned.

Look up the Taliban offering to hand over bin
Laden to Clinton and HE REFUSED! Refused for
more than 40 consecutive days!!! It's the inside
scoop on this crime against Humanity, without a
love for God or his greatly gifted Son John the
Baptizer truly.

"The U.S. state of Mississippi recently reopened all of its fishing


[they pay NO royalties toooooooooooooo]

Tea Bagger 'Yeah but, they's harder to
pick on than helpless welfare mothers.'


Alex Jones Ain't All Bad

Every last "Judge" at Guantanamo deserves trial
for death. Hundreds of innocent victims have
been held there for almost a decade, and luckily
where the nazi grunts are confronted that they
HAVE NO EVIDENCE to form ANY conclusion, the
INNOCENT victim is sometimes released for fear a
man would rightly kill the bushite enemy, but we
find our torture victims only to be murdered by a
grunter later IF the victim remains silent as
threatened. For fear the victim will tell the
truth on who deserves death here in God's Holy
Name. (Not speaking against war crimes seems to
die completely just about anyone, in a living
universe that actually is intelligence ourselves.
(God is a real smarty pants as all forgiving.))
You, as a Christian, KILL bushites. Why? They
are war criminals who LIE CHEAT AND STEAL to
murder innocent defenseless families like the
victims of 911 to escape Bush and Cheney. You
kill the lawless minions of the demon Antichrist
George Walker Bush. Why is he the Antichrist?
He gave ZERO evidence to form ANY conclusion on
Afghanistan's guilt, closed 911 police
investigations, then claimed if we disagreed with
that false assessment conjured only by stealing a
weaker man's faith in God, we would be with the
terrorists apposing torture. Bushite aren't
Americans. An
Oath is not a formality, used for bushite excuses
to bomb innocent families, to rape, to torture
and mass murder Humanity to escape the GUILTY
Bush regime for the crimes of 9/11, and Peter
Power with Ian Blair for 7/7.

(The IDF and Bushite Grunters are working
together now for war games did you hear?)

Zionist Nazi: I would gladly kill Christians


IDF soldier Eden Abergil writes on Facebook 'I
would gladly kill Christians - even slaughter
them', then she claims 'In war there are no
rules.' and that is why she is pure Nazi Zionist
evil as publicly celebrated in Israel, as the
ungodly Satanic escaping retribution - so far -
just as described in Scriptures. But we know,
Nazi Israeli don't actually believe in a GOD, as
they burned innocent children alive as targeted.
Yeah, as the forces of Satanic ungodly evil, war
criming with no intention but to rape, torture
and murder the innocent freedom lovers, lawless
indiscriminate warfare against G-D is preferred.
Did you know: Nazi Israel steals the Peoples
homes on a routine basis as heinous criminals of
Satan? Don't believe? Read your Holy Bible
about a real Jew name Christ then.

"6000 Veterans Commited Suicide Last Year"

CARVILLE: Islam did not attack us. Al Qaeda
did. And we ought to be at war with al Qaeda
and not Islamists.

BENNETT: Islamists did.

GOD did not attack America

“Christians” carrying placards and yelling ”Islam is a lie”

Is it about Christ being a prophet, or that thing
about Mother Mary? Or, is it the Justice for all
idea, that has the Zionist ungodly Bushite
Antichrist disciples of pure Nazi evil all in a
row? God is the Word. All words are containing
the unbound infinite of imagination to ponder as
scientifically provable. "Atheists" fear US
speaking freely because I am wiser.

"Cornyn: NYC mosque will be an election issue"

Oh right, not his Republican pro raping American
women as demon traitor to God and America Nazi
con though. What a demon enemy to all living
things eh?

Understand, those who have STOLEN trillions from
Social Security support the illiterate Tea Bagger

Can You Believe It?

Can you believe it? The bushite enemy at
Guantanamo, have insisted, that our Jury must be
war criminals

DOJ Gags Scientists Studying BP Disaster


"Feds confiscate independent LSU scientists’
samples because project not approved by BP"


A No-Brainer


'The result: saved more than $60 billion'

President Obama called it a "no brainer". Now,
why would not the same be thought of Health Care
that NEEDLESSLY funds private insurance companies
to the tune of over 1,000,000,000,000 DOLLARS
each year?, paid out to those who would rather see
all die before eating into their thoughtless
takes. After all, Obama called it a
"no-brainer". The "Professional Left" like a
Randy Roades or Bill Press, Ed Shultz and Maddow
[that's about it!!] in America don't want US to
discuss this freely, or on the continuing
criminality of Israel, or Bush and Cheney, for it
effectively destroys their CON on how we are
divided for plunder by shysters who deny everyone
free open debate with the facts that stand as
such, regardless of whether you are a blind Bigot
rightard Ideologue or not.

Right Wing Americans are true Socialist Commi Pinkos.


Conservative/Libertarian/Republican Americans as
COMMIES will go on and on about no improving
Health Care for America, (for a truly clever guy
or gal who knows the dollars and sense, might be
seeked) but Ron Paul and his Republican family
get socialist (no middle man for them) health
care without a complaint as top secretly

Members of Congress and their Families are Blessed


/ / Members of Congress and their families are
blessed with their very own gold-plated,
taxpayer-financed, Washington-run health care
system. \ \

Imagine, Ron Paul says nothing about demanding
at least half of HIS Health Care fund, be
thoughtlessly given away to trillioniare
banksters for nothing. But he will for
Your fund. Do you care as sacrificing
to die thoughtlessly American?

Commie Bushite "I don't care. I'd rather die than
my sickened family learn what a real man is."

Office of Special Plans

Those in need of arresting for naked evil treason.

Study: CIA doctors ‘gave green light to torture'

This warrants death according to the Patriots
like President Reagan. War Crimes Act. Death,
and rightly so. They war innocent Humanity with
demon Zionist lies all for the CRIMINAL escape of
those that TRULY do US wrong as the for real bad

Failure to Communicate

Extortion is against the Law in America. Let's
start there.. back on Sept. 18th 2008. Either
we pay them without question, or come Monday
morning, they would run the country into the
ground. Bailed JP Morgan had more than a
trillion dollars in capital, through out the
entire so labeled "Crisis". Surprising to most
however, is that banksters do not actually cover
our loans, we do. As Extortionists, they
illegally took all our trillions of dollars for
'free' as private individuals. Stupidly. Crazy
man crazy. It's a good thing we're here.

/ / Audit shows 95% of the funds for rebuilding
Iraq 2007-2009 is MISSING and 100% from the years
2004-2007 is unaccounted for \ \

Obama "Nothing will be gained by
laying blame for the past."



TV America - Where The People Don't Count

Oh for Pete's sake.. Republicans give themselves
"Socialized" Canadian like, "Socialist" Health
care, but not for the suckers who pay more for
less to die as losers to the commie con men
absent my logic. If this system is good enough
for Obama and the Repuglicons and Ron Paul, why
isn't it good enough for blinded as lost in
indifference American dumfuks? Good question.

Mitt Romney Calls Emergency Rooms "Entirely Free Care"

Now..see? Corporate Amerika refuses to correct


Hans Blix: "The Iraq War Was Illegal"

No Evidence, Person Innocent. Who's In?

/ / President Bush was expected to sign detailed
plans for a worldwide war against al-Qaida two
days before Sept. 11 but did not have the chance
before the terrorist attacks in New York and
Washington, U.S. and foreign sources told NBC
News. \ \ What would have been the Justification
used then without 911? A lawless war against
'terrorism' world wide without end? Did you know
a spy had inflitrated the FBI and actually was
responsible for providing the explosives that
near brought the WTC down the first go around?
This is a critical communications issue that is
still costing innocent American lives because the
nation is a land of cowards who refuse to demand
the likes of a George Noory and FOX Snooze fans
to take US seriously in these demands for willing
just causes. Millions mass murdered, pensions
stolen, bailed out to the tune of trillions
banksters foreclosing on everything by refusing
all new loans, WAKE UP, while BP countinues as
criminally negligent un-hampered with Obama still
stating, "nothing will be gained by laying blame
for the past.", With bonuses of billions besides
not paying our continuing costs. Very expensive
this passive, Americans, 'I don't care' for You
dying attitude. Peoples are being poisoned by
deadly COREXIT, and CNN, CBC, and George Noory
don't think it's worth demanding an account here
to save our falling loves. Banksters do not
cover our loans, Zionist Neocon Nazis must not
succeed against our species. Fight back for
Christ sake God damn you. For we're not going
anywhere until we get this solved for the
betterments of everyone. I wish to host Coast to
Coast in a five hour special on why Justice is
Freedom. No evidence, person innocent. Who's

/ / plans for a worldwide war against al-Qaida \ \

This is a lie by Jim Miklaszewski. MSNBC was
told that the plan was fully implemented, as was
fully comfirmed by his Pentagon sources. Then in
2005 or there abouts, MSNBC scrubbed the story
that sat for years on the public server, to
presumably hide the war crime from America, as
Jim done did do, doctoring the story to now
foolishly say, the plan of Condi's wasn't carried
to completion to have soldiers suckered to die
escaping the actual bad guys guilty for 9/11.
The Plans were top secret and provided to Jim by
someone from Condi's office trying to save
America's ass from these Neocon Zionist Nazi
Liars, and Jim sold US all out to see America die
too apparently, before returning the facts for
America still falling to their personal contempt
for Freedom to not demand Justice for this day.
(Bushite enemies to Life, who rape steal and mass
murder say, "I don't care.") By closing
investigations as Bush and Cheney did and that
Jim failed to report as critical, and then as
they did, bring forward no evidence to form a
conclusion by anyone, would secure criminal
invasion for Enron as the bad guy enemies of
America. God's actual for real Son says, "die
bushite nazi fuckers die."

Cheney's Daboul Working Group explains much..

HIV test a crime, AIDS 'cure' killed a whole generation

Lee Evans Speaks Out about the HIV Tests

--- news://freenews.netfront.net/ - complaints: ***@netfront.net ---
Fight Back for Christ Sake God Damn You
2013-02-21 05:31:24 UTC
Raw Message
The Secret of Sandy Hook


A secret audio channel has been discovered by Yours truly,
Johnny, who incidentally, is running for President of these
United States standing.. Multiply 'silent' audio by 33.3
times, balanced for DC levels, with a touch of magic
audio dynamics..

RAW audio from here:

34:35 '408 stand by shakes and thaws until we get further
instructions for now.'
'67 I copy'

34:45 '401 Bobby.'awright.. every commanding officer on
the PD side, state your personal on the front
parking lot - entry is not available at this time.'

Nearly thirty five minutes after the first call out from
dispatch, cops can not yet, enter the school, while ems
can not either to attend to children bleeding to death,
until such a time, that does not happen until after 1pm
where the nurse is found in a closet. Despite a single
cop asking at 10:35, then again, the same near crying at
25:30. We even hear caught the sufferings in pain of a
child 6 or 7, with the angry words of ems too, asking a
demand to speak to who's in charge here, while suspects
wearing masks and a nun's outfit, and an "off Duty"
tactical squad officer are let to simply walk off
without any APB given to nab the guilty parties. No,
instead, in conempt of God and Man, CNN and FOXSNEWS
don't seem to be concerned for Justice winning, as
just like when they bomb, rape or torture innocent
Humanity lawlessly in the war crime military to over
throw Democracies for Saudia Arabia.

The suspect named Lanza, let off more than a 150 rounds
in much less than 2 minutes and eighteen seconds, much
less. Witness was able to walk in silence from her car,
notice the costumes that the grunters wore outside the
OPEN FOUR DOORS of the suspect's car, as walking to the
front door to notice the window had been smashed, she
conversed with her friend on the strangeness of the
mystery, then heard gunfire from inside of which she
ran from. Let's say a generous shave of about 20
senconds? So, that leaves a continiuos barage of many
more than one shot per second, considering also, the
lengthy conversation the suspect had with someones over
the intercom, and Ms. Soto, of which in their altercation,
told of all the children were off to gym class - where
incidentally there WAS A GYM CLASS present - a big empty
room - then of course the suspect needed to reload all
of his four hand guns and four rifles, (but leaving the
AR-15 in the trunk for luck? - second video near nobody
has seen - search "second Gun"!) which gave Soto's children
the smarts to run out all the way over to Gene's house,
followed CLOSELY behind by a crazed frantic male to murmer
about not worrying about something continuing on, as he
would know, or another thing about being vague. Gene
stressed, best to get the children inside where it would
be safer from the dangers of the grunter "Police" in Sandy
Hook. America must war for Justice meeted against these
ungodly wicked whores of Satan who remain US silent on
this, the wickedest of treasons ever minus 9/11. God
wills Justice always. We demand the 911 calls be made
public with everyone in real Policing prepared to arrest
all those Sandy Hook "Police" who refuse to co-operate
with the Laws on the Book for first degree mass murder.
King Johnny for President.

00:10 (9:35)ish dispatch "67?"
67 "67"

dispatch '67, Sandy Hook School, caller's indicating
SHE thinks someone is shooting in the building

:35 (sirens) '...we're going'

:52 dispatch 'units responding to the Sandy Hook School, the front
glass has been broken - out of the scho.. they are unsure why'
[important to word the quandry while someone shooting??? or
different 9/11 call about grunts breaking a window to get in,
to THEN gun down children like they regularly do for fun in
Afghanistan as whores for George Walker Bush and the Neocon
Zionist ungodly demon beligerents, who claim "we" didn't/don't
need any crime scene evidence on 9/11 either, still, and if we
thought any different as real believers freely would, all of
God and civilization would be a terrorist not worthy a fair hand.]

1:31 dispatch 'all units, the individual I have on the line,
continues to hear what HE believes to be gunfire'

1:44 '10 95, ..look'em shool.. at Cresent road, other units take a
foundation point in that drive way'

2:28 dispatch 'all units responding to Sandy Hook school at this time,
the shooting appears to have stopped, it is silent at this time -
the school is in lock-down

2:54 678 take them out

2:54 Roger that.. they jump here and fight

3:15 dispatch '67 your on Crestwood, correct sir?
[from the station, in less than 180 secs. ]

3:17 67 'Roger'

3:20 dispatch 'alright.. reports that a teacher saw two shadows running
past the building, past the gym, which would be rear - I think near

3:36 'Yeah we got'em.. THEY ARE coming at ME down gun point,

3:45 'amby [ambulance?] stand by for dispatch'

3:49 'coming up the driveway left side..'

3:58 'F6 THIS IS IT'



4:07 'Police [please?]'


4:07 'on daground [Sennacra?]'


4:09 [two seconds] dispatch 'Ambulance is requested to stage Methodist
church Sandy Hook Center.. I will need two Ambulances
at this time'

4:38 1st different dispatch '729 to the garage'

4:42 'Amuli in touch'

4:44 2nd different dispatch '754 to the garage'

4:48 1st different dispatch '754'?

4:51 'he's involved in it...

4:55 new voice 'got to split sir' [!!!]

5:10 different dispatch 'all units, last known
gunshots are at the front of the building'

5:12 'we're on route to the Methodist Church at
Sandy Hook Center full crew'

5:35 'I don't know.. I got THEM proned out,

5:41 'porp for dat units, be aware we could have a second P unit'

5:42 [response to '..dat units'] go head

5:50 '185i3a, any discription'

6:31 'Young.. meant. that the last known shots were at
the front of the schoo - maybe the roof'

6:42 'Yellow Echo, October, Samsug told Lee Lie 72

8:26 Dispatch 'just recieved a call, we have one female in
room one, we is recieving a sear to the foot, do we
have any other injuries at this time?


8:34 'my thoughts ringing me home the baret staging'

[WORTH NOTE! Why ??? DIFFERENT voices simutaeously metered - suggesting raw audio possible bogus]

8:34 (hidden) 'give daddy please ought to stay'


9:17 'Confimed at the school. To the party in
custody. thief.. forth grin a one.



9:33 'ASS SIX'

9:37 'We have a teamed three, at the south east of the school.

9:45 'Roger, Dekser 3 thinks he's east portion of the school, I45'

10:03 'Neh se sic [976? or Tiny Sah is sick]

10:14 'ain't that a bick.. Joyka IS DEAD, you check for yourself'

10:15 'No..' ["no" by itself]

10:26 'Eight stand by, we're going an out!'

10:34 'Yeah these units in the pool, I got a, bodies here, but a,
get Ambulances I think..'

10:43 'I do think the two of yah MF'ed in'

10:53 '82 is us staging'

10:54 'go eight two'

11:15 'if she answers'

11:20 'stage them at the [scrambled!] right in the driveway,
and we'll fire on the(m).. and the FULL PLAN

11:35 '82, 83, and a medic, state at the rear parking lot,
ate of Crown, on Dickinson drive.

11:40 'ten four. The dont prosecuter is here, so we can't
have anybody, a handle, you know, let anyone in.
[from here no police or medics are allowed to save children
bleeding to death, for this grunter determined them all not
worth saving - not yet transcribed is a child moaning in pain
nearer an hour after this Bushite demanded no help be offered
to all needlessly dying]

10:50 'make sure to copy, we're moving up to the rear of
Sandy Hook Fire Department six.

10:51 'copy'

11:36 'f success forth unit fifth, setting up a perimeter
front rear.'

16:14 'okay, we got one back down.. (scambled) clear.'

16:34 'we have suspect down.'

16:48 'probably could have left [fast cut]
16:49 'lietenant'

17:11 'five delta five on your scanner'
17:13 'see del five'

17:15 'Delta Five. Seal asking you a question, where am
I going? I got Dickenson drive, standing at the
firehouse out.

17:28 'it has been confirmed at this time.. your going to
stage with the ems crews at Dickson Drive, the Sandy
Hook Fire department [don't save America's children]

17:39 'Okay, just seeing where the actual call is.

17:45 'at the Sandy Hook fire Department'
[never even bothers to make room to get through either]

20:12 (out of breath) 'D5, be advised. We do have multiple weapons
including long rifles and shotgun'

22:45 (hidden) 'he come as they moved, gave wrong anttena'

22:51 'at the point, it's all we know at this time'

23:07 'stand by units in front of the school, we're
conducting an interior search at this time'
[who's checking for who then? this is why cops
don't enter the school to check until near after
1 pm.]

23:35 '83?
Which one of you ems units were proceeding into the
scene? 82 or 83? 82, and 83 wants to know if we can go in also.

23:51 82 at this time, PD has not requested your arrival
at that scene [nobody but bleeding to death children]

24:52 f6 to 67
(NEW DISPATCH?) go ahead f6
'..past the custodian, we need a weigh the roof, and a
team up on the roof to clear the roof'
'Roger' [but don't check the school however]

25:21 92 is working on it.

25:30 85, we need buses here, asap, call danbury we need
buses here, asap, call danbury if you have to
[same guy from 10:34 asking for ambulances - children
left to bleed to death - do YOU care fuck heads? ]


26:51 'Shake matter in LA, this is not a pate and bore to door
a police car'

26:53 'get Congik aside [inside?]'

27:07 'unit calling you down.'

27:32 '82 to dispatch'
dispatch 'go 82'
'we got.
27:36 'we need a road bumped up, abulances, and
he said call for a everything.. toot speak

27:45 'what is the number of Ambulances you will require?'
'day god by bare, bot not giving us a nubmber'
'repeat' [27:45 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

28:43 'come ladder, she works well respond Sand Hook sdchool
start up the ladder, Sandy Hook school, medical emergencies'
[calling on Firefighters?, but not any of the Abulances made

29:04 'Newtown 406 this Danbury'
'407 this is station'

29:21 'we going need to get in and score something'

29:33 '121 to station'

30:24 'now the 4440 at already station'

30:34 '92 currently on the roof - check that area

30:45 'you soud welch is yall'
'he wasn't'

31:15 (hidden) '401, 405, 444 we're done 24 -'
'two hour a year, why is he here?'
'HEY 41'

31:37 '401 to Newtown'
[they are busy with their top secret communications
where cops and ems can't hear them at something else
hidden from everyone]

31:51 '401 to Newtown!'

31:55 'go ahead'

31:58 'do you get a man, would you contact a couple of
our Austrailia to come to the front of the house and
man the back wall, for a clipping book sign there'?

32:09 'I want to buy the diricherant'
'you want it Bob'

32:22 '7 still taken 7635 grad'

32:29 '42 Hatred'

32:39 '737'

32:47 'dummy down'
'ah.. we're going to return to going to
israeli and reporting in a rapider'
[to throwing hay bags for no helping age practice?]

33:05 '82 is transporting one patient to Danbury Hospital'
'als or dls'?
'motor vehicle not secure'
'proceed' [first one]

33:30 'Newtown 401 441 442 in enroute'
'ah make contact with the commanding officer on the
scene just to ensure that the arease are going into have been cleared.'

33:44 'okay who's the commaanding officer on stay there?

33:35 '96, Seargent Calderon is the commanding officer

34:17 (hidden) '401 she might take five dead'
(hidden) '...401...'

34:35 (hidden) '408 stand by shakes and thaws until we get further instructions for now.
'67 I copy'

34:45 (hidden!!!!) go ' 401 Bobby.' awright.. every commanding officer on the PD side, state your
personal on the front parking lot - entry is not available at this time.'

Weak intellectually, prone to cuss, the
bushite nazi dumfuk, is a worthless piece of crap.

...to be continued


AJ insists the enemies of America are
socialists, liberals, freedom lovers,
the elderly, or those in need of
affordable health care - instead of
CRIMINALS, who are known so by their
actions in our worlds where WE WILL
TRULY to treat ourselves fairly.

AJ the LIAR, claims as a whore for
Obama the for sure war criminal,
that Assad is a dictator, for
just one example of many.

Bush "There’s no need to discuss
evidence of innocence or guilt."

Justice to the war criminals of indiscriminate
warfare would better serve ourselves to halt
for our safety. The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

So, instead of fighting for Justice to preserve
freedom, America is lawlessly still led by
those who demonically claim we don't need
evidence to form their guilty verdicts. On
the matters of Good and Evil. And some people

Republicans are Evil traitors to our flag,
warring to kill America for Satan as the
good for nothings. Under the new Johnny
Presidency, America will stand proud and
strong as freedom being Justice for
everyone. You included.

"$12 billion every 30 days in Afghanistan"

Remember, after the first year of
the Iraq war, 2004, the REAL total
cost for both wars was 2.5 billion.
The late Senator Kennedy told US that.

Investigating the Investigation

/ /Russert asked Daschle, "Did the vice president
call you and urge you not to investigate the events
of Sept. 11?" Daschle flatly contradicted Cheney: "Yes \ \

ABCNEWS.com : FBI Called off Terror Investigations

/ / Two veteran FBI investigators say they were ordered
[..] `You Will Not Open Criminal Investigations' \ \

"Anti-Mosque Coalition’s Website Owned By
Neo-Conservative Islamophobe Frank Gaffney"

/ / Gaffney: "It is regrettable that they had to
die, but I believe they did have to die. The
danger was inaction could have resulted in the
death of a great many more Americans than 4,000.
And that's the reason I'm still delighted that we
did what we did." \ \ Saddam was doing whatever
was asked plus more - whatdidtheywantbutnotaskfor

Saddam wasn't in violation of 1441. War
criminals truly deserve to die by war crimes
Public trial. Why? It's NEEDLESS mass murder
Neocon Gaffney supports on magic TV without the
facts there to defend anyone. Dying. The Iraq
war has no cause. Soldiers are warring there to
bring about a situation that was present before
the conflict began. Near Impossible now with all
the toxic waste and losses to everyone of
innocent lives made to suffer and die for nothing
but the Bushite's contempt for Law. Contempt for
Justice. Contempt for God. Contempt for our wise
leaders of civility, contempt for Freedom. Once
nearer a civilized Humanity we were living for
freedom, and now, all suffering with God for
more than a thousand years, due these Zionist
Nazi illiterate savages, pirating our fire power.
Innoculating THEMSELVES blindly with posions that
make US all even dumber. George Walker Bush is
evil personified as the war criminal of the worst
order, ever. As Humanity it must all be our
fault, for I felt I could easily help everyone to
be more Human than all we've been left as on TV
since 911 happened on our watch. One thing is
for sure: Lawless wars for ungodly tyranny by
slavery sucks for everybody. Justice is a must
if we are to ever claim Victory here again.

Bush and Cheney closed 911 police investigations.

The U.S. Is No Longer The Land Of The Free

/ / Ron Paul wrote, ‘Opinion polls consistently
show that only about 5 percent of blacks
have sensible political opinions.’ \ \

Obama "Nothing will be gained
by laying blame for the past."

Good or Evil?

...by the way, did you know that
banksters do not cover our loans?

Why is this happening?

Banksters are walking away with defrauded
TRILLIONS. And the Rightard will to have
life die this way, denying free talk on the
facts surrounding their ungodly evilness.
Making the escape for the Antichrist
enemy of God, Mr. George Walker Bush who
Closed 911 police investigations as naked
traitor like themselves, enemies of the
Republic who refuse to allow a just cause
speak as America's will for Freedom.

Matt Taibbi - Why Isn't Wall Street In Jail!

Ron Paul sucks.


/ / Why would FEMA, an organization
supposedly tasked with helping in a
time of crisis, deliberately cut
police communication lines? \ \

Ron Paul: FEMA - Why We Don't Need It

Ron Paul is a demon con escaping those
who did US wrong with stealing trillions
and mass murdering Americans.


Bushites Warring side by side with
Osama bin Laden's Army now in Lybia

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

We refuse to sacrifice further for
the evil 'no opinion' TV bullshitters
all to make the final escape of
Bush and Cheney on 9/11. War criminals
suck. Truth is our way. as we are
freely being to make that stand
in the greatness of all there is.
And right now, there isn't much..
We have alot of work to do here People,
so, let's get started on the charge of
Obstruction by Bush and Cheney on
9/11, and NATO commanders as clearly
traitors to continue bombing anyone
else but guilty parties - namely,

Libyan detainees die after torture by Obama and
Hitlery's al-Qeada, says Amnesty International

And the TV couldn't care less if their
own 'innocent' lives with America's
criminal Congress hung in the balance
for being blatant naked accesories to
war crimes earning rightful death
sentences as LYING sacks of shit,
trying to make the big break for
Bush and Cheney here on 9/11, by
calling the cowardly evil grunts
heroic for whoring as Satanic.

AMERICAN TV - argues it's good to
get killed Jews by breaking truces with
prison labor slave camp - "for real"

'The Rachel Maddow Show' for Monday, March 21st, 2011

/ / ENGEL: ..I would say one in five of the
rebels told me today that they are fighting
because they think Gadhafi is Jewish. \ \


Weak intellectually, prone to cuss, the bushite nazi dumfuk, is a worthless piece of crap.

9/11 police investigations were immediately closed.
ABCNEWS FBI Called off Terror Investigations "You
Will Not Open Criminal Investigations" Bush "There's
no need to discuss evidence of innocence or guilt."
Someone planted explosives in building 7, and believing
that 'bin Laden did it' without any way to know actually
so, STILL insists Laden would have had to have an accomplice.
Ozoleck had a war game called, "Unified Vision" practicing
the collapsing of buildings in NYC, a "Red Ex" plan for
invasion of Afghanistan in May 2001. Condi signed the
invasion plan on Sept. 9 2001 as reported by Jim at MSNBC.
The Taliban wanted to hand over Laden repeatedly all the
way back through Clinton, by just simply a formal
allegation with evidence these demons deny all dying
Americans still. Denying justice from the terrorists
as a public option strategy is the con of a war criminal.
Don't be dumber than dumb as cowardly 'unawares'.